Rails - Jan 2008

Thursday January 31 2008
11:55PM 0 RailsConf 2008 Session Question
11:13PM 3 has_many: get all objects, not only associated
9:00PM 3 Questions concerning Rails MCV architecture
8:59PM 5 Restful dates: from, to
8:31PM 1 text_area_for
8:10PM 2 Mapping active record objects to virtual attributes
8:08PM 2 SSL
7:22PM 2 Are objects stored in session updated automatically?
7:20PM 1 Layout appears three times!
7:13PM 1 never have been able to run rake doc:app
7:11PM 6 best way to implement friendship thing?
7:01PM 1 New Rails Generator: Stage
7:01PM 0 string comparisons with variable cases
6:53PM 10 Errors, errors, and more errors.
6:37PM 0 Ruport Book pre-orders shipped
6:10PM 0 Cross Site Sniper 0.2 (stable)
5:54PM 1 Do I have to pass the ID-parameter when using respond_to?
5:50PM 1 About to start building a bilingual site
5:14PM 1 Translating this test using mocha
4:35PM 5 editing 2 models
4:25PM 0 4 day RoR course in Boca Raton
3:28PM 4 Subscriptions with paypal...how?
2:59PM 4 Multiple relationships between two models
1:51PM 5 rake db:create fails and every other rake task
1:35PM 3 Handling multiple Check boxes in a XHTML Strict way
1:28PM 2 How to use fastcsv?
1:00PM 5 Catching XML errors in web service parameters
11:59AM 0 Cache_fu and sweepers
11:05AM 2 Several audioclips stringed together
10:52AM 1 Using the RoR ORM technique, I am not able to create a new row for some tables
10:51AM 1 How to resolve a string in a variable?
10:17AM 2 Live preview in rails 2.0
10:11AM 0 Using UTSOURCE
9:56AM 3 Bug in Active Record?
9:31AM 0 oreilly photos
7:21AM 7 Request Controller Name in View?
7:16AM 1 Upgrading project to Rails 2. New generated functional tests fail
7:08AM 3 Array of session variables possible?
5:56AM 5 Problem in retrieving data from MYSQL
5:37AM 2 Conditional insertions to hbtm join tables.
4:43AM 0 Relating models question
2:52AM 5 SSL + Lighty + SCGI Beginner's Help Please
2:44AM 0 Is there money in Rails consulting in NYC
2:40AM 1 [WebOrb] Error: Send failed while I am trying to run Primitive Tests
2:35AM 1 Check for Errors
1:39AM 5 OT: recommended source for logo design?
1:36AM 0 Rake Bug? db:create:all directs db:migrate to the test db..
1:12AM 2 Custom helper
1:01AM 1 Creating a temporary User
12:28AM 3 Sharing Sessions between Rails & Php
12:12AM 1 popup not scrolling
12:06AM 0 Come join me on Deal Tracker…
Wednesday January 30 2008
11:47PM 1 Why after updating Rails 2.0.2, My website access speed is very slowly
11:34PM 14 Highlighting Text fin red rom DB in view
11:22PM 0 prob linking to static page in public folder
11:20PM 0 Re: Paypal and subscriptions
10:59PM 4 How to get rid of escaped characters
10:48PM 1 Freezing gems other than Rails
10:46PM 0 A new way to think about presenters and what they offer
10:38PM 0 need some Module help
10:21PM 2 Check box loop
10:13PM 1 token_tag in Flash?
9:53PM 6 MacBook Pro Purchase
8:55PM 8 How do I get Action Mailer to use Hotmail
8:28PM 2 require statements?
8:09PM 4 +1 == +3
7:48PM 14 Why is this action being called when I'm not calling it?
6:49PM 0 Various RoR properties question for ActiveRecords Models
6:25PM 0 Use of guid values and foreign key constraints
5:43PM 0 Making an object the same as is returned by file_field_tag
5:43PM 0 Question about symbols
5:34PM 2 Caching reverse associations in ActiveRecord
5:32PM 2 Caching a has_many child's parent.
3:40PM 2 Where can I get "authenticate_with_http_basic"?
3:25PM 1 Import XML in mysql
3:22PM 1 caching for different roles using same controller & views
2:47PM 2 How to delete a controller in instant rails
2:40PM 3 Ruby on Rails Quick Reference Guide
2:21PM 2 ARes validation errors?
2:19PM 0 how to use select box relating with database(oracle) in ruby on rails
2:09PM 6 Rails 2.x books
1:29PM 0 Iterating through hash to line up dates correctly in a table
12:50PM 1 Segmentation Fault on 64-bit
12:45PM 1 need help about how rails interact with SNMP
12:11PM 3 URL aliasing in RoR
11:52AM 0 Stylesheets are not applying for Rails running in Tomcat
11:52AM 2 Newbie questions for publish the site
11:35AM 6 Designing for Mass-Uploading
11:34AM 1 How to achieve internationalization in ROR?
11:21AM 1 source db/slideshow_data.sql
11:18AM 0 Urgent acts_as_tree attributes
11:05AM 0 Plugin belongs_to Model Association Bug
10:21AM 0 Having problems with serialize :column_name
10:08AM 6 file upload field empty when validation error
10:00AM 2 The attributes returned by "form_for" issue
8:14AM 0 from_xml rails 2.0 no worky!
7:09AM 5 undefined method 'link_to_funtion'
5:52AM 1 authentication for rals < 2.0?
5:25AM 1 undefined method `scaffold'
4:37AM 1 Can before_filter using Proc and specify block ?
4:36AM 2 Using select to set a relationship class
4:13AM 2 text datatype in ror
3:59AM 2 Invalid authenticity tokens when using subdomains
3:54AM 0 Help with JSONified objects from ActiveRecord
1:57AM 7 view messed up in IE but not mozilla
1:45AM 4 Handling Illegal Dates When User Enters Date
1:38AM 1 Strange behavior with erb template and iteration
1:09AM 4 Multi-user app
1:00AM 3 proplem while starting the built in server WEBrick
12:43AM 1 Histogram from model-data?
12:15AM 8 Ruby on Rails Opportunity!
Tuesday January 29 2008
11:27PM 1 Evaluating nil in an autocomplete? :o(
10:53PM 11 Restful updating from link... without a form? How?
10:05PM 3 eager loading has_many through
9:55PM 6 Weird DB Session error, "Mysql::Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query"
9:27PM 0 ON DUPLICATE KEY update counter
9:25PM 0 TSOT Ruby on Rails Project Night Returns Feb. 12th
8:27PM 0 Controlling content_type in attachment_fu
8:22PM 5 attr_accessor puzzle ??
7:42PM 2 relationships question
7:34PM 3 restful_authentication: redirecting if already logged in
6:54PM 1 submit form without method name?
6:37PM 4 file output in view layout
6:12PM 8 Sending file from mobile phone to Rails app
6:00PM 0 weirdness with model.send(string).build
5:54PM 0 javascript popup and form remote tag
5:40PM 1 mysterious Content-Length: 0
5:27PM 0 Rails Config/Environment.rb
5:08PM 10 Advice Sought on Hosting Solution (VPS vs Shared)
5:04PM 1 using ruby Net::HTTP with self signed certificates
4:41PM 2 Integration testing on AJAX functions
4:22PM 3 has_many through habtm alternatives?
4:09PM 29 Graphs and Plots in Rails
3:54PM 6 Has_many problem //still new at this (somewhat)
3:51PM 5 I only want to validate when field is not empty
3:38PM 0 ActionMailer calling shared methods
3:25PM 6 Embeding Flash With Ruby
3:06PM 2 Find on Element without hitting the database
2:58PM 2 A good way to store some profile-information?
2:17PM 0 attachment_fu with rails 2.0 problem
2:04PM 1 prices and discounts
1:48PM 1 use Rails to upload with net::ftp instead of html
12:50PM 1 Postgresql Fixture Load Error After Rails 2.0 Upgrade
12:40PM 6 Processing ActiveRecord
11:58AM 4 Send rendered page as email
11:09AM 0 File Upload and copying that file to several servers
9:09AM 1 sqilte3 test-case issue
8:25AM 1 how to send session value into Model ?
7:19AM 2 upload files
7:05AM 4 map.resources for controllers in a module
6:23AM 5 Use of validates_uniqueness_of for create but not for edit
6:04AM 0 ym4r_gm plugin marker_group question
5:45AM 3 NewsLetter in RoR
5:30AM 2 RESTful routes and subdomains
4:42AM 3 has_many relationships
4:05AM 0 globalize plugin makes my tests fail
3:23AM 0 Bug? Rake::Task["db:migrate"].invoke doesn't work on development db
2:55AM 4 validation question
2:25AM 2 Quick Compare Question...
1:15AM 1 autocomplete layers
12:54AM 1 Editing POST info before adding to the DB
12:35AM 4 How do you setup subdomains on test server?
12:27AM 4 Rake test return value
12:08AM 1 form_for and belongs_to
Monday January 28 2008
11:54PM 0 Which Flickr library?
11:52PM 1 question about caching
11:28PM 0 RESTful web service, but leaving inbound XML intact
10:44PM 15 View question about yield
10:42PM 2 ical reader
10:21PM 3 Have XML, want JSON
10:10PM 0 Noticing db changes that don't happen in rails?
10:10PM 1 How To Use BackgrounDRb
9:54PM 0 in_place_editor question
9:52PM 2 Caching only certain formats (xml) of an action
9:20PM 5 Understanding Polymorphicness
9:04PM 0 Plotting/Charting tools for a LARGE set of points (25k+)
8:47PM 0 How do I find the size of a folder
8:45PM 0 in_place_editor_field using onComplete
8:40PM 1 Why are parameter values getting lost?
7:47PM 1 Can write file via IRB, but not from actual controller...odd
7:14PM 6 Help: searching a program!
7:11PM 1 default routes do not seem to be working
6:57PM 2 Dynamic finds
6:24PM 0 nester routes issue
6:23PM 0 OT: Building a store locator with Google Map API
5:59PM 0 Top 10 Free Dating Web Sites and much more for free.
5:58PM 1 three levels of indirection
5:52PM 0 Only Free Sex is one of the best and old xxx sites! Daily Updates
5:34PM 0 Problems with MS SQL Server and ruby on rails
4:48PM 2 Creating a profile with after_create
4:16PM 2 Rails on Ruby 1.9
4:12PM 0 am I doing it right?
4:03PM 3 attachment_fu inside a form for a different model
3:29PM 18 Rails developers make $100/hr on average according to Obie Fernandez ?
3:08PM 0 gettext 1.10: uninitialized constant ApplicationController
3:02PM 1 Setting association values via id or objects
2:56PM 0 updating model in migration not working
2:33PM 0 where did capistrano 2 'update_current' go ?
2:23PM 0 Reading Validation fields
2:20PM 1 file_colmn for many entries
1:17PM 2 Help with PDF:Writer (write in new page)
1:08PM 0 New Admin Generator based on EXTJS
12:52PM 0 Localization optimizing issue
12:20PM 3 FastCGI and Development Period
11:51AM 5 undefined method error(Instant Rails)
11:46AM 0 reverse_proxy_fix and Flex URLs
8:40AM 0 BDSM & Alternative Lifestyle Personals Chat Rooms
8:30AM 0 selection and button
8:23AM 1 I women looking for a man the usual sex Haley
8:18AM 0 Only Free Sex is one of the best and old xxx sites!
8:01AM 1 Best blogging app?
7:53AM 4 newbea question
7:37AM 1 File Uploads
5:56AM 2 Problems with incrementing and multiple submits
2:50AM 0 How to test Goldberg as a plugin?
2:31AM 1 How do I make an Ajax call when a page loads?
1:45AM 2 newbie question
12:58AM 1 Problems with submitting
Sunday January 27 2008
11:42PM 1 link_to question
9:52PM 1 will paginate - how to display ... and restrict number of pages?
9:29PM 4 Rails versions and documentation, confused learning rails
8:31PM 0 Reminder GoRuCo CFP - January 31st
8:22PM 0 Using acts_as_list, acts_as_tree, and STI in one model
7:53PM 0 acceed the parent in nested function
7:13PM 4 auto_complete_field and ENTER
7:03PM 1 Changing the database from mysql to sqlite3 - need help
6:12PM 1 does an object have children - method
4:56PM 2 conditional validation
3:02PM 0 Income Opportunities without Investment
2:47PM 2 hidden inputs fields are always strings(chars)?
12:15PM 2 Assigning wrong data type to attribute: how to trap error
9:56AM 0 multi_rails 0.0.5 Released
9:08AM 4 (REST) Nested routes
8:49AM 3 validating if record exists by name
6:13AM 1 Rails development without an open port?
4:56AM 0 China's Netizens Prosecute for Bush-administration......by dayrong
3:58AM 6 conditional association
3:24AM 2 using route resource in the model
3:16AM 1 How to know if model attribute is protected?
1:32AM 1 Rails 2.0 error ActiveRecord handling/reporting best practice.
12:47AM 1 dynamically loaded SWFs - dimensions?
Saturday January 26 2008
10:57PM 1 validates_uniqueness_of customization
9:42PM 3 Active record position
8:57PM 1 ActiveRecord diff?
8:46PM 4 best practice on invoking stale sessions cleanup?
8:22PM 0 logger broken?
6:26PM 1 "Expected #{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins/acts_as_ferret/lib/class_methods.rb to define ClassMethods error
5:17PM 3 Different view for desktop and mobile browser
4:57PM 0 Error: no such file to load -- geokit (plugin is install)
3:51PM 2 empty Model creates DangerousAttributeError and connection is defined by ActiveRecord
3:24PM 2 Handling two models in one form
3:18PM 0 Rails <selection>, config.yml etc.
1:55PM 3 mysqladmin - command not found
1:36PM 0 Интернет магазин Shop Body
1:26PM 0 problem with SQl statement/query
12:19PM 1 association preloading problems
7:19AM 3 rake aborted.. Mysql error
6:52AM 2 previewing a post with an attachment_fu image
6:13AM 1 Undefined method save
4:57AM 0 Join us for Vancouver's 1st RubyCamp this Saturday from 9-5
4:22AM 0 acts_as_good_speeler - A fix for all those broken inflections in Rails
4:15AM 1 funny characters in file names
1:01AM 3 Using encrypted connection with ActionMailer
12:42AM 1 Which debugger to be using
12:39AM 0 "value must be enumerable" exception when using a sweeper?
Friday January 25 2008
10:43PM 0 error_messages_for doesn't generate output though the instance seems to contain error messages
9:10PM 6 Rails and Enterprise Applications
8:44PM 2 rescue_action_in_public never executes
8:35PM 0 ext js -- Menu plugin
8:28PM 0 Why am I getting "No action responded to show" error?
6:08PM 3 newbie problem: ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid
5:34PM 1 Testing without a test database
4:44PM 1 Facebook app Layout recommendations?
3:37PM 2 Can I use the "scaffold" command to have multiple objects on my page?
3:33PM 1 page generate from table/array?
3:29PM 0 Can You Guess What It Is?
3:26PM 0 Layouts/Pag Design
1:11PM 2 missing table with test:units
1:10PM 0 Pagination for Partial with page.replace_html
11:37AM 4 Help with f.select
11:30AM 3 What are your thoughts on Engines?
11:28AM 3 Backgroundrb Usage in Rails App
10:17AM 1 yui with rails
10:07AM 0 Redefining before_validation for an ActiveRecord model
8:37AM 1 Questions about row insert
8:36AM 2 Rails 2.0.2 form_tag/InvalidAuthenticityToken/token_tag
6:27AM 2 Errno::EINVAL (Invalid argument)....
6:09AM 1 link_to to pass an entire row of a table rather than by id
5:28AM 5 Rss Feeds
5:23AM 0 Attachment_fu calling strip on FileIO
4:42AM 0 problem, specify fields with :includes in indexing & search
4:05AM 0 An elegant way of reusing Rails Test::Unit additions for Fit / Fitnesse fixtures
3:28AM 1 will_paginate and pagination in general
2:11AM 1 attachment_fu not resizing ALL images
1:53AM 0 url_for and routes with host
1:38AM 4 ReXML & to_json
1:23AM 4 Full time drug discovery client side engineering position in Palo Alto, CA
12:56AM 3 Belongs_to not working for me in 2.02?
12:30AM 10 Model Best Practices.
12:16AM 0 NVIDIA CAD team is looking for a UI Designer/ Ruby on Rails developer
12:10AM 3 date format
12:00AM 1 model creating a model?
Thursday January 24 2008
11:42PM 1 Uploading files: wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)
11:31PM 1 instance method scope
10:49PM 5 Rails 2.0.2 - quoted_table_name problem
10:47PM 6 What is the best way to reuse a controller's action and views?
10:31PM 4 after_initialize and after_find
10:30PM 0 WANTED: Ruby on Rails Developer
10:07PM 0 ActiveResource or Ajax/XHR + REXML or similar for calling ashx webservice
9:57PM 1 sql query in rails
9:51PM 1 NoMethodError (undefined method `to_sym' for {"6"=>"1"}:Hash
9:51PM 1 Help with PDF Writer and link_to
9:37PM 1 Reloading Associations causes Tests to Fail
8:32PM 2 Customizing error messages on ActiveRecord
8:30PM 13 POST params recognised but NULs entered in table?
8:08PM 2 How to support file downloads (e.g., PDFs, .docs)
7:57PM 0 Smart Debugger (Ruby)
7:19PM 1 Help with Custom Rest Actions
7:05PM 1 production environment without root access
7:00PM 0 .::: New Social Networking Site :::.
6:59PM 4 High Quality Rails Logo for download. Where?
5:32PM 4 ActiveRecord#attributes= with nested records
5:29PM 2 How to parse my own custom "programming language"?
5:25PM 4 using object.find() in a loop not returning an array
5:11PM 0 Problems with associations and sorting
5:10PM 31 Performance of Markaby, XmlMarkup, Haml Haiku and Malline?
4:58PM 0 subdirectories in generator template directory
4:49PM 1 A way to have partials outside of the app/ directory?
4:22PM 0 Abbreviating routes when :format is presented
4:21PM 0 Troubles with TzTime
4:17PM 6 orphans
4:07PM 8 Expiring Cache from Models
3:54PM 0 paginate_find affects subsequent find_by_name
3:42PM 1 Render view depending on state
3:33PM 2 Troubles having arrays of objects inside a class
3:27PM 1 no SQL inserts -- is the controller the problem?
2:23PM 1 Mongrel: ERROR RUNNING 'service::install'
1:43PM 1 link_to that sends multi-level params
12:53PM 0 "form_tag xx_path" issue
12:30PM 3 Can i get the id of a new object before saving it/as i save?
11:37AM 5 Integrating IPN of Paypal
11:20AM 0 Google Sketchup
10:05AM 0 Positions open for exciting rails products
9:25AM 0 inserting data using form_for
9:10AM 0 Access form submitted values inside model class
8:55AM 0 Ruby on Rails and Health 2.0
7:32AM 1 force reloading ANY arbitrary file
7:22AM 4 Modifying has_many list without saving
6:11AM 1 Exception Handling Approach - This is what I'm doing...
2:56AM 7 Custom method on association?
2:56AM 25 Problems with link_to_remote
2:02AM 3 switch database adapter
12:31AM 4 Sorting on a related STI-field
12:29AM 1 deploying flex + rails apps using capistrano
Wednesday January 23 2008
11:34PM 3 configure routes.rb
11:22PM 9 remote_form_for and
11:06PM 9 rewrite nested path
10:55PM 2 segmentation fault with Ruby 1.8.6-p111 on 64bit Linux
10:40PM 4 Adv. Rails Recipes - Select List CSS Style
10:08PM 1 reverse_proxy_fix experience
9:29PM 3 Cache Control Headers
9:26PM 2 CSRF / cached authenticity tokens / ajax requests
9:05PM 1 ActiveScaffold - Search route doesn't work with REST
9:02PM 1 Self-referential HABTM SQL mal-formed when updating record
8:40PM 1 class definition missing error
8:28PM 6 port 3000 on apache
8:27PM 1 Adv. Rails Recipes - Problem w/ DRY forms
6:45PM 4 Query
6:43PM 1 Weird shopping cart behaviour!
6:35PM 2 Strange numeric validation problem in ActiveRecord
6:19PM 0 allow_concurrency
6:13PM 13 SWFupload
6:07PM 3 Controllers don't seemed to be released at the end of a request
5:04PM 2 Reading oracle data type char in radio_button
4:50PM 1 restful_authentication: getting error when trying to login
4:38PM 1 Looking for a Junior Ruby Developer
4:25PM 0 Problem with Ajax when updating to Rails 2.0
4:07PM 2 Embedding a full form in a helper
3:44PM 2 Using the DB for logging / tracking app statistics
2:56PM 1 simple? show a child record in a form?
2:40PM 7 Model Advice
2:16PM 0 Bonanza OFFER from SMS2INDIA
1:28PM 3 Render Variable?
1:27PM 1 how to create the solr index from the data getting from two
1:15PM 2 (Non-active Record) Models and inheritance
1:08PM 0 Editing multiple rows of data in one form
12:05PM 2 Failed to load Rails: Could not find RubyGem jruby-openssl
11:57AM 2 Combine custom validations with helpers
11:30AM 2 how to expire session on window close
11:29AM 6 Ruby on Rails 2.0.2 error
11:10AM 4 how to do a block from embedded ruby (rhtml)
10:57AM 1 Making Parents object attributes available
10:40AM 1 date_select in a partial
10:15AM 2 Am I Putting my Helper in the Wrong Place?
7:16AM 4 how to use a javascript funtion
7:06AM 2 httprequest on server side... activeResource?
4:34AM 4 Re-generate thumbnails?
4:13AM 6 ROR Learning with Dating /Classified Site Development
1:37AM 11 Rails 2.0.2 + RJS
1:34AM 3 Find city, state from supplied ZIP Code
1:18AM 2 Extracting migrations from an existing database
1:14AM 1 link_to_remote patterns/idiom
12:48AM 9 Problem in Attachement_fu... help
12:38AM 1 acts_as_state_machine doesn't error on invalid state transition?
12:18AM 3 Comparison not working...
12:18AM 1 What exactly does an .html.erb file do?
12:16AM 7 Active Record forgets methods! bug?
Tuesday January 22 2008
11:57PM 3 Some basic questions about REST
11:33PM 3 Passing data to a view: How prevent the instance variables ?
11:33PM 0 Populating oracle db data for radio button on the view
11:10PM 2 HTML 5 differences from HTML 4
10:42PM 2 Cruft in development.log
9:13PM 5 Problem with creating a database scheme/model
9:05PM 5 Using Variables after Find
8:28PM 1 when "controller" is created ?
8:24PM 1 Ruby on Rails Carousel ?
8:20PM 9 Searching Capabilites
8:04PM 10 Wrong Number of Arguments 0 for 3 when calling partial
7:58PM 4 Cutting off a Character from a String
7:19PM 0 Boolean values passed to content_tag?
6:59PM 0 Can't expire cached pages
6:26PM 0 Trouble loading rails generated javascript to view
5:43PM 1 MySQL migration: trying to create "not null" boolean column (RoR 2.0)
5:41PM 2 semicolon in yaml file
5:26PM 3 validates_numericality_of accepts true, is this right?
4:51PM 3 restful_authentication: Why are columns I add to user table never populated?
4:10PM 4 newlines in text_area
4:02PM 4 resizing images for display only with image_tag()
3:59PM 0 Can't load fixtures into db with has_and_belongs_to_many
3:51PM 0 config.action_controller.session :secret how can I check against it ?
3:23PM 1 getting multiple select to work: options_for_select
2:53PM 1 Partials, Layouts and Collections
2:45PM 1 Problem Connecting to MS SQL Server 2005
2:00PM 4 Before Filters
1:14PM 0 Can living things be created from dead and nonliving things?
1:12PM 0 The Content-Type problem...
12:51PM 3 Earning for reading SMS
11:59AM 0 Autocomplete with Multiple Item Update
10:57AM 11 Get form id
10:30AM 4 beginning_of_month
9:27AM 1 Basic Rails... one-to-many and "filtering" using foreign key
9:16AM 6 using same validation-set in more than one class
8:21AM 0 I and my BDSM Webcam
8:17AM 4 How to create ruby gem
7:33AM 0 Does any one have the SVN check out acts_as_solr plugin ????
7:31AM 7 mini cms functionality within an app
7:29AM 1 what is the right way to install
6:37AM 0 ExtJS Exception - Effect.Morph is not a construction
6:34AM 7 Two links with one action
6:04AM 4 Calling a function
4:53AM 0 Vancouver RubyCamp2008 (Jan/26) - Last Call for Speakers - Upcoming Talk Highlights
4:47AM 0 logger ouput not working when other servers running
3:23AM 3 Plugin install error
2:05AM 0 How much host do I need?
1:59AM 0 fastercsv date problem
1:53AM 2 Mysql collation Error
1:13AM 0 InstantRails 2.0 and Mongrel Server
12:30AM 1 Custom XML Builder element needed
12:26AM 1 Everybody's doing the thumb thing.
12:14AM 1 Show Query Results
12:10AM 1 Filecolumn in Edit View - restful form - Update existing Image
Monday January 21 2008
11:49PM 3 multiple form_tag on page
11:36PM 1 daemon_generator
11:29PM 0 ActionMailer and *nix Fork Question
11:29PM 1 How to Compare Entries
11:00PM 13 has_many with different primary key
10:57PM 1 Mysql collations error
10:44PM 2 Application error - SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL
10:29PM 0 What's a simpler way of doing this form collection?
10:22PM 7 undefined method error
9:43PM 4 Rails app cannot connect to Ferret server
9:37PM 8 has_many seems funky when handling duplicate records
9:10PM 4 Caching CSS Issue
8:39PM 1 librmpd & rails
8:26PM 0 rss filtering
8:15PM 9 DRY act_as_authenticated functional testing
7:50PM 0 Help with pagintate
7:37PM 1 rake rails:update for older version
6:48PM 1 ActionController majic gone bad
6:28PM 0 FATdrive.tv launch - new Rails site
6:23PM 0 RESTFul, Net::HTTP Delete ?
5:49PM 1 RailsDB 0.2 Release
5:39PM 0 error: Helper Module in a subdirectory - RESTful route used
5:35PM 0 Simplify the search in the Prototype documentation
5:22PM 13 restful_authentication: Where is 'crypted_password' ?
4:54PM 4 100 Free Ruby On Rails hosting a/cs ...
4:26PM 19 How do I switch sqlite3 to mysql on RoR
3:22PM 0 Using Amazon SimpleDB with Ruby on Rails via ActiveResource
3:17PM 2 multiple ids on restful action
3:10PM 8 RoR equivalent of Ant's build.properties?
2:59PM 4 VectorDesigner
2:16PM 1 from rails 1.1.6 to rails 2.0.1
2:16PM 0 Money on internet
1:15PM 6 Relations problem
1:14PM 0 ATTN: Beginner/Intermediate Rails Developers
1:02PM 0 From atoms to living organisms
11:37AM 3 A method accessible from all controllers and views ? How ?
10:04AM 1 What does the ' & ' mean when associated to a block?
9:56AM 1 About HowToExportToExcel
9:52AM 2 Handling 404 with mongrel + proxy
9:52AM 1 shared sessions and rails2
9:40AM 9 ActiveRecord save problem
9:35AM 0 creating a multiple publication portal
9:23AM 4 observe_field
8:52AM 2 About query database and virtual attributes
7:41AM 1 Why does Time.now.utc? return false?
7:31AM 1 Tutorial on Ruby on Rails
5:51AM 3 Undefined method for array
5:21AM 2 Tbles with images into pdf
3:20AM 10 Error messages
Sunday January 20 2008
10:02PM 1 Select list
9:21PM 2 Validation and error messages in has_many association in single form with parent
9:19PM 6 display images from filesystem without plugins
8:52PM 1 Functional test with exception_notification fails when run with rake, passes when run with Ruby
8:45PM 8 css and ActionMailer
8:39PM 5 diagnose problem
7:35PM 1 out of Time range (RangeError)
7:31PM 9 Ferret Gem Installation on Windows
6:22PM 1 scaling with multiple databases - which approach is 'best'?
5:23PM 0 Experience with Firebird 2
5:03PM 0 GeoKit: How to display an address research in a view?
4:57PM 1 select not working properly
3:14PM 8 simple RoR problem with file_column / rmagick
2:53PM 2 Which taggable library do people use?
2:14PM 2 REST Validation dilemma
2:05PM 3 Update multiple tables with one form
12:58PM 2 deprecated posts replaced with method _______ ?
8:37AM 1 Help my Ruby on Rails is being very naughty!
5:43AM 0 using restful rails but need to alter the widgets/new page
4:47AM 0 Deserialize JSON post body
3:05AM 10 I know I'm crazy but
2:51AM 0 relationships in Rails
1:29AM 2 Rails and SQL
12:30AM 3 ActiveRecord::Base#save! silently failing
Saturday January 19 2008
11:19PM 3 RESTful Administration
10:45PM 4 Time object without minutes and seconds?
10:17PM 0 Why Getting 'NoMethodError' Error
9:37PM 0 recommendations for a Sphinx plugin
8:54PM 5 Open a (redbox) modal popup from inside a controller?
8:13PM 7 swfupload, and uploading via an authenticated session.
7:33PM 0 Help with email attachments, please!
6:48PM 0 Installation C-based MySQL library
6:31PM 0 spec-converter 0.0.3 Released
5:19PM 1 Globalize Plugin: SImple question about searching untraslated records
5:09PM 1 Decimals are being converted to Bigdecimals!!!!!
5:08PM 0 Problem with mysql & Rails for stats
4:09PM 1 ActiveResource and XML-issues
3:32PM 1 wiki spam
3:21PM 3 Noob AR many_to_many problem
2:47PM 1 Generate SQL-Statement from Model.save()
2:36PM 11 I have a question in my work,please help me!
1:30PM 3 Model and Attribute original Value
1:19PM 1 private method `split' called for...
12:56PM 2 Routing Error in Rails 2.0 until restart app
11:34AM 0 Reg: validation for has_many relation table
10:48AM 2 How can I put a sidebar in a f.selec?
10:46AM 3 Yet another scaling question
8:42AM 0 ActiveScaffold dropdown column value from other table
8:30AM 0 ActiveRecord::Serialization bug
7:27AM 3 large file upload
4:33AM 5 HAML makes me love and hate Python
3:34AM 0 model stored in the session lost the the early join model
2:16AM 0 one app - multiple instances - how to maintain?
1:05AM 3 Selecting a default value in select helper method
1:01AM 0 svn: imported rails app, but when 'co', pub fldr mis files?
12:37AM 3 attachment_fu and really small files (and an extension?)
12:36AM 2 Instance variable won't update using basic Ajax script
Friday January 18 2008
11:52PM 4 looking for a good ruby book
11:11PM 4 Unit Test and RecordNotSaved
10:51PM 9 respond_to not working with RJS in rails?
10:39PM 1 recursive ruby function in rhtml
10:28PM 1 Application failed to start
9:31PM 2 after_filter, but not quite
9:26PM 63 Jasper reports and iReport
9:24PM 2 Using check_box with onclick javascript
9:17PM 0 ODBC to MSSQL - how?
9:07PM 4 Checkboxes across multiple objects
8:39PM 2 assert_select_rjs behaving strangely
8:17PM 2 creating multiple objects on the same page
6:42PM 15 scaffold :product missing in Rails 2.0.2 version of depot tutorial?
6:37PM 1 validation - writeback in forms
6:36PM 2 Delete_All Comparison
6:26PM 11 Creating a View
6:02PM 8 link_to problem
5:56PM 2 Ecommerce
5:52PM 0 Stub/mock normal methods
5:28PM 0 Semantic Meaning in ActiveRecord Attributes
4:33PM 2 has_many :through with self-referencial AND polymorphism
4:28PM 2 Adding an existing project to Aptana RadRails
4:17PM 3 remove row from active record array
4:15PM 1 Looking for helper or plugin to format last login date.
4:07PM 1 Announcing: Ext Scaffold Generator Plugin for Rails
3:51PM 0 Update All using Checkboxes
3:22PM 1 :model went where?
3:21PM 0 trouble with has_and_belongs_to_many
3:08PM 8 Will_paginate and :conditions or :select with associations
3:03PM 2 validate mac address field
2:16PM 3 migrate in between versions
1:58PM 4 URL with "." which is part of a parameter, not an extension!
1:21PM 0 [ADV] Upcoming RoR Training in NYC
12:37PM 0 .maximum to return a full row not just one value
11:24AM 0 [launch!] alonetone, a damn fine home for musicians
10:47AM 18 Rails versus PHP in complex HTML/CSS
10:30AM 1 Values broken converting from rails into javascript
10:17AM 0 Browser issues
9:56AM 4 Question about model attributes
9:28AM 2 line breaks?
9:15AM 3 One Vote Per Session
8:53AM 2 "has_many :through" because "push_with_attributes" is deprecated
8:09AM 2 Ordenar una lista desplegable
8:07AM 2 autocomplete for
8:03AM 1 Order in list
7:59AM 3 Please help
7:54AM 11 "What users are online?" function
6:38AM 4 * config.breakpoint_server has been deprecated and has no effect. *
6:37AM 6 One or two indexes? add_index :votes, [:item_id, :ip_address]
5:35AM 3 how to tackle <script> tag?
5:21AM 5 trying to load an library from /home/.highjump, dunno why.
5:20AM 0 MacHeist
5:07AM 1 Anyone has "The Rails way" ebook?
4:10AM 2 Creating Dynamic Tree Menu in Rails
4:07AM 2 Leopard upgrade causing problem with ruby install
3:19AM 16 Need a good RoR developer
3:01AM 3 How to use RESTful routes.
2:19AM 5 render doesn't find an html.erb file when called from a xml/atom builder?
2:15AM 2 How to modify the html name attribute of a generated input?
2:10AM 3 How to implement MooFlow (a fantastic dock bar style) on Rails?
1:49AM 1 ATTN: Acts as tree users
1:32AM 4 Can't have Fixtures with ID 0?
12:36AM 2 NameError when using alias_method -- but method exists?
12:17AM 4 canceling a set of actions on an obj and its associations - best approach?
Thursday January 17 2008
11:56PM 0 Ruby Rocks!
11:40PM 0 apache 2.2 mod_proxy_balancer limitations?
11:21PM 4 Method on a collection in a model
11:02PM 7 storing encrypted passwords in the database
10:55PM 5 Estimating requests / sec.
10:50PM 3 CruiseControl problem. Broken Pipe?
9:23PM 4 OT: Dynamically calculating the height of an HTML document
9:21PM 2 require 'postgres'
9:12PM 4 Where to put constants
9:10PM 6 List of unchecked checkboxes
8:57PM 0 pretty backtrace?
8:53PM 5 Ruby on Rails in industry - publications?
8:03PM 8 Trying to put ruby code in an if then statement in .rhtml
7:42PM 0 Easy way to experiment with helpers?
7:39PM 2 implementing password confirmation
6:42PM 1 querying Rails 4 Table & Field list
6:36PM 0 ActionMailer email error
6:32PM 0 Pagination for 2 unrelated tables
6:27PM 3 How to put a method to execute in every page view?
6:23PM 0 collection_select unique value
5:42PM 2 Ruby extension names
5:25PM 2 rails dev logs
5:22PM 4 _fu
5:03PM 1 Website Controllers Project
4:13PM 1 file upload with lighttpd
4:13PM 7 Moving to Production
4:13PM 1 Anyone know how to install RoR for Fedora/Redhat Linux and Apache 2?
4:12PM 3 variable variables
3:42PM 6 Webistrano on Windows
3:26PM 0 Documentation for simply_helpful features rolled into rails 2
3:22PM 4 multiple views, and some routers
2:35PM 4 Best way to do redirect_to using multiple controllers?
2:22PM 6 Problems with sqlserver 2000 and ActiveRecord
1:59PM 0 pagenation to list selected items
1:53PM 0 set_belongs_to_association_for
1:40PM 1 Rails 2 thinks my function name is the ID for show()
12:00PM 4 To query multiple tables
11:58AM 2 Forms, database, and yes I'm new
11:43AM 7 Problems connecting Rails to Oracle.
11:18AM 7 Active record error messages are Double?
11:14AM 0 Restful Authentication Test Problem
10:28AM 2 submit button has no effect on the db
10:12AM 1 link question
9:25AM 0 Submit link
9:02AM 2 Ajax Question...
8:54AM 1 Entire Rails App Loaded Into Memory?
7:04AM 4 wher i can get the acts_as_solr plugin. ??????
6:16AM 1 Use Symbols from yaml file
5:30AM 2 Alternatives to RJS
5:03AM 3 Looking for a Code review tool for ruby(checkstyle)
4:35AM 17 How to do retrieve database records with multiple joins?
3:41AM 6 how to control self.method access
2:50AM 2 Getting specific values from params
1:07AM 4 Numerical Action Names
1:05AM 2 Trouble building mod_ruby
12:24AM 0 It seems to be a restful_authentication bug (was Re: Re: named route new_session not working)
Wednesday January 16 2008
11:09PM 5 named route new_session not working
10:55PM 0 REST web service POST 401 Unauthorized error
10:43PM 0 respond_to, mime types and excel
10:33PM 13 How to prevent a parent with children from being deleted
10:20PM 3 Acquiring data from non-pair POST params
9:40PM 39 learning RoR
9:38PM 2 Omitting a line from a CSV during Parse
9:28PM 4 How to test if one range of dates overlaps another?
8:59PM 1 how to fix caching
8:53PM 0 Changing routes.rb to run rails under a sub folder
8:48PM 4 Manipulating two arrays in ruby way
8:46PM 4 leopard and Rails, best way?
8:38PM 2 strange behavior of show in applic
8:12PM 0 script/process/spawner freezing
7:37PM 1 token_tag Madness! Or how do I get my pre 2.x code to work again
6:57PM 26 Goog RoR 2.0 Book
6:51PM 0 REST Web Service ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken
6:30PM 4 Schema in SQL?
6:00PM 1 Error with session ids in integration tests (Rails 2.0.x) ?
5:46PM 1 Find by association
5:24PM 1 Firedraw: World's First Ajax based Flow Diagramming Tool
5:07PM 8 RE lookahead RE problems
2:57PM 2 Bug in Rails 2.0 when overloading a find_by method?
2:40PM 0 Genuine Earning through Mobile
2:13PM 1 Sun Buys MySQL
1:56PM 6 newbie question:partial refresh of page after onchange event
12:55PM 0 Subscription model
11:46AM 4 Calendar in Rails
11:37AM 2 redirecto_to within helpers
10:51AM 3 Generator or Plugin
10:42AM 1 ActiveRecord: reducing memory footprint with find
10:20AM 2 Ruby on Rails Software in German!
9:58AM 5 tag.name in show.rhtml
9:48AM 1 Rails Hosting Problem
9:41AM 1 constraint :unique => true
9:25AM 2 script/console in development mode ?
9:19AM 2 Anybody using SuperInPlaceControls?
9:19AM 0 gem_original_require Error
8:56AM 4 Ajax in RoR
8:48AM 1 Run rake task in controller
8:37AM 17 HABTM deprected: using has_many :through
6:28AM 3 How to create feed and write that feed to a file
5:20AM 0 how to create gem
5:05AM 4 [ADV] The Ruport Book : Your guide to mastering Ruby Reports
5:05AM 14 How to determine if the site is made in RoR
4:51AM 9 Downgrading Rails Version !
4:10AM 2 login generator error, any login generate sure for ROR 2.0.2
3:50AM 6 How to simulate passage of time during tests?
2:45AM 4 ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken in LoginController
2:38AM 3 webrick fails to start under eclipse 3.3/windows xp
1:48AM 4 where did my uploaded file go?
1:21AM 1 mysql is wrong or rails 2.0.2 is wrong?
12:30AM 4 Custom form builders and form_tag?
Tuesday January 15 2008
11:53PM 1 Meaning of "gem version of rails"?
11:48PM 1 AWDWR Depot App Help!
11:30PM 0 Namespaced routes and js.erb
11:19PM 0 resources, has_many :through and extra attributes on 'join model'
9:38PM 1 google conversion tracking issue
9:00PM 1 path processing
8:39PM 2 link_to and firefox
8:35PM 9 using postgres rails/rake fails
8:32PM 3 Revising dispatch.cgi to run Rails applications?
8:29PM 1 Custom FormBuilder problems
8:16PM 0 rake performance on different platforms
7:34PM 0 HTTP Digest Authentication
7:23PM 2 How can I do that? Text with paragraphs in show
7:21PM 2 soap support in Rails 2.0
7:19PM 2 Installing Ruby on Rails - missing the "Components" folder.
6:28PM 0 Single Table Inheritance and modules
6:18PM 1 Filename prefixes in file_column
5:52PM 1 table associations and models best practice
5:18PM 16 The Rails Way ebook ?
5:11PM 4 Error when running things through the public directory
5:11PM 1 Application error Rails application failed to start properly"
4:52PM 2 How can I DRY this cide?
4:38PM 0 HABTM acting as list on Rails 2
4:30PM 1 question about Element.toggle
3:51PM 0 functional testing with account_location plugin
3:49PM 0 God is Still Speaking
3:28PM 3 svn repositories with multiple projects - best practice?
3:20PM 0 text_field_with_auto_complete get number of suggests
2:36PM 0 Mobile Earning without Investment
1:38PM 0 Have "access management" plugin?
1:35PM 1 HTTP 400 error when using Aptana IDE, Webrick and Rails with Vista and IE7
1:29PM 1 How to convert to Julian DateTime
1:17PM 1 Can not save object
12:36PM 0 About in place editing
12:17PM 9 hashes
12:07PM 2 html option in form_for errors
12:03PM 0 REST: Nesting map.resources and map.connect
11:18AM 3 Importing file in html (noob)
10:51AM 2 counter_cache bug not resolved?
10:23AM 2 Remote file upload
10:11AM 6 SQLite concurrency, SQLite3::BusyException
9:44AM 32 A challenge from a CMS implementer
9:35AM 4 How to change default port in Net/FTP
8:13AM 2 Writing a Rails blog that supports Blogger API?
8:12AM 5 Different Versions of Rails
7:34AM 9 Can't create sqlite3 db
7:15AM 6 How to update a Protected Attributes
6:43AM 1 Can HAML and Liquid Templates Coexist?
6:29AM 2 How to access application_helper methods in mailer templates
6:11AM 2 rails rjs page object
5:54AM 3 BackgroundRB FFMPEG
5:50AM 6 Use link to post
5:18AM 0 problem with Rails 2 and XML Builder
4:42AM 1 Sorting in REST
4:39AM 1 Anyone else frustrated with days_in_month?
4:13AM 6 Howto get stuff to happen automatically?
4:12AM 0 to edit a form with has_many relation
3:49AM 8 Inserting(adding) images into pdf
3:22AM 3 How do I upload multiple pictures with attachment_fu
3:14AM 6 Rails plugins that use other plugins - why is does this seem impossible?
2:51AM 2 Using saved object in same controller
2:32AM 2 Ruby 1.9 Compatibility for TMail
1:52AM 15 Problems with params[:commit]
12:10AM 2 periodically_call_remote(), WebChat Q
Monday January 14 2008
11:18PM 1 errors.add_to_base not actually adding any errors to base?
10:03PM 0 segfaults with 2.0.2 and named routes
10:01PM 0 Controoler/View problem
9:53PM 2 cant install psql adapter for rails 2.0
9:48PM 1 restful authentication - administrative users?
9:46PM 5 Rails 2.0 Fixtures bug?
9:24PM 0 Displaying filtered data in a list - what is the right way?
9:11PM 0 To get top users?
9:04PM 1 How do I add autoincrement?
9:04PM 3 Newbie question about has_and_belongs_to_many and destroy...
8:44PM 7 class constants
8:14PM 2 BuildingWebApps.com, new resource site for Rail developers
8:08PM 24 Crazy Idea
7:07PM 5 Woo Hoo! First Rails App Goes Live!
7:05PM 0 ajax, url, browser history
5:53PM 1 Advanced Rails Recipes
5:53PM 6 Using :db_file as storage type in attachment_fu
4:49PM 0 Mysql::Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query: SELECT * FROM sessions WHERE (session_id = 'some value') LIMIT 1
4:16PM 1 how to remove scaffold - model's, controller's and views
4:03PM 5 Help finding "JRE" to run Netbeans in Linux
3:59PM 3 problem with backgroundrb
3:49PM 1 problems with versions of rails
3:32PM 5 Only "form_tag" support uploading file?
3:20PM 3 date_tag?
2:59PM 2 validating linked ActiveRecords without saving them in DB
2:57PM 0 How to generate a serial of random numbers
2:49PM 9 Benchmarking an Profiling of Rails apps
2:47PM 1 Customizing belongs_to method
2:41PM 1 ANN - assert_efficient_sql
2:15PM 5 junebugwiki error on startup
2:14PM 2 simple syntax question (models, validation)
1:12PM 0 EARN through MOBILE
12:44PM 0 Ajax Problem
12:42PM 1 STI Problems
12:14PM 0 Support for Rails on Linux and the readline package
12:13PM 3 restful multi button form
11:46AM 4 Making rails application encrypted
11:31AM 0 Unit Testing for Acts_as_authenticated
10:11AM 0 Controller layout of private messaging
10:06AM 2 top five security tips
9:36AM 1 Combine sql with ferret
9:30AM 0 Opening for Ruby on Rails Developer @ Azri Solutions Pvt Ltd
9:13AM 0 help need with REST-ful httprequest/post
9:07AM 8 What is so hard about Rails deployment?
8:30AM 0 Problems with selection list
7:41AM 2 Knowing the method from before_filter
7:06AM 1 will_paginate skipping a few
6:07AM 3 Issue with FOR loop ?
5:30AM 1 trying to automate a task
5:11AM 7 rjs is not working in the internet explorer
4:44AM 1 how is the future for rails ?
4:27AM 0 RoR Developers Needed (Glendale, Ca)
4:19AM 4 RESTful routes not letting me rest
3:50AM 19 Rails 2.0 deprecated warning
3:38AM 5 problem with Autotest and Rails
2:33AM 5 Problem with sessions
2:29AM 2 help with many-to-many relationships
1:59AM 2 One view is rendered as plain text instead of HTML after deployment
1:14AM 0 How do I globally switch the database connection?
12:51AM 13 Two dimensiona forms
12:30AM 24 Ye Olde Form, Sessions and Params hash type questions
12:14AM 0 301
Sunday January 13 2008
11:58PM 3 CSRF protection
11:54PM 2 Form/field Generator
10:59PM 15 Options for a continuous integration environment with RoR?
10:54PM 0 script/generate module for-a-specify-class
10:35PM 1 Reservations and Availability
10:04PM 0 CMS - how to associate "pages" with controllers and routes
9:53PM 0 Obtain selected value from collection_select
9:18PM 3 stack level too deep
8:51PM 2 Stupid question. I'm in deadend
7:43PM 0 Creating "sub" controllers through scaffolding problem.
6:47PM 0 SEO url's with nesting pages
6:21PM 0 rake db:test:prepare causes error
6:12PM 0 Dependencies: excluding a constant from reloading
6:01PM 0 ANN: ebay-shopping, a RubyonRails plugin library for the Ebay Shopping API
5:53PM 6 Graceful way to handle execution expired and bad URI errors?
3:28PM 1 Java install won't accept <Ok>?? Desperate for help??
2:58PM 5 Simple split function gives wrong output
2:35PM 1 Need help with nested resource and link_to
2:06PM 1 testing request.request_uri
1:58PM 5 From Development to production, Error
1:48PM 2 form error
12:46PM 4 wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)
11:35AM 5 How to get all the records of previous week?
11:25AM 2 How to setup name in Mailer?
10:28AM 0 Help with special characters in PDF Writer
9:26AM 1 Creating variable.
9:25AM 0 Create plug from RoR application
8:49AM 1 serious issue with 1.1.6 and 2.0.1
8:24AM 2 module_eval and scope question
7:06AM 3 Scaffolding w/ Rails 2.0 - Is there a way to do the models first?
6:11AM 4 routes.rb error - messes up view - rails 2.0
5:59AM 4 Download a file
5:57AM 4 Ajax form helpers
4:36AM 8 Strange error.... ActionController::RoutingError
2:58AM 0 Ideas in acts_as_tag
2:08AM 6 Amazing Java Developer Needs Help Getting Started
1:09AM 2 Basic Routes
Saturday January 12 2008
10:24PM 2 Problems with date field
9:18PM 0 Filtering the data displayed in a list
8:21PM 3 New entry in table for each date between two dates?
7:53PM 1 Collection_Select not showing Selected option
7:35PM 5 basic || condition question perhaps
7:31PM 0 Can't test application controller methods in functional tests?
7:26PM 0 Passing Model ID in Upload
6:55PM 2 form_for hidden _method input, wrapped in div?!
6:30PM 0 what؟
6:29PM 6 php proxy exists?
6:24PM 18 Ruby + Apache/Debian doesn't wanna work
6:13PM 0 Filtering the display in a list
5:48PM 4 Mongrel in development env photo upload problem
5:45PM 0 Developer Esteam Release
5:43PM 0 Root router
4:48PM 1 Methodaccess from GeneralMailer to ApplicationController
4:26PM 1 How to do that with PDF Writer? (text inside a box)
12:47PM 1 Help with pdf writer and show controller
12:13PM 5 setting my paid_until_date
12:10PM 8 pagination caching
11:44AM 3 Getting params from one view into another
9:38AM 1 too many files in instant rails
8:41AM 1 REST Design Question
6:35AM 2 Newbie Question - Nil Error in ActiveController
6:21AM 6 Umm... pretty much lost
5:27AM 3 toolbocks date problem
3:30AM 0 attachment_fu and more complicated resizing
2:57AM 1 Sym linking problem
2:43AM 2 TzTime thread safe?
1:20AM 6 after scaffolding no data is shown
12:51AM 1 Record Identification with :has_one
12:44AM 4 form_tag
12:21AM 2 select
12:20AM 6 Pass multiple form element values with link_to_remote?
12:18AM 2 Rails 2.0.2 and in_place_edit?? and Rich..
12:04AM 4 Comment: Role of Scaffolding Going Forward
Friday January 11 2008
11:52PM 4 multiple habtm-join between tables
11:49PM 0 Deploying Rails on 10.5
10:17PM 3 Rails 2.0 Breaks Javascript?
10:08PM 0 Controller layouts
9:39PM 0 Connecting AS400 in RoR
9:26PM 6 Using depreciated methods & things moved to plugins (ex. act_as_tree)
8:37PM 2 Rails deployment/mongrel_cluster question
8:34PM 4 activerecord and counting
8:23PM 0 Failure to load "openssl.bundle" (RuntimeError) - need help
8:01PM 1 Remote form for, Form.serialize and parameter arrays
7:54PM 2 form question
6:29PM 2 Changing password not validating_confirmation_of
5:58PM 2 refactoring cpu-intensive actions
5:55PM 0 checkbox tag and show
5:27PM 2 Problems with rspec + remote db
5:20PM 0 BitNami RubyStack with support for Windows, Linux and OS X
4:28PM 1 Merging flv files
4:27PM 3 Import image from url
4:25PM 0 the parameter is nil ?
4:04PM 2 problem with hash
4:03PM 2 country_select, how edit the list?
4:02PM 1 Javascript live filter like textmate command-t
3:43PM 2 saving a model with a through association
3:37PM 2 servername v. IP as domain name
3:09PM 3 Installing a patch
2:39PM 0 I got a mysql_adapter 471 bug
2:35PM 0 trouble skipping before filter in controller
2:12PM 5 merge two flv files
11:34AM 2 ActiveRecord Join over multiple tables
11:25AM 4 65.years.ago on Windows XP
11:11AM 2 Virtually deleting rows from tables
9:40AM 3 ActiveRecord column with reserved name 'class'
8:49AM 1 Preserving the format of text field data
8:01AM 3 Dynamic Finders don't give Exceptions? Or I can't get any...
7:59AM 0 Newbie: Issues when trying to use silverlight xaml player
6:56AM 4 Deploying Rails
6:32AM 3 Find current Id
5:57AM 0 How to make submit button perform two actions, save and edit
5:17AM 2 div problem
4:37AM 1 Plugin issues
4:24AM 8 Hopefully an easy question - post scaffolding add parameters
3:41AM 9 Insert rows of the same table from different forms
2:57AM 0 paypal-2.0.0 HELP!!
2:47AM 2 BufferedLogger + formatting
2:19AM 0 need a rails based email client, any out there?
2:09AM 3 Assign counter to view......is it possible?
1:59AM 0 dynamic selects
1:57AM 0 how do I get rid of this routing warning?
12:46AM 8 How do you run WEBrick under Rails 2.x?
12:29AM 5 How can I get the date in UK format: 11th January 2008
12:18AM 7 form_tag is driving me crazy!
12:05AM 4 how pass the params :id to next action? [again]
Thursday January 10 2008
11:54PM 1 Selection field using foreign key (Multiple references)
11:43PM 1 help with gem freeze
11:20PM 2 messaging - the best way to implement?
11:03PM 2 Route.rb problems - help
11:01PM 1 person["name"] and person.name
10:47PM 4 Smarter routing with nested resources
10:05PM 0 BUG? has_many :through makes funny queries
8:55PM 0 gsub With unicode characters
8:48PM 0 How to downgrade Rake
8:33PM 3 Help?
7:22PM 6 how pass the params :id to next action?
7:09PM 6 undefined method `require_gem'
7:02PM 1 has_many questions
6:30PM 3 has_many/belongs_to relationship that doesn't use id
6:27PM 0 Data base search with advanced options
6:16PM 6 how can I write this is rails (for loop)
6:03PM 0 Scaping URL-like strings in links
5:37PM 4 rake aborted!!
4:53PM 1 Server side Validation
4:38PM 3 What's wrong with this model method?
4:36PM 2 Getting results matching with an array?
3:43PM 2 Proxies and Arrays
3:16PM 5 constants already initialized warnings
3:02PM 1 Virtual user methods
2:40PM 5 Functional test case and the setup method
2:20PM 1 Association chaining
1:39PM 1 [JOB] Any Rails developer near Vitoria-ES, Brazil?
1:17PM 4 Payment gateway recommendations
1:16PM 1 Creating dynamic page with Ruby on Rails through Radiant CMS
11:32AM 2 Database most suited for RoR
11:28AM 1 How to find position in an array
11:22AM 0 Pleas help: tree problem
10:37AM 0 flash
10:22AM 2 model problem?
10:12AM 1 Find current record
9:32AM 0 listing with conditions
9:21AM 2 submit button does not work
9:04AM 1 How To: Tutorial on developing a Facebook application using Ruby on Rails (Part I)
8:43AM 0 observe_field to update render partial in a div
8:40AM 1 Overriding default Rails methods
8:30AM 5 Need help for loop
8:01AM 3 help!!
7:54AM 2 Help with Delete
7:45AM 2 sum of points for last seven days
6:08AM 5 undefined method `last' for {}:Hash rake db:migrate
3:11AM 3 Submit form using a link instead of a button
2:28AM 7 Calculations on arrays?
2:22AM 1 Properly parsing carriage returns in Rails so javascript doesn't freak out
2:14AM 7 External File Storage
2:11AM 3 Hosted App SAAS - Database Structure
2:04AM 4 rails deployment
1:51AM 1 adding class to select options
1:24AM 16 Submit a form using a link
1:15AM 2 beginner question: getting a routing error, but method is defined!
1:14AM 0 Disabling a cache block?
1:11AM 1 routes and collections
Wednesday January 9 2008
11:12PM 14 My Development Environment is WAY too slow (blame Vista)
11:00PM 0 Dynamically lookup setter methods defined by a instanciated class.
10:56PM 6 Basic Question - From where are helpers available
10:55PM 2 ajax post raise error
10:55PM 3 Filtering ZenTest's Autotest output: stack trace
10:43PM 1 relative_url_root and problems with CSS url()
10:30PM 5 2.0 ?
10:30PM 0 building a search screen
10:18PM 8 destroy question (best practices?)
10:15PM 0 problem with checkboxes updating table
10:11PM 4 Superclass table inheritance
10:09PM 5 Help with SQL and Ruby
10:02PM 0 dike-0.0.4.rb
9:56PM 1 Help with destroy and delete HABTM
9:51PM 3 environment.rb ruby path issue
9:29PM 0 vendor/plugins help
9:28PM 2 Type error in unit test
9:26PM 2 Deleting HABTM
9:12PM 1 Can I call a function from app/controller/application.rb into app/models?
8:42PM 8 Routes Question
8:29PM 1 Strange testing situation
6:31PM 1 Help with create/edit form for dynamic objects
6:07PM 2 why remove strip_tags() function in rails 2.0.2
5:48PM 2 table relationship question
5:46PM 2 status on jquery compatibility with rails?
5:26PM 1 **Full-time Ruby on Rails Programmer Job Opp in Nashville, TN**
5:03PM 2 Many Static Pages Across Various Domains
4:47PM 5 Move data from popup back to main window
4:24PM 3 Find.all Question
4:17PM 2 Shared partial and controller helper
3:49PM 2 Missing Source File in Controller
3:38PM 2 problem with association
3:15PM 10 Job Opportunity
3:08PM 1 What is the optimal number of controllers for this?
2:55PM 0 Beginner: How to use data from external Database
2:23PM 1 Don't show form fields
2:16PM 0 Firedraw: Sample Flow Diagram
1:42PM 1 stop the output of parameters in the log file?
1:26PM 3 Trouble with Acts_as_list::move_higher/lower
10:39AM 12 help me introduce the concept of payment to my app
10:30AM 5 Firedraw: Ajax based visual modeling tool using RoR
10:30AM 4 Problems with widgEditor (HTML rich text editor)
10:03AM 8 Order by array
9:54AM 5 Database optimization (ways to decrease the number of sql selects)
9:16AM 1 SIP Client in Rails App
8:47AM 0 mySQL + ROR connection - please help
8:27AM 0 inconsistent behavior of caches_page method
8:00AM 2 Instance_eval
7:41AM 2 Beginner seeking some guidance (OS X Leopard)
7:20AM 0 URGENT | consuming web services with RoR
6:59AM 0 SURVEY: are you an animal lover?
6:10AM 7 problems with defining routes
6:08AM 0 Large reach of marketing campaign due to Short-code sms
5:43AM 3 How to hide a toggling page element by default
4:58AM 0 SEARCHING - my rails learning project
4:58AM 0 Currently looking for RoR developers
3:06AM 3 AJAX + degradable way to delete an record
2:19AM 0 How to prevent the same file from being downloaded multiple times?
12:43AM 8 insert into with only filfull fields
12:16AM 3 installing pagination problem?
Tuesday January 8 2008
11:05PM 2 Populate a table with 100,000 values in random order via migration.. QUE?!
10:54PM 7 script/server: Permission denied
10:53PM 1 Tidy Controllers
10:32PM 6 Instant Rails and MySQL
10:29PM 1 Rails 2.x CalendarDateSelect
10:25PM 0 omg ih invite you to Search-Earn
10:21PM 0 Rails 2.0.2 Migration / Migrator issue
10:18PM 5 counter_cache through, is this possible?
9:51PM 1 drop down list box button
9:46PM 5 rails restful query and rspec
9:31PM 3 What happened to _form.rhtml partial in rails 2.0??
9:18PM 0 Help moving data from one view to another
9:02PM 2 How do we DELETE this new Rails 2.0 "Cookie Store"?
9:01PM 2 Help with form remote tag and select name from list
8:49PM 1 Why is locomotive unneccessary for leopard?
8:48PM 0 update rails to 2.0.2, have some questions.
8:41PM 11 RJS doesn't output correctly
8:38PM 2 Ajax Confusion
8:21PM 1 add comments to ALL models (ie automatically add has_many)
7:41PM 0 RubyCamp 2008 (Vancouver-Jan/26th) - Call for Speakers, Sponsors, Hack-a-thon Projects
7:38PM 2 how to use logger.info to debug
7:16PM 1 Rails Solutions for E-commerce / Oscommerce / who to hire?
6:52PM 6 Database/program design question
6:51PM 1 half way from re-building an object .... just a little bit of brain..
5:41PM 1 howto rebuild a object from a received xml hash structure ?
5:19PM 0 Lazy boolean tests in SQL?
5:15PM 1 rest: user - membership - group
5:07PM 0 Object relations in memory
5:02PM 3 New Rails app/old database - how to make them work together?
4:48PM 0 Segmentation fault in mysql.rb
4:48PM 5 Piston: anyone know how to convert existing checked in plugins?
4:28PM 1 Need input on DB/table design
4:00PM 4 render :update returns js wrapped in a HTML body
3:53PM 5 DB Design Question
3:52PM 0 Sortable.create
3:35PM 4 What are your experiences with Rails production stability?
3:04PM 0 generate database from xml file
2:36PM 1 Hiding resource fields
2:01PM 4 Which Scaffolding Plugin for Rails 2 ?
1:53PM 3 MVC Blues - Who's In Control Here Anyway?
1:45PM 0 Return variables on GET-request
1:31PM 18 Sporadically getting error Mysql::Error: Lost connection
12:57PM 0 Error in validation
12:24PM 0 security question - erb (erubis)
12:11PM 0 How do I call the exception_notifier from my own rescue_action_in_public ?
12:09PM 1 acts_as_ferret and ajax
12:07PM 2 function to find extension in file name string
11:47AM 1 Layout problems - your help please
11:36AM 1 Webservices with RoR | Urgent
10:41AM 1 array within an array
10:40AM 1 How can I detect from the controller which database adaptor is in use?
10:27AM 3 exporting to text file with rails
9:38AM 1 what does '$' mean in a .rb file?
9:28AM 1 Just one session for one user
9:07AM 4 Installation Problem: Invalid Gem format
8:36AM 2 Problem integrating with rails2.0
7:53AM 1 Calling render_to_string from DRB, or a Rake task?
7:50AM 2 how to write test case for DataBase search ....
6:12AM 0 cant see files on ftp.
5:24AM 3 What is to_js and to_json?
5:23AM 6 How to create project with prior version of Rails
3:57AM 2 Problem With Drop Down LIst
1:48AM 4 Console2
1:28AM 1 why I can't get the date value?
1:21AM 3 ignoring :limit on string field migrations for postgresql
1:03AM 0 Modifying deploy recipe for ferret DRb?
12:57AM 3 more visual effect questions?
12:47AM 0 date_select in a collection
12:18AM 4 :dependent => :destroy and before_destroy
Monday January 7 2008
11:12PM 1 Currently looking for ROR Developers for the Glendale
11:11PM 0 Currently looking for ROR Developers for the Glendale, CA
11:08PM 1 ROR Jobs, Glendale Ca
10:12PM 0 Formating default data for text fields
9:49PM 0 Proxy Error - Media Temple
9:31PM 5 HELP!!! check_box visual_effect
8:57PM 2 self[:foo] vs. foo in AR models
7:22PM 0 visual_effect check_box
7:16PM 0 PostgreSQL Conference East: Call for Papers
6:44PM 4 Issues with move_higher and move_lower
6:38PM 0 Translating month and day names with Gettext
6:30PM 4 migrations ignoring record changes
5:56PM 8 passing value from controller to model
5:51PM 1 acts_as_double_polymorphic_join
5:46PM 2 acts_as_state_machine override :initial state
5:10PM 2 Problem with the GeoKit plug
4:33PM 2 Base.connection.execute with params
4:33PM 0 Problem with goldberg 2.0.2 and activesupport 2.0.2
3:36PM 1 Nested Routes and Consistent IDs / Security
3:18PM 5 Rails 2.0 compatible plugins / addons / libs
3:05PM 0 DB2 tutorial
2:44PM 2 inline editing with rjs - problem
2:38PM 0 ActionMailer not send and not generate errors
2:30PM 0 L10n of numbers?
2:28PM 0 Use your own Rails library
2:26PM 1 Model Validation with Multiple Models and Good MVC Design
1:55PM 0 eager loading with acts_as_tree
1:20PM 0 Problem with session
1:18PM 7 nice way to split an array into 3 equally sized pieces
12:55PM 0 can we use date_select as one observe_field.
12:37PM 2 pagination
11:00AM 0 hasmanythrough – instant CRUD for Rails
6:43AM 4 the file uploading doesn't work in remote_form_for tag
5:18AM 3 Nested :throughs
5:14AM 0 Using Checkboxes and Ajax to Assign Categories
4:52AM 0 Is Ext js compatible with Rauils 2.0.2?
4:33AM 19 asking for help with a database lookup
3:16AM 0 More Associations = Faster
2:46AM 3 ensure_all_registered_plugins_are_loaded!
1:50AM 2 blank? and nil?
1:09AM 3 Rails check for a .js template instead of .rjs?
12:40AM 1 layout view helper
Sunday January 6 2008
11:14PM 7 Updating Child Records
10:37PM 2 CLEAN and DRY
10:36PM 4 help updating cross-reference table
10:17PM 0 Unable to log in to Rubyforge..... Again....
9:17PM 48 encrypt id in url controller/action/id
8:35PM 2 Get all logged in users?
7:10PM 2 Relationships between tables issue
6:08PM 8 rails 2 route oddity
5:31PM 1 Apache rewriting rule to access non-rails static page
4:05PM 0 collect_select conditional options={}
3:53PM 3 where are all my fields?
2:56PM 3 Dojo Tree
2:02PM 3 respond to REST-request with image-file (no XML etc.)
1:10PM 2 observer is deprecated and will be removed from Rails 2.0
11:24AM 3 Viewstate and Context in rails
10:36AM 3 RDoc - hidden documentation
9:57AM 2 undefined method `product_shop_url'
9:56AM 8 ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken
9:34AM 2 Im looking for RubyOnRails Hosting, but with many sides.
8:13AM 7 How to switch to "Production" mode?
7:09AM 1 Problem installing plugin
6:12AM 1 Login ticket
6:11AM 8 n00b question/issue
5:40AM 8 respond_to and ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken
5:29AM 2 Help with date format.
12:02AM 0 ActiveMerchant SSL Cert Problem
Saturday January 5 2008
10:41PM 1 Making REST /bugs/by_state/open URL possible
10:33PM 1 WYSIWYG / content formatting suggestions?
8:57PM 3 Rails Issue
8:18PM 4 a sort question
8:18PM 0 [Repost, with Formatting] Trying to understand unicode character entry, goes into postgres DB backing rails, saved to yaml as \xc4\x81
8:13PM 0 Trying to understand unicode character entry, goes into postgres DB backing rails, saved to yaml as \
6:55PM 2 Trying to remove HTML layout from RXML templates
6:50PM 1 Observe_form + Check_box = call action? I need help
5:37PM 3 Paginate with acts_as_taggable_on_steroids
5:23PM 2 Highlighting words in text
5:11PM 1 Memory leak with WSDLDriverFactory?
4:45PM 7 Error! Ruby on Rails based on FastCGI, Hello world !
3:32PM 13 What is REST?
2:06PM 1 acts_as_list index has to be :position??
12:57PM 2 Newbie Ajax Question
10:39AM 0 general troubleshooting
10:39AM 4 1.8.6 or 2.0 ?
9:25AM 0 advantage of nested resources?
7:09AM 2 attachment_fu and ImageScience - problem with RubyInline gem
6:57AM 1 yield external file
6:08AM 0 One on the issue of the return win32api
4:38AM 0 How to properly nest controllers?
3:49AM 3 Ajax and Rails 2.0
2:06AM 2 has_one belongs_to ?
12:51AM 3 Must have plugins
12:40AM 0 attachment_fu + mini_magick troubleshooting
12:12AM 36 REST Style
Friday January 4 2008
9:49PM 1 RESTful admin with different namespaces
9:21PM 3 string concat person's name
8:40PM 2 oracle adapter + activerecord sessions do not work
8:37PM 2 Documentation: 1.2.6 or 2.0
7:53PM 2 Fixtures Munging Data?
7:06PM 3 which version of ruby contains changeset 6850
7:03PM 0 which version contains changeset 6850
6:14PM 0 difference between self.field and self[:field] in model callbacks?
5:31PM 0 Sorting Index
5:04PM 1 Easy Array Question
4:37PM 5 Confused by the unit test results.
4:28PM 0 Problem with acts_as_ferret
4:18PM 3 session auth and AWS auth
4:16PM 0 REST: Handling homepage and pagination for XML
4:15PM 6 Rails 1.2.6 or 2.0
3:23PM 2 Encoding issue: is it Rails 2?
3:07PM 3 Silent redirect to index action when uploading images
2:55PM 1 Multiple model validation
2:53PM 0 ActiveRecord and Threads
1:21PM 0 Liverails tutorial | Error
1:19PM 3 Migrate Excel (MS Access) to Rails
1:06PM 0 Getting coordinates from draggable_element
12:41PM 0 Rails 2.0.1 breaks my app - simple question - can anyone help
12:06PM 1 Localization plugin function in viewer issue
11:49AM 3 Where can I host a ROR site
11:15AM 7 Howto install RoR 2.0 on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
10:31AM 11 server to laptop file syncing?
10:23AM 1 "find_all_by<associated class>" ?
8:53AM 7 text_field_with_auto_complete problem
8:34AM 69 WHY Rest
8:29AM 4 paginate is deprecated ---- help needed!
8:27AM 1 ANYBODY Globalize Rails 2.0
8:24AM 1 possible bug: belongs_to with :class_name and eager loading
8:05AM 0 help with in_place_edit from script.aculo.us
6:52AM 0 assert_select / assert_tag issue
6:39AM 1 Ruby and FBML
6:19AM 0 Rails URL Rewrite help needed
5:28AM 1 Major Rails events of 2007
3:36AM 0 User management/Admin backend
2:47AM 4 Making an child before the parent is commited to DB
2:46AM 2 Setting password
2:32AM 8 form field returns string instead of int
2:02AM 0 RJS Help
12:15AM 4 letting users print a portion of a view
Thursday January 3 2008
11:42PM 3 skipped migration
11:37PM 0 Ruby on Rails bookmarkss
11:14PM 1 my old message to this list got removed. please tell me if I do something wrong? - ActiveRecord include behaviour
11:11PM 3 how to use "link_to" to deliver a parameter?
10:21PM 0 Globalize and Rails 2.0.2
10:19PM 1 Installing Rails plugins with Subversion for Eclipse
10:14PM 7 form_tag issues after Rails upgrade to 2.0.2
10:09PM 1 timed_fragment_cache Slowdown!
9:53PM 1 what happen? when I update rails from 1.2.6 to 2.0.2
9:28PM 2 Mails in Rails via GMAIL
9:20PM 1 updated from 1.2.5 to 1.2.6 and getting undefined method 's
8:53PM 0 translate text, labels, pages....
8:53PM 14 rails 2.0.2 upgrade, activerecord problems
7:52PM 1 database.yml - "password: #MY_PASS" not working because '#' is interpreted as the start of a comment
7:50PM 2 Activerecord include queries - performance
7:39PM 7 This Newbie Wants To Know
7:38PM 1 Help using options_for_select in select_tag
7:35PM 0 Faker gem with automatic script
7:03PM 0 File permissions in railsapp for non-root mongrel
6:59PM 6 standard route but having errors
6:21PM 0 Project Management Training Videos - http://video.learnedvalue.com/index.php?cat=1
6:18PM 0 Videos on Software Testing - http://video.learnedvalue.com/index.php?cat=5
6:06PM 1 Validation errors and file uploads
6:05PM 1 How to create a select list box and be able to write in it
5:52PM 0 Does reload set session[myvariable] = nil ??
5:41PM 3 eager loading a specific field?
4:54PM 9 Can't get a simple application to work with Rails 2.0...
4:43PM 0 Please help getting error in fields_for
4:33PM 0 remote_form_for with auto_complete_field
4:22PM 0 Problem using rake to expire caches
4:05PM 1 vlad problem with rake 0.8.1 - revert to rake 0.7.3
3:28PM 16 [Provocation] YAGNI, 37S, Rails, and AOL
2:59PM 7 Many-to-many relationhip
2:57PM 0 Ajax error on Safari
2:21PM 9 Rake Spec without recreating database
1:46PM 0 TemplateError while moving to Rails 2.0.2 @ Ubuntu 7.10
1:09PM 0 Model question
12:53PM 1 In_place_edit help (maybe with script.aculo.us)?
12:38PM 0 import outlook addresses
11:25AM 2 environment variables problem
10:51AM 1 File upload problems when moving application to new server
10:38AM 7 error message after upgrading ruby
10:00AM 0 Cannot associate new records
8:54AM 1 Iconv translit working in every situation… but the running app!
8:04AM 2 How to test sending mails in model
7:26AM 2 References in Rails 2.0 migrations
5:47AM 2 Discussion on Frequently Asked Questions
3:46AM 0 file_column plugin
2:42AM 2 NoMethodError with collection_select
2:11AM 1 gem question
1:37AM 8 caching some classes, not others
12:58AM 1 Highlight member of has_many association
Wednesday January 2 2008
11:55PM 1 How to determine which gems an app depends on?
11:24PM 4 observe_form misbehaving - requests processed out of order?
11:21PM 5 PHP in my instant rails.....
11:19PM 2 Rails for Change
11:14PM 1 assert_recognizes with requirements => {:method => something}
10:54PM 3 Autotest and rspec always tests everything
10:53PM 0 Out of memory rendering large DB field
10:27PM 3 Extra quotes when substittuting for ? in find_by_sql
10:25PM 7 how to replace keywords with values to merge into an email template
9:24PM 1 Great news from acts_as_conference
9:23PM 9 Question on updating 'child' records
9:22PM 5 Q: Slow performance on TextDrive
8:54PM 13 2.0.2 Postgres don't work
8:47PM 0 [ADV] Updated PDF of Advanced Rails Recipes
8:36PM 4 RMagick 2.0 win32 install problems
8:34PM 2 has_many_and_belongs_to preloads all data -> how can I do to not to do it?
8:15PM 0 AJAX: send JSONified ruby-array back to client problem
8:07PM 0 Auto-subclassing/Factory question
8:06PM 2 Routes
8:05PM 15 What to do when your host doesn't have rails 2.0 yet
7:56PM 0 best way to serve from 2 ports?
7:33PM 1 Form for several objects
7:19PM 0 Problem with Log-In functionality in Rails 2.0.2
7:14PM 9 CAPTCHA recommendations
7:09PM 1 Invalid Dates in sqlserver adapter
6:33PM 5 New Session?
6:27PM 6 Website Examples/Is it that easy?
6:15PM 1 I m new to ruby
6:12PM 0 Edit a form
6:00PM 2 Localization plugin issue?
5:58PM 56 Is the rails 2.0 scaffold system philosophically ( not technically? ) broken?
5:35PM 2 Shared Model Code
5:16PM 0 filter run twice with sub classes
5:02PM 4 Using another Model
4:27PM 5 Custom pre-validation
4:24PM 3 REXML::Comment:Class
4:20PM 3 layout switching and varialbes
4:10PM 2 rest urls on safari
3:00PM 2 Restarting server all the time in development mode (Rails 2)
2:22PM 6 problem when editing record in polymorphic relation
1:58PM 0 Custom paginate help.
1:33PM 3 Mysql gem causing migrations to fail :P
12:24PM 2 Dynamicaly generate routes with a given subdomain ?
12:07PM 1 Some functions using Acts_as_authenticated
11:56AM 0 WSO2 Web Services Framework for Ruby 1.0.0 Released
11:35AM 2 ActiveRecord migration failing to save
11:00AM 2 Ruby script\generate problem
10:48AM 1 wants to get all parents with no children, etc
10:11AM 7 collection_select ajax.Updater InvalidAuthenticityToken
9:42AM 2 nil object error
9:41AM 0 push_with_attributes for a has_many_through
9:11AM 2 how to reset a particular field of form?
9:01AM 1 time_zone_select
8:15AM 4 Views and If Else conditions
7:39AM 1 how to have confirmation dialog?
7:27AM 2 Using DOS Command line to install scaffolding
7:08AM 1 Simple_Captcha
6:32AM 3 how to secure controller functions per user
6:25AM 9 The Depot application error
5:51AM 0 why does rails keep prompting me for post?
5:27AM 3 asking for help with select form helper and observe_field
4:18AM 5 polymorphic assosciations - still the way in Rails 2.0.x
3:46AM 1 Best Hardware and Networking Solutions
2:56AM 0 Performance on recent app
12:08AM 9 Rails from the command line
Tuesday January 1 2008
11:30PM 2 Need a thumbs up or a thumbs down...
11:25PM 0 google maps and directions
10:47PM 3 rails 2.0.2 on windows problems
10:00PM 1 Migrations under Rails 2.0.2
9:13PM 3 2008 New Year Log-in problem?
8:56PM 5 Is there any way to update elements of the webpage with multiple threads in an action?
7:30PM 2 ruby-debug will not install, wants ver 12 of Microsoft compiler
6:30PM 2 How do we decide location of our photos in attachment _fu for Windows XP?
4:32PM 2 Testing and has_many Questions
3:10PM 7 in_vertical_groups_of
2:37PM 3 overwriting association accesor
1:09PM 0 Automatically loading controller-specifc JS
12:53PM 0 Behaviour on ActiveRecord in unit-tests
11:41AM 0 Happy New Year 2008..... see it
10:59AM 1 functional tests
10:02AM 1 Updating GEMS using nmake
9:39AM 13 Unknown column error
8:17AM 1 Automatically install standard plugins
7:50AM 0 chained collection_selects RJS
7:07AM 3 Creating dynamically expanding forms
5:44AM 0 syntax for text_field
5:13AM 0 Errno::ENOBUFS:
5:07AM 6 Multiple :url in remote_form_for.
3:50AM 26 Did DHH have a suit on?
3:49AM 3 3rdrail run rake task error: no Ruby script found in input (LoadError) (Windows)
3:12AM 1 Problems creating a Controller Plugin
2:54AM 5 Ruby on Rails Roast or Toast
1:56AM 2 un cache a page
1:33AM 0 development and server have different routes
1:18AM 10 Newbie Help: Agile Rails book's Hello World
12:27AM 2 Easiest defense against SQL injection in object creation?