samba - Apr 2004

Friday April 30 2004
11:27PM 1 UpGraded to 3.0.3-1 from 3.0.2a Wins Installation Problem?
11:22PM 4 My PDC Conversion Project
9:12PM 0 Samba usage statistics
8:22PM 0 Unable to get groupmap to work with LDAP
7:00PM 0 uninstall Samba
6:38PM 0 Message Rejected
6:11PM 1 Authentication issue still exists in 3.0.3
6:06PM 1 Mounting through my ISP works/doesn't work.. Verizon Avenue problems... :-(
5:15PM 1 Administering a Linux domain member in a NT domain, as a "Domain Admin"
4:45PM 1 HOW-TO (mini): Samba in an ADS environment
4:28PM 0 Welcome to MyCoachOnline!
3:51PM 1 problem conpiling snprintf.c
3:49PM 2 NT4 to Samba 3 Migration
2:22PM 1 AIX 5.2 and 3.0.3
1:58PM 0 Swat Authentication Failed!
1:32PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 16, Issue 45
1:27PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 16, Issue 45
10:27AM 2 Remove machine account
10:22AM 3 Admins cannot change folder ownership
9:47AM 5 Can I reconfigure Samba share without restart smb service?
9:25AM 2 Logon script, help please
7:00AM 1 samba issue
6:43AM 5 Windows XP Pro and Samba (file saving)
6:23AM 0 smbd eating 99% CPU usage
2:48AM 1 pam_winbind succeeds but pam_unix fails !
1:01AM 0 Make Errors
Thursday April 29 2004
11:54PM 1 Samba 3.0.3: Still cant change password after KB828741
11:42PM 0 need help building 2.2.8a
8:30PM 0 smbpasswd - Samba and LDAP
7:54PM 0 SMB signing is mandatory: where to enable it?
7:10PM 0 Re: problems accessing samba server from Pocket PC with Windows Mobil e
5:56PM 1 Error: Called name not present ?????
5:31PM 1 --mandir ignored in 3.0.3 configure/make
4:13PM 0 Problems with ACL's on Samba 3.0.3
3:58PM 0 Setting up MS Acces with Samba Question
3:17PM 0 Printing problem! CUPS, XP-pro
1:38PM 1 Cannot sync browser list
1:27PM 2 Samba 3.0.3 Available for Download
1:26PM 1 Problem connecting XP to domain: "...specified domain either does not exist..."
1:05PM 2 Samba 3 PDC + OpenLDAP + Mandrake 10.0
12:54PM 0 REofRE: password change on the domain password server using clienttools
12:47PM 1 User problem (samba, w2k3)
10:31AM 2 performance problem with samba in any version and small files
9:42AM 2 Migration from Windows NT 4.0 -> Samba 3
8:27AM 0 smbstatus problem updated
7:59AM 0 Re: Developement
7:49AM 0 printing with hp 950c
7:15AM 0 Oplock Problem while using JBuilder
6:41AM 1 variable substitution ?
4:04AM 3 Good day!
Wednesday April 28 2004
8:23PM 0 Re: Best QUa1ity and Best PR!CES of -- XX3NICAL__ CI@_LiS__ ULTR@M__ F!0RIC3T__ __ V1AGR0__ TR_AM_AD0L Onl1ne
7:32PM 1 Using mount -t smbfs in /etc/fstab and can't control chmod
6:29PM 1 Domain members list
6:03PM 2 The Ultimate Migration
5:21PM 1 WinXP client can't browse list for the domain it joined
4:09PM 1 can't get into home dir share (username stuck on "guest")
3:45PM 0 RE: winbind/wbinfo not pulling info from W2K AD PDC
3:40PM 0 a matter with winbackup
3:23PM 1 Bug report 3.0.2a; INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in smbd; PANIC: internal error
3:09PM 0 RE: winbind/wbinfo not pulling info from W2K AD PDC
2:58PM 1 page count logging samba/cups
2:44PM 0 BitDefender found an infected object
2:25PM 0 allowing everyone to view shares
2:12PM 0 Winbind AIX
2:00PM 0 nttrans.c
1:53PM 0 Join NT Domain and Samba Netbios Name problem
1:43PM 0 Enventid 3224: Errors in chaning machine password. (& eventid 3210)
1:06PM 0 Want to get users with a samba3 domain member from a 2000 AD server ...
12:31PM 1 Autoreply: Protected message
10:53AM 0 FW: Re: md5 fail on large file
9:30AM 0 password change on the domain password server using client tools
7:32AM 1 Windows printer drivers and Samba
6:33AM 0 ssl support compile and windows support
5:12AM 1 TDBsam PDC and BDC
2:46AM 1 Using Swat - Could not connect to host localhost (port 901) error!
2:01AM 3 Is windbindd necessary?
12:51AM 0 smbstatus problem
Tuesday April 27 2004
11:56PM 1 (no subject)
11:38PM 1 Samba-3 HOWTO and ref. guide - need clarification please - printing chapter
7:36PM 0 problem with secondary groups and OpenLDAP or Multiple ou's
7:01PM 0 Can't access shares from Windows Clients (Win2003 AD & Samba3 as Member Server)
7:00PM 2 Problems with Samba 3 and XP Roaming Profiles
6:21PM 1 One Winbind process goes defunct, the other eats memory
5:17PM 0 Trouble with winbind + samba and NT trusts
5:12PM 0 Performance: Samba 3 vs. Windows 2003
4:52PM 0 Samba 3 vs. Windows 2003
4:20PM 0 Join Ascential and DM Review for a Web Seminar
4:14PM 1 Password changes to /etc/passwd, but not smbpasswd
3:48PM 1 Time server
3:36PM 0 XP Slow Downloading files
3:32PM 0 Possibly a bug: Slow get on localhost
3:26PM 1 W2K Server cant find DC
3:04PM 2 humble plea - once more
2:49PM 1 xp profiles and samba 3.0
2:45PM 0 Issues with 3.02a
2:38PM 0 printing problems with 3.0.1
2:36PM 0 Let's be together in the fight for life!
1:55PM 0 Auto-Respond E-Mail from
12:51PM 1 Problem with CVS prune on samba shares?
12:31PM 0 Linux user can browse Windows 98/NT machines but Vice Versa not possible.
12:26PM 1 getent shows only local information
10:26AM 3 Making shares invisible to unauthorized users
10:01AM 2 build problem on SuSE SLES 8 SP3 (s390) - struct statfs redefinition?
9:53AM 0 Build problem on s390 - dynconfig.o
9:34AM 1 Winbind and useradd problem on wide network.
8:57AM 1 Enventid 3224: Errors in chaning machine password.
8:37AM 0 User passwords expires...
6:40AM 0 Problem with Filenames
2:40AM 1 warnings when running configure for samba3.0.2a on FreeBSD 5.2.1 Release
Monday April 26 2004
10:54PM 0 build flags & profile migration
9:57PM 3 Workaround found, .Xauthority and SMB, Mounting home directory
8:59PM 1 Can't get SWAT to work...
7:36PM 0 3454 Abends when transferring files to Mapped Samba Drive
7:22PM 0 Message ("The distribution of your message dated Mon, 26...")
6:16PM 4 Yet Another LDAP Question
4:06PM 0 Usermapping with 3.0.3pre2
3:16PM 1 Winbind issues
2:59PM 1 should I use idmap?
2:29PM 1 Printing problem, only XP-PRO
2:12PM 4 Is it possible to store XP Profiles on Samba 3.0.2 ?
1:38PM 0 Samba 3 PDC+LDAP questions
1:06PM 0 missing files with linux CIFS client, smbclient OK
12:33PM 0 Can't add Win2k machine to Samba domain (PDC+LDAP)
9:42AM 0 Samba 3 in ADS
8:38AM 0 member server is not resolving usernames anymore
8:36AM 0 Réf. : Machine Accounts in Samba3 and OpenLDAP
8:17AM 0 Machine Accounts in Samba3 and OpenLDAP
7:11AM 2 Printing in 3.0.1
3:16AM 0 Re:[Possible virus] - Mail Delivery (failure
12:01AM 0 Samba 3.02a and swat
Sunday April 25 2004
11:43PM 0 Trying to get a better understanding of group mapping
10:58PM 1 userpassword -> ntPassword conversion
10:27PM 3 Migration succesful , but can't add machine to domain
8:46PM 0 beeweeb file server, Comments? (Somewhat off topic)
6:33PM 0 RE: Re: Your website (verification)
6:23PM 0 Re: Re: Trying to configure a SAMBA 3 PDC with OpenLDAP - a fix coming anytime soon?
4:08PM 0 Continuing --> Problem : Samba 3.0.2a with win2000
2:13PM 1 Problem : Samba 3.0.2a as PDC with Win2000 Pro
8:34AM 0 Weah, hello! :-)
1:15AM 0 Re: Delivery (
1:01AM 0 swat
Saturday April 24 2004
11:12PM 0 log level in 'man smb.conf'
9:03PM 0 samba-3.0.2a hpux libnss_winbind
8:38PM 2 Unable to browse workgroup, shares otherwise accessible
6:57PM 0 Directory administrator with support for Samba v3 + Domain special groups
4:35PM 1 smbldap: odd ownership of un-tarred files
1:07PM 4 It works before, but now? NT_STATUS_ACCES_DENIED
12:58PM 2 3.0 PDC Cannot find root user
10:15AM 0 Gondermis oldugunuz bir mailde W32.Netsky.B@mm virusu tespit edildi.
6:38AM 3 samba 3.0.2a dos access problem null password
6:23AM 0 Windows password longer than 8 char
2:31AM 1 Does the PDC needs a "Machine Account" in its domain ?
12:22AM 1 Error loading profiles -- Samba 3.02a & LDAP
12:08AM 0 Samba3, LDAP and FreeBSD 4.8 : need for NSS ?
Friday April 23 2004
9:17PM 1 secrets.tdb and IDS
8:28PM 0 health
7:47PM 1 Issues with Samba 3.0.2 on OSX using ADS.
6:53PM 1 Help! - need to Start multiple samba smbd/nmbd daemons
5:26PM 1 Viewing Properties of file marks it Read-Only?
3:23PM 0 Samba Network error
3:18PM 3 mod_ntlm_winbind
3:00PM 0 RES: RES: Problems with ntlm_auth --helper-protocol=squid -2.5- ntlmssp
1:52PM 1 Domain Admin Group privaleges
1:22PM 0 Virus encontrado em mensagem enviada "Re: Administration"
1:00PM 4 Share problems with NT4 and Samba 3.0.2
12:42PM 3 login to samba3 PDC and problem with novell netware client
12:38PM 0 2 samba network response issues
12:37PM 1 RES: Problems with ntlm_auth --helper-protocol=squid-2.5- ntlmssp
12:32PM 0 A strange problem
11:29AM 0 Problems with ntlm_auth
11:22AM 0 Eric Allman has changed jobs
11:21AM 0 Microsoft Active Directory Connectivity
11:15AM 1 maximum share size?
11:00AM 2 create_canon_ace_lists: unable to map SID
10:36AM 0 Print Sharing Problem
10:06AM 1 Samba-3 by Example
9:56AM 1 nt_status_no_trust_sam_account
8:27AM 2 Memory leak in Samba with APW printing configuration ?
8:16AM 0 Problem of impresion on samba
7:42AM 0 migrating froma win2k PDC server to samba
7:27AM 0 winbind tdb migration to ldap
7:13AM 6 Windows 2003 Active Directory and Group Access
4:22AM 0 Samba, interested in buying lowrate high-quality medication?
1:22AM 1 Samba as a Domain Member without using "net join" - is this possible ?
1:17AM 0 Windows XP changes IP of Samba to outside port!
12:56AM 0 Thur 3.04% Even lower y
Thursday April 22 2004
9:03PM 0 Samba + cups + load balancing
8:53PM 2 Application accesing file on samba sharing
8:39PM 7 lib/util.c:smb_panic yp_get_default_domain Samba 3.0.2a
7:51PM 1 Problems with ntlm_auth --helper-protocol=squid-2.5-ntlmssp
7:45PM 1 deny unix login
6:53PM 1 cvs dead?
6:16PM 1 a running smb.conf as PDC for windows XP clients
5:54PM 1 printing without server side drivers
5:48PM 0 Tested: W2000 Hotfix (Q818528) with Terminal Server and Samba
5:19PM 0 Auto driver download, only sometimes
5:15PM 0 Moving samba domain to a new server - question
5:10PM 1 samba3-ldap cannot add win2k/XP workstations
4:57PM 0 Printing, cups, w2k, Runtime error
4:50PM 0 Watch Out, Ur Girl Will Dump U aurally
3:13PM 2 winbind talking to backup ADS server
2:46PM 0 join domain and add machine script - phenomenon :-(
2:35PM 0 Join Sun, Hyperion and DM Review for a Web Seminar
2:03PM 0 Samba 3 with multiple DNS domains
1:42PM 2 password change, domain not available
1:12PM 0 Member server with LDAP backend?
1:10PM 0 lots of (invalid???) printer errors in the messages file
12:32PM 3 password change, domain not availeable
12:11PM 0 internal error occurs while domain users try to access file servers
11:25AM 2 Joining WinXP to Samba domain
10:04AM 1 Samba 3.0.2a problems on Solaris 8
9:41AM 1 How can I set a user's password to expire in samba 2.2.3a
9:12AM 1 SAMBA and NAT ip
7:07AM 0 MailMarshal has blocked your message
6:54AM 0 PocketPC 2003 taking samba file share?
6:40AM 0 Samba and Intel Printserver problem
4:30AM 0 The Great Disappearing Samba Share
1:44AM 0 ls/dir sambaclient output
Wednesday April 21 2004
11:46PM 1 access linux samba box with winxp firewall enabled
11:41PM 0 hfghj
10:10PM 1 Symlinks and roaming profiles
9:28PM 0 fake-kaserver help
8:50PM 1 Problem joining 3.0.2a to W2k AD
7:42PM 1 Macro Substitutions Printing . . .
7:31PM 3 locking files error
7:21PM 2 help with smbmount and permissions
6:56PM 1 SMB signing problem with Windows 2003 ?
4:24PM 2 Execute command as windows administrator
4:08PM 0 Linksys blue boxes dhcp and name resolution
4:02PM 0 Winbind and its log message
3:31PM 1 Foxpro for DOS and Samba
3:01PM 0 bolometer
2:55PM 0 Passwords expiring on 2.2.8a
2:41PM 1 AD and home directory on Linux
1:56PM 0 How to set permissions to mount share?
1:32PM 0 Trovato virus nel messaggio "documento"
1:23PM 1 temporarily down due to server migration
1:22PM 1 Print job progress with cups?
12:52PM 2 Could you install Exchange on a Samba PDC's network?
11:47AM 1 ISMSS DomISRelay-ATS( has deleted a message. (D & N)
6:14AM 0 SWAT connecting to wrong IP
4:01AM 0 print to windows client's print dialog box?
3:53AM 2 WinXP failed to join samba PDC
3:29AM 0 net join fails (No such Object ?)
2:47AM 0 Incorrect function error with Win XP client
1:47AM 2 Samba 3.0.3rc1 available for download
Tuesday April 20 2004
11:54PM 1 How to re-introduce a Samba server into a Win/NT domain?
11:21PM 0 samba locking problem
11:20PM 0 SAMBA 3.0.2 printing problem
11:18PM 0 SID versus user-group name in Property windows
11:16PM 1 Samba 3.0.2a - Erroneously rejects NTLMv2 but accepts NTLM
10:00PM 0 Winbindd can't load Idmap OU with SID-uid mappings
9:45PM 1 group name with space
8:58PM 0 Automounter issues on Samba Server
8:56PM 3 which print tool: CUPS vs BSD?
8:40PM 0 Socket Errors
8:38PM 3 Sambe max file size on RH9
8:31PM 0 Winbind and Trusted Domain User
7:08PM 2 Samba and W2K AD
6:26PM 2 Samba acting as BDC for a windows 2003 Domain
5:30PM 2 Upgrade & directory permissions
4:50PM 1 Windows Client-side Caching Issue
4:26PM 2 WINS question
4:22PM 1 Dumb Point 'n Shoot Printer Driver Question
4:21PM 1 Machine trust account confusion
4:20PM 2 printer server
3:07PM 1 Net-BIOS Name Parameter in smb.conf...
3:01PM 0 Re: Important m$6h?3p
2:40PM 3 Panic in Samba 3.0.3Pre2
2:28PM 1 Latest windows patches have screwed up samba
2:18PM 1 [ntdom] Domain User to Local Admins
2:03PM 0 Reiser4 and ACLs?
1:52PM 2 Samba 3 problem with users not being able to log on from some machines but they can logon from others
1:33PM 0 Samba 2.2.7a to Samba 3.0.2a
12:05PM 1 RES: Samba 3.0.2a with ADS w2k3 Active Directory, enctype s
10:24AM 1 LDAP Q: What for use Containers
10:16AM 0 Vijay - samba profile copy error.
9:39AM 0 Ugrade from 2.2.8a to 3.0.2a fails with "PANIC: internal error"
8:00AM 1 Drop User from Samba
7:55AM 1 directory permissions & smb.conf
6:30AM 0 Auto-reply
6:27AM 1 AD<->Linux: Thoughts
2:11AM 1 Samba 2.2.7 and Windows XP
1:46AM 1 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11
12:19AM 0 printer sahre not prining from win2k...
Monday April 19 2004
11:14PM 1 Samba + pdb_mysql - password hashes disappearing?
10:00PM 2 Windows 2003 Server and Active Directory
9:48PM 3 Sync UNIX and SMB users
9:09PM 0 RES: squid authentication to samba 3
8:14PM 6 cannot change user password with CTRL-ALT-DEL
8:09PM 1 Network Card
8:09PM 0 Win98 computer is logged in as john Doe.
7:48PM 1 Version 3.0.2a and Windows XP Problem
7:06PM 0 net join error
6:38PM 0 can't copy files into one's own read-only directory
6:16PM 0 Capturing Printer ports under Windows 2000
5:53PM 0 (no subject)
5:16PM 0 Samba + FreeBSD...WINS server question
4:41PM 0 printers
4:40PM 2 Directory listing with 11k files very slow to list
4:17PM 0 Problems w/long file access times (samba2.2.5 & WinXP pro) (fwd)
3:47PM 0 LDAP passwords not working after upgrading to Samba 3
3:22PM 0 error messsage was: Named pipe not available
3:04PM 1 Problem with SWAT on MacOS X 10.3.3 server
3:00PM 2 Samba+Kerberos+OpenAFS
2:15PM 1 Migrate Samba accounts to LDAP
1:31PM 0 samba3-ldap and "unix password sync"
12:44PM 3 Premission
12:29PM 1 Slow Directory listing for large number of files
11:59AM 1 Samba 3.0.2a with ADS w2k3 Active Directory, enctypes
11:34AM 0 NT4 -> samba 3.0.2, tdbsam
11:19AM 0 Smbd won't start
11:01AM 0 samba forgetting printers
9:28AM 0 libsmbclient vs. C++
8:38AM 1 Migrate Samba 3.0x tdb to Samba-3.0.2a ldapsam
8:01AM 1 Printers permissions
5:19AM 0 XP browse list????
4:56AM 0 Re: Re: Here is the document
3:08AM 0 smbclient puking out on resolve_hosts
Sunday April 18 2004
10:07PM 1 Unlocking Accounts
8:11PM 0 Create file hook
7:13PM 0 setting up a file server in AD 2000 domain
7:09PM 2 You do not have permission to change your password
3:23PM 0 Problem with Linux clients of Samba member server in Active Directory environment
3:11PM 0 samba 3.0.2a and suse 9.0
8:08AM 0 Mounting SMB shares on SGI IRIX
8:03AM 0 connection from DOS
6:34AM 0 Fedora, Cups, print$, and Windows XP - Oh my :) Round 2 - FIGHT
5:51AM 1 Incorrect permissions on mount despite correct options
5:37AM 1 No local SID -- net getlocalsid fails
3:34AM 2 Changing the List-ID twice in short order == Bad.
1:56AM 1 Samba 3.0.3pre2 & MySQL compilation problem
Saturday April 17 2004
10:26PM 0 netlogon runas Administrator problem solved
6:22PM 1 Bug in "force group" parameter, or group membership checking?
3:50PM 1 windows permissions
3:10PM 0 worrying about profile-integrety (Folder redirection)
8:56AM 3 Couldnot open MS power point from Samba share
8:56AM 0 printer settings not sticking
3:52AM 0 Votre demande [uid]d8f139961f729e6d6cb6e140a03b2170[/uid]
2:39AM 1 Merely Opening Excel Files Increments Last-Modification date on Samba Shares
2:29AM 1 about Samba 3.0.2a on FreeBSD5.2.1 Release
Friday April 16 2004
11:02PM 0 Microsoft restores MultipleUsersOnConnection registry entry for Windows 2000 Terminal servers
10:52PM 2 How to get XP to show its browse list?
8:52PM 0 Re: My details
8:39PM 1 smbfs linux 2.4.24; connection loss causes total machine hang
8:36PM 1 Another domain browse problem
8:13PM 1 Minimum ldap config
8:07PM 1 Problems with NT passwords using Samba3 and LDAP
8:02PM 1 Why (&(objectClass=sambaDomain)(sambaDomainName=SARDINE))?
6:01PM 0 Strange authentication problem - Samba 3.0.2a
2:19PM 1 Default Printer in Microsoft Access XP
12:45PM 2 Poor perfomance Samba 3.0 + DBF/PX
12:29PM 0 authentication problems from windows domain controller
11:41AM 0 Samba3.xx -Stand alone on Solaris 8 machines: XP-Clientsin an Act iveDirectory Domain cannot connect the shares
8:41AM 1 File Sharing(Write Accress) Across WANS
1:15AM 1 How do I add accounts when using ldap authentication?
12:18AM 0 'homes' inaccessable, but the 'auto' named home is
Thursday April 15 2004
9:41PM 0 upgrade single pdc from samba 3.0-alpha21 with ldapsam to samba pdc 3.0.2a with tdbsam?
7:20PM 0 Restricting Access To a Workstation
6:33PM 1 having probelms with installation from source
5:17PM 1 CATIA V5 & SAMBA Problem
4:07PM 0 Unable to change password
1:17PM 0 How to reduce the memory used by Samba and its connection ?
1:03PM 0 ignore
11:54AM 1 WINS not updating after swapping network connections
10:56AM 0 check_oem_password: incorrect password length
10:52AM 0 Problem setting Group Permissions on Files
10:31AM 0 samba-2 + openldap = can't contact ldap server
10:25AM 2 Upgraded to 3.0.2a but...
9:44AM 1 smbfs wrong file size
9:06AM 0 Printing accounting for LPB 2000
8:22AM 1 3.0.3pre2 Unable to lookup user names for display
8:01AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Invisible samba server]
7:24AM 0 Strange message while trying to change pass from windows XP
1:18AM 1 Samba misconfig... (long)
Wednesday April 14 2004
11:11PM 1 Unexpected results with DOS COPY command and Samba 3.0.2
11:06PM 0 HELP: Permissions in Samba 3.0.2
9:07PM 1 Big problem with the latest hotfix for win2k in comb. with a samba 3.0.2a PDC
9:07PM 0 mutihomed samba server breaks samba
8:58PM 0 Samba Administrator E-zine
6:40PM 7 XP Client cannot join Samba3 PDC
6:37PM 1 Samba 3.0.3pre1 - Linux 2.6.4 Freeze
6:30PM 0 protection fault after installing printer driver
5:36PM 2 Setting up Point 'n' Print
4:37PM 0 APW Permissions Issue
3:46PM 0 lmhosts issue with loopback address
3:29PM 0 Issues joining AD Domain
2:56PM 0 Authentication problem using format
2:51PM 3 OpenLDAP,heimdal kerberos,sasl, wich order?
2:31PM 1 Samba/Cracklib Documentation?
2:01PM 1 "A device attached to the system is not functioning"
1:21PM 0 tdbsam how to?
12:44PM 0 Specific user accounts not available to getent command
11:54AM 2 Add printer wizard (XP)
11:40AM 2 samba with sun's ldap
11:38AM 1 Samba3 Schema
9:41AM 5 Samba 3.0.2a and ADS w2k3 Kerberos authentication problem
9:11AM 0 migrate winbind tdb to ldap
8:08AM 1 samba-latest and tdbsam - unable to logon to domain?
8:03AM 1 Unable to change password from winXP
7:48AM 1 Invisible samba server
4:55AM 0 unable to open file /etc/samba/smbpasswd. Error was Permission denied
3:44AM 2 How to hide shares for users that have no rights
12:33AM 2 samba on distro...
Tuesday April 13 2004
11:50PM 0 Cannot get to Add Printer Wizard
11:47PM 1 authenticating to an NTLM proxy from a Linux http cli ent
10:59PM 0 Samba 3.0.3 on FreeBSD 5.2.1 not listing users or allowing user access without a unix account
8:53PM 1 PANIC: internal error (lib/fault.c:fault_report)
8:40PM 1 Charset problem
8:12PM 0 Semi-OT: MacOS X SMB Homedirectories...
7:28PM 1 wbinfo -a is failing
7:21PM 0 Samba & policy file
7:15PM 0 sid to uid/gid conversion problem
7:12PM 1 Hostname-Lookup
6:44PM 0 Geac and DM Review Invite You to a Web Seminar
6:41PM 1 Your message to seminar has been rejected
6:05PM 2 invalid slot with smbfs
5:25PM 0 Samba v3 errors
5:21PM 0 couldn't find service ?!
4:10PM 0 Remote Samba Servers Timming Out....
1:46PM 0 Samba 3, openldap, follow symlinks doesn't work
1:06PM 0 Re: Long Directory Names and DOS
1:02PM 1 How to activate DCE/DFS for SAMBA?
12:59PM 1 Samba & Outlook Express
12:43PM 1 solving samba error
11:03AM 0 AW: Unable to delete folders in samba shares-SOLVED
9:32AM 1 How to install HP PSC 2410 into SAMBA
6:36AM 1 %20Re:%20samba%203.0%20vfs%20module%20problem
4:38AM 2 Possible security issue with Samba 3.02 and MySQL database
4:06AM 1 Case-sensitivity problems with smbmount on linux
3:25AM 1 net groupmap list showing domain groups 3-4 times
2:56AM 0 v3.0.2a: can't login into domain after switching to pdb_mysql
2:05AM 6 NUA + MYSQL?
12:29AM 0 for suse 9.0
Monday April 12 2004
11:07PM 0 [OS X] OD authentication issue?
10:41PM 0 Samba 3.02a & OpenLDAP Howto's
9:09PM 0 Help Joining and NT domain
8:00PM 0 Re: hi
7:41PM 0 fileshare creation method
7:32PM 2 Error Looking up domain users
7:10PM 4 Restricting printer views
7:04PM 0 3.0.2a configure WARNINGS on AIX 5.1 ML5
7:00PM 0 Computer Accounts in Samba 3.0.2a
6:32PM 1 Samba / Ldap Password Issues - bump ;-)
6:21PM 0 Security patches for Samba 2.2.x
5:38PM 0 Windows briefcase on samba share
3:33PM 1 Initial samba + ldap howto
3:27PM 1 secret.tdb copied from server to server
3:01PM 0 DOS Long Directory names?
2:40PM 0 BUG REPORT: Samba 2.2.8a
2:22PM 0 Windows 2003 problem
1:33PM 0 Problem with Samba 2.2.8a-107 on SuSE 9.0 and 8.3 filenames
12:59PM 0 Password must change - 10 days
12:33PM 5 Getting information from a SMB service
10:28AM 3 NT4 PDC->Samba 3.0.2 PDC
5:19AM 0 Microsoft Windows Offline Folders headaches
Sunday April 11 2004
11:49PM 0 Re: Your text
9:19PM 0 3.0.3pre2 build error on Irix
6:55PM 0 Samba 3.0.2a and smbfs (2.4.21) sometimes missing files (CRITICAL BUG)
6:40PM 3 Samba 3 net user syntax
3:04PM 0 netlogon, logonscript halts on error
2:52PM 4 Getting stats for logged in domain users?
1:49PM 0 Have You Got Intouch With.........
10:59AM 1 How to add a group to samba + ldap
3:44AM 0 XP Clients, Netbios aliases and msdfs
1:52AM 0 Changing Windows Password
Saturday April 10 2004
9:49PM 0 Names containing accentuated characters
9:21PM 1 samba 3.0.x / roaming profiles / NT MD4 problems
8:56PM 2 Samba + Domino LDAP
6:47PM 1 Machine account found and not found in 3.0.2
2:54PM 1 PDC + Win XP client + Policy file
1:44PM 0 smba + ldap net command how to
11:20AM 1 SID differs for "net getlocalsid" and "net rpc info"
10:10AM 3 Kerberos and Samba
7:58AM 0 smbclient not working with "-N" option, but OK with "-U" option
2:15AM 0 BDC problem
Friday April 9 2004
11:26PM 1 samba3 to Win 2003, signing mandatory but disabled?
9:50PM 0 SUMMARY: samba basic setup
9:34PM 0 smbd functional details
7:51PM 1 Urgent help setting up and configuring samba on windows network
6:53PM 0 Help!
6:15PM 2 Primary Group == Windows-Group?
6:09PM 0 Windows Mobile 2003
6:06PM 0 samba basic setup
4:19PM 0 Connecting to PDC via XP Pro Issues
1:22PM 0 samba-pam authentication
1:10PM 1 md5 fail on large file
12:10PM 0 Antw: samba Digest, Vol 16, Issue 13
12:09PM 0 Samba 3.0.2 + uClibc 0.9.19 + MIPS32 = NOGO!
11:26AM 0 samba could not fetch trust account password for domain
9:30AM 3 Help ! Logon script doesn't work on XP
7:32AM 0 Need advice on smbldap-paswd "I/O Error" when normal user want to change passwd
7:27AM 1 where do i get the pwdump.exe program?
6:56AM 0 Virus Alert
6:11AM 0 why do occur seg-fault at uicode_to_unix_char() - using remote_change_password function???
6:02AM 0 Samba error message
6:01AM 0 Incorrect permission of mount despite correct options
3:35AM 3 Samba Shares and Win32 Viruses
Thursday April 8 2004
8:00PM 1 IPv6 support in Samba 3.0.2
6:31PM 0 getpeername/server crash problem
6:11PM 0 permissions to add samba to domain
5:40PM 0 Setting up Linux and ADS
2:31PM 0 Error building Samba 3.0.2a
2:21PM 1 LDAP violation ?
2:09PM 0 Object class violation
1:46PM 0 Some basic questions about accessing DFS/DCE shares with SAMBA 3.0
11:02AM 0 (no subject)
11:01AM 0 Samba problem
10:38AM 0 Problem adding computer to domain
10:15AM 0 Internal Error and Panic in smbd samba-3.0.2a
10:03AM 1 Accent with winbind and pam_mkhomedir
8:04AM 3 Deleting of Desktop Icons
3:40AM 0 Virus détecté dans ce message : Re: Info
2:14AM 1 printing dead
12:24AM 0 Weekend Suggestions (Plus Complimentary Video) from
12:02AM 0 Can not leave active directory domain (Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 3.0 server)
Wednesday April 7 2004
11:38PM 2 SOLVED: Roaming profiles not updating XP
11:11PM 0 Virus détecté dans ce message : Homepage
10:06PM 1 Samba / Ldap Password Issues
9:03PM 1 AW: Unable to delete folders in samba shares
9:02PM 3 ACL group permissions only work on primary group
8:13PM 0 inconsistence behavior concerning security
7:36PM 0 wbinfo -t failing
7:27PM 3 Samba-3 charsets
6:39PM 0 Undeliverable: Hi
5:54PM 1 File Locking problem
5:45PM 0 wbinfo and usernames with apostrophes - bug?
5:41PM 0 Virus détecté dans ce message : Improved file
4:56PM 1 Samba 3.0.2+ldap, user manager for domains problem
3:28PM 1 Re: specified network name no more available
1:22PM 1 changed email adress
1:07PM 1 3.0.2a Windows XP can't find homes
1:06PM 0 win 2003 server authentication
1:01PM 0 3.0.2a - homes occasionally missing
12:24PM 0 Connecting NT4 USers to a Sun Machine running Samba
11:51AM 0 Mounting using normal user
11:06AM 4 Urgent Help Please
10:30AM 1 directory "nobody"
10:24AM 1 sincronize browse problem
10:21AM 0 samba-1.9.01 on MIPS32
9:22AM 0 Account Lockout Samba 3
9:22AM 0 Printing problem, CUPS
9:17AM 0 Strange Problem
8:17AM 0 domain member in Windows 2000 domain
7:31AM 0 account for "print command"
7:14AM 0 Samba 3.0.2 as dfsroot - does it work ?
6:19AM 0 Rejection: A message you sent was rejected.
5:25AM 0 smbusers and smbpasswd
5:22AM 1 smbclient - NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
4:48AM 0 Undeliverable: Re: List
12:00AM 1 net join domain but nothing happens
Tuesday April 6 2004
10:17PM 0 Version 3.0.2a and Windows XP
9:35PM 1 "Samba-3 by Example" now available
9:14PM 0 SAMBA server problem
9:11PM 0 help? Mac OSX vs 2003 win server clash
8:03PM 0 A message you sent contained a Virus
7:21PM 0 smbstatus error
6:56PM 0 building samba2.2.8a on HPUX10.20
5:35PM 0 Resources forks 'dot underscore' files locked indefinitely from MacOSX clients
5:02PM 0 Can User Manager for Domains be used without logging in as root on Samba 3?
4:29PM 1 OS 10.3.3 client File saving problems
2:30PM 1 REALM???
2:09PM 1 not force-user'ing while printing?
12:32PM 0 [3.0.X] Interdomain Trust (Windows+Samba), limit "Domain Admins" to its own domain?
12:32PM 3 Samba-3 openldap gssapi auth to kerberos
11:10AM 0 vfs module load
10:41AM 0 I've got
10:36AM 0 Win2000 does not update file date/time
10:09AM 0 Give access to hosts outside the user domain
9:57AM 0 Error make_server_info_info3: pdb_init_sam failed!
9:53AM 1 Your mail to
8:51AM 0 Unable to log into a workgroup share after saving password in XP
8:42AM 1 ls and getfacl hanging with nt authentication
7:58AM 0 (no subject)
7:29AM 0 Samba (2.2.8a or 3.0.2a) + WinXP not updating roamingprofiles on logout
6:38AM 0 ACHTUNG! Sie haben eine mit einem Virus infizierte Mail verschickt.
6:32AM 3 Samba (2.2.8a or 3.0.2a) + WinXP not updating roaming profiles on logout
5:23AM 3 samba pam kerberos
5:01AM 0 Cannot umount as user
4:18AM 0 how could i know when accounts logoff
3:36AM 0 Browsing a domain under a samba PDC
1:42AM 1 (CAN ANYONE READ THIS ?) Samba2.2.8a and TOUCH option in recycle.conf ??
1:18AM 0 Fw: Error returning browse list: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
Monday April 5 2004
11:41PM 0 Register Name with nmbd fails after network move
9:13PM 0 No My Network Places or Net Neighborbood Icons, & /tmp log entries
8:02PM 0 Creating Shares from Windows Management Console
7:38PM 0 Active Directory Problem
6:48PM 0 Samba 3 fake-kaserver keytab
6:47PM 1 Accessing samba machine with IP address but not with fqdn/hostnam e
5:54PM 1 Two major issues with Mac OS X clients
5:52PM 0 IIS Virtual Directories and SAMBA
5:14PM 0 Problem managing user accounts by usermgr
5:10PM 0 Very strange XP behaviour
4:59PM 0 smbclient and hidden share
4:26PM 1 WINS Caching Error?
4:24PM 5 Samba 3.0.3pre2 Available for Download
4:21PM 2 NT/ADS and UNIX user convergence using Samba
3:54PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Need Samba 3.0.0 help] More info...
3:16PM 2 winbind fails
2:45PM 0 Cups printers. Won't print first page! sometimes not atall.
2:06PM 1 Win2k Clients cant connect to Samba 2.2.8
1:18PM 1 Samba and SMB Signing.
12:56PM 1 Automatic SAMBA user creation from UNIX
12:46PM 0 SAMBA UNIX and Windows Permissions with winbindd
12:45PM 0 Samba can't be a Domain Member of a Windows 2003 Network ?
12:26PM 0 How to print from Linux to printer connected to WIn98
12:11PM 0 how to create a computer account
11:57AM 1 HELP : VFS audit module...
10:47AM 2 special chars in windows filenames
10:20AM 0 samba3 PDC machine trust acount changes to user-account
10:18AM 0 guest account parameter in service section
9:57AM 2 smbldap_tools
9:48AM 1 Samba disbales accounts
9:02AM 0 another "Failed to verify incoming ticket"
8:13AM 1 winbind stops authenticating until a restart.
7:47AM 1 Samba 3.0.x and Netapp filers
7:46AM 1 Why samba-3.0.2 give me this error message?
6:50AM 0 Samba: kein Schreibzugriff unter Windows 2000, nur unter Win 98
6:15AM 1 Possible SMBd Remote File Creation Vulnerability again?
5:55AM 2 Samba, Mac and IBM Midrange
4:35AM 1 Force Create Mode & Unix Group Permissions
1:24AM 3 Samba and Multiple NICs
12:58AM 0 "DNS name does not exist" when joining Samba PDC domain
Sunday April 4 2004
10:55PM 0 smbumount: You are not allowed to umount
6:28PM 0 how to make umask changes permanent
3:41PM 1 Mail Delivery Failure
1:58PM 0 samba printers with cups
9:11AM 1 IPC$ ?
8:26AM 0 number of logons in the samba
6:12AM 0 Auto Response - RE: Re: Extended Mail [pfCase:62477, pfTicket:2079884]
Saturday April 3 2004
10:02PM 2 enabling ACL support on Red Hat 8
9:25PM 0 FW: How to share WIN partitions from SAMBA (Dual boot) Srv to WIN clients?
8:33PM 1 Domain Administrators Not Recognized in Samba3
4:31PM 0 Error returning browse list: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
3:24PM 0 Virus found in a message with your reply address
1:03PM 1 oplock windows XP client
7:20AM 0 automatic convertion Unix to Dos files.txt
3:43AM 2 USRMGR.EXE, passwd sync and failed user addition
Friday April 2 2004
8:26PM 0 Problem between Samba and Windows XP
7:57PM 1 winbind uid range missing or invalid
7:17PM 0 RE: ACI appraisal program "freezes" when accessing SAMBA shares
6:57PM 0 directory listing problem
4:44PM 0 strange entries in /var/log/samba.%m
4:26PM 0 Samba-Howto-Collection Question on page 373
4:19PM 2 samba eating to much of servers resources
3:56PM 0 Moving to a New Domain
3:56PM 0 MSDOS Client very slow with writing
3:47PM 0 Logon scripts
3:23PM 2 GROUPMAP data in LDAP?
3:12PM 1 why "xcopy /d" doesn't work
2:44PM 0 Samba Release 3.0.1 group enumeration
2:25PM 0 smbmount, winbind and autofs
1:53PM 0 howtos about samba-3 ldap kerberos?
1:07PM 0 Samba as NAS (Serving Win+Linux)
12:39PM 1 Group mapping: several unix groups to one Windows group?
12:19PM 0 new user SAMBA password question
12:16PM 0 new user password question
11:13AM 1 how to get logon.bat run with Administrator rights in domain logons?
10:38AM 0 =?iso-2022-jp?b?GyRCJSYlJCVrJTk3WTlwGyhCIC0gSW50ZXJTY2Fu?= =?iso-2022-jp?b?IGZvciBMb3R1cyBOb3RlcyAtLT4gRGVsaXZlcnkgRXJyb3IgKHlhc3Vo?= =?iso-2022-jp?b?aXRveWFtYWd1Y2hpQG1haWwubnNnLmNvLmpwKQ==?=
7:46AM 8 Windows 2003 domain logon
7:31AM 1 winbind + PC-NetLink
7:18AM 0 help on account control
6:19AM 1 How to share WIN partitions from SAMBA (Dual boot) Srvrto WIN clients?
6:06AM 0 Samba2.2.8a and TOUCH option in recycle.conf ??
3:37AM 0 Samba Active Directory Restart
1:57AM 2 Erratic behavior when Windows XP clients attempt to login to PDC
1:03AM 1 unix2dos automatic convertion
12:54AM 0 Samba and Lantastic
Thursday April 1 2004
11:41PM 0 winbindd help..
10:55PM 1 samba and windows
10:20PM 3 How to share WIN partitions from SAMBA (Dual boot) Srvr to WIN clients?
7:05PM 1 PDC migration from samba-tng to samba 3
5:26PM 0 Printing Changes from 2.2.8a to 3.0
5:03PM 1 Mounting a windows 2003 share
5:00PM 0 running in domain
4:17PM 2 Samba 3.0.2a printing to Laserjet5 from access 2002 or higher
4:11PM 0 Possible to add domain user accounts to a local linux group on samba-3 domain member server?
2:54PM 3 Samba as remote file share
2:53PM 2 Update Samba - Build RPM or install it over existing version?
2:47PM 1 smbd process
2:41PM 0 smbmount : how to set timeout on connection
2:24PM 0 I had a bad dream
2:03PM 1 One samba, two interfaces
1:59PM 1 NT4 / 3.0.3pre1 access denied
12:56PM 0 Samba 3 and clients "loosing" home folders
12:19PM 1 using cupsaddsmb with W98
10:50AM 0 Unable to delete folders in samba shares
9:43AM 1 Howto join Samba-3.0.2a server to a ldapv3
9:28AM 2 Samba and Win viruses
8:09AM 0 Samba access
8:01AM 1 Samba no access
6:47AM 0 Samba 3.0.0/2a fails on W2k/98 side, perfect with smbclient
4:46AM 0 [MSM.RU #36082] : Re: approved application
3:56AM 0 Do you want to reload the file...
2:11AM 0 [Fwd: Printing issue in Samba]
1:07AM 3 Redhat AS 3
12:29AM 1 samba oplocks ...