samba - Mar 2003

Monday March 31 2003
9:52PM 2 What's the best method - probably simple
9:20PM 0 smbclient segfaults
7:27PM 0 Problem building Samba 2.2.8 on SLES8 (s390)
7:22PM 0 Samba Ver 2.27 Win2K File mout lost
7:12PM 1 Transparent migration of users to a samba PDC, how about cygwin tool ?
6:09PM 4 XP Machines/profiles/migration issues
6:08PM 1 MAJOR XP profile issue - mandrake rpms - 2.2.7a
6:00PM 0 Directories- How deep can I go?
5:41PM 0 W2K batch scripting error
4:47PM 0 Starting Samba on AIX
4:26PM 2 DOS Properties Not Networkable?
4:06PM 0 samba 2.2.8 + ldap with samba3.0 schema
3:30PM 0 Unix server can connect but Windows can not connect to Samba
3:25PM 0 Samba only reading primary NT groups - help please
3:18PM 3 can't connect to a samba share with Windows XP
2:58PM 1 FW: Samba 3.0alpha22 machine password usage
2:53PM 1 Samba-3.0alpha23 available on mirrors
2:11PM 0 trust relationships
1:22PM 0 W2K security and smbclient
11:53AM 0 filesystems smbfs and dump
6:13AM 0 Change userrights in Windows
6:04AM 0 Samba + LDAP + FreeBSD + a HOWTO
3:03AM 0 Remote Client Printing using CUPS
2:52AM 0 W2K Explorer security propagation prob in 2.2.8 and Samba-3's and HEAD
2:23AM 2 Citrix reports no more connections to samba server
Sunday March 30 2003
12:15PM 0 RES: Winbind broken after 2.2.8 upgrade
9:00AM 0 cant set up a server without password :(
8:59AM 4 cant set up a no password login
5:52AM 1 BUG report: smbclient
5:27AM 0 why do file locks revert to root ( fairly long)
5:19AM 0 Xp authentication probs
Saturday March 29 2003
8:53PM 1 Printing w/CUPS, Samba 2.2 - Adobe PS files?
7:40PM 1 cupsaddsmb -v, Warning: PPD file not found?!
6:46PM 1 Samba from win2k client - "incorrect password or unknown username" error
6:39PM 1 How to list windows print shares?
6:11PM 7 Difficulty with Samba 2.2.8 and native CUPS PS drivers
1:57PM 0 Sync NT to Linux pwdump/nt-groups
12:58AM 0 Forgot to mention
Friday March 28 2003
11:37PM 3 Samba joins win2k domain but can't authenticate
11:26PM 8 Printing with CUPS and PDF
10:06PM 0 Samba not accepting new connections after a few hours
9:12PM 1 winbind with ADS error
9:11PM 1 smbpasswd and shadow passwords
8:04PM 1 Password when connecting
7:50PM 3 Samba, email, LDAP and password integration and management
6:46PM 0 FW: who to copy a registry file between users?
5:58PM 2 XP Pro / Redhat / Samba Printer Suggestions
5:35PM 1 Security =Domain problems
4:38PM 0 Samba 3.0alpha22 machine password usage
4:28PM 0 2.4.x smbfs patches - installation?
4:19PM 1 solaris swat problem
3:55PM 2 why user nobody
2:28PM 1 who to copy a registry file between users?
2:08PM 2 Problem with Windows XP SP1 Client
1:39PM 0 migrating samba installation to another machine
12:51PM 0 disabling multiple PDC logins from same user
10:48AM 1 hide files problem
8:31AM 0 Filenames with kiryllic Letters
8:16AM 0 How to transfer roaming profiles ...
8:07AM 1 XP and Excel with Samba 2.2.7a
7:15AM 0 Error connecton to ldap server
6:57AM 0 samba/ms terminal server problem
4:34AM 0 (no subject)
4:04AM 0 connection to a w2k pdc
3:44AM 0 getent displays incomplete lists of groups on Solaris 8
2:45AM 1 Installing Samba on AIX
1:28AM 1 Point and Print problem 2.2.7A and 2.2.8
12:20AM 0 Help with password changing problem
Thursday March 27 2003
10:58PM 1 smbmount of Windows 2000/XP disregards uid option
10:46PM 1 RES: RES: Re: Winbind broken after 2.2.8 upgrade
9:24PM 0 A WIN95 machine list the shares but 98/win2k not
8:00PM 1 Samba 2.2.8 is failing on change machine account password
7:59PM 0 samba 2.2: workgroup browsing question
7:22PM 0 Subject: I see my samba server but.............
7:11PM 0 2.2.8 Upgrade, joining domain
6:07PM 1 Maximum characters for valid users = ?
5:40PM 1 Users only in ldap
5:37PM 2 Problem with xcopy /d & samba
5:30PM 0 "Doing a node status request to the domain master browser"
3:59PM 0 2.2.8 - can't view or change permissions from NT clients
3:45PM 0 Groups in Samba w/LDAP and ACL
1:50PM 0 W2K DC as password server
1:31PM 2 New Files in Samba
12:19PM 0 Samba reporting errors!
11:45AM 0 compile samba 2.2.8 on hpux11
10:10AM 0 Smbclient client IP address
10:05AM 0 WARNING: The "printer driver location"option is depre cated
8:53AM 2 Does "active directory" support include policy support
6:17AM 1 Common Authentication Scheme
5:31AM 6 Access to shares for authenticated domain users only
5:10AM 2 trouble configuring and compiling
4:39AM 1 Printing NT to Linux printer problem
4:27AM 2 Samba and CCC
3:33AM 0 need help with samba server
Wednesday March 26 2003
10:43PM 2 Cannot see any files in samba shares
10:39PM 0 Win2K access denied on shares from Samba PDC
10:25PM 1 Auth Problems with 2.2.8 and Windows 2000
9:34PM 0 smbcontol smbd close-share doesn't close all open file handles.
9:17PM 0 SMB passthrough authentication and Encrypted passwords
8:55PM 1 Help regarding Samba Server
7:04PM 1 Samba versus WindowsXP
6:33PM 0 VFS Recycle bin in 2.2.7a.
5:49PM 1 WARNING: The "printer driver location"option is deprecated
5:35PM 1 Change password 1st logon
5:24PM 1 Help! winbind idmap corrupt!
4:51PM 1 problems compiling Samba 2.2.8 on Solaris 2.8
4:33PM 3 Samba 2.2.8-1 as W2k Member server
4:29PM 1 Connection of Linux/Unix clients to Samba PDC
4:15PM 2 Issues with home shares and W2K and MS Office
4:00PM 0 2.2.8 - Permissions display differently
3:38PM 0 Solaris 9 sparc, Forte C compile errors (2_2 branch)
3:16PM 0 winbind database changed after power loss
3:03PM 1 no route to host between Mac samba and Linux samba
1:41PM 4 print$ share problem URGENT - BUG
1:26PM 1 samba client with iptables
1:14PM 1 Error connecting from an W2K.
10:03AM 1 Unable to join Win2k to Samba Domain
8:38AM 3 Fw: share a folder rw, but not deletable?
8:36AM 1 Problems with samba password file
8:20AM 0 nmbd in FreeBSD jail
7:40AM 1 Question binary <=> ascii
7:35AM 3 Samba 3.0 - a bunch of really high level questions
4:42AM 0 Very brief question about Samba's capabilities
4:23AM 0 No Passwords Valid
3:55AM 2 Failed to open byte range locking database
1:01AM 0 group ownship stop working
Tuesday March 25 2003
11:23PM 1 Got it working.....after a fashion
10:39PM 1 Am I reading this dump correctly?
10:26PM 0 unix client win server
9:40PM 1 samba joining windows 2003 domain
9:38PM 0 internet very slow on clients
8:45PM 1 Samba printer share with Windows
8:15PM 0 samba (server) queues do not reflect status of cups queues
8:09PM 0 Starting over with samba
6:59PM 2 AS/400 - Unix Connectivity
6:32PM 1 Winbind broken after 2.2.8 upgrade
5:38PM 3 Using ACLs
5:30PM 0 (no subject)
4:50PM 0 weird errors in Win2K logs
4:35PM 1 smbpasswd without expect/send
3:13PM 0 UNIX Server Not Seen In Network Nieghborhood
2:43PM 2 windows 2000 workstation
2:36PM 0 A samba document manual project
1:44PM 0 different NetMask
1:17PM 2 Guest account not working after upgrade
12:45PM 1 Linux to Windows File Server
12:38PM 0 Change password in 1st logon.
11:01AM 0 Dialin NT properties
10:51AM 0 Can't reach Samba shares from Win2k
7:57AM 1 NEWBIE : Configure Samba
4:44AM 3 Mapping samba shares to a second linux box
3:48AM 1 Can't join domain "wrong password"
2:39AM 3 Can't reach Samba shares from Win XP Pro
1:50AM 1 Viewing ACL's
12:34AM 1 My samba server in my windows domain
Monday March 24 2003
10:31PM 0 specified computer didn't receive your request.
9:34PM 1 query WINS for all registered machines in an workgroup or domain
8:50PM 1 samba running on solaris
8:10PM 2 I see my samba server but.............
5:51PM 4 Login denied after joinined Samba PDC
5:30PM 2 I can not get into my samba server with my windows machines
5:28PM 1 NEWBIE : Problem saving M$ word documents on samba file server
5:09PM 1 WinZip causes Server to fail - Please help.......
5:04PM 1 (Repost to list) Copying large files xp pro -> Samba very slow
4:49PM 3 winbind and bad permissions mapping from NT to Samba
4:44PM 0 Favor
4:26PM 0 oplock problems with samba 2.2.7a
3:50PM 1 Samba as PDC and PAM authentication
3:31PM 0 Logon Failure
2:10PM 0 socket error - add smb server to win2k domain
2:03PM 0 Create Mode set to 775 but files created at 764
12:34PM 0 Great job on 3.0
12:10PM 0 netatalk/samba integration
11:03AM 0 Profile cannot be loaded
9:27AM 1 Users authenticating across domains
9:06AM 0 Need help to mount windows disk share under Unix Solaris system
7:50AM 4 Smbclient for solaris
3:31AM 0 Re: changing case of a text file
Sunday March 23 2003
7:02PM 0 Solaris iPlanet and Samba 2.2.8
3:10PM 0 looking for info about active-active cofiguration of samba on lin ux cluster
7:12AM 4 What am I missing here?!
7:11AM 1 config help to open win98,2000
4:58AM 1 uninstall samba
Saturday March 22 2003
5:02PM 2 XP can see Linux but Win98 can't
12:03PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 3, Issue 37
11:14AM 0 NT
6:20AM 1 Desperate! passwd sync problem...please help!
6:03AM 2 restarting smbd
3:01AM 1 Redhat 8 Samba+CUPS
2:31AM 0 smbfs: correctly propogating locks?
2:31AM 1 migrating to samba
2:22AM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 3, Issue 36
1:43AM 1 WinXP DFS problems
12:10AM 1 Redhat 8 printcap
12:02AM 1 Considering upgrade - looking for input
Friday March 21 2003
10:32PM 2 smbmount smbmnt
9:44PM 0 Local guru wanted: Fort Wayne Indiana
9:23PM 1 Unistall Samba
9:19PM 2 To all who helped with Ext3fs/ReiserFS Performance Enhancing
8:14PM 4 Compiling Samba For OPENLinux 3.1.1
8:08PM 1 minor man page update (2.2.8)
6:12PM 0 SuSE-8.1 -> SAMBA-2.2.8-RPMS
6:04PM 0 Unix server can connect but Windows 2000 cant.
5:38PM 1 Substitution of NT
4:58PM 0 readonly mount not working
4:23PM 2 100GB incremental backups
3:01PM 4 Ext3fs/ReiserFS Performance Enhancing
1:09PM 0 Samba High-Availability configuiration
12:31PM 0 Ownership + Windows
12:03PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 3, Issue 35
11:54AM 1 Shares and user access?
11:25AM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 3, Issue 34
11:17AM 0 Samba 2.0.7, 2.2.8 and Stratus FTX
10:50AM 0 domain user map options
10:05AM 3 Automated printer driver problems
9:56AM 3 3.0alpha22 does not execute "add user script" ?
9:50AM 2 Shares with long names not accessible from winNT...
8:54AM 0 Failed to set delete on close flag
5:21AM 0 smbpasswd hangs /usr/bin/passwd indefinately
5:06AM 0 Print server with UNIX-indepented PDC authentication?
3:46AM 2 smb.conf problem
3:45AM 1 Compiling pam_winbind on Solaris 8
3:39AM 1 Extra Blank Page
2:07AM 0 Redhat 8 printing problems Printcap?
12:51AM 0 Transitioning NT groups?
12:31AM 1 WinXP Pro passwords
12:09AM 1 problem with "make" command while upgrading to samba 2.2.8
Thursday March 20 2003
11:56PM 0 Patch addressing only the 2.2.7 security problem
10:48PM 0 Re: useradd command takes 35 seconds when winbindd is running.
10:13PM 0 It takes 35 seconds to run a command adduser when winbindd is running
9:58PM 0 SWAT authentication failing
9:53PM 0 Samba-2.2.8 configure problem, locking reported unavailable
8:47PM 0 Problem wit upgrade to 227 from 223
8:04PM 0 Samba only seeing primary groups
8:02PM 0 SAMBA Performance problem
7:58PM 0 NT vs W2K permission
7:02PM 0 Compilation problems on Solaris 8
6:28PM 1 Samba 2.2.8 LDAP compilie error
5:42PM 0 Printing issue: lpq command
5:35PM 1 samba & VISIO documents
4:44PM 0 Access denied for user
4:37PM 0 FW: Windows machines to samba over internet
4:24PM 0 Windows machines to samba over internet
4:20PM 1 Winbind Memory Leak bug
3:14PM 3 WinXP DFS problems, debugging with dfsutil.exe
2:48PM 0 Samba/Solaris/Active Directory
2:47PM 1 Connection by peers
2:46PM 0 win 9x clients can't get list of clients from Samba PDC
2:25PM 3 How do I upgrade from 2.2.5 to 2.2.8
12:35PM 0 minimal requirements
12:09PM 0 Couldn't find user 'surson+eder' in passdb
11:49AM 0 NT rejected the tconX on the IPC
10:52AM 0 Samba 2.2.8 WinXP DFS problem
10:17AM 0 Turning off the Printer Share
9:10AM 0 ACL not working under 3.0alpha22
7:52AM 0 FW: re. security holes in Samba
7:21AM 0 problem with samba 2.2.7 and later
7:10AM 0 smbpasswd hangs /usr/bin/passwd
7:04AM 1 Possible Bug?? (was: Win95 & Win98 - NOT WORKING - NT ,2000, XP are ok)
3:57AM 0 Compiling For OPENLinux 3.1.1
2:47AM 0 Browsing problem after upgrading to 2.8
12:01AM 2 dos command "del" fails under 2.2.8
Wednesday March 19 2003
11:52PM 2 Old bug resurfacing?
11:08PM 2 pid and lock dir during compile
10:48PM 3 disabling swat during compile
10:34PM 0 XP writes hanging
10:04PM 1 Samba as PDC/Authentication server
9:29PM 0 difference in "valid users =" 2.2.5 to 2.2.8
9:12PM 0 using remsh and rcp using winbind
9:12PM 3 SAMBA on the WAN
8:40PM 1 accessing windows files systems from unix side
8:37PM 0 ACL support in the 2.2.x series
8:36PM 0 Access Denied to Printer
8:24PM 0 multple status lines with 2.2.8
8:06PM 2 WINBIND with usernames with &
7:52PM 0 Samba and Win2k: Printing from Outlook Express
7:47PM 0 samba not seen from wins server
7:33PM 0 Samba 2.2.8, Solaris, and LDAP Support
7:10PM 1 Windows 9X samba Password Change
6:42PM 2 Printer Rights Fail
5:35PM 2 backupexec
5:17PM 0 Problem installing a particular printer WinXP/Samba2. 2.7a
5:02PM 0 Netbios alias oddities
4:31PM 1 migrating from Samba 2.0 to Samba 2.2 (AIX)
3:28PM 1 Patch for relocatable installs
2:38PM 4 Samba print command only works on restart, help!
2:33PM 0 CUPS + Samba printing (newbie)
1:12PM 0 samba or clientis diconnecting...
12:41PM 1 not able to browse other domains/workgroups
11:53AM 1 LPT above 2 port error!!
10:27AM 0 Missing [homes]
7:02AM 2 Possible Bug?? (was: Win95 & Win98 - NOT WORKING - NT,2000, XP are ok)
6:42AM 0 Problem accessing Windows printer from Linux side
5:53AM 0 Samba will not tell win xp about the groups it hosts
3:14AM 1 Where can I read about redirecting My Documents and Application Data?
1:44AM 0 NIS support
12:36AM 4 FW: backupexec
Tuesday March 18 2003
11:54PM 0 Windows XP logon problems (samba 3.0alpha22)
11:30PM 0 Compile warnings on Solaris 9
11:26PM 0 NT4 profiles won't load after upgrade to 2.2.8
11:17PM 1 mp3 files not playing
9:37PM 1 Windows XP + Samba
9:11PM 1 compile errors
9:05PM 1 Getting Compile errors
8:46PM 1 winbind on AIX
7:21PM 1 even worse after another upgrade to 2.2.8!
7:08PM 0 HowTo: Samba 3 w/ ads and acl working
7:00PM 0 compile errors --with-ldapsam
6:38PM 0 Installing print drivers
6:23PM 0 Unable to build Samba 2.2.8 libsmbclient on HP-UX 11.00
5:19PM 2 Multiple Groups, Different Permissions problem
5:05PM 1 Compiling samba with srpm's
4:55PM 0 samba-kerboros-winbind
4:49PM 0 store profile problem on logout new with 2.2.8
4:34PM 0 Files no longer appear on windows drive map
4:26PM 2 Cannot login from XP pro to PDC
3:57PM 1 W2K PDC preconfigured security templates
3:49PM 0 2.2.8 compile error
3:45PM 1 Printing via Samba to Windows Networked Printers.
2:17PM 7 Ghosting Linux Partitions.
2:14PM 4 Performance Increase Suggestions
12:59PM 1 Problems with ACLs in 2.2.8
12:44PM 0 Control users from only PDC
12:38PM 0 Performance between Samba-Server and Windows 2000 clients
12:21PM 0 character problems with samba & netatalk
12:19PM 1 User accounts
12:03PM 0 samba deletes with 'delete readonly = No' & WinXP client (reposted)
11:54AM 1 Samba as ADS
11:22AM 2 seg fault joining domain
9:06AM 0 w2k All Users URGENT
8:19AM 0 cpu load too high?
6:16AM 0 Use of coding system/client code page prevents logins
2:22AM 3 can't print over samba
1:16AM 1 WinNT4WS problems... PLEASE HELP, URGENT
12:43AM 1 logon script fails under 2.2.8
12:27AM 5 still can't print to samba printer from winxp
Monday March 17 2003
11:10PM 1 (Fwd) Samba Question
10:47PM 0 printer admin
10:32PM 2 Samba 2.2.8 compile failure - Solaris 8, SunCC, LDAP
10:26PM 0 MSDFS problems with WinXP clients (after 2.2.8 upgrade)
10:01PM 0 network printer
9:49PM 0 Samba Support - DOES IT WORK?
8:25PM 1 Unix user rights to join domain
7:31PM 2 2.2.8 doesn't compile on Tru64-5.1
7:21PM 1 Please announce on comp.protocols.smb
7:21PM 0 How to clear the SMB print queue?
7:17PM 1 Smbpasswd without prompt?
7:07PM 0 "guest only" not working?
6:45PM 5 Samba vs Windows SAK
6:42PM 1 Help with compile on HP-UX 11.0
6:04PM 3 NSS module
5:20PM 0 Why winbindd dont run?
4:40PM 0 winbind and w2k groups
4:10PM 0 samba and winbind group ID?
2:21PM 0 Migration from PDC using smbpasswd to PAM or LDAP
2:19PM 0 Password Change on Win 98/Samba
1:55PM 1 Samba & Wins Server
1:49PM 0 Slow ls on smbfs Mounted Share
1:01PM 0 what happened to "unix realname"
10:31AM 1 Samba Printer - Access Denied, unable to connect
10:06AM 2 Unix Realname with samba 2.2.4
9:50AM 0 Samba-Share and problems with archives and CRC-Check
8:28AM 2 error when compiling CVS HEAD Code cvs update ran 3/17/03 0:00mst
5:30AM 1 Seperate servers for home directory space and logins
4:16AM 1 Samba need a Domain to function as fileserver ?
12:37AM 2 Single shared directory, with a universal password
Sunday March 16 2003
10:54PM 1 Username problems with Windows XP
9:26PM 2 Login Script Doesn't
6:00PM 1 logon script not working
5:34PM 2 local user admin rights on samba pdc
5:21PM 0 RES: I feel abandoned
2:29PM 2 Problem starting samba :/
1:47PM 1 Win 95/98/Me problem.
1:10PM 0 SV: Adding users
10:30AM 1 How can I login at home and work
Saturday March 15 2003
8:26PM 1 client VPN disconnects samba shares
6:53PM 2 smblib/auth
6:38PM 0 CacheHandling for XP/W2k?
5:25PM 1 Samba 3.0 alpha22 confiugre problem
2:37PM 1 file corruption problem - smb log informationwritten to files on shares
2:13PM 0 [SECURITY] Samba 2.2.8 available for download
10:03AM 1 File locking with different (client) platforms
10:03AM 1 integrating multiple NT4 domains with Samba
8:12AM 0 Samba and LDAP error
2:57AM 1 Win2k and Printing
Friday March 14 2003
11:27PM 0 User Manager for Domains?
10:56PM 0 3.0 alpha22 configure error
10:43PM 0 word 97, windows 2000 bug ?
10:20PM 1 cannot get a list of Win2000/NT shares using SMBCLIENT -L with anonymous login
9:37PM 0 NIS +smbpasswd
9:03PM 2 Samba and WinXP
8:45PM 1 Can't map Redhat 8.0 share on Windows XP Professional
8:30PM 3 Outlook .pst files on Samba PDC
7:13PM 1 oplocks and w2k
6:37PM 2 LDAP and Samba
6:34PM 1 can't print after upgrade to 2.2.7a
6:33PM 3 INTERNAL ERROR / enable to unmarshall / Linux Windows 2000
6:26PM 2 SV: Adding samba users ?:/
6:09PM 2 compiling problem
6:00PM 1 Adding samba users ?:/
5:15PM 0 irix and samba
4:39PM 0 smbclient XP printing issues NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
4:17PM 1 Windows XP SMBecho request every 30-33 secs
4:16PM 1 problem with Windows XP file syncing
4:05PM 3 Change somebody else's domain password?
4:03PM 5 slow connect
2:53PM 2 Samba PDC and MMC - Problems changing password of services
2:22PM 0 Win 98 Roaming Profiles
1:37PM 1 restrict anonymous used wbinfo -A what next?
12:52PM 1 Samba PDC & Win2000
12:30PM 1 AW: subdirectory of home
11:45AM 2 Win95 & Win98 - NOT WORKING - NT,2000, XP are ok (re posted)
8:31AM 0 pb with unicode character
7:30AM 1 performance issues
7:04AM 1 Samba ADS Error
4:37AM 1 Samba for Windows? :P
3:45AM 1 LDAP Replication
2:59AM 4 Am I getting the best performance?
Thursday March 13 2003
11:51PM 1 want to access a Windows Share from a Red Hat 8 linux box
11:50PM 1 Installing printer drivers
11:08PM 3 Logon Script Doesn't
10:15PM 2 Sync Linux <-> NT Domain passwords
9:49PM 0 DC set with restrict anonymous HELP!
9:00PM 0 Win XP printing and Samba running on AIX 4.3.3
8:26PM 0 Samba logging file modifications
8:18PM 2 subdirectory of home
8:01PM 0 Excel File Problems - continue
7:40PM 2 "Oplock" error messages with samba on Linux
6:26PM 0 nt user groups
6:14PM 1 Apparent Failing Trust Relationships with MSDN Windows XP
5:32PM 0 Extended ACL wrongly(?) set on HPUX
5:30PM 4 gpedit.msc as centralized policy for 2k/xp clients
4:46PM 2 Bizarre problem - happens only under XP and not 2000
4:40PM 0 Still warnings on Solaris 9 (sparc)
4:33PM 0 too many open files , samba crashes
4:16PM 1 Windows LocalSystem Account -> Linux Samba Server - What's the userID?
4:01PM 0 can't see a security tab
3:50PM 1 (Fwd) vfs_recycle and create mode 770
3:21PM 0 Samba 3.0 won't join TNG domain
2:32PM 1 Changing unix group ownership through Samba
2:08PM 0 Vedr.: Re: Win2000 client and Samba 2.2 PDC?
2:05PM 1 Windows95 client does not get list of domain users
1:41PM 1 Win2000 client and Samba 2.2 PDC?
1:05PM 0 samba-2.2.8pre2-1, rpcclient segfault and other problems
12:34PM 3 how to view users logged in samba server??
7:53AM 1 root can print, users not
7:15AM 0 Re: SAMBA and native mode
7:12AM 2 Configuring firewall to allow Samba to work
2:46AM 0 Are NT Tools compatible with Samba? && Auto join domains? && Is a patch needed for XP?
2:46AM 0 2000 and XP cannot join PDC, (but NT can)
1:15AM 1 Samba-2.2.7a on HPUX 11.00 trying to compile LDAP support
12:10AM 1 Re-Using Machine Names on Samba Domain
Wednesday March 12 2003
10:04PM 0 Problem in listing print drivers in WinXP
8:28PM 2 Backup - suggestions needed....
7:59PM 0 NisPlus
7:52PM 2 Is there a way?
7:37PM 2 Copying Files
6:55PM 1 documentation project
6:42PM 0 Client hang w/Samba
6:36PM 0 Winbindd on FreeBSD?
5:55PM 0 Mandatory profile changes languagesetting
5:31PM 4 Printers Icon
5:13PM 0 winbind and NT must change password at next logon.
4:56PM 3 Problems with Samba as PDC
2:36PM 1 gpedit.msc as centralized policy for 2k/xp clients in domain
2:28PM 5 Windows XP and plain text password
2:09PM 1 Samba BDC and secrets.tdb question
1:04PM 1 Samba & XP Professional
9:59AM 1 anybody is running Samba PDC on FreeBSD ?
9:33AM 0 WinXP fails to find samba server
9:02AM 1 2.2.7a: %a variable / Win2k / WinXP ?
4:17AM 1 Windows 2000 Pro can't join the Samba PDC
Tuesday March 11 2003
10:34PM 2 user auth and then rejection
10:30PM 0 Prevent Domain Logon
9:25PM 0 smbgroupedit does not honor ldap parameters from smb.conf
8:43PM 2 Small/Medium Samba Install
8:40PM 5 How to verify the domain secret is good or bad?
8:35PM 0 XP and SAMBA drivers
6:48PM 1 Samba 2.2.6pre2 as a Domain Controller
6:10PM 1 Weird (again)
5:47PM 0 How are Browse lists maintained for Multiple Domains?
4:41PM 0 winbind and the user id's it assigns problem
3:10PM 1 Office documents saved in read-only mode in samba 2.2.7a
1:16PM 0 Auth users in Share
1:10PM 1 WINS server not appearing in Nethood
12:57PM 0 Joining a pdc: Invalid password length
12:36PM 0 maybe OT: "net start" ....
12:02PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 3, Issue 18
11:59AM 2 Scripts netlogon
11:57AM 0 "Failed to create stdout file decriptor" while adding a printer
11:48AM 0 problem
10:56AM 0 Errors LOG from winbind
10:46AM 1 Data replication/migration
10:34AM 0 sock8 timeout
10:22AM 1 Winbind more infos
10:00AM 0 WindowsXP Slow to display Sub Dir and file tree's
9:48AM 0 How to "kick" nmbd to remove computers from list ?
9:01AM 1 Threaten warnings while compiling Samba 2.2.7a on Solaris 2.5.1
8:43AM 1 Port Forward UDP 1911
4:25AM 0 Explaination for file permissions
2:41AM 2 Hide files in samba share using Window
2:14AM 0 Samba - Active Directory and folder level perm.
2:07AM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 3, Issue 17
2:06AM 2 create mask = 0777
12:28AM 0 Windows LocalSystem Account -> Linux Samba Server
Monday March 10 2003
11:59PM 0 Red Hat 8 SAMBA docs esp. those for SAMBA since this a SAMBA list
11:17PM 1 Samba with winbind setup but some glitches
11:07PM 1 Winbind -u and -g error in 2.2.7 on RH 8.0
7:28PM 1 some samba security questions
7:27PM 0 Was: XP Problem Now: FIXED!!!
7:14PM 0 Userconf
7:13PM 1 Transfer domain user name and passwords to Linux
6:36PM 2 WAS: XP home -> Samba NOW: Must be other networking issues...
5:35PM 3 Roaming Profiles with Samba PDC
5:33PM 0 Fw: Win95 & Win98 - NOT WORKING - NT,2000, XP are ok (reposted)
5:18PM 0 Trouble transferring a large file (700MBs)
4:28PM 1 Samba 2.2.3a on Linux
4:18PM 0 Setdriver fails V3.0-alpha21
4:07PM 2 WINS servers and browsing
3:23PM 0 RE: The account is not authorized to log in from this station
2:59PM 0 AW: rpcclient setdriver fails: WERR_INVALID_PRINTER_NAME
2:14PM 1 OSX as file server in AD domain
1:40PM 0 Unable to start SWAT in RH8.0 / Samba 3.0
1:34PM 0 Password synch
12:04PM 1 1 minute wait on a share / call_trans2qfsinfo takes 60 seconds
12:02PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 3, Issue 16
8:40AM 0 ACL with Samba 3.22 + xfs with acl
8:24AM 2 Locked files that stay open after a PC crash
7:28AM 2 Can't write to a samba share...
6:34AM 2 how to measure samba performance ?
6:09AM 1 Setting up PDC with PAM
5:52AM 0 ADS PDC Samba 3
1:27AM 3 Does the SWAT tool come with the Red Hat 8.0 distribution?
Sunday March 9 2003
11:49PM 0 Warnings compiling on SOlaris 9
11:23PM 3 not able to add machines on FreeBSD 4.7
11:06PM 0 Automagic creation of user a/c & homedir when I creat e a NT domai n user (???)
10:53PM 2 Struggling to get SAMBA and Windows working together
9:36PM 0 Understanding windows 2000 clients
4:41PM 0 Sharing a NEC Silentwriter Superscript 610 with Samba
1:33PM 0 Samba config for Windows XP Printer [Z52]
12:33PM 0 Samba 3.0alpha problems with w2k
12:04PM 0 Win2k Performance Problems]
12:02PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 3, Issue 15
11:59AM 1 Joining a 2000 domain with Samba
9:48AM 0 staled connections between Samba and password server
7:51AM 1 Win2k Performance Problems
2:18AM 0 Samba & WinXP: This connection has not been restored.
1:36AM 0 Samba config for Windows XP Printer
1:23AM 0 Samba install problem - no locking available
Saturday March 8 2003
11:44PM 1 SAMBA - mounting or sharing a folder named shared
9:13PM 1 allow trusted domains ... howto specifiy domains?
9:11PM 0 Windows forgets my linux machine
8:54PM 1 win2k, roaming profiles and samba
6:46PM 0 My Network Places
3:51PM 1 Multiple Login issues with XP, Win2K
3:51PM 1 (installing) configure summary failes
3:39PM 1 NT sends empty username to 3.0a21
3:15PM 3 changing ip
2:53PM 1 Advanced printers shares
12:01PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 3, Issue 14
9:47AM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 3, Issue 13
8:59AM 0 Password Synchronization unix to windows
Friday March 7 2003
10:59PM 0 Directory Scans
10:46PM 2 Win XP-home connecting to Samba, ahhh, please help!
9:33PM 0 RE: follow-up: samba backup software
7:24PM 1 Win2k, Domain logon, permissions
6:37PM 0 RE: follow-up: samba backup software
6:06PM 1 Roaming Profile files remain locked after logout/shutdown
5:12PM 3 cups printing and user names from trusted domains
5:06PM 1 W2K sp3 broke winbind
3:56PM 1 Samba+Pam
3:33PM 2 How to smbmount a share on a domain
3:06PM 0 Samba-3.0alpha22 available on mirrors . . . installation problems(?)
2:38PM 2 Transferring the printer database
2:32PM 2 problem with join Win2K workstation to a SAMBA PDC
1:58PM 0 Permissions?
1:55PM 0 Vedr.: Re: Migration from WindowsNT to Samba
1:25PM 1 rpcclient setdriver fails: WERR_INVALID_PRINTER_NAME
12:17PM 0 Re: samba and .NET (WIN 2003) (Schreiber Martin)
11:19AM 1 samba and .NET (WIN 2003)
9:00AM 1 Win2k and PDC logon.
7:30AM 2 Two Linux PC
12:28AM 0 samba + win2k roaming profiles
12:11AM 0 ¸ßÆ·ÖÊPHP+MYSQL JSP+MYSQLÖ÷»ú,ȷʵ²»´í!
Thursday March 6 2003
11:50PM 0 [Re: printing - Win95 & Win98 not working - NT,2000, XP are ok.]
11:49PM 0 profiles and windows xp
11:26PM 0 Samba and Seq. Read ahead.
10:40PM 2 restrict shares listings in domain to authenticated users
10:31PM 4 Win95 & Win98 - NOT WORKING - NT,2000, XP are ok (reposted)
10:23PM 9 samba backup software
10:20PM 1 ACL bug FIXes for get_nt_acl()
10:18PM 1 POSIX ACL to NT ACL bugs in get_nt_acl()
10:18PM 0 Samba 3.0 Documentation
9:56PM 1 Cdrom
9:52PM 0 Slow response & excessive CPU utilization with Foxpro
8:01PM 0 GUI interface for user administration
7:51PM 3 smbclient to access limited networks?
6:04PM 0 Samba and OpenOffice in a PDC enviroment
5:09PM 0 Samba, Reiserfs and Large files (25GB)
5:05PM 1 Samba Plain Password Patch
4:17PM 1 rpcclient setprinter failes
3:39PM 1 Re: Vamos fazer alguma coisa hoje?
3:31PM 2 Migration from WindowsNT to Samba
3:09PM 0 2nd try: Cross subnet browsing wierdness
2:46PM 0 workgroup and netbios name missing in 3.0alpha swat
2:02PM 1 Adding printer drivers from WinXP
12:53PM 1 Samba 2.2.7 and Win2K - printer drivers
12:18PM 0 SAMBA and ADS LDAP
12:12PM 1 Many processes per user
12:09PM 0 swat not working in 3.0alpha22 but worked in 3.0alpha21
12:06PM 1 Re: samba Digest, Vol 3, Issue 10
10:47AM 0 Does %U varible works fine with INCLUDE option in samba -2.2.1a-4
9:41AM 4 File permission for group
7:53AM 0 please help me it is urgent
7:22AM 0 guest user connects to IPC$
7:19AM 1 help to configure samba server
7:16AM 0 can connect with smbclient but cannot change the password with smbpasswd
5:50AM 0 Automagic creation of user a/c & homedir when I create a NT domai n user (???)
1:07AM 1 [wirus] UWAGA! znaleziono wirusa w Twojej wiadomosci !
12:47AM 1 Virtual servers for 2 workgroup
Wednesday March 5 2003
11:27PM 2 Windows 98 cannot access Samba
11:26PM 2 Winbind usernames without DOMAIN prefix
11:07PM 0 More LDAP samba 2.2.7a problems
10:47PM 1 Authentication error on weekends
10:43PM 1 login as a service to win2k & domain user manager
10:27PM 2 Drive mappings disappearing
10:14PM 0 Samba as master browsre and WINS server ???
9:47PM 3 WinXP Profe...
9:12PM 0 Accessing WinNT disk share from UNIX
7:51PM 1 win2k groups
7:22PM 0 samba domain logon stalls
7:21PM 1 Strange smbclient-messages
7:19PM 1 Final problems in the samba
7:14PM 0 Problems with samba_3.0alpha21 and W2k-Server
7:11PM 2 installing printerdriver without being admin under NT
6:46PM 0 Thank you Shane,Tiago, and Kevin
5:29PM 0 Samba BDC in a subnet of a Windows NT4.0 domain?
5:12PM 0 So what to do with oplocks?
5:11PM 0 Thanks to John !
5:05PM 1 Cannot access SWAT on Redhat 8.0
3:32PM 2 Samba-3.0alpha22 available on mirrors
3:30PM 0 Connection refused, access denied (Windows XP trying to connect on samba's shared printer)
2:37PM 0 Problems switching from a samba 2.2.2 pdc to 2.2.7 pdc
1:55PM 0 group access
12:35PM 0 OpenLDAP + Samba on AIX
10:53AM 1 Samba 3 and non-AD KDC
10:08AM 0 Ldap Samba and problems compiling
8:32AM 1 problems with logging in with w95/nt4.0: solution?
6:26AM 0 printing - Win95 & Win98 not working - NT,2000, XP are ok.
4:10AM 1 Backups of local shares
3:58AM 0 cross subnet browsing/domain logon problem
Tuesday March 4 2003
11:21PM 0 NFS-like file ownership/permissions with Samba
11:16PM 0 Access files through VPN?
11:07PM 5 XP "logon failure" but still logs on -- no roaming profile
10:40PM 2 Issues with domain auth
10:26PM 1 Windows 2K/XP Profile/Homedir replication issue?
10:03PM 1 PATCH for packaging/RedHat/samba2.spec.tmpl
9:44PM 2 Acces Denied to shared printer on linux using Windows XP
9:40PM 0 Fwd: Re: Problem of access samba from rh8 []
9:35PM 3 number of groups of NT account causes authentication problems
9:25PM 1 codepages and cross-compiling
8:50PM 1 problem with dying nmbd
8:29PM 1 2gb file size limit
8:03PM 0 Throughput Reported by smbclient
8:03PM 0 Q: Avoiding Symlink Dereferences
7:43PM 0 samba and limit the number of access to a share
6:36PM 0 smaba 3.0 - domain groups : OS info
5:27PM 0 Help! Can browse from one subnet but not another.
5:25PM 0 user entries in LDAP, group mapping (samba 3.0alpha cvs - LDAP)
5:16PM 2 Samba over IPX/NetBeui
4:59PM 1 Support for AD native mode.
3:29PM 0 server = works domain = no work
3:08PM 1 how to delete profiles after user logout ( win 2000/xp)
2:23PM 1 Problem with WinXP (one more !)
12:57PM 0 Request for help
12:13PM 0 help help (ldapsam not availalble!)
11:30AM 1 Multiple VFS modules per Share
10:57AM 0 Problem joining samba to a samba-PDC domain
10:55AM 2 Profiles and home directory - Samba PDC
10:47AM 1 Too many smbd processes?
8:11AM 1 Sybiz Accounting + 2.2.7 = ????
6:58AM 2 port usage
6:41AM 0 Samba+Winbindd
3:37AM 2 Disappearing Shares?
2:40AM 2 Profiles - Slow logoff
2:23AM 1 Problems installing Samba on Redhat 8.0
12:05AM 0 Permission changes cannot be saved.
12:01AM 0 Authentication to Samba share fails
Monday March 3 2003
10:09PM 1 POSIX to NT ACL bug
10:03PM 1 Directory/File Permissions
8:31PM 3 security domain/server
8:12PM 2 Samba and Active Diectory
7:16PM 2 printer configuration issue
6:16PM 5 Samba 2.2.7 problem
5:36PM 4 Can see Linux box, but no shares from windows
5:12PM 0 File attribute problem
4:54PM 1 authentication protocols supported by samba
3:48PM 1 Locking Problems with Samba 2.2.7
3:33PM 0 Adding printer stops with "Operation could not be com pleted"
3:13PM 0 Moving Files between file systems
2:26PM 0 samba using virtual server (load balancing)
12:30PM 1 Control NT Services
11:56AM 0 Samba + LDAP + Win2k Server problem
11:50AM 0 Cannot join NT 4.0 Client to Samba3.0a21 PDC
11:49AM 0 Mapping windows drives onto Unix
10:46AM 0 Samba 3.0 and 2.2.7a Compile and config error !!
8:41AM 1 Samba + UNICODE + Netapp
8:30AM 1 smb_panic ntdrivers.tdb
1:48AM 0 Windows 98 Client or Linux problem?
1:45AM 3 Problem of access samba from rh8
Sunday March 2 2003
7:17PM 1 smaba 3.0 - domain groups
7:08PM 1 Samba-LDAP PDC not calling 'add user script' # Global parameters
6:57PM 1 Bind Error with Sambe under Redhat 8.0
5:18PM 2 NTconfig.pol not used
1:18PM 0 Is it possible to run samba on HP-UX 9.05 ?
9:13AM 0 Samba Logfile
8:14AM 1 Only printing one copy
4:22AM 2 Adding printer stops with "Operation could not be completed"
Saturday March 1 2003
10:43PM 0 librsync [Solved]
8:52PM 1 Samba server side printer driver, how?
7:44PM 1 preserving unix->win file permissions for backup via samba?
5:28PM 8 Linux to windoze
5:27PM 1 Linux to Linux with Samba?
4:56PM 2 server side printers
1:08PM 3 Samba and LinuxMDK 9 file perms oddities?
11:16AM 1 samba 2.2.8pre2 changelog
12:28AM 1 compilation problems with 2.2.7a on OpenBSD 3.2 using --with-ldap sam
12:14AM 2 librsync ??
12:01AM 0 getent group returns only few groups on solaris