Xen users - Oct 2007

Wednesday October 31 2007
9:46PM 0 RE: Xen3.1 x86_64: no volume groups found
7:53PM 0 Installing a guest OS -- Not getting an IP?
7:48PM 1 XenSource v Open Source Xen
7:37PM 3 Error: (9, ''Bad file descriptor'')
6:26PM 0 issue Booting XenU!!!
4:23PM 2 HVM PV drivers lincense with out xen-center
2:14PM 6 Xen clustering
2:04PM 0 mini-os.elf not created after "make"
1:04PM 0 Xensource Express free for download and use ...not quite
1:04PM 0 Dom0 hangs on boot, CentOS 5 x86_64
11:54AM 4 Fwd: XEN : Getting Error: (22, ''Invalid argument'') on starting guest domain.
7:33AM 0 question regarding ballooning
6:48AM 0 Suse 10.3 vm-install to phy:/dev/hdx fails
3:33AM 0 change from xenbr1 to xenbr2 while domU is running
2:39AM 0 PCIfront: USB controller for domU
1:02AM 2 domu state: broken
Tuesday October 30 2007
10:13PM 0 Information about hypercalls
5:00PM 1 networking with two cards
4:28PM 3 Questions on memory allocation
3:32PM 6 resetting lost root password on a xen guest
12:32PM 0 Domain hangs on startup
11:53AM 0 DomUs blocked
11:48AM 1 domU networking problems openSUSE-10.3 x86_64
11:41AM 1 xen xm list: DomUs blocked
8:37AM 1 Experimental settings for migration
4:04AM 1 Failure of create a new xen vitual machine
3:52AM 1 Re: GIGABYTE GA-M57SLI-S4 rev 2.0 motherboard HVM support
Monday October 29 2007
10:55PM 1 xentop --vbds output?
1:43PM 2 compiling latest Xen from source on 64 bit machine (fails)
10:21AM 2 64bit kernel for 32bit pv DomU in 64bit Dom0
9:54AM 1 Multi CDRom Volume
7:38AM 1 open source exceptions
7:32AM 1 physical network interfaces limitation
7:24AM 5 problem in starting xend
4:48AM 1 HVM is must nescessry for xen?
Sunday October 28 2007
10:30PM 0 Xen hardware
10:23AM 11 xen 3.1.1 with centos5 (/lib/tls error)
6:04AM 1 LVM filesystem or partition
Saturday October 27 2007
10:42PM 1 Problem with larger (250GB) bootable virtual disk image.
10:16PM 1 Desperate :( DomU with kernel in Dom0
3:05PM 6 Problem using 2 nics and 2 bridges
Friday October 26 2007
7:43PM 1 Xen with LSI megaraid - recompile?
6:30PM 6 Dont start windows XP/2k installation
5:33PM 0 trouble with xm save --checkpoint
4:13PM 6 Time went backwards / Stability issues
3:48PM 1 blkfront problems with 3.1.0
2:28PM 0 xen and clustered file system
2:06PM 3 SOLUTION - Compiled Kernel and modules for XEN3.1 on PowerEdge 1950
12:14PM 0 Re: Xen kernel, hypervisor no allocation of dom0_mem
11:52AM 0 Wrong ARP reply (FE:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF)
9:25AM 0 Xen kernel, hypervisor no allocation of dom0_mem possible
9:13AM 1 some xen issues
1:11AM 1 Linux grsec Guest on HVM Xen 3.1.1
Thursday October 25 2007
6:43PM 2 domU doesnt reboot
6:04PM 3 FC7 xen question
3:00PM 7 Sample Config File?
2:55PM 0 Xen Newbie: Full Virtualization Kernel Panics / Pauses
12:45PM 0 backup running xen image file
11:18AM 1 pci passthrough
1:26AM 0 Problem while installing xen from source code
Wednesday October 24 2007
11:37PM 3 Bridging on the blink with greater than 2 xen domains
11:35PM 1 Xen failed to boot on QEMU+Debian
9:47PM 2 Xen Novell rpm does not start Dom0 on my openSuse 10.2
8:31PM 0 RHEL4 2.6.9-55 DOM0??
2:30PM 2 Installation issues - rebooting
1:28PM 0 how can I create a domainU
12:45PM 0 How to make the physical cd/dvd-rom visible in windows
10:57AM 0 Which CPU for XenExpress?
9:51AM 0 Re: Any Xen kernel based on something newer than, 2.6.18 ?
4:59AM 9 how to press ctrl+alt+del on windows2003
4:15AM 5 Ubuntu DomU: Cannot apt-get many packages
1:33AM 3 Using LVM snapshots to backup NTFS partitions for windows guests
12:26AM 1 PCI passthrough help!
Tuesday October 23 2007
11:52PM 1 pypxeboot (a way to pxeboot pv guests)
6:41PM 0 Paravirtualization Issue
5:57PM 2 Some HVM Live Migration Issues
4:19PM 3 weird message on guest boot
3:48PM 3 xfs problems with xen3.1 on domu
3:46PM 0 Xen and VT support
1:21PM 6 Any Xen kernel based on something newer than 2.6.18 ?
10:11AM 1 nic error
9:17AM 1 GLX and Xen
5:59AM 5 can''t find xm
1:39AM 0 xen console problem
Monday October 22 2007
9:14PM 1 Xen and Windows
2:35PM 0 XEN Install "complete" Guide.
12:12PM 9 disk speed
1:12AM 0 SATA disk issue
Sunday October 21 2007
3:12PM 0 Seeking cluster infos/Xen Enterprise
Saturday October 20 2007
1:50PM 1 PCI Passthrough for HVM guests
3:02AM 2 Xen stress testing for production
1:49AM 1 Xen Compilation error :2.6.18-5-amd64
Friday October 19 2007
9:41PM 2 fault tolerance for virtual machines
9:35PM 1 Error: Device hda1 (769, vbd) is already connected
5:25PM 0 PCI Backend Mode
5:06PM 0 No /dev/agpgart on x86_64
3:04PM 0 branch tracing and MSR usage
1:46PM 4 Memory Sizing Guidelines
1:05PM 1 xen
12:56PM 0 HVM Migration issues
12:48PM 0 mutiple network interface in dom0
12:11PM 2 Intel''s fault? HVM domUs freezes at boot time.
10:06AM 0 Problem with multiple interfaces in domu
9:27AM 2 Networking Help - Routed Configuration with NAT - How to get Dom0 to NAT its own connections
9:13AM 0 xenU sending too big packets on ubuntu 7.10 "gutsy"
8:31AM 2 xm create <domain> hangs with vanilla
7:47AM 1 XEN : Getting Error: (22, ''Invalid argument'') on starting guest domain.
4:58AM 0 ExpatError: no element found: line 1, column 0
Thursday October 18 2007
6:23PM 1 kernel panic PCI-DMA: Random memory would be DMAed
5:19PM 2 dom0 no longer showing serial console output
5:16PM 10 Xen domUs on Ubuntu
5:05PM 7 Performance Issues: I/O Wait
4:01PM 1 CPU''s L2 cache size important?
3:11PM 4 Creating initial file system for a new Xen domain
8:38AM 1 scsi-disk makes the OS down
4:51AM 2 how to get domain 0 info from guest domain
Wednesday October 17 2007
11:31PM 2 Suse 10.3: domU boot problem
4:09PM 2 Re : ha cluster with virtual machines as resources
3:43PM 1 Serial Port in HVM DomU
2:57PM 1 Pxe boot of xen image via a pxe menu
1:47PM 6 windows as domain0
1:26PM 0 connect to hypervisors
12:33PM 0 ha cluster with virtual machines as resources
12:13PM 0 Error:Unable to connect to xend:No such file or directory.Is xend running ?"
10:46AM 0 Xen Summit #5 : November 14-16; FINAL Call for Presentation Proposals
9:36AM 0 Cannot see CD or DVD drives from working WinXP guest on Fedora 7
8:52AM 2 Xen Install: "No filesystem could mount root, tried: ext2"
7:53AM 1 random HVM crashes
12:53AM 2 The free Xen ready to go system
12:32AM 0 Subscribing
12:15AM 1 device/vbd/2049
Tuesday October 16 2007
8:48PM 1 pass sunhme to domu did not use real known mac address
8:20PM 2 pciback.hide graphics card - 3/4''s way there
4:54PM 0 qemu hangs and error is "map shared IO page returned error 22"
3:56PM 0 Bounced and Deleted
3:55PM 0 domU kernels will not connect to disk under heavy disk IO?
2:28PM 0 No Network connectivity in DomU
11:51AM 7 Xen with NIC Bonding on Debian Etch ?
11:38AM 4 Xen for IBM 970MP
11:37AM 18 xen + centos + areca raid issues
8:22AM 7 paravirtualised gentoo on Fedora Core 7
8:15AM 0 UML inside XEN domU
Monday October 15 2007
10:04PM 0 xen network bridge
5:56PM 0 Xen 3.1.1 HVM Windows 2000 Server doesn''t see multiple VCPUs
5:43PM 4 SOlaris 10 HVM guest under rhel5 host
3:15PM 0 Network has stopped working
10:20AM 0 Performance Information from dom0 -> domU
Sunday October 14 2007
3:11PM 7 USB Support for DomU - pciback.hide Problem
12:15PM 1 Can not find hvmloader in /usr/lib/xen/boot
4:28AM 2 DomU stops on boot inside Dom0 while booting
Saturday October 13 2007
11:04PM 3 cheap mobo/cpu combo with hardware virtualization support?
7:17PM 0 Xen API C binding
3:51AM 4 64 bit Memory and IO resources & pciback
Friday October 12 2007
7:27PM 1 some basic query related to XenServer Installation!!!
3:40PM 0 Xen on openSUSE 10.3
3:10PM 2 Xen, Virt-Manager, and xm
4:14AM 11 domU kernel
2:09AM 2 can i install redhat9 as domU
Thursday October 11 2007
8:03PM 0 xen 3.1 failing: qemu-dm error "map shared IO page returned error 22" centos 5, 64bit
6:19PM 11 Xen with LVM
2:25PM 1 Unable to connect to Xend. Connection refused
12:48PM 17 2.6.23 oops
10:14AM 0 Pygrub bug confirmed in xen3.1
9:42AM 13 ANNOUNCE: Xen 3.1.1 released!
8:17AM 0 XVMSocket porting to VISTA on XEN
7:38AM 2 Virtual backend network
1:19AM 0 VCPU migration count
Wednesday October 10 2007
10:52PM 0 iptables does not see inter-domU traffic
8:00PM 4 dom0 and domU /dev/urandom generating too less entropy
7:17PM 1 No "kernel" entry in xm configuration file?
6:24PM 0 Problem with VNC access to Xen guests
5:57PM 3 Install 32-bit Debian DomU on 64-bit Dom0
2:12PM 0 Winxp in Xen cannot be started in RHEL5
2:11PM 3 Username Parameter in the Xen Config File
12:51PM 4 aix
11:40AM 0 unsubscribe
9:27AM 19 Boot error with 2.6.23 domU
6:30AM 7 lockfile?
2:33AM 0 Automated DomU startup on Fedora 7 x86_64
Tuesday October 9 2007
10:08PM 13 clocksource/0: Time went backwards
6:38PM 1 Unresolved: Problems starting Xend
6:06PM 1 Kernel panic FC7 and Debian Etch
4:48PM 1 opensuse 10.3, xen 3.1, and raw devices
1:43PM 0 keyboard map
1:02PM 0 Mutlicast corruption using FC6
11:53AM 0 xen2vmdk
9:12AM 0 TX packets dropped
8:54AM 6 df reports disk full
3:08AM 0 SCSI disk does not work
2:10AM 0 Identifying HVM Compatible Chipsets/Motherboards for AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processors
1:01AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 32, Issue 46
Monday October 8 2007
9:59PM 0 Networking problem: "routing" from domUs through dom0
5:04PM 0 Re: Ubuntu Gutsy as dom0 - the saga continues
3:00PM 1 meaning of vcpu-list
2:12PM 1 suspect cpu utilization level
1:49PM 0 Xen Summit #5 : November 14-16; Call for Presentation Proposals
12:37PM 1 Memory dimension problems...
10:16AM 2 Virt-install cannot display console
8:12AM 4 network problem: Cannot find network for bridge
7:05AM 0 00 /usr/lib/xen/bin/xen-vncfb --unused
5:50AM 3 How to configure win 2003 standard to show multiple CPU?
5:36AM 8 How to tell which tapX interface belongs to which domain...
4:20AM 9 Ubuntu Gutsy as dom0
Sunday October 7 2007
9:32PM 0 Anyone tested with Barcelona Opterons yet?
6:38PM 1 How to use PCI pass-through?
4:34PM 4 Using vncserver and vncviewer on XEN problems...
2:20PM 4 Is it possible to fence (restart) a Xen guest OS?
1:00AM 9 RESOLVED: Debian Xen + Broadcom NetXtreme II (IBM x3655 7985-AC1)
12:02AM 2 Local network between two DomUs without a Bridge
Saturday October 6 2007
2:49PM 0 [Xen-API] domains created through API do not show dom id
8:35AM 0 Problems starting xen
5:53AM 1 Xen of Suse Linux 10.0
Friday October 5 2007
11:02PM 3 Time went backwards
10:45PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Xen without the X]
10:15PM 10 Xen without the X
3:21PM 0 Minix doesn''t boot on XEN HVM but works with Qemu
3:12PM 0 First Gigabyte bios with virtualization support available
1:15PM 0 Windows 64 bits guest multi-processor
12:27PM 2 How can I use a relative path in my domain config?
8:19AM 2 Could not set up Dom0 - ELF problem
5:33AM 0 Can''t boot HVM domU
2:38AM 0 weird issues with xen, bridging, and apache
1:40AM 0 weird issue with xen, bridging, and apache
1:34AM 0 weird issue with xen, briding, and apache
1:01AM 1 Execute command inside domU
12:17AM 1 HVM - Windows XP - high UDP package loss
Thursday October 4 2007
8:11PM 6 Kernel Panic error
8:08PM 0 sles10sp1 bonding - bridging or routing
6:53PM 0 Dell / Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5708
4:44PM 1 Converting Debian image to para-virtual
12:01PM 5 Configuring a local bridge
11:41AM 3 Strange network problem (Etch)
11:07AM 3 xm console gives no output
8:34AM 0 Poor disk performance in xen 3.1
Wednesday October 3 2007
9:27PM 2 Performance in Xens
7:31PM 4 Problem with mISDN and HFC-Cards in Asterisk-DomU
5:11PM 0 RE: Xen3.1 x86_64: no volume groups found
3:42PM 4 PV drivers to improve performance
2:30PM 2 Xen 3.1 amd64 - Debian 386
2:23PM 1 NAPT and XEN
1:39PM 1 xen is causing network problems to Dom0 - bridge problem?
1:02PM 0 How to get internet work in guest OS?
11:42AM 0 Xen, CentOS5 and route setup
11:09AM 1 Backup for Xen
9:48AM 3 Lab manager for Xen
6:19AM 0 x11???
1:14AM 3 CPU''s vs. VCPUS
12:44AM 1 CPU/VCPU sharing
Tuesday October 2 2007
10:19PM 0 domU die by hand of oom-killer
6:23PM 7 how to install Windows without hardware support
3:02PM 0 Fwd: separate dom0 and domU source trees
2:04PM 2 Tainted kernel module?
1:40PM 3 Backup DomU volumes
6:49AM 1 HVM restore : saved CPUID does not match host.
Monday October 1 2007
8:02PM 1 Xenserver 4.0.1 running SCO Flavors
7:10PM 6 xen 3.1 Intel Core Duo 2
5:17PM 16 are Xen 3.1.0 kernels CVE-2007-4573 vulnerable
4:10PM 1 Hypervisor does not start?
3:26PM 7 "''Invalid kernel'', ''xc_dom_find_loader: no loader found\n" with new vanilla 2.6.23-rc8
11:48AM 2 Disk performance on HVM domains
9:12AM 0 i can''t get xen to run off of a nbd share
8:14AM 0 ioemu vs no ioemu in disk device
8:10AM 13 Xen does''t run a domainU
6:29AM 1 xend not starts up