samba - May 2004

Monday May 31 2004
11:22PM 1 small question
10:50PM 4 Directory listing delay with WinXP and IPtables
10:37PM 4 Printer accounting/quota ?
8:46PM 4 please help me.
7:27PM 1 nmblookup
7:23PM 1 prerequisites for winbind (Samba-3.0.4-SuSE-9.0)
5:38PM 0 Re: your website
5:12PM 0 migrate / reinstall samba
1:54PM 1 Old domain name an't delete record with tdbtool
1:06PM 0 XP desktop error
12:09PM 0 Can't Access Win2000 Shared Resources from Linux
12:01PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 17, Issue 49
11:36AM 0 Primary Group SID
10:56AM 0 Loss of Workgroup Browsing
10:30AM 0 Permissions
10:20AM 2 Lock ups?
9:19AM 0 printing w2k and suse 9.1 pro
5:46AM 3 need documentation on samba server setup
Sunday May 30 2004
10:37PM 1 Windows XP Pro and Fedora 1 Home Network
8:27PM 1 [LONG] Word 95 behaves strange in file dialog
7:07PM 1 Samba 3.0.4-3 bug re: libcupsys2-gnutls10
5:52PM 0 Stange samba behaviours on File mangers
5:37AM 0 users can not change pasword
12:00AM 0 Problem with TSM-Client and firewall
Saturday May 29 2004
6:55PM 0 Question on SMB Browsing
4:20PM 2 films on Desktops and roaming profiles
4:06PM 3 Samba3 + LDAP
3:37PM 1 Workgroup shows up, but not the computer
1:56PM 0 info for samba parameters
1:54PM 0 IO Wait problem on a patched samba
8:18AM 1 Users can not change samba password
7:56AM 0 Primary group
1:00AM 1 Share lock between server
Friday May 28 2004
8:59PM 3 Using Samba and Rational ClearCase Tools
8:57PM 1 Can't print multiple copies from XP to Samba 2.2.8a on Linux, hp 932c
7:42PM 0 Re: samba Version 3.0.5pre1
7:34PM 0 Mounting file shares in UTF-8
7:17PM 0 Samba 3 PDC & BDC Servers
6:12PM 1 binary package
6:07PM 0 To all with FreeBSD 5.2.1 and net ads join problems
4:25PM 0 Samba PDF printer...
2:35PM 0 joining a domain with KB828741
2:12PM 0 two Problems with Samba 3.0.4
2:07PM 0 NetBIOS names resolution and Linux
1:38PM 0 disappearing shares after upgrade to 3.0.4
1:31PM 1 [Samba + CIFS] Symbolic link problems
11:12AM 0 domain admin
8:54AM 0 Signal 11 on winbindd start: memory leak in malloc
8:12AM 0 Samba 3 How-to and Kerberos ...
7:45AM 1 Computer Accounts
7:12AM 0 MAXIMA - Hitelesítés a(z) hihetetlen csoportban
7:11AM 0 A Hihetetlen egyperces megrendelése
12:17AM 1 FW: file names between unix and windows
Thursday May 27 2004
9:04PM 0 Flush oplock list?
9:03PM 4 iptables and samba
8:59PM 2 Sub-directories are empty
8:14PM 0 NT User Manager
8:13PM 1 NT Samba 3.0 Migration -- Machine Accout Disable
8:12PM 0 Printer driver problems...going live tomorrow
7:53PM 0 Connection To Server Dropping Intermittantly
7:51PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 0.4.6 released
7:29PM 0 3.0.2 & 3.0.4 PDC with LDAP slave
7:17PM 1 primary gid of user [username] is not a Domain group
7:04PM 0 Transport End Point
5:53PM 5 Ghost Image + Winbind = Panic
5:01PM 0 samba-3.0.4
3:48PM 1 Problem with VFS audit and recycle
2:36PM 0 SWAT Login Problem
1:33PM 0 Samba Domain Problems?
1:12PM 1 Joining 2000 ADS domain error
1:02PM 3 Any ideas ?
12:57PM 0 LOGON problem on windows 2000 server
12:50PM 0 Fwd: Re: clock skew again
12:48PM 1 Weird issue with Windows 2003 server
12:46PM 0 Problems with wbinfo -a
12:27PM 2 Locked files stay locked - copy operation from XP to Samba fails
12:04PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 17, Issue 44 (Out of Office)
8:51AM 3 Problem with getent ...
8:36AM 1 3.0.5pre1 requires pam-devel?
7:50AM 3 Samba Ldap tls/ssl problem
7:26AM 1 Microsoft in a Samba Domain
4:20AM 1 Using domain logons with 2 controllers and wireless lan
4:07AM 0 samba replacement of windows 2000 advance server
3:09AM 2 file limits using SAMBA
1:25AM 1 printers don't show up as shares
12:37AM 1 Samba 3.0.4-1 Error
12:13AM 0 SafeInternetEmail Notification [ref# i4R0BlV00606]
Wednesday May 26 2004
10:07PM 0 Configuration
9:27PM 1 clock skew again
8:34PM 0 Two domains with the same name
8:31PM 2 SUSE 9.1 & Samba
8:15PM 1 Unable to find a suitable server
7:29PM 0 Help for Kerberos
7:26PM 0 validating throught natting firewall
7:22PM 1 LDAP builtin not found
7:16PM 0 setting files read-only form right click windows properties dialog
6:53PM 1 Samba PDC/LDAP Questions
6:32PM 0 Win XP and mapped shares
4:52PM 6 pam_winbind - losing domain membership
4:45PM 0 Oplock list
4:01PM 0 strange [homes] behavior
3:56PM 0 Naresh - Request
2:31PM 0 ACLs, admin equivalent account, and file ownership.
2:27PM 0 Can't Find Domain??
2:00PM 0 samba langue error
1:58PM 0 Problems connecting to samba 3.04
1:54PM 0 troubles between a samba pdc server and its client
1:41PM 7 File already in use?
12:39PM 2 Samba 3 and LDAP - Error loading profiles
12:30PM 5 Windows XP and domain logon
11:59AM 1 Same Problem.... RE: Can see server, but can't see shares. Whazzup?
11:53AM 0 Interdomain trusts
10:00AM 1 example configuration for VFS recycle
9:08AM 0 conflict between Realtek 8139 (client) and3c2000T(server) NIC's with Samba?
8:36AM 0 Realtek
8:01AM 2 duplicate domains in browse list
5:02AM 0 Samba as PDC
1:47AM 1 PAC implementation, under "open" license.
1:27AM 1 samba printpdf setup broken in later versions
1:24AM 0 Phantom workgroup
12:12AM 0 XP Home could access printer & disk share, now cannot
Tuesday May 25 2004
11:23PM 0 Trouble browsing servername
10:44PM 0 Samba 3.0.5pre1 Available for Download
9:41PM 1 Suggestion for smbstatus
8:22PM 0 Change Password
8:09PM 4 sambaPwdMustChange
7:58PM 1 2 Domains
7:48PM 0 Samba Server not working in MD10
7:41PM 0 Undelivered mail: Hurts
6:37PM 0 conflict between Realtek 8139 (client) and 3c2000T (server) NIC's with Samba? - solved
6:33PM 2 Strange problem with icons on the desktop
5:48PM 1 Problem with invisible folders by using posix ACLs & the hide unreadable parameter (Samba-3.0.4/Linux)
5:33PM 1 Share violation on file error
5:05PM 0 upgrade from 1.x to : veritas backup exec cannot connect
4:46PM 0 smb_pam_account: PAM: UNKNOW PAM ERROR ( 9 )
4:22PM 1 FW: Trouble with ACLs
4:16PM 1 PDBEdit modules
4:01PM 1 conflict between Realtek 8139 (client) and 3c2000T (server) NIC's with Samba?
3:52PM 1 Active Directory
2:49PM 0 Re: Nested group support documentation
2:47PM 0 Windows client doesn't show up in findsmb
2:17PM 0 authentication failure (?)
1:54PM 0 wbinfo -u fails in Samba-3.0.4 on Samba PDC/BDC
1:06PM 0 Re: Samba 3.0.4 & Arcserve 9.0
1:05PM 1 user 'root' does not exist
12:42PM 1 Newbie
12:20PM 2 Samba Howto Collection
12:12PM 2 SAMBA from start
11:55AM 0 How to send "name registration request"
11:48AM 0 active connections
10:17AM 0 Merely Opening Excel Files Increments Last-Modification date on Samba Shares
9:13AM 1 Home-share, winbindd and use-default-domain trouble
8:55AM 0 Some little questions ...
8:31AM 1 Samba-3.0.4 write list problem
7:29AM 0 Samba 3 in a NT domain problem to connect with Win98
1:22AM 0 Trouble with ACLs
12:53AM 1 Can't join domain - new machine name
12:00AM 1 smbclient output
Monday May 24 2004
11:28PM 0 problem whit samba
10:28PM 0 Merely Opening Excel Files Increments Last-Modificationdate on Samba Shares
8:00PM 1 Where can I find Windowz vs Samba performance Tests
7:54PM 0 KERBEROS_V4 rejected as an authentication type
5:15PM 0 Errors authenticating on schedualed tasks
5:10PM 0 Success story
4:37PM 0 Samba on Backup Server + Auth Q
4:13PM 4 Pointer to ACL enabled Red Hat 9 kernel RPM?
4:04PM 2 High CPU utilization
3:30PM 0 Recommended patchset for 3.0.4
3:14PM 1 AD UID association
2:38PM 5 vscan permission
2:32PM 2 PLEASE TEST NFS quota module
2:18PM 1 Build Errors, torture tests 3.0.x/HP-UX 11i
2:01PM 0 XP difficulties on 2.09
1:59PM 0 smb domain & members..
1:51PM 0 Virtual users
1:32PM 0 sambaID
12:56PM 1 problem adding PC to domain
12:16PM 2 Samba 3.0.4 fails to compile on Solaris 9
11:24AM 0 samba 3 ads/domain member server has some problems
10:59AM 1 SMB Signature problem against WIN2K3 server using samba3.0.0 release( Samba Developers Response requested)
9:53AM 0 client access denied
9:20AM 2 Re: Windows XP machine not connecting to Samba 3.04 after upgrade
8:34AM 0 Virus in mail from you.
8:23AM 3 Samba 3.0.4, Solaris + active directory support
8:03AM 2 VFS calls after disconnect ?
3:47AM 0 samba 3 keeps trying to authenticate with the nt4 pdc using port 445
3:46AM 0 quota under samba
12:50AM 1 debian unstable 3.0.4-3 panics
Sunday May 23 2004
9:00PM 0 Victory at last
2:36AM 1 A (maybe)_ easy solution to global login script for group checking
2:29AM 0 Single logins, preexec, roaming profiles
Saturday May 22 2004
10:54PM 2 Printing not working after upgrading to 3.0.4
10:15PM 1 winbind and local groups
10:14PM 1 English & Japanese Languages
9:16PM 1 getent ??
8:09PM 0 smbd disconnects when trying to write not-very-large files
6:30PM 0 how can I make administrator Unix = Administrator XP
2:41PM 4 Samba 3 write performance drop on files > 16 MB
12:19PM 0 only root can logon now
11:57AM 0 How to rename a user (in passdb.tdb?)
9:18AM 3 kerberos5 / gssapi support in mount.cifs?
9:16AM 0 cannot write to but read from shares with mount.cifs
8:29AM 0 samba share of mounted Novell volume is empty
6:12AM 1 samba for Rational Clearcase.
3:27AM 1 Problems upgrading from 2.2.7a to 3.0.2a
2:56AM 0 Samba problem of users access
2:13AM 0 problem login W2k-sp2 and 4 to samba 3.0.2: profiles
2:12AM 0 show the Debug messages in DEBUG(3, ("reply_mv : %s -> %s\n", name, newname))
1:53AM 0 Lexmark X75, smbpool problem
12:28AM 1 Gathering EventLog Information from a remote server or workstation
Friday May 21 2004
11:11PM 1 Win2k / Samba 2.2.5-SUSE cant net view
10:42PM 2 read (and edit?) registry files on Linux
10:35PM 0 FW: Mapping SIDs to existing UIDs
10:02PM 0 Error message when trying to do smbmount
9:39PM 0 add machine script
9:32PM 0 Mapping SIDs to existing UIDs
7:53PM 0 smbsh/ on Solaris 8/Samba 3.0.4
7:49PM 0 Insufficient access error
7:41PM 0 winbind issues with AD domain trust
7:37PM 0 Attempting "Run As" = Failed to unmarshall NET_Q_SAM_LOGON
6:30PM 1 Ready to try 3.0.4
5:56PM 0 remote announce issues?
5:43PM 0 Help.
5:14PM 1 Problems since upgrade to 3.0.2a-3 (mandrake rpm)
5:09PM 3 Suse 9.1 Samba
4:44PM 0 linux/solaris/windows group management
4:25PM 0 client only build
3:50PM 0 SaMBa - Converting from NTLM to ADS environment, but not all at once.
3:43PM 0 Re: Peter Bouton
3:12PM 1 pdbedit + ldap doesn't work
3:06PM 0 Renaming user in Samba 3
2:43PM 0 99% CPU utilization
1:10PM 0 Printing to Samba/Cups from Windows kills windows app lication.
10:28AM 0 Samba 3.0.4: some problems with SWAT/STATUS and smbstatus
9:43AM 1 Printing to Samba/Cups from Windows kills windows application.
8:01AM 0 (no subject)
7:08AM 0 Windows XP machine not connecting to Samba 3.04
2:55AM 3 recovering files from .recyle
12:28AM 1 Win98 ==> Samba printing problem
12:03AM 0 Problem with w2k machines.
Thursday May 20 2004
11:41PM 0 (no subject)
11:06PM 4 Valid users question
10:35PM 0 can't map user to Windows Domain Admins
9:50PM 2 cupsaddsmb
8:53PM 0 Scripting smbclient
8:30PM 1 Samba 3 PDC and ADS member server
8:30PM 0 Any organizations running SAGE Mas90 with Samba 2.7 and up?
7:55PM 1 do I have to have Domain Name for LDAP
7:44PM 0 Problems w/ MultipleUsersOnConnection registry entry for Windows 2000 Terminal servers
7:41PM 1 logon server conflicts with server-level
7:38PM 0 Realtime Machine Account Management
7:10PM 0 Trouble reading "config file"
7:08PM 1 Winbind causes LLOONNGG delays
6:22PM 6 net ads join hangs forever
6:17PM 5 Samba 3 + Win2k = Headache
5:39PM 1 conflicting domain SIDS
3:38PM 0 Re: Building Samba with cups
3:34PM 0 nmbd - is it running or not...?
2:51PM 0 Samba does not respect "winbind use default domain" - winbind only mailling list
2:14PM 0 Windows Explorer - Samba Listing beside each Mapped D rive
2:09PM 2 Windows Explorer - Samba Listing beside each Mapped Drive
2:03PM 0 Can't reset password from windows 2000, or from the samba pdc. Error from samba pdc: machine127.0.0.1 rejected the password change: Error was : RAP86:The specified password is invalid.
1:42PM 1 Problem Rebuilding 3.0.4 RPMS For Fedora ia64
12:36PM 0 Compile errors 3.0.4 solaris 8
12:30PM 0 Connecting to Windows 2003
11:40AM 2 MS Patch MS04-011 & Samba upgrade
9:43AM 0 xbox accessing samba shares
9:29AM 0 samba 3.0.4 domain woes
9:13AM 0 Still struggling with clock skew
8:13AM 0 Server swapover
4:23AM 3 How Is Administrator Treated?
3:11AM 2 Samba 3 password changes
12:12AM 0 Getting Microsoft Word and samba to work together.
Wednesday May 19 2004
11:34PM 2 sharing users home dirs for Win2003 and linux
11:29PM 0 sharing storage space for XP and Linux
9:35PM 4 Windows XP slow access to network places shortcut?
8:50PM 1 DOS filename behavior?
7:34PM 0 Can't reset password from windows 2000, or from the samba pdc. Error from samba pdc: machine rejected the password change: Error was : RAP86: The specified password is invalid.
6:50PM 2 LDAP, is just me or the Samba How-to?
6:47PM 1 connecting to a win2003 share from a samba in a domain
6:32PM 1 Changing domains...causes wbinfo -t to fail.
5:37PM 0 Updated Fedora Core 2 Packages [unofficial]
5:10PM 0 sambaUserWorkstations limits access to Win9x shares
5:05PM 0 Invalid Password or Username
4:51PM 1 'veto oplock files' option in 3.0.2a broken ???
4:47PM 0 smbclient (Samba 2.0.8 SuSE 7.1) read problem from Win2K
4:34PM 1 "ldap_add: Already exists (68)"
4:13PM 0 hosts deny = X not working for printer share
3:56PM 4 Samba, pam, and kerberos
3:04PM 1 Profiles and Service Packs]
2:53PM 0 idmap_ad compile problem
2:38PM 1 volume parameter PLEASE!
2:37PM 0 Migration: 2.2.3 to 3.0.4 on solaris 8 / german umlauts
2:13PM 1 RES: Experiences with Samba 3 in 'Windows Server 2003' mo de domains?
2:07PM 1 QuickBooks Enterprise & Samba 2.2.8
2:03PM 1 use local users on domain member
1:50PM 0 Samba 3.0.4 + Veritas Backup Exec
1:39PM 0 Experiences with Samba 3 in 'Windows Server 2003' mode domains?
12:06PM 0 Printing problem with CUPS / Samba
11:58AM 1 open_directory: unable to stat name = .. Error was Success
11:35AM 0 write list bug reports [was Re: OTHER BUG IN SAMBA 3.0.4?! FORCE USE
11:20AM 1 Administrator can't change XP environment
10:44AM 2 SAMBA 3.0.4 + LDAP + usrmgr
10:06AM 1 difference between domain (no member) and workgroup
9:29AM 0 The semaphore timeout period has expired
8:09AM 0 how to conf
7:02AM 1 Reconnect to Shares not working
5:30AM 0 Problem in printing
4:04AM 1 What files to configure for Samba+LDAP
3:39AM 1 Samba completely crashes linux system
2:21AM 0 Force Windows client to pop password dialog again?
1:52AM 1 Mapping My Documents
1:11AM 0 Re: Re: message
1:08AM 0 printing from W98 to Samba/Cups [repost]
12:02AM 0 one samba server two workgroups, posible?
Tuesday May 18 2004
11:35PM 3 Samba 3.0.4 PDC w/ LDAP - XP client
11:09PM 0 Samba 3.0.x infrastructure
8:16PM 1 Hi again timur
7:44PM 2 samba 3.0.4 - smb´s not starting
7:39PM 0 Cups spool directory permissions
5:48PM 0 Join Pervasive and DM Review for a Web Seminar
5:27PM 2 IPv6 Support
5:14PM 0 secure SSL connection to openldap server fails
5:08PM 0 Samba IPv6 Support
5:03PM 0 IPv6 Support for Samba
4:43PM 0 Compile errors samba 3.0.4 Solaris 2.8
4:12PM 0 Samba, Cups, Windows driver and PPD File updates
3:47PM 1 Sluggish server response
3:44PM 0 research inquiry
3:43PM 1 Contradiction in samba documentation
3:31PM 0 (no subject)
3:27PM 6 Unix Extensions
3:27PM 3 nmbd crash on z/800 64 bit RHEL v 3.0
3:22PM 3 write list bug reports [was Re: OTHER BUG IN SAMBA 3.0.4?! FORCE USE
3:02PM 0 Permission denied (
2:03PM 0 bogus login
1:46PM 0 SWAT seems to corrupt WINS SERVER line if multiples are specified
12:51PM 1 Problem with VFS audit and recycle (fwd)
12:41PM 0 Samba 2.2.7: Access to differents shares from the same NT client
12:22PM 4 Strange problem with 3.0.4
11:52AM 2 Cannot connect MacOSX domain member to PDC
11:51AM 0 Your mail to
11:33AM 0 Re: Message Error
10:12AM 2 Profiles and Service Packs
9:52AM 1 samba3.0.4 with FreeBSD
9:16AM 0 Odd behaviour while mounting a cifs volume
8:02AM 1 username map break in 3.0.4 ?
7:08AM 0 write list [was Re: BUG IN SAMBA 3.0.4: FORCE USER]
4:10AM 1 Sharing with permission
1:59AM 0 intermittent slow connection smb domain controller
1:08AM 1 Having issues with rpcclient's adddriver
12:09AM 0 Multiple cpu's supported?
Monday May 17 2004
8:48PM 0 SOLVED: Roaming profiles not updating XP
7:47PM 2 samba+cups printing a banner
7:44PM 3 Can see server, but can't see shares. Whazzup?
7:15PM 0 Unable to add Windows 2K/XP Pro clients to Samba domain
7:10PM 1 samba 3.0.4 on SLES8: password sync will not work...(decode_pw_buffer: incorrect password length)
6:30PM 1 Renaming machine name
4:59PM 0 access Get Office XP Pro chance for only 100$
4:50PM 0 FreeBSD problems
3:42PM 0 Samba 3.0.2a password change issue (without win2k/xp clients)
3:40PM 2 samba-3.0.4.tar.gz Is not available
3:35PM 2 Re: samba-server-3.0.4-2mdk
2:57PM 1 Winbindd growing
1:59PM 1 Printi command not used ??
1:56PM 2 RE: Bug 1315 -- wrong schannel auth len 24 -- am I having same problem on my Mac?
1:29PM 1 Win2k AD with LDAP unix auth
1:22PM 0 How to revalidate user?
1:13PM 0 migrating files, directorys and share ?
12:43PM 1 Clock skew and net ads join problem
12:43PM 1 about a pdc
9:51AM 0 Domain unavailable
9:43AM 0 write list bug reports [was Re: OTHER BUG IN SAMBA 3.0.4?! FORCE USE
9:32AM 0 nmbd - multiple pids
9:20AM 3 wrong file size
7:18AM 1 one physical server multiple "virtual" servers or...
6:51AM 0 strange dos directory names - mangle?
5:17AM 1 samba, --with-utmp support
3:06AM 1 Help and instructions for the list
2:59AM 0 Darwin Install
2:06AM 0 Domain Group in new version of samba
1:41AM 1 samba user priveleges
Sunday May 16 2004
11:56PM 0 printing from W98 to Samba/Cups
11:30PM 1 Samba 3 and network printing setup
6:02PM 0 Error compiling Samba 3.0.4 pdb_ldap.c on Irix
5:36PM 0 smb_request error
12:32PM 0 This is an alert from eSafe
10:04AM 1 winbind - local unix uid
7:04AM 1 Samba 2.0.10
Saturday May 15 2004
11:04PM 2 ACL problems
10:33PM 1 Linux CIFS client with Samba 2.0.x or 2.2.x ?
8:52PM 2 Doman Group in new version of samba
6:36PM 1 problem connecting as a user. (fwd)
5:00PM 1 Windows XP Pro, file permissions...
4:47PM 2 Documentation discrepancies
1:11PM 0 Samba3-3.0.4-KDE 3.2.2 rpm Packaging Bug
12:41PM 0 samba + squid + ntlm
11:57AM 4 CUPS - problems changing printing pref. on Win XP
7:34AM 0 Automated response
4:22AM 1 Guest shares
12:31AM 0 OSX upgrade effcts 8.3 fielpath
Friday May 14 2004
11:46PM 1 XP pro can't join Domain
9:14PM 0 Syncronising off-line content with my Samba Server in WinXP
8:47PM 0 winbind - for solaris
7:58PM 0 REPOST Linux network with access to NT4 domain using Samba
7:30PM 1 win2k login to samba 3.03/4 PDC problem
6:48PM 0 mount.cifs returns error 13
6:14PM 0 Samba 3.0.2 "net join" questions
5:49PM 0 odd problem with getent,
3:08PM 2 BUG IN SAMBA 3.0.4 ?
2:41PM 1 Samba 3.0.3 and NTBackup in WinXP
2:18PM 0 Smbpasswd -x doesn't delete entry
12:08PM 1 problem with vscan
10:00AM 1 friendly printer name
9:49AM 1 WINS Server: Use Samba or Windows?
8:55AM 1 Sending message to connected users ?
8:48AM 0 syslog priority for "read_socket_data: recv failure" messages
7:56AM 1 nmbd dies every day
6:16AM 1 Logging into WIndows 2000 ADS from Linux Clients
4:32AM 0 full space, this user is limit quota
2:30AM 0 vfs recycle troubles 3.0.2
2:21AM 2 Linux network with access to NT4 domain
1:59AM 1 Wan shares
12:38AM 1 Problem setting up a Domain with Smb-ldap
Thursday May 13 2004
11:01PM 0 What libraries libsmbclient needs to be linked to?
10:19PM 3 Winbind ADS Issues w/ *TONS* of Pre-Research
10:17PM 1 2 terabyte filesystem limitation on linux client
9:43PM 0 My win98 clients can't change their autentication passwords
9:09PM 1 utmp = yes
8:40PM 0 winbindd lookup failure
8:18PM 0 Trust Relationship Prob
8:03PM 1 CSAV for Exchange - Virus Alert
6:30PM 1 rejected our name registration of WORKGROUP<1d> with error code 6
4:48PM 0 i donno why i cnat login into the domain.
4:45PM 0 Re: Understanding Samba Shares
4:43PM 4 winbind problems with linux domain member
4:13PM 0 samba fault
4:05PM 2 FYI - Why RPMs are important
2:40PM 0 10 X Linux boxes - join win2k AD (mixed mode)
2:10PM 0 how to upgrade Samba version.
1:06PM 0 Cannot set a "Domain group" membership with ldapSAM
1:01PM 0 Re: Understanding Samba Shares
12:47PM 0 samba3 --with-ssl and tunneling
12:45PM 1 Excel opens files as read-only
12:29PM 2 Samba - Oplocks = no
11:50AM 1 How to disable changing of modification times on file access?
11:41AM 0 Problem with net rpc vampire
11:35AM 0 Profileconnection
11:35AM 1 can't remove disable flag in 3.0.4
10:26AM 1 Samba WINS query
10:23AM 0 Failed to issue the StartTLS instruction: Connect
10:16AM 0 Failed to issue the StartTLS instruction: Connect error
9:39AM 1 Samba 3.0 timeout problems within multi-level ADS environments
8:01AM 0 Error messages in log files with Samba 3.04
7:54AM 1 samba and NT browsing again
7:50AM 0 Charset conversion
6:46AM 0 Maximum Length Of Printer Name
6:04AM 0 Abi99-FreeAtLast
6:00AM 1 AW: SID History Mechanism / Trust Accounts
12:49AM 0 Net groupmap Question.
Wednesday May 12 2004
8:34PM 1 Patch for unix extensions
6:25PM 1 Windows Read Only attribute, and Microsoft Excel.
3:22PM 0 samba compilation OS X
2:32PM 0 Problem with Win2k Group Policy with Samba 3.0.2 PDC
2:17PM 2 Failed to verify ticket ?
1:48PM 0 samba master problems
1:27PM 0 SID History Mechanism / Trust Accounts
8:38AM 5 starnge Auth problem in w2k Domain with ADS
8:28AM 1 [error]
8:24AM 0 WINS / port 445 question
7:07AM 2 i cannot find kinit
6:04AM 2 How to display the folder names in Japanese?
5:57AM 0 shares in webbrowsers
1:54AM 2 preexec script problem
1:08AM 0 Server name appears as domain name
Tuesday May 11 2004
10:53PM 0 Problems with password policy in Samba 3.0.4
8:09PM 0 Composite and DM Review Invite You to a Web Seminar
7:54PM 0 problem with samba like LMB on windows network
7:43PM 0 Re: Samba Digest list - Why are they a
7:25PM 4 3.0.4: winbind not working with windows 2003?
7:10PM 0 Samba Net ADS Join
6:20PM 0 Preserving Windows ACL's
6:16PM 0 I can't see any machines in neighborhood area anymore.
6:07PM 1 Fedora and Samba
5:43PM 1 question NIS password authenication
5:43PM 3 Poor performance with Mac OS X Panther clients
4:45PM 0 Samba & Groups
4:21PM 0 net ads join hangs
4:19PM 1 Print issues with 3.0.4 (Log Info)
4:17PM 1 Print issues with 3.0.4
3:32PM 0 test
2:56PM 0 Loading Printers via a logon script
2:41PM 0 Information
2:29PM 1 adding machine accounts on-the-fly - 3.0.4 and LDAP
2:27PM 0 guest account problem ....
1:50PM 1 BUG: Vfs audit module & samba 3.0.4 ==> share unacces sible
1:39PM 0 mapping unix and windows users samba 3.x
1:19PM 0 BUG: Vfs audit module & samba 3.0.4 ==> share unaccessible
1:05PM 0 Setting ACL on reiserfs via microsoft MMC
12:34PM 1 ldapsam - Failed to open group mapping database
10:33AM 1 ou=computers ???
10:28AM 2 ldap replication
9:57AM 0 machine account in ou=Computers
9:54AM 0 Slow (very) Win Me client
9:10AM 1 FW: Server spool directory location is invalid
9:10AM 1 W2k joining a domain controlled by samba 3.0.2a (PDC)
9:03AM 1 Access denied because of conflicting credentials.
7:53AM 1 Samba 2.2.8a - winbind do I need ACL for letting users change their file permissions?
7:43AM 0 smbclient throws error
5:23AM 1 [Fwd: Re: Windows XP client - intermittent 'network name cannot befound' loading profile]
5:03AM 0 Linux VS ADS
3:45AM 1 Cannot create fake user root account
2:26AM 2 smbd log meesages
12:01AM 0 cant convert SID to UID...
Monday May 10 2004
11:40PM 1 Re: share is read-only since 3.0.3 - "access is denie d"
11:32PM 7 Problem upgrading to 3.0.4 and ArcServe
9:29PM 0 is it necessary to disconnect from one Domain before joining another
7:34PM 1 share is read-only since 3.0.3 - "access is denied"
7:23PM 0 need help: net rpc join problem.
6:50PM 2 schannel issue on samba 3.0.3
6:18PM 3 HP-UX 11i and Inability to run Samba 3.0.x
6:05PM 0 Samba 3 com a autenticação Active Directory - getent password
5:42PM 1 getent passwd cannot list win2k ADS users
4:25PM 0 copy NT permissions
4:19PM 1 fedora core 1 smb
4:15PM 0 "user 'root' does not exist" in winbindd.log after upgrade from 3.0.2a to 3.0.3
1:57PM 0 Newbie multiple problems no solutions
1:09PM 1 Version 3: %U returns null value in security = share
12:46PM 1 Failed to initialize group mapping
12:35PM 2 Suse Linux OpenExchange Server (Samba 2.2.5) and XP
11:52AM 1 SAGE Line 50
11:34AM 1 Samba Digest list - Why are they attached?
11:02AM 1 Browse lists & 3.0.x
10:53AM 0 Slow network performance with winXP clients and samba 3.0.x
9:55AM 0 Questions on NT4 vs ADS Domains and Samba
8:47AM 2 Pdb-useredit
5:10AM 0 Domain server member cannot locate logon server.
Sunday May 9 2004
9:10PM 3 Suddenly one printer stops to print
7:58PM 0 idmap backend with Active Directory LDAP
6:32PM 0 Knows linux but NO MS, needs help setting up PDC for school
3:22AM 1 Samba 2.2.9 Available for Download
2:23AM 1 Samba 3.0.4 Available for Download
Saturday May 8 2004
2:59PM 1 Add Hosts as Domain Admin
1:48PM 0 2.2.8a and 3.0.3a issues and differences
11:59AM 0 Server spool directory location is invalid
Friday May 7 2004
9:33PM 1 Is %U in msdfs root share broken in 3.0.2?
8:59PM 1 Upgrading from 2.2.7 to 3.0.3
8:20PM 0 Fwd: samba as pdc in NT domain
8:10PM 0 samba as pdc in NT domain
7:46PM 0 Samba and Rational ClearCase
6:54PM 3 samba quotas
6:38PM 1 samba with ssl compilation failed
6:02PM 2 Samba limitations
4:55PM 1 Net ads join
3:32PM 0 server did not respond after 20000 milliseconds
2:31PM 0 Does anyone knows about this ?
12:46PM 2 Need help on Samba Printer Port
12:40PM 0 Authentication failure
12:22PM 0 volume option works?
12:18PM 1 secrets.tdb
12:15PM 1 Problem accessing share directory
12:12PM 0 Réf. : Samba basics
12:08PM 3 Samba basics
11:44AM 3 Samba HOME Share
11:37AM 0 seclib documentation??
9:25AM 0 Win 98 prob
8:35AM 0 3.0.2a mapping unix W2K AD users
8:20AM 0 security=server and security=share on the same samba server?
7:06AM 0 valid users option and NT users
7:02AM 2 default roaming profile for Samba 3.0.2a / WinXP P
2:44AM 1 RPC net start
12:52AM 0 Mac OS 10.3.3 Server How to hide server so users can't browse for it in Windows XP
12:10AM 1 problem changing the password as non-root user
12:04AM 3 Samba 3.0.3 breaks domain somehow.
Thursday May 6 2004
9:45PM 0 Local master browser on more than one workgroup
9:18PM 2 groupmap not working correctly
8:03PM 0 Post migration issues LDAP
6:44PM 1 Samba 3.0.3 Upgrade Issue....Authentification with ArcServ
5:14PM 1 Microsoft KB835732 Update Disrupting Samba Connections
4:49PM 0 Samba using a MySQL passdb for machine records
4:23PM 1 nmbd doesn't start: Address already in use
4:00PM 0 Fw: I'm losting the samba's shares automatically of time in time.. why?
3:49PM 0 I'm losting the samba's shares automatically of time in time.. why?
3:44PM 3 Samba and Winbind ?
3:43PM 0 Authenticates right on AD server, but still no access...
3:29PM 1 script to automatically install printers to win clients?
3:21PM 1 FW: Kerberos case sensitive with Mac OS X on Samba 3.0.x
3:21PM 0 Samba 3 Operational Question
3:06PM 2 Migrating to new server
2:56PM 0 Winbindd/network freeze samba
2:45PM 0 different win machines on PDC not accessible at different times
1:33PM 0 having problems with samba 3 + net groupmap
12:58PM 0 SMBCLIENT: error on mounting
12:24PM 2 Administrator rights for Windows update?
12:23PM 0 Add input locales automatically
10:56AM 0 hello
8:51AM 0 Migrate Accounts from Novell Netware 4.x to Samba3-Openldap
8:50AM 2 tdb_fetch failed
8:01AM 1 More roaming profile-Windows XP Data
6:11AM 1 slow connecting to mapped drive after restart smbd
12:40AM 1 printing from xp
Wednesday May 5 2004
9:22PM 0 Awayse getting guest when trying to access share directory
9:10PM 0 SWAT drops quoted text in options
8:58PM 0 Samba Configure problem
8:55PM 1 Has anyone had experience switching back from samba to windows 2003?
8:45PM 0 ADS join failing?
8:34PM 3 Blocking options !! I can't open the same file in two diferents clients (win98) in same time
8:15PM 1 Script repository?
8:07PM 1 Using the same LDAP entry for posixAccount and
7:07PM 0 Samba and Nautilus
7:00PM 1 Samba ADS Help
6:49PM 3 Migrate passwords from NT4 to Samba-LDAP
5:48PM 0 Problem solved - Re: Can not copy file, "The Path is too deep"
5:40PM 2 Kerberos case sensitive with Mac OS X on Samba 3.0.x
5:35PM 0 Can not copy file, "The Path is too deep"
5:34PM 0 Compiling samba 3.0.3 --with-pam errors pam_modules.h
5:22PM 5 Compiling --with-ldap on Solaris 9
5:19PM 1 Ntconfig.POL system policy
4:00PM 0 slow samba performance vs. w2k
3:47PM 1 Redhat 8.0
3:25PM 1 machine password changes fail (solved?)
3:21PM 2 3.0.3 Woody packages?
3:19PM 0 Samba 3 use of /etc/passwd /etc/shadow
2:45PM 1 Deleting files on ext3 via Samba
2:40PM 0 Upgrade path v 3.0.0 to 3.0.3
2:39PM 1 Password must change: 0
2:33PM 0 Tree Connect Failed connecting to a Windows 2003 Share
2:25PM 0 Mapping issue
12:30PM 0 SID RID
12:08PM 1 Strange problem with WINS address resolution
11:42AM 1 creating users in fedora
10:58AM 1 Printproblems in 3.0.3 - Postscript files contain log messages
10:42AM 0 2.2.8a - winbind authorisation problem
10:10AM 0 Samba 3.0.2a and directories with many files
9:53AM 4 Domain security, users still asked for login
8:06AM 0 Limited login
7:52AM 0 Troubles: Samba 2.2.8a + SCO 7.1.1 printing...
4:20AM 0 migration problem at vampire step
2:40AM 0 Invalid request size
2:09AM 1 Simple Printing Question
1:42AM 0 Modifying accounts in User Manager disables account!
Tuesday May 4 2004
9:43PM 3 Samba without netbios/WINS
9:13PM 3 Unable to gunzip file
9:00PM 0 SWAT displays wrong status
8:45PM 2 Samba 3.0.3 installing issue
8:40PM 0 security=share challenges
8:36PM 1 domain member server problems
6:30PM 0 ADS
5:51PM 0 backing up a Samba-3.0.3 share with NTBackup under WinXP
4:51PM 2 net send equivalent
4:33PM 5 Microsoft hotfix MS04-011, breaks Samba password change.
4:23PM 0 Testing to see if drive mounted with smbmount
3:43PM 0 [Fwd: Can´t access to a samba 3 pdc]
3:39PM 0 auto-mounting domain shares after logging onto Linux Domain Member
3:27PM 1 pdb_init_sam failed
2:58PM 0 Re: Mail Delivery (failure
2:56PM 0 Character, Codepage Problems?
2:30PM 1 How to tunnel Samba via ssh from Windows XP without having to disable local NetBIOS
2:26PM 2 Folding Samba into existing PAM_LDAP?
1:51PM 1 When do i need /etc/pam.d/samba ???
1:00PM 0 Cant get Samba 2.2.7a to work with DOS Lanman 2.1 Client
12:52PM 0 FW: Smbd not running
11:26AM 2 3.0.3 bug when in > 16 Unix groups
11:13AM 0 Problem with migrating from one samba fileserver to another
11:03AM 0 Invalid ICMP type 3 to broadcast
10:48AM 3 Smbd not running
8:40AM 0 Windows XP client - intermittent 'network name cannotbefound' loading profile
8:20AM 0 Crazy User Entry in W2k, Samba 3.0.2a-Debian, UID-SID Mapping damaged ?
7:23AM 0 Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering for Domino detected a virus in a document you authored.
7:07AM 3 samba 3.0.2a & Win2003 AD controler
5:24AM 1 How to Cross compile Samba Source
4:22AM 2 XP profiles problem - Samba 3.0.3 & LDAP
2:05AM 0 smbpasswd - root can change, but no-one else
1:20AM 1 Renamed PDC, now user profiles don't work
12:28AM 1 Samba PDC
Monday May 3 2004
11:46PM 0 Mapping a Drive to a folder under a share from Linux to Windows 2003
10:46PM 1 3.0.3 upgrade comments
9:27PM 1 Printing with and without cups on the same machine
9:22PM 0 Windows XP client - intermittent 'network name cannot befound' loading profile
8:37PM 0 Xerox 555
7:19PM 2 Samba 3 ldap password sync
5:39PM 0 Re: specified network name no more available
4:53PM 0 Solution For MS ACCESS on Samba Share
4:50PM 0 Roaming Profiles
4:20PM 1 Logging domain Logon/Logoff
4:08PM 0 Permissions Problem using ADS
3:32PM 1 smbd eating 99% CPU what to do?
1:51PM 0 Automount SMB share on MAC OSX box
11:47AM 0 Samba 3.0.3 bugs
11:45AM 2 SOME Suggestions on Can't the very basic stuff to work
11:36AM 0 3.0.3 Pure Samba Domain. Servers can't list and don't recognize d omain users.
10:03AM 0 logon scripts doen't run
9:59AM 1 Changed UIDs from winbind after server reboot!
9:17AM 0 Unique Logo demonstrates Personality of Your Business
9:01AM 1 Problem with net rpc vampire - Samba 3.0.2a
8:18AM 2 Minor Bug Report ?
7:14AM 0 Esta es una alerta del antivirus Pisuke
6:48AM 0 Does someone know about the mean of this log ?
3:09AM 0 Can't the very basic stuff to work
2:55AM 2 Windows XP client - intermittent 'network name cannot be found' loading profile
Sunday May 2 2004
11:58PM 2 bindpw in ldap.conf
11:04PM 1 Status on fixes for MS04-11/MS04-12/KB828741 issues
8:02PM 0 Your command, Important, was invalid
5:57PM 0 Re: 5O% 0ff on -- XX3NICAL__ CI@_LiS__ ULTR@M__ F!0RIC3T__ V1AGR0__ FI0R!CET
4:59PM 0 smbmnt as user
2:40PM 0 (no subject)
12:47PM 1 Login Script
12:15PM 1 Unable to open TDB rid database!
Saturday May 1 2004
11:09PM 1 windows password longer than 8 chars will not work
3:12PM 0 Which verson should I go for?
11:18AM 1 How do you handle this right now? Joining workstations to a samba domain.
11:09AM 0 Borland Product Registration
5:10AM 0 server drops out of the network 'hood
12:06AM 1 winbind problem