R help - Apr 2014

Wednesday April 30 2014
9:06PM 1 Tobit model with panel data
9:00PM 1 Question about rgamma when the shape and the scale are vectors, not scalars
8:30PM 2 Fitting a Mixture of Noncentral Student t Distributions to a one-dimensional sample
8:20PM 3 R 3.1 changes to type.convert causing strings where I used to get numeric
5:54PM 2 Using apply with more than one matrix
5:48PM 5 A combinatorial assignment problem
5:00PM 0 Problems with hmisc under WIndows 8
3:30PM 0 Error in matrix: too many elements specified
3:02PM 1 Lavaan Model Specification
2:37PM 0 SPOT package non-conformable arrays
1:49PM 0 R: re: dataframe
1:22PM 0 R: re: dataframe
12:19PM 1 systemfit package is not compatible with R-3.0.2 version.
11:41AM 1 position of a string in a data frame
Tuesday April 29 2014
9:53PM 0 ICPSR R course in Berkeley in June 2014
7:47PM 0 Extracting information from ROC??
6:46PM 0 plotGooglemaps - Problem with the legend.
5:57PM 1 set axis limit in lattice
3:05PM 3 R in Excel
2:42PM 0 foreach (package) .combine option
2:12PM 0 Kindly help me
1:45PM 1 dataframe
1:06PM 1 sum of two POSIXct objects: date and hour
9:45AM 0 Course: Data exploration, regression, GLM & GAM with R intro. Plymouth, UK
9:36AM 0 Navigating history (arrow keys) and command completion (tab key) do not work
8:46AM 3 Replacing NA's in the data set
7:58AM 1 Difference between comma separated values in column
6:38AM 0 Simulative data production
4:15AM 2 Fwd: problem with kmeans
1:07AM 0 problems with cloropleth map of Japan
Monday April 28 2014
10:36PM 0 About Tree Package
9:10PM 0 SVEC with exogen vector
7:26PM 3 R Cairo Installation - Cannot find cairo.h!
7:00PM 1 Color points in princomp() plot
6:35PM 1 About lm(y~1)
5:47PM 2 Label customization in R plots
4:18PM 0 Job openings for 2 statisticians at Roche in Basel, Switzerland
3:22PM 1 Forecast Package in R version 3.1.0
11:01AM 0 Trouble with subset.ffdf
10:03AM 1 linear mixed model for non-normal negative and continous data
8:37AM 2 subset of obersevation depending on multiple conditions
7:51AM 0 Ridge regression for beta and gamma models
7:45AM 0 delay evaluation of expression
6:32AM 0 lme4 Error Help: “maxstephalfit…pwrssUpdate”
1:19AM 4 lme4 Error Help: “maxstephalfit…pwrssUpdate”
Sunday April 27 2014
11:30AM 0 help me
8:14AM 1 time when packages installed
12:37AM 3 average and median values for each of the class
Saturday April 26 2014
8:54PM 2 help using extrafont package | R graphics
8:27PM 0 For loop processing too slow - pre-format data.frame?
6:52PM 1 writing a package with doParallel and compiled C
6:29PM 0 GLM using truncated lognormal distribution
4:06PM 1 lattice plot formatting: pch, abbreviation and labels
3:42PM 1 mapply echoes function call when browser() is called from within FUN
2:19PM 0 [R-sig-DB] Update results not being written to existing data frame when using sqldf UPDATE
2:06PM 0 Update results not being written to existing data frame when using sqldf UPDATE
2:06PM 1 Update results not being written to existing data frame when using sqldf UPDATE
12:22PM 0 Food grade Peroxide for treatment life threatening chronic ailments.
9:54AM 3 Faster way to transform vector [3 8 4 6 1 5] to [2 6 3 5 1 4]
8:45AM 0 Simple Loop Counter
2:42AM 1 Within ID variable delete all rows after reaching a specific value
1:35AM 2 about rect.hclust
12:26AM 1 Can't plot transparency images in R-3.1.0
Friday April 25 2014
8:12PM 0 extrafont query | importing only 1 TTF
7:49PM 1 mgcv::gam.check qq plot residuals are not standardized?
7:00PM 0 error from hist() with POSIXt 00 seconds for breaks of secs, mins, hours, or day
5:58PM 2 sensitivity and specificity
4:17PM 1 Problem with new(er) R version's matrix package
1:59PM 0 ideal: object 'normalize' not found.
1:52PM 1 purtest and missing values (plm-package)
12:31PM 0 access environment in which an error occoured
11:40AM 1 Cramer Rao upper/lower bounds- No Comments ?
11:36AM 0 maximum size of dump.frames files?
11:06AM 1 why does it say all the cases are complete?
10:26AM 1 Linear line on pairs plot
9:17AM 1 Unbalanced manova
1:40AM 1 HELP with fonts
Thursday April 24 2014
10:40PM 1 no line number from error
7:27PM 1 LogLikelihood of a Distribution Given Fixed Parameters
6:26PM 2 instal tar.gz package on windows
5:20PM 1 Perceptual Mapping
4:44PM 0 mvpart question - how to calculate deviance explained by variables?
3:45PM 1 Fast way to populate a sparse matrix
2:55PM 1 Remove top values from a data set
12:49PM 0 CHAID in R
12:15PM 1 Metafor: How to integrate effectsizes?
11:04AM 1 Unable to install rqpd
10:31AM 0 Cramer Rao upper bound computation
2:47AM 0 "aggregate" help
12:21AM 1 INET_NTOA equivalent?
Wednesday April 23 2014
11:51PM 0 rgl and axes3d() labels
9:08PM 0 running something similar to bootstrap
8:09PM 1 escape characters for apostrophes in a .csv file
5:35PM 1 Analysis of censored cost data
4:44PM 1 Request for R " Initial value of MLE"
3:54PM 0 illumina array - remove probes in discontinued genes
3:47PM 1 packages implementing graph algorithms
1:58PM 1 meta-question about R
1:27PM 1 cannot load rcmdr
1:11PM 1 accessing the date stamp from an xts object
10:12AM 1 Derivative of expm function
9:58AM 2 Formatting with strings
9:54AM 1 Clear selected objects from workspace
8:04AM 0 Errors with stConstruct() and STFDF()
8:00AM 0 mvpart - is there a convenient way to calculate deviance explained by variables?
6:33AM 1 fitting a family of curves
5:10AM 1 Problem in handling Date format
3:27AM 0 Fwd: How to custom initialize such that we can pre-load data and libraries.
12:59AM 1 detecting the sourcing of site profile on Startup versus post-Startup
Tuesday April 22 2014
9:15PM 0 LASSO covTest doesn't work when used inside a function
8:00PM 0 Questions regarding cvAUC package (cross validation AUC)
7:32PM 1 finding value for a parameter in an equation
5:29PM 1 R dataset copyrights
4:41PM 0 JAGS returning error after sampling MCMC chain
2:58PM 0 loess.control extrapolation
2:37PM 1 How to convert R package and dependencies to debian packages?
2:26PM 1 KappaSize
11:13AM 0 Fetch tweets using searchTwitter()
11:11AM 1 joint distribution
10:56AM 2 metafor - rstudent(res) - omitted rows
8:25AM 0 mvpart - easy way to calculate deviance explained by variables
6:32AM 1 lm models over all possible pairwise combinations of the columns of two matrices
12:59AM 1 reading data saved with writeBin() into anything other than R
Monday April 21 2014
8:40PM 1 List of Dataframes
8:32PM 1 How to draw a histogram for some intervals in R
6:24PM 1 find maximum values on the density function of a bimodal distribution
3:08PM 2 Hi , Is it possible select a different number of rows by each group with R????
2:48PM 1 constructing a sequence of POSIXct dates
1:19PM 3 Loops (run the same function per different columns)
12:53PM 1 Loop to extract from variables in the workspace
8:43AM 1 for loop to list files
7:30AM 1 reading & understanding SVG?
Sunday April 20 2014
3:51PM 1 What do the colours of the scatterplot3d actually show?
9:52AM 2 to divide column cells by the mean of another column
4:32AM 0 Replicating SAS example in R
Saturday April 19 2014
8:25PM 1 cex values being ignored in the curve function
5:40PM 0 cbind with row names to serveral files in R
3:51PM 1 Extracting the names of coefficients of random effects
2:43PM 0 Foreign function interface
10:05AM 1 How to use rainbow function without the gamma argument
9:10AM 1 R Statistical Computing Language Preference Help
8:57AM 1 Need help to convert data frame to transaction set.
Friday April 18 2014
10:07PM 1 R Example scripts
10:00PM 1 problem with pip2d() from ptinpoly
4:13PM 1 Difference between times
3:37PM 0 Kmodes weighted version shows an error
2:54PM 0 plotting a 3D poisson surface with persp package
11:38AM 0 Mediation with multilevel data - Random slopes or not?
7:13AM 2 inverse normal distribution function
2:08AM 0 Mixtures of smooths on the same covariate in mgcv?
Thursday April 17 2014
9:12PM 1 how I can I extract x,y and z values?
8:07PM 1 conditional probability removal
6:42PM 1 Installation issues on OSX
3:35PM 1 XML getNodeSet
2:55PM 0 kaveri with R on GPU?
2:26PM 0 Help with SSlogis and nls
2:24PM 0 Panel Data Estimators (within, between, Random Effects estimator)
2:13PM 0 kde {ks}
11:43AM 1 NeweyWest in sandwich-package
9:37AM 1 Integrating R with Elasticsearch and Symfony2
9:27AM 1 Exclude rows by criteria
8:43AM 0 graph: add 2 inches on the left outer region, but keep everything unchanged
6:23AM 0 Finding best cut points to discretize continuous values for ID3 algorithm
4:10AM 0 Fontconfig error in R 3.10 when running
3:01AM 1 Labeling/identifying observations in plot after MclustDR from Mclust
2:03AM 2 ggplot2: using coord_trans for logit -> probability
12:54AM 0 xyplot y scale label help
12:01AM 0 Updates to Hmisc, rms, and greport packages
12:01AM 0 [R-pkgs] Updates to Hmisc, rms, and greport packages
Wednesday April 16 2014
7:35PM 1 Help in analysis of similarity in Iramuteq
7:01PM 2 help incorporating data subset lengths in function with ddply
6:45PM 0 Using pre-defined IRT parameters in ltm package
6:06PM 2 Values cells
5:21PM 0 clmm model specification
4:18PM 0 paper on cross-validation pitfalls
3:30PM 1 interpreting weight in meta-analysis of proportion
3:07PM 1 plot legend in filled.contour plot with infinite limits
1:35PM 1 Extracting Width and Length of Each Shape in EPS File
12:59PM 1 Problems installing packages
12:33PM 2 multiple plots on same sheet in R
12:10PM 1 Lazy loading of CSV file
10:07AM 0 Writing a function in a corrrect way
9:03AM 0 R regular expression and locales
6:22AM 1 netCDF to raster and spatial projection
Tuesday April 15 2014
11:15PM 1 Regarding snp data
8:49PM 0 was: hep.start won't start
8:26PM 1 indexing names for looping across computations done on pairs of matrices
8:22PM 2 lm predictions for rows with missing y values
5:33PM 1 R - Need Help : Using R's qcc package in .Net Appln
5:23PM 1 Testing correlation of equation in a SUR model fitted by systemfit
5:02PM 1 using for loop for data frame
3:58PM 2 Displaying "<=" in axis values
3:53PM 2 get element of list with default?
12:53PM 0 help
12:03PM 1 Error message in R
11:52AM 1 R tool support
10:58AM 1 Some questions :How to use Friedman'Test in R
10:27AM 1 Fw: Save multiple plots as pdf or jpeg
9:55AM 1 generic function-method arguments accessible by tab-key
9:09AM 1 Save multiple plots as pdf or jpeg
8:14AM 1 The explanation of ns() with df =2
6:21AM 0 : Quantile and rowMean from multiple files in a folder
3:48AM 0 : Quantile and rowMean from multiple files in a folder
3:04AM 0 : Quantile and rowMean from multiple files in a folder
2:27AM 1 creating multiple line graphs
1:46AM 1 a question about the output of plot
1:25AM 1 error when installing package after installing R-3.1.0 on windows
1:13AM 0 Quantile and rowMean from multiple files in a folder
Monday April 14 2014
9:27PM 0 Plot mlogit object
8:24PM 1 Extracting values from rows which meet a condition in R 3.0.2
7:02PM 1 system()
5:59PM 1 problem on package "survey" , function svyglm,
4:35PM 0 X11 font -adobe-helvetica-%s-%s-*-*-%d-*-*-*-*-*-*-*, face 2 at size 11 could not be loaded
2:52PM 2 Read.table mucks up headers
2:28PM 0 Programming routine comp()
2:07PM 1 hetglm() and robust standard errors
10:56AM 1 I can't programe routine comp()
10:20AM 1 Trend test for hazard ratios
8:10AM 0 How to do abstraction of the document using R
8:06AM 1 program
6:13AM 0 how to do poisson regression for a complex sample design data by svyglm
5:54AM 1 gRain on R 3.1.0
4:00AM 1 Comparing initial eigenvalues to broken stick results
1:08AM 2 correlation with missing values.. different answers
12:50AM 0 [datatable-help] Transform characters to numbers and compare
12:50AM 1 Error using the package tm.plugin.webmining "object '.Source' not found"
12:49AM 0 Testing simple slopes for cross-level interactions
Sunday April 13 2014
9:59PM 0 Selecting variables in a multivariate regression
4:59PM 2 Growth of CRAN?
2:54PM 1 Quantile and rowMean from multiple files in a folder
12:22PM 1 FW: Reading output of a GLMM run in R
10:11AM 1 mean calculations from a dframe column
12:17AM 1 Reading output of a GLMM run in R
Saturday April 12 2014
11:20PM 1 Pie charts using plotGooglemaps
8:38PM 0 Programing routine comp()
7:29PM 0 Adding Nested Random Effects to MCMCglmm
6:03PM 0 How two have two legends on a chart with different groups?
3:19PM 1 Change position in package rgl
12:36PM 1 Selecting rows from a DF where the value in a selected column matches any element of a vector.
Friday April 11 2014
11:02PM 1 invalid multibyte string at '<b0>C'
8:40PM 2 adding a frequency variable to a data frame
6:48PM 2 Save file as Fixed Width using sprintf()
6:37PM 0 partitioning around medoids
6:36PM 1 calling in inverted commas
4:47PM 1 Mean not working in function
3:49PM 1 sink() and UTF-8 on non-UTF-8 systems
3:42PM 0 StatET and R 3.1.0
3:19PM 1 operating website through R
3:10PM 1 R 3.0.3, Windows 7: Problem installing XML package
1:38PM 2 weights error in svyglm
12:48PM 0 Rcpp11 3.1.0 is on CRAN.
12:48PM 0 [R-pkgs] Rcpp11 3.1.0 is on CRAN.
11:06AM 0 grabbing GIS data from www
8:53AM 0 Mean of values in different files
8:36AM 0 General Copula theory
5:14AM 1 Splitting columns and forming new data files in R
12:38AM 0 Options in Blotter
Thursday April 10 2014
10:36PM 1 Version R-3.1.0 for Windows
10:31PM 1 better an error?
10:04PM 0 intCriteria function in clusterCrit produces Nan
8:25PM 1 Mixed models negative binomial, Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos)
7:48PM 2 Determining 32- vs. 64-bit Windows
6:49PM 1 how to select an element from a vector based on a probability
6:21PM 0 How I can program comp() routine
4:40PM 1 print(cenfit object) to a data.frame
2:59PM 1 premature evaluation of symbols. Is that the way to describe this problem?
2:49PM 1 Binom.test - hudge difference in p-value for little differences in PD forecast
2:48PM 1 Plotting Simple Slopes with Multilevel Categorical Moderator
2:05PM 0 Elliptic Fourier Analysis and PCA
12:59PM 0 Regarding the DLL creation in R
12:58PM 1 Plotting a 3D surface from three variables
12:53PM 0 ggplot: vertical text annotation, outside plot region
12:49PM 0 mean fn in combination with by() XXXX
11:52AM 0 R speed test - for processor and for RAM size
10:07AM 0 R 3.1.0 is released
10:07AM 0 R 3.1.0 is released
10:05AM 0 R 3.0.3 is released
10:05AM 0 R 3.0.3 is released
4:44AM 0 Major discrepancy between R and Stata for ARIMA
3:27AM 0 ggplot / ggmap: fixing geom_point size to break bins
Wednesday April 9 2014
8:56PM 2 Generate Binary Matrix
8:06PM 0 illumina probeID to entrezID
6:27PM 2 Memory allocation using .C interface
6:15PM 1 logistical indexing in R
6:09PM 2 Summing up realizations
5:25PM 1 Fractional multinomial logit model or similar in R for analysis of behavior?
4:18PM 1 Generate Crosstab in R
2:23PM 1 flowDensity package
1:25PM 0 glmulti wrapper for lmer does not produce results
1:18PM 0 Error object .Source not found when using package tm.plugin.webmining
12:02PM 1 How to implement a recurring "check for updates" for R and packages?
7:11AM 0 Fw: Re: Splitting columns and forming new data files in R
6:11AM 1 Not able to convert data.frame to numeric properly
Tuesday April 8 2014
8:22PM 0 rJava not loading on Windows
7:40PM 1 Need to download this data... can someone help?
7:34PM 2 browser always enters debug mode
7:15PM 1 xts Annual series
6:39PM 1 ggplot2 and geom_tile
6:29PM 3 Pull Stock Symbol Out of String
5:37PM 3 moses extreme reaction test
3:00PM 1 Ignore escape characters in a string...
1:50PM 2 locating a data value in 3-dimensional data set
1:46PM 0 Splitting columns and forming new data files in R
12:20PM 1 Error logistic analysis
8:31AM 1 Meta-analysis of prevalence at the country level with mgcv/gamm4
7:09AM 0 [R-pkgs] frailtypack package 2.6
7:09AM 0 frailtypack package 2.6
6:13AM 2 Issues with fa() function in "psych"
3:46AM 1 Replacement Value
2:20AM 2 Plotting does odd line thing
12:50AM 2 What Directs R to Executable Directory?
12:29AM 1 {metafor} variance explaination for paired pre-test/posttest
Monday April 7 2014
10:05PM 1 getting arg names in function calls?
5:49PM 4 Getting a particular weekday for a given month
5:22PM 2 Changes between R 3.1 vs 3.0.3
4:36PM 1 Time interactions for coxph object
4:12PM 1 Adding correlation and or variance structure in mixed models
3:05PM 1 installing r on ubuntu ?
11:33AM 0 "invalid factor level, NA generated" error message help
11:12AM 1 Conditional subtraction
10:59AM 0 How to use an elements' name when creating a data frame via a for loop
7:01AM 2 R script on Rstudio server
6:33AM 1 Micro-point with pch=16?
5:41AM 1 How to make a proper use of blocking in limma using voom
1:07AM 2 simple linear plots with a loop
Sunday April 6 2014
10:31PM 0 Manipulating x axis using scale_x_continuous (but a factor is used). Is there a work around?
7:29PM 0 Colour of geom_hline is not correct in legend
5:13PM 0 Fwd: Recoding in R conditioned on a certain value.
2:26PM 2 Any solution to have RnetCDF, ncdf or ncdf4 in R 3.1 ?
2:23PM 2 Column value comparison and colouring
2:00PM 2 identical applied to data frames
12:26PM 2 structural equation models in R
12:03PM 1 GGPLOT Question
10:29AM 0 Question: Do I need to set refit=FALSE when testing for random effects with anova()?
10:21AM 1 skipping an error message
6:14AM 1 Error Message using xyplot of lattice
Saturday April 5 2014
4:51PM 1 Recoding in R conditioned on a certain value.
4:49PM 0 Setting alternative x-axis breaks using gglpot2
10:54AM 1 Purpose of readLines(..., encoding=)?
8:50AM 1 Multic for windows 7 and Ubuntu
6:46AM 1 rehh package for iHS and Rsb on NGS data
4:02AM 2 Aggregate time series from daily to monthly by date and site
Friday April 4 2014
11:10PM 3 Sweave files into LaTex
10:17PM 0 Subsetting data by ID with different constraints
9:06PM 0 how to change annotations in contour function from rsm package
8:27PM 1 solicit help to read in 384 plate color image
7:38PM 0 Revolutions blog: March roundup
6:08PM 2 average of rows of each column
5:32PM 2 Base within reverses column order
5:09PM 1 par(mfrow)
2:55PM 2 Mistakes in date conversion for future date/time (POSIXct)
1:49PM 0 MICE, POST-PROCESSING imputations with two conditions
12:33PM 0 Lognormal AR(0,1) model
12:10PM 1 simulation data
9:42AM 1 How to plot data using ggplot
6:36AM 2 Box plot without original data
4:59AM 1 MANOVA post hoc testing
3:20AM 1 Doing box plots for part of the data??
2:30AM 1 unzip error with odfWeave and OpenOffice
Thursday April 3 2014
11:50PM 0 Nested Logit Model
11:00PM 0 Computing standardised beta in linear regression
8:55PM 0 Time Series Decomposition On Zoo Objects: Errors
8:22PM 0 Stats courses in Australia
8:03PM 0 [R-pkgs] rDVR package
8:03PM 0 rDVR package
6:48PM 1 A question on IRanges package
3:48PM 1 text minning script
3:26PM 4 Equation of a curve
1:54PM 1 grouping explanatory variables into "sets" for GLMM
1:29PM 1 Mixed Effects MANOVA
12:16PM 1 nearest neighbour
10:35AM 1 ff package: problem with reading in numerical values
10:22AM 2 How to store interim print results
10:17AM 1 NHPP with Cyclic Rate
9:17AM 0 Converting corpus into dataframe in r tm package
6:42AM 2 data.frame(1)*1:4 = 1?
5:32AM 2 figure margins too large
2:29AM 3 'rms' package error
Wednesday April 2 2014
10:41PM 1 plotting several columns of matrix in one graph
10:35PM 2 Subset error on atomic vectors why?
9:30PM 1 -fopenmp
9:18PM 1 Icelandic Characters in Mac
8:55PM 0 ASA Conference on Statistical Practice - call for short courses
7:15PM 2 looping in R
6:58PM 0 hep.start won't start
6:24PM 0 Interpreting effect of ordered categorical predictor
6:20PM 1 Removing White spaces with NA
5:10PM 1 R2WinBUGS "expected collection operator c" error
4:05PM 0 Insert DateTime from R into MongoDB
2:43PM 0 ggplot: add points selectively to curves
2:12PM 0 Help with MANOVA
1:37PM 1 Survey
1:09PM 3 CORDIF test
12:21PM 0 gradientForest input data structure
10:24AM 1 mzR and Rcpp version bug
6:16AM 2 Time series
3:51AM 3 Difficulty coding time-forced functions in deSolve
Tuesday April 1 2014
9:58PM 0 Process Forked at MAC
8:17PM 0 won't start 2.
8:13PM 1 won't start
7:18PM 0 Char to Numeric --- Type Conversion
7:03PM 0 Create sequential vector for values in another column
6:34PM 1 MULTIPLE LEVELS for a SINGLE VALUE in a dataframe, how do I remove these?
5:23PM 3 Plotting Satellite
4:33PM 1 Times and Dates
4:18PM 0 jointprior in deal package
4:07PM 0 importing multiple text files in R
2:19PM 1 Remove part of a summary of a model in a regression output
12:56PM 3 A vector of normal distributed values with a sum-to-zero constraint
9:26AM 3 trouble using readOGR() function
8:41AM 1 Environment variable defined in .bashrc is not recognized by R
8:37AM 2 Please help! Matrices and parameter of time
8:37AM 0 R rms package: nomogram using imported coefficients and linear predictor
8:27AM 1 rpart and randomforest results
2:43AM 0 colors in violin plot, ggplot2
2:03AM 1 Getting rid of spaces in plot math