Xen users - Aug 2006

Thursday August 31 2006
9:38PM 7 Core 2 Duo
8:08PM 2 kernel compile
6:00PM 8 DomU install using Yast2 xen can''t find CDROM installation source (HDIO_GET_IDENTITY failed)
5:31PM 2 xen 3.0.2 on debian reboots - dom0 crashed rebooting in 5 minutes
5:21PM 5 Custom kernel
3:59PM 8 bonding + vlans ALMOST working, NO ARP
3:01PM 0 Xen Loading Problems
2:15PM 1 Xen, Dual Core, Windows and QNX
2:02PM 0 Problem with multiple network interfaces
12:24PM 0 amd64 Debian Sid: xen loads but Domain0 crashes
12:12PM 0 Xen VM start priority ...
10:58AM 1 Debian Sid amd64 libc6-xen
10:20AM 4 Experiencing boot problems with xen3
4:15AM 0 How can I hide an ieee1394 controller?
1:59AM 1 error creating domain
Wednesday August 30 2006
8:06PM 0 Dell hardware recommendations for Xen and VT?
7:55PM 11 xen-3.0.2-3
7:12PM 0 Guidelines for tuning disk/block device parameters/performance in xen?
6:07PM 1 newbie silly question
3:17PM 0 Additional scsi drivers needed for xen-3.0.2
3:02PM 9 To Xen or not to Xen
2:32PM 1 Problem with Intel network card quad
12:28PM 0 ping out of domU OK ping in to domU not OK
11:15AM 0 SuSE 10.1 (Xen) + XP asms error
10:57AM 2 which domain use which vifX.Y interface?
10:39AM 0 xen routed setup
10:37AM 3 Memory squeeze in netback driver
9:43AM 2 Domain 0 crashed
9:27AM 1 Newbie Questions
3:04AM 1 Xen on AM2 nForce 590 (Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe)
Tuesday August 29 2006
10:19PM 1 bonding + vlan + bridgeing + xen not working
8:47PM 0 Some questions about xen testing
7:31PM 0 Hypervisor won''t find Dom0
7:15PM 0 Any working FC5/xen 3/iptables users?
5:31PM 7 CPU intensive VM starves IO intensive VMs
4:30PM 4 /dev/tty*: not a character device after reboot
4:05PM 12 can''t get multiple VLANs to work
12:43PM 0 compiling xen-source
12:40PM 0 ntpdate (dom0) causes user input problems
11:31AM 2 Bridges stop forwarding
7:50AM 0 hvm and multiple bridges
6:21AM 0 how to retrieve the ip addresses of domU guest OSs
5:56AM 0 FC5_x86_64 & Xen 3
5:50AM 0 Weird glibc bug, Process becomes unresponsive. Xen related?
12:37AM 6 How to make a copy (backup) of domU
Monday August 28 2006
10:26PM 3 Accessing serial port
6:10PM 0 Host unreachable from Dom0
5:27PM 0 xen + kvm?
4:19PM 2 Credit Scheduler for Xen "testing"?
1:59PM 0 SFTP from domU to dom0 crashes (reboots system)
10:19AM 3 CPU Temprature
9:42AM 0 Openswan and IPtables
9:09AM 3 System Reboots when creating HVM machine
6:17AM 2 autostart and shutdown
6:16AM 1 vnc mouse problem
12:47AM 1 About monitoring tools
Sunday August 27 2006
3:36PM 0 XenU crashes on kernel upgrade
12:31PM 0 Gentoo: DomU and fritzcapi driver
4:25AM 2 FC5/xen/iptables kernel panic -- further testing
Saturday August 26 2006
10:13PM 0 FC5 -- Xen 3.0.2 -- iptables with dom0 and domU
1:56PM 0 Xen live demo
10:44AM 9 I/O performance.
8:58AM 5 Re: Xen3.0, LSI MegaRaid, Debian
8:50AM 1 No CD-Recorder available...
Friday August 25 2006
6:31PM 0 Kernel panic -- FC5, xen 3.0.2-3 and iptables/shorewall
5:57PM 5 DELL PowerEdge 2850 - no CPU vme support
5:41PM 1 Xen Guest OSes drop off the network
3:16PM 0 booting xen over pxe
1:45PM 2 FC5 -- Xen 3.0.2 -- VNC
1:17PM 2 [Xen-ia64-devel] xen on SMP
1:03PM 1 Xen not loading more the 5 vertual servers
12:12PM 3 Can''t Create Guest on FC5 System
12:03PM 0 FW: Installing WIndows 2000 into XEN
11:10AM 0 Installing WIndows 2000 into XEN
10:39AM 1 Is it possible to run two or more multiboot linux installations on a single drive using Xen.
10:09AM 3 FATAL TRAP 18 (machine check)
9:10AM 3 About XEN
9:05AM 2 Spam on xen-announce
8:30AM 0 Accesing guest machine from host using xm console command
7:29AM 1 Black screen
6:21AM 0 Running state migration
Thursday August 24 2006
10:44PM 0 Black screen when starting VM
9:28PM 4 Displaying GUIs via VNC
6:33PM 0 Measuring disk time
5:52PM 1 second interface eth1 does not work in domU (xen 3.0.2 binary install in mandriva 2006)
5:49PM 17 How to expose physical hard drives directly to HVM domain?
4:54PM 0 Guest Domains drop from network
3:55PM 0 RE: Differences in performance between file and LVMbased images
3:31PM 0 NFS performance in domU
3:28PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Differences in performance between file and LVMbased images]
2:05PM 1 bluetooth network (bnep0) and xen.
1:54PM 0 Software RAID in DomU - does it work?
1:35PM 2 Problems to start multiple VM in FC5
1:19PM 4 I cant see any users logged in, "w" or "who" shows me 0 users while I am logged in 10 times :)
12:10PM 13 iSCSI target - run in Dom0 or DomU?
11:28AM 1 Domain Scheduling Management Commands, xm: "Error: Sub Command sched-credit not found!"
11:20AM 1 What does Maxmem do?
11:19AM 0 building xen unstable
10:00AM 2 login, SSH, and other issues due to permission on /dev changed after reboot
9:51AM 6 domU keeps crashing with repeating error message
9:14AM 1 BUG? XEN don''t take all CPUS when "(dom0-cpus 0)" is set
8:31AM 3 How to show deug info via XENPRINTF?
1:12AM 1 Serial console input problem
Wednesday August 23 2006
11:14PM 3 Memory problem''s 2GB mod
6:32PM 0 How much memory is recommended for each domain?
6:03PM 1 domU Windows XP install asks for D:\i386\asms?
5:40PM 3 Getting VMX (VT-X) enabled XEN
5:06PM 1 networking in hvm environment
4:44PM 0 SLES10 guest OSes drop off network.
4:25PM 0 Some Problems with vt on new intel S5000PSL Board (chipset i5000P)
1:31PM 1 SCSI Passthrough setup within VM
12:28PM 11 NFS DomU Client Performance
10:58AM 0 Xenconsoled no console possible
10:21AM 0 [Xen users]Tool for Live Migration
10:19AM 2 Tool for Live Migration
9:53AM 1 Xen and IMQ
8:47AM 7 How to set up real network cards?
7:19AM 0 Boot problems 3.0.2-2
7:17AM 0 conflict resolution
6:02AM 0 problem with capture card exported to dom-u
Tuesday August 22 2006
7:46PM 1 using FAI and XEN?
3:20PM 6 /lib/tls.disabled or xen-friendly glibc?
3:02PM 6 X server in a domU, with pci access and no X in dom0
9:22AM 0 XEND Tool doesnt work && crazy bootup msg
Monday August 21 2006
9:55PM 5 How to see (XEN) messages?
9:54PM 1 How to look at (XEN) initialization messages
3:58PM 1 Creating swap file on SLES10 XEN host
3:56PM 0 network-nat/vif-nat question
2:53PM 0 Error: DOM0 image is not a Xen-compatible Elf image.
2:09PM 0 Problems: xen with 4 processors!
1:50PM 2 DomU with modules?
12:07PM 0 Fw:Xend start and after lose network
7:22AM 1 Xen 3.0.2 install issues
12:48AM 0 VTDC 2006: submissions are now open
Sunday August 20 2006
10:53PM 0 Gigabyte GA-4MXSV Motherboard VT enabled?
1:04PM 4 xen dom0 crashes while copying a lot of files
11:59AM 2 xen pae build is broken on ubuntu dapper
9:14AM 0 is xen suitable for ...
2:40AM 1 Forwarded USB brokenness
2:04AM 1 pass pnp parallel port to guest
Saturday August 19 2006
8:01PM 0 root= LVM in configuration file
2:31PM 9 Traffic accounting in xen.
9:55AM 4 Running Xen on a Celerom machine
Friday August 18 2006
10:06PM 2 strange hvm install issue
9:22PM 1 xen
9:06PM 1 when to use ioemu
8:42PM 12 Deploying redhat clusters under Xen 3.0.2
8:14PM 0 Xen3: Unable to start xenU with Intel Core Duo T2050
7:56PM 3 hvm system freeze
5:13PM 1 A static processor portion in a VM
4:46PM 7 Duo Laptop
3:35PM 0 Soundcard problems in domU
2:40PM 2 Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II BCM5708 bnx2 bridging problem
2:39PM 2 Error: Kernel image does not exist: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.16-xen3_86.1_rhel4.1
1:05PM 1 Unable to boot (Long - log included)?
9:50AM 0 RE: new opterons... socket F
7:02AM 1 What modifications are required for my device driver to work with xen.
5:38AM 4 installing domainU
Thursday August 17 2006
10:39PM 3 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
4:24PM 0 strange behavior with network and vlan configuration ...
3:01PM 1 ATA: abnormal status on domain0
1:30PM 2 Xen and Xenoprof
1:07PM 0 Xen API and XML-RPC
12:54PM 0 Re: Migrating VBDs
12:40PM 3 Confused
9:52AM 0 Network tutorial?
9:46AM 1 DVD - Recorder in DomU
9:39AM 1 How to enable pciback.hide in standard xen 3.0.2 kernels
9:37AM 0 Promise Raid Controller - Interrupt Controller
9:00AM 0 Networking issues
8:00AM 2 Re: hvm, handle_mmio: failed to get instruction length
7:07AM 0 NPTL in domU
5:18AM 1 Abysmal network performance from HVM domains
Wednesday August 16 2006
11:59PM 0 RTC module, "IRQ 8 not free" inside domU and Asterisk ztdummy module
9:05PM 0 Xen-3.0.0 and Xenoprof
6:29PM 0 Xeon 5160/5000X based workstation
5:56PM 0 RE: Networking Problem!!
5:00PM 0 Xen 3.0.2 and Xenoprof
4:58PM 0 RE: Networking Problem!!
4:28PM 3 Can''t get internet access from domU (dom0: debian unstable, domU: debian sarge)
4:10PM 1 Xen domU install help?
3:48PM 0 Dell SC430
3:30PM 9 Full Virtualization: linux in linux?
2:30PM 0 Problems running make world
2:09PM 31 Running an already installed Windows as domU
1:37PM 1 regarding xen installation
12:13PM 8 Right distribution for Xen?
10:13AM 23 Ethernet MTU
8:55AM 6 Security Violation?
8:24AM 6 kernel panic on x86 PAE
Tuesday August 15 2006
10:32PM 1 xc_domain_unpause in xc_linux_save
9:13PM 2 Minimal Hypervisor Size?
8:47PM 0 weird Dom0 Kernel behaviour...
8:11PM 0 Problem with (C)LVM and XEN
5:24PM 4 hvm dapper install slow
9:19AM 1 Xen 3.0.2 and Linux kernel 2.6.17
Monday August 14 2006
11:18PM 0 Strange networking behaviour
11:15PM 0 How to export USB floppy to Windows 2003 Guest domain ?
8:57PM 0 Xen 3.0/Debian Sarge/Via Samuel 2 CPU
8:56PM 5 Packets flow from DomU to internet with private IP!
7:17PM 1 don''t use kernel with initrd when installing xen instances
7:08PM 3 getting domain info from inside a guest
6:24PM 0 Serial over LAN
4:21PM 1 Fsck failure <- missing /dev/ entries
4:18PM 2 XML-RPC and Xen ... How can I use/activate the service ?
4:02PM 1 FW: Xen-users Digest, Vol 18, Issue 54
2:54PM 1 Configure / enable xenbr1 on SLES10 base system
2:38PM 2 Virtual networking failed.
1:59PM 1 dom0 launching programs in domU
1:06PM 4 Which processorw are VT or Pacifica enabled ?
11:50AM 3 The questions when I install Xen on RHEL4!!! Plz help me!! Thanks...
11:15AM 4 preferred hardware for xen?
9:12AM 0 Problem with XEN on Tyan S2882-D 2xAMD280 16GB
8:52AM 3 Xend http management
8:02AM 2 How to Use Xen with eth1?[Scanned]
7:39AM 2 Disk images for server environment?
4:48AM 1 Current FC5 kernel-xen rpm broken?
2:39AM 1 Kernel Crashes with APIC bug
Sunday August 13 2006
10:56PM 11 Xen and Asterisk/Zapata WORKING!!
8:12PM 2 Xen and OpenVPN
7:49PM 4 using physical disks with HVM
3:34PM 2 Xen and PCI-Hotplug
2:51PM 0 xentop and top
12:12PM 5 Problems to connect to the Internet
11:10AM 0 hardwareclock dom0 vs. domU
4:29AM 0 xen and xgl
3:32AM 0 xm hanging?
2:23AM 6 AM2 motherboard drivers??
Saturday August 12 2006
9:32PM 0 windows xp on xen 3.0
6:56PM 3 Instalation freeze at "latex src/user.tex >/dev/null"
6:53PM 1 Networking doesn''t work out of the box on Debian Etch Dom0
Friday August 11 2006
7:37PM 2 DomU (CentOS) on Dom0 (Debian) can''t find /sys/block/sda/dev
3:23PM 1 Unmodified Linux Guest?
2:59PM 1 blktap and file-backed qcow: crashes and bad performance?
2:52PM 2 VMX Error 2 during "make install"
1:36PM 1 clean Windows shutdown from xm
10:43AM 0 Xen with heartbeat-2?
10:34AM 1 What''s the current status about Xen Management API.
9:47AM 0 Xen and i2c-isa
8:57AM 1 DomU fails after 8 hours
7:47AM 3 xen gui with argo
1:58AM 0 XEN-unstable hang on udev startup
Thursday August 10 2006
11:28PM 0 No kernel specified - hvmloader does not exist
10:35PM 2 Blade Server Support
10:26PM 10 Xen and TLS, -mno-tls-direct-seg-refs needed?
9:43PM 0 xen playground network
4:42PM 0 Network Speed Limited to 10Mbps?
3:44PM 1 current xen unstable x86 pae doesn''t compile install: cannot create regular file `//boot/xen-3.0-unstable.gz'': Permission denied
3:40PM 0 Error with NFS and XEN Unstable (High network load)
3:37PM 0 implicit declaration of function `printk''
2:14PM 0 Error: Device 769 (vbd) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
1:54PM 4 Very poor VNC performance
1:04PM 4 no acenic net driver in 2.6.16-xen kernel
11:51AM 3 Unable to start domUs on Xen 3.0.2+hg9697-1 (Debian amd64)
9:11AM 1 FC5 xen kernel source
8:00AM 0 PS2 Mouse KO in Ful / paravirtual VM
7:15AM 1 xen & FC5 root file system + network
7:05AM 0 An error in the config file of a new vm
6:57AM 2 Works...?! All blocked
6:11AM 1 Kernel Dom0 Network problem
4:04AM 0 Problem with loading the xen-3.0-testcd-3.0-2.iso
2:04AM 11 dual boot windows
Wednesday August 9 2006
9:20PM 0 tracebacks?
8:45PM 4 xend, network-script and vif-script
8:18PM 0 RE: Xen-users Digest, Vol 18, Issue 13
8:10PM 0 xen-3.0.2 && amd64 && debian 3.1 && libc6
5:39PM 0 help recovering vms
3:54PM 1 using xen with a single root device
11:58AM 4 Is Xen mature for desktop use(rs)?
10:43AM 2 Dedicating a NIC for each VM
8:46AM 1 Problems with Starting xen guest on top of debian 3.0 / unstable
7:41AM 0 Vesa framebuffer
7:35AM 4 Can I use Xen on redhat9?
5:43AM 1 Xen 3.1 not available?
1:16AM 1 Questions about sedf
12:14AM 0 Is it possible to bridge and NAT on the same Xen box
Tuesday August 8 2006
11:26PM 0 Re: How to get the pty for a specific domU
7:34PM 0 PCI Frontend causes Kernel Panic in Dom0
4:47PM 6 3.0.2 NAT headaches
3:26PM 4 Delay opening sockets
3:02PM 1 multiple hard drives
12:15PM 0 How to communicate with the domU using serial port.
7:23AM 6 3.0.2 qemu-dm vnc problem
6:25AM 3 How many Windows2003 on VT or pacifica
5:33AM 0 xen dom0 bootup problems
5:13AM 1 RE: 3D acceleration
2:45AM 4 NAT on 3.0.2?
Monday August 7 2006
5:27PM 1 Re: Marcel`s Vorschlag ..............
5:12PM 5 Installing Redhat 7,3 with hvm
3:02PM 1 Network configuration in domU
12:43PM 10 Assign IP''s
11:52AM 2 3.0.2-2 > 3.0.2 ?
9:55AM 1 3.0.2 hvmloader
7:45AM 2 fglrx Livna Drivers and Xen Kernel
5:51AM 0 Re: No X on Xen with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
Sunday August 6 2006
7:18PM 4 [newbie] Error: Not an HVM capable platform...
5:23PM 0 Compiling RT61 Network Module on Dom0
11:28AM 0 problem with /usr/sbin/xend
9:52AM 2 How to automatically set sched-sedf parameters for a Dom-U
7:33AM 2 partion
7:20AM 2 xenU + drbd 0.7.21 don''t create /dev/drbd0
Saturday August 5 2006
12:08PM 0 xen-3.0.1 and make mkpatches
11:57AM 2 xen kernel crashes
4:23AM 5 Is the VNC setting available for non-hvm DomU''s?
Friday August 4 2006
4:05PM 1 (no subject)
1:20PM 0 Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address cfd0f11c
12:57PM 2 saving state without stopping
8:56AM 1 Extending disk size
4:15AM 4 Xen 3.0 live migration
1:22AM 0 help Shrinking the size of Xen Domain-U
Thursday August 3 2006
10:39PM 7 no network traffic between domUs
8:52PM 0 Xen 3.0.2 with /boot on RAID1
5:40PM 2 How many nics in domU
5:28PM 0 memory exhausted
3:04PM 0 Unable to get Xen working...
12:17PM 1 Mounting Encrypted Root FileSystem for a domain in Xen
7:34AM 0 GRUB seems to crash the Fedora 5 Xen kernel
12:06AM 0 Boot Problems and Network problem on Debian with Xen 3.0.2
Wednesday August 2 2006
7:56PM 0 XENBUS: Device with no driver
7:45PM 2 Problems building a guest os on Fedora Core 5
6:55PM 7 opensolaris domU?
6:16PM 0 Move existing install to HVM?
2:41PM 0 kernel in xen0 and xenU question
9:12AM 0 Dynamic Ressource Sharing
5:42AM 1 From Debian dom0 to SUSE dom0
5:37AM 0 grub gags on xen
Tuesday August 1 2006
7:47PM 1 VMX CPU Detection / Operation
6:27PM 7 System seams slower with Xenified kernel and xend dies with SIG 15
5:04PM 2 Question on pseudo-physical memory
3:36PM 0 SUSE OSS 10.2 and Xen
10:01AM 0 tun/tap support
9:26AM 2 Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
8:40AM 0 Display to guest machines
8:37AM 0 HP or IBM for Xen
5:34AM 1 Re: XEN reboot issue
4:24AM 1 changing MAC address makes VM unreachable
3:29AM 0 Running Xen 3.0 with intel VT, two window s xp can''t open more than a window using SDL