samba - Jun 2004

Wednesday June 30 2004
11:47PM 0 Valid Characters in Printer Names?
9:26PM 1 locks on read-only files from windows share?
8:44PM 1 Drive mappings timing out in XP
7:30PM 0 Samba print spool problem
6:47PM 0 Interesting Behavior
6:09PM 0 Can't connect to Samba server
5:51PM 1 NMBD will not start...
5:10PM 0 RE: Test [Qurb #560065]
4:38PM 0 Fwd: 2.2.9, reported name under xp
4:31PM 0 NetBIOS Alias Browse Issues
3:52PM 1 First time for any user
2:39PM 1 Smb PDC cracks with ldap, without ok
1:59PM 1 [Samba 3.0.4] Allows w2k machine to join domain, but unable to log on.
1:02PM 3 changing password with a windows client
12:37PM 1 Semaphore Time Expired
12:10PM 1 Networking - OS/2 <- - -> Mandrakelinux
11:35AM 2 [EXPERIENCES] with OpenLDAP and Samba and Redundancy???
11:28AM 0 net ads join hangs forever
11:23AM 0 Help on " rpcclient3 adddriver "
10:08AM 3 Samba 3.0.4 on RHEL3
9:55AM 0 problem with ldap and Windows 2003 server
9:51AM 1 Samba 3.0.4 on RHEL 3
9:50AM 0 No Point and Print (no printers folder) from Windows 98 client
9:12AM 0 Help on rpcclient setdriver
8:25AM 1 Mailinglist
8:16AM 2 hosts allow and partial subnet
7:17AM 1 Vampire fails
5:52AM 0 Opening Task Manager close files on samba share
5:13AM 0 Unable to connect machine to Active Directory Domain
2:42AM 1 Microsoft Access & Samba 2.0.3 - Can't open database
1:03AM 2 want to ban XP Home Edition
Tuesday June 29 2004
11:15PM 0 Samba Problems with Authentication against a 2K3 ADS Server
11:10PM 0 2.2.9, reported name under xp
9:47PM 0 Logon scripts and Windows NT
9:30PM 1 Anyone here. . .
9:26PM 0 The '!' in the path names causes unpredictable results with directory listings
9:18PM 0 access database share with multiple users.
9:10PM 0 CUPS printers not visible, strange behaviour
8:34PM 0 winbind problem, please help
7:11PM 0 Samba PDC and Citrix
6:57PM 1 XP Can't Join Domain
6:10PM 0 Need some honest feedback for my project
6:01PM 4 Logon script problem
5:58PM 0 Password Aging with Winbind?
3:37PM 2 tdb lock failures
2:42PM 0 samba+winbind on nt Domain
2:35PM 1 mandatory profiles, group policies, Samba3 PDC winxp Clients
2:11PM 1 failed domain logon
1:51PM 0 Samba Cups Fedora Core 1 HP LaserJet 1015
12:52PM 0 ACLs revisited
12:46PM 0 samba 3.0.3-5 PDC - share works, domain login not
12:12PM 0 change in authentication behaviour after 3.0.2
10:39AM 0 net rpc
10:27AM 0 samba 3.0.4 problem in getting userlist to set acls on windows xp
10:01AM 1 keep long printer name
9:51AM 1
9:30AM 0 howto apply a patch to samba 3.0.4
9:19AM 0 net rpc join || smbpasswd
8:51AM 1 mkntpasswd
8:11AM 1 Accounts are getting dsiabled
4:03AM 0 Problem with NTFS and Home partition
3:31AM 0 nt_status_no_trust_sam_account
1:36AM 0 samba3 PDC with windows sbs 2003
1:27AM 0 v3.0.4 fails to compile (passdb/pdb_ldap.c) OpenLDAP 2.2.13 and MIT Kerberos?
12:06AM 3 smbpasswd !!?!
Monday June 28 2004
11:34PM 0 Authentication problem
8:35PM 0 Ldap Question
8:28PM 2 KERNEL CIFS Memory Leak
8:10PM 0 Samba 3.0.0 PDC, XP SP1, and domain joining woes.
6:57PM 1 last chance...joining XP to samba+ldap domain
5:45PM 0 smbclient/samba not working properly
4:50PM 1 Locking Problems
2:51PM 2 Samba 2 or Samba 3
2:44PM 0 Can't create files using Mac OSX Client against Sambaserver on Debian Linux
1:54PM 1 XP-client logs in, but does not load profile from server and only uses a local one.
1:29PM 0 Printing errors
11:07AM 1 specified network name is no longer available
9:48AM 0 PAM authentication to access or write folders to folders
8:16AM 0 Report to Sender
5:59AM 0 Where to find Samba change log
5:45AM 0 Your message with a .ZIP attachment has been blocked.
4:28AM 5 Frustrated...Samba on linux w/xfs SLOW problem
2:29AM 0 Re: Accessing file on XP box from Linux box
Sunday June 27 2004
8:50PM 2 Samba3 Win95 interoperability
8:47PM 2 missing /etc/inetd.conf file in RH9
5:03PM 0 Samba authentication/authorization via LDAP
4:40PM 1 "only user" deprecated
6:58AM 0 problem. . .
6:08AM 0 Can't enum groupd in usrmgr (STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW)
3:18AM 0 problem connecting to Samba share
12:29AM 3 domain logins fail - nmbd doa
Saturday June 26 2004
11:25PM 0 Can't create files using Mac OSX Client against Samba server on Debian Linux
10:48PM 1 Roaming profiles brings error with prf*.tmp files
10:11PM 1 smbmount and windows 2003
9:15PM 0 Guest Account in v3.0.4
7:57PM 1 accessing files on XP box from Linux Box
1:17PM 0 Migration from 2.2.x to 3 : Any known problems ?
1:09PM 0 build failure solaris9x86 with Studio9 (forte)
8:04AM 0 wpkg with http backend
4:55AM 1 NT4 DC Problem I hope Samba Solves
Friday June 25 2004
10:32PM 1 Domain member help
9:24PM 1 SOLVED: Roaming profiles not updating XP
8:49PM 0 PDC Prblems solved - Thx
8:07PM 1 Net user does not display users.
8:00PM 1 Is it possible to manipulate ACLs through smbclient?
7:57PM 0 Directories vanished
7:39PM 1 Re: Questions about Samba and a WINS server...update
6:15PM 1 Looping auth problem
6:08PM 3 cupsaddsmb encounter with good info supplied (Plain text)
5:38PM 0 cupsaddsmb encounter with good info supplied
4:57PM 0 Windows 2003 problem
4:28PM 2 XP 2.2.8a issues
4:06PM 0 problems in samba
3:19PM 0 small hickup in bugzilla server
2:56PM 0 target link?
2:39PM 1 Inconsistent Connection
2:08PM 1 Compilation with Kerberos problem
1:58PM 1 I can't compile samba 3.0.4 with LDAP
1:40PM 0 Linux group permissions change not reflected by Samba 3
1:26PM 0 Permissions problem
1:22PM 0 /etc/group issue
1:21PM 0 NT Backup patch - BUG ID 1345
1:16PM 0 W2K Domain w/ SMB Workgroup
12:36PM 1 Print Server Degradation
12:20PM 6 Samba 3.0.4 acl problem
11:44AM 1 group policy (2000/XP)
11:28AM 1 The semaphore timeout period has expired
10:18AM 1 Network with DHCP and Samba with LDAP backend
9:25AM 0 samba 3.0.2 - windows 98 - smbd 100% cpu usage
7:07AM 0 user member of groups
6:45AM 0 Special characters in the password
6:35AM 0 one and a half nets
3:01AM 0 Winbind and Active Directory 2003 OR a SMB3 Trust?
12:40AM 1 Problem setting ACLs on files/folders... plz help!
Thursday June 24 2004
9:02PM 1 Winbind/LDAP Backend question
7:05PM 2 string overflow in safe_strcpy
5:41PM 0 Question about Samba and a WINS server...
5:31PM 2 Roaming profiles. How to do it ?
4:10PM 1 Samba issue with Windows XP
3:56PM 1 Group Policy
3:54PM 3 Samba config
3:25PM 2 Samba+LDAP Joining domain...weird problem!!!
3:19PM 0 Samba making many nobody processes
3:04PM 1 Re: [fwd: [Fwd: Re: network response] ]
2:45PM 1 Windows 95, encrypted passwords, and secure channel communications
2:25PM 0 directory ACL dont work
2:16PM 3 Problem with winbind an samba Domain
12:11PM 1 WINS Replication
11:55AM 1 Cannot install printers via CUPS in Samba3.0.2a on debian sarge
11:35AM 0 smbclient failure on 3.0.4
10:35AM 2 Account desc mysql backend
6:42AM 0 Samba 3.04 / Suse 9.1.64
3:28AM 0 how to install ldap account manager
2:04AM 1 samba and photoshop
12:05AM 1 Interesting errors...
Wednesday June 23 2004
9:01PM 0 samba3 pdc+ldap logon problem!
8:34PM 1 Samba 3.0.3/4 - WINS server expires names after 2 hours
8:19PM 0 Problem regarding connection
8:08PM 0 Symlinks followed literally in Debian 3.0, not in Red Hat 7.3
7:56PM 0 Samba 3.04 PDC/WINS server browsing issues
7:27PM 1 WIN 98 & XPP w/Samba+LDAP PDC...HELP!
6:49PM 1 Problems with 3.0.4 PDC - Trust Relationship failed
6:46PM 1 Samba 3.0.4 + OpenAFS 1.2.11 and fake-kaserver
6:32PM 0 trouble with sharing files
6:08PM 0 security=ADS, and 'guest' access?
6:01PM 0 net join from linux-clients not working
5:47PM 1 Is there prefered version of OpenLDAP to use with Samba 3?
5:42PM 1 domain user cannot change password from Linux machine
5:32PM 0 System Authentication using Samba
5:21PM 0 how to configure to change default password the first time user login to the domain
5:09PM 0 RedHat Enterprise 3.0 RPMs
4:35PM 0 [ ] share access controls
4:16PM 0 Samba processes domain authenticated user as nobody during logon. bat execution
4:07PM 0 Files and directories permissions AND Administrator account
3:23PM 1 convertSambaAccount from non-PDC to non-PDC
3:21PM 0 samba security question - samba vulnerable to anyWindowsExploits?
3:13PM 2 samba security question - samba vulnerable to any WindowsExploits?
3:08PM 1 ACL + XFS + SAMBA 3.0.4 + OpenLdap + PDC - permissions problem
3:02PM 0 samba security question - samba vulnerable to any Windows Exploits?
2:47PM 2 Alguien que hable español????
1:02PM 1 poledit policy-file for w2k offline folders
12:50PM 1 Web Access to SVN is down
12:32PM 1 Skel VFS module crashes smbd when we have no ACL support in samba v2.2.9.
12:15PM 0 Having an entry for root in LDAP
12:11PM 0 write access for regular users
11:34AM 0 XP Client can't log on PDC/LDAP configuration
8:25AM 1 Migration from NT
8:18AM 0 Two tricky problems with Samba and
7:50AM 0 [HELP]why samba file and dir info list mix together?
7:12AM 0 nmb problems
3:19AM 0 Process Not Found When Stopping SMB
3:19AM 0 Slow response when using Msoffice
1:42AM 1 specified user doesnt exist
1:16AM 0 FIXED: samba3 PDC+ldap domain logon problem
1:10AM 2 BEWARE when compiling with CUPS support
12:58AM 0 Problems with "nobody" processes in Samba 3.0.4
Tuesday June 22 2004
11:33PM 0 smbd hangs when trying to start smb
10:54PM 1 Inconsistant winbind and getent results
10:27PM 1 join as ADS member
9:25PM 1 Segmentation fault in smbclient v2.2.9.
7:26PM 0 Print error Logs...
6:52PM 0 How to access Samba file share from Windows w/o requiring guest logon?
6:11PM 2 Bizarre LDAP behaviour
5:41PM 1 samba3 PDC+ldap domain logon problem
5:36PM 1 Fw: Error C000019B
5:35PM 2 group and user permissions issue.
5:30PM 0 group mapping database
4:23PM 0 Samba PDC problem - error_packet
4:22PM 0 Problems with Samba users, need to collect hard evidence
4:07PM 2 Very dumb question
3:52PM 0 SAMBA nobody errors
3:41PM 2 Converting local user account(LDAP) to samba account
3:23PM 2 Samba 3 as Both PDC and File Server
3:00PM 0 XP Home Edition - Cygwin - Samba
2:23PM 1 A question about samba printer
2:19PM 0 experience with a mysql db authentication mdoule?
2:15PM 0 mailing list test (please ignore)
1:32PM 2 Chaning shares using Computer Management with W2k3.
1:24PM 0 Updating Samba via Diffs file
1:12PM 1 File locking from Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)
12:35PM 1 samba net groupmap
12:16PM 1 two problems with pam authentication
12:03PM 0 Samba 3.0 Printer Install problem
10:46AM 0 Automounting Samba Shares
10:42AM 0 Samba 3 PDC ldap pam_mount
9:18AM 2 posix locking - what does it do?
8:08AM 1 how to joinning nt workstation to samba domain
7:59AM 1 Offline Files with W2K - Samba 3 Problem
7:41AM 0 Wrong Security Information?
4:48AM 2 Unable to join Windows 2k AD NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
3:48AM 1 Bug tracking for 2.2
Monday June 21 2004
10:58PM 1 testing users created by!
9:52PM 3 Idealx script prerequisites?
8:50PM 1 Anonymous access to Samba share with Windows XP Home
8:50PM 0 Problem "The specified network name is no longer available"
7:59PM 2 Samba3-LDAP PDC and SUSE OpenExchange
7:52PM 3 Samba denies access to vaild share
6:32PM 0 Error C000019B
5:03PM 2 Joining NT4 workstations to a Samba 3 Domain
2:43PM 0 XP Hacks?
2:18PM 0 pam_smbpass cannot access samba database
2:16PM 1 problems with homes share
2:10PM 0 Strange problem with 3.0.4
2:06PM 0 The Solution for: Samba+ADS, w2k clients can't access samba by ne tbios name
2:02PM 0 join windows2003 server to samba 3.0.4 PDC
1:52PM 0 2 x Samba PDC with LDAP
1:16PM 2 rpcclient setdriver WERR_ACCESS_DENIED
12:03PM 0 samba long NT usernames with Tru64
11:02AM 1 samba 3.0.4 problem
11:00AM 0 can any one send me his gdm file
10:33AM 0 Samba 3.0.2a join Active Directory Win2k
10:20AM 0 acl management
10:11AM 0 samba 3.0.4 don't works with cracklib
8:19AM 2 Copying networked files in restartable mode
7:12AM 0 Can anyone tell me what this means?
7:07AM 0 Autoresponder -
5:33AM 3 cannot join win2k to samba domain
Sunday June 20 2004
11:32PM 0 "access is denied" error
10:45PM 1 Printer access errors
9:54PM 1 multiple passdb backends: ldaps for users, everything else locally?
9:07AM 1 Dynamic DNS under LINUX clients to a MS DNS Server
4:41AM 0 Re: XP Pro Autheticate to Samba 3.0 PDC fails: "Access is
12:16AM 0 Repost: group membership limitations and Linux kernel
12:04AM 0 lmhosts
Saturday June 19 2004
7:45PM 1 Is this possible? (syncing users between a system with samba 3 on and a win2k3 server)
3:41PM 1 Samba 3.0.2a and MS Access 2002
2:25PM 1 Log in one server, have shares in another ?
Friday June 18 2004
11:02PM 0 samba group question
10:24PM 0 Samba 2.2.8a and print$
7:46PM 0 installing samba 3.0.4 on MAC OS X issue
6:05PM 4 testparm -s
5:35PM 2 Replacing a W2K box with a Samba box
3:47PM 0 LDAP
3:43PM 0 Broadcast probe blocked by firewall
2:36PM 0 clueless XP / 98/ smb
2:26PM 4 BackupExec Agent on Samba
1:52PM 1 When do i need "idmap backend = " ???
1:44PM 1 force user = %u ????
1:24PM 2 Need a working model of smb.conf for a PDC
1:21PM 1 problem adding windows machines to domain - user root not found
1:13PM 2 Newbie smb.conf question
12:54PM 0 Cannot access Samba shares with local Administrator rights on XP
11:12AM 0 Samba not displaying French characters
9:38AM 2 How to use the "profiles" - command ?
9:29AM 0 FW: print$
9:20AM 0 problem with all capitals 8.3 filenames
9:19AM 5 Lag on network using Samba
8:46AM 5 [EXPERIENCES] with OpenLDAP and Samba and Redundancy ???
6:37AM 1 please help: smbd 100% cpu usage
6:02AM 1 samba.spec
4:22AM 1 configuring samba-LDAP-PDC using IDEALX tools
3:59AM 1 Samba and USB Drive
Thursday June 17 2004
10:26PM 1 wbinfo - Missing Domain Groups
9:33PM 0 Samba over PoPToP
9:25PM 2 Problem with sending winpopup messages
9:12PM 0 Overlooked? Windows can't create folders/files with long file names
7:43PM 1 access to subdirs of share only
7:01PM 0 Can't print with CUPS using samba's printer share
6:20PM 0 HELP: Samba files have disappeared!!!
4:20PM 1 Authentication problems continue
4:07PM 0 Possible bug with "short preserve case = no"
3:38PM 1 BitDefender found an infected object
3:36PM 1 Votre question a
2:43PM 2 can't join the Domain
1:57PM 0 Samba PDC Password changing errors
1:53PM 1 print$
1:44PM 2 ldap + samba + group membership problem
12:55PM 1 AW: AW: Password change problem, Samba 3.0.4
10:07AM 0 NT Domain Problem
10:02AM 2 AW: Password change problem, Samba 3.0.4
9:57AM 1 How reliable is file locking?
9:41AM 0 Stale NFS file handle error when you try and browse a Windows mounted folder
9:34AM 0 WinXP local master announcemment problem
6:33AM 1 Webtrends blowing up my mapping since samba upgrade
2:29AM 2 password
12:03AM 0 sambaBadPasswordCount Problems on SAMBA 3.0.4 with LDAP Backend
Wednesday June 16 2004
10:06PM 4 How to keep local profiles when joining domain?
9:11PM 1 How do I make win file explorer not to show "Printers and Faxes"
7:29PM 0 print command, cups, lprng, bsd
6:41PM 1 Huge delays on login/first access from WinXP clients on samba 3.0.4 PDC
6:19PM 0 Password change problem, Samba 3.0.4
4:52PM 2 smbspool to Windows 2000 Server: "ERRgeneral opening remote file"
4:38PM 0 problem with samba-ldap on RH9
4:35PM 0 Smbclient succeeds but smbmount fails
4:17PM 0 Virusos level - Virus alert!
4:04PM 0 LDAP idmap backend
3:55PM 1 Problem with symlinks
3:45PM 1 Linux Samba in multi-boot with W2k in a NT domain
3:13PM 1 winbind behavior question
2:51PM 2 Problem with SAMBA
2:38PM 0 smbd 100% cpu usage
1:53PM 0 Slowdown after update from 2.2.8a to samba-3.0.4
1:42PM 1 Erronous username character substitution ( %u )
1:41PM 1 This is an alert from eSafe
12:38PM 0 Samba stucks often (validation failed, possible ENOMEM)
12:25PM 2 Samba consuming massive amounts of memory (CONT)
12:19PM 0 Samba consuming massive amounts of memory
10:49AM 2 Idealx programs and ldap backend
10:36AM 2 Winbind in ADS forrest hangs when not able to talk to other DCs
8:49AM 0 Unjoin Domain
7:40AM 0 XP-Profile and Virus-Scan
7:16AM 0 File-Permissions
7:09AM 0 _net_sam_logon: user LINUX.DOM\Administrator has user sid S-1-5-21-3745475611-740728939-4060410587-2988
7:00AM 0 printer setup for WinXP
6:59AM 0 [newbie] Linux login to NT domain
3:13AM 1 i've problem with login script
2:58AM 1 how to make login script..
Tuesday June 15 2004
11:49PM 0 Can't Assign Rights to Samba Share via ADS
10:26PM 1 Modify but not create permissions
9:27PM 0 Linux groups permissions change not reflected
9:13PM 3 ssh tunnelling with putty
7:52PM 8 a better smbstatus for monitoring samba ?
7:52PM 0 J.H. Terpstra Samba Dallas, TX events - June 16-19
6:43PM 2 Samba + MS Access
5:46PM 1 win2000 + RH9 samba-3.0.4-1
5:42PM 0 ntgroup to unixgroup mapping
5:29PM 1 Samba for IBM
5:18PM 0 Help with cracklib
5:15PM 0 XP roaming profile problem (access denied)
4:53PM 1 GSSAPI/KRB5 based LDAP binds
4:35PM 1 Samba + Kerberos - ADS: possible?
4:00PM 0 guest account
3:41PM 1 configure not detecting IRIX6
3:23PM 2 "pam_ldap"!
12:47PM 0 Sage Production requires re-registration each day
12:32PM 0 Linux + Active Directory Integration
11:51AM 0 Réf. : Samba + ACL backup solution
11:42AM 1 Samba + ACL backup solution
11:24AM 2 Please help
11:06AM 0 samba-3.0.4 acl problem in windows shares
10:10AM 0 Automatic ADS server fallback
10:10AM 0 vBulletin Issue - Do you? [SID-192982-7b7b7ec0]
8:50AM 0 smbclient authentication with Suse 9.1
8:41AM 0 A small "thank you" for the samba-docs.
8:12AM 1 listenning on interfaces
7:18AM 0 pdbedit - RID for machine accounts
7:17AM 0 interresting behavior
6:50AM 1 Connecting HOME-Drives
6:44AM 2 Password problems with Samba-3.0.4
6:32AM 1 Cant create in a subdirectory...
1:03AM 2 which XP clients registry hacks are necessary now?
12:56AM 0 secrets.tdb
Monday June 14 2004
11:36PM 3 PRINT$ Problems
10:53PM 2 Member Server in Active Directory
10:49PM 0 RES: Internet access control through samba ?
10:40PM 1 Spaces im passwords
8:26PM 0 Problems with Samba Client
8:21PM 0 Problem Using Samba
8:17PM 1 [3.0.4] Problem with strange characters in file names
7:52PM 0 installing 'pam_ldap' rpm on Fedora
6:10PM 1 Different domains
3:54PM 0 Problems with words accentuated
3:45PM 0 Batch user creation scripts or tools?
3:43PM 1 PDC and dividing roaming profile
2:23PM 0 devnm.h problem with 3.0.4
12:32PM 0 strace
12:24PM 1 AW: strange copy speed
12:17PM 0 Why Database Records Not REFRESHED?
11:48AM 5 Internet access control through samba ?
11:36AM 2 WinXP Client problem
10:10AM 1 strange copy speed
8:43AM 1 NT Backup can't connect to samba 3.04 share
8:10AM 0 Problems with Samba 3.0.4 and ADS
7:21AM 1 Samba 3.0.5 - Can't change password
7:10AM 2 Samba shares becoming inactive after a while
1:05AM 4 File corruption
12:01AM 0 Samba on Mac doesn't see "include" shares
Sunday June 13 2004
10:23PM 0 Re: kerberos problem
Saturday June 12 2004
3:25PM 1 Win XP can't join Domain with 3.0.4 and OpenLDAP
2:34PM 1 Samba 3 Unix Password Sync
6:07AM 0 [Devlan #315] Systems Support Online Autoreply
4:46AM 0 cannot delete New Text Document: Invalid MS-DOS function
3:34AM 1 W2k logon
3:34AM 0 Re: W2k logon
2:13AM 2 SID-UID mapping issue on Samba 3.0.4 in an AD Domain
2:06AM 1 Samba 3.0.4 BDC LDAP Slave Problem
12:27AM 0 Trust Relationship 3.0.4
Friday June 11 2004
11:24PM 0 logon.bat: switching from smbpasswd to tdbsam
9:55PM 0 Re: Re: Extended Mail
9:53PM 0 Re: Typo in fs/smbfs/file.c
8:53PM 1 Login failures on Win XP.
8:13PM 0 Samba-3-docs : German translation project status
7:17PM 1 smbldap tool
7:05PM 0 CIFS problem with folder mounted drives
6:39PM 0 curios printer behavior from Samba 3.0 upgrade
6:34PM 1 Mounted shares hangs when accessing
5:58PM 1 Restricting ACL Modification?
5:44PM 0 Trying to 'Upgrade' to Samba 3.0 on RedHat Enterprise 3.0
4:00PM 0 SuSE Winbind "Zen" Question with Samba 3.0.4
3:21PM 0 NT4 and Domain Member Samba 3.0.2 problem
3:01PM 1 Invalid workgroup name in browse list
2:58PM 2 Samba 3.0.3 on FC2: windows machine cannot join domain
1:46PM 0 cannot copy files (samba 3.0.3, kernel 2.6)
1:11PM 0 howto add printer automatically on client
1:11PM 0 (vfs) executing scripts when creating/deleting directories
12:28PM 0 WINS Sync not working
12:22PM 0 I couldn't install automatically this driver on windows 98
12:01PM 1 update sugestions..
11:08AM 0 "credentials check wrong" only with Windows NT4 Clients
11:07AM 1 Samba (2.2.8a) as domain member
10:37AM 3 Printer drivers
9:33AM 1 IDMAP Backend (multiple)
8:08AM 0 Re: Re: patched
6:29AM 1 Winbind - NIS?
2:48AM 3 password expiry message -
1:26AM 0 Still having touble with Redhat 7.1 and windows 2003 DC authentication
12:30AM 1 Newbie group mapping question
12:22AM 0 NT Domain login problem
Thursday June 10 2004
11:01PM 0 Help With Winbind Please
8:52PM 1 Net Command
8:11PM 4 Fixed it myself... (ldap/winbind)
6:44PM 0 Samba (speed) over WAN Link
6:41PM 0 What is the password for ADMIN$ ? Can we disable it?
6:14PM 1 smbtorture utility
5:50PM 1 3.0.4 on AIX 5.2
4:40PM 4 And the LDIF thing
3:58PM 1 Domain problem with NT4 & Samba 3.0.2a
3:51PM 1 All I want!!!! (Winbind)
3:48PM 0 reloading group member from LDAP
3:28PM 0 samba with daemontools
2:31PM 0 Password History
2:16PM 0 ACL Propagation problem
2:01PM 0 I couldn't install automatically the driver HP LaserJet 4050 Series PS on Windows 98
1:58PM 0 Samba Auditing
1:40PM 0 NMBD dies off
1:09PM 0 Samba XP multip user login problem
12:50PM 2 SAMBA installation
12:49PM 0 Help configuring samba
12:48PM 0 passwd chat parameter "%o"
10:28AM 0 info for samba between linux and win98
9:41AM 0 Dropouts
9:40AM 0 SWin98se & 4GB+ files
8:50AM 0 Samba and WINS
7:04AM 0 Unsubscribing
6:41AM 0 access share
6:32AM 2 samba + ldap authentication
3:26AM 0 macromedia homesite cannot browse share - no path
2:40AM 1 Clustered Samba print shares
1:37AM 0 Upgrading from workgroup to domain: experiences & gotchas (LONG)
1:31AM 1 URGENT : Installation Problem
12:58AM 1 Samba 3.0.5 pre1 cannot ad windows xp machine to domain
12:09AM 1 Winbind - More Info
12:09AM 0 Samba 3 and OpenLDAP
12:07AM 0 Terpstra Samba Workshops - Seattle, WA. 6/10-11
Wednesday June 9 2004
11:56PM 0 Samba and USB Hard Drive
11:45PM 0 Winbind
11:06PM 2 SWAT - Could not connect to port 901
8:34PM 2 Need help configuring Samba3/LDAP PDC
8:27PM 0 RES: RES: Problem with authenticating a computer to a sam ba sh are
8:06PM 0 Change OpenLdap to Oracle OID
7:48PM 1 Reasonable Throughput
7:36PM 0 Error Joining Domain
7:32PM 0 Need Information
6:13PM 0 Winbind Authentication Problem
5:56PM 1 RES: Problem with authenticating a computer to a samba sh are
5:54PM 1 RES: authentification in ads2003
5:17PM 1 bundled version not configured?
5:05PM 0 Automated response from the Paragon Software (SHDD) Support Service
3:32PM 0 Problem with authenticating a computer to a samba share
2:37PM 0 Problem IDMAP Domain Member -> PDC
1:22PM 1 authentification in ads2003
1:15PM 0 printing to WinXP
12:33PM 2 use password server= when security=ADS or not???
12:27PM 0 SIDs
12:23PM 1 pdbedit
12:00PM 0 VMWare; WinXP guest can browse every machine except host Debian, and vice versa
11:02AM 0 web interface to samba file sharing
10:59AM 0 Fw: error on UID
10:37AM 0 Can anyone help us....
9:51AM 0 Can you help us....
9:37AM 1 detailed file permissions
8:55AM 1 install samba problem
8:37AM 1 Samba client filesize problems
8:30AM 1 SAMBA and LDAP Schema's
7:41AM 1 Windows rejects name registration
6:34AM 0 Re: Mail Delivery (failure
5:52AM 1 samba ldap with smbldap-tools cant join domain.
4:33AM 1 getent passwd & wbinfo -u not working
2:33AM 0 Issue listing hosts with SMBCLIENT
1:32AM 1 Win98 Network File Caching?
Tuesday June 8 2004
11:54PM 1 School Project....
10:21PM 0 samba 3.0.4 ldap replication and tls will not work
8:41PM 1 What about domain trusts
8:40PM 2 Samba, LDAP and machine account weirdness....
8:38PM 0 AW: why doesn't Samba Server want my password?
7:22PM 0 why doesn't Samba Server want my password?
6:50PM 0 authentication, pam, etc. (more)
6:35PM 0 Identical machine name problem
6:14PM 0 example trash can
3:53PM 1 Share trash can?
3:46PM 4 Samba just Slow with AutoCad?
3:41PM 1 uid and gid problems with linux as client and server
3:38PM 2 Weird Domain listings
3:20PM 0 Samba WINS fails to resolve isolated name
2:45PM 0 Q: Samba 2.2.8a as a domain member
1:44PM 1 Authentification in windows ads 2003
1:37PM 0 dotless i problem samba3 - win98
12:32PM 1 Re: Apostrophes in Windows usernames (again)
11:49AM 0 Samba and openldap trouble
11:42AM 0 can´t see shares from 98 to XP
10:31AM 0 config question
10:12AM 1 Winbind problem
9:33AM 0 Overriding printer settings
8:41AM 0 NT4 Samba 3.0.2 and LDAP
8:21AM 1 samba-3.0.4 compile issues on AIX 4.3.3
8:18AM 0 Samba and W2K domain
8:12AM 2 Request patch for samba 2.2.2
6:59AM 0 Keep existing domain afterinstalling a new server?
6:44AM 0 Samba 3.0.2 and LDAP
5:53AM 1 nmbd/nmbd_namequery.c:(104)
5:24AM 0 automounting SMB shares via passthru winbind authetication
3:23AM 0 wbinfo -r user not listing all groups
1:17AM 0 (no subject)
12:07AM 1 samba/AD expert? for pay?
Monday June 7 2004
10:49PM 1 Windows 2003 accessing samba
8:23PM 0 Re: Apostrophes in Windows usernames (again)
8:19PM 0 InetOrgPerson attributes for machine accounts ???
6:20PM 3 XP Joining domain
5:42PM 0 Samba 3.0.4 on PowerMax 5.1
5:09PM 0 Can we have your vote for our Miss Marieke for the Miss Belgium Contest ?
4:06PM 0 authentication, pam, etc.
3:20PM 0 Smbd consumes all resources and hangs machine
3:07PM 0 Winbind very slow
2:49PM 0 Re. : Two questions about smbldap-tools
2:16PM 1 Security question
2:06PM 2 Two questions about smbldap-tools
12:29PM 1 Migrating to new Samba - LDAP schema change
12:20PM 0 Windows XP environment Variables in Logon Scripts
12:08PM 0 Win2k can't see the domain
11:59AM 0 Help with NT/Samba
11:26AM 1 PDC login problem
10:58AM 1 not working : valid users = @"DOM+USER"
9:04AM 1 hide unreadable
8:54AM 0 RE: smbfs wrong file size
8:40AM 1 not able to change passwd
7:16AM 0 force passwd change single user
4:17AM 0 mount.cifs problems
3:06AM 1 Excluded profile folders sync'd on logout
2:46AM 1 Excel could not save
1:49AM 0 question on "Samba-3 by Example"
12:37AM 0 session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
12:25AM 2 Password trouble with LDAP (eDirectory)
Sunday June 6 2004
6:45PM 1 user and password
5:15PM 0 Filter incident
4:09PM 0 Unable to find the Domain Master Browser
12:53PM 2 LDAP authentication problem
11:15AM 0 problem with change password from a PC
Saturday June 5 2004
10:41PM 1 Hi, Nick. In this archive you can find all those things, you asked me.
10:06PM 2 Clients can find printer when "browsing" but not otherwise
6:56PM 1 request for slapd.conf
1:30PM 0 Samba & Dos attributes
8:46AM 0 Logon Script Path problem
7:55AM 0 add user script for srvtools
7:31AM 2 transfering users from PDC to print/file server
4:08AM 1 samba 3.0.4 and AD authentication
3:29AM 1 Winbind to more than one Domain [HELP]
2:44AM 3 How I get that a host (domain NT) only gives access to a certain user
1:56AM 0 migrating from samba2 to samba3, vampire question.
1:07AM 1 Bug? Avoiding options in subdirectories
Friday June 4 2004
10:24PM 0 Problems
9:55PM 0 Point n' Print + DeskJet = Access Violation
8:53PM 1 Can I deny access to a user/group on specific machine ?
8:23PM 1 samba with acl support as member auf a samba controlled domain?
8:17PM 0 Samba under SuSE's SLES 7 or 8?
8:15PM 1 Performance Issues with AutoCad 2003
6:46PM 0 slow setup time
6:30PM 0 Couldn't verify trusting domain account. Error was NT_STATUS_OK (Samba 3.0.4)
6:03PM 0 LDAP authentication.
5:36PM 1 passwd file
4:22PM 1 Winbind problem?
4:03PM 0 CA Arcserve backups of Samba 3.0 unicode filenames?
4:03PM 2 (no subject)
3:21PM 0 (no subject)
3:11PM 1 Login Failure
3:08PM 0 Using top with Samba
2:31PM 1 Help with: "Cannot copy Filename: The specified net
2:14PM 1 roaming profil problem
1:02PM 1 Samba, LDAP und TLS
12:57PM 0 Re: Apostrophes in Windows usernames (again)
11:44AM 0 Inactive smb mounts freeze linux 2.6.5 and samba 3.0.4
10:49AM 0 samba 3.0.4 ignores guest account settings
9:42AM 0 Winbind to more than one Domain
9:33AM 0 Mapping users between UNIX and ADS
9:20AM 1 Printer setup
8:02AM 0 Locked files stay locked - copy operation from XP to Samba fails - FIXED
7:48AM 0 Authentication error yield_connection: tdb_delete for name failed with error Record does not exist
7:47AM 1 Definition of Master problem
7:19AM 0 Remote directories are empty
6:48AM 0 make: *** [dynconfig.o] Error 1
2:09AM 1 2GB file limit
12:53AM 1 Help with: "Cannot copy Filename: The specified network name is no longer available" error
12:34AM 1 install software when the user logs on (with admin previledges)
Thursday June 3 2004
11:14PM 0 question about broken connections
9:30PM 1 Duplicate/No users in LDAP?
8:51PM 2 login script
7:54PM 0 samba password- from remote machine
7:46PM 0 SOLVED Can't joint domain per LDAP slave servers
7:31PM 0 Suppres password prompt in Samba net command
7:28PM 0 Not possible to print same document several times from windows clients
7:14PM 0 can we configure samba on netapps
6:29PM 1 Re: Apostrophes in Windows usernames (again)
6:06PM 2 Force user
5:47PM 0 Can't joint domain per LDAP slave servers
4:33PM 0 Object Picker incomplete
4:33PM 0 Samba is not being nice
4:31PM 2 Winbind scalability issue
4:22PM 0 Initializing printerdata
4:01PM 1 Authentication and Joining failing after a time.
3:37PM 0 RES: Samba and Kerberos
3:18PM 0 ERROR: cli_session_request() failed...
2:57PM 0 Changing user SID or Domain (doesn't work)
2:48PM 1 Samba 3.0.2 user group problem
2:47PM 2 SAMBA 3.0.4 authorisation issues
2:06PM 0 Samba and Kerberos
1:50PM 1 smbldap-populate under debian woody fail
1:31PM 0 Detail on Samba 3 By Exmaple (comments).
1:13PM 1 Windows PDC and Samba PDC
12:51PM 0 On Leave from Penn
12:49PM 0 How to put a limit on the number of simultaneous session that a user can open ?
12:37PM 1 Smbd hangs entire machine forcing reset
12:33PM 0 Samba consumes all resources and hangs machine
12:23PM 0 Re. : scripts and pdbedit
12:14PM 0 Problems regarding permissions for active directory users.
12:04PM 0 CIFS Mounting Problem
11:09AM 1 Samba 3.0.2a with ADS w2k3 Active Directory, enctypes
10:36AM 1 smbldap-populate under debian woody fails
10:30AM 0 scripts and pdbedit
10:19AM 1 requiresignorseal
9:22AM 1 local admin permissions
8:46AM 0 Automated printer driver installation
8:28AM 1 Samba problem on HP-UX
8:03AM 1 little bit OT: Profile for new domain user
7:15AM 1 Exporting local policies on several computers
6:50AM 0 Just a test - sorry -
12:51AM 0 Re: migration from winntpdc to sambabdc 3.0.4
Wednesday June 2 2004
11:16PM 0 problem with kerberos
10:23PM 0 Thank you for contacting Symantec
9:51PM 0 I can see all the host just can't connect to them
9:06PM 1 Generic Samba Question
6:55PM 0 issue joining domain samba 3.0.2
6:54PM 0 Cannot Change smbpasswd
6:41PM 0 Limit Winbind authentication requests>?
6:23PM 1 Really Funky Samba Errors (smbd/nttrans.c:call_nt_transact_ioctl)
6:03PM 0 smbmount and 2215
5:31PM 0 freebsd 5.2.1 and Samba 3.0.4 on fat32
3:58PM 4 Browse list issues with Windows XP
2:41PM 0 pam_mount with uid and gid
2:40PM 1 Solving Nautilus Samba issue
2:17PM 2 set quota command
1:42PM 0 samba-vscan vfs module and nai av
1:22PM 1 Unable to execute program from om samba 3.0.4
1:10PM 0 [LDAP+SSL+Samba 3.0.2a] pb start tls
1:05PM 0 Strange Printername behavier
12:49PM 0 SAMBA 3.0.4 on AIX 5.2 configure usability question?
12:48PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 18, Issue 3
10:46AM 0 Samba works with HP 9130 ???
10:31AM 2 authenticating against windows server 2003
9:18AM 1 PDC and Windows client problem
8:17AM 0 Suggestion for pdbedit man page
8:07AM 0 idmap with w2k3 active directory ldap supported?
3:19AM 0 ldapsam authentication methods
3:19AM 1 Windows XP , Fedora 1 and Home Network!?!?!
2:30AM 0 Erratic behavior with smbmount
1:50AM 0 ERRSRV Non-specific error code
Tuesday June 1 2004
10:15PM 2 weired problem while connecting
10:07PM 0 USB Drive and Samba on Mandrake 9.2
9:45PM 0 Master browser elections
9:14PM 0 Prescription Fedex Tracking Number
7:49PM 0 homes share mapping problem in samba 3
7:24PM 0 Accessing Windows Printer
7:06PM 1 Groups Under "Domain" Security
7:01PM 3 2 passwords when loging from Windows 98 to samba PDC
4:51PM 0 SMB->NFS
3:33PM 4 Can I disable offline folders?
3:11PM 0 Re. : changing smbpasswd password rules
3:05PM 2 changing smbpasswd password rules
2:47PM 0 Apostrophe's in Windows usernames
2:37PM 1 CIFS/9000 or Samba migration
1:21PM 1 smbstatus information and layout
1:05PM 2 Samba and Terminal Server
10:39AM 0 XP not joining domain
10:14AM 1 Samba problems
9:20AM 1 samba-3.0.2a openldap-2.1
7:29AM 1 WinRAR archiver cannot create russian filename on samba share (bug 1407)
5:23AM 0 No Longer Used!
2:22AM 2 mysql passwd backend