samba - Aug 2004

Tuesday August 31 2004
10:57PM 0 3.0.6 RPMs for SuSE Linux
9:56PM 3 XP Problems adding machines "on the fly"
9:49PM 0 XP Pro problem/change to root user uid=0 gid=0 ????
9:22PM 0 Protected storage errors when migrating from W2K profile to NT
9:05PM 1 CIFS Proxy Server
8:06PM 1 Can't authenticate after upgrade from 2.2.8a to 3.0.6 ..partial fix
7:43PM 0 Overloaded winbind
7:28PM 0 The connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost:901
6:39PM 1 Unable to change password in Samba 3.0
5:22PM 1 New user Questions on passwords
5:14PM 0 How clients respond to Samba
5:02PM 0 encrypt passwords = no
4:58PM 3 encrypted passwords and /etc/passwd
4:06PM 1 Active Directory?
3:23PM 1 OS/2 error while accessing samba share
2:51PM 1 Post on message board from July 7th, re: samba upgrade
2:41PM 0 2 linux server's 1 DOMAIN
2:23PM 1 NT4 domain: users not found
1:59PM 1 Login Problem after RESTORE with Powerquest Driveimage!!
1:57PM 1 write permission
1:36PM 0 Combining NFS and Samaba - file locking
1:16PM 2 plaintext backend
1:14PM 1 Can't print properly through server, only direct client->printer
1:09PM 0 Samba 3.0.6 + LDAP
12:27PM 1 Automatically changing files names
11:38AM 0 samba multiple instances and winbind
11:09AM 0 Excel Problem with Samba 2.0
10:43AM 0 [HELP 3.0.6]: Fail to mount with NULL password
10:17AM 0 Excell file problem with samba 2.0.7
7:51AM 0 Reset machine trust account passwords
6:58AM 1 krb5_cc_get_principal failed (No credentials cache found)
5:54AM 1 unix_to_unicode: macros or what ?
1:16AM 2 FileLockEx Problem
1:01AM 0 Foxpro for DOS and Samba
12:55AM 4 winbind problem (?) on samba 3 ADS
Monday August 30 2004
11:07PM 0 Not listening on called name
8:54PM 0 Accessing Samba (3.0.4) server from multiple domains
8:24PM 1 Urgent help needed for samba server
7:10PM 0 Samba and Active Directory?
6:38PM 2 start tls problem
6:06PM 0 Davood Shadabad
5:07PM 0 Attention - people who reported problems reading files from XP after upgrade to 3.0.6
3:53PM 0 Can't authenticate after upgrade from 2.2.8a to 3.0.6
3:22PM 0 Password problems
3:08PM 3 roaming profiles ok, but what about the printers?
3:05PM 1 can't open files off of samba shared drive on w2k/xp workstations
2:51PM 0 Debian Stable Samba 3.0.5 to 3.0.6 upgrade - broke my config?
2:05PM 1 Samba AutoCAD interaction/issue
2:02PM 1 Pb when moved AD from win2000 to win2003 server
1:40PM 0 samba 3 : Can't open files on mapped win2k share
1:36PM 0 samba 3 : Can't open files from share
1:27PM 0 Howto upgrade Samba in W2k3 ADS environment
12:41PM 1 tracking statistics in samba
12:05PM 0 kerberos and Win2003AD problems
10:29AM 2 Rpcclient : cmd_set "getprintprocdir" defined twice
10:21AM 3 cannot access files after update samba 3.0.5 -> 3.0.6 (Redhat 6.2)
9:42AM 0 Folder disappears after mounting a share
9:28AM 2 wbinfo -u does not work on local samba pdc
6:30AM 0 RE: Mail Delivery (failure
Sunday August 29 2004
8:42PM 0 good news - regenerating of the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs
6:40PM 2 restarting a server
6:06PM 0 OS X unable to determine free space
5:07PM 0 PDC LDAP- user can't log in
5:01PM 0 Compters not logging in ...
4:57PM 0 primary gid of user [gerhardr] is not a Domain group
1:21PM 1 How to hide samba from network neighborhood?
11:05AM 1 Disable multiple login to domain
Saturday August 28 2004
7:02PM 0 Samba 3 as pdc : Roaming profile cannot be created....win2k workstation
6:09PM 0 SWAT
5:12PM 1 Example smb.conf for PDC on samba 3.0 !
3:29PM 1 Samba 3 as pdc : Roaming profile cannot be created.... win2k workstation
6:46AM 0 Samba-Ldap Help -- URGENT
1:35AM 0 printing permissions problem
1:06AM 1 Updating Samba in Mandrake 10.0
12:53AM 1 Who builds the Debian packages?
Friday August 27 2004
9:13PM 0 smbmount -> Permission denied after upgrade to FC2
7:25PM 1 template homdir vairable expansion
7:17PM 4 Can't login from Windows PC to Samba using ADS?
6:21PM 0 Samba 3.0.5 PDC Changing passwords
5:56PM 1 page allocation failure
5:25PM 2 "Full name" environment variable?
4:46PM 2 Samba, the GPL and SCO
3:20PM 4 samba multiple instances
3:11PM 0 Attrib problem
3:10PM 0 Strange samba errors
2:11PM 0 3.0.6-1 and XP SP2
1:39PM 1 winbind: incomplete mapping ?
11:55AM 0 Please Authorise [xpnSSanmxV]
8:55AM 1 windows xp + samba
8:49AM 0 samba + PDC + windows Xp - help
8:29AM 1 3.0.6 BUG in samba.schema
6:52AM 1 open_sockets_smbd: accept: Software caused connection abort
6:05AM 1 Only BUILTIN accounts working on 2k3 AD
5:47AM 0 The best way to setup permitions.
2:58AM 1 Slightly OT - WinXP client management under Mac OS X samba
2:14AM 0 use ads join command with general user account on AD
12:02AM 0 clarification on recent printing threads
Thursday August 26 2004
10:51PM 0 Windows XP & Samba
10:17PM 0 Samba 3 and Windows 2003
9:55PM 1 Net groupmap fails
4:50PM 1 smbpasswd complains about LDAP: "Object class violation"
4:35PM 0 Hi All-ADS_Groupmap probs
3:25PM 1 file permissions head-ache on Samba V3.0.4
3:22PM 1 Point 'n' Print, issues after upgrade to 3.0.6
2:39PM 0 suddent random problem with Windows boxes
2:30PM 5 3.0.6 and pam_winbind problems (sernet)?
1:52PM 0 LDAP backend not mapping permissions properly and other problems
1:47PM 0 Slow Samba share--why?
1:04PM 0 building on Solaris 10
12:42PM 1 Disaster recovery on PDC
10:09AM 1 Roaming profiles taking long time to load
9:23AM 1 dependent module libiconv.a ( could not be loaded. .......error starting smbd on AIX v5.1
9:11AM 1 Kerberos ticket automatic update
8:56AM 0 Change password giving error 1728 rpc protocol error
8:41AM 0 No solution yet: No access even with domain trusts
7:59AM 0 Maximum size of samba share on win2000?
6:51AM 1 [3.0.6]: Fail to mount with NULL password
5:38AM 0 getent shows local users only
5:15AM 0 getent command does not show win2k3 users
1:45AM 0 Windows clients can not login to Samba PDC
12:41AM 1 Domain users can't use local hardware peripherals
12:23AM 0 admin users
12:23AM 2 smbldap_open_connection(623)
Wednesday August 25 2004
10:48PM 0 policy question
8:24PM 1 VSS and Samba on Tru64 Unix
8:03PM 1 Docs on smbd and nmbd logs
7:38PM 4 Exclusive oplock left by process
7:30PM 3 Samba as NT Domain Member via Winbind - After Upgrade users prompted for password for any shares
7:27PM 1 samba 3.0.3 + windows backup software = strange issue
7:26PM 2 Samba 3.0 ACL improvements by Snap
7:07PM 1 finger winbind & gecos
6:17PM 2 Upgrade from samba 3.0.4 to 3.0.6 broke file sharing
5:06PM 0 samba as PDC
5:01PM 0 Samba Group Mappings
3:44PM 1 "net setlocalsid" question
3:34PM 0 Time warp?
3:03PM 1 issue with running samba on two separate systems under 1 hostname
2:57PM 1 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 6 in pid...
2:45PM 1 PDF printing with printing = CUPS
2:21PM 0 Difference Between Sernet and Binaries?
2:20PM 0 OFF-TOPIC: Acrescentar uma HD no SCO
1:19PM 1 NetLogon Script
12:37PM 1 Hi
11:49AM 0 samba password change
11:20AM 0 Problem with Domain Administrator rights in samba 3.0.2
10:44AM 2 copying over an existing file when not owner
10:34AM 1 Can´t login domain admins
5:58AM 0 Eltemette az elefánt-trutyi
4:31AM 2 libnss_wins
4:00AM 0 On XP SP1 - Delete access fails in Samba 3.0.x
Tuesday August 24 2004
11:59PM 1 question on dot files
11:27PM 1 Problems with Windows XP pro after initial login to Samba 3.0 server
10:55PM 0 LDAP with Netscape 4 & Solaris 8
8:57PM 1 extreme performance requirements
8:44PM 1 XP Can't Join Domain
6:43PM 0 Profile troubles with 2.x-3.x upgrade
6:41PM 1 winbind/krb5 questions
6:38PM 0 RH9 to RH Enterprise: PDC migration from one operating system to another
6:38PM 0 Samba very sloss
6:29PM 0 smbfs on linux bug with millions of files...
3:59PM 0 session request to SERVER failed (Called name present, but insufficient resources)
3:52PM 0 smbclient, kerberos, and EMC
3:33PM 0 smbstatus hangs after upgrade from 2.2.8a to 3.0.6
3:26PM 7 Strange update problem 3.0.5->3.0.6 with XP-Clients
12:49PM 0 Fw: Need solaris 8 pam.conf for ssh and rexec logins with winbind.
12:26PM 2 Compiling Samba 3.0.6 on FreeBSD 5.2.1
11:58AM 0 net user with no results
11:21AM 1 To the ones who may concern :: German Translation of the Samba-Docs FINISHED.
11:11AM 3 smbd+ldapsam infinite loop, cpu=100%
11:06AM 2 CIFS Server 2.2j Pb with locking : No locks available
10:59AM 1 Home directories in samba 3.0.6
10:41AM 1 building 3.0.6 on AIX
10:40AM 0 Problems with domain and new passdb backend
10:29AM 1 Winbind + pam_mkhomedir (case sensitive names) problem
9:45AM 1 diplicate entries in OpenLDAP samba.schema shiped with samba 3.0.6 src
9:30AM 1 set global environment variable under client
8:34AM 0 mount with NULL password
7:45AM 3 security hole in Samba
7:44AM 0 Join to W2K DC
7:22AM 3 3.06 "home directory service number"
6:37AM 2 Getting netbios alias to work
6:20AM 2 Can't logon to when member of ad-domain
4:21AM 1 Windows 2000/xp logon says cannot create profile
12:06AM 1 Winbind can't connect to ldap server after 3.0.6
Monday August 23 2004
10:27PM 3 could not copy a file bigger than 1GB
10:12PM 0 Need solaris 8 pam.conf for ssh and rexec logins with winbind.
10:02PM 0 Pre-populating winbind idmap doesn't work.
9:00PM 1 Problem with winbind
8:53PM 0 ldap support error msg
8:01PM 0 Samba 3.0.4 with LDAP - problem with member server profiles
7:15PM 0 browse list sync problem
6:54PM 1 Update -> Someone with "Access Denied" from Windows plstry this test to compare notes with me
5:31PM 1 mod_smbfilepwd_entry: Using old smbpasswd format. This is no longer supported.! ?????
5:18PM 1 Providing Home Dirs
4:45PM 0 QFA: I need help.... thanks
2:51PM 3 nmbd logging in 3.0.6 ?
2:32PM 0 Samba/Unix Group Mapping
2:22PM 2 Samba 3.05 RPMS for SuSe Professional 9.1
2:12PM 2 Hashes in smbpasswd
1:52PM 1 UID and GID mapping.
12:29PM 1 automatic client side update of printer drivers?
12:06PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 30
12:00PM 2 [ Multiple drives ]
11:54AM 0 incorrect behavior: hide unreadable option in conjunction with user ACLs
11:48AM 0 NBT size problem
11:19AM 1 samba.schema in 3.0.6
10:55AM 0 Samba-Win2k network connection
10:35AM 1 (Un) configuration problem
10:13AM 1 Issue with old style dos truncation
7:20AM 1 Samba binding to ldap as null?
4:51AM 0 cannot join domain unless its root user
4:09AM 0 Samba 2.2.8a and XP Domain logon
4:00AM 1 'net rcp shudown' with mashine account (-n -P) possible???
Sunday August 22 2004
9:36PM 0 Slow Domain or Member Browsing
9:24PM 0 Problem updating roaming profile
6:27PM 0 adding users and permissions to designated shared folders and home directories?
1:48PM 1 get_specific_param, what is the equivalent in latest Samba 3.0.x
1:44PM 0 Problem with XP Pro clients that are inactive for some time
12:30PM 1 Someone with "Access Denied" from Windows pls try this test to compare notes with me
12:04PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 29
11:47AM 1 changing a windowsxp machine name
11:10AM 1 Looking for samba user statistics
10:40AM 1 Wrong charset when mounting WindowsXP shares
9:50AM 0 trouble configuring samba 3 as a pdc
7:14AM 1 You must supply a password to make this connection - IPC$
1:08AM 0 smbmount or mount -t smbfs
Saturday August 21 2004
10:42PM 0 samba client/server bug?
12:06PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 28
12:00PM 1 Slow samba performance when writing many files into single directory
11:17AM 1 err: I have no name (Idmap Ldap)
12:09AM 0 Microsoft Windows Network: The local device name is already in use.
Friday August 20 2004
11:48PM 0 samba 2.2.5-80 to latest (SUSE 8.1)
11:32PM 1 Win2K Clients Getting Password Prompt When Trying To Access Samba Shares
11:17PM 1 Cannot import users
11:01PM 1 samba ldap
9:27PM 3 Samba unix password sync
8:52PM 0 Problems with 2.2.8a PDC/3.0.2aBDC and XP
8:51PM 1 nmbd remembering additional eth interfaces...
6:25PM 3 how to use /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow for samba passwords?
5:42PM 0 Current domain conflicts with remote domain
3:59PM 0 Samba
3:59PM 0 updated OpenLDAP schema file for 3.0.6
3:44PM 0 VS: Logon to user shares
3:23PM 2 make_user_info_map in log with blank Doman and UserID args
2:50PM 0 Re: Duplicate entry in smaba.schema
1:55PM 1 Problem with Samba 3.0.4 and Windows 2003 Server.
1:42PM 1 Fw: winbind, active directory and solaris 8
1:10PM 0 Samba/Winbind UID mapping?
12:52PM 3 3.0.6 & "string overflow by 1"
10:44AM 0 File-Timestamp on Office-Document-Open
10:36AM 0 Local Settings folder & Roaming profiles
10:23AM 0 Fedora Core2 / Samba / Ldap / smbldap-tools - No account in Domain.
10:21AM 0 2.2 -> 3.0 upgrade issues
9:24AM 0 Creating domain users in AD from Linux
9:17AM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 26
8:50AM 0 Domain membership problem: PLEASE HELP!!!
8:30AM 1 smbcacls syntax eludes me (perhaps)
8:27AM 0 Problem with clients that are inactive for some time - continued
8:17AM 0 Problem with clients that are inactive for some time
3:45AM 1 Sharing a Samba Share?
2:41AM 0 Lkfdpsac m'edi`cal update
2:34AM 0 Macintosh filenames with reserved chars
2:29AM 1 Samba 3.0.6 Available for Download
1:43AM 0 ldap, smbldap-tools and smbpasswd
1:30AM 0 Inter. between Samba 2.2.x and 3.x w/ LDAP backend (and another changes)
1:00AM 0 Errors on DC since adding a Samba 3.0.5 server.
12:16AM 0 Making users happy
Thursday August 19 2004
11:25PM 1 File deletion logging
9:09PM 0 smbmount hung after mounted
7:49PM 1 Samba and Active Directory
7:33PM 0 No .JPG as background when using roaming profiles
7:27PM 2 SUMMARY: Samba3 PDC with ldap backend in ldaps
7:15PM 1 userRID
7:04PM 0 1 wk2 server with 2 names; is it possible?
6:45PM 1 can't write superblock
6:33PM 0 winbind, active directory and solaris 8
5:05PM 1 How can I limit samba users to just one login session ?
5:01PM 0 Can't log in after joining domain
4:56PM 0 FW: LDAP Idmap
3:40PM 1 Groups not recognized
3:26PM 0 TR : Connection Issue - Samba 3.0.2a Solaris 6 - NT4 SP 6
2:17PM 1 Authenticating with ldap backend
1:56PM 1 printernames vs. sharenames
12:51PM 1 Compiling Samba and kerberos, lib problems
8:56AM 0 net groupmap -> gidNumber=4294967295
7:50AM 0 Internet.Com Format Error
7:38AM 0 smbpasswd issue
6:47AM 0 Automated response from the Paragon Software (SHDD) Support Service
5:30AM 0 problems with chinese file names and smbfs
5:04AM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 24
4:56AM 0 Windows XP SP2 broke Samba
3:11AM 0 Mangling incoming macintosh filenames with reserved chars?
1:32AM 3 Active Directory Migration Tools - breaks samba 2.x.x?
12:54AM 0 VSS and SAMBA
Wednesday August 18 2004
11:27PM 0 nmdb message
10:14PM 1 Windows 2003 Active Directory Compatibility issue in libads/sasl.c
9:11PM 0 Re: m_ed,ical m'i,racle
9:01PM 1 Setting AD password from Linux
9:01PM 1 Mount at boot - and a bug - where to report?
8:20PM 3 CUPS Printing to PostScript Printer
7:33PM 0 Active Directory and Samba
7:28PM 0 Samba Winbind and Active Directory
6:23PM 1 suggestions about file ownership in multi-user "sandbox"
6:21PM 1 Preexec on Profiles
5:54PM 0 Samba3 PDC with ldap backend in ldaps
5:50PM 1 Installation problems on Fedora Core 2
5:01PM 1 smbpasswd password via stdin?
5:00PM 0 not using LDAP settings
4:22PM 2 perl code for manipulating Samba LDAP attributes?
3:49PM 1 Migrating from 2.2.8a to 3.02a
3:41PM 0 Results of net idmap dump don't match input to net idmap restore
2:42PM 0 help me out
1:09PM 0 permission to a group - samba pdc
12:28PM 0 Problems with administrator entry with uid=0 in Samba-Ldap Backend
12:07PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 23
11:35AM 1 LDAP Master/Slave
11:33AM 0 Adding new users with smbpasswd and ldapsam
9:20AM 0 Samba 3.0.x with quotas
9:06AM 0 Samba start
8:08AM 1 Winbind/PAM Question
7:16AM 3 smbpasswd in samba 3.0
5:48AM 0 connections always mapped to guest
2:54AM 1 LDAP and Password Values
12:05AM 0 Migrating from NT4.0 to 2003
Tuesday August 17 2004
11:09PM 2 Samb a 3.0.5 LDAP Question
10:55PM 1 To the ones who may concern :: German Translation of the Samba-Docs soon finished.
9:22PM 0 authentication problem
6:58PM 3 2 gb size limit
4:52PM 3 Windows XP SP2, Azureus, and Samba
4:52PM 0 (no subject)
4:48PM 0 setup problems w/ winbind/krb5
4:15PM 0 Running Samba in chroot as non-root user
4:04PM 0 Workstation joined ADS
3:12PM 1 create mask
2:49PM 1 winbind upgrade causes core dump
2:05PM 0 smbclient -c queue on Windows 2003 Server
12:30PM 3 going from bad to worse
12:16PM 0 samba win xp problem
12:06PM 0 Disconnected Drives Reconnecting but red cross remains on share
12:05PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 22
9:20AM 0 Samba with ADS as a home directory file server?
9:04AM 2 loosed accent french codepages , upgrading from samba 2.2.7a (RedHat9) to samba 3.0.2a Mandrake10
8:31AM 1 Malicious Script detected in: "photos"
6:42AM 1 Samba3 and eDirectory as LDAP - HELP
5:09AM 1 cupsaddsmb question
3:58AM 0 cannot import users/samba 3.0.5
12:51AM 8 Samba printing
12:25AM 1 Chicken-and-egg problem with domain SID
Monday August 16 2004
11:20PM 1 PDC/LDAP domain login problems
10:45PM 0 Following Samba 3 by example and getting errors.
10:38PM 0 Windows XP local services not starting automatically after joining samba domain
10:09PM 0 NT user token: (NULL) what does this mean?
9:53PM 0 Problems with Dfs
9:53PM 1 Simple?? questions?
8:33PM 0 LDAP failover
8:08PM 1 linux, XP, and samba
7:29PM 1 Username mapping.
7:08PM 1 Anyone run across this
7:07PM 0 Windows XP SP2 and Samba
5:59PM 0 Howto setup SLES 9 w/Samba 3.04 in a Domain & SSL SWAT
5:47PM 0 Re: Re: Secure delivery
5:43PM 1 Winbind issue
3:57PM 1 Re-doing tdbsam
3:48PM 0 authentication against win 2003
3:09PM 4 Winxp / LDAP No account in domain
2:50PM 0 Lock directory error
2:16PM 0 Slow logins and groupmaps, Please Help
1:57PM 1 help with domain login please!
1:09PM 0 nmbd asyncdns problem
12:49PM 1 Rpcclient "adddriver" issue
12:43PM 0 tdb database problems on mipsel-linux
12:40PM 0 trusting domains
12:20PM 0 Samba 3.0.4 and replica
12:05PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 20
10:39AM 1 TRANS2 notifications
10:33AM 1 MS-DOS, WinXP SP2 with 3.05 and 3.0.6rc2
10:03AM 0 Samba and XP
7:57AM 0 Guest User Problems
7:53AM 2 Password Syncing
1:31AM 2 tuning for samba server
Sunday August 15 2004
8:13PM 3 join domain - ou=people searched for machine accounts?
2:34PM 0 Java libraries for looking up user details
12:05PM 1 XP Failure to Join Domain
12:04PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 19
11:22AM 1 Winbindd startup kerberos fail
10:52AM 0 winxp roaming profiles and samba group access rights
8:27AM 2 Samba not honouring write/admin lists on shares
5:23AM 2 samba 3.06rc2, suse 64amd and os2
1:01AM 0 Error setting passwords using
Saturday August 14 2004
7:18PM 1 linux client not working properly
7:06AM 0 Virus found in a message you sent
4:30AM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 17
4:23AM 0 XP+Samba problem
3:11AM 0 My lack of understanding of idmap
1:09AM 0 Samba 2.2.11 Available for Download
12:19AM 2 Problem when running samba on a network segment other than that of the clients
Friday August 13 2004
10:03PM 0 ACL Windows GUI to set permissions?
9:39PM 0 Re: Problems with Mac files - Any resolution?
8:31PM 0 Winbind and Kerberos problem
7:40PM 1 help with LDAP and Samba
6:55PM 0 Does samba support windows RIS
4:24PM 0 Risposta Automatica
4:05PM 0 Template Home Dir Question
3:46PM 1 Group creation and ldap
3:26PM 0 :) feel youthful
3:17PM 0 Groupmappings
2:38PM 1 Example smb.conf with unix password sync = yes
2:07PM 2 Problem with samba and sophie
1:18PM 1 Your Inquiry
12:40PM 0 Not creating home directory for domain member at KDE login
12:27PM 2 XP SP2 client doesn't find netbios alias servers
12:06PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 16
9:36AM 0 Clarification on a few concepts, for a FAQ I'm writing
7:44AM 2 smbpasswd overwrites existing displayname in LDAP entry
6:08AM 0 Replication of tdbsam?
5:03AM 0 Share files in windows 2000
3:50AM 1 Dfs and Mangle=hash
3:14AM 2 moving netbios alias between machines
Thursday August 12 2004
10:19PM 1 Samba 3 and mounting NT share on Linux box
9:37PM 1 Losing network connection
9:11PM 0 SMBCLIENT problem with large files
7:05PM 2 Can't locate Net/ in @INC
5:59PM 0 Samba performance too low when writing to macosx
5:28PM 0 [OT] network appliances - any such implementations?
5:19PM 0 2.2.10 debs for stable
4:21PM 0 (no subject)
4:04PM 0 Installation woes
3:29PM 2 Group management
3:02PM 0 Refusing to create user that already exists
2:22PM 0 Unable to see Samba server in network neighbourhood
2:21PM 0 Wierd Caching Issue
1:35PM 3 Compatibility with NetApp DataONTAP filers?
1:23PM 0 times restriction with pam module
12:07PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 15
11:56AM 1 Problem migrating PDC from one machine to another
9:25AM 0 samba w2k and ActiveDirectory users and groups
9:17AM 2 winbind / ldap
1:45AM 1 too much logging
1:22AM 0 AD and SMB authentication
Wednesday August 11 2004
11:24PM 0 nmblookup missing a machine
11:14PM 0 Domain logon error
10:49PM 0 NT domain and valid user problem
8:52PM 0 PDC with NO roaming profile
8:49PM 2 unix password sync not working
8:44PM 1 Unable to add machine
8:36PM 0 PDC login problem
7:30PM 2 XP Clients missing in my network places
7:00PM 0 Can't join Samba-LDAP PDC
5:27PM 0 I am having problems with transfering files to a share on my SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 with Sam
4:20PM 1 Strange samba error
3:27PM 0 Kerberos RPM's of 1.3.1 or later
2:58PM 0 passdb/pdb_ldap.c:2651 compilation error SOLVED!!!
2:49PM 0 pam_mount issue
2:46PM 2 Can't mount iso files in samba environment
2:24PM 4
1:34PM 1 (no subject)
1:28PM 0 (no subject)
12:06PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 14
10:33AM 2 wrong create mask on files
9:12AM 1 Migrating from 2.2.8a to 3.0.5 / Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_LEASE handler
8:54AM 0 Samba dual personality and browse list
7:29AM 0 Notification changes delay
5:18AM 1 File locks not always released (Samba 2.2.8)
2:38AM 1 URGENT : NT4 Standalone server in a Samba-LDAP PDC
Tuesday August 10 2004
10:43PM 0 Windows XP SP2
10:10PM 0 Wanted a Good Tool To Bench Marking Samba Servers
8:56PM 7 Windows XP SP2 (Official) and Samba 3
8:24PM 2 Browsing problem with duplicate domains
7:54PM 1 hard links on a samba share from a samba client
7:48PM 0 DSA is unwilling to perform...
7:30PM 0 NT4 Terminal Server & samba-3.0.3-5 +
5:49PM 2 Kerberos verfy ticket failed
5:29PM 2 Roaming profile, esp. laptops
5:11PM 1 Change of password problems with 3.0.6rc2
4:57PM 1 Your mail to Firewalls-Book-Info
4:17PM 1 ADS membership with Samba 3.0.4
3:52PM 2 Net rpc shutdown
3:07PM 0 share directory
12:06PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 20, Issue 13
12:05PM 1 Smbldap tools blocks when using net rpc vampire to migrate accounts from the NT4 PDC to the SambaLdap BDC
11:59AM 1 Bug 1580, any ideas if it has been looked at?
11:31AM 1 Issues solved with samba-3.0.6.RC2
8:33AM 1 DOS error 58 is back
7:49AM 0 adding users to smb pdc smb3 backend
7:40AM 1 possible bug with passwd programm = ...
7:25AM 0 Accepting Story Submissions
7:14AM 0 adding function to filesystem (ext2)
5:20AM 0 lan manager on OS2 and samba
1:28AM 4 Winbind sutff (Squid and Windows 2003)
Monday August 9 2004
11:43PM 0 Samba 3.0.4 ad member, XP Pro Members cant access shares
10:21PM 0 Samba 2.2.7 terrible slow with Windows XP SP1
9:56PM 2 LDAP backend and User Manager for Domains
9:20PM 0 List 'directfb-users' closed to public posts
8:46PM 1 "Re-constituting" smbpasswd machine entry?
6:59PM 0 Samba 3.0.5 file share problems
6:15PM 0 winbind joining wrong AD domain?
4:51PM 1 gui win2k interface for managing ACL or quota ?
4:38PM 1 Verbose Logs?
4:26PM 0 Domain Security
4:04PM 0 Cannot access share when symlinks and widelinks disabled
12:22PM 0 Need help with strange use of "message command" - just ignore if this is OT
9:18AM 1 Suse (SLES8) Kerberos
8:01AM 0 Authentication via PAM posixAccounts in RH EL ASv3
6:48AM 1 Printer on LDAP PDC debug help?
6:32AM 0 Printer trouble shooting tips?
5:46AM 0 Samba 3.05 complied on Irix 6.5?
5:19AM 2 Samba Website Updated and Redesigned
3:48AM 5 Bizarre failure of samba shares to XP
3:23AM 0 Error 4617: SMB connection failed & NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
Sunday August 8 2004
9:13PM 0 Re: no need to waste money on vi -agra anymo,re, ...
8:35PM 0 [OT] Survey about free software/open source developers
4:53PM 1 Sorting of filenames on samba shares
8:45AM 0 General Hardware Error
5:05AM 0 winxp logon to samba
3:10AM 0 SOLVED: Roaming profiles not updating XP
3:03AM 0 w2k client addition problems
Saturday August 7 2004
10:12PM 0 reported disk size
9:17PM 0 share security and acces deny
8:25PM 2 Samba 3.0.6rc2 Available for Download
5:46PM 0 SMB Check Directory Request - every 5 sec
5:26PM 0 home share support problem samba
4:56PM 1 winbind pipe is where?
3:24PM 0 Samba & Win2000 server
2:09PM 0 Browse problem with different domains
2:02PM 2 please help
9:59AM 0 errors in syslog
3:31AM 0 Connection refused, access denied (Windows XP trying to connect on samba's shared printer)
12:20AM 0 Accessing Samba with Pocket PC 2003
Friday August 6 2004
8:46PM 1 Suspected Document Buildup in Print Que
8:06PM 0 Re: WinXP and Mac OS X Server PDC: long logout times (RESOLVED)
7:56PM 0 Know any ClearCase admins looking for work?
7:02PM 0 WinXP and Mac OS X Server PDC: long logout times
6:12PM 3 Joining a samba 3.0.5 domain with win2003 Server
5:24PM 0 Printer problems
4:06PM 0 pdbedit and tdbsam
2:51PM 1 LDAP access to Active Directory
2:45PM 0 samba & winbind with AD 2K auth problem
1:27PM 0 Win XP + problems changing printer preference
10:13AM 0 init_iconv Conversion problem
9:18AM 1 does valid users = still accept a file that holds user names?
8:01AM 0 Working with briefcases
7:52AM 0 mounting homes share with smbfs and unix extensions - access problem
7:04AM 1 Suggestions??: Got too many (2) domain info entries for domain
5:21AM 0 AW: Re: restarting samba daemon - when ?
12:08AM 0 winbindd PANIC: smb_xmalloc: malloc fail
Thursday August 5 2004
11:48PM 0 are you tired a lot?
11:37PM 2 libiconv problems
9:11PM 0 homes share mapping problem in samba 3
9:00PM 1 samba requirement
9:00PM 3 LDAP Idmap
8:46PM 1 print spooling message never goes away
8:00PM 1 Samba automatically disabled?
7:32PM 1 Samba 3.0.5: Odd browsing / login issues
7:09PM 1 [[ Samba 3.0.5 + CUPS - Unable to open printcap ]]
6:36PM 2 smb.conf question
5:56PM 0 Samba + Terminal Server issue *SOLVED*
5:50PM 1 Samba for xscale
4:47PM 0 XP and SAMBA 3.0
4:39PM 0 Charset Problem on the smbldap-groupadd
3:21PM 0 Samba 2.2 PDC to ADS member server migration issues
2:28PM 0 Samba - ADS Auth.
2:07PM 0 WG: No access even with domain trusts
1:06PM 2 vfs object recycle and samba quota
1:05PM 1 [samba rpcclient] rpcclient ACCESS_DENIED; failed tcon_x error
12:47PM 2 Issues using samba 3 with linux & IBM JFS case-insensitive FS?
12:44PM 0 error trying to compile samba
12:22PM 2 samba 3.0.5 stable?
11:32AM 0 folder refresh in mac os x
9:23AM 0 Samba Installation Issues on QNX
9:10AM 0 Are there Debian packages for 2.2.(9|10)?
8:05AM 1 restarting samba daemon - when ?
8:04AM 0 No access even with domain trusts
5:48AM 0 FW: expiring passwords
12:47AM 1 "New Driver" button greyed out on Windows Client Despite having sufficient rights
12:43AM 1 samba PDC problems
Wednesday August 4 2004
10:22PM 1 Samba on ARM configure error
10:07PM 0 File-system Troubles
9:27PM 0 AIX 5.1 compile error for 3.02?
8:29PM 0 Transfering Windows 2000 Active directory system to Samba
8:16PM 4 Security Hell
7:31PM 0 Odd problem with one user account..
6:17PM 0 Problem with string substitution
5:19PM 1 Samba with Mac files (continued)
4:55PM 0 Samba and Win2000 Active Direcory
4:20PM 1 Transfer Problems when updated to version 3.0.5
4:10PM 0 smbfs hangs when accessing directory
3:41PM 0 3.0-cannot create profile directory...
3:26PM 2 refresh filesize of samba shares with win2k
3:15PM 2 Problem
2:51PM 0 Login Limits
2:21PM 1 Unable to start Winbind
1:58PM 0 [Fwd: SOLVED - Re: Windows 2000/2003 shares -> danish character problem.]
1:13PM 0 Configuration Questions
12:55PM 0 mean of defaukt_quota
12:50PM 0 KIP-powerprint problems
12:46PM 3 Winbind being flakey
11:45AM 1 System crash caused by nmbd
11:44AM 1 Installing Samba 3.0.5 in Mac OSX 10.3.4 server
10:05AM 0 problem with valid users parameter
9:49AM 0 can't share directories on clients
9:33AM 1 win2k server "the specified network name is invalid"
9:17AM 0 net rpc vampire hangs up Samba 3 migration
9:09AM 0 passdb/pdb_ldap.c:2651 compilation error !!!
8:47AM 0 about samba+LDAP
8:32AM 1 ldapsync, Samba LDAP bug?: win clients return error when change passwd in samba3 PDC
7:21AM 3 samba panic
4:05AM 1 Samba with Mac files?
12:03AM 2 Samba on ARM using native tool chain
Tuesday August 3 2004
10:19PM 2 Active Directory - Samba 3.0.4
9:45PM 0 Confusing permission issues...
8:47PM 0 Windows XP slow trainsfers
8:45PM 0 German Translation of "The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide" near finish !
8:16PM 1 Samba on arm target
7:22PM 1 samba + windows xp + roaming profiles
7:20PM 1 Problems with Samba ver 3.0.5
6:36PM 1 Stopping smb error messages
6:33PM 1 Samba 3.05 pdc
6:30PM 1 smbpasswd error
5:18PM 2 Samba with vnc
5:00PM 1 help samba connecting to windows xp
4:17PM 0 Samba 3.0.4 acl problem
3:48PM 2 Samba3 GPO
1:31PM 1 request
1:27PM 0 Your Recent Email to Rhizome
12:47PM 2 Vampire Migrate NT4 to Samba-LDAP PDC. Access error
11:38AM 1 EA Bug?
11:19AM 0 NT domain and Samba domain
10:09AM 1 domain admins not being applied to windows box
4:21AM 0 CIFS+unix only appears to do permissions?
Monday August 2 2004
11:42PM 0 Terpstra Samba workshops 8/16-19 *spaces available*
11:32PM 1 Very strange ACL issue
10:07PM 0 mount with uid does not give correct local uid (kernel 2.6)
9:42PM 0 OS X Hang Issue
9:22PM 0 ACL
9:08PM 5 Problems w/ winbind and AD group membership
7:28PM 0 loose mapping
6:46PM 0 locking database
5:23PM 0 I can see home but cannot mount it
5:20PM 1 Authenticating UNIX Cluster with Active Directory
5:14PM 1 Netware 4.11 -> Samba 30
5:09PM 0 Recycle Module
4:36PM 0 Strange issue after upgrade
4:15PM 1 3.0.4/LDAP/AIX Success! but.....
4:01PM 1 LDAP-based NIS server .vs. NIS migration to LDAP?
3:25PM 1 Workstation service failing
3:24PM 1 mount cifs trouble
2:58PM 2 Windows Server 2000 Server installation
2:53PM 0 Access Control
2:46PM 0 timeout on SMBMount
1:57PM 0 Kernel Panic when Big transfert
1:17PM 0 nmblookup and subnets
1:11PM 1 printing = lprng working?
12:31PM 0 Samba 3, Active Directory and LDAP
11:41AM 0 Universal Groups and Domain Local Groups for a given user?
10:54AM 0 hp-ux,samba/ldap, auth achievment
9:58AM 1 Too many handles on this pipe
9:30AM 0 Samba Uninstall on a mac
9:11AM 1 version 3.05 users %u change?
8:51AM 1 Red cross on network drives
5:10AM 1 smbmount hangs Linux if Windows server goes down
2:28AM 5 Samba vs NtBackup Round 3.0.5
Sunday August 1 2004
9:18PM 0 Solved! - Samba 3.0.x and high processor utilication caused by /etc/passwd access
9:16PM 1 overwriting files used by many users
6:06PM 0 Most odd -> Different domain permissions depending on workstation?
5:27PM 1 access denied with samba share
5:25PM 0 2.2.8 and AD universal group support via winbind
5:18PM 1 Help me in creating a domain...
4:17PM 1 Preserving ACLs on files when copying from NT4 server to Samba 3.0.5 server
5:46AM 1 windows XP authentication issues