Rails - Dec 2007

Monday December 31 2007
11:30PM 2 Say hello to acts_as_family_tree
11:25PM 2 Can't save to the database?
10:18PM 2 Conditional Float Precision
9:51PM 4 Validation order when mixing callbacks and validates_format
9:44PM 5 Alright, I'm Ready to Showcase Week 1 Progress... but where to host?
8:52PM 4 Help with tricky query / relationship?
8:46PM 2 I wish....
8:28PM 2 linking pictures to a model
6:58PM 1 Agile Web Dev w/Rails - Password Change
6:57PM 1 what is meant by this: def foo=(foo) ... end?
6:45PM 0 Actions when testing resources with namespaces.
5:52PM 1 Don't know how to build task 'db:test:prepare'
4:26PM 0 Generate a fixture tempate
4:20PM 0 How do we locate our attachment_fu photos in Windows XP?
3:49PM 4 Foreign Keys: The "Rails Way" or Not?
3:44PM 2 how to add a new column to a table using RadRails
3:31PM 1 Need Help, getting Big Decimal error on a simple calculation
2:55PM 1 find method
2:30PM 0 acts as ferret not working with apache/instant rails
1:55PM 3 Can't run console
1:37PM 1 Missing values in LEFT OUTER JOIN using find_by_sql (possible bug?)
1:36PM 4 Nested Controllers - Development vs. Production
1:05PM 0 Problem while using ActionMailer with rails 1.1.6
12:47PM 1 Sortable lists within categories?
12:26PM 3 Cookies and Foreign Classes
12:25PM 2 Date picker using Jquery
11:52AM 2 episode 73 resulting in error: undefined method `stringify_keys!' for "33":String
11:42AM 6 Rails and Databases
11:41AM 3 habtm user interface; unexpected behaviour (calling update instead of method?)
11:32AM 1 Make text bold question
9:56AM 0 is it possible to freeze rails 1.2.5 to rails 2.0.2
9:23AM 1 how to implement restful to homepage?
9:06AM 1 Reloading Plugins requires restart server
8:57AM 3 undefined method `content_type'
8:49AM 0 Re: Has anybody used rails on Servage.net?
8:44AM 3 Preventing Download of Images
8:28AM 0 Params method - need help in understanding
7:30AM 0 XXXX
6:07AM 1 has many through button
5:33AM 0 ApplicationController Plugin
5:11AM 3 Aa::Bb::Model.new() ? urgent pls help ......
4:44AM 2 all model names in a rails project ?
3:12AM 5 WIKI web hosting
2:03AM 1 validates_format() gets called before before_validation()??
1:33AM 10 Single Table Inheritance--base type doesn't have a "type"
1:29AM 1 Store limited list in db?
12:51AM 1 Fatal error: Can't open and lock privilege tables: Table 'mysql.host' doesn't exist
Sunday December 30 2007
11:10PM 0 Caching issue? Method not executed every time.
11:03PM 2 wanted: user-interface for many to many/habtm join operations
10:12PM 1 Help with implementation strategy
9:42PM 2 Class extensions in lib not loading
9:28PM 6 Restful-Authentication Rspec Failure Rails 2.0.2
8:50PM 0 How to get the labels of entries in a fixture
8:12PM 1 2.02 problems with sqlite3 - not finding data
6:57PM 14 Distributing A Rails App
5:28PM 2 populating drop down
5:13PM 5 problems with new cookie session store and firefox
4:28PM 1 EMail Notices And Restfull Design
3:48PM 0 Exception not caught while in view
3:10PM 14 Nil error on ActiveRecord::save!
2:51PM 3 very strange behavior of script/generate ModelName field:type
2:42PM 6 A validation question (trying to make a censorship function)
2:28PM 2 Upload resume: java web start
1:59PM 2 Why are some methods of library accessible, while others are not? (by the example of restful_authentication)
1:48PM 1 restful_authentication plugin + session timeout + single login session?
1:33PM 1 passing instance variable between controllers
12:53PM 1 Reusing trhe same form as partial for add and update
12:33PM 0 extra quote in cached html filename
10:34AM 4 :dependent for not destroying
9:43AM 1 Quoting Table Names ActiveRecord adapter
9:35AM 1 organize application constants in header files
8:56AM 0 search with multiple tables
8:09AM 1 Simple text_area problem
7:38AM 2 Specify older Rails when 2.x is installed...?
6:43AM 1 popup_javascript_function
5:26AM 0 attachment fu corrupting .doc on windows?
4:41AM 2 text_field_with_auto_complete undefined method error
3:24AM 3 Why can't active resource deserialize this xml response?
2:25AM 1 BlueHost and Ruby Deployment
1:01AM 1 A weird question...
Saturday December 29 2007
11:35PM 2 problems with calendar_date_select
11:12PM 2 DRY up help using #method
10:59PM 2 around_filter HELP!!
10:52PM 13 Action Pack: Cookie store sessions = blow up app in 2.0?
9:34PM 0 Q: How can I create a Friends Badge using the rfacebook gem?
9:13PM 2 Simply Rich Authenticator Released
8:33PM 0 Docs / Help for upgrading to Rails 2.0 / Engines 2.0
7:53PM 1 Trouble with routes in Rails 2.0
7:12PM 2 needs to have method `_load'
6:14PM 2 Whitespace added while editing record
4:32PM 1 BackgroundRB - Confused
12:21PM 2 Sending methods after classifying
9:05AM 1 will_paginate and :order
8:52AM 4 Simple RoR layout/css/html abstraction
7:09AM 1 rails mytest error
5:41AM 9 Sending email to multiple recipients
3:48AM 4 what is your suggestion ?
3:38AM 20 Help With Update method.
3:34AM 3 Parsing string to datetime month & day reversed
3:33AM 3 bj-1.0.0
3:23AM 0 No template error when there is a template
3:18AM 5 Instant Rails 2.0 Released
3:12AM 0 (unknown)
3:00AM 2 empty classes not found
2:36AM 1 counter_cache and collections
2:29AM 1 automatic string trimming on ActiveRecord save
1:02AM 0 ruby on rails written in javascript. .... to much
12:25AM 1 20-Minute Quick Start Guide for RFacebook - 10 Easy Steps to Create a Facebook App Using Rails
12:16AM 10 Is Script.aculo.us extremely slow...
12:15AM 1 url_for_file_column not works
Friday December 28 2007
11:44PM 2 No Connection Thru http://localhost:3000
11:21PM 2 displaying html from variable
11:21PM 1 Rake routes & console showing one thing, app doing another
11:02PM 6 Plugins/Gem Download Slow
10:29PM 1 Finding Associated Records
8:40PM 2 Model command?
7:56PM 5 Merging params into another hash
7:21PM 1 Ajaxing Checkboxes
7:17PM 6 Belongs_to herself
7:00PM 11 LIKE clause in rails
6:46PM 2 submit upon select helper?
5:45PM 12 Best practices with templating
5:14PM 0 Grabbing NTLM tokens
5:11PM 3 each_value
4:59PM 1 Nil handling in ActiveRecord et al
4:45PM 3 Accessing Global Variable
4:44PM 0 Little things that bother me
4:40PM 4 belongs_to has_many listing
4:32PM 9 Getting the results of AR's generated SQL
4:18PM 3 Message to user while page loads
4:13PM 15 Webrick 'require_frameworks' message
4:07PM 0 Using PostgreSQL with Rails? - PGCon 2008 - call for papers
3:52PM 1 Nested resources form_for problem
3:48PM 6 Strange Array behavior after upgrading to Rails 2.0.2
3:31PM 1 Plugin init.rb help
3:16PM 0 Quick update question
2:32PM 0 Direct Movie Download..Mobile soft Downloads..
2:11PM 0 Less than two weeks left to get the AAC discount
1:53PM 5 will_paginate Plugin
1:50PM 4 Proper way for deploying many applications sharing a common user database
1:23PM 3 Any help on SMS and payment gateway in India
1:22PM 11 proper way to submit a form via https?
1:01PM 1 OT: Sorry for this test
11:29AM 3 change_column
10:59AM 1 WEBrick.. won't start and showing '/rails-2.0.2/lib/initializer.rb:159:in `require_frameworks': Could not find RubyGem jruby-openssl (>= 0.0.0) (RuntimeError)' errors
10:30AM 5 best way to perform a certain DB query
10:28AM 1 Plugins/Gems taking long time to download
6:04AM 5 ApplicationController and request.host
5:59AM 2 Downloading a video file and playing that(flv format.)
5:58AM 1 Getting wrong route - fairly complete error description
5:36AM 5 attachment_fu: I just want an attachment
5:14AM 2 how to protect a form to be submitted several times
5:05AM 5 Problem in updating the association object attributes
4:57AM 1 validation of acts_as_list in the model of the base class?
4:42AM 4 :slide_down
4:35AM 15 remembering address details and visited page
3:21AM 5 Restful Route for a custom action
3:13AM 7 weird session behavior
3:11AM 0 acts_as_double_polymporphic_join forms
2:30AM 1 field from from but not in DB
2:13AM 1 Keeping Person Loggen In For 2 Weeks
1:30AM 2 Validates_presence_of message
1:12AM 5 What's the best way to pass string value from View to Controller?
12:25AM 2 how to get request object in Model?
Thursday December 27 2007
9:52PM 0 rfacebook Q&A with Duane Morin - Connect At College rfacebook Sighting
8:56PM 12 adding to params hash
7:23PM 6 ActiveResource and (polymorphic) associations
6:50PM 2 Setting up Admin controller rails 2.02
6:44PM 2 versione 2.02
6:16PM 1 submit_tag
6:08PM 3 how to update to 1.2.6
6:05PM 5 Rails 2.02 dropped JSON attribute tag ?
5:59PM 1 File generated with upload_column plugin
5:54PM 1 How to Prefixing a controller path in a route
5:40PM 0 Silent Validation Failures
5:20PM 2 Checking to see if a day/hour/whatever has passed
4:01PM 4 Qs with has_many and belongs_to
3:53PM 5 Problem with rails 2.0
2:18PM 10 howto replace the " char?
2:07PM 2 global settings for actionmailer
1:30PM 9 how do you handle recurring tasks
1:08PM 2 download functionality
1:04PM 0 Weird template behaviour
12:29PM 4 Please help - I have couple of doubts
12:15PM 2 ActiveRecord + has_and_belongs_to_many: My own little problem ;)
11:23AM 4 validates_file_format_of only when is there an image
9:24AM 12 Rails 2.0, REST Resources, Admin and DRY
8:47AM 6 How can i save the response from the net/http post?
8:32AM 0 Reward / Sponsoring: Fix the Rails params parser (for deeply nested params)
8:21AM 6 populate data in another fields on selection
8:13AM 1 Do any one have success stories using ExtJS with rails
8:02AM 6 class variable not retaining its old val after server start
7:13AM 1 Calculus calculations
6:37AM 0 Opportunity with Global Logic !!
6:36AM 11 How to update my project to rails 2.02?
6:29AM 17 2.0 & "Agile Web Dev..." book
5:18AM 1 migration prefix problem
4:51AM 10 doing redirect in filter class?
4:14AM 8 Sharing a variable between methods ?
4:07AM 8 Can you mixin 'has_many', etc., into models?
3:42AM 8 form field without column in DB
3:34AM 1 Large file storage
3:10AM 3 Question about ACL
2:43AM 7 rake db:migrate - where is my table?
2:03AM 2 NEWBIE: replace_html not working as I expected HELP!!!
12:54AM 4 Help With partials
12:50AM 0 Ruby On Rails Jobs Site
12:28AM 1 Activerecord with JDBC in JRuby
Wednesday December 26 2007
11:51PM 2 How to set environment when calling rake task inside another
11:51PM 2 AR Callbacks and associations
11:02PM 4 Adding a menu to the application layout
10:31PM 6 self introduction - rails newbie here saying hello
10:21PM 2 acts_as_taggable - Rails 2.0 - no such file to load
7:46PM 0 before_save with acts_as_versioned
7:43PM 2 Rails 2.0 Booleans ...
7:39PM 2 DB rows: Is create same as
7:13PM 2 belongs_to hackery
6:58PM 1 Problems with file_column and rmagick
6:02PM 4 How to JUST store hours and minutes in db?
5:56PM 0 Functional tests breaking
5:31PM 10 Help Updating Database With Checkboxes
5:06PM 0 will_paginate with >1 model
4:35PM 9 create statement in migration file does not work
4:04PM 7 Which is faster: searching in a file or in a database
3:13PM 4 Rails 2.0 Book?
2:52PM 8 Rails 2.0 vs. custom routes
2:41PM 2 Overriding or changing HTML generated by date_select?
2:03PM 0 about emacs rails warning color
2:03PM 9 Rails 2.0.2 Scaffold NOT creating new stuff
12:50PM 0 NoMethodError in Auto adminController#index
12:15PM 2 Customizing Radiant
10:49AM 14 how to add index to a Model.attribute ?
9:37AM 3 current user's session id?
9:25AM 13 kludge for drop-down list
8:41AM 2 Redirect user based on url entered?
8:29AM 3 ruby 1.9 / rails 2.0.2 problem...
8:20AM 2 Updating to Rails 2.0 what files?
7:56AM 9 How to get parameters of page in view
7:09AM 2 difference between load and require
6:50AM 3 Calendar
6:29AM 5 flash and Rails 2.0
5:49AM 3 any special tutorial for rails 2.0.2
5:38AM 13 How to implement an edit action in a controller?
4:45AM 0 Project Managment System
4:34AM 2 Ferret OK in development, doesn't work right in production.
12:58AM 14 How do you *nix users test for IE quirks?
Tuesday December 25 2007
11:21PM 7 Complex Forms Misbehavior (possibly a Rails bug)
10:51PM 0 Ruport 1.4
10:14PM 4 survey
7:39PM 2 if not text_field, then what?
3:32PM 2 NoMethodError in Messages and rescue_from
11:45AM 3 Free ruby on rails hosting
11:12AM 2 Problem with Activerecord and relation has_many belongs_to
7:40AM 0 Applying for a job in China
6:01AM 2 Preserving upload directories on cap deployment
5:06AM 2 helper for root paths
5:05AM 5 Rails default app not loading
3:48AM 1 how to show escaped html tags?
3:11AM 0 How do you set accept headers in remote_function?
Monday December 24 2007
11:35PM 2 Forms and ActiveRecord validation magic
10:03PM 1 self referential has_one
8:58PM 1 Uninitialized constant in integration test
8:14PM 1 Possible to run only one query???
7:55PM 7 Moved Rails Projects to Git?
7:49PM 0 Passing parameters to "text_field_with_auto_complete"
7:32PM 4 Playing Flash flv files using FlowPlayer
6:13PM 6 Email issues
5:59PM 4 Odd script/server error
5:17PM 6 How Do I Create a Conditional Setter Method
4:21PM 0 Belongs to data from polymorphic interface
4:04PM 6 Postgres & Foxy Fixtures
3:54PM 1 Problems with forms and more models
1:51PM 7 Integrating Flash Media Server
12:58PM 4 Session and Internal server Error.
12:40PM 22 How to retain the values of textboxes if validation is there
12:11PM 1 Salesforce integration with Rails app
11:31AM 1 Problem with two relationships to the same table
11:22AM 5 output link_remote_to in helper
11:00AM 0 routes.rb
9:43AM 3 How to paginate an array of fetched results
8:18AM 11 Sorting Find Results by Accuracy
8:10AM 10 Installing Ruby on Rails on Leopard
6:30AM 0 How to paginate a array
6:04AM 1 Single Table Inheritance implementation
6:01AM 4 Adding plugins to svn
5:51AM 1 ferret and habtm
5:41AM 9 How is rails different from PHP from Apache's view?
2:36AM 2 Testing HTTP Basic Authentication
1:32AM 0 Thin Controler - Limiting case
12:20AM 0 Who runs rubyonrailswebhost.com ?
Sunday December 23 2007
10:20PM 6 How would you do a multitable cross reference select box in Rails?
10:13PM 1 Comment requested on first Rails code
10:03PM 0 ***fun miniclips***
9:35PM 11 return day from date (javascript) ?
9:24PM 4 How to make a hidden datetime selector?
9:15PM 5 prepend_view_path not working
8:55PM 2 How to Freeze gems?
8:46PM 1 boolean field naming conventions
7:26PM 3 String concatenation but with a minor twist
7:19PM 1 form_for w single resource
6:20PM 2 nested routes (2)
5:01PM 8 will_paginate wont_paginate for me!
4:58PM 6 Having Problems With group_by syntax
4:22PM 4 ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken (ActionController
3:09PM 25 undefined local variable or method `start_form_tag'
2:50PM 7 Help with error "undefined method `downcase' for nil:NilClass" after migration
2:09PM 1 REST in Place - RESTful Inplace-Editor
12:54PM 0 Ajax - live search doesn´t work, pls help
10:37AM 0 Validations over hashed password
10:26AM 3 InvalidAuthenticityToken problems with my login form
10:22AM 0 Simple and elegant checkboxes with has_many through impossible ?
9:23AM 2 Autocomplete and parameters name
9:22AM 4 What does '::' actually mean ?
8:18AM 7 production mode and mysql library question
7:48AM 0 test
7:43AM 12 editing a row as an object
5:19AM 10 CakePHP
4:29AM 7 Nested routes
3:03AM 2 ruby-openid 2
2:11AM 3 Overlaying Lines on an image
12:47AM 2 Suppressing updated_at from being updated
12:32AM 6 Note belongs_to Company or Contact?
Saturday December 22 2007
11:43PM 8 attachment_fu not saving other attributes (like width, height)
10:59PM 2 Share these Bible Stories with your children. Also download Free Christmas Greetings.
9:52PM 6 Beginner problem
9:35PM 1 Backgroundrb Question
8:52PM 3 collection_select validation problem
7:42PM 0 mongrel crashing when using gd2 with an uploaded file
6:06PM 2 multiple file upload
4:53PM 1 Act_as_ferret multi_search
4:48PM 3 Mobile web app development
4:45PM 0 bj-0.0.3
3:28PM 1 text folder
3:15PM 1 RDoc and documenting model attributes?
3:05PM 0 Quick question about changing attributes on date?
2:56PM 8 Rails 2.0 rescue_from
1:31PM 3 Open-source Groupware/CMS Thetis ver.0.9.3_2 released!
12:08PM 0 Please help me DRY my script
12:05PM 3 Formatting looping display from mySQL table
9:44AM 1 Validation and Re-display with Ajax
9:32AM 8 Rails 2.0 scaffold
9:24AM 4 One model, several relations to another model...
8:30AM 0 drop down list from a scaffold
7:58AM 5 Absolute beginner - simple question!
6:12AM 4 Help with DB migration file.
5:49AM 12 gem install sqlite3-ruby problem ,please help....
3:31AM 2 memory leak stomping
12:57AM 0 mysql to sqlite
12:50AM 2 How do the AR singleton methods actually do there magic?
12:49AM 5 find with dynamic attribute name
12:41AM 3 Search across associations
12:01AM 0 with_scope & association proxies
Friday December 21 2007
11:39PM 0 mime type problem for rails+opera
10:43PM 3 OT: Learning Xen?
10:08PM 1 How to get a well formatted Timespan
9:55PM 1 assigning alternating attributes
9:34PM 4 how to check if gems is installed
9:25PM 1 Fixtures don't load on functional tests with 'rake test:functionals' (but do with ruby!)
9:23PM 1 Routes doing wrong URL parsing with Ruby 1.8.5, works with 1.8.6 (routing trouble with controllers grouped in folder)
8:42PM 7 using associations or better avoiding?
8:37PM 3 Missing 2.0 stable branch
8:06PM 2 config Rails .htaccess
7:37PM 9 hey guys.. i need a feedback on a website i wrote in rails..
7:18PM 2 Problem with form_remote_tag and hidden fields
6:44PM 0 pretty neat Mash class (Magic Hash)
6:30PM 47 please someone help with this active record question! its driving me crazy
6:13PM 4 Action Web Service and rails 2.0
6:01PM 0 Problem sending mail with emailer Errno::ECONNRESET (Connection reset by peer)
5:17PM 4 respond_to - same content, different mime type
4:57PM 0 Strange class loading in integration tests
4:56PM 10 Scaffold fuction not working properly
4:41PM 2 How to get scores from MySQL full text search
4:23PM 9 Disappearing Associations
3:34PM 0 Sending an unescaped cookie
2:05PM 3 difficult query
1:46PM 3 Memory v.s CPU
12:44PM 3 error installing gems
10:11AM 3 Access url_for from rake task
9:44AM 2 Open Sourced Ruby on Rails 2.0 Book (german)
9:25AM 2 Generating a form using form_tag/remote_form_tag in an RJS template??
8:45AM 7 overriding restful routes
7:06AM 3 Rails 2 & Profiler
6:54AM 0 self-referential has_and_belong_to_many
6:46AM 8 model methods - is this the best way?
6:36AM 4 possible to restrict a helper to a view?
6:32AM 19 Age Verify
5:40AM 3 Limit & offset ,will it be fast ? in combine query. urgent
5:27AM 7 missing sourcefile (no such file to load)-- squlite3 error
4:09AM 2 Test Problem with model name "Tester"
3:19AM 0 Juggernaut Push Server with RoR + Flex (Flash)
2:12AM 7 routing nested resources
1:59AM 1 Princely - Prince XML PDF Wrapper Plugin
1:47AM 1 in_place_editor not working for Internationalization
Thursday December 20 2007
10:54PM 13 Conditional Validation and restful_authentication
10:34PM 0 RubyGems 1.0.0
10:12PM 2 img in layout disappears when controller renders view
10:00PM 0 Jan. 8th - TSOT Inc. Ruby on Rails Project Night with MC Joey deVilla
9:46PM 0 Join us for Vancouver's 1st RubyCamp @ WorkSpace on January 26th, 2008
9:39PM 8 Mapping Table Names to Human Names for Display
9:37PM 1 Form validation
9:31PM 4 object.send problem within ActiveRecord
9:16PM 4 Amazon SimpleDB ang Ruby
9:00PM 20 can't get in_place_edit to work in rails 2.0 => ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken
8:50PM 1 Custom Boolean Definition
7:57PM 0 Running rake test:units when MSsql root has a password
7:47PM 0 Ajax Div ... Edit a record
6:30PM 2 Mix Resources and non Resource routes
6:00PM 2 belongs to ... belongs to.. :through
5:39PM 1 editing multiple objects from same model
5:38PM 3 Rails 2 :: OSX Gem update --system :: Permissions Help
5:22PM 0 Huge totally Free Collection of Christmas and New Year Greetings
4:53PM 3 search with more then one argument
4:43PM 2 problem when empty string is being passed to update_attributes
4:40PM 4 rails command
4:40PM 2 HABTM Problem
4:28PM 1 SWFupload2 and Rails2 session cookie store
4:26PM 9 2 associations to same table
4:14PM 3 ActiveRecords Eager Loading
4:04PM 2 Sharing a database
3:28PM 2 Creating log of changes to active record objects
3:27PM 3 Amazon S3 as Database Backend?
3:24PM 0 restful_authentication and popup window
3:15PM 3 methods are not visible... I'm sure this is an easy one.
3:12PM 2 scaffold and form generation issue
2:35PM 1 Authentication system
1:46PM 0 deleting associations in variable
1:39PM 3 Ruby 1.9?
12:28PM 0 Daemons,Email and DB
12:15PM 1 quoting rails/ ruby in an academic paper
11:59AM 5 Installing sqlite3-ruby on windows not working
11:56AM 3 Migrations + Teams + possible SVN Conflicts
11:55AM 0 Hi to all
11:32AM 0 problem passing "WITH QUERY EXPANSION" to mysql search
10:37AM 19 Rails and Javascript - don't mess with the client
10:37AM 6 Prefered way to deny access
10:15AM 3 remove association
9:36AM 1 backgroundrb and tasks
9:13AM 0 Regarding PDF Writer
8:35AM 2 nil object on post - but commit information is not empty?
8:21AM 8 I cannot run rails -v
7:41AM 4 Ruby on Rails mailer
7:41AM 2 Strange SQLite3 Error
6:57AM 1 Scrap
6:36AM 0 polymorphic has_many :through Vs Inheritance
6:11AM 1 Selecting Carpets for Your Home
2:59AM 7 Dynamic menu calling basic ajax area
1:06AM 1 Problem with ActiveRecord v2 outside of rails
12:41AM 4 why I can't get test log now?
12:14AM 1 attachment_fu & AWS S3 - EOFError
12:01AM 0 Integrating YUI & Ruby on Rails.
Wednesday December 19 2007
10:49PM 3 Newbie: setting up restful_authentication
10:34PM 2 javascript files loaded twice...
10:07PM 0 Reading back space as null string from db
10:02PM 1 map.resources and link confusion
9:24PM 0 LGBT Partner/Ruby Web Developer at TopOutColleges.com
9:23PM 12 Make has_many return only the latest 5 *in order*
8:49PM 9 Ruby/Rails: too good to be true?
8:30PM 1 Buffalo and Western NY Meetup (Jan 7, 2008)
8:16PM 0 rails and ajax
8:01PM 3 Multiple Instances of Server?
7:58PM 0 Handling "puts" stmts. from external libraries w/Apache+FCGI
7:22PM 0 file_column and ftp uploaded files
7:15PM 1 getting an error when using routing navigator plugin - any ideas?
7:05PM 14 emacs and rails
7:01PM 3 how to get query which was created by Rails Model.
6:57PM 3 Simple has_many :through question
6:25PM 0 Rails and SQL Server 2005, NULL String Settings
6:12PM 0 Ruby and COM
5:38PM 6 Rails REST resources on the real world (real)
5:33PM 1 Link_to in a menu...
5:28PM 0 Rails REST resources on the real world
5:21PM 0 rfacebook Q&A with Chad Rosen - IThinker rfacebook Sighting
5:17PM 4 Extract Class and Rails model objects
4:52PM 0 Making updates in after_create callbacks
4:33PM 2 The problem with ruby on rails is....
4:09PM 8 Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'
3:59PM 0 AWS vs REST and XML-RPC
3:56PM 2 Mail_Queue Plugin working in Development, but not Production
3:50PM 4 how do you validate dates of models
3:48PM 4 Resources; how to rename nested url path?
3:22PM 3 Dynamic Menu's
3:13PM 2 Different Database Engines
2:26PM 2 Strange update_attribures looping behaviour
1:46PM 0 Earth to earth Ashes to ashes dust to dust
1:41PM 4 Very strange problem with application.rb and login_generator
12:59PM 3 newbie - which version to start with
12:37PM 2 map.resource :has_many :through :has_and_belongs_to_many
11:23AM 8 Mailing encrypted password to user
11:13AM 4 Dynamic Values in Team Model?
9:46AM 6 camelize database calls
8:52AM 18 Using Models as Join Tables and/or Self Referential Joins?
8:23AM 0 autocompletion.local inside rails while generating a dynamic list
7:43AM 1 MacOS X 10.5: wrong ruby path in rails dispatcher -> broken deployment
7:39AM 2 undefined method `in_place_editor'
7:27AM 5 scaffolding hates me, please help.
7:07AM 4 how to paginate an model array object
5:06AM 1 ROR commands to create a folder
3:41AM 2 Mongrel + Rails logging problem
3:22AM 2 asset-caching
2:55AM 1 markup plugin recommendations
2:25AM 4 CookieSession Encryption
1:36AM 1 escaping user data in_place_editor
1:28AM 0 hi
1:25AM 1 Rails is redirecting multiple times?
12:54AM 0 memory management in long running scripts
12:50AM 2 Where to find a list of extracted features that now became plugins in 2.0.
12:22AM 6 erb <% vs <%=
12:05AM 10 More Migration Sexiness
12:01AM 0 pushing code
Tuesday December 18 2007
11:58PM 3 Drop down list
11:39PM 1 Assets in the head?
11:22PM 5 Data doesn't show in dropdown
11:17PM 0 Different DB index types in migrations?
11:12PM 9 advanced problem after deployment. help please
11:10PM 7 Writing to an USB Flash Drive
10:05PM 3 fetch in applcation
9:46PM 1 Testing rendered output
9:14PM 3 Active Directory / IE Auto Authentication
9:08PM 3 Little question about RESTful Rails
8:48PM 2 Active Resource and non default model names
8:46PM 3 cant install redbox plugin
8:37PM 2 Asking for help for in_place_editor_field
8:34PM 0 GoRuCo CFP
8:03PM 2 Cannot upgrade to Rails 2.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.5.1
7:39PM 2 attachment_fu and S3 -- cannot download file correctly
7:39PM 1 problem iterating over and array of objects
7:38PM 0 Preschool Education In USA - Emerging Trends And Implications For Future
7:13PM 1 37 Signals blog f'ed up?
7:06PM 3 MySQL transactions not working in unit tests?
6:04PM 0 What's the difference between rfacebook and Facebooker?
5:45PM 0 Google Gears with RoR
4:36PM 2 Added columns do not show up in new action
3:45PM 0 REST and custom routes
3:03PM 16 How is Ruby on Rails better than php?
2:50PM 0 rails recipes lightning fast local autocompletion > @headers issue??
2:42PM 5 File Upload
2:31PM 0 how to define ID as char(22)
2:09PM 5 ?? Conditional validation skipping ??
12:41PM 1 Building a recommendation engine in Rails
12:33PM 0 Regarding error id and error message....
12:31PM 0 Online Fm Radio, MP3 Songs, Tamil Movie Reviews
11:37AM 1 How to use update_page to dynamically add form elements?
11:24AM 0 FREE Web Hosting...
11:01AM 2 testing with code injection
10:29AM 0 Libraries for common business logic - best practice?
10:25AM 2 rails 2.0 functional tests fail, Testscenario changed?
10:19AM 2 RFacebook | Help required
10:00AM 0 wirtin root path using file column
9:48AM 0 PTC 0.01 / 0.2 $ global-click.info
9:20AM 0 upload in Rails
9:15AM 2 Custom pagination
8:43AM 1 Server uptime
8:35AM 2 Javascript calendar for rails 2.x
8:35AM 5 No action responded to record
7:23AM 0 script/runner as a single instance
7:14AM 0 Updating metadata for 11 gems ....
6:40AM 5 include vs extend
6:26AM 1 file_column in production mode
5:59AM 20 Default Mime-Type Template
5:23AM 0 AJAX form validation
5:19AM 0 how to upload only photos but not any files in to ror applic
5:16AM 3 assets%d.domain.com
4:42AM 0 Can not test if model name is Tester in rails 2 (ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (0 for 1))
4:10AM 4 RJS Scripting
4:00AM 1 What is Rails Engine?
3:57AM 0 anybody using pclinuxos?
3:28AM 1 posting xml without using curl
2:47AM 1 i have a question about scaffold on rails2
1:31AM 13 Where is sqlite3?
1:14AM 10 RESTful checkbox to complete task
12:33AM 2 programatically determine owner class
12:33AM 1 Is caching in the database wrong?
12:26AM 11 read_attribute mystery
Monday December 17 2007
11:41PM 8 What is coming in Instant Rails 2.0
11:36PM 2 Failed install of 2.0.2
10:54PM 0 Need help with a search logic problem
10:50PM 6 Are partial custom reference names possible?
10:42PM 2 Many domain - one rails application
10:36PM 1 multiple form fields for condition statement
10:14PM 1 Sentry and Rails validations
9:56PM 0 rake rails:update:configs question
9:52PM 2 include, extend, module_eval, class_eval
8:56PM 4 Determine user/computer name
8:51PM 5 Mysql::Error in SayController#hello
8:41PM 7 anybody using begin/rescue
8:38PM 2 Select Multiple - does it work? Help!
7:57PM 0 choose between two apps
7:37PM 0 Using the rfacebook gem? Tell us about your Facebook app - rfacebook Sightings Series
7:11PM 8 Use of self reflection to determine possible actions
7:06PM 3 Population of drop down list contents from a prior drop down selection
7:02PM 3 Getting actionailer-2.0.2.gem error Rails 2.0.2
6:59PM 1 Is the session hash available to tests or the rails console?
6:58PM 0 Global dateformat and number formatting
6:16PM 2 undefined method `param_posted?'
6:11PM 1 script/console connection works, but Rails app fails with SQL Server
5:01PM 2 Yet another primary key and migrations question
4:41PM 9 unique id per page (controller)
3:49PM 0 Pb upload in Rails
3:30PM 9 Rails 2.0.2: Some new defaults and a few fixes
3:19PM 0 single signon / openbar type of app
2:03PM 1 Double Relationship on 2 Entities
1:33PM 4 Rails 2.0.2 available.
1:07PM 1 rendering a partial with locals from applicat_helper
12:52PM 2 Problem with server
11:39AM 2 Setting rails version
9:55AM 0 activate registration button when only agreement box cliked?
9:44AM 0 offset and limit in sqlserver2005
9:36AM 0 Ruport 1.4 Preview Release
9:35AM 8 ActiveResource and HTTP Basic Auth
9:34AM 0 buttons for a drop-down list
9:32AM 0 buttons for a drop down list
9:09AM 0 submit button for drop down list
8:31AM 0 Are you the ROR developer in India?
7:16AM 0 Server overloaded error with hosting of ruby on rails site
6:48AM 2 search engine
6:28AM 2 Testing error messages on objects with multiple validations
6:24AM 3 not able to view the images after the upload
4:15AM 4 Listing items from database with conditions
3:45AM 2 map.namespace(:admin)...
3:35AM 8 Best practices for testing Routes?
3:24AM 2 Error in send_file
2:53AM 6 hidden fields params
2:24AM 1 Code that controller and view can access
1:42AM 4 <% form_for(@post) do |f| %> does not work!
12:52AM 1 attachment_fu error? Help!
Sunday December 16 2007
11:36PM 2 restful_authentication: update of users' attributes on every page load upon 'Remember me' being enabled?
11:14PM 2 Storing seconds, retrieving sensible data
9:04PM 2 Associations between 3 models
8:39PM 7 Updating HABTM records is easy, but why isn’t one_to_many ?
7:59PM 2 undefined method `auto_complete_for'
7:45PM 3 modify behavior of updated_at magic field
6:29PM 1 Unit test preperation with migrations
6:28PM 4 Make AR setter methods private?
6:21PM 3 admin's interface - the best way to implement
5:42PM 0 Noob: Help designing Architecture for custom form-builders
5:07PM 2 find_by_sql prepared statements with like
4:33PM 2 acts_as_commentable, the user_id of comments always == 0
3:24PM 0 respond to different format
2:40PM 0 locals dont workd in ApplicationHelper render partial
2:00PM 0 Restful action reuse in SOAP webservice
10:17AM 0 Mongrel Hangs
9:56AM 0 fixture_file_upload in Integration tests: is it been broken for two years?
7:58AM 4 Database Agnostic Date Functions
7:01AM 0 Migration Breaking and a strange error
6:50AM 0 Nested Resources and with_scope
5:40AM 1 rSpec 1.1
4:16AM 0 pass the model type to the action via a hidden field?
3:56AM 0 Integration Testing - hang with post parameters
3:40AM 0 rfacebook questions & answers Mailing List/Forum Now Live - Join Us
2:18AM 3 Alphabet
1:40AM 2 Parameters in routing paths
12:58AM 7 passing params
12:44AM 0 Luxury Private Jets
12:31AM 4 Model Coordination, A design problem
12:24AM 2 state changing click on divs
Saturday December 15 2007
9:28PM 3 check_box not being checked
9:28PM 4 Auto_complete plugin Mime: CSS
8:32PM 9 is it possible to have format.html and format.json output the same results?
7:37PM 0 JRubyHub.com: The hub to all JRuby and JRuby on Rails (JRoR) resources...
6:49PM 2 [REST] change :controller/:id/:action to :controller/:title/
5:58PM 1 can't dup Fixnum ??
5:57PM 1 [Rails Sys Admin] Curious.. how often do you deploy?
5:06PM 3 newbie with nested resources on rails 2.0
3:42PM 1 page caching
3:10PM 5 Issuing Ruby Commands from Rails?
3:08PM 1 before_filter and xhr
2:52PM 12 Getting Javascript to talk to Rails
1:37PM 3 List Box Issue - Should be easy, but nor for me!
12:35PM 3 3rdRail creating new project issue - ubuntu 7.10
12:16PM 1 faild setup rails 2.0
11:22AM 0 no Rails docs in gem_server
11:04AM 2 Qustion about autocomplete
10:56AM 1 script/server hangs webrick and mongrel
10:44AM 0 CFP : First Ruby and Rails devroom at Fosdem 2008
9:53AM 0 Selenium on rails rake test:acceptance firefox problems on mac osx
9:35AM 2 Reading Model data before update
9:00AM 0 One-Click Ruby Installer 186-26 Final Release
8:44AM 1 Help Regarding Uploading a Image and Use it in two places
8:39AM 3 nil.update_attributes on variable from find_by...
7:27AM 6 How to upgrade to rails 2.0?
7:26AM 0 problem with acts_as_sti_factory plugin
5:51AM 0 multi_rails 0.0.4 Released
4:39AM 1 passing same params through several controllers
1:18AM 5 RESTful admin interface? how?
12:24AM 1 xml to mysql
12:00AM 4 Getting one of multiple inputs
Friday December 14 2007
11:31PM 1 search form: POST vs GET
11:21PM 2 Rails 2.0 map.namespace and path_prefix
11:03PM 8 pdf fdf implemenation
10:47PM 0 tiobe's languages index
10:42PM 0 date_selec Feb and date problem
10:02PM 8 Valentina Database Now Supports Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X
10:01PM 5 1.2.6 to 2.0.1 500 internal server error
10:01PM 4 best place to update child an do some operations
9:56PM 4 moving app from dev to production
9:39PM 1 RESTful Routes
9:28PM 1 does gem fcgi require fcgi to be installed?
9:15PM 2 Nested Resource with two different parent controllers
9:08PM 8 installing MySQL on Leopard ?
8:57PM 2 Where is login_generator?
8:55PM 1 Tool for tsting routes
7:58PM 2 do you grant privileges for db:create and friends?
7:45PM 0 Fwd: [ANNOUNCE] ruby-pg is now the official postgres ruby gem
7:37PM 2 ActionController::RoutingError problem
7:33PM 2 favicon.ico and mongrel
7:23PM 11 join table should be "baz" or "foos_bars" ?
6:14PM 0 resizeing an image from Flickr URL
5:45PM 10 How do I fix broken gems in Leopard?
5:23PM 5 Site performance improvement
4:51PM 0 Rails Host with preconfig dedicated server
4:42PM 0 override to_param + restful_authentication
4:24PM 2 modeling question
4:11PM 2 question about gems
4:01PM 1 trying to get simple jquery example working for form_remote_tag
3:47PM 3 Date entry without date_select
3:17PM 2 Combobox problem
3:16PM 0 combobox and m:n relation
2:54PM 6 Trouble with tests + sexy migrations [Rails 2.0.1]
2:51PM 0 extracting code to a module, failed
2:18PM 3 Issue with upgrading to 2.0 on Leopard? Or something else?
1:49PM 2 Migrations with no ID
1:14PM 2 restful_authentication + nested resources => failed to authenticate
1:11PM 3 Preview Message Before Saving?
12:14PM 7 System call calls a PHP script
11:49AM 3 using the session to pass a value from form to controller
11:14AM 2 How to make multiple forms work
11:04AM 1 How to create yaml
10:55AM 17 Rails 2.0.1 RC2 - activerecord-oracle-adapter not found
10:17AM 2 Tricky helper question
9:32AM 2 Problem with date format.
9:14AM 4 How to include an java applet in a rhtml page
8:56AM 4 File upload issue
6:43AM 0 "Multiple default values" with Rails migration
5:58AM 13 RSpec-1.1.0 is released
5:29AM 5 Rails complaining about {:method=>:get} on an AJAX call
4:59AM 2 Advice on performance concerns (MySQL / Number of rows)
3:36AM 4 schema.rb naming conventions
2:58AM 3 Nested Resources And Creating URL Problemos
2:41AM 0 Calling GC.start with attachment_fu and RMagick -- where or if?
2:27AM 0 async-observer rails plugin
2:26AM 2 What's the last version of Rails that lets you...
2:08AM 2 rails2.0 scaffold generator
12:24AM 0 Third edition of "Programming Ruby" now in beta
Thursday December 13 2007
11:13PM 1 focus_fu problems
9:56PM 4 Attachment_fu problems on updates
9:50PM 10 Version naming to use in a RoR proyect
9:43PM 7 What's the difference between edge rails & rails 2.0
9:38PM 3 render :update and best practices
9:32PM 3 Installing SQL Server Adapter as Gem for Rails 2.0
9:27PM 1 Time.advance( :minutes=> x ) question
9:27PM 9 Rails & Ajax : Updating a list from the top
9:14PM 5 Capture variable arguments
9:14PM 0 Get Rich Quick Scams Revealed
9:05PM 0 Errors building RMagick on Linux
8:34PM 1 datetime_select and seconds?
8:17PM 1 Trouble with AJAX-like uploads
8:09PM 0 Trouble upgrading rails
7:56PM 11 Ruby on Rails : Origin of the name ?
7:41PM 0 rails 2.0 and config.to_prepare
7:38PM 3 Why did Rails get created?
7:19PM 2 Am I trying to do something silly here, as I can't figure out the best way to do it.
7:19PM 1 RSPEC: Looking for some clarification
5:43PM 4 Mock Kernel method
5:17PM 3 run sql query ?
4:27PM 1 valdiates_date_time gem install problem
4:06PM 7 Job System user authentications problems
3:52PM 7 passing a variable to a partial
3:37PM 0 Instant Rails Update Plans
3:22PM 3 Realise a web service with ruby on rails.
2:56PM 0 check the text within a div element from controller
2:39PM 2 newbie qusetion, about unicode.
2:36PM 0 How to convert string/text from DB to hash ???
2:26PM 2 no such file to load — ubygems (LoadError)
2:21PM 0 getting drop-down selection on a "new" view to controller
2:20PM 5 sorting the children of an object
1:29PM 2 What about components.
1:18PM 2 automatically strip values of activerecord attributes
1:12PM 1 Model inheritance problem
12:38PM 4 storing a hash in the data base
12:22PM 1 A simple user login registration-authentication plug-in
11:17AM 1 Routing problem: nested Controller interpreted as Action
11:08AM 0 From Db Text to Hash [Please Need really Help]
10:59AM 0 acts_as_attachment -> attachment_fu, db_system -> file_system
10:34AM 0 Accessing directly to show action with a submit button.
10:27AM 0 Problem in the authorization plugin
9:48AM 0 How do I force download with LiteSpeed?
9:46AM 0 Lead management in Rails
9:24AM 4 Aliasing customer.mysite.com to customer.com possible?
9:22AM 8 anyone know how to add an element to a object instance variable and not overwrite it?
9:11AM 4 where to get Rails 2.0 tutorial
8:33AM 7 undefined method `paginate'
8:16AM 3 Nested/not-nested resources
7:56AM 2 Colons and semicolons in REST URIs
7:53AM 0 Help on RESTful design and URL
7:02AM 0 How to set virtual attributes while saving multiple models?
6:53AM 0 script/server and irbrc
6:42AM 2 how to flag changes and load data from another table?
6:08AM 6 mysql error on brand new application with one empty controller
5:15AM 4 Request timeout question
4:20AM 4 Help with Model Associations.
4:09AM 0 help on act_as_ferret
4:06AM 2 Cookies/Session Management
3:54AM 3 Cygwin Rails issues "/dev/urandom" not found
3:54AM 8 Lost on what's next..
3:39AM 1 Updating Restful Authentication Plug
3:20AM 0 Setting of parent shell params?
3:09AM 0 Getting plugins to automatically reload
1:17AM 6 bj-0.0.2
12:09AM 0 Using url_for and expire_page in console and runner (a howto)
Wednesday December 12 2007
11:39PM 0 Any experience using ruby-debug in Patrick Lenz book?
11:21PM 0 [ADV] New Ruby Pragmatic Studio
9:33PM 3 Value of text_with_auto_complete_field for field observer
9:22PM 2 to_xml ignore fields
9:20PM 6 Add a month to a Date object
8:54PM 0 Personal Development is Bringing Artificial Intelligence to the Internet
8:40PM 2 Rake routes shows paths, but views can't find them
8:37PM 3 datetime_select and Active Record
8:00PM 5 Passing Values Between Action Methods
7:49PM 0 I'd like to turn off logging for a particular controller
7:39PM 3 SQL-Server Rails 2.0 and Nulls
7:22PM 0 [JOB] Freelance rails developer wanted
7:17PM 4 Displaying Data by Month
7:05PM 5 form_tag and html id
7:01PM 4 2GB Free Online Storage !
6:46PM 1 Space Character in Textbox
6:26PM 0 ActiveRecord::Base.connection => duplicate values
6:04PM 2 Noob: No output when running Ruby command
5:14PM 0 layouts in Rails 2
4:51PM 0 Passing Params to Resources via Routes
3:55PM 1 why is authenticate_with_http_basic undefined?
3:51PM 1 Passing Params to Named Restful Routes
3:49PM 0 Parameter being stripped form Search form with Restful Routes
3:18PM 3 acts as tree
3:05PM 2 possible bug in eager loading
2:45PM 2 gsub ignorecase unicode
2:44PM 2 how do i update an image with Attachment_Fu ?
12:22PM 4 multiple Scaffold
11:51AM 0 Youtube
11:48AM 2 Best Practices
11:27AM 2 HABTM causes LocalJumpError in Controller : no block given error
10:51AM 1 Netbeans - Checking out project from SVN
10:49AM 4 generate scaffold or model for join table?
10:36AM 2 Ruby Testing
9:54AM 0 Ruby on Rails( Text Segmentation)
9:43AM 6 Establish Connection to a xmpp server and keep it !
9:22AM 3 Generate a migration from an existing MySQL Database (like Symfony)
9:03AM 3 Generating PDF- environment.rb problem
8:24AM 10 Is AWDwR Still Useful?
8:08AM 3 Validating the presence of a foreign key?
6:47AM 0 Retrieving Images from Emails
6:04AM 0 find_by_sql help on site search
5:11AM 0 Custom validation methods
4:55AM 10 why the size of rails souorce and gem is different ?
4:31AM 0 Restful output different file format
4:22AM 0 Many-to-Many foreign key setup
3:52AM 2 LDAP authentication with SSL
3:04AM 6 "Only get, put, and delete requests are allowed."?
2:36AM 2 Reduce verbosity of log files
2:34AM 8 Helpers for common Controller code
2:31AM 0 Newbie Capistrano / Mongrel / debugging question
1:27AM 0 how can I use form_remote_tag to go to a different host ?
12:32AM 2 Problems installing Rails
12:30AM 13 routes and controller question
12:10AM 4 Route and patterns
Tuesday December 11 2007
11:40PM 4 Lost in translation - Rails 2.0 Nested Resources, Custom Actions
11:14PM 7 Freshly starting with Rails.. Scaffold issue
9:59PM 0 beanstalkd 0.5
9:53PM 0 how to retrieve unknow attributes and values
9:41PM 1 Testing for the existence of templates
9:35PM 15 Instant Rails lives again!
9:07PM 5 What goes where?/Scope question
8:42PM 1 VM Ware tools install (RoR Dev box)
8:22PM 4 Using RJS before a form element is changed
8:18PM 0 What does this mean?
7:38PM 1 BackgroundRb and blocking analysis of progress.
7:07PM 1 Ruby-gettext valitation?
6:38PM 5 Help with install! Rails without gems...
6:19PM 2 how can I run rails at a URI containing a folder path?
5:57PM 2 New LearningRails.com podcast posted, what topics would be useful to you?
5:48PM 1 Rails Optimization / Propaganda / Benchmark
5:32PM 3 format time as "______ ago"
5:27PM 5 NetBeans 6.0, Leopard and running a project in browser.
5:04PM 0 How to destroy objects associated with cookie-based sessions?
4:59PM 1 Forgot Password with RESTFul_Authentication plugin?
4:37PM 1 attachment_fu and virtual hosts on S3
4:17PM 4 gem install problem: fcgi
3:11PM 2 RoR Error When Doing: rake db:schema:load
2:50PM 4 Checking form values inside RJS
2:41PM 1 best practis; copy model with associated models
2:34PM 0 radio button with multiple columns
2:23PM 0 The best screencast ever
1:33PM 0 [Video] Screencast Rails 2.0
1:26PM 0 acts_as_ferret extra (polymorphic) fields...
1:23PM 1 501 Syntax: HELO hostname - Mail problem
12:46PM 5 Rexml - please help
12:26PM 1 scaffold generation
12:19PM 0 Mongrel - "Status: 500" appears in HTTP response body, not headers
10:39AM 3 rake fails
10:19AM 12 How to connect to a remote database through a rails application.
9:42AM 0 Net::ldap no bind result
9:35AM 0 Using join query in find_by_contents or in multi_search
9:04AM 3 Quick question about helpers
8:40AM 1 :include => :all
8:23AM 1 ROR TIPIS - 1
8:10AM 1 How to do the batch insert?
8:00AM 0 help for hash.to_json
7:45AM 0 Webrick flaging
7:10AM 2 Moving Files on the Server?
5:51AM 5 Hash as arguments of a method call
3:11AM 0 Heroku: An Online Rails Development and App Hosting Environment
2:53AM 8 TypeError: Effect[effect_class] when using block form of link_to helper
2:30AM 3 Where is the mythical activerecord-sybase-adapter
1:57AM 8 Best server + database to use with Rails?
1:38AM 20 How to assign a non-auto ID?
12:40AM 0 no action responsed to a controller which works on local system, but in production
12:21AM 3 Displaying an image from the database.
12:21AM 3 Need help with RMagick for attachment_fu
12:04AM 4 Resolve hostname from IP
12:02AM 2 in_place_edit_for into which plugin?
Monday December 10 2007
11:51PM 3 Ruby on start page?
11:47PM 21 BackgrounDRb 1.0 pre-release available now
11:27PM 0 postoffice-Jbz+COfnBijB8XbDibcijQ@public.gmane.org emails
11:17PM 7 Serious Geek RoR newbie: wishes to know EXACTLY what/where all is installed by packages. Tnx!
10:38PM 9 automagic created_at coming out null
10:04PM 2 Swap problems with mongrel
9:47PM 1 Dynamic Scaffolding gone
9:44PM 0 using Mac OS X Server for deployment?
9:42PM 2 installing older rails
9:32PM 2 Help with encryption
9:21PM 2 Remove file_column image in a form?
9:06PM 3 First Rails 2.0 Screencast
8:55PM 0 Foxy Fixtures updates for 1.2.x
8:21PM 1 deployed application but it seems that no models are loaded
6:33PM 3 Validate Object Ownership (user_id) in model, or in controller?
6:27PM 3 Recurring Billing
6:13PM 2 Route for nested delete
6:09PM 0 Informix adapter gem missing
6:07PM 1 exist.com
6:07PM 0 Read these Management Articles for sharpening of your skills
5:34PM 3 Modeling 2 relationships between 2 entites
4:47PM 0 HELP under PROXY!!!
4:43PM 8 find_by_sql without a table ...
3:05PM 1 Restrat server
2:59PM 12 Multi-steps forms aka wizards
2:57PM 8 could not find activerecord-sqlserver-adapter locally or in a repository
2:44PM 0 one-to-many from script/generate scaffold <model> <controller>
2:19PM 0 Ruby Programming
1:41PM 0 popup questions
1:34PM 1 Text field magic?
1:19PM 3 pagination with eagerfindersql
1:09PM 0 view function doesnt work when upgrade to rails2
12:45PM 0 mysql error with rails 2.0.1
11:37AM 2 Updating Rails to 2.0 on Mac OS X 10.5.1 won't work
11:29AM 0 layout is not showing
11:07AM 11 map.namespace, rake routes yields no POST URLs
11:05AM 2 Retrieving rows from polymorphically related tables
10:15AM 4 Need help in Ajax Pagination
9:50AM 0 mongrel cluster running, but page not accessible via apache
9:40AM 2 transaction when operating in two tables
9:37AM 1 Problem in Saving an attribute as 0
9:30AM 6 using script/console
8:53AM 2 Connecting to multiple databases in rails in one application
8:47AM 0 sql and ruby
8:38AM 1 Rmagick
8:19AM 11 image upload using ajax
8:14AM 1 Rails 2.0.1 paths
7:48AM 2 save method not updating in rails 2.0.1
7:00AM 0 Ruby on Rails(Segmentation)
6:47AM 3 Just starting out
4:13AM 10 Is there any User Interface Library for rails?
3:39AM 5 Reading Ruby Books on a Kindle?
3:32AM 0 exception_logger plugin doesn't respect filter_parameter_log
3:16AM 15 Scaffolding for pre-existing database table in 2.0.1
3:11AM 4 button_to_function & safari 3
3:08AM 4 Question regarding a model
2:27AM 2 select version of rails to install
2:20AM 10 Reading Hash/Array
1:38AM 1 Changing ids for fixtures in 2.0
1:13AM 3 link_to for an entire table row
12:43AM 26 Adding School Condition
Sunday December 9 2007
11:59PM 0 YAML and Saving
10:53PM 4 Engines 2.0 (ish)
10:34PM 0 Adding To View Path - Not Picking Up Templates?
10:14PM 4 Help on drying code
10:07PM 1 Windows, Rails2.0, Zlib::BufError or Mongrel crash with rubygems update --system
9:43PM 3 Concatenate multiple drop down values into a single string
8:10PM 3 Managing Hierarchical Data
8:06PM 0 How Much Do You Know About PayDay Loans?
7:43PM 5 Browserized Styles Plugin
7:39PM 2 will_paginate not from model, in array?
6:44PM 2 Fresh rails 2 install not working
6:37PM 2 Questions about rails 2.0
4:52PM 0 [ANN/ADV] Rails training from Ruby Power and Light in NYC, February 2008!
3:05PM 2 nested find
1:51PM 0 Bug or feature? rhtml file is not using the overwritten accessor of ActiveRecord class
12:10PM 1 logs from runner script on rails 2.0
10:09AM 3 One module for two 'super' controllers
9:39AM 4 Routing Problem using 2.0.1
9:17AM 3 Rails big pain - uploads and plugin versioning
8:35AM 5 New to ruby Please help me...
8:22AM 0 Umlaut problem after Caching
5:13AM 0 Fabulous search routine from RailsSpace but missing 'LIKE' strategy?
5:03AM 4 Good online Ruby tutorial? (for learning basic Ruby syntax)
4:56AM 0 straight join in rails
4:50AM 22 error when following Agile Web Development in RoR
3:12AM 1 Net::HTTP
1:02AM 2 creating intances of a model with two required foreign keys
Saturday December 8 2007
11:48PM 7 rescue_from TamperedWithCookie error?
11:16PM 4 Taking the RoR plunge
9:58PM 2 creating AJAX on the fly
9:41PM 19 The best way to specify foreign keys?
7:48PM 3 partials
7:03PM 4 Rails 2.0.1 initializer weird infinite loop situation
5:08PM 6 Rails 2.0 ActionMailer breaks my redmine render_message
4:33PM 0 ActionWebService in Rails 2.0
4:29PM 3 ROR 2.0 & undefined method `table_name'
2:52PM 1 Questions on acts_as_versioned
2:07PM 1 Ruby2Exe with Rails is not cleaning the temp files
1:32PM 0 trying to run db:test:prepare (newbie)
12:41PM 7 displaying the id field
12:31PM 0 Another clue
11:30AM 3 one-to-many through scaffolding?
10:32AM 0 RadRails: Rake Tasks dropdown menu shows empty
9:24AM 0 scaffold method versus script/generate scaffold
7:59AM 0 using submit to pass own parameters
6:05AM 0 App Theme Support and Rails 2.0
5:33AM 1 auto_complete_field plugin
3:57AM 1 Trouble updating to Rails 2.0
2:10AM 0 Cheap shopping ,we can go shares together!
1:21AM 6 Whats the difference between "Ruby" and "Ruby on Rails"
12:26AM 1 Updating to 1.2.6
Friday December 7 2007
10:02PM 2 Application plugins
8:45PM 0 Intoducing Morph HelpME
8:17PM 0 Introducing Morph helpME
8:06PM 4 Creating an alphabetic list
7:43PM 4 html form and form_for
7:39PM 0 mini_magick error
6:46PM 7 activerecord 2.0.1 gem
6:42PM 0 ANN: Rails-2.0 hosting already available at WebFaction with special discount
6:19PM 0 Changes from localhost:3000 to Apache/Mongrel (attachment_fu)
5:49PM 2 each.do error with one record
5:26PM 0 Rescuing migrations
5:13PM 0 Errno::ECONNRESET (Connection reset by peer):
4:53PM 2 Trouble with Net::HTTP.post_form
4:47PM 1 Rails Recipe 44 -- Write Tests for Your Helpers [Corrected]
4:27PM 0 Nested Resources, REST, and overall strategy for syndication service
4:11PM 3 Rails Recipe 44 -- Write Tests for Your Helpers
3:20PM 0 Documentation for OpenSSL
3:14PM 0 [ADV] Advanced Rails Recipes Now in Beta
3:09PM 3 Action Web Service : Missing template ... wsdl.rhtml
3:09PM 2 Rails 2.0: It's done!
3:03PM 1 Ruby on Rails applications with Mongrel cluster
2:53PM 1 Rails 2.0.1 : activeresource-2.0.1 is missing (was: Rails 2.0 is real !)
2:32PM 0 Nested controllers
2:29PM 0 Restoring from acts_as_paranoid
1:54PM 0 Retrieving Google account info
1:49PM 7 Restful Nested Resource without ugly id
1:35PM 0 Read these Inspirational Stories to get motivated and forward to all your knowns
12:00PM 1 change default directory of javascripts?
11:19AM 1 format.json
11:13AM 6 how to destroy a session in the proper way.
11:12AM 6 Sorting by a field of an associated class
10:22AM 2 acts_as_tree and Edge
10:15AM 1 Rails 2.0.0
9:42AM 1 scaffold :foo versus ScaffoldGenerator
9:40AM 0 Problem creating test database
8:12AM 0 How can I parse Soap envelope to get values in SOAP header?
8:11AM 2 Rails 2.0 is real !
7:51AM 3 Querying one table to find all possible combinations
7:39AM 0 applciation configuration for imagemagick
7:28AM 2 Pagination using will_paginate
7:05AM 0 how to set authentication to the WEBric server ???
6:31AM 6 nignx vs litespeed
5:12AM 1 install problems
4:35AM 0 Associations counting
4:35AM 1 acts_as_rated error
3:21AM 1 Scaffolds, Multiple Tables, and Key Fields
1:21AM 4 capitalizing an attribute - view, controller, or model?
1:09AM 0 multi_rails 0.0.3 Released
12:07AM 7 Experienced Ruby on Rails developers to build a social network
Thursday December 6 2007
11:20PM 10 Fat models and validation
10:59PM 8 Routing Error
10:58PM 4 Why delete_all works but not delele(nn)?
10:06PM 0 Stange behaviour with internet explorer
10:03PM 3 autocomplete - returning id that has been matched?
9:51PM 0 fixture_dependencies plugin
9:39PM 0 Ruby on Rails Mailing List App.
8:57PM 2 Could not find RubyGem activesupport after RadRail upgrade
8:32PM 4 http://api.rubyonrails.org/ for rails 2.0 ??
8:32PM 2 Nested map.resources no longer working with Rails 2 RC
8:27PM 8 Mysterious Rails Crashes
8:05PM 2 email working
7:50PM 0 HMT Help
7:44PM 2 rake rdoc issue
7:36PM 0 Canceling execution of parent method
7:21PM 5 File uploads and saving blobs to MySQL database
6:24PM 0 Encryption Modulus and Exponent
6:21PM 0 paranoid ar_mailer
6:08PM 1 has_many :through - to self, bi-directional
5:55PM 2 Confused setting up relationships...
5:50PM 1 Ferret difference between site and console
5:06PM 1 REST + Pagination + Caching
4:37PM 0 reverse openid authentication
4:15PM 0 Rails Newbie--where do I configure webrick to start using ssl certs/https?
4:01PM 5 geeting full path name of a file
3:57PM 1 new Amazon RoR site
3:28PM 3 has_many, through to has_many
3:13PM 6 no such file to load -- postgres (newbie)
12:49PM 1 request.env_table method undefined in functional test
12:48PM 2 debugger dumps me into irb, not rdb
12:35PM 8 Default value for country_select
12:03PM 9 x.nil? or x.blank?
11:45AM 3 number_to_currency
11:37AM 4 Using string cryptography in Rails
10:57AM 0 saving the user id for thumbnails using attachment_fu
10:51AM 1 Testing find_by_sql
10:49AM 9 Add a method to ActiveRecord?
8:07AM 2 passing parameters through link_to
6:35AM 5 upload images and displaying of images
6:15AM 2 Implementation of rest in ROR
3:54AM 5 how to handle the final output page?
3:45AM 1 restful_authentication
3:44AM 2 passing values trough models.
3:43AM 3 anybody use OPEN_ID to authenticate?
3:19AM 1 Leanest way to query with the results in a typed hash ?
3:04AM 2 WebDav/CalDav in Rails
2:40AM 0 Rails/Informix 1.1.0 released
2:32AM 1 Fetcher Daemon Questions - receive???
2:20AM 11 no route found to match - Routing Error on Dreamhost
1:14AM 1 Very beautiful girls and many useful resources and more,please check it out
12:42AM 4 Extending core classes?
12:36AM 0 Some nice articles about Ruby but this time for MAC
Wednesday December 5 2007
10:39PM 0 Find Top Rated
10:35PM 2 I'm told "template is missing", but file is there!
9:34PM 0 field_observer :on
9:18PM 0 save encryption as XML
8:52PM 2 Where is my "rails" folder?
8:30PM 0 earn money
8:20PM 2 How do I speed up RSPEC?
8:19PM 8 Question about acts_as_tree
8:17PM 4 render :update and controller private methods
8:08PM 1 render :update and local variables
8:06PM 13 NoMethodError after upgrading from 1.1.6 to 1.2.3
7:53PM 0 Two pagination questions (
7:49PM 8 Migrations: default value where there shouldn't be one!
7:17PM 0 London Ruby User Group - 10th December 2007
7:15PM 1 Application scope question
6:45PM 1 manually start mail processes
6:10PM 0 Test-db on SQLite: getting "index xx already exists" error
6:04PM 2 Connect to MS Access Database?
6:04PM 1 rake error - please help
5:54PM 2 Can i do an sql update in a rails migration?
5:39PM 0 Module methods with access to controller variables.
4:54PM 0 Encryption using blowfish
4:51PM 0 Fix for web_service_scaffold templates not found under Edge Rails
4:43PM 0 Getting a 'State can't be blank' validation error on submit
4:32PM 4 NoMethodError
3:29PM 0 Newbie - One screen showing using three models
3:00PM 0 REST vs. legacy stuff with state in session?
2:18PM 2 Split a class by extending it, with a condition
1:11PM 2 Number To Currency help
1:02PM 0 Seeking Rails Developer
12:57PM 2 some redcloth questions
12:20PM 5 how to set a text_field to un-editable in ROR
11:56AM 5 Running php from RoR
10:35AM 5 Active Record, Migration, and Translation
10:33AM 4 where to put code for all methods in a Controller
10:26AM 4 paginate collection bug
9:36AM 5 How to host Ruby On Rails on shared hosting
8:59AM 3 sytanx question
8:24AM 0 Strange problem on "xhr" and "xml_http_request"
5:50AM 11 Add object with REST
5:49AM 0 Calling render_to_string from a separate controller
5:26AM 7 Mailer question -- Order Confirmation
4:20AM 0 More Training Demo's
4:06AM 4 Layouts
3:29AM 3 Forum in Rail--Acts_as_Tree?
3:20AM 2 Error while running ruby script/server
12:33AM 1 Web Service behind https
Tuesday December 4 2007
11:59PM 0 multipart post/update without form view
11:57PM 12 Trouble maintaining session data through render :action
11:51PM 4 Amazon API - How to display in view
11:25PM 1 ssl_required being ignored?
11:24PM 1 Extra SQL calls invoked using paginate...
11:02PM 0 a new model object associated with two parents
10:20PM 4 Ruby on rails + Textmate
8:59PM 37 Can`t connect to MySQL Database with Netbeans 6 for RoR ?
8:43PM 1 What versions go where...
8:43PM 2 How to save an image from URL
8:37PM 3 Rails ActiveRecord find w/ conditions
8:18PM 5 when to save, session reflect saves?
7:50PM 0 Freezing Rails 1.2.6 & rubygems 0.95 Problems
7:48PM 3 For Loop
7:17PM 3 Why are my unit tests passing?
7:04PM 1 server side pdf viewer
6:10PM 1 Extending ActiveRecord::Base
5:17PM 2 ActiveSupport::JSON::CircularReferenceError in InvoiceContro
5:06PM 6 Problem preventing double click with ajax submit button
4:45PM 0 attachment_fu validation error
4:25PM 1 Validating date_select invalid dates
4:15PM 11 apache error
4:12PM 2 starting ruby on rails with multiple applications
3:11PM 2 ActsAsTaggableOn Released
2:57PM 17 Can RoR do everything that PHP can do?
2:42PM 2 Clean way for a modular rails app?
1:40PM 2 extending the ActiveRecord:Base class
1:40PM 2 flicker when replace_html then blind_down
1:27PM 1 assert_routing help
12:17PM 6 Encrypting application source code
11:06AM 1 Is there a way to display files for download?
10:02AM 0 TextAreaWithStatus 1.0 released
9:14AM 1 loading fixtures from different dir
8:23AM 2 button_to_function question
8:21AM 13 Undefined method error
8:09AM 0 Implementing prev / next in CalendarHelper
8:02AM 2 :through not working as I expected
7:49AM 1 how to put a image as a link in ROR
7:38AM 2 Multidimensional arrays
6:43AM 7 choose 6 records from the database randomly
6:25AM 1 Association Problem in development server
5:48AM 10 ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch
5:32AM 1 rerun an action if you refresh?
4:47AM 0 paginating acts_as_locateable
3:32AM 7 NetBeans IDE for RAILS
2:48AM 2 Tricky respond_to and layout problem
1:11AM 4 a couple of database design questions...
12:51AM 2 Update a page from the database as changes happen
12:38AM 3 Updating your rails application?
12:23AM 7 REST bug with form_for
12:13AM 5 upgrading rails
Monday December 3 2007
11:28PM 2 attachment_fu 'replace' method?
11:18PM 1 undefined method `alias_method_chain'
10:54PM 4 utf-8 encoding foreign charectors
9:47PM 1 undefined methods page_count
8:39PM 6 How do you delete records in a Join Table
8:30PM 4 Store Your Files Online 2 GB for free !
8:21PM 0 New podcast about Learning Rails
7:42PM 8 automatic 'verify :xhr => true' for methods ending with _xhr
7:10PM 1 How to fix routing error?
7:05PM 1 FreeBSD VPS hosting?
7:00PM 4 migration problem
6:49PM 6 Can't get win32console gem working properly
6:40PM 4 has_many through question
6:26PM 7 RSpec Project
6:21PM 0 Some excellent Time savings Tips and articles : Forward to your colleagues
6:04PM 2 Can I render a page using a template of another controller
5:42PM 7 Generating html
5:40PM 9 Trouble implementing inline rjs
5:11PM 1 depcryption and base64
4:45PM 5 Resolving image URLs
4:34PM 1 Resource routes for acts_as_tree - help
4:30PM 33 Cannot Freeze gems - uninitialized constant Gem::GemRunner
4:21PM 3 How to get the errors on Controlers
3:51PM 1 datetime field / params hash / ClassName.new
3:44PM 6 suspicious route?
3:43PM 6 Easy Validation Question...
3:35PM 1 Building a Survey Form
3:13PM 0 problem to reading Cookies
3:04PM 3 why don't these routes work
2:23PM 1 The field capture does not exist error in a plugin
2:05PM 6 how to fill select box with the names of the states corresponding to the country name selected in different select box
1:57PM 2 routing is not working
1:46PM 2 before_filter application => exclude some other controllers
1:39PM 0 Re: how to use render & redirect_to togethe
1:16PM 2 Rails code in a Javascript function
12:50PM 3 Request param type of array
9:59AM 4 How to remember if a div is shown or hidden after a page ref
9:23AM 1 Attachment_fu for an avatar
8:31AM 12 csrf attacks
6:25AM 1 install and mysql issues
3:41AM 0 habtm & STI question
3:41AM 0 [ADV] Ruport Book Pre-orders now open
1:56AM 4 Resource routing methods -- what am I missing?
12:37AM 6 problems with multiple render and redirect
Sunday December 2 2007
10:33PM 0 New Rails App: iZepto Timesheets
10:18PM 4 select and passing some javascript
9:51PM 12 How do you start mySQL under InstantRails?
9:48PM 4 Filter chain halted
8:51PM 1 Equality Problems
8:47PM 0 Forms, Values, and Multiple Models question
8:41PM 0 map.resources routing question
8:12PM 0 attachment_fu doesn't generate thumbnails on windows
7:45PM 1 RubyGems break because Ruby has both site_ruby and vendor_ruby
7:32PM 1 RC2 gem?
6:55PM 1 Function to escape queries?
5:26PM 5 walkthrough: Rails 2.0 startup process
5:02PM 39 What's your favorite RoR editor/IDE?
4:36PM 3 Best way to deal with a changed url?
4:35PM 0 launchd, mongrel, capistrano, sudo hookup for Mac OS X
3:57PM 0 new installation and migration
3:47PM 12 Relation model naming advice needed
2:52PM 3 Multiple Versions of Rails Installed
1:03PM 1 Creating new HaBtM?
11:52AM 2 Use logger class
11:48AM 0 pagination and custom parameters
11:08AM 0 Personalise Site - Now implicitly gains geo data
10:07AM 3 advice two almost identical controllers
10:05AM 5 new in Leopard-- Ruby, ROR, MySQL
8:24AM 3 Better way for select list for belongs_to?
7:50AM 2 TMail 1.2.0
7:41AM 3 a Problem after installation of ruby on windows xp
6:14AM 6 Expire cache in rake issue
5:17AM 0 Parsing a referer into routes?
4:18AM 2 Can I initialize model attributes from SQL?
2:06AM 2 routes.rb. what's diff map.connect and map.name?
1:09AM 0 Rails Tutorial - mySQL doesn't connect in InstantRails...
12:57AM 1 Creating Custom Avatars in RoR
12:55AM 0 UTF8 Regex in 1.2.x
12:04AM 3 expire_action in model possible
Saturday December 1 2007
11:54PM 7 rails 2.0
9:04PM 1 integration test post: problem
7:54PM 8 redirect question
7:25PM 2 Hosting for my mephisto blog + git/svn
7:00PM 4 InstantRails vs. RubyStack
6:41PM 0 Adding and modifying parameters to present url
5:44PM 0 Filter query results from URL hash
4:30PM 0 Locomotive Terminal destroys my PATH!
4:09PM 0 newbie question: issue on creating blob field on mysql 5.x for windows
2:56PM 1 RJS TypeError
2:12PM 1 Something like this for rails ?
1:40PM 0 GWT hosted mode (debug) and rails
1:08PM 1 attr_readonly
1:06PM 5 Asset packager for Rails 2
11:06AM 1 Broken pipe and send mail
10:19AM 3 How to make will_paginate generated URL search engine friendly
10:08AM 4 looking for a powerful login generator
9:10AM 3 how to append some action into already available controller?
9:03AM 0 REST API Documentation
7:48AM 6 Two layouts for one controller
7:01AM 1 using password_field closes my eclipse
6:15AM 2 Anyone succeeded using AJAX patch view_helpers.rb?
5:04AM 2 AbstractRequest request methods outside of Application.rb
2:04AM 1 views & link_to
1:40AM 3 Rails 2 problem with compute_public_path
12:14AM 1 "Out of memory" error in active_record_runtime()
12:03AM 1 Cool PC tricks and tips
12:00AM 4 :include doesn't work with belongs_to