Xen users - Jun 2008

Monday June 30 2008
11:07PM 5 Console Resolution
4:15PM 0 Can a domU ''discover'' its dom0 / VM id / etc?
2:44PM 0 maximum lun size of a disk in a domU
2:16PM 18 Unable to remove GPLPV drivers without breaking win2k3 domU
1:54PM 0 DomT
1:26PM 0 can you install win2k3 from iso?
1:05PM 0 Xen intermittently fails to release HVM domU VBDs, preventing Heartbeat node fail-over
11:44AM 1 xm destroy does not delete all references
9:46AM 9 Problem iscsi on domU
Sunday June 29 2008
4:54PM 0 How can I get an xserver starting on a xen 3.2.1 guest domain?
4:42PM 3 attaching floppy to images to domu
4:22PM 0 vista does not boot after installation
8:49AM 7 PCI passthrough partial success
Saturday June 28 2008
10:49PM 1 Is there anybody trying Xen VT-d on X48 chipset?
10:39PM 4 Xen Questions
11:35AM 0 Dom0 crashes after some time
8:56AM 0 Re: re load nic modules after boot
1:32AM 0 root filesystem on a ramdisk
Friday June 27 2008
11:46PM 1 Issue installing OS from ISO
10:10PM 8 Floating Point Exception
9:35PM 1 Xen + NAT + dhcp (static assignment using MAC)
8:34PM 0 How to remove Release 0.8.8 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows?
3:45PM 6 xen problem
2:59PM 0 xm create giving me default NIS domain
11:30AM 8 Boot from OCFS2
8:24AM 3 Network Bridge Fails After 3.1.3 -> 3.2.1 Upgrade
7:56AM 1 networking w/ different bridges
6:38AM 12 Startup-Hook Script ?
4:54AM 0 Modifying DomU configuration to point to your disks
1:11AM 3 Redirecting DomU console into a file?
Thursday June 26 2008
7:46PM 1 dom0 / Xen
1:42PM 8 xenbr0 disappeared
11:53AM 2 Wireless Access on Laptop for Xen Guests
Wednesday June 25 2008
10:46PM 0 dom0 failing to boot on Intel Xeon.
10:40PM 2 Domain 0 allocation is too small for kernel image
8:41PM 4 Network nightmare. Is NAT better than bridge for DomU to DomU?
9:42AM 0 domUs doesn''t boot after upgrade to xen 3.2
7:50AM 1 reload nic modules after boot
1:15AM 0 Dom-U crashes
1:04AM 1 a bug of xen?
Tuesday June 24 2008
8:24PM 4 hvm linux and vt-d problems
8:24PM 0 VMs no longer work after updating SLES10 GA to SP1
4:31PM 0 HVM domU disk i/o slow after resume
4:10PM 7 CentOS 5.2
3:41PM 2 Monitor/Restrict network traffic of XEN Client
3:09PM 0 Can''t install Win2k3 AND win2k3 multi processor problems
2:45PM 3 GPLPV Drivers and Windows 2008 with Active Directory
1:26PM 4 Cant get console with compiled paravirt_ops kernel
1:03PM 1 Xen / NUMA problems
12:13PM 0 FW: Bonding & xenbr0
12:10PM 0 how to debug slow HDD performance in Windows 2003 domU ?
12:10PM 1 Xen Stub Device Driver - Virtual Keyboard
11:46AM 3 vncdisplay= and hvm save/restore
10:58AM 4 Bonding & xenbr0
9:13AM 11 what''s correct way of shrinking LVM based domU?
9:03AM 2 Soft lockup with kernel 2.6.24
8:35AM 6 xm console does not return a console
Monday June 23 2008
11:55PM 1 Hotplug scripts not working.
8:24PM 1 does dom0 baloon memory?
7:26PM 2 Compile domU kernel
6:44PM 0 content size dependence on Dom0 CPU utilization ?
4:35PM 0 XEN and 32 bits color
3:34PM 0 Any way to specify hw_caps when starting a domain?
3:24PM 0 FW: Re: Xen - Guest memory allocation
1:06PM 0 Kernel panic while starting my guest domain
12:14PM 0 Error while booting a PV guest from an Image file
10:46AM 37 RE: Problems with GPLPV 0.9.10 on XP Pro, STOP 0x0000007B
7:50AM 0 how do I get the serial port ttyS0 to work as normal?
6:44AM 0 Reg: Throughput b/w domU & dom0
12:20AM 3 FW: Re: Xen - Guest memory allocation
Sunday June 22 2008
4:25PM 0 Re commended Hard Drive Partitioning Scheme for Debian Etch Dom0 Xen LVM Setup
2:50PM 17 about module nVidia GeForce 8400 G in Xen
2:04PM 43 Installing a Debian Etch DomU using debootstrap
12:36PM 1 build initrd for paravirt_ops kernel in official kernel tree
10:44AM 6 Pre-release of GPLPV drivers for Windows
Saturday June 21 2008
11:47PM 1 can''t a PV domU be installed from an ISO file?
4:43PM 0 Xen bridge and NIC via PCI Pass through
6:02AM 2 Help needed in installing xen on ubuntu
12:07AM 5 Poor network performance on Dom0 [2.6.18-6-xen-amd64]
Friday June 20 2008
11:15PM 0 can''t get second NIC working on domU, what am I missing?
10:41PM 2 is it a good idea to share an IP with dom0 & domU?
3:27PM 6 lost network connectivity after update to 3.0.3
2:32PM 0 Assign IP and CONFIG_IP_PNP problem
1:05PM 2 PV DomU kernel 2.4(.34) for IPCop
12:36PM 6 xen-3.2.0 problems with time (and space)
11:43AM 4 Multiple NIC and ports in XEN source and XEN enterprise
11:39AM 1 Xen with Multiple NIC as a logical router
9:04AM 2 HWM Windows: /PAE conflicting with /GPLPV.
7:35AM 1 ConVirt 0.9 released
7:04AM 5 Solaris N90 on RedHat RHEL5
5:57AM 2 pci passthrough on RHEL 4.5
4:04AM 0 RE: Recover disk space after deletion files in CitrixXenserver
Thursday June 19 2008
9:12PM 1 XEN dom0 over NFS
5:40PM 4 anyway to update a vm?
4:51PM 1 How should I configure my virtual network?
3:47PM 0 Windows GPLPV (0.9.9) & BSOD
1:36PM 0 Apache won''t start in my domU
9:59AM 0 New Technology Preview (TP2) of the OpenNEbula (ONE) Virtual Infrastructure Engine
8:25AM 1 how do I add more partitions for a XEN domU VM?
8:24AM 0 gplpv cert
7:56AM 0 xm list doesn''t work
7:24AM 0 Windows DomU VT-d SMP Issues
7:15AM 3 VmError: Disk image does not exist
7:15AM 2 kernel panic while creating a domU
7:11AM 2 Bump > Error in network-route script
7:08AM 7 Importing Windows XP installation
6:25AM 0 auto installation in HVM.
3:22AM 5 Xen Migration Failure
Wednesday June 18 2008
6:16PM 0 SR Creation
4:12PM 0 DomU occasional Boot hang
3:50PM 0 CentOS/Fedora/RHEL as domU and Debian for dom0
2:43PM 3 Xen and Windows Server 2003
8:38AM 0 xen hvm and apic / acpi
7:40AM 3 vm create test ="losetup /dev/loop0 /data/xen/domains/test/disk.img failed"
12:03AM 1 Install Ubuntu Feisty DomU on Ubuntu Hardy Dom0
Tuesday June 17 2008
9:59PM 5 Host/guest clipboard?
4:04PM 0 Can''t install MS SQL server components
2:11PM 5 Xenbr0 doesn''t talk to outside
11:46AM 4 Do any body have experience in creating a paravirtualized guest with xm command?
11:28AM 1 Recover disk space after deletion files in Citrix Xenserver
10:43AM 16 Release 0.9.10 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
9:20AM 6 xen guest to use other linux kernel
3:24AM 4 Install Xen on non-op based PC
2:07AM 7 simple question - amd64 dom0, and PVM i486 domU ?
1:23AM 4 Re: unable to access Linux HVM via xm console - Couldnot read tty from store: No such file or directory
1:07AM 9 *BSD dom0
Monday June 16 2008
9:56PM 2 unable to access Linux HVM via xm console - Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
9:32PM 1 problems with csum
6:31PM 5 GPLPV / Passing devices to HVM
3:03PM 0 Insert fax report in the attached pdf
12:06PM 15 Re: Re lease 0.9.9 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
11:05AM 3 Error when make linux-2.6-xenU-build
9:46AM 1 How can i be able to determine if a host its overloaded?
8:52AM 0 Creating a para virtualized guest using ''xm''
5:35AM 5 Re: ssh between DomUs in Xen3.2
5:09AM 0 How do HVM guests get their initial time?
12:39AM 1 3.2.1 HVM network packets dropped
Sunday June 15 2008
4:13PM 1 OpenSolaris 200805 as pv domU
3:45PM 1 MD5 Expected error.
3:14PM 1 Pciback in Fedora 8 domU - Is it not working?
12:49PM 4 PV DomU VNC screen black and Xorg error
Saturday June 14 2008
11:27PM 11 SMP enabled Dom0 or not?
10:04PM 0 Problem trying to use vcpus > 1
6:37PM 14 Dom0 won''t come up, Fedora 9
1:18PM 27 Release 0.9.9 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
5:54AM 15 Why limit dom0''s memory?
Friday June 13 2008
10:55PM 1 RE: Cannot Install SLES9-SP4 Para DomU on SLES10-SP1 Dom0
7:37PM 0 RE: Cannot Install SLES9-SP4 Para DomU on SLES10-SP1 Dom0
5:32PM 0 (no subject)
1:08PM 11 Have 2 DomU share a same Logical Volume
11:54AM 4 Windows GPL PV Drivers 0.9.9-pre2
11:53AM 9 Xen shows single processor on a dual core system
3:20AM 1 unable to start 7th domU
2:19AM 1 PV domU using vnc
1:03AM 1 blktap limited to 100 devices?
12:55AM 11 Other virtualization technologies alongside xen?
Thursday June 12 2008
11:12PM 7 Building a FreeBSD domU from debian
9:32PM 2 Monitoring services inside DomUs
8:39PM 3 Detach specific partition LVM of XEN
7:08PM 0 max vms per box
5:21PM 1 Changing domU config parameters permanently (FC8)
5:07PM 3 Networking problem
12:46PM 4 Dom0 Device Driver Access
12:08PM 1 HVM guest support unavailable
10:36AM 8 Booting from CD to rescue a DomU
9:24AM 3 lvm+drbd+xen problem
5:23AM 1 odd behavior with network-bridge and ip aliases on domU:s
Wednesday June 11 2008
10:54PM 6 Ubuntu 7.x and 8x as Xen Guest OS
5:50PM 4 Cannot access to Apache on Xen VM
4:40PM 2 DomU with more than 3 virtual interfaces
3:58PM 8 which OS + which Xen version to get Linux X64 dom0 + Windows dumU working? -I''m desperate
3:29PM 1 performance differences between tap:aio and LVM?
3:24PM 1 run VM later to bad shutdown?
11:14AM 1 xen migrate never ends
10:23AM 1 Para virtualized guest on Xen
10:15AM 0 Editing domain config file generated by VMM
9:53AM 1 Virtualizating Windows on Xen
3:56AM 1 CentOS 5.1 Paravirtualized guest hangs during creation
2:39AM 3 how xen.gz uses framebuff?
2:32AM 3 RE: Missed interrupt. Increasing latency to 5 ms in orderto compensate.
1:22AM 0 hang in mup.sys
Tuesday June 10 2008
11:38PM 0 [Fwd: Re: GPLV Drivers 0.9.8 Windows Server 2k3r2 on Debian Etch 64-bit + Backports + Xen 3.2.1 Crashed on first boot.]
9:36PM 2 CentOS 5.1 x86_64 Xen 3.2 binaries available
9:03PM 5 Slow DomU and cpu not being fully used
7:58PM 6 GPLV Drivers 0.9.8 Windows Server 2k3r2 on Debian Etch 64-bit + Backports + Xen 3.2.1 Crashed on first boot.
6:38PM 3 domU machines auto-start after boot process
6:11PM 0 Missed interrupt. Increasing latency to 5 ms in order to compensate.
5:35PM 4 Block devices stuck in dead domain?
4:57PM 1 Command line license install
2:11PM 1 Reg:Error: VFS: Cannot open root device.
12:58PM 0 Re: Xen reporting wrong network card. WAS:Xen Networking at 100mb instead of 1000
12:08PM 1 Re: Xen reporting wrong network card. WAS:Xen Networking at 100mb instead of 1000
10:29AM 7 HVM guest support is unavailable!!
10:11AM 11 no output console
9:19AM 0 Control disc IO for a guest
8:49AM 1 Xen Networking at 100mb instead of 1000
7:38AM 5 Windows GPLPV 0.9.2 & "add new hardware" -> BSOD
6:39AM 3 Probs with kernel selfmade for ubuntu-DomU HVM (want more HDD performance, PV driver)
6:24AM 1 Bizarre Networking
2:35AM 2 Dom0 and Domu sharing a physical IRQ results in eventual crash
Monday June 9 2008
7:42PM 2 Xen HV 64bit?
6:31PM 2 Processor doesn''t support Full Virtualization
2:49PM 7 Xen 3.x : support for weighted device scheduling ?
11:28AM 1 Stability of Image Files
6:24AM 3 xm balloon - Command balloon is deprecated
Sunday June 8 2008
4:27PM 8 Windows GPLPV under OpenSolaris not working
3:30PM 8 dom0 freezing
2:31PM 4 qemu-img not compiled?
2:06PM 1 Unable to create fifth domU
1:28PM 16 Release 0.9.8 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
12:23AM 5 Installing 0.9.7 GPL PV Drivers in Windows Server 2008 x64
Saturday June 7 2008
11:31PM 3 Booting DomU gives XENBUS errors
6:04PM 56 Unable to create more than 1 VM
5:47PM 2 Ctrl + ] not possible on Mac using an azerty keyboard
5:21PM 2 Unable to shutdown a VM
1:37PM 1 eth0:0 alias in dom0
1:16PM 0 Fwd: Re: UNS: Re: Change Domu Settings
12:39PM 3 Fedora 8 and pciback not showing in guest
12:24PM 2 Release 0.9.7 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows
11:10AM 5 how to build linux-2.6.24 above kernels to be dom0 ?
3:01AM 1 Disapearing Network Device in FC8
1:43AM 2 Change Domu Settings
12:24AM 13 Windows Disk performance
Friday June 6 2008
8:30PM 0 xen network bridge with eth0:1 aliases, tmpbridge?
8:17PM 3 how xen recognizes fibre channel based storage resources
7:38PM 0 Problems with Xen and routing networking
6:00PM 19 Xen - Guest memory allocation
5:38PM 1 XEN + ISCSI Performance (Target - domU, Initiator - dom0)
2:33PM 32 Dedicate Nic''s to DomU''s
1:24PM 1 No network in domU
11:06AM 4 High IOWAIT
10:53AM 1 No Network, and where are the config files located?
9:24AM 1 Problems with Full Virtualization
8:50AM 1 DomUs randomly freezing
8:44AM 1 xen livecd. make my own?
7:18AM 4 problem with xen 3.2 in ubuntu 8.04
7:16AM 0 (no subject)
6:08AM 2 Xen 3.2.1 can''t use NFS-root for Dom0?
3:08AM 0 ioremap()
1:50AM 1 Xen-Installation
Thursday June 5 2008
10:01PM 3 Exporting the graphics card to a domU
9:52PM 1 Fwd: Re: Current state of Xen GPL Windows Drivers
9:51PM 0 Fwd: Re: GPL PV Drivers for Windows Release 0.9.6 on Xen 3.0.3?
9:51PM 0 Fwd: Re: VNC console access in paravirtualized domUs
9:30PM 0 Ready to go Live : Changing IP''s
6:48PM 0 Converting existing Fedora 7 to xen guest
6:37PM 14 Rebooting Windows guests when running xm reboot
6:34PM 0 xentop VBD and N/w stats
6:31PM 0 tap:vmdk
5:11PM 12 3.2 changes network layout?
4:34PM 1 Current state of Xen GPL Windows Drivers
3:30PM 0 Xen VMs with NAT
3:07PM 1 GPL PV Drivers for Windows Release 0.9.6 on Xen 3.0.3?
3:01PM 0 Xen Summit Boston Agenda and Topic Profiles Published
2:37PM 2 Network Issue
2:17PM 1 Sound card support?
1:25PM 1 Windows 2008 x64
1:23PM 0 (no subject)
8:38AM 18 VNC console access in paravirtualized domUs
5:47AM 2 how do safely increase running VM size?
5:05AM 6 Xen src installation on Intel DQ35JO
4:53AM 0 How do compile xen domU for one particular kernel version?
Wednesday June 4 2008
10:54PM 8 Shared File System
6:55PM 8 VLAN help
5:26PM 0 Xen - use memory behing PCI brifge for DomUs
2:17PM 0 fault of virt-install
9:00AM 5 Bad experience in mounting a domU disk
8:03AM 2 Can someone give me a hand with more info about cfg file disk parameter?
7:55AM 1 Tool/procedure to test xen hypervisor
5:58AM 1 Dedicating a physical CPU core to a domainU guest
3:52AM 3 SBS 2008 install finds no disks
1:05AM 3 UUID info and VIF info
Tuesday June 3 2008
8:39PM 2 Xen DomU memory allocation [regd]
8:15PM 4 Windows XP Pro SP1 installs, but no GUI/Display after a reboot
7:45PM 6 development machine with xen on gentoo
7:01PM 0 Re: How to set up ''vmxassist=n'' when doing Xen 3.2 build on CentOS 5.1 ?
2:40PM 0 domU kernel compilation issues
2:08PM 8 Xen included in vanilla kernel tree?
12:27PM 2 xm problem while creating a domain
11:44AM 3 VM configuration file when created with VMM or Virt-install
10:38AM 1 OpenSuse10.3/ DomU intermittent hang (irqbalance?)
9:27AM 2 Network and processing performances
7:30AM 1 performance discrepancy between guest on partition and guest on file image
4:58AM 0 disk performance (memory problem??)
Monday June 2 2008
11:14PM 8 xen 3.2.1 + intel quad core + 8gigs of ram + linux
6:19PM 1 Trying to create a domU under a ''fresh'' install of RHEL5 / virt-manager..
5:29PM 0 libvirtError: virDomainCreate() failed POST operation failed: (xend.err ''Device 0 (vkbd) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.'')
4:24PM 0 Ideal network setup with ethernet bridges
3:50PM 0 New Xen Mailing List (xen-research)
3:33PM 0 xend.err "Error creating domain: Domain ''name'' already exists with ID ''1''"
2:52PM 0 xm balloon dont work
2:29PM 0 Xen 3.1 identify DomUs - Networkinterface
10:06AM 0 CentOS : Can''t access to QEMU monitor from Xen HVM domainU
7:47AM 1 Re: Virt-install ( from F8 repos) at Xen 3.2.1 F8 Dom0 (64-bit)
Sunday June 1 2008
9:17PM 10 xm shutdown of HVM DomU kills it instantly
7:52PM 0 Xen hangs on boot with blinking cursor after Grub menu
6:32PM 2 OS decision for dom0
4:59PM 5 Virtual Inteface Assigment
1:22PM 65 Release 0.9.5 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows