Rails - Oct 2009

Saturday October 31 2009
10:45PM 1 has_many :through another has_many :through
10:17PM 9 Ruby QR code decoder?
9:05PM 4 help me cut through auto-complete choices
8:18PM 0 having link_to_function with insert_html locks up browser when doing replace_html.
7:48PM 2 Helper in controller undefined when called
7:48PM 1 How to changing a AASM state using a Edit Action+Form View?
3:41PM 2 writing all rails application exceptions/errors to a model
12:47PM 10 *** PLEASE HELP!! *** NoMethodError in AvatarController#upload
11:36AM 1 Reply to this comment
10:35AM 5 Twitter by John Nunemaker
9:44AM 5 How to disable a item of select box
8:55AM 0 A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. - connect(2
7:40AM 2 belongs_to with global cache
6:15AM 5 Couldn't find SalesOrder without an ID
5:30AM 4 Firing Rails Controller Actions From Command Line Console
5:02AM 0 Ramaze app for Dynamic URL Music Generation
Friday October 30 2009
8:31PM 4 need help named route and link_to
8:22PM 4 I know this is a join, but not sure how to do it...
6:47PM 12 What's your favorite thing about Rails?
6:03PM 3 page.call
1:55PM 1 Any pioneers who've configured passenger to support some apps running in 1.8.x others in 1.9?
12:44PM 1 passenger ajax problem?
12:30PM 0 Online Web Calendar
9:19AM 3 relating javascript...........
8:09AM 4 form_tag wih two Button
7:57AM 5 Native sql query with array-like, prepared statement
7:04AM 1 Access to calling chain associations
6:08AM 1 including helpers in controller
3:03AM 2 nested_attributes and fields_for and ajax
Thursday October 29 2009
10:43PM 3 Rails + sqlite3 - very slow data saving
10:40PM 2 button_to results in wrong route?
10:07PM 3 Best Practice For Displaying Data
9:45PM 1 eager loading with dynamic conditions?
9:05PM 1 Ajax POST from Javascript to Rails: How?
8:29PM 0 hatbm relationship can edit, but not create.
6:01PM 3 How to obtain the context path in a Jruby app on Tomcat?
5:54PM 0 Fantastic job opportunity in the UK for a dynamic and forward thinking Ruby on Rails developer
5:15PM 7 Newbie Alert: RoR on Passenger issue
4:52PM 2 updating model while reading CSV
3:40PM 0 grab WMP video stream and convert it to FLV
3:29PM 2 facing error in gmail account.
3:13PM 4 Unknown column 'quotes.organisation_id' in 'where clause': SELECT * FROM `quotes` WHERE (`quotes`.organisation_id = 1036)
2:34PM 4 manipulating form
2:22PM 2 Subida de video en produccion
2:21PM 0 Javascript in text field with autocomplete
1:18PM 4 MySQL, unsigned bigint and fixtures
1:15PM 3 help: password ArgumentError!
11:27AM 0 l18n errors
10:09AM 0 Serach with Xapian
9:55AM 16 Getting table content via helper
9:32AM 2 REST requests with jQuery
3:34AM 3 Could someone tell me if the query is secure
1:46AM 0 automatically recieve mail
12:23AM 2 database query and loops
Wednesday October 28 2009
10:12PM 0 Rate a user with acts_as_rated
10:07PM 0 Problem with Scrubyt
10:02PM 1 Authlogic Page View Authentication Help
10:00PM 3 Rails form POSTing NULL values
8:51PM 7 What is the future of Ruby on Rails? MySQL? Compare with Java, MS SQL or Oracle?
8:47PM 5 Multi-Tier Architecture in Ruby on Rails?
7:17PM 6 User driven form creator?
7:08PM 5 Problem getting started with auto_complete
6:53PM 2 render :file cached?
5:34PM 2 mislav-will_paginate(will_paginate)
3:56PM 0 page caching and world writable directories
3:55PM 2 What should I do testing for an old application?
3:31PM 2 where is rails? (debian 5.0.3)
3:28PM 0 Specific routing problem
3:20PM 0 GeoKit and Using :through associations
3:07PM 1 range search syntax with xapian ?
1:57PM 2 What's the simplest way to use ActiveResource in ruby (without rails)?
1:56PM 12 paginate issues
12:45PM 4 Ajax Pagination
12:40PM 1 Using Cucumber with Lockdown
11:51AM 4 rendering OUTSIDE request
11:44AM 0 confused by group_by
11:22AM 0 Basic Authentication within a POST-request using HTTPClient
10:19AM 0 Remove all cached data using a single statement...
7:21AM 2 How to send a html email with attachment
5:29AM 5 Rspec - In views
4:12AM 4 Using multiple databases
3:11AM 2 MySQL sometime fail to record timestamps, become NULL.
12:56AM 6 undefined method `^' for "e":String
Tuesday October 27 2009
11:43PM 19 Ruby On Rails Tutorial for Mac?
9:33PM 3 How to start server for site with no /script/server/ script?
8:47PM 3 activerecord has_many vs. has_one scope
8:43PM 0 2010 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition – Enter Now to Win 1 Million Yen
7:42PM 13 multiple rails app with passenger on Debian
7:13PM 5 Re-tasking destroy contoller action...is this bad practice?
6:58PM 2 Undefined constant/Scope Missunderstanding
6:10PM 4 update a plugin
5:33PM 1 Simple question on rails routing
2:40PM 0 Using multiple SMTP accounts with Rails & ActionMailer
1:47PM 0 Template is missing ..Fetching from root directory
1:24PM 5 Unwanted call to validates_associated
1:22PM 6 Handling id for social networking site
1:17PM 2 newby stuck on tutorial PGError: ERROR: column
12:19PM 14 Authlogic Password confirmation is too short Error. NEED HELP.
12:10PM 1 Call an Oracle function
11:23AM 2 Will paginate is an API ?
10:12AM 22 Adding SEARCH functionality to a website
9:20AM 1 Calender API
8:37AM 6 Help
8:20AM 6 Rails+php? or Rails+Perl? or Rails+Phython?
8:15AM 2 fsockopen-method in ROR
8:10AM 2 Flex image - processed images generation
7:51AM 8 Is Ruby is better than Perl?
4:39AM 0 RSS XMl.link problem
4:24AM 2 Learning to work with HTTP using RoR
4:02AM 2 Bug or not
3:31AM 3 Suggestions for tutorial
2:41AM 2 NoMethodError: undefined method `request='
1:48AM 0 redirect fails..
12:02AM 5 self referential model?
Monday October 26 2009
10:26PM 2 Self and Protected Methods question/confusion
10:12PM 2 find_with_ferret issue
9:36PM 1 Advanced Question select_tag (default options) - created from an array. Willing to compensate someone for their time to help get this working...
9:27PM 4 Advice to setup a rails development box
9:24PM 0 Hacking Contest
9:06PM 2 Rails 2.3.4 breaks if I set a cookie's value to a FixNum ???
8:23PM 0 Active Merchant
8:22PM 2 added restful authentication features
6:36PM 0 [ANN/ADV] THE COMPLEAT RUBYIST: training with Black/Brown/McAnally, FL, Jan 2010
6:12PM 2 Error handling on ajax form
5:32PM 5 How to write this SQL in Rails
5:20PM 1 Multi Select with fields_for
4:39PM 0 Trouble getting child table information based on locale
3:54PM 8 Trying to remove invalid characters
3:47PM 0 JSON
3:31PM 1 HTML Button to call RESTful URL?
3:20PM 1 model.find(:id) and model.find(:all) giving different result
2:41PM 12 Ruby and MySQL
1:55PM 0 Which version of Chronic is best these days?
12:57PM 13 Inserting multiple records from one table (model) to another
11:35AM 2 Instance var getting lost during template render
11:21AM 2 Fine-tuned scheduling: backgroundrb?
10:39AM 3 Rails Syntax
10:16AM 3 Stop outside access to directory
9:36AM 2 GIT help
9:29AM 2 Load custom library path
9:12AM 0 sanitize removes negative value in style
7:44AM 2 rake has time limit?
7:04AM 4 Help Plzz (new to ruby)
2:57AM 4 Rails 2.3.4 - can't find method `cache_template_extensions'
1:40AM 1 Ruby interpreter error in Windows Vista
Sunday October 25 2009
10:15PM 2 accessing named route helper in cache sweepers
7:36PM 3 Scriptaculous in place editor cancel
5:25PM 2 Dirty objects
5:13PM 2 Partials and Rendering Partial Contents
2:49PM 3 Image_tag Positioning/Alignment
10:28AM 6 ajax really slow in production, very weird
9:56AM 5 Auto admin ?
7:51AM 3 undefined method `^' for "0":String
5:09AM 0 Nested Attributes For HABTM - Deleting The Right Record
1:53AM 1 Javascript error
Saturday October 24 2009
10:09PM 11 Ajax in RoR - observe_field
6:56PM 5 Multiple user types with Authlogic
3:31PM 17 ActiveRecord is being converted to Hash unexpectedly
2:47PM 2 There is no server file in script folder
1:47PM 3 Error in migrating the Postgres database
12:58PM 8 issue with eager loading in nested routes
12:20PM 1 api routes with versions
10:07AM 1 Inheritance Problem
6:19AM 2 Plugin not found: ["git://github.com/collectiveidea/awesome_nested_set.git"]
1:30AM 4 saving changes before the user leaves a form page?
Friday October 23 2009
8:24PM 0 Active Merchant: processor_id option for Braintree
7:33PM 0 friendly_id questions
7:13PM 2 validates_uniqueness_of across multiple rows?
6:21PM 3 Currency helper
6:10PM 2 Plugin dependencies
4:56PM 4 error: nested-routes with nested-model having foreign keys
4:29PM 2 Stream content to template/layout
3:28PM 4 unwanted line break
3:03PM 1 Gem for User to User inter-site messages
2:56PM 2 getting related object from the active record
2:46PM 3 Render or update only one element of a table
1:57PM 2 Deployment syntax error: fine in dev - what's happening?
1:39PM 2 Selecting from a large pool of items
1:24PM 0 Sanitize html with :before_save depending on logged in user
1:22PM 10 Rspec Tutorial
12:53PM 3 observe field is not working
10:41AM 0 The specified procedure could not be found - Init_win32api (LoadError)
10:11AM 2 Contacts gem is not fetching the Gmail a/c contacts.
9:27AM 1 Activemerchant
7:11AM 1 Can not save a json string
6:11AM 0 JQuery Multi drag/sort
5:07AM 2 undefined method `has_key?'
2:57AM 13 Google App Engine
12:26AM 0 A copy of Authenticated/ArgumentError in Smerf_forms#show
Thursday October 22 2009
10:53PM 3 Rails 2.3.4 migrations: rename_column on primary key results in wailing, gnashing of teeth
9:42PM 0 Two Ruby Developers needed in Delaware
9:23PM 0 Form helper for an array?
6:05PM 5 Get return from oracle procedure
5:48PM 4 Hard to do: Creating routes that are permalinks with context info.
5:32PM 11 UFT8 String looks great in MySql, garbage in browser
5:01PM 18 Displaying a date 'properly'....
4:33PM 4 Rake db:seed problems
4:11PM 2 Collection_select and has_many :through
3:43PM 0 Wish to hire mature RonR consultant
3:41PM 1 Drag and drop table row problem
2:52PM 0 A gem can display ruby methods call stack on browser
12:48PM 1 using will_paginate
12:25PM 2 ruby-debug and Ruby 1.9.1
8:24AM 19 undefined method `stringify_keys!' for "":String
6:48AM 0 Nginx + Thin/Passenger
6:15AM 0 gruff : label problem
2:49AM 1 Changed session store from ActiveRecord, deleted sessions table and now...
1:56AM 1 attachment_fu :thumbnail counter-acting :resize_to
Wednesday October 21 2009
10:15PM 0 Java SOAP Webservice access from rails with the proxy
10:07PM 17 Flexible model associations
9:58PM 1 Using Rails to Kill Your Signup Forms
9:07PM 0 RoR Google Summer of Code
7:29PM 2 Building RMagick on Mac OS X
7:21PM 3 "<%= %>", "<%- %>" and "<% -%>"
7:17PM 1 Certification and Training Courses
7:14PM 12 escape Word chracters for PostGRES
6:51PM 1 Tools for developing a facebook application
6:38PM 3 alias_method_chain and ActiveSupport::TestCase
5:00PM 0 Pretty grid results w/ sorting/filtering + Sphinx?
4:51PM 0 aep_beast forum authorized? method problem?
4:49PM 2 NoMethodError application_controller.rb:10
3:54PM 0 acts_as_taggable_on_steroids
3:48PM 2 New to RoR. Where to begin?
3:47PM 3 Rails generator fails to generate all files
2:43PM 0 Does Cruisecontrol works with the project ruby version 1.8.7
2:30PM 0 "Loading"
1:51PM 1 Problems with updating multiple HABTM relationships
1:35PM 1 ANN: Mastering Ruby and Rails Training
12:20PM 2 Alternatives to rmagick?
11:51AM 3 disabled button
11:27AM 2 find all with :conditions on NULL values
11:24AM 5 Plugin to track create, update, delete on certain tables?
11:17AM 0 Multi Select and Virtual Attributes
10:27AM 4 XML file using Nokogiri gem
10:05AM 2 Recommended security framework for Rails 3
9:14AM 1 Functional test problem in rails 2.2.2
8:30AM 1 Advantages of rails 2.1
8:16AM 0 Form handling by rails
7:30AM 0 About transaction
7:26AM 0 ActiveRecord::Base.transaction
6:45AM 3 Need Ruby on rails 2.0 tutorial
6:34AM 1 I lost authentication token, how do i get it.
6:04AM 2 Local not passing to partial when validation error
6:03AM 0 Kenlighten - A social network for knowledge seekers and providers
5:52AM 1 Is dynamic database connection available in ROR
4:36AM 0 JOBS - RoR developer in Austin, Texas
4:21AM 0 barcode-generator -matsimitsu - NoMethodError
Tuesday October 20 2009
9:15PM 7 Has many through
8:51PM 6 perl and php inside rails
8:50PM 6 How do I install RoR?
8:09PM 0 Userstamp plugin doesn't load in "test" environment - y not?
7:58PM 3 rake gems:build when deploying code that requires native gems
5:15PM 0 Ruby on Rails Expert Required
4:14PM 1 Conditional destroy
4:05PM 3 JQuery GET without link_to_remote. How ?
4:04PM 0 Rails Station 0.3 released!
3:45PM 1 OCIError (ORA-01017: invalid username/password; login denied
3:22PM 1 Filtering routes based on format
3:16PM 2 Find sub sub records
3:07PM 2 JOB: Looking for Freelance Developer
3:03PM 6 Wierd HTML rendering problem
12:03PM 6 collection_select fails to work for "edit" but works great for "new"
11:58AM 3 gem installation failed
11:20AM 10 REXML
10:26AM 2 What is the lib/ folder in my rails app for?
10:02AM 2 Polymorphic relationships?
9:56AM 3 Join .Net Community
9:36AM 0 Model-problem
7:01AM 6 Rails & OpenSSL: `require_frameworks': no such file to load
6:44AM 5 Ruby Video Tutorials
3:32AM 5 Annoying problem with file_field and paperclip
2:23AM 4 Simple system for asynchronous SQL queries
1:40AM 7 From 3 fields :date input from forms to 1 field
12:22AM 0 Render collection of partials: in batches of 30?
12:12AM 1 RESTful Routing - Difference between new, collection, member
Monday October 19 2009
11:35PM 1 Check if association cached without hitting db?
10:59PM 2 Handling missing associations
10:48PM 4 prevent duplicate words in array
9:14PM 1 Combobox population by means of JQuery and Ajax.
8:47PM 1 ActiveRecord abstract_class and model inheritance
6:16PM 3 routing namespaced controllers
5:59PM 6 Domain status in Rails
5:12PM 4 find, using a link instead of a form
4:58PM 0 Nero 9 - FULL Version - [Precracked] 51MB ONLY!
3:47PM 0 problems with calling javascript containing dynamic content in partial page
3:33PM 1 Calling a Oracle procedure inside ROR
3:15PM 0 map.resources + has_many + STI + :only
2:54PM 1 submit_tag or f.submit
1:56PM 2 Huge XML Template
1:26PM 4 HTML table visual effect
9:08AM 2 Odd behaviour of update_attributes in STI table
8:35AM 9 Can (should) each :user have his own table?
7:37AM 5 Linked associations question please help
6:19AM 1 why do we needs act_as_state_machine?
5:26AM 0 [JOBS] Seeking technical co-founder for web 2.0 sustainability start-up in Vancouver – equity based and part-time to start
2:45AM 2 Register Error
1:19AM 2 Deploying rails application
12:27AM 8 Project Server not starting. No Errors.
Sunday October 18 2009
8:53PM 4 SQL query viewer plugin
7:24PM 5 Using Initializers
7:03PM 2 Associations are not found with STI using Rails 2.3
7:01PM 9 WiceGrid Plugin version 0.5
4:43PM 6 Authlogic -- gem or plugin?
2:29PM 0 Dwonload Easy Photo Recovery v2.6 + Portable | 5.51 MB
1:28PM 3 Hash.new(0) vs. Hash.new { |h,k| h[k] = 0 }
8:10AM 4 Something like a file server
6:34AM 4 AR.base.connection.execute Not Working
3:37AM 4 NoMethodError in User sessionsController#new
Saturday October 17 2009
11:15PM 3 Problem passing id to another model
9:49PM 1 undefined local variable or method `autosave_associated_records_for_book' when saving record
8:14PM 3 Security problems with CookieStore and CSRF protection
7:24PM 2 Skip default_scope when running migrations
2:46PM 6 error in using link_to
2:20PM 13 Rails Concurrent Requests
12:38PM 6 How to DRY up these methods?
9:53AM 1 Routing Error if using ssl_required
1:00AM 3 Problem with deployment of rails application using passenger and apache (Very Important)
12:39AM 2 rename_column breaks tests?
Friday October 16 2009
10:31PM 0 Download Hide My Ip 2009 And Key
10:23PM 5 rails-file-uploading
8:53PM 7 Change column name in view
8:11PM 0 action cache problem
8:06PM 1 Route Skips Call to Method
7:12PM 1 how do I tell people about my open source Rails project?
6:52PM 5 accessing images in the /public directory..
2:44PM 3 Date validation
12:41PM 5 ActionMailer plain/text attachments
12:23PM 0 Download Avira AntiVir Premium v9.0.0.446 with 2011 valid
11:57AM 5 Rails 2.3 Model.touch(:column) always also updates :updated_at???
11:16AM 2 installing OSM project - trubles
9:29AM 3 has_and_belongs_to_many on different databases
7:59AM 12 Reflections on Site5 and Eleven2 for Rails
7:57AM 1 Application Error only in Detached Mode
7:18AM 2 Having trouble updating Gems; need to change write permissions on directory
6:18AM 1 How to impliment the Gauge meter in RoR
6:06AM 0 Selenium: get href link by anchor text
5:00AM 0 MiddleMan Class missing with backgroundrb 1.1 version??
3:38AM 2 how to get vendor/gems/cucumber-0.4.2 to use vendor/gems/treetop-1.4.2 ?
3:26AM 3 size of array returned by named_scope with :group/:select distinct
3:02AM 0 fosscasts - Free & Open Source Screencasts
2:14AM 3 Facebox for Prototype
2:08AM 2 scRUBYt vs Anemore vs hpricot
12:31AM 1 Rails /w Ruby 1.9.1p243 - Unit Test assert_equal question
Thursday October 15 2009
11:32PM 11 Am I reinventing polymorphic associations?
11:10PM 0 zena 0.15.0 release
10:25PM 0 performance testing without counting setup
9:36PM 2 radio buttons on edit/update form
8:31PM 1 noob question - approaches to using layouts?
4:49PM 8 Wrong value for belongs_to?
4:38PM 0 Accessing SOAP service
2:29PM 10 Create and error_messages
1:34PM 1 How Does Locking Work?
1:22PM 10 AJAX - how to have multiple select form sets implemented?
12:47PM 2 Rails 2.3.x and production mode
12:28PM 0 LDAP and password protection
12:12PM 0 curb gem not getting installed...
11:42AM 5 invalid multibyte character error
9:48AM 0 Gauge implimentation
9:04AM 4 Getting the object in fields_for
8:45AM 0 Download Avira 2010 an key 2014
7:49AM 14 Ruby on Rails INSTANT INSTALLER for LINUX?????
7:31AM 1 Check what migrations need to be done inside ruby script
6:12AM 0 Announcement: new sanitization plugin acts_as_sanitiled
4:13AM 1 fields_for weirdness
3:39AM 2 Model.Save causing nil object error
2:13AM 2 Select Option Broken on Eager Load With 2nd Order Association
12:48AM 7 PLZ HELP - ROR on Redhat Linux :: Problem with backgroundrb
12:16AM 0 Re: Ruby on Rails Developer position in San Diego, CA
Wednesday October 14 2009
11:25PM 6 zena first gem: need testing
10:13PM 4 Saving and updating multiple objects
8:10PM 1 Tags or Full text tagging ?
6:22PM 0 mini_magick
6:17PM 1 Active Record associations performance
5:19PM 6 Reinstantiate controller during functional testing
3:25PM 5 Conditional layout - show
3:14PM 2 edit a model and its has_many children at once?
3:13PM 18 sybase in rails2?
3:07PM 0 A question about submitting parameters using Ajax.Updater
2:58PM 0 Render partial with nested attributes in different model
2:56PM 0 Render partial with nested attributes in another model
2:42PM 3 rails security help
2:31PM 0 Render partials with nested attributes in another model
1:56PM 6 Combining rails intrAnet and public site.
12:05PM 2 Problem with onload
11:50AM 0 Sophisticated routes recognition (with regexp, for instance). Is there any way?
11:09AM 1 Reg: deployment
10:55AM 0 Nobel jury speaks out in defense of Obama prize
10:44AM 2 how to implement get and post method in Ruby on Rails
10:16AM 2 How to configure every (postgresql) db connection?
9:34AM 6 attr_accessor :password
9:22AM 16 Really need some help with production environment installation
7:34AM 3 Label Reference of Fixtures
7:08AM 1 Maximum for has_many relationship?
6:57AM 6 Select statements do not work on MySQL
6:16AM 1 Searching a model based on a filter on its association
5:18AM 0 Ruby/C question
5:10AM 1 Render partials with nested attributes from another model
12:22AM 3 Will the sky fall down if I install Ruby on Rails?
Tuesday October 13 2009
10:15PM 0 Obama: Afghanistan decision in 'coming weeks'
9:53PM 9 Nokogiri: to_s WITHOUT html surrounding's tags?
9:22PM 1 Auto-logout after 15 minutes....
9:14PM 3 I'd like to use the mail_to method in a model
8:32PM 4 ActiveRecord failing with a default field value of blank
8:19PM 0 RSpec, flash messages and redirection
7:50PM 4 Error Handling in Scaffolds
7:07PM 3 Need a clear view on this
6:06PM 0 Re: How can I parse encoded and serialized XML with REXML?
6:03PM 1 Passing parameter to open dialog using link_to_function
5:40PM 0 Using a method from another class
5:25PM 4 attr_accessible :field - obj.field="xxx" still possible?!
4:20PM 1 config.action_controller.session[:secret] vs protect_from_forgery :secret
1:51PM 0 Script sometimes sends random data to database?
1:02PM 5 Test rails model with Cucumber?
12:53PM 0 Proper Way to Force Model to be Creation-time Only Member of another
12:41PM 1 Rails Development and Solid State Drive (SSD)
11:37AM 3 empty parameter submitted but .nil failed to detect it
11:14AM 0 cms system
10:54AM 3 Site map
10:07AM 0 WEBrick crash
9:20AM 0 How To Unlock Locked iPod
8:40AM 5 A simple form
8:33AM 0 How to test background jobs?
8:33AM 0 Re: How can I parse encoded and serialized XML with REXML?
8:21AM 2 Single Table Inheritance (STI) Broken: NameError
7:19AM 8 How to exit rails application from within
5:54AM 0 Shopping Cart for production
3:31AM 4 il.add_index question
3:17AM 1 loofah 0.3.1 Released
1:16AM 2 Using transaction in non-active record model
Monday October 12 2009
10:06PM 1 rake test vs rake test RAILS_ENV=test
8:59PM 2 undefined error on the 'Welcome Aboard' page
8:43PM 1 ODBC with Snow Leopard
8:20PM 2 Why a nil date makes I18n.l fail?
7:55PM 0 nested attributes and deep references
7:09PM 1 Reload data inside a test?
6:29PM 6 Formatting Dates in my view
6:24PM 10 Migrating Rails App to New Host/IP with No Downtime?
5:46PM 1 About custom validations
4:14PM 15 We're sorry, but something went wrong on Tomcat
3:43PM 0 Model Security Gem
1:02PM 8 named scope for 'all without conditional associations'
12:54PM 1 Render_component plugin installation
12:36PM 4 How can I handle a java bean in rails?
11:30AM 4 booting failure
8:40AM 3 Passing id array as option in find_by_solr
8:37AM 0 Flash / Flex on Rails (Ruby AMF)
8:29AM 8 Easy Way to identify Partials
6:03AM 2 yaml ?nodes? or nested maps
1:02AM 2 Flex/AIR and Rails
Sunday October 11 2009
11:25PM 0 updating a form.select based whenever another form.select change [ajax]
11:15PM 6 Overwriting default accessors
10:35PM 2 edit HMT with fields_for
9:47PM 2 Populate a combo box
9:35PM 1 passing model data to a plugin called within that model
9:05PM 0 ActiveRecord fails to update without a pause
8:26PM 0 Help Finding Lead RoR Developer to manage team
7:54PM 3 Walk with Nokogiri through whole DOM?
7:50PM 3 Suggestion for how to batch add records & photos
6:44PM 1 data in json ruby on rails and Extjs
5:38PM 6 A simple editable grid for Rails
5:27PM 1 nested_attributes
4:12PM 0 Values from update action too model
3:48PM 0 Nested Attributes and find_or_create
1:38PM 3 May AR objects contain "invalid" data when not saved yet?
12:34PM 1 Extjs with rails
12:24PM 5 Default .rjs
12:01PM 5 Dojo with Rails
10:18AM 2 Share code between unit and functional tests?
9:15AM 2 people(:sam) should be saved to a @sam variable?
9:15AM 6 Why need before_validation etc methods be public?
7:08AM 0 Can't create a new thread (errno 12)
6:07AM 5 :lib in config.gem
Saturday October 10 2009
11:40PM 1 SOAP
9:23PM 1 AJAX/RJS Same as mailing address type function ...
8:45PM 2 Rails Scaffold for Existing Model
4:35PM 2 difference scaffold model
4:01PM 1 ArgumentError with Remarkable
3:41PM 4 form_for url.. how to send data to another controller
4:53AM 1 Javascript template, extension naming ?
12:12AM 7 Maintaining non persisted data
Friday October 9 2009
10:39PM 0 Problems with Redbox
10:27PM 1 Using auto_complete on multiple text_fields within a form
9:28PM 6 Client side validation - good, bad, or useless?
9:24PM 4 Rails Routes using complex parameter names
8:59PM 3 Trying to learn if params can be modified
7:36PM 2 Get cookie valuu into the model
7:34PM 0 Need help with ecommerce
5:56PM 1 Best approach when data store is XML instead of a database?
2:37PM 0 ActiveRecord::Errors#full_messages changes in 2.3.4
2:22PM 6 Error on relations
1:44PM 1 protect_from_forgery development mode
12:48PM 1 Reports libraries with Rails?
12:38PM 13 How to protect against DoS?
12:27PM 1 get value of select whch change using ajax after form submit
12:07PM 1 Adding columns to DB on the fly
11:19AM 1 Rails errors and background processes
9:50AM 1 Loading & Dumping of data in AR with Marshal
9:38AM 0 Tell ActionMailer to use a specific IP address to send
9:35AM 7 XML into database
8:12AM 12 Best RoR developer freelance tools
6:51AM 0 how can I remove selected with select_month?
6:00AM 1 A table based grid - please let me know if I'm reinventing the wheel here
5:50AM 0 Ruby on Rails POC
4:03AM 3 autocomplete with extra data
2:58AM 2 Heavy reports with a lot of calculations
12:56AM 0 abetaday.com - share website screenshots instead of difficult to remember urls
Thursday October 8 2009
11:50PM 7 YANQ (Yet Another Newbie Question): Ordered entries in a database
11:01PM 6 Eager Loading a Relationship That Has No PK/FK
9:48PM 3 My First Application in Ruby on Rails
5:40PM 0 How to avoid losing mysql connections with Rails
3:48PM 0 Show off your programming skills and develop custom toolbar components
3:47PM 3 validates_format_of .csv
3:45PM 0 logger output to the terminal is buffered?
3:39PM 2 Variable sizes with paperclip
3:11PM 3 strange email syntax issue with ActionMailer
2:33PM 2 problem sending email from restful authentication
2:18PM 0 earn money through Home based internet jobs
1:03PM 2 Problem with oracle_enhanced adapter
10:18AM 2 auto_complete not working with ruby 1.9
10:06AM 3 Rails fixtures load not working as stated (2.3.4)
9:09AM 4 Calling partials from onother controller/view
8:31AM 3 handling arrow keys/Ctrl-keys/Alt-keys in the browser
7:23AM 8 Upgrade to Snow Leopard gives me closed stream in rails 2.3.4
6:13AM 1 Paypal issue
3:41AM 2 Removing extranious html
2:46AM 4 Can you configure multiple email accounts?
2:45AM 0 sorry for the spam
Wednesday October 7 2009
10:07PM 1 Best way to share a plugin between different Rails application
9:37PM 0 RESTful XML requests, how to?
9:20PM 0 Nested form
7:34PM 0 During upgrade, schema_migrations table not populated
7:14PM 1 routes: _path vs. _url
7:14PM 2 How to display results from 2 views.........
5:02PM 1 Multiple Domains Different Layouts
4:50PM 9 Definitive guide to Rake commands
4:33PM 0 Suggestions on best JavaScript library for 2D drawing
4:11PM 13 Return "title" column if "caption" column is empty?
2:50PM 2 Rails, flash, function and parameter
2:30PM 1 output validations errors form causing type error?
2:02PM 2 RMagick problem on Windows
1:27PM 5 How to debug unit (and other) tests?
1:15PM 3 Unique indexes
1:12PM 1 What in the world might this be?
1:11PM 3 constant ActionView::Base::Subclasses::MainController not defined
1:07PM 3 I thought frozen objects could not be unfrozen later
10:45AM 1 Empty validation error messages?
8:25AM 8 audio/video file read
8:08AM 5 Rails and SQLITE
5:47AM 0 Updated Ruby midi Music composing Software scripts...
4:37AM 9 Using AJAX to generate complex forms interactively - any guides?
4:11AM 0 loofah 0.3.0 Released
4:03AM 0 attachment_fu generates wrong public_filename
3:03AM 2 "Overriding" association build methods
2:00AM 1 Sessions and rich join tables
1:36AM 2 with_indifferent_access question Rails 2.2
Tuesday October 6 2009
10:55PM 0 Do AR callbacks know why they were called?
10:46PM 7 How to do save_or_update with ActiveRecords?
9:19PM 7 rails: command not found on Debian lenny
8:44PM 37 Scaling database. The easiest one!?
6:26PM 2 how do i use a loop to fill an array?
5:06PM 2 Why does RakeFileUtils get mixed into ActiveRecord::Base?
5:00PM 0 Named routes and a Railscast
4:16PM 0 schema_migrations table not created
4:10PM 0 Integrationtest with Subdomain
4:06PM 0 Uploading multiple files with will_paginate
3:09PM 0 Canadian Ruby on Rails Hosting
12:49PM 10 help: awesome_nested_set
12:32PM 8 How do I access a child table/model from the parent in sql s
12:23PM 8 problem with RJS, params and Internet Explorer
10:31AM 0 Using RestClient for communication between server and client
10:29AM 0 Help needed about using httperf in linux
9:36AM 1 relating to image
9:24AM 0 youtube pagination
7:54AM 14 Custom class
7:06AM 1 Problems Processing multiple form elements generated by javascript actions
6:39AM 9 Form_for with namespace
6:32AM 3 handling validation errors
6:26AM 4 Processing an XML list in a controller
5:05AM 2 strange to_formatted_s problem
4:21AM 3 Errno::EADDRINUSE
3:38AM 0 The only time you should use STI is when...
3:31AM 10 Updating multiple tables with one form
2:48AM 0 How to create editable data grid using rails?
Monday October 5 2009
11:49PM 1 Complex form validation problem
11:42PM 4 DRY model validation question
11:26PM 0 Re: mongrel, static files, and haproxy healtchecks
10:18PM 1 ajaxy select boxes and existing records
8:57PM 0 doing creates on has_many_through associations with :conditions?
7:48PM 0 ActiveRecord Polymorphic Inheritance
7:36PM 2 newcomer of ROR
7:14PM 2 domain names within app
6:57PM 0 Validation message for update
5:34PM 4 auto_link open new window
5:29PM 9 Browser can't display the ruby part in rhtml
5:26PM 2 Friendly "From Address"
4:09PM 0 NEWBIE using flickr_fu, impossible to retrieve a user's tags list
2:31PM 0 Migrations running errantly
2:05PM 2 routes configuration
12:55PM 0 Editable datagrid using wice_grid and in_place_editor?
12:35PM 4 Problem with Rails and Oracle sequences
10:58AM 0 Question about the redirection of rails.
10:33AM 3 AssociationTypeMismatch expected Project got Project
8:11AM 0 WAV to ACC or MP3
8:06AM 4 Multiple views of the same model
7:10AM 0 Retriving sessions value
7:05AM 11 Unable to install plugins from github
6:50AM 1 Re: creating 2 things at the same time?
5:59AM 1 Auto print???
5:42AM 2 Get and Set method in Ruby on Rails
4:50AM 0 Re: creating 2 things at the same time?
1:24AM 4 Friendly_id and Rake problem.
Sunday October 4 2009
11:19PM 3 Problem using ActiveRecord find with :joins and :select
10:30PM 0 RMagick is looking for a maintainer
9:56PM 0 Error running Selenium rakefile with Rails 2.3.4
9:26PM 11 Problems installing ruby gems on linux
9:07PM 3 spec testing controllers
8:05PM 2 Re: mysql + Snow Leopard + Rails
7:50PM 7 rescue
7:40PM 2 no such file to load -- restClient (MissingSourceFile) HELP
7:33PM 2 Number_to_currency - not accepting all currencies?
7:25PM 1 ActiveRecord tests under Ruby 1.9
7:02PM 2 Atom Feed
7:01PM 1 Redirect has no effect ? or How to make a reload ?
6:49PM 0 Re: My App doesn't send mails
2:27PM 5 Re: My App doesn't send mails
5:21AM 0 Inheriting from ActiveRecord::Base with no DB table
1:06AM 1 circular relationship - habtm
Saturday October 3 2009
5:12PM 2 Flash Messages based on login session?
2:38PM 5 Models vs constant arrays (Rails way)
2:15PM 2 Looking for a good resource on open-uri and FileUtils
12:12PM 3 Knowing the parent of an object
9:47AM 0 The facebook button is not visible
7:34AM 1 File upload problem
4:44AM 0 anyone has used "nifty-generators" for your project?
12:40AM 0 Routes for common site area
Friday October 2 2009
11:55PM 2 Seeking Ruby on Rails Tutorial/Screencaster
11:13PM 0 escape html encode problem
10:31PM 2 Plural version of the model detected, using singularized version. Override with --force-plural.
9:15PM 4 Can't access http://localhost:3000
7:17PM 0 deeby 1.0.0 Released
6:10PM 2 naming conventions for models / controllers
6:05PM 7 alternate display of records
5:57PM 3 paperclip - imagemagick Configuration
5:13PM 0 Ruby4Skype works?
5:11PM 2 Master id or guid
4:45PM 4 Fragment caching strategy
4:01PM 2 CGI::Session::ActiveRecordStore and 2.3.2
3:38PM 0 Problems with validates_uniqueness_of
3:13PM 1 respond_to and params:format]
2:54PM 12 SMS via Skype
1:38PM 0 warning: already initialized constant ...
11:12AM 16 Manning Date yyyy-mm-dd format
10:27AM 1 Retrieving object from a user
8:31AM 1 Simple HTTPS usage
7:53AM 3 Databaseless app choices
7:24AM 10 Problem with cookie in IE
5:08AM 0 polymorphic belongs_to
3:57AM 0 Options
1:44AM 1 nested models when id is unavailable
Thursday October 1 2009
11:56PM 2 undefined local variable or method `new_new_path' in an scaffold
10:38PM 3 Problem with composite primary keys, fixtures
10:26PM 0 Learn Ruby on Rails with Sarah Allen one of the contributors of OpenLazlo
10:17PM 6 has_one :through
9:04PM 7 Is a given timezone in day light savings time?
8:14PM 3 erb question
7:38PM 2 Installing RMagick on UBUNTU 9.04
7:22PM 0 Junior RoR Programmers
7:19PM 3 how to make rails parse <p>, <b>, <strong> entered in text area?
6:55PM 5 want to jump/scroll to a certain row in a table
6:49PM 1 Timezone and tzinfo
6:19PM 2 stumped by scheduler
6:18PM 3 Problem with <%=select%>
5:00PM 1 Backend game server.
5:00PM 9 Strange problem with "and" - "&&"
4:41PM 3 mongrel + mysql can't connect in custom mysql install
3:06PM 1 Java Script
2:58PM 5 Routing/format (I'm lost.)
2:02PM 0 Paperclip performance hit
11:54AM 0 .htaccess not working, redirect all requests to maintenance
11:43AM 1 Problem with environment
11:27AM 3 Using Ruby on Rails to edit a script?
11:24AM 0 Youtube
10:24AM 0 rails et amchart
9:45AM 2 Safari uploads fail, FF works
9:22AM 6 CSS issue with div fieldWithErrors
8:31AM 0 Community Engine
8:31AM 0 Paperclip + asset_host uploading to external URL
6:15AM 2 StyleSheets on Ruby on Rails
5:56AM 2 Any way to avoid instantiating a class twice?
5:44AM 5 RESTful design
5:27AM 4 Find conditions
2:45AM 3 sqlite limit
1:52AM 2 cookie overflow