Xen users - Jul 2008

Thursday July 31 2008
9:52PM 4 Debian domU interface naming strangeness
9:30PM 6 drbd 8 primary/primary and xen migration on RHEL 5
9:23PM 3 xen newbie, but not stupid
7:00PM 12 Xen Image File vs LVM
4:47PM 2 Problem with running win xp on HVM
2:41PM 1 VNC connection hangs
1:17PM 2 TAP:AIO much slower then file: ?!
1:12PM 1 Am I running NUMA?
10:11AM 2 3.1.x -> 3.2.1 and now Windows 2008 won''t install
8:25AM 0 Xen as a resource
6:44AM 0 "Best practice" guest storage setup - iSCSI Storage, few servers, mixed usage
5:20AM 2 xenbr0 and xen 3.2?
1:14AM 0 Partitioning setup error during CentOS 5.2 setup as guest
12:51AM 6 State of Xen in upstream Linux
Wednesday July 30 2008
9:00PM 0 Windows Server 2008 64bit more than one vcpu
8:35PM 1 RHEL5 & Xen 3.2.1; Not creating tap0 in dom0 for domU''s
7:40PM 14 xen without xenbr0
2:57AM 0 ConVirt 0.9.1 Released.
Tuesday July 29 2008
11:44PM 0 Windows HVM guest disk is not write-protected with ''r'' option
11:20PM 0 xenoprof bug ?
10:19PM 0 Strange XEN NAT problem
9:02PM 1 Dom0 on Debian Lenny on amd64?
3:58PM 0 Re: Networking with a subnet (new issue)
1:57PM 2 Attaching a bond to a bridge
1:15PM 0 XEN.org FIT Online Survey
9:19AM 0 XEN CPU scheduler (was: CPU load balancing)
6:37AM 0 Xenoprof error and missing Xen-syms events
1:23AM 3 Networking with a subnet
1:12AM 2 Move from tap:aio to phy device?
Monday July 28 2008
11:06PM 1 Problem on xm-console: serial8250: too much work for irq4
9:29PM 2 how to install XenU module?
5:15PM 4 RHEL 5.2 i386 image - Xen kernel doesn''t recognize the total amount of system memory
1:32PM 0 Xen Wiki Policy Update
12:29PM 1 XEN ignores vcpu setting
4:36AM 0 Redhat deps in xen 3.2.1
4:11AM 0 SHIFT+F10 behaving strangely after moving to 3.2 from 3.1
1:22AM 3 missing vmx cpuflag
Saturday July 26 2008
7:33PM 0 Device Driver Domain
1:45PM 5 Ctrl-Alt-Fn
11:44AM 0 VMDK broken? -> Cascade bugs (3.2.1)
9:36AM 1 How to use an existing image
3:40AM 1 NIC''s
Friday July 25 2008
10:52PM 4 Creating a Bootable Image file
9:34PM 2 Happy Sysadmin Day
9:28PM 5 VT-d "partial" success - passing DVB-S tuner to Windows DomU (based off previous thread of similar name!)
5:41PM 0 How to get console device for some vm
5:20PM 0 Rép. : changing memory for running VM
5:20PM 0 changing memory for running VM
4:35PM 2 Xen, Memory and prelink interaction
4:26PM 12 Re: Finally got CentOS installed as domU on SLES10SP2dom0, but....
4:10PM 4 Materializing a Qcow image (qcow2raw) in Xen 3.2.1
1:48PM 2 Finally got CentOS installed as domU on SLES10SP2 dom0, but....
12:27PM 2 Problemes about Windows virtualization (memory, CPU)
10:54AM 13 want to install Ubunto domU on CentOS dom0 - do I use FV or PV?
12:41AM 3 cpu frequency scaling in domUs
12:32AM 4 Apache connection problem... HELP!!
12:17AM 0 domU''s unreachable over network
Thursday July 24 2008
8:54PM 0 Problems with consolechars on debian etch dom0
6:40PM 3 Dom0 crashes when serving java content on DomU
5:07PM 13 performace of disks
2:14PM 0 Release of OpenNebula 1.0 for Data Center Virtualization & Cloud Solutions
10:55AM 0 Remote control to RDP opened session
8:49AM 6 creating a xen failover with lookback images
4:48AM 0 Kernel parameters -- Help..!
4:22AM 1 CentOS-5.2 & Xen-3.2.1
Wednesday July 23 2008
9:03PM 1 How to not use ioemu for HVM?
9:00PM 0 Xen 3.2.1 w/WinXP "ACPI Multiprocessor" HAL...
8:57PM 3 cpufreq problems with hvm
7:59PM 2 Static IP''s with Windows Guests
6:29PM 2 xenperf build
4:43PM 7 Xensource VM in Xen
3:25PM 0 Convert Trixbox HVM to PVM
2:40PM 1 ZEN Consolidation
2:14PM 1 Multiple domUs using framebuffer without X
10:06AM 2 Xen console error .. Please Help..!!
9:39AM 2 CPU load balancing
6:19AM 3 Problems booting domU from lvm with multiple LV''s
Tuesday July 22 2008
11:55PM 2 Xen / Windows Network Setup
9:47PM 3 UPS (Power) Monitoring on dom0...
8:55PM 0 RE: make that anyone using apic=0 under windows? (James Harper)
2:58PM 0 Eth unavailable after VM import from another host v 3.0.3
1:38PM 2 how to monitor XEN VM''s bandwidth, CPU & memory usage?
1:20PM 11 Windows 2000 DomU
11:34AM 0 RE : No peth after installing Xen
10:49AM 2 Xen 32 w/PAE will not allow over 16GB RAM
10:37AM 4 anyone using acpi=0 under windows?
9:04AM 0 snmp mrtg physCPU
7:07AM 0 Howto to use /dev/ttyS0 on dom0
5:41AM 0 choice of vnc client
5:19AM 1 Xen boot problem with normal kernel on DomU(newbie question)
1:48AM 0 Duplicate IRQ problem with PCI Passthrough
Monday July 21 2008
9:48PM 0 Boot problem with current xen-unstable
8:34PM 17 Xen Installation without virtualization enabled in Bios
10:43AM 12 Xen GPL PV, W2k3 SBS, Xen Net driver
10:31AM 2 No peth after installing Xen
10:08AM 1 nic for domU
7:08AM 6 Xen GPL PV Drivers, Windows 2003 unplanned shutdown
Sunday July 20 2008
8:37PM 2 concepts of Xen networking
4:57PM 9 Recompile Ubuntu Xen 2.6.24 Kernel
1:50AM 2 The death of XEN by Novell
Saturday July 19 2008
9:04PM 12 Re: The death of XEN by Novell
3:54PM 5 Ballooning and Free memory in xm info
1:24PM 9 Problem with GPLPV drivers 0.9.11.pre8
11:11AM 11 Migration from a regular system to Xen
9:19AM 0 Xen DomU boot issue with normal standard kernel
6:44AM 2 Ubuntu XEN cluster - heartbeat reboot issue
Friday July 18 2008
11:14PM 3 Changing Windows Password
9:39PM 4 Easiest way to install PVM of a different Linux Distro?
8:25PM 3 Centos Dom0 kernel panic on boot
7:30PM 9 Measure disk activity in full-virtualization.
5:47PM 0 Migration of paused domains
3:47PM 0 xen - megaraid_sas experience
1:32PM 0 Reading stats and detecting problems
1:14PM 6 Xen-3.2.1 Build Error
1:52AM 3 VT-d... I think is working?
12:58AM 0 On domU console, "BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#1!"
Thursday July 17 2008
11:35PM 5 Memory Ballooning / Overcommitting
10:16PM 9 More CentOS 5.2 & Xen 3.2.1 Compiling Questions!
8:48PM 2 Making a VM directly accessible from a public IP
8:47PM 2 Hypervisor Memory Limitations on 64-bit Architecture?
6:40PM 0 Problem getting Xen kernel to boot
5:12PM 0 Xend startup problem.
4:28PM 2 Java memory allocation in guest domain with mem and max-mem properties
4:03PM 47 Xen installation : Python C API mismatch
2:46PM 0 No net connectivity on Xen321 + Centos52 ?
2:41PM 1 blktap complaining what does it mean ?
2:17PM 0 bonding+vlan+ bridging old vifs
12:18PM 7 How to wait for a destroying domU?
6:54AM 0 Xen 3.2 - Hardy Ubuntu - system crash and freez
6:02AM 0 Is there anyone get VT-d running on skulltrail?
3:02AM 9 Latest Xen Kernel
1:18AM 2 compile xen 3.2.1 problem
Wednesday July 16 2008
11:28PM 2 QCOW - good choice?
6:41PM 2 DomU startup issue
6:00PM 0 Re: segments of lan in the same dom0
5:55PM 0 (no subject)
4:35PM 1 virt-install behind proxy (Xen Newbie)
2:11PM 0 Xen Summit - Link to Japanese Text
1:57PM 0 Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) 2008 Call for Speakers (Japanese and English Text)
11:16AM 6 vlans+bonding+bridging
9:31AM 0 Hypervisor hanging while booting processors?
5:24AM 5 Communicating with VM before Network is configured.
1:40AM 1 monitor io
Tuesday July 15 2008
8:19PM 1 Install of a Paravirtualized Domain
12:11PM 1 Error while staring "xend"
11:55AM 2 R: Re: more bridge with one NIC
11:38AM 1 (no subject)
11:33AM 3 windows resolution
9:33AM 0 multiple VLAN on one dom0
5:13AM 0 PCI passthrough to a HVM *without* VT-d ?
1:13AM 1 cpufreq doesn''t work in xen-3.2.1
Monday July 14 2008
8:11PM 1 Trouble on building 3.2.1
7:58PM 14 Can''t install Windows 2003 on SLES10SP1
7:07PM 19 GPLPV but network problem
5:45PM 2 Virtualized System with Tomcat
4:57PM 0 Removing stale vif entries?
1:43PM 6 "XENBUS: Device with no driver" errors on Debian
11:23AM 2 GPLPV benchmark results
3:31AM 0 load front-end driver without permanent property?
Sunday July 13 2008
6:39PM 8 manage many xen servers
10:31AM 2 RedHat enterprise as DomU - newbie
7:25AM 1 bad_certificate
3:44AM 8 Creating a DMZ domU
12:40AM 7 Consolidating machines using xen
Saturday July 12 2008
10:44PM 2 IPTABLES Forward-Rules in Dom0 for DomU''s are not flushed after shutdown
10:35AM 0 Good working Xen configuration tools
4:16AM 1 VNC Console Access in Xen PV
Friday July 11 2008
7:43PM 4 b44 module probe error
7:23PM 1 Migrate from VirtuaBox to Xen
4:55PM 0 How to boot netinstall.iso linux in Xen guest domU
4:48PM 0 migrate VM from XEN Enterprise to XEN OpenSource
3:18PM 16 VM reboot
1:42PM 2 Problems with round trip times
12:04PM 0 Re: How to create PV CentOS 5 DomU at OpenSuse 11 Dom0 ?
12:03PM 1 Xen hangs after manual reboot
8:54AM 2 Network connection lost
8:40AM 0 network-bridge start problem
4:57AM 8 Another GPLPV pre-release 0.9.11-pre7
3:23AM 1 Halsign released TurboGate tools v1.2 (based on kernel 2.6.18-92.el5 and xen3.2.1)!
12:11AM 0 Re: Boot fails unless "noacpi" option is present.Link to this message
Thursday July 10 2008
11:57PM 1 how to debug windows not starting
9:41PM 4 Migrating from -xen guest kernel to unmodified guest kernel
9:16PM 6 Xen guests clock is exactly 2 hours before dom0 time
7:31PM 2 Weekly Xen.org Community Update
6:39PM 2 Re: How to create PV CentOS 5 DomU at OpenSuse 11 Dom0 ?
6:21PM 1 Boot fails unless "noacpi" option is present.
2:02PM 0 Recovery disaster
1:40PM 1 [Fwd: The VDS servers not accessible]
1:16PM 1 Re: How to create PV CentOS 5 DomU at OpenSuse 11 Dom0 ?
12:54PM 0 DRBD, Heartbeat and Infiniband
12:15PM 1 TX tcp checksum errors with Xen GPLPV 0.9.9 Drivers (xen 3.2.1 and windows Server x86 2003 R2)
7:06AM 2 CPU Upgrade
Wednesday July 9 2008
11:13PM 3 Modified Windows OS''s
11:08PM 0 ''make dist'' fails at end of build while copying (cp) vmlinuz from .../arch/i386/boot/ directory
8:15PM 4 Freebsd (still) not booting in Xen HVM?
7:24PM 0 No no-local network connectivity
6:48PM 0 The VDS servers not accessible
2:50PM 1 about Clustering between domUs
1:27PM 3 questions regarding HVM and maximum block device size
12:27PM 1 Error while configuring guest OS
11:14AM 2 shifting from VMware ESX to XEN
6:32AM 0 Tracing hypercall in Xen linux box
6:30AM 5 Hypercall tracing in Xen Linux box
12:11AM 1 dom0 console weirdness (reboot the only fix I''ve found)
Tuesday July 8 2008
7:24PM 0 Re: Xen - Guest memory allocation
7:05PM 10 NET Network / Server running on internal Network not reachable
3:49PM 8 Can''t Allocate Memory
3:09PM 1 Dedicating H/W to a HVM guest
1:17PM 0 Migration Questions
10:54AM 5 How To Pin domU VCPU To Specific CPU During Instance Creation
12:04AM 0 SEDF parameters dont work ?
Monday July 7 2008
10:28PM 0 one-click clusters
9:54PM 2 DomU Fails when network load is high
9:50PM 0 Windows HVM hda & hdb both have active partitions - which one boots?
9:36PM 1 SEDF default parameters.
8:18PM 7 Handling virtual disks on Xen
5:04PM 1 Xen 3.3 unstable on OpenSUSE 10.3 - initrd problem
4:54PM 0 i can''t run a xen - virtual machine on a glusterfs mount point
5:41AM 0 CPU frequency scaling allowed in xen?
Sunday July 6 2008
10:22PM 8 Still un-answered: How-To build Xen (3.2) to override XenSource''s linux-kernel (2.6.18) with a xenified kernel (your own or distribution)
2:23PM 1 Two bridges on one host, can not communicate on the second, what did I miss?
12:07PM 2 GplPV-Driver
10:17AM 4 can''t ping / connect to aliased IP from internet
Saturday July 5 2008
10:01PM 0 HVM and routed mode
10:00PM 1 Could not find /dev/disk
4:25PM 10 mail server on a xen guest?
7:54AM 2 Uninitialized hardware under Xen Client?
Friday July 4 2008
9:17PM 0 Error shutting down xendomains
9:23AM 6 Vanishing memory? Whats going on?
3:52AM 0 changing lock dir
12:19AM 3 Howto shutdown correctly?
Thursday July 3 2008
10:22PM 0 Special Session on "Virtualization in Distributed Systems" at PDP 2009
10:11PM 0 Windows HVM and routed setup
8:42PM 0 unable to compile megaraid_sas-v00.00.03.16 against linux-
5:37PM 0 IBM Thinkpad Laptop and SUSE 10 w/ wireless
4:35PM 9 Howto disable xenbr in xen-3.2.1?
10:05AM 2 Problems with tap:aio on Dell PowerEdge 1950 III
9:06AM 5 CentOS 5.2 and Xen 3.0.3 upgrade too 3.2.1
8:14AM 7 Unable to hot-add disk to Win2K3 HVM with GPLPV drivers
6:05AM 1 VM does not reboot
1:58AM 0 Question about vTPM front-end driver
12:58AM 1 More network problems
12:11AM 0 Timer stops working
Wednesday July 2 2008
10:04PM 3 Error compiling xen 3.2.1 on ubuntu hardy
9:51PM 2 Ctrl+Alt+? in xm console over SSH
9:34PM 1 RE: CD-ROM problem when installing Windows server
8:10PM 2 Passthrough I/O without HVM
7:05PM 0 CD-ROM problem when installing Windows server 2003
6:04PM 0 Xen networking problem
4:26PM 3 Windows HVM domain, next problem
3:34PM 1 VNC to HVM domU
11:43AM 0 FW: Reg: Throughput b/w domU & dom0
10:14AM 2 32 on 64bit
9:14AM 1 from SLES SP1(3.0.4) to SLES SP2 (3.2)
8:44AM 0 Ubuntu Hardy I/O Request Not Ready
6:18AM 1 32/64 bit confusion
6:06AM 0 Ubuntu guest VM networking issue
5:26AM 3 could not import module ELFCLASS32
5:15AM 5 FreeBSD + Xen 3.2.1 + HVM assorted problems
2:44AM 0 Physical Memory arrangement
Tuesday July 1 2008
11:30PM 3 Windows 2003 Server installation fails
8:11PM 9 Windows 2003 and 2008
7:21PM 5 XEN - Routed and Bridget Mode together (mixed)
3:30PM 1 Unreliable network on win2k3?
9:17AM 1 xen 3.2 change in bridge behavior is causing problems
12:02AM 0 cannot migrate vm back to original machine (currently with libvirt)