R help - Dec 2013

Tuesday December 31 2013
11:53PM 0 Basic misunderstanding, or problem with my installation?
9:53PM 0 Working with Date
7:02PM 0 How to ask a function to continuously print intermediate results
5:02PM 0 Request for help regarding RWeka
3:25PM 0 format a matrix as fractions?
3:11PM 0 Problem with http://www.r-project.org/mail.html#instructions
2:48PM 0 Re: Where did lost variables go, with example
1:42AM 0 Where did lost variables go
12:46AM 0 aes and parameter evaluation problems
Monday December 30 2013
11:23PM 0 MTM power spectrum
10:37PM 0 Milliken and Johnson Unbalanced Machines
10:09PM 0 Re: dist() or cmdscale() function help
10:04PM 0 cumulative incidence for mstate in Survival package in R
8:19PM 0 Estimation of AR(1) model by QML.
6:24PM 0 Package dependencies in building R packages
4:18PM 0 howto join matrices produced by rcorr()
3:21PM 0 adding a fram around R plot
2:17PM 0 Re: I have a problem in doing the scatterplot
5:49AM 0 Which R version is the package "ts" available for.
3:21AM 0 matrix propagation problem
3:15AM 0 how to display prolerly chinese character of sheet name in excel file in xlsx library?
1:43AM 0 Re: Expand a data frame
Sunday December 29 2013
1:40PM 0 counts and percentage of multiple categorical columns in R
12:16PM 0 Smooth limits for a surface plot
11:42AM 0 why the "[^\\d]" is not equal to "[^0-9]" in R regular expression?
10:57AM 0 Any way to pre-set the number of observations for each cluster with kmeans?
3:27AM 0 What purpose is served by reflexive function assignments?
12:58AM 0 error using pvclust
Saturday December 28 2013
5:26PM 0 How to subset an 'ff' object?
3:46PM 0 Translating a basic Python script into R
3:15PM 0 Error in loading package
3:25AM 0 need help with distribution graphics
Friday December 27 2013
11:33PM 0 R strange behaviour when working with fifos
8:17PM 0 Matchit
7:49PM 0 gc() vs memory.profile()
7:04PM 0 Re: Subject: Counts of duplicate rows as a new column without grouping of duplicates raws.
4:34PM 0 Trying to optimize a graph
3:46PM 0 Re: Changing names into number
2:33PM 0 Problem of scope
1:28PM 0 Averaging specified array indices
Thursday December 26 2013
10:39PM 0 Problems installing some packages using Ubuntu 12.04
11:26AM 0 Problem with uniroot.all
4:04AM 0 Results from Vegan metaMDS varry depending on set.seed
Wednesday December 25 2013
9:54PM 0 Здорово, появился вариант, заставить вернуться здоровое зрение
5:09PM 0 Erroneous Column Removing Result From User-Defined Function.....
4:47PM 0 Counts of duplicate rows as a new column without grouping of duplicates raws.
8:58AM 0 Categorial data analysis
5:02AM 0 x-axis value in boxplot
Tuesday December 24 2013
11:26PM 0 label in scatter3d plot
7:44PM 0 Transferring data from R to MATLAB via Rmatlab package
5:39PM 0 Simplifying an expression with an integral
5:04PM 0 replace NA with another vector
3:38PM 0 Test to determine if there is a difference between two means
10:35AM 0 Mean: category wise within a data frame
9:08AM 0 unique mismatch in R and Excel
12:31AM 0 svycoxph
Monday December 23 2013
7:06PM 0 Fitdistr and mle
6:11PM 0 Inserting color into an irregular grid comprised of polygons
5:07PM 0 error in "ca.jo"
3:57PM 0 R command execution at specific time from within R
1:25PM 0 New book release: Data Mining Applications with R
12:31PM 0 Fwd: Calculating group means
9:46AM 0 Significance of spectral peaks
Sunday December 22 2013
11:54PM 0 2 factor split and lapply
3:40PM 0 How do I separate elements of a vector by comma?
11:42AM 0 Knitr, ggplot and consistent fonts
9:59AM 0 Season's Greetings (and great news ... )!
1:36AM 0 Unable to install RcppEigen package due to Rcpp dependency issues
Saturday December 21 2013
11:18PM 0 Possible to vary widths and/or heights of lattice panels?
10:57PM 0 seq_len and loops
5:22PM 0 Simplifying coxme models
Friday December 20 2013
8:21PM 0 Grab multinomial coefficients
7:03PM 0 t test for multiple classes
5:53PM 0 The difference between SAS and R
5:38PM 0 by class...
3:58PM 0 Re: Using cbind to merge different variables
1:48PM 0 Classification of polynomial regression: simple or multiple (conceptual doubt)
1:01PM 0 ftable and data.frame
9:58AM 0 Execute Excel-Macro using R
8:34AM 0 Estimating and predicting using "segmented" Package
6:52AM 0 (no subject)
4:33AM 0 Strange subvector output --> x[n] != x[1:n][n]
1:01AM 0 Fitting particle size analysis data
Thursday December 19 2013
11:44PM 0 Searching the help archives - 404 error?
11:38PM 0 Color With a Function
11:37PM 0 spending most of my time in assignments?
9:19PM 0 hist() : is there a way to change the border width?
8:33PM 0 pixel based percentile among rasters
7:05PM 0 A function which is a sum of other functions...
7:04PM 0 ATTN: Problem with Portfolio Optimization converging with Expected Shortfall as risk measure on Asymmetric Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
6:37PM 0 Inconsistent computation of an integral
6:20PM 0 creating list of variables description
1:32PM 0 cure fraction model
9:07AM 0 what is wrong with for and if cycle in R
4:31AM 0 GLMM parameter estimates giving opposite trends
2:24AM 1 Re: Welcome to the "R-help" mailing list
12:18AM 1 plot different groups as factors
Wednesday December 18 2013
9:43PM 1 Problems with Installing R ('failure to expand shell folder constant "userdocs")
9:12PM 0 assessment of validity of PLS predictions
8:33PM 0 Re: binary symmetric matrix combination
7:12PM 0 Re: Coxph convergence
7:08PM 5 plot() function: color transparency
6:18PM 1 Predicting response from fitted linear model with incomplete new sample data
5:06PM 1 How to manipulate this data?
3:16PM 0 ANOVA repeated mesures
2:52PM 2 3D Surface plot
1:57PM 4 ifelse statement with two vectors of different length
12:30PM 0 calculating power function
12:13PM 0 Tinn-R user list on Google groups
8:28AM 0 multicore and mclapply problem in calculation server
6:33AM 1 how to analysisi spectrum of a dataset with NA value
1:53AM 5 Help using mapply to run multiple models
12:06AM 0 Re: freetype 2.5.2, problem with the survival package, build R 2.15.x with gcc 4.8.x
Tuesday December 17 2013
11:53PM 3 estimating survival function from Cox model
8:49PM 1 Time series and lm
8:18PM 0 Re: Polychoric Principal Component Analysis (pPCA)
7:13PM 1 a better method than a long expression with many OR clauses
5:37PM 0 RDCOMClient Help
5:33PM 6 Hello R user!
4:59PM 1 barely readable "autocomplete" text
4:53PM 3 Problem to solve an integral equation
4:26PM 8 install.packages and dependencies=TRUE
3:14PM 1 Query regarding solution of delay differential equations with distributed delay (volterra type)
3:00PM 5 OdfWeave problem
1:57PM 3 ggplot2: stat_smooth for family=binomial with cbind(Y, N) formula
7:41AM 1 unable to install XML package on Windows7
6:50AM 2 result
4:56AM 1 Re: What is the formula of Pseudo-F statistic in capscale in vegan?
Monday December 16 2013
11:10PM 2 read ".slk" file
5:31PM 1 Assigning default function arguments to themselves: Why?
4:39PM 0 history ?? 2 no readline ?
4:27PM 1 Power calculations for Wilcox.test
3:14PM 1 error with as.factor raster
3:11PM 1 How to plug in characters as object names in a formula (recast from package reshape2 specifically)
3:09PM 7 convergence=0 in optim and nlminb is real?
12:25PM 0 Question
10:31AM 2 (no subject)
7:52AM 2 how to fit exponential curve such as a*b^t in r?
7:16AM 3 How to choose data from two sets of data to ensure that the choosed data has a better normal feature?
3:54AM 1 log transforming predictor variables in a binomial GAM?
1:04AM 0 possible overflow/underflow error causing NaN in .trval when invoking trmat with degree 4
Sunday December 15 2013
11:00PM 11 Exporting R graphics into Word without losing graph quality
10:52PM 2 Rows to Column
6:08PM 2 Simple way to define a function to be used in a formula object inside another function
2:53PM 1 RSM
12:46PM 3 how to add a line in the graph?
11:48AM 2 why as.vector can''t make x to be a vector?
11:43AM 6 why there is no quarters?
8:17AM 1 how can i add Qtr1 Qtr2 Qtr3 Qtr4 on the x axis?
Saturday December 14 2013
9:06PM 3 How to use variables whose names are with number at end in R loop
8:09PM 3 Change factor levels
2:34PM 2 converting a coloumn in a data set to a vector
2:30PM 5 plot two columns against one
11:22AM 1 how to read file into terminal?
10:46AM 2 iterated sum
7:01AM 2 to replace the for loop
5:22AM 3 Chinese Garbled
3:11AM 4 Converting decimal to binary in R
12:35AM 3 colClasses does not cause read.table to coerce to numeric; anymore?
12:13AM 2 The Stoppa distribution
Friday December 13 2013
11:01PM 2 ggplot question: how to have two y-axis guide on one plot?
9:34PM 3 Minutes after midnight to time
9:15PM 5 dataframe manipulation
9:14PM 1 Problems with xtable?
7:55PM 0 Fisher''s LSD problem
7:41PM 5 extracting non-NA entries from a two-way frequency table
7:11PM 6 Invalid connection error message when trying to write a file
5:43PM 1 data point labeling in xyplot
5:37PM 1 MuMIn Random Effects Variance
5:23PM 0 disabling sparse Matrix index checking during assignment
3:34PM 2 how do I separete coloumns by comma?
3:20PM 0 Re: freetype 2.5.2, problem with the survival package, build R 2.15.x with gcc 4.8.x
1:16PM 0 Constrained model of linear regression
1:09PM 0 Re: Coxme time dependent
12:59PM 5 filter a data.frame
11:16AM 2 how can i write the function into a file c:/mytest.R with cat function?
11:08AM 0 how to use the readBin ?
7:03AM 3 charToRaw("Œ") is not 8C in R console
12:53AM 0 Coxme time-dependent covariate
Thursday December 12 2013
11:09PM 3 method default for hclust function
6:00PM 1 boxcox transformations
4:10PM 4 function inside a function
3:45PM 2 Heatmap, and heatmap.2 gave different figures for the same dataset
3:41PM 1 censored counts and glmer/glmmADMB
2:32PM 3 labels on right y-axis
1:56PM 6 Solving a normal distribution pnorm for q
8:00AM 7 Logistic Regression with 200K features in R?
5:49AM 2 refline in forest() {metafor}
4:50AM 2 R problem: Error in data[2:4] : object of type ''closure'' is not subsettable
Wednesday December 11 2013
10:21PM 0 useR! 2014 cal for tutorials
10:06PM 4 bargraph.CI
8:38PM 0 "getRank" ?
8:06PM 0 Re: Covert many lines in a specific line
7:31PM 1 Heatmap Help
6:03PM 0 Leap hours?
1:00PM 3 To transform a vector of qualitatives values into a dataframe of quantitatives values
11:16AM 4 solving simultaneous Equations in R
9:48AM 0 How to deal with multiple class ROC analysis in R (pROC package)?
6:26AM 0 Re: Stochastic Dominance Analysis
4:24AM 1 setting effect plot parameters
4:22AM 0 SDM using BIOMOD2 error message
Tuesday December 10 2013
11:33PM 4 radial.plot shaded region
10:04PM 8 fisher.test - can I use non-integer expected values?
8:44PM 1 Get average model after dredge function ran in a loop
7:08PM 1 If-statement in for-loop
3:35PM 16 3-D interpretation
2:55PM 5 data distribution for lme
2:46PM 2 Add column to DF based on 2 columns in another DF
1:55PM 2 rbind/timestamp problem
11:41AM 3 Problem to predict new data with mclust
9:19AM 2 read.csv interpreting numbers as factors
4:19AM 4 Splitting a vector
12:19AM 2 Multiple Lorenz curves in one diagram - populations with different "n"
Monday December 9 2013
11:59PM 7 adding tables
10:17PM 2 lattice: superposed boxplots with same colors for rectanglesand umbrellas and filled boxes
10:12PM 3 Problem with R colors
10:08PM 3 Chart colors
9:14PM 4 How can I find nonstandard or control characters in a large file?
9:14PM 3 How to coerce an object name to character vector?
8:53PM 1 Plot mortality data and show trend
8:27PM 3 data frame question
6:59PM 0 Revolutions blog: November roundup
6:28PM 2 roxygen2 and install.packages()
6:25PM 0 Model selection exponential and gamma distribution using cross validation
5:58PM 1 (no subject)
5:46PM 1 How to use multiple test for trend in proportions?
4:33PM 0 Problem with Barplots on Map
2:19PM 3 multiple bar for barchart
1:49PM 1 notch filter in R
9:07AM 1 How can I apply “Sapply” in R with multiple codes in one function?
Sunday December 8 2013
5:49PM 0 Re: subest a data set on two conditions
5:35PM 0 R, RStudio, Rcpp Appreciation
3:45PM 5 growth curve estimation
3:37PM 4 Problems updating packages
2:03PM 5 rJava problems
11:22AM 3 How to evaluate sequence of strings like this
7:11AM 3 Why daisy() in cluster library failed to exclude NA when computing dissimilarity
Saturday December 7 2013
11:52PM 0 computational cost of the survpack or survival support vector machine package
11:45PM 2 combine glmnet and coxph (and survfit) with strata()
4:30PM 1 ANOVA in R
2:28PM 1 How to perform clustering without removing rows where NA is present in R
12:46PM 6 wmf screen resolution problem!!!
Friday December 6 2013
11:11PM 1 Re: Wrong date fromat?
9:14PM 0 [R-pkgs] rms 4.1-0
7:47PM 2 quantiles with approximately the same number of data points within each quantile?
7:27PM 4 Using assign with mapply
6:01PM 0 Re: Open multiple files using a loop
5:25PM 0 Easy Uplift Tree Classify Error
5:01PM 1 Help - Trace of matrices
3:44PM 13 Need help figuring out sapply (and similar functions) with multiple parameter user defined function
3:36PM 0 Re: Merging different columns in one matrix
2:46PM 1 mixed model ANCOVA
1:44PM 0 Gene Ontology Profiling on Single Data Set with Different Species?
1:06PM 4 tune an support vector machine
7:27AM 0 How to concatenate the results from parallelized nested foreach loops
5:27AM 1 model selection with step()
5:16AM 3 Simple Error Bar
4:19AM 1 Generating restricted numbers
Thursday December 5 2013
11:18PM 1 Test ADF differences in R and Eviews
10:52PM 2 help with the nested anova formulas
10:04PM 1 Re: convert factor to numeric in bulk
9:05PM 4 How do I print predicted effect sizes in forest plot?
8:11PM 0 Re: How to graph categorical data by percent
6:40PM 0 r SIG birth, life and death
6:16PM 1 Can I find the number of subscribers to r-help and r SIG mailing lists?
5:51PM 0 ASA John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award - 2014
5:20PM 0 ML factor analysis
5:07PM 0 ASA Stat. Computing & Stat. Graphics Student Paper Competition 2014
3:02PM 0 Re: how to store multiple data frame name and print in R?
2:56PM 4 Merging two data frames, but keeping NAs
1:15PM 2 how to link different versions of R
10:50AM 1 p value for mu: anova()
10:49AM 0 plot of a bagging tree
9:15AM 2 GAM Assumption Tests
7:35AM 1 O-ring statistic
4:19AM 1 question about how to install package "rjava" in R 3.02
2:10AM 1 pROC plot.roc - Plotting more than two curves - Is it possible
12:48AM 0 mgcv gam modeling trend variation over cases
Wednesday December 4 2013
11:03PM 0 Re: ggplot2 font size and bold
8:34PM 0 R course in Boston December 19-20
8:07PM 3 Double Infinite Integration
7:09PM 1 Repeated me
4:36PM 13 How to generate a smoothed surface for a three dimensional dataset?
3:49PM 1 R survAUC Package
2:22PM 1 predict.arfima
2:07PM 0 3D Strip Packing and R
11:41AM 2 Variable importance - ANN
10:53AM 0 reply: Problems with intersections between two charcter vectors
10:16AM 1 Self-starting nonlinear power law function
7:19AM 0 R sendmail ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM:25 cannot be opened
6:52AM 2 Problems with intersections between two charcter vectors
4:29AM 2 how to replace a text in a table by another text in R?
3:33AM 1 persp and Response surface models
3:10AM 0 Looking for consultant in mathematics/ statistics
1:48AM 1 Sizing axis labels in ggplot2
Tuesday December 3 2013
8:45PM 1 Calculate external validation
8:10PM 0 Re: How to access data frame column name using variable ??
7:31PM 1 interaction plot with SE bar
7:09PM 2 significance of random effect in mgcv gam
6:26PM 3 Spatial Correlation Map using R
3:22PM 0 Retrieving data from rotated netCDF-file
3:11PM 1 httpuv_1.2.0 : websockets-hybi03.cpp
1:03PM 1 Re: Any R packages support conversion from PDF to XLS ?
12:57PM 0 Stats course in Coimbra, Portugal
12:28PM 1 Replace empty cels in multiple dataframes
12:24PM 1 triangular matrix inverse
11:43AM 2 Generating a matrix
11:42AM 3 purpose of the set.seed(function)
9:43AM 4 R lmer debugging: Error in [[<-.data.frame(*tmp*, i, value = integer(0)) : replacement has 0 rows, data has 117
9:03AM 2 International phonetic symbols in R.
5:52AM 1 Re: repeating a function and combining the results
4:02AM 3 What is the easiest way to interpolate vertical values on a square section of a nearly-planar 3D surface
3:14AM 0 Re: Generating numbers with time-dependent upperbound
1:41AM 1 Setting contrasts
1:11AM 0 big matrix in r
12:33AM 9 ifelse -does it "manage the indexing"?
12:08AM 1 Fwd: Intepreting lm() results with factor
Monday December 2 2013
9:03PM 1 Re: How to reconvert binary matrix back to original numeric?
8:38PM 2 names error message
7:22PM 3 plus/minus +/- in factor; not plotmath not expression
7:21PM 6 legend position
7:08PM 2 Question about ifelse() XXXX
5:50PM 0 (no subject)
4:59PM 1 vcf, plink and other files in the /demo of a package
4:04PM 0 ordered factor question
2:47PM 3 generate multiple probability distributions
11:33AM 4 interpretation of MDS plot in random forest
11:24AM 14 why change days of the week from a factor to an ordered factor?
6:26AM 4 Days to solstice calculation
1:59AM 0 (no subject)
Sunday December 1 2013
5:58PM 0 How to create polygons representing sampled forest plots, and how to compute D1 matrix between these polygons ?
5:48PM 2 factor() in lm
2:04PM 1 Code Help
1:08PM 4 How to vectorize plot graphic?
12:16PM 2 Removing NAs from matrix
4:11AM 4 How to get the proportions of data with respect to two variables in R?
2:58AM 0 MOOC on Statistical Learning with R