R help - Apr 2007

Monday April 30 2007
10:11PM 2 Independent contrasts from lme with interactions
8:59PM 1 intersect filled.contour and polygon
8:41PM 0 Intercept Coefficient in a Model with Orthogonal Polynomials
6:36PM 3 Read every second line from ASCII file
6:12PM 0 About autocorrelation
5:18PM 0 thousand separator (was RE: weight)
5:15PM 1 ROracle issues
4:50PM 1 R GUI in Ubuntu Feisty?
4:10PM 1 Query about using rowSums/ColSums on table results
4:06PM 3 Definition of Hinges in Boxplot
12:15PM 3 general question about use of list
12:13PM 0 - ICA for less common data
11:31AM 2 S-plus coding
2:38AM 2 A problem with svIDE in Tinn-R?
12:06AM 1 windows completion in 2.5?
Sunday April 29 2007
10:53PM 1 adjusting a sigmoidal shaped regression
10:19PM 0 Going from Coda Files to R2WinBUGS
8:49PM 2 impossible to open SPSS file
3:54PM 1 probl with optimization
1:56PM 4 Too slow to execute!
3:10AM 2 how to code the censor variable for "survfit"
1:13AM 1 randomForest gives different results for formula call v. x, y methods. Why?
Saturday April 28 2007
9:28PM 0 Comparing MCMClogit, glm and BRUGS
4:28PM 1 Using factors in R
4:15PM 3 Perpendicular symbol in plotmath?
3:51PM 1 RWinEdt and Windows Vista
3:36PM 2 Calculating Variance-covariance matrix for a multivariate normal distribution.
3:18PM 1 The confidence level of p-value of ks.boot
1:15PM 1 pacf
1:07PM 1 normalizing affy data caused an error
10:55AM 1 Hmisc curve label size & cex
10:41AM 1 Converting "list of data frame" to data frame
1:58AM 0 Configuring R-2.5.0 for X11 on Red Hat WS 4 x86-64
Friday April 27 2007
11:54PM 0 like SPSS
11:13PM 2 Limit on vector evaluation
11:07PM 1 xy plot key colors don't match plot
9:25PM 1 Restructuring Hadley CET data
8:35PM 4 how to evaluate a dynamic variable?
8:34PM 1 acf and pacf plot
6:21PM 3 digest readability/ thunderbird email client/ R-help
6:18PM 1 Quadratcount() plotting in R spatstat
6:01PM 0 Protocol for data inclusion in new packages
5:29PM 2 Integrating R-programs into larger systems
5:05PM 5 weight
5:03PM 0 Siegel-Tukey Test
4:58PM 1 Example of mcmcsamp() failing with lmer() output
4:53PM 0 Logistic Regression Question: Risk Threshold
4:31PM 2 Scatter Plot in R - Help
3:11PM 0 [ANN:] new package xlsReadWrite*Pro*: announce + update.
2:54PM 0 R-2.5.0:BioCv2install
2:54PM 1 Write text in the
2:34PM 0 Write text in the "device region" of a graphic device
2:31PM 0 New packages: contrast and desirability
2:20PM 0 Hmisc Version 3.3-2 is now in CRAN repository
2:17PM 0 (no subject)
2:07PM 0 (no subject)
1:42PM 0 Update of xlsReadWrite package
1:37PM 1 error returned by "make check" in R-2.5.0
12:15PM 2 proportional sampling
11:58AM 1 how to be clever with princomp?
11:22AM 1 add arrows to barchart with groups
10:36AM 1 bootstrap
9:41AM 1 Inflate/Expand/Resize an array
9:39AM 1 Issues with Sweave and inclusion of graphics from nlme
9:38AM 1 correlation tab
9:02AM 2 Jarque-Bera and rnorm()
8:45AM 4 Randomising matrices
8:02AM 0 Fwd: RE: importing sas datasets
6:03AM 1 partitioning variation using the Vegan CCA routine?
3:58AM 4 Unwanted white borders on semi-transparent polygons?
3:49AM 1 Extracting values from an array
1:20AM 1 Not showing dvi with Hmisc latex()
12:42AM 0 Hdf5 library error when using R 2.4 within GRASS6
Thursday April 26 2007
8:49PM 0 Course***New R course by Dr Bill Venables: Traditional and Modern Approaches to Statistical Modelling with R / Washington, DC July 12-13
8:36PM 0 statistical significance
8:16PM 4 select if + other questions
7:03PM 2 Extract p-value from survdiff function
6:48PM 1 Simple plot question
6:14PM 2 Drawing Tangent
5:11PM 2 Can a hyperlink be placed, thorugh R programming, on a graph?
4:48PM 3 A coding question involving variable assignments in ifelse()
4:47PM 2 SweaveInput and absolute paths
3:34PM 0 New version of ade4TkGUI
3:33PM 1 spatial/ patches and gaps/ SADIE
3:25PM 1 Tinn-R editor question: saving syntax colour options.
2:42PM 0 changing distributions
2:20PM 1 xyplot() and controlling panel.polygon()
12:35PM 1 Graphic plots in pdf (position)
12:19PM 2 deleting collumns with colSums==0
9:57AM 1 comparing two matrices, row by row
9:31AM 3 adding a column to a matrix
9:14AM 1 Multiple trellis plots without intervening space
8:27AM 2 tcltk support....
8:17AM 2 configure: WARNING: you cannot build info or HTML versions of the R manuals
7:43AM 1 NA in lm()
5:38AM 1 R News, volume 7, issue 1 is now available --error in AMMI article
4:44AM 1 gnls warning message
2:29AM 3 Reduced Error Logistic Regression, and R?
1:45AM 2 ANOVA results in R conflicting with results in other software packages
12:09AM 1 error mesage
Wednesday April 25 2007
10:25PM 0 Biostatistician Opportunities at Vanderbilt
9:32PM 3 aggregate similar to SPSS
9:19PM 1 Sum of specific column
8:59PM 1 dist label names
8:09PM 3 applying rbind to list elements
6:38PM 1 Help on 'find.BIB' function
6:21PM 1 dmnorm not meant for 1024-dimensional data?
6:11PM 1 help
5:27PM 2 GLS terminology question not related to R
5:21PM 1 Scripting graph generation
4:03PM 0 new package adegenet
3:40PM 1 Getting Confused
2:48PM 2 levelplot and unequal cell sizes
2:35PM 1 barchart producing incorrect number of barcharts when columns renamed
2:32PM 0 print format - fixed number of digits
2:06PM 0 Split column of concatenated data
1:44PM 2 creating random numbers
1:27PM 1 How to identify and exclude the outliers with R?
1:19PM 1 R CMD CHECK and require() / library() methods
1:04PM 2 assigning two conditions to grep()
1:03PM 1 program avail. for simulating spatial patterns?
10:56AM 2 R News, volume 7, issue 1 is now available
10:33AM 1 Help with saptial analysis (cluster)
10:15AM 1 regular expressions with grep() and negative indexing
10:08AM 0 Plotting minimum spanning tree in graph/RBGL
9:23AM 0 attributable risk
9:18AM 1 Box Ljung Statistics
8:57AM 1 correlation table
8:52AM 1 omit y=zero line in histogram
8:50AM 0 Permutations with samr
7:42AM 1 for loops
7:15AM 4 How to solve difficult equations?
5:23AM 0 sorting data help
5:09AM 0 DIC help
4:24AM 0 Use of Lexis function to convert survival data to counting format
4:12AM 2 A very simple question
3:46AM 2 Coercing data types for use in model.frame
1:03AM 1 heatmap and phylogram / dendogram ploting problem, ape package
12:39AM 1 prelim.norm() function not working
Tuesday April 24 2007
11:46PM 2 negative number to positive number
10:32PM 1 exclude the unfit data from the iteration
10:25PM 1 Analysis of Variance
10:08PM 2 simulate values
10:05PM 1 R Anova
9:17PM 2 Log-Returns
9:03PM 1 understanding round() behavior
8:52PM 1 time series problem
8:11PM 1 How to write a function?
7:48PM 1 Problem opening connections to removable hard drive
6:38PM 1 NA and NaN randomForest
6:15PM 3 R as a server on Linux
5:25PM 5 intersect more than two sets
5:23PM 1 Matrix: how to re-use the symbolic Cholesky factorization?
5:21PM 2 problem in tapply command
5:03PM 1 specify xlim for each panel
4:46PM 1 help interpreting the output of functions - any sources of information
3:58PM 4 Size of an object in workspace
3:58PM 0 aovlmer.fnc, lmer and binomial response
3:08PM 1 Problem installing Rmpi with lam on SGI SLES9
2:26PM 1 Values greater than 1 or lower than -1 in ARMAacf
2:22PM 0 Bug in xYplot() with method = 'filled bands'
1:57PM 1 regarding 3d Bar Plot --- correction.
1:38PM 2 xyplot source file only work with echo=TRUE
1:21PM 2 write
12:57PM 0 Datasets' data license ?
12:13PM 1 Handling of arrays
12:04PM 1 Calculating means in a new table
11:55AM 4 from R to html
11:55AM 0 Re : (no subject)
11:53AM 1 Problem with length of array while calling C from R
11:48AM 0 Re : statistical modelling skill
10:38AM 0 Kernel
10:34AM 0 R 2.5.0 is released
9:48AM 2 (no subject)
9:43AM 0 statistical modelling skill
9:04AM 0 Question about SAMR
8:45AM 1 information extraction
8:28AM 0 new version of seqinR
7:32AM 1 read.table
7:29AM 1 inner loop problem!?
7:03AM 2 Error in clusterApply(): recursive default argument reference
5:20AM 5 Random Number Generator of Park and Miller
1:18AM 1 Importing a CSV file
Monday April 23 2007
11:57PM 1 high resolution plot tick problems
11:35PM 1 How to get LSMEANS from linear mixed model?
6:15PM 0 BlueGene - Compile R for BGL?
5:58PM 3 fitting mixed models to censored data?
4:47PM 0 test deviation from a binomial distribution - lack of 50:50
4:36PM 2 residuals and predict
4:09PM 0 .RData saved on exit, but not .Rhistory?
3:47PM 2 Documentation for namespaces
3:35PM 2 summary and min max
3:28PM 1 Dominance in qtl model
3:20PM 0 New version of actuar
3:08PM 0 WG: data frame
2:56PM 1 Bug in R 2.4.1 ?
2:43PM 0 chi square problem
2:11PM 1 Package installed, functional but not available
2:02PM 4 data frame
1:22PM 0 Open source community help-desks
12:59PM 2 stringsAsFactor global option (was "character coerced to a factor")
12:16PM 1 help on xyplot and curves
11:41AM 5 Changing working directory
11:30AM 1 automating merging operations from multiple dataframes
10:59AM 0 a function with output from lmer
10:51AM 3 aggregate function
10:46AM 0 about R squared value
10:03AM 0 For Help in libm_c32.so for fortran
9:41AM 3 Help about princomp
9:31AM 1 how to convert the lower triangle of a matrix to a symmetricmatrix
9:26AM 1 colored shading lines
8:14AM 1 data recoding problem
8:04AM 0 R: extract from a data frame
7:55AM 0 regarding redirecting output of GARCH to a file
7:55AM 1 extract from a data frame
7:49AM 0 Does any package do stepwise using p-value criterian?
5:53AM 1 Extracing "Interval of Time" in seconds in R
4:21AM 4 Estimates at each iteration of optim()?
3:59AM 2 Problem with dgamma ?
3:18AM 1 Help on manipulating a data frame
12:10AM 6 Random Forest
Sunday April 22 2007
9:46PM 1 names( d$columnname )
8:16PM 0 Intro and a Question
6:23PM 0 Descision boundary in MASS LDA
6:05PM 1 How to add e.g. lines to a zoo plot?
5:48PM 1 labels
3:36PM 0 rmultinom
2:19PM 2 distance method in kmeans
12:36PM 0 LaTeX, Sweave, Lattice and Computer Modern fonts
11:07AM 2 about R square value
11:05AM 0 about R square
8:25AM 1 exemple pour l'AFD
8:06AM 2 extracting the mode of a vector
Saturday April 21 2007
8:31PM 1 Fitting multinomial response in structural equation
7:03PM 3 queries
3:08PM 1 Changing appearance of band edges in xYplot()
2:00PM 0 distance-distance plot and multivariate outliers
11:39AM 1 robust correlation
1:40AM 3 Using R to create pdf's from each file in a directory
12:30AM 0 possible bug in xYplot and smean.cl.normal
Friday April 20 2007
10:52PM 2 R: Appending the files
10:10PM 1 simply this loop?
9:09PM 3 Opinion on R plots: connecting X and Y
8:43PM 1 nlme trouble
8:08PM 1 faster image display?
7:57PM 1 Estimating a Normal Mixture Distribution
7:00PM 1 Approaches of Frailty estimation: coxme vs coxph(...frailty(id, dist='gauss'))
5:20PM 2 Using power.t.test over a range of conditions
4:55PM 0 Empirical Likelihood
4:47PM 2 limmaGUI
4:33PM 0 useR! 2007 online registration is now available
4:29PM 2 Fastest way to repeatedly subset a data frame?
3:44PM 1 Hiding "Warning messages" in coxme output
3:35PM 2 Udpate R under a proxy
3:09PM 2 Partitioning around mediods (PAM)
2:48PM 0 Fwd: Re: Character coerced to factor and I cannot get it back
2:25PM 2 cat() to STDERR
2:18PM 0 modified test of phillips-perron
1:36PM 4 importing sas datasets
1:34PM 8 Suggestions for statistical computing course
1:26PM 2 Help on averaging sets of rows defined by row name
12:38PM 0 automatic call generation for aov()
12:10PM 1 Error: cannot change value of locked binding for
11:30AM 3 How to return more than one variable from function
11:17AM 4 Change the mode of a list
10:57AM 1 xyplot: Combining 'subscripts' and 'allow.multiple=T'
10:37AM 1 regarding 3d Bar Plot
10:00AM 2 sorting data in R
9:55AM 3 Hi
9:43AM 0 help for dynlm command
8:23AM 3 sequences extraction
8:08AM 1 lancer R en batch
7:17AM 0 Anderson-Darling for Gamma Distribution, and Extreme Value Distribution
5:55AM 0 glm problem
4:56AM 1 Error en R
4:31AM 1 sequential for loop
1:27AM 3 how to convert the lower triangle of a matrix to a symmetric matrix
1:21AM 0 rv package
1:03AM 1 A particular shuffling on a vector
12:27AM 2 R in cron job: X problems
12:27AM 0 Loading Dynamic Libraries on OS X
Thursday April 19 2007
11:32PM 2 Filtering
10:15PM 0 Package loading shows missing libraries in Mac OS X
8:06PM 0 k-means and PAM
8:04PM 3 Problem installing packages
7:51PM 0 Fwd: RE: Character coerced to factor and I cannot get it back
5:40PM 1 rJava help
5:13PM 0 box priece Q statistic
3:58PM 0 R help- getting same results with different data
3:39PM 2 rbind() of factors in data.frame
3:39PM 1 Character coerced to factor and I cannot get it back
3:28PM 0 How does max.lag work?
3:05PM 0 MNP,multinomial probit model
2:51PM 1 Histogram with uneven bins
2:47PM 1 Error with strptime
2:43PM 2 macro sous R
2:30PM 1 read.table with more than one sep
2:03PM 1 Innstalling packages in Vista
1:54PM 0 Cohen's d on Adjusted Means (UNCLASSIFIED)
1:29PM 4 hello
1:19PM 2 Using "mean" if two values are identical
12:23PM 1 Random number generator in R compared
12:00PM 4 convergence
11:48AM 1 is there a function to give significance to correlation?
11:33AM 4 general question about plotting multiple regression results
11:29AM 3 plotting command trouble
10:38AM 2 inconsistent output using 'round'
10:31AM 2 element search
9:46AM 2 Accessing R applications from Web
9:32AM 4 matrix building with two variables
8:41AM 2 print command
6:49AM 3 A structured output from for(i...)?
6:03AM 1 "tree-ID" in any segmentation package available?
1:02AM 2 erratic behavior of match()?
Wednesday April 18 2007
10:38PM 3 Problems in programming a simple likelihood
10:24PM 1 Conditional power, predictive power
9:49PM 2 Computing an ordering on subsets of a data frame
9:31PM 2 How do I print a string without the initial [1]?
8:49PM 2 Error loading libraries in MAC
8:02PM 1 Gentleman and Ihaka , 2000 paper question
7:20PM 1 Memory increase in R
7:07PM 0 Thick stripes in the barplot() function
6:57PM 3 Matrix or grid conversion of spatial data
5:21PM 0 Error in geweke.diag function of coda package
4:26PM 0 Specifying ANCOVA models in R
4:03PM 5 Problem with ?curve
3:57PM 0 Get the: "standard deviation" and "mean value" of 3D-measurments
3:39PM 0 ESS function highlighting
2:42PM 3 division of decimal number
2:10PM 10 importing excel-file
1:42PM 1 R-2.4.1 for MacOS X - languageR, acepack, Hmisc
1:26PM 1 Changing axis lable text size in plots?
12:46PM 4 Two sample t.test, order of comparions
9:35AM 0 Help me about MADE4
6:56AM 3 regular expression help
5:32AM 1 R-OSX error: 'memory not mapped'
12:03AM 2 Data Manipulation using R
Tuesday April 17 2007
8:22PM 1 Runing R in a bash script
6:47PM 3 Is this a bug?
6:46PM 1 proxy settings
5:53PM 0 ICA for less common data
5:39PM 0 about contrasts
5:36PM 2 how to estimate dose from respond given drc package result
5:21PM 1 Greatest common divisor of two numbers
3:26PM 2 GREP - Choosing values between two borders
2:59PM 0 my.symbols and zoomplot functions now available in TeachingDemos package
2:38PM 1 value of complexity parameter in ridge regression
2:26PM 4 A problem about all possible sequences
1:58PM 1 PROC DISCRIM vs. lda( ) in MASS
12:28PM 0 Inverse of one function
12:10PM 0 sample size 2-sample proportion test
11:42AM 1 extracting intercept from ppr fit
11:32AM 1 Tcltk
10:44AM 1 About PLR
9:19AM 2 Use of argument '...'
8:52AM 2 help comparing two median with R
8:13AM 2 background color
7:18AM 3 Extracting approximate Wald test (Chisq) from coxph(..frailty)
5:34AM 1 Please help.... i know its trivial
12:19AM 2 creating a function
Monday April 16 2007
11:57PM 2 Plotting data with a fitted curve
10:28PM 1 installing R on Ubuntu
9:52PM 0 Online Course: Graphics in R
9:20PM 2 Histograms of lots of variables
9:14PM 1 My First Function: cryptic error message
8:37PM 1 Modelling Heteroscedastic Multilevel Models
8:30PM 1 Export multiple data files from R
8:22PM 2 Dealing with data frame column names beginning with a numeric
7:32PM 0 Update of X2R sent to CRAN, 16 Apr 2007
6:41PM 1 colSum() in Matrix objects
6:20PM 1 Names in vector occurring in another vector
4:24PM 0 Impute missing values within a time-series
3:14PM 1 Greek symbols in xtable rows
3:10PM 3 RODBC connections w/o specific database
2:03PM 3 session log
1:37PM 0 Multiple comparisons: was Re: langage R
1:08PM 1 flexmix glm warning
1:02PM 1 Dataimport with readLines using skip= and nlines= ?
12:52PM 2 Matrix manipulation
10:31AM 0 Recall a Fortran Function
10:30AM 1 Find zeros of analytic functions
10:05AM 1 Difficulties Using glht.mmc to Calculate Tukey Intervals for Means
9:52AM 1 2 samples KS-test...
8:16AM 1 langage R
6:54AM 2 Question for install Rapache package.
5:42AM 0 priceIts and yahoo
5:37AM 1 newbie rgl (3d interacting plotting) question
5:37AM 2 Simplify simple code
5:07AM 2 indexing a subset dataframe
3:29AM 0 Marginal Effects from GLM
3:23AM 0 Reasons to Use R (no memory limitations :-))
2:23AM 1 adjusting a power model in R
1:13AM 1 Does the smooth terms in GAM have a functional form?
Sunday April 15 2007
10:36PM 1 Use estimated non-parametric model for sensitivity analysis
10:23PM 0 correlation between multiple adjacency matrix graphs
9:37PM 1 unable to find inherited method for function "edges", for signature "ugsh", "missing"
8:24PM 1 mac ghostscript help
7:18PM 1 nls.control( ) has no influence on nls( ) !
7:16PM 0 Export multiple data files as gpr-files
6:05PM 1 Expression for pedices
2:36PM 2 software comparison
2:30PM 0 Scott&Knot test
10:09AM 0 collaboration
8:28AM 1 Fit sem model with intercept
7:37AM 0 How to lower the 'miniFactor' when using nls( ) function?
12:38AM 4 Hotelling T-Squared vs Two-Factor Anova
Saturday April 14 2007
10:48PM 0 factorial modeling of correlation matrices
6:47PM 0 rimage and fftw header problem
5:57AM 1 Windows Vista issues
2:03AM 1 How to find a uniroot of a deriv function
Friday April 13 2007
10:03PM 0 Problem with predict in systemfit
10:02PM 1 MySQL query and character set
9:43PM 1 Scatterplot with row.names
7:48PM 3 labels cut partially on hist
6:21PM 0 Subject: useR! 2007 --- programming competition
5:48PM 0 bquote in plot.default vs plot.formula ?
5:45PM 0 How consistent is predict() syntax?
5:45PM 3 apply problem
4:41PM 2 Difficulty with formatting scatter.smooth output
4:14PM 2 replicates in repeated ANOVA
4:14PM 0 I put your link, r-project.org, on my site under Lead Generation > Mailing Lists
2:11PM 2 graphics - wireframe
1:22PM 0 Problem saving xYplot graph to file
1:18PM 2 installing new packages
12:51PM 2 graphics question: tilted axis labels?
12:49PM 1 Embedding Fonts in eps Files - Required by Publisher
12:19PM 1 if/else construct
11:07AM 2 Two basic data manipulation questions (counting and aggregating)
9:56AM 1 Simulated annealing using optim()
9:54AM 1 normality test for large sample sizes
9:26AM 1 stacked histograms
6:39AM 2 Fractals with R
5:27AM 1 Nonparametric Effect size indices
3:28AM 4 Getting and using a function
1:25AM 1 trouble getting b&w plots using trellis graphics
1:06AM 0 NYC Area R / S / S-Plus Users Group Forming, Thursday, April 26th
Thursday April 12 2007
11:38PM 2 R Source Code
10:28PM 1 class and method
10:04PM 2 problems in loading MASS
9:58PM 1 GLM with random effects
9:23PM 3 Random Sequence
8:50PM 0 LME: internal workings of QR factorization --repost
8:44PM 1 LME: internal workings of QR factorization
8:37PM 1 Question on ridge regression with R
8:30PM 1 making a counter of consecitive positive cases in time series
6:41PM 3 Putting 2 breaks on Y axis
6:38PM 2 Construct time series objects from raw data stored in csv files
4:12PM 2 Subsetting list of vectors with list of (boolean) vectors?
4:00PM 1 zoo merge() method
3:32PM 2 How to manipulate the pointer of a file?
2:08PM 3 Method dispatch for print() in package its
1:59PM 1 pattern
12:47PM 2 data file import - numbers and letters in a matrix(!)
11:39AM 2 using install.packages via proxy
11:15AM 0 reporting multinomial logistic regression results
9:02AM 0 LME: incompatible formulas for groups
8:55AM 2 Tweaking my plot of matrix as image
8:36AM 1 Assignment from list
8:16AM 0 FFT output and phase
8:00AM 1 taskPR
2:20AM 1 Regression on two time series
Wednesday April 11 2007
11:02PM 1 Calling LAPACK functions directly from R
9:35PM 1 help with lmer,
9:19PM 5 how to reverse a list
8:45PM 2 Looping through series of names
7:01PM 1 User defined grid on map
6:41PM 2 sem is not "taking" the model
5:00PM 0 Questions about statistics: ARIMA modeling seasonal MA term close to -1
4:52PM 1 creating a path diagram in sem
4:38PM 0 Error with corCompSymm and lme fit for repeated measures
4:13PM 0 Significance p.values for partial.cor
3:59PM 3 Help with pexp( )
2:55PM 2 persp Error. x,y,z with the same length
2:15PM 0 Reshape and column order
1:49PM 1 MAFA and DFA for short time series
1:39PM 8 graphs superimposed on pictures?
1:30PM 1 Why warnings using lmer-model with family=binomial
1:05PM 1 Programming Problem (for loop, random # control, 3 dimentional graph)
11:59AM 1 Boxplot with quartiles generated from different algorithms
10:34AM 2 negative variances
10:33AM 0 p-values and significance
9:55AM 1 Random Forest Imputations
3:18AM 2 crosstabs in R?
2:48AM 1 Function knn.dist from knnflex library
1:38AM 0 Barplot legend position
1:19AM 2 problems understanding sapply
12:33AM 0 p-value and significance code
Tuesday April 10 2007
11:39PM 1 Using Sampling Weights in R
10:21PM 2 Positioning in xyplot
10:16PM 1 Memory management
10:02PM 3 sas.get problem
8:47PM 1 Computing fundamental harmonics from a periodogram
7:51PM 2 Kmeans cluster analysis
6:27PM 0 Clustered vectors
2:58PM 0 How to do spatial-temporal regression
2:47PM 0 Estimate new values from GLM (familiy=Gamma)
2:32PM 1 nlm() and optim()
1:27PM 2 Computational speed question
12:27PM 0 Alerte de l'antivirus de l'IPC: file85.eml\raglans.png Malformed attachment blocked
12:22PM 0 WG: Matlab import
11:46AM 2 Matlab import
10:20AM 0 Multiple output from cor.test
9:49AM 0 Question regarding the mvtnorm R package
7:48AM 3 &500 and above ignored
6:11AM 1 median polishing
5:28AM 1 Problem with saving R plot in Emacs
5:25AM 1 When to use quasipoisson instead of poisson family
4:09AM 1 Testing invertibility of an AR model
2:34AM 1 Plot symbols dimension
Monday April 9 2007
11:18PM 1 testing differences between slope differences with lme
10:14PM 1 tapply
9:28PM 3 sem vs. LISREL: sem fails
8:10PM 3 plot log scale, axis original scale
7:16PM 0 hypothesis testing
7:04PM 1 ISwR library
5:36PM 0 R Python Matlab
4:58PM 0 Power for Linear Wald Test
4:45PM 3 do.call vs. lapply for lists
4:29PM 1 data in serial port... how to read
1:25PM 1 Could not fit correct values in discriminant analysis by bruto.
12:30PM 1 Problem installing gnomeGUI in Ubuntu: "HAVE_ORBIT" was never defined
12:25PM 1 Modified Sims test
9:02AM 1 How to solve differential and integral equation using R?
3:07AM 1 Dealing with large nominal predictor in sem package
2:59AM 1 R:Maximum likelihood estimation using BHHH and BFGS
2:55AM 1 Repeated Measures design using lme
Sunday April 8 2007
10:29PM 2 Plot symbols dimensions
9:01PM 1 How do I back transforme ordinary log-krigged prdiction values?
8:44PM 0 [Fwd: Re: regular expression]
5:59PM 0 Failure of mcsamp() but not mcmcsamp()
5:19PM 1 Confidence-Intervals.... help...
12:35PM 1 data encapsulation with classes
7:47AM 0 Simulation of the Frailty of the Cox PH model
4:57AM 1 Relative GCV - poisson and negbin GAMs (mgcv)
12:14AM 0 locate nearest value in lookup table
Saturday April 7 2007
8:16PM 0 Coxph: solution for violation of proportional hazards assumption.
6:37PM 1 glm() problem
5:44PM 0 Optimum # of Clusters using Kmeans
2:56PM 2 Rserve and R to R communication
2:11PM 3 string edit distance
2:08AM 0 Repeated-measures: aov(), lme() and lmer()
1:32AM 2 Setting where the x-axis crosses the y-axis
Friday April 6 2007
7:12PM 2 regular expression
2:47PM 0 Likelihood returning inf values to optim(L-BFGS-B) other
1:56PM 1 dbinom and Catherine Loader
11:39AM 4 Computing the rank of a matrix.
11:32AM 5 Labelling boxplot with fivenumber summary
10:39AM 2 plotting multilevel / lme lines
10:31AM 2 How to set the scale of axis?
9:29AM 1 how to exclude some packages from help.search() ?
8:44AM 2 Reading a csv file row by row
8:41AM 1 Reading a large csv file row by row
5:49AM 0 translating sas proc mixed to lme()
12:34AM 2 lm() intercept at the end, rather than at the beginning
Thursday April 5 2007
10:47PM 1 Logistic/Cox regression: Parameter estimates directly from model matrix
9:35PM 1 binom.test() query
9:02PM 1 MANOVA with repeated measurements
6:57PM 2 creating a data frame from a list
6:03PM 1 Indexing in anova summary output of the form: summary(aov(y ~ x1, Error = (x1/x2)))
3:28PM 2 about systemfit
3:12PM 0 omega squared calculation
3:02PM 17 Reasons to Use R
2:22PM 1 Running MCMCpack
2:04PM 0 Densitymap
1:50PM 1 Plotting multiple curves with lattice graphs
1:46PM 1 Extent of time zone vulerability for POSIX date and time classes
1:40PM 0 ISO Sims test
1:34PM 0 permutations of a binary matrix with fixed margins
1:24PM 8 package for Matlab
1:05PM 3 Transform distance constraints into a 2D-map
1:00PM 1 p value for coefficients in multinomial model
12:17PM 0 20% off selected R and S-plus books from Cambridge University Press
12:15PM 0 R Graphics training course - Basel - 21.22.23 may 2007
11:57AM 1 read.spss (package foreign) and SPSS 15.0 files
11:55AM 1 R 'could not find any X11 fonts'
11:15AM 2 clear console
11:07AM 0 glmmPQL and wald test or score test
10:50AM 4 reading of a matrix
10:39AM 0 coxme residuals
10:11AM 2 Likelihood returning inf values to optim(L-BFGS-B) other options?
10:09AM 0 Cluster in large dataset with nominal variables.
9:09AM 1 Generate a serie of new vars that correlate with existingvar
6:58AM 1 Multithreading
6:55AM 1 problem for use R
6:10AM 1 Deming regression
5:44AM 0 TM convert Newsgroup to plain text
3:58AM 2 Question about R
3:40AM 1 changing existing graphs optimally
3:15AM 0 Package for common rater agreement statistics?
1:44AM 1 Problem installing rgdal on Mac OS X
12:21AM 1 Moving plot labels
Wednesday April 4 2007
10:53PM 5 how to image.plot a XY grid file into a lat-lon map
10:33PM 0 transfer function models
10:10PM 2 unexpected behavior when creating a list of functions
7:23PM 1 rcmdr help
7:12PM 1 compile errors with rgl-0.70.570 on FreeBSD
5:54PM 0 R and bash script problem
5:17PM 1 rgl.postscript generating pdf: floating xlab, font size, transparency
5:00PM 2 Finding a single unique item in duplicated vectors
4:17PM 1 Cannot install iWidgetsRGtk
4:07PM 1 gpclib library
3:13PM 3 argmax
2:49PM 2 pattern search
2:40PM 3 Power analysis and mixed model
2:39PM 1 Problems loading package GeoXp
2:11PM 2 selection of character
1:45PM 0 GAM/GLM parameters
12:00PM 0 to findout maximized log likelihoods by using rlarg.fit (for several r order statistics)
11:36AM 1 (sans objet)
11:19AM 2 Annotate a levelplot (using abline) - Difficulty with trellis.
9:04AM 0 Silhouette width using K-means
8:58AM 1 Need mtrace (malloc debugging) help
8:42AM 1 Problem with R library
6:34AM 6 transition matrices
5:06AM 1 time zone problems
4:19AM 3 gnomeGUI under KDE
3:55AM 2 Newbie: Simple loops: complex troubles
1:36AM 1 REPLACE and REMOVE fns
1:30AM 0 Optimization and simulation
Tuesday April 3 2007
9:08PM 0 problems with residuals of an arima model
6:28PM 2 confine a dataframe with a polygon
4:39PM 1 treenet
3:15PM 1 which points within an ellipsoid? Sorting data in 3d
1:24PM 2 Strange labels on plot with dates
1:20PM 0 two-way anova nested fix effects issues
10:49AM 2 the numimum number of fixed factors lme package can deal with
10:08AM 2 Coding for contrasts in unbalanced designs
9:28AM 5 converting a list to a data.frame
8:36AM 3 Testing additive nonparametric model
8:33AM 3 Referencing function name from within function
2:26AM 1 bivariate interpolation
2:15AM 0 help: protein class prediction in bioinformatics
2:07AM 1 Calculating DIC from MCMC output
12:29AM 1 lmer, CHOLMOD warning: matrix not positive definite
12:26AM 2 HPDinterval problem
Monday April 2 2007
10:07PM 1 controling omitted category in factor()
9:37PM 0 approx with ties = 'ordered'
9:28PM 0 Glm and random effects
5:43PM 0 Object problems with Generic and rematchDefinition
4:59PM 0 interaction plots and confidence levels
4:58PM 2 How to choose the df when using GAM function?
4:26PM 0 Arrange Data
2:31PM 3 Random number from density()
2:19PM 0 nested logit model with random effects: variance components
2:02PM 0 absent
1:11PM 2 Why does lmList() fail when lm() doesn't?
12:58PM 3 Device drivers - png()/jpeg()
12:55PM 2 Device drivers - pdf()
12:31PM 2 Multivariate GARCH model in R
11:31AM 3 substitute values
9:54AM 0 wrap lines in xtable
9:49AM 1 partial R
9:41AM 1 RODBC, sqlQuery with NA:s
8:32AM 2 Compiling C codes in Windows
7:17AM 1 ?Bug: '&&' and '&' give different results?
4:01AM 0 Problem with Cygwin
3:13AM 0 Plots from lda and predict.lda
2:27AM 1 Res: Create a new var reflecting the order of subjects in existing var
2:00AM 3 Create a new var reflecting the order of subjects in existing var
1:47AM 2 Generate a serie of new vars that correlate with existing var
12:11AM 2 (Newbie)Basic Basic global vs. local variables
12:02AM 0 Compile C codes for R use.
Sunday April 1 2007
11:22PM 2 Reading user input
10:49PM 1 Keep R packages in the R installation
7:02PM 0 optimize calculations
5:49PM 1 line endings in lattice plots: square vs. round
4:46PM 0 iplot: display additional information upon mouse over
4:20PM 4 Abundance data ordination in R
12:06PM 0 bug in plotrix 2.2
8:55AM 1 [newbie] mesuring adequation of normal distribution with a variable
7:34AM 0 odium edinburgh
6:04AM 1 Genetic programming with R?
5:54AM 3 Doing partial-f test for stepwise regression
1:51AM 2 commandArgs usage and --args invokation