Xen users - Nov 2007

Friday November 30 2007
9:53PM 1 jailtime, could not find filesystem ''/dev/root''
9:40PM 1 uhmm..
7:25PM 5 Issue creating client - Xen 3 on Redhat Ent 5 server
7:02PM 0 xm migrate/suspend/shutdown Windows HVM
6:20PM 2 3.0.3-fc6 bridging madness / Memory squeeze
5:46PM 8 centos4.5(domU) on etch(dom0)
12:56PM 2 How to manage images/partitions for xen DomUs?
12:53PM 6 Why ''xm console'' not works sometimes?
12:04PM 5 How can I do HA among dom0s?
10:12AM 1 access to physical cpu in domU without passing through dom0
3:23AM 5 Problems with fedora 7 paravirtualize
1:41AM 4 Debian XEN kernel source package
Thursday November 29 2007
10:42PM 4 Xen and Linux on Intel G33 needs kernel 2.6.19+
8:13PM 2 some domUs work, some dont..??
5:25PM 0 live migration restrictions
5:16PM 3 2 NIC HVM''s not working properly.
4:17PM 8 Does Xen fit my needs?
2:39PM 4 Pci export configuration
2:22PM 1 Incorrect keyboard in Dom0
12:20PM 0 Dell Poweredge SC1430 Xen Support
10:48AM 1 Problems with xm
10:41AM 0 FW: Advice on HighAvailable/Failover Xen machines
10:10AM 7 Where''s domU configuration files
9:27AM 0 intel sr1500
8:58AM 2 Error create domain :Disk image does not exist
4:05AM 2 about xen xmlrpc-tcp-server
Wednesday November 28 2007
10:54PM 0 Re: annoying network problem
10:18PM 2 domU is freezing after create
9:27PM 0 Windows CD Image doesn''t boot
7:14PM 0 looking for a xen expert
5:19PM 0 Destination Host Prohibited
5:02PM 2 Recommended p2v tools for xen 3.1
3:53PM 3 /dev/xen/blktap0 already exists
3:36PM 13 Kernel seems to crash in a xen environment and using crossover-office/ wine
3:00PM 4 Problem in updating linux kernel in a remote xen virtual machine
2:27PM 7 IP-Address for DomUs via configuration script possible?
2:12PM 1 Monitoring domUs with xenmon and cacti
1:42PM 0 [Fwd: Re: network-bridge does not create veth or peth devices]
12:52PM 1 network-bridge does not create veth or peth devices
11:45AM 5 boot from cd
11:38AM 5 domU has better I/O performance than dom0?
9:46AM 3 Disable SMP and assign each OS to direct access CPU
8:43AM 0 speed problem with java and WebSphere 5.1 after virtualizing server
8:00AM 1 intallation of Xen Virtual machine monitor
5:18AM 1 How to remotely manage a xen virtual machine?
4:47AM 15 Xen 3 not seeing the right amount of RAM on x86_64
2:42AM 3 Question about Vista Pro
1:33AM 4 Advice on HighAvailable/Failover Xen machines
Tuesday November 27 2007
11:40PM 0 Very slow NFS write performance from VM, but good from the XenServer console
11:09PM 0 how do i use xen api with key and cert?
9:17PM 0 Clustering DOMUs
5:36PM 2 Intel NIC
5:11PM 7 Speed of Xen Network Bridge Interface (10/100/1000?)
3:43PM 0 iSCSI & XenExpress 4.0.1 (<- In reply to this thread)
11:14AM 7 How to fetch Ip address from dom0 of domU?
9:11AM 6 Problem with export of physical devices to domU
12:02AM 6 Passthrough support ?
Monday November 26 2007
9:24PM 3 DomU 2TB vbd limit?
3:25PM 4 why LVM? why not Extended Partitions?
2:28PM 1 pciback.hide with debian
2:20PM 2 How to check security (isolation ) between VMs
1:47PM 3 xm top
12:26PM 4 Running OS instances within domU or on physical device
12:01PM 6 Recommended partitioning for xen host
11:53AM 0 Gentoo Xen issues (in a Macbook)
11:46AM 0 xend start not works after compiling
10:52AM 2 64 bit compatibility with phys to virt conversion
10:52AM 4 Gentoo Xen issues
9:34AM 0 Gentoo dom0 installation issues
7:53AM 0 Re: xend won''t start
4:53AM 0 PCI passthrough support
12:18AM 5 xenstored
Sunday November 25 2007
10:41PM 0 [SCRIPT] Using iSCSI in your xen setup
6:38PM 9 Ubuntu: DomU hangs on boot
10:57AM 4 [xm create] VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(3, 1)
Saturday November 24 2007
3:58PM 1 moving from non-xen environment -> xen environment
2:49PM 10 How to make KDE or Gnome available in DomU?
10:25AM 0 Windows HVM and Network (bridged, NAT or routing)
Friday November 23 2007
9:19PM 1 PV drivers from domU
4:48PM 0 Kernel-Panic : Xen, Drbd
6:47AM 6 monitoring with MRTG
6:40AM 1 Xen not detecting all my memory...
3:02AM 12 [SECURITY] preventing Hwaddr spoofing on bridge
12:07AM 0 Release 0.3.0 of Windows PV Drivers
Thursday November 22 2007
8:48PM 3 Oracle virtualization =Xen ?
8:47PM 3 xen 3.1 network configuration problem
8:30PM 0 Re: Re: [Xen-devel] how to make checkpoint for a PV vm , while maintain it running ?
7:03PM 0 Problem booting one DomU migrated from "real world"
4:23PM 0 Anyone running SCO OpenServer inside Xen?
2:16PM 1 Central repository for VMs Config Files
2:11PM 0 Out of SKBUFF ?
1:03PM 1 Re: pppoe domU: did you test userspace rp-pppoe?
12:47PM 13 PV Drivers in Linux HVM DomU?
11:56AM 3 can''t find disk image while installing centos domU
11:24AM 6 ragarding xen in sles10
10:49AM 4 XEN 3.1 - eth0 Device Problems during booting
9:39AM 0 How would you write pciback.hide for Intel NIC
9:21AM 5 Different networks between Dom0 and Guest?
5:20AM 2 (ubuntu) and Nvidia x86_64-100.14.19 - success
12:31AM 0 using xrdp as a rdp<->vnc bridge
Wednesday November 21 2007
9:15PM 0 VMs configuration File
6:24PM 0 Help: set up a 1:1 public IP (physical) bridge to virtual interface.
5:35PM 2 Qemu versus Xen
5:29PM 3 different vlans in a domU
1:39PM 3 Xen 3.1.0 and openSuse 10.3 - xenbr0 won''t dissapear
11:03AM 0 Fedora 8 "Invalid file location given"
6:57AM 9 How to virtualize Xen itself?
2:21AM 0 xen 3.1.2 packages
12:31AM 0 Ethernet has Alzheimers
Tuesday November 20 2007
10:02PM 0 RE: Xen-users Digest, Vol 33, Issue 88
5:05PM 3 physical nic to xen
12:45PM 2 strange network problem
10:00AM 2 XenSource Express 4.0.1 download and free to use...not quite...
3:30AM 0 network up after create, but down after reboot on domU
Monday November 19 2007
8:10PM 2 Fully virtualized networking issues.
4:01PM 10 Resize domU block device?
3:15PM 0 Backup suspended/paused VM ?
2:45PM 0 sound on HVM
2:25PM 4 which disks/block device does Xen use at the moment?
2:25PM 0 Help trouble shooting why this SBS 2003 system won''t boot!
11:00AM 1 query related to time keeping in Xen.
8:29AM 3 xen 3.1 network configuration
8:07AM 0 how many VMs can be run?
6:57AM 13 first binary release of GPL Windows PV drivers
5:06AM 4 How can I install xen in Debian Lenny?
12:42AM 3 Does a PAE domU work with non-PAE dom0?
Sunday November 18 2007
11:46PM 0 Current state of Speedstep/PowerNow support
11:38PM 0 How can I create peth and vif to use the same IP using a ISP GW?
8:13PM 1 Installing openSuSE 10.3 as PV-guest on a LVM-drive of a openSuSE 10.3 host
7:09PM 0 Network routing performance problem
6:38PM 0 unable to virtualize eth1
1:58PM 0 Unable to load kernel modul powernow-k8 under Debian Etch
9:58AM 13 PPPoE in DomU exits with error
6:45AM 1 Staying free / opensource after Citrix?
Saturday November 17 2007
11:07PM 12 Xen 3.1 terrible slowly on a laptop
10:54AM 0 TLS Warning while booting the XenU
6:32AM 1 xen debugger ??
1:48AM 0 Device 769 (vbd) could not be connected
Friday November 16 2007
10:45PM 4 Boot HVM from Floppy
4:02PM 6 domU on shared storage
3:35PM 0 Nat and bridge on the same interface on xen 3.1
3:12PM 2 unable to start more than two PVM hosts on one host
1:21PM 10 Slackware 12 DomU NIC increments on each start
1:20PM 0 Which driver to use so that Windows can use the CDROM
1:11PM 0 problem using VMDK as disk partition for xenU
11:45AM 1 PCI Mapping of e1000 Dual-Port Adapter to DomU
12:54AM 7 Dom0 crash on hvm creation
Thursday November 15 2007
3:37PM 0 [SPAM] Problem with the DomU crash after one part of raid1 reported an read error
2:27PM 0 domUs not booting 2-core box, clues required
10:23AM 7 Windows 2003 Server will not install
7:27AM 2 supported guest type
7:05AM 11 Xen 3.1 networking questions
6:11AM 2 32bit xen
5:16AM 0 Software RAID Mirror For XenServer 4.0
2:40AM 2 How to use 1000M NIC in Xen? Does xen support that?
2:31AM 0 sched-credit on boot and DomU startup?
12:18AM 0 Mini-OS problem
Wednesday November 14 2007
11:49PM 6 ANNOUNCE: Xen 3.1.2 released!
9:56PM 1 Build XEN from Sources
5:10PM 0 Unable to use software counters
1:52PM 0 Xen and kernel NAT
1:43PM 1 Migration of XEN instance on different hardware
1:24PM 3 paravirtulized suse 10.3 DomU over a suse 10.2 dom0
1:20PM 0 (no subject)
10:22AM 1 Linux guest memory increasing daily
10:00AM 4 PV on Centos 5 64-bit
Tuesday November 13 2007
8:22PM 3 New xen-3.2-unstable.gz version does not boot
8:13PM 0 Xen Kernels
5:56PM 0 RE: Exported PCI video to domU. Need another video cardfor console?
3:33PM 35 XEN - Broadcom issue: survey
3:23PM 1 Re: Error: The privileged domain did not balloon! afterreboot of Dom0, it just works
12:29PM 1 Error: The privileged domain did not balloon! after reboot of Dom0, it just works
11:00AM 2 Can''t create my seventh xen vm on rhel5
10:07AM 3 Full Dokumentation of Xen?
9:07AM 3 Problem to get more than 8 loopback deviceses.
8:21AM 6 CentOS 5.0 ifcfg-eth0 gets renamed on boot
6:46AM 1 software raid (mdadm) with a local partition and a nbd device.
1:55AM 1 Release: VMKNOPPIX for X86/X86_64 with Xen3.1.1, KVM48, UML, QEMU, VirtualBox
1:47AM 0 xen bridge and NAT
12:27AM 2 lvm over nbd?
Monday November 12 2007
7:52PM 1 Problem of slowness network when Nash is killed
4:21PM 0 Windows Vista as guest in Xen 3.1
3:38PM 1 Best Distro for Xen
2:49PM 0 Network Stup Problem
1:50PM 7 Exported PCI video to domU. Need another video card for console?
1:45PM 1 Networking fails for all but one domU
11:36AM 1 Problem with open-iscsi
5:15AM 1 RHEL 5.1 : xen 3.0.3 or 3.1?
4:29AM 0 Re: bonding combined with network-bridge fails heartbeat cluster on dom0
1:15AM 5 Windows guest accelerated 3d?
Sunday November 11 2007
10:48PM 1 Clustering
7:46AM 4 xen - binary or compilation?
2:56AM 1 Questions: blocked / migration fails / device 768
1:56AM 1 Crashing PV DomU, Can''t find the reason
1:32AM 2 Xen 3.1 + CentOS 5 + HP ProLiant G5 = DomU packet drops
Saturday November 10 2007
6:45PM 0 Re: [CentOS] SATA disk issue
3:52PM 1 Xen / centos 5 / drbd
9:20AM 0 problem with xenstored on tmpfs
Friday November 9 2007
11:37PM 0 freebsd domU boot : kernel compatibility check
3:45PM 0 tap:aio / blktap slowness
11:40AM 0 Xen network performance: default and ne2000
10:54AM 2 Xen Networking Issue with Scientific linux 4
4:18AM 1 Does Ne2k wroks in Xen? In qemu dir?
2:39AM 0 Xen Summit #5 schedule
Thursday November 8 2007
10:12PM 3 eth0 disappears replaced by eth1
5:57PM 2 Xen support in various Linux kernels
5:55PM 0 Transmit time out in eth3
5:43PM 0 Corrupt console after install?
2:46PM 1 XEN HVMs on LVM over iSCSI - test results, (crashes) and questions
2:07PM 4 Centos 5 hvm (windows 2003) crash
4:26AM 0 pygrub fails to load sometimes?? memory leak??
3:46AM 0 xen networking problems:lose connection
1:10AM 0 Virtual PCI X passthrough
12:39AM 11 XEN Howto/ Host FC7 Guest Windows Me or Xp
Wednesday November 7 2007
7:30PM 1 Network Issues/Questions
4:19PM 3 Dell Optiplex 740 / Xen 3.1 / Ubuntu Gutsy woes [fixed]
11:55AM 0 2 nics on Dom0
10:24AM 6 max loop
10:21AM 0 can not boot HVM fc6 with vcpus=2
9:37AM 0 xennet flipping or copying?
8:42AM 0 Profoss virtualisation call for paper
8:35AM 5 xen-tools dom0=etch domU=gutsy?
6:49AM 1 Obtaining IP address of a DomU
3:43AM 0 smbios field manipulation
3:02AM 0 installing ubuntu-server from cd? not working
3:02AM 0 I keep getting kernel panics
12:11AM 4 Can HVM DomU with SDL do 1280x1024 24-bit color?
Tuesday November 6 2007
8:26PM 0 Xen hang - help debugging?
6:02PM 0 Hanging utilities that read /proc
5:36PM 0 Learning and new - any distro ready to install several OSs from live CD?
5:15PM 1 Recommendations for Dom0 3D graphics card
3:59PM 1 virsh vs. xm, and questions about different distributions of Xen
2:15PM 0 sysctl and windows
11:59AM 2 VFS: insert root floppy and press ENTER
11:16AM 6 dom0 and domU differs after ntpdate
8:04AM 0 Xen : Do we have C++ binding with Xen API - ?
7:26AM 6 does live migration require a cluster aware filesystem?
6:16AM 1 mouse on hvm on xen 3.1
5:47AM 5 2 windows as domU
5:30AM 3 Problem while installing XEN 3.1 on Fedora 6
3:37AM 1 Xen source and ubuntu server
Monday November 5 2007
5:50PM 1 xen and network
12:23PM 0 Seg fixup errors + kernellockdep.c and alternative crash
11:27AM 1 xen-cluster lvm and locking
10:46AM 1 Xen and domU creating problems
10:16AM 0 Understanding XEN Network-Nat configuration
7:55AM 0 Windows ACPI
Sunday November 4 2007
12:56PM 0 Xen network problems
Saturday November 3 2007
9:02PM 0 simple script to make an sql inventory of xen guests
8:19PM 0 Bridge and IP
3:04PM 4 Problems exporting a PCI device to a domU...
1:59PM 4 Xen network freeze
11:32AM 0 Has any one implemented UnionFS from source?
9:20AM 1 Re: XEN : Is there any way for sharing base virtual image.?
12:18AM 11 HVM install keeps crashing with Centos 5 virt-install
Friday November 2 2007
10:45PM 0 Why is the first domU created with domid = 2 instead of 1
8:19PM 2 Xen support for emulating TSC register!!
5:35PM 3 query remote hypervisor
4:47PM 0 problem with migration of some domU''s
3:51PM 0 problem booting XenU
2:44PM 0 pygrub and bootparams
1:07PM 3 XEN : Is there any way for sharing base virtual imgae.
11:43AM 0 Re: how to figure out how many physical Memory is reallyavailable in Dom-0
11:06AM 1 how to figure out how many physical Memory is really available in Dom-0
8:17AM 1 ERROR while creating HVM domU
5:09AM 0 kernel compilation on gentoo for domU error
Thursday November 1 2007
6:19PM 1 X11 on dom0
3:55PM 4 xen + suse
2:17PM 0 dom0-cpus parameter not taking effect on quad-core intel under debian etch
2:03PM 1 XEN dom0 - mount: could not find filestystem ''/dev/root''.
8:30AM 2 64bit xen?
2:31AM 1 help for physical partition for booting XenU
12:11AM 0 Debian Etch and Xen 3.1 (from Lenny) and XenSource kernels - initial ramdisk problems