Rails - Sep 2009

Wednesday September 30 2009
11:37PM 2 ActiveRecord Question: Disabling Boolean Emulation
10:39PM 4 Beginning Rails development without internet
10:12PM 3 Can't Fully Install Passenger Apache2 Module
8:04PM 2 sessions (cookie)
7:47PM 0 Problem with git remote repository
7:23PM 1 Ruby On Rails Developer - West Chester, PA
7:21PM 2 Generating new div when link is clicked
6:30PM 8 Cycle/Partials issue
5:00PM 0 rjb failure: can't create Java VM
4:05PM 3 text_field_with_auto_complete question
4:03PM 2 ActiveResource and validation errors
3:58PM 1 vim: What html plugin do you use to help you close tags?
3:44PM 18 What is the Ruby on Rails equivalent to php includes?
2:26PM 0 Last day to sign up for "Rails for Everyone"
1:30PM 2 What is this view syntax? Old beast forum code...
1:14PM 1 Can't connect with MySQL database
1:08PM 1 DateTime optionally containing microseconds
12:36PM 0 File encryption and attachment_fu
12:25PM 1 Strange behaviour with ActiveRecord and collection_ids
10:56AM 3 django like admin interface
9:31AM 0 cronedit in rails
8:41AM 0 MOM - Message Oriented Middleware for Rails
7:42AM 1 2 RESTful controllers for the same resource
6:45AM 0 ar_sendmail is sending mail twice
6:11AM 1 Restaurant Ordering
6:07AM 2 Validation page problems
5:25AM 5 Mongrel
4:33AM 0 Nested Resources and Redirects
4:26AM 2 Populating parent relationships automagically
3:42AM 17 Apache2.2 + what to get Rails
3:27AM 5 A rails plugin to generate css sprite image automatically
2:34AM 3 SQLite3::SQLException: id may not be null
1:45AM 13 SOAP Dates and Rails
1:30AM 3 How to search and replace all urls on a HTML string using RUBY gsub
Tuesday September 29 2009
11:32PM 5 NoMethodError in Stories#show
10:54PM 1 Keeping failed validations on the /new URL
10:54PM 4 Is it possible to deploy a rails app, or is that something that cannot be done yet?
10:12PM 4 Access to session variable in model
8:41PM 14 Rails server on linux
7:43PM 0 Prerender AJAX
7:01PM 0 BBCode Parser...
4:33PM 0 widgEditor submit problem
1:33PM 3 void value expression when accessing constant from view
1:17PM 4 Gem or plugin?
12:43PM 16 Report in DOC/Word
11:10AM 1 how to save data into database from xml
10:57AM 5 Store data in db from XML
10:49AM 2 Where is my fragment cache?
10:09AM 1 Best RoR hosting
9:37AM 3 Adding record in database table
9:18AM 11 Array and Set parameters in .find search
8:46AM 1 integration test api call with xml body
7:59AM 5 Update counter cache for 2 models
7:45AM 10 rails 2.3.3 upgrade shows error
7:33AM 0 Problem with RESTful resource and ActiveScaffold
7:07AM 1 ActiveRecord 2.3.3 in_or_equals_for_ids exception
6:02AM 3 Is it possible to follow redirects outside of Rails on an integration test?
5:36AM 0 Javascript call fails when it renders a partial which has a javascript call....
5:35AM 0 Navigation Tabs
5:11AM 0 Rendering Text in a New Frame
3:40AM 10 How to validate presence of phone number or mobile phone.
2:32AM 1 Truncate doesn't work with Snow Leopard
12:53AM 1 Rails syntax help
Monday September 28 2009
11:22PM 5 How disable log for entire action?
11:13PM 8 PHP app on the same server as Rails app
10:39PM 3 Form Name or ID
10:31PM 1 Facebook connect problem
9:41PM 0 ri_cal 0.8.5 Released
9:32PM 6 What is the most efficient way to split a table into 2 groups?
7:53PM 7 Basic Rails problem with has_many nil values and permalinks
7:12PM 6 Encode and Encrypt Email Addresses
6:51PM 1 Timeout issue and custom solution
5:49PM 2 Generate a page and save as HTML
5:47PM 0 Non UTC database with TimeZone support? (Rails 2.3.4)
5:32PM 3 rjb: Java classes in Rails
4:03PM 1 Job Post - ROR Jr Programmer - Austin, TX
3:41PM 3 Increment Count and display
3:20PM 5 seeds.rb and rake test tasks
3:05PM 0 Problem accessing paperclip file attributes in a callback (observer)
2:29PM 11 Run Rake from Controller/View?!
2:16PM 6 select helper
1:11PM 3 sum product of 2 fields ?
12:30PM 2 Links to external content
12:19PM 2 Re: How can I parse encoded and serialized XML with REXML?
8:48AM 0 Getting class name in plugin
7:31AM 0 full nested models errors listing
6:57AM 1 filter activeresource response body
6:49AM 2 Counting words for visual details
6:22AM 2 Error with flash and form_authenticity_token in new rails application with scaffolding
6:05AM 0 Should I be able to dynamically load metals at runtime?
4:26AM 1 Calling a controller action from another controller
4:11AM 0 New Canadian Center for Architecture website powered by Rails
3:44AM 3 Testing Referential Integrity
Sunday September 27 2009
11:57PM 4 foxy fixtures :has_one :class_name
11:20PM 2 arrays into columns
10:50PM 2 test driven development advice
10:50PM 7 App best practice > Client Credit Information
8:04PM 1 Switchboard - Easy to use global ActiveRecord event listeners
5:26PM 9 preceding zero
11:53AM 3 Newbie Trouble with RubyOnRails Bible
11:15AM 0 Directing command output to a view
9:48AM 0 Count dupliate element
Saturday September 26 2009
9:52PM 0 Cleaning up test files for Paperclipped models
9:47PM 6 What are methods ending in =?
9:24PM 0 Running Unit Tests With SphinxSE
7:01PM 0 To protect or not email attribute of user
6:50PM 3 Does << create a new record?
6:20PM 1 SSL/HTTP with regards to Mongrel
6:01PM 1 Cross Model Validation
2:27PM 0 autotest: No such file or directory - -u (Errno::ENOENT)
1:35PM 3 how to pass value to method in controller
11:22AM 0 Paperclip with external url and asset_host?
10:50AM 6 Heroku
9:29AM 0 how to check type of ajax response
9:22AM 7 removing attribute prefix from validation error messages
8:30AM 2 Config XLSUITE in Windows
8:14AM 0 ♀♂&&&&&&Wholesale Sports Shoes Clear Air Force One AAA++quality
5:29AM 4 I'm restarting to work with ruby on rails, but having configurations problems
3:23AM 0 Ruby on Rails - Developers for NCR Delhi
1:23AM 0 I've been trying to reply to a post, but none of my responses are taking...
Friday September 25 2009
11:14PM 12 uniqueness validation perplexity
11:05PM 1 exists? weirdness
11:05PM 2 ActiveRecord in a generator?
9:49PM 13 customize active record attribute display name in error message
9:43PM 8 Cheapest Rails Hosting where they give you full access to Apache (to load modules etc)???
9:15PM 6 Segmentation fault when loading fixtures
8:48PM 0 nested model form error messages
8:02PM 1 Ajax vs. Page Refresh
7:48PM 0 Last call: Rails Training in Chicago on Oct. 24
7:05PM 4 Object has invalid ID after rollback
5:59PM 4 cost model for a RoR where users could upload lots of file? what approach?
5:38PM 7 How to ensure two tables reference the same record in a third table?
5:35PM 0 Authentication with Cookies instead of CookieStore Sessions
5:31PM 0 Job Post - Ruby on Rails Jr Programmer/Tester - Austin, TX
3:52PM 0 I have a problem with scaffolds
2:23PM 0 Question about classes in Rails
1:29PM 0 Rails tiny plugin using jquery, paerclip with image upload and media upload support
1:13PM 3 how to time out a query
12:13PM 0 Paperclip: Adding attachment to model on update not working
11:54AM 0 memcache-client error though i have memcache-client gem installed
11:45AM 1 calling partials from a layout - once nil, once not nil
11:09AM 6 looking for .rhml.r488 instead .rhtml page
9:57AM 3 NoMethodError : undefined method `stringify_keys!' for "2":String
9:49AM 2 How to install country_select plug-in
8:18AM 1 generate model error
8:07AM 2 cms like routes
7:42AM 3 Categories and articles plug-in, act_as_tree, act_as_list
6:29AM 1 how to remove bogusetag by hpricot?
6:01AM 0 Rails plugins?
4:14AM 0 WWW::Mechanize and Rails console not playing well
12:39AM 0 Chained Polymorphic Association and the missing type field
Thursday September 24 2009
11:59PM 8 Drop down list ?
11:47PM 3 Overriding a single Rails core file (batches.rb)
11:45PM 1 Trying to pull data out of XML doc using REXML
9:27PM 3 Non blocking http request
8:48PM 0 Should fields_for for has_many association execute block even if the collection is empty?
8:45PM 14 dynamic form problem
8:07PM 0 Running asynchronous processes - non-ruby binaries
7:17PM 2 Calling ActionView from uninheriting class
7:06PM 5 Authlogic - Render Partial
6:11PM 1 Editing Tutorials Copy thread as the other one seems to have glitched
6:09PM 21 Editing "Tutorials"
5:42PM 5 Non-ActiveRecord based model being passed as string?
5:22PM 4 Getting the server port number during initialization
4:02PM 2 Testing: 'test "..." do' works but not 'def test...'
3:27PM 0 Web development testing survey
2:41PM 0 Rails 2.3.4 and Erubis 2.6.5, Speedup?
2:29PM 1 migrating from rails 2.1.0 to rails 2.3.3
1:58PM 0 Sphinx Chinese failed
1:38PM 5 named_scope, sql-view.
1:07PM 0 prototype link_to_function
1:01PM 3 Iterators in ruby
10:16AM 4 ruby 1.9.1 & Rails 2.3.4 generate code show wrong .
9:47AM 2 watir testing and watir-on-rails
9:15AM 4 Action Controller ::MethodNotAllowed
8:18AM 3 Attachment_fu
7:51AM 0 Is ActiveResource the way to go?
7:50AM 0 Connect a field with an error
7:08AM 1 Stripe Rails Comments ?
7:01AM 1 Activerecord issue - all_hashes error
6:53AM 0 Listing all the models(tables) used in a controller
6:23AM 4 Search Pluging , Acts_as_ferret with conditions
3:35AM 13 Rails Authentication Tutorial
2:59AM 1 Unable to do a count on named_scope
2:33AM 2 How to generate password automatically using authlogic..
1:10AM 0 ActiveSupport-GemFireCache a Jruby/Rails Plugin
Wednesday September 23 2009
11:08PM 0 Call for speakers - ConFoo Montréal Ruby Track
10:46PM 0 Call for papers for the Spanish Rails Conference 2009
10:27PM 5 Overriding AR read/write_attribute - Overridden write_attribute Is Never Called
8:01PM 0 problem with ActionMailer/SMTP
7:33PM 4 How ActiveRecords create tables
7:01PM 10 Running App in Production Env
6:09PM 4 Moving to another database system
5:56PM 6 Autoincrement
5:47PM 2 secure ruby, rails programming
5:45PM 9 Connecting to MS SQL from Snow Leopard
5:17PM 14 Rails Library for Generating Graphs and Charts
5:03PM 1 link_to_function and link_to_remote
4:25PM 1 Authlogic administration
4:15PM 1 text_field_with_auto_complete passing parameters
3:50PM 0 Running Ror application from Tomcat
3:31PM 0 Solved "Client does not support authentication protocol.."
3:14PM 0 failed validation not showing the errors but vars
2:36PM 6 Dreamhost launch issues. What gems are used in my rails app?
1:46PM 3 How to use remote_form_tag?
12:27PM 2 Forcing a "wait"
12:19PM 0 dynamic content inside a view - how to do
11:47AM 2 Widgets
11:27AM 9 activerecord get next element
10:15AM 6 Set Time.zone from offset including DST
9:55AM 1 Collection_Select
9:55AM 5 how can I use Apache to serve static content for a RoR app when I have only .htaccess access (and can't add Apache modules) [on Dreamhost shared server]
9:54AM 0 page rendering and drop down onchange event
9:49AM 2 collection_text onchange event
9:06AM 3 Retrieving subject line from a mail
8:55AM 1 Migration Datatypes
7:48AM 3 Routes requirements exclude one character
7:33AM 2 FFMPEG Query
6:23AM 3 How to convert months into days in ruby?
5:59AM 0 Re: Weird Safari 4 issue with template caching!
5:56AM 2 Random retrieveal from database
3:38AM 3 when and how to use ActiveRecord::Migration
3:21AM 4 auto_complete text field not showing drop-down box properly
3:09AM 0 Dexagogo Really Easy Field Validation
Tuesday September 22 2009
11:52PM 3 mysql
10:41PM 1 AR update and save child based on change in parent
8:33PM 1 Nested Tabs...help required
8:11PM 4 nested comments system
6:17PM 0 passing a named_scope through a named_route
6:00PM 3 RJS file not rendering
5:48PM 3 RedCloth Changing Features
3:36PM 3 decompose ActiveRecord script into methods
3:33PM 1 AJAX and RESTful routes
3:30PM 2 cannot break down script into methods
3:12PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby50 Jobs available (http://blog.ruby50.com)
2:51PM 4 Determine type in polymorphic relation
2:02PM 1 Rails + SQLServer
1:06PM 2 How to see HTTP requests as they are received?
1:02PM 5 rspec_scaffold URL generation errors
12:51PM 5 Accessing the instance variable in another method
11:50AM 0 EXTJS + drag and drop
11:18AM 23 Parameter passing problem ..
11:15AM 3 RE: We're sorry something went wrong when I use -d mysql
11:14AM 5 how to truncate tables before seeding data?
10:38AM 3 What am I doing wrong?
6:30AM 2 Google Table Problem
5:32AM 6 Import excel / csv files
5:14AM 0 sessions are disabled with "config.cache_classes =true"
4:26AM 0 Canceling onclick for link_to_remote within div
3:58AM 2 App Setting, Where To Put: environment.rb, initializer.rb, lib..?
3:12AM 0 Associate HABTM Model on Create? Passing in a user_id?
2:56AM 8 ? Buttonless ?
Monday September 21 2009
11:50PM 0 Ruby on Rails User Management Engine/Framework? (with web pages)
11:36PM 2 acts_as_tree error
10:17PM 0 theme support alternative
7:59PM 4 Plugin Install from tgz or zip file
7:37PM 2 jRails + Element.show
5:55PM 0 Polymorphic form
4:05PM 6 Query for a specific day and month of a date
2:18PM 1 Keeping format in link_to
1:38PM 1 State machines and parsing texts
10:26AM 1 subclasses_of different result in second call
10:25AM 0 Rails for large scale app with SOAP and cron jobs?
8:02AM 0 What is the Best Merchant Account?
5:19AM 1 `observer' for AccountController:Class"
4:57AM 3 Integration of rake tasks and shell commands with Rails generators?
4:01AM 3 Doubly-nested models
3:57AM 2 Installing RedCloth
12:45AM 1 Finding elements with hpricot/nokogiri
Sunday September 20 2009
9:31PM 2 [Authlogic]
9:07PM 2 current best approach for Sending Files (streaming files e.g. images) in rails???
8:46PM 3 A security related question
7:55PM 2 What's the Right Rails Prologue for a Standalone Program
5:34PM 5 date localization
3:13PM 2 Validation fails but objects seems to have the values
12:17PM 2 rake tasks
11:14AM 1 simplest CMS design question
10:59AM 5 rails CMS - which is most stable & simplest at the moment? (i.e. has a solid following)
7:29AM 1 is there a ruby on rails framework/app that would be a good starting point for these requirements???
7:12AM 3 coordinates for geokit
4:44AM 13 render :partial => @object
3:04AM 2 Routes and urls: www.example.com
12:26AM 7 Efficient Concurrency?
Saturday September 19 2009
9:35PM 10 Ordered Sets in Ruby
8:55PM 5 Pagination issue
8:12PM 2 MethodNotAllowed
7:40PM 1 New to RoR - working through book have some questions
6:59PM 3 Rubygems 1.3.5 thinks it's 1.3.1
5:35PM 3 List out banking application
5:22PM 0 attachment_fu_fixtures problem
3:20PM 5 How to: redirect_to through a folder hierarchy (upwards)
1:51PM 7 Ensuring a password is Alpha-Numeric
12:17PM 0 Merging API data and ActiveRecord data for display in the view...
11:51AM 2 Add a lang param in routes
11:50AM 5 partial wont render .html.erb
11:39AM 4 How to check whether AJAX request or not
9:01AM 1 validations on a field
7:33AM 20 for crontab
7:27AM 1 for crone
6:31AM 9 silent scope ?
5:53AM 3 Blowfish crypt in rails app
5:04AM 1 Guideline for email setup scenario
3:53AM 0 Strange XML Parse Error
12:58AM 3 sqlite error with timezones
12:45AM 1 How to store / use a calculated field? - Intermediate Noob -
12:18AM 4 Need to know how to use an image as a submit button
Friday September 18 2009
11:01PM 1 Rendering a Collection in a Partial
10:21PM 2 sqlite3-ruby Not Needed for Rails?
9:35PM 0 ri_cal 0.8.4 Released
9:04PM 2 Ruby on Rails and mySQL
9:01PM 7 Re: Really stuck on nested resources
7:09PM 1 finding bbcode plugin..
6:33PM 0 rake migrations with namespace (prefix)
6:17PM 7 Calculating business day
4:28PM 6 Find the gems and plugins used in Rails Application
4:01PM 1 Re: Really stuck on nested resources
1:32PM 0 Problem with instance vars in explicit multipart email using ActionMailer
1:07PM 0 [JOBS] Rails Developer 60%-100% (in Switzerland, Area Bern/Zurich)
10:41AM 0 css selector?
8:23AM 12 How to get value from link_to_remote's :with paramenter?
8:11AM 13 Rails 2.2.3-1 Problem
7:57AM 2 Rails 3.0 status?
7:45AM 5 testing - how do i log in different users and have tests done?
6:39AM 2 Rack error
6:30AM 0 What's the best wait for a plugin to autoload
5:58AM 3 counting blog comments
12:55AM 6 should I chmod gem writable directories?
12:46AM 13 What's the correct way to delete old sessions
Thursday September 17 2009
11:55PM 2 race condition in C-Adapter causes deadlock.
10:39PM 0 OCI8 libraries (some errors fixed, some more remain)
10:08PM 1 Keeping track of model changes with Paper Trail
8:40PM 2 ANN: New Rails-based hosted content management system
6:54PM 10 remove 1 HABTM association at a time
6:42PM 3 put rack folder in vendo folder
5:13PM 0 (rails question) placing link_to inside javascript tags? Options
5:09PM 0 "Only get, put, and delete requests are allowed" on an XML request... why??
4:18PM 6 Ruby On Rails Problems
2:30PM 0 Test weirdness
2:00PM 0 Two workshops in Chicago: Rails and jQuery
1:08PM 2 Inheritance problem on site5
1:04PM 1 noob simple question create custom options_for_select
12:32PM 3 How to (re)run validations on existing data
12:21PM 2 Can i use "form_remote_tag" inside the "form_tag"?
10:22AM 2 Loking for: fpdf for rails
9:34AM 1 captcha without imagemagick and RMagick
9:24AM 1 Pages aren't loading
8:23AM 3 Problem starting in Webrick server
8:11AM 4 Auto_complete plugin trouble
6:45AM 1 Load Error Using Mechanize Gem
5:17AM 2 Yikes! stack level too deep
2:45AM 0 using _url helper in unit test
12:51AM 3 pass session value in database field
Wednesday September 16 2009
10:46PM 5 Best way to test for existence in a joined model
8:36PM 20 postgres adapater problem with create_table :id => false
8:36PM 1 OR conditions on has_and_belongs_to_many?
8:07PM 10 problem date_select with active_form
8:05PM 12 Connecting to Oracle (Solaris Sparc 10)
7:53PM 5 piece of code that runs only once
7:53PM 3 find_by_sql - multiple selects, same statement SQL error
7:05PM 2 Wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)
6:50PM 1 collection_select on controller update actions
5:52PM 7 Polymorphic STI with associations
5:35PM 6 Recent Script.aculo.us tutorial
5:35PM 0 [ADV] Upcoming Advanced Ruby and Rails Studios
2:49PM 3 Reading file multiple field
1:46PM 0 Cucumber and Routing
1:39PM 6 Removing eval from seed.rb code
1:31PM 2 Active Merchant Error
12:15PM 4 changing the path for map.resources
11:25AM 1 redirect_to and the missing session
11:15AM 1 Main Object error
9:31AM 2 Using 2 database into a single RoR application
7:18AM 0 ClickPass tutorial
6:13AM 2 observe_field on multiple select box.
4:55AM 3 Rails Polymorphic conundrum
4:22AM 1 RailRoad problem
1:03AM 1 passing parameter in edirect_to in Rails
Tuesday September 15 2009
11:59PM 1 Strange error no idea -fileutils.rbThumbs.db (Errno::EACCES)
11:47PM 2 Wrong soap4r interpretation of a WSDL
9:25PM 2 precision multi-page printing
8:44PM 2 validates_uniqueness_of :scope => association
6:30PM 1 Image thumbnails
4:43PM 0 cruisecontrol.rb and metric_fu
3:42PM 0 Flex plugin for rails
3:22PM 2 Form helpers and partial
3:08PM 0 constant error in active_resource/base
3:03PM 5 Finding unique matches between two tables
1:45PM 0 Rails & .ejs.erb
12:32PM 0 Liquid assign_to
12:18PM 6 Before_Filter question
11:35AM 1 setup has_many routes
11:23AM 3 Unit Testing of Routes
11:22AM 2 Association problem
10:25AM 6 User login and authentication
8:07AM 0 anyone using Lockdown?
7:45AM 2 Multiple Nested Resources and Routes
7:10AM 7 2 submit buttons, how to identify which pressed in the controller?
5:31AM 0 Integrate moneybookers
5:30AM 32 model validations failed..(as there are two model used)
4:38AM 8 PDF document viewer in rails
4:09AM 0 how to bind controller and model with different names?
3:16AM 1 How to convert user input hours, minutes, seconds - both ways
12:48AM 0 hash to URL
12:11AM 0 Error "undefined method 'stringify_keys' for "tag1":String" on multi-model form submission
Monday September 14 2009
11:40PM 2 Learnivore.com, ruby/rails screencasts aggregator
9:28PM 2 hidden fields
8:48PM 3 jruby and ruby on rails corelation
8:44PM 5 Hypothetical Question about Views
8:39PM 7 Model.valid? = false, the model still saves
8:08PM 2 Set a select box with default value selected
7:05PM 11 Right way to create a route
6:40PM 0 Rails Authors
6:31PM 3 accesing post array
5:44PM 0 markdown call prompts "uninitialized constant ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper::Markdown" in upgraded application
4:09PM 2 How to protect editing objects with individual passwords?
3:03PM 9 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (invalid date) with Oracle
2:11PM 2 error_messages_for question
1:35PM 1 STI, has many, and Controllers
1:24PM 4 Image resizing
12:47PM 3 Sample Authlogic + Subdomain_fu application
12:15PM 3 adding a ruby library built using swig
12:06PM 5 testing ........
11:33AM 2 Inlining js responses from an action
11:11AM 0 Controller/view in div
10:58AM 0 web site synch/publishing/via proxy tool - any ideas?
9:33AM 0 Howto: Add my own functionality to a plugin?
9:33AM 1 Class variables and servers
9:17AM 2 Nested Routes Best Practices
9:00AM 0 Defaults, on-site-text, other static data in rails
8:20AM 1 Using barcode-generator's 'barcode' method in the model
7:24AM 0 Favorite Testing Frameworks
6:29AM 1 Problem configuring database with rubyonrails.
6:25AM 1 Sessions and subdomains
5:51AM 2 RMagick Installation woes
5:11AM 2 selecting line items
4:30AM 1 load xml data local infile 'person.xml' into table person
3:27AM 8 Mysql Can't Connect
12:58AM 5 Expecting field value and getting record
12:30AM 0 Authenticaton and authorisation tutorial
12:00AM 1 generated scaffold code giving an error
Sunday September 13 2009
10:41PM 1 belongs_to + create_* = rails vs. console behavior difference = confused Pepe
10:38PM 3 best way to search - alternatives to full text (thinking sphinx)?
8:56PM 1 Proper syntax for text field (less garbled)
7:30PM 6 Proper syntax for text_field
7:19PM 2 Transaction blocks and rollbacks
2:48PM 1 button_to
12:57PM 0 regrex_crawler -- a crawler which uses regular expression to catch data from website
11:52AM 1 how to add multiple weekdays into one field
6:00AM 1 User hierarchy
4:03AM 1 how to get rake task to delete dependents
Saturday September 12 2009
11:38PM 3 Opening a new page
11:07PM 3 Need help on Many to Many Relationships
8:29PM 5 Unknown column 'id' in 'where clause': DELETE FROM `roles` WHERE `id` = NULL
6:04PM 1 WEIRD: hpricot causes Error 500
4:24PM 1 timeZone issue
4:00PM 5 undefined method `^' for "d":String
2:14PM 3 maintaining multiple API versions
1:30PM 2 Backgroundrb: No such worker
1:11PM 5 After creating an instance of an object, Rails redirects to the index of the object that it :belongs to
11:39AM 1 removing the inner elements
10:27AM 17 listing things in groups (adverts by advert_type)
9:16AM 8 Speed in production mode
8:21AM 3 Cannot get my password to validate
7:29AM 3 Cleaning up code, eliminating repetition
4:18AM 5 US State and their Respectives City
12:53AM 3 compute_public_path should be public instead of private
Friday September 11 2009
9:48PM 1 Signing out of remote sessions
9:08PM 0 converting gif images to png images on the fly for PDF generation
8:53PM 0 Help debugging Trace/BPT trap on MacOSx 5.6.1
8:46PM 0 adding associate objects without persistence operation
8:38PM 1 controlling join table actions based on join table content
8:00PM 0 Wish To Modify Railslist (an Open Source Rails Script)
7:50PM 5 Dynamically call object instances
7:02PM 13 Two tables, clickable row one table to fill other table
6:55PM 0 select_tag and remote_function not passing params in IE
6:52PM 2 Displaying form errors with nested resources
6:25PM 12 App isn't querying db on server, but works in development
6:08PM 0 Lost connection to MySQL server during query
4:33PM 3 Hoe to set production mode in rails 2.3.3
4:12PM 2 Anyone know why __END__ and DATA don't work in Rails?
4:00PM 1 ModPorter - problems accessing the hash
2:54PM 0 ri_cal 0.8.2 Released
2:33PM 1 [Newbie] System Profiler
1:35PM 3 Multiple File Upload
12:31PM 2 SELECT, belongs_to and ActiveRecord
12:02PM 3 Character Counter (javascript required?)
11:41AM 3 Call rb file on HTML
11:36AM 2 regular expression matching date, author and agency in string
11:02AM 4 Output_compression with Rails 2.3.4
10:55AM 0 oracle_enhanced problem connection
10:34AM 2 Scaffold (form) for single record
10:32AM 4 heroku gem and two different heroku accounts
10:07AM 1 no such file to load -- iconv
9:53AM 1 TableSort JQuery not working with dynamic Rails Table
9:51AM 0 Last Poblem in remove
8:59AM 0 Need help with extending a plugin
8:49AM 1 find with join over aggregated
8:44AM 2 Rails 2.3.4 errors.... is it a stable version ? or shoudl I revert to 2.3.2 ?
8:36AM 7 regular expression help needed
7:44AM 26 Complete Newbie needs help!
7:41AM 1 Splitting up user data entry into separate tabs
6:38AM 2 How to install acts_as_threaded
4:22AM 3 Nesting View Folders
3:53AM 1 Organizing Helpers
3:50AM 3 Counter cache help
12:57AM 2 Installing Rails problem
Thursday September 10 2009
11:15PM 2 undefined method `get_client_info' for Mysql:Class
10:48PM 0 Construction of multiple model forms and controllers
10:20PM 0 Dynamic method delegation through polymorphic association
9:39PM 1 Perhaps not the correct group...
8:15PM 2 CPU usage with 2-2-CVE-2009-3009.patch and 2.2.2
8:05PM 0 RJS and Rails 3.0
5:39PM 0 url with some%Fvalue treated differently than some_value
2:44PM 2 cucumber | Then I should see "view.common.status.logged_in_as"
1:56PM 1 undefined method `protect_against_forgery?'
12:25PM 3 send attached tar.gz file on rails email
11:57AM 2 cannot start mongrel after Snow Leopard upgrade : Wrong Architecture !!!
11:26AM 3 Freezing Rails 2.3.4 to application
10:05AM 3 sql "in" query using active record
8:23AM 2 "gold": a script to ease git based team work
8:19AM 2 Paperclip attachment to AWS - ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch
8:13AM 2 chart in rails
7:36AM 2 problem with dynamic selects using rjs
7:18AM 4 Route not generated, what have I missed?
6:55AM 2 Ruby on Rails for Non-Relational database
6:34AM 0 Problen in using Open Flash Chart
6:09AM 1 Ruby for google database: Big Table
5:49AM 9 Preview a post in a new window without saving it
5:05AM 0 Hpricot
3:47AM 3 belongs_to multiple things
3:34AM 1 Render ERB templates via script/runner...
3:12AM 1 Snow Leopard and raspell
1:37AM 0 Question about using ".build" in association with has_one and belongs_to
12:24AM 0 My Rails Site (www.babyphonedirectory.com)
Wednesday September 9 2009
11:35PM 0 Rails ORM Complex query help required
11:18PM 1 Looking for a gem that can do full-text-search of active-record tables
11:10PM 0 ActiveResource - Two simple questions
11:06PM 1 Routes With Same URL Mapped To Different Actions
10:22PM 5 after upgrade to Snow Leopard how to upgrade MySQL to version 5.1 ?
9:47PM 0 Rails 2.3.4 ActiveRecord association problem
9:00PM 0 distance_of_time_in_words_to_now and i18n
8:40PM 9 Singleton class setup in initializer, but seemingly reloaded later
8:39PM 2 use of Open flash chart
7:57PM 8 multi user messaging
6:28PM 3 problems with habtm
6:01PM 0 Problems testing generated plugin
5:49PM 1 add_index fails for composite index
5:32PM 12 [URGENT] cannot continue my devs, big mess with Apple Snow Leopard !
4:19PM 4 Tagging recommendation - acts_as_taggable_on_steroids best?
3:56PM 0 retrieve text from popup
3:53PM 2 trouble trying rjs
3:16PM 3 no method error after upgrade from 2.1 to 2.3
3:09PM 1 Paperclip attachment to AWS - ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch Going Nuts!
12:26PM 3 [Rspec] Using Mocha results in uninitialized constant, using a 'fix' breaks RSpec output
11:50AM 9 replace html tag
11:41AM 0 page.assign display assigned value
10:19AM 1 link_to_function variable increment
10:18AM 4 undefined method `attr_accessor' for #&lt;CustomersControl
9:26AM 7 Pass Ruby Array to Javasript Problem ..
9:23AM 3 A basic collections/hash question
9:03AM 2 how to implement get and set method in ruby on rails
9:01AM 3 Hide image name
8:07AM 2 Strange behavior of rails - configuration ?, memory leak ?, system ? - error
7:53AM 1 Problem in Getting Records one by one
7:17AM 0 Getting started with Rake - how do I copy a directory of assets to RAILS_ROOT + "/public"
7:04AM 0 closing child window which has form and refreshing parent window
6:56AM 0 Setting up Ruby for use with MS SQL 2008
6:32AM 3 Querying with Ruby date ranges
6:16AM 15 Related JavaScript
6:13AM 2 How to start backgroundrb server on server reboot ??
6:06AM 5 pagination problem...
4:59AM 0 adding element
4:20AM 0 Why to_xml on ActiveResource does not work well?
3:41AM 5 Newbie question: undefined method 'number_with_delimiter'(probably configuration problem)
3:14AM 1 to_xml and timezones
3:08AM 5 Help on ruby on rails for mobile website development
12:53AM 0 Understanding Associations with Multiple forms on a Page
Tuesday September 8 2009
11:53PM 1 Let me introduce myself
10:59PM 0 Custom Routes: Determining Action Named Based On Method
10:55PM 2 map.resources :controller and form_for
10:13PM 1 link_to current page
9:32PM 0 [JOB] Ruby on Rails Developer, NYC | 80-100k
8:34PM 1 Automatic Unit Testing and Code Analysis
7:13PM 0 [JOBS] Qualcomm looking for seasoned Ruby on Rails developer
2:11PM 2 Rails + Sybase ASE : group effort, please
1:01PM 3 Help with Postgre, GROUP BY and ORDER BY
12:49PM 8 hpricot search condition
12:21PM 2 Traversing nested ActiveRecord associations
11:50AM 1 dynamic selects using rjs, page.replace_html and on_change
11:24AM 7 partials in layouts ?
10:09AM 4 How to incorporate any chart in a rails application
6:37AM 2 Vertical slide
5:25AM 2 RoR-Sql query
5:22AM 1 Controller Actions
4:29AM 1 How to validate_uniqueness_of the joint of two attributes?
3:43AM 3 Hpricot search
12:30AM 7 Single quotes vs Colon --- What's the difference? (creating buttons)
Monday September 7 2009
11:38PM 0 Producing URL friendly encoded params?
10:39PM 9 Already initialized constant in Rails 2.3.4
10:08PM 7 How can I have the tests for my Rails app to be executed in a random order?
9:40PM 2 * Please Help - Session problem *
7:45PM 2 ActiveRecord find on legacy database having enum columns problem
7:44PM 6 Calling a commandline function using the onclick button
5:43PM 1 New db:seed feature... any howto out there already?
4:58PM 1 Passing :methods to to_json...sometimes
1:23PM 0 Form field contains spurious text when it should be blank
1:10PM 8 Learning ruby on Mac - rake create error
1:07PM 1 How to save a RSS to a file in public directory
12:20PM 1 Sessions in RailsSpace...
10:31AM 0 [ browsercms ] drag and droppable portlets
10:29AM 11 autoincrement for non-id column
7:11AM 5 How to deal with this code ?
5:53AM 8 SQL injectioning
5:42AM 1 Wrong URL/Application crashing Notification.
5:39AM 0 How do I make a performance test?
4:34AM 2 Errno::EINVAL
2:20AM 2 Merging Spree and BrowserCMS for my app
12:56AM 3 errors with actionmailer + gmail
Sunday September 6 2009
11:49PM 0 Re: WARNING: You don't have /Users/sammat/.gem/ruby/1.8/bin in your PATH, gem executables will not run."
11:35PM 0 active record accessor best practices?
10:59PM 3 rails inserting NULL values instead of actual values
10:33PM 4 Format of a string, array or hash
9:59PM 2 Recommend an open-source RonR to sreate surveys
9:39PM 8 Trying to delete all but most recent 10
6:39PM 0 Re: WARNING: You don't have /Users/sammat/.gem/ruby/1.8/bin in your PATH, gem executables will not run."
6:09PM 3 mysql problem
5:55PM 1 Web service in Ruby consumed by a C# client
3:31PM 0 about configuration ror (i'm tiro)
11:17AM 1 What have you proven?
10:26AM 2 Tag Search Showing, Best Method
7:43AM 3 Polymorphic many-to-many relationship?
5:06AM 14 Having some trouble with loop in a form
4:59AM 1 Actionmailer 2.3.4 error
4:51AM 5 routing based on browser width
3:39AM 3 Recommend an open-source Ruby on Rails E-Commerce
1:26AM 2 Passing context with request?
12:00AM 2 Rails and Mocha problem
Saturday September 5 2009
7:07PM 5 Best Practice: Delete Method
5:19PM 1 Caching question
5:12PM 0 Help with events and current_user
5:05PM 2 how toi incorporate google map in a rails application
4:34PM 1 Can't Access Mongrel on Vista
4:12PM 0 Radiant 0.8.1 - Luster Release
3:39PM 0 how can i incorporate google map in a rails application
12:47PM 3 Changing a script into a database migration
11:41AM 2 backgroundrb help needed!
11:30AM 4 Problem with Double Submit
8:32AM 6 Redeveloped static site as rails site but where have my .html gone.
8:30AM 4 how to compare two model instances? is "m1.to_yaml.eql?(m2.to_yaml)" a good way?
5:44AM 3 what includes do I need in a Ruby script to have access to Rails methods???
4:49AM 5 Starting server is failing on Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard
2:53AM 7 personnel evaluation modeling question
1:53AM 2 RJS Chaining Problem
Friday September 4 2009
11:23PM 1 MySQL BIT column type in ActiveRecord
9:43PM 2 problem running phusion passenger on os x 10.6
7:23PM 0 Re: XSS security patch
6:57PM 1 Re: XSS security patch
6:28PM 2 [JOBS] Volunteer Scheduling Application
4:25PM 0 Question on the XSS Security Patch
3:17PM 2 Model attributes calling helper function?!
1:41PM 3 libxml-ruby: How to handle XML::Parser::ParseError?
1:30PM 2 Which plugin to use for (image) files
1:25PM 5 Unsure of how to update values using a constant
12:52PM 4 form_for issue
12:49PM 12 Changing cursor while waiting for remote function response?
11:55AM 0 Looping problem
11:42AM 0 render_component_as_string equivalent
11:09AM 10 Best way to convert path slash for backtick usage?
11:07AM 0 Repopulate select on partial render
10:40AM 1 File is not getting saved using paperclip
8:58AM 1 entity relation diagram from Models
8:16AM 1 Hod do you call a method to the veiw?
8:00AM 3 How/where to load initial data?
7:06AM 6 Where to start?
6:51AM 0 RUBY versions and Rails version
4:59AM 2 Rails 2.3.4 is now available.
4:57AM 11 (unknown)
1:13AM 2 escape_javascript error
Thursday September 3 2009
11:21PM 7 Strange NoMethodErrors in production mode, I just don't know what to do.
11:07PM 0 ActiveRecord interferring with Logger
9:23PM 1 reverse engineering database
7:25PM 0 DRY, repeating partials
7:13PM 6 Embedded Ruby in Views in Ruby 1.8.7
7:09PM 2 Thin controllers and fat models
3:23PM 0 Net:HTTP with authentification ?
3:05PM 0 Rails: radio button selection for nested forms objects
2:58PM 9 Rails 2.3.3 has a very serious performance problem
2:42PM 14 Model relationship question
1:43PM 2 Where to I put code accessible in all model?
11:54AM 4 html to xml
11:47AM 3 Error while installing the rails gem
11:36AM 0 flyerhzm-bullet 1.4.0 gem release
10:37AM 2 Unable to install rails
10:15AM 1 ROR - Process Development lifecycle
10:08AM 12 paperclip is not saving the files
9:38AM 4 server not starting with ruby 1.9.1
9:37AM 1 html to xml format
9:15AM 8 SystemStackError: stack level too deep
7:39AM 0 Act as Taggable Steroid Problems when Adding Column
7:19AM 2 config webrick start port
5:32AM 2 Active Records - multiple connections question
5:02AM 1 validates_preence_of :name
4:37AM 1 Problem in production mode of RoR
4:13AM 0 Generating xml
4:09AM 0 STI - Validating 'type' value solution
2:57AM 1 select_tag problem or a seve (me) problem?
2:49AM 11 Using an IDE as just a text editor?
2:23AM 4 ActiveRecord doesn't care about timezone?
12:51AM 1 Typekit brings typography to the Web
12:39AM 5 Rails 3.o
Wednesday September 2 2009
11:11PM 10 error (nil object) on object creation
10:47PM 10 Mysql and Snow leopard
8:43PM 15 What's the best way to install Rails? (on vista)
6:30PM 0 Geokit - find within fuzzy locations
6:13PM 39 Will Rails be able to do this -fast- ?
5:57PM 12 Can someone explain something to me?
5:30PM 1 EXTJS With Rails.. render partials into divs
5:15PM 2 RESTful has_many :through
3:47PM 0 Parse private rss feeds
3:00PM 0 Sortable.create
2:28PM 1 attr_readonly and if/unless
2:20PM 12 Shouldn't this insert in table?
11:28AM 6 Query on updation of versions of ROR.............
11:13AM 10 What to change/write in routes.rb .. ?
10:02AM 0 Opening for Senior Web Developer (Ruby on Rails)
8:56AM 3 how to upload a file and to download it
8:29AM 8 select_month helper
8:08AM 3 Convert HTML code of single quote (i.e. ') to text
7:39AM 0 Installing a plugin with different name.
5:40AM 11 migrate rails project from 1.1.6 to 2.2.2
5:20AM 1 Export to CSV
5:05AM 2 Export to CSV,
4:13AM 1 Slideshow of uploaded images
2:18AM 15 will_paginate problem
12:48AM 0 view layer state and session variables - ajax necessary?
Tuesday September 1 2009
11:19PM 0 Lots of InvalidAuthenticityToken errors - what's causing it?
10:30PM 0 Canadian Centre for Architecture uses Rails!
10:20PM 3 Simple picture form element
9:26PM 0 Image Rendering Problem
8:55PM 0 [JOBS] Permanent Ruby on Rails Developer- Vancouver, BC
8:41PM 13 Function Testing Reloading Fixtures before assertion
6:14PM 4 Passenger problem
5:13PM 1 Ready to use tinymce
5:09PM 1 [newb] Controller Help
3:52PM 0 How to use a long/bigint id in Rails applications?
3:42PM 5 Deep nested associations on the same Model
3:03PM 0 Is there a way to override SQL generated during rake:test:clone_structure?
2:15PM 2 Embed flash application
2:00PM 0 script/plugin install vs git submodule add
1:46PM 1 RSA and PHP
1:40PM 9 Ruby on Rails Project Opportunities
1:34PM 2 rake db:migrate fails
1:12PM 1 Replacing
12:01PM 4 Redirect Issues
11:51AM 0 Plasma Edge Rails Documentation
10:30AM 0 Problem with "javascript_include_tag :all" tag.
10:23AM 2 Dynamically chain class methods
10:14AM 0 storing images and stylesheet in directory other than public
9:41AM 3 How to specify working directory in config/database.yml?
8:49AM 1 route map with custom url
7:41AM 0 Removing &nbsp;
6:25AM 0 Create a Zip with Kernel.system
5:41AM 1 Rails 2.3.3 / MySql 5.1.37 / Ruby 1.8.6 - Migration issue.