wine users - Jul 2011

Sunday July 31 2011
9:30PM 3 wine explorer crashes on start - wine-1.3.25 + natty
4:49PM 4 Congratulations!
1:30PM 0 Diablo II dead locks.
9:46AM 0 Regarding xlive/GFWL problems
9:32AM 0 Hearts of Iron III v1.4 on Wine 1.3
9:25AM 2 Fatal Error
8:54AM 7 .NET SparkIV no fonts issue
6:23AM 13 Champion's Online
Saturday July 30 2011
4:36PM 1 Re: Mouse freezes when clicking
3:43PM 4 48 Hour Old Ubuntu 'Natty' user needs help
12:50PM 6 Memory problems/questions
8:32AM 1 Just another praise!
8:08AM 1 Manhunt INstaller not working
6:44AM 0 Re: How to contact a lead Wine developer?
4:42AM 1 Wine crashes when launch hl2 engine games
1:41AM 2 Ms Access 2003 errors
1:36AM 14 "Find Printer" does not work
Friday July 29 2011
11:26PM 7 Problems with DvdFab
7:24PM 4 Sound problem (that's marked as fixed)
6:51PM 5 Asus Support DVD
6:26PM 4 Re: Wine on Android
4:39PM 0 fixme:d3d:swapchain_init Add OpenGL context recreation
6:29AM 0 hi all im new here
1:30AM 2 Internet Explorer 6 won't install
Thursday July 28 2011
11:44PM 1 Re: Problem with save files during game
9:21PM 0 Re: Fronius solar access
8:46PM 5 Problem to uninstall a program within Wine under Mac OS X 10
5:34PM 3 problem with application using VB
3:42PM 7 [Ubuntu 10.10] SQLYog breaks after Wine update
11:48AM 1 Lisrel 8.8 installation
9:10AM 0 run time error 445 please help
8:41AM 0 Great Find
8:25AM 2 [Wine Patch]Create a new .dll
7:28AM 3 Newbie Corner!
5:07AM 0 Mouse Whell no work in Max Payne
3:57AM 1 rFactor Dedicated Server CPU usage
Wednesday July 27 2011
11:28PM 0 Elsword NA
1:42PM 0 Sound stopped working in 1.3.25
11:40AM 3 X-Lite-4.0 barfs on install. What's Mono?
7:56AM 0 Left 4 dead 2(STEAM) installation errors
7:19AM 11 Sketchup 8
7:10AM 0 Re: Does wine support rts. program?
6:17AM 1 Re: problem
2:43AM 1 Mouse dont hide in fullscreen games
12:51AM 3 No sound even without Pulse installed
Tuesday July 26 2011
8:55PM 3 .NET 4.0 support in Mono
8:07PM 1 Re: wine: could not exec the wine loader
6:46PM 1 sound not working
5:39PM 1 Re: WINE is ignoring locale settings
2:44PM 2 Sound problems not solved
12:12PM 3 Re: Battlefield Play4Free
9:01AM 7 wine application for all user fedora 15
5:28AM 0 Quoi D’Neuf by Hervé Villemade
2:20AM 0 how to copy
2:14AM 0 got same problem
2:12AM 2 New Member
1:24AM 1 Installing MS Office Professional Plus 2010 in Wine
Monday July 25 2011
10:56PM 1 Call Of Duty 5 with Wine
9:32PM 6 16 bit graphics - Creatures Docking Station
8:46PM 1 Way to specify alsa sound device on command line?
8:10PM 21 Wine 1.3.25 kills sound with PulseAudio
7:45PM 0 Re: Kareo please help
7:19PM 3 USB SoundCard no longer recognized in 1.3.25
7:05PM 4 No sound in Eve Online after 1.3.25 update
6:42PM 2 Executing linux daemons/sending cli commands from Wine
3:59PM 2 iSpQ in App DB
1:44PM 3 OSS on wine?
12:30PM 0 Introduce Yourself
12:07PM 0 WoW Interface Issue
8:29AM 6 Problem with Worl of Warcraft on Wine. Works very very slow.
5:56AM 3 Re: missing dbghelp.dll or higher (LotRO)
Sunday July 24 2011
8:13PM 11 a white screen with wine
7:55PM 2 Paltalk sound input problem.
7:25PM 2 Re: Problem with The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
6:55PM 6 No sound
6:35PM 2 Happyland Adventures Crashes at start
5:57PM 7 Salvage old data?
5:22PM 0 [F.E.A.R.3]Good and Bad News
1:22PM 0 Warcraft 3 frame-rate limiter
12:55PM 4 How to install games with more than one CD/DVDs?
1:04AM 9 I am os devleper and planting wine to my os
Saturday July 23 2011
10:04PM 2 winecfg opens IE after update
8:24PM 0 Grandia on wine 1.3.25,1.3.24
4:18PM 0 Google Music beta - Linux Client
11:49AM 2 Need wine 3.1.19 binary package
10:32AM 1 Portable Adobe Photoshop CS5
3:13AM 0 utgd zendyne by han li thorn [science fiction / th
Friday July 22 2011
10:27PM 2 channel chat
4:40PM 0 Re: Continent of the ninth - c9 - by hangame
2:37PM 2 Mario Forever incapable of remembering keymap
2:25PM 5 Make WINE detect an image as a CD drive with an audio disc
2:13PM 0 Direct rendering disabled on intel i965 (Morrowind&Debian)
2:08PM 14 Blip&Blop - old issue gone, new issue up
1:36PM 0 Re: Age of Empire 2 GOLD with Expansion The Conqueror not work
1:25PM 6 how to disable fullscreen mode in games?
11:24AM 1 Re: winecfg Audio tab crash - OS X Snow Leopard
6:52AM 3 Left 4 dead 2 crashes
6:33AM 1 Re: Silverlight Application in Wine
5:40AM 5 Second CD not mounting
5:13AM 2 Which registry cleaner to choose for Windows 7?
3:47AM 0 Re: Need help with unreal tournament
2:27AM 10 update Wine
1:27AM 0 Re: Does wine support rts. program?
Thursday July 21 2011
7:58PM 6 Re: Run Game In Separate X Server?
7:53PM 6 Re: Problem with Windows app accessing internet
3:06PM 3 Report bug
1:15PM 1 Help with wizard101 install
12:37PM 4 Office 2003 setup - Unhandled page fault on read access
9:43AM 3 libpng not found error message when libpng installed
3:24AM 0 Quoi D'Neuf, a beautiful Pinot Noir from the Loire
Wednesday July 20 2011
12:52PM 0 Apache + + Oracle ODP are working under wine now
12:21PM 0 Re: sha1sum mismatch!
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10:01AM 0 VIA TECHNOLOGIES TAIWAN - GNN Components, Co.Ltd
9:52AM 0 SANYO SEMICODUCTOR - GNN Components, Co.Ltd
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8:41AM 0 GLOBAL CONNECTOR - GNN Components, Co.Ltd
8:33AM 0 FCI - GNN Components, Co.Ltd
8:26AM 0 EPCOS - GNN Components, Co.Ltd
8:17AM 0 DINKLE - GNN Components, Co. Ltd
7:36AM 0 ATMEL - GNN Components, Co.Ltd
6:30AM 8 Nexus - The Jupiter Incident support in wine
Tuesday July 19 2011
11:37PM 1 Wine install of multi-cd's
8:27PM 1 Saving problems after upgrade to wine 1.3.24
4:59PM 1 Re: Problem with Windows app accessing internet
12:29PM 6 How to apply patch
7:40AM 0 CrossOver 10.1.0 and CrossOver Games 10.1.1 released
6:46AM 3 installing one than one version of wine
6:01AM 0 Re: Trying to run DDO on Ubuntu 10.10
5:34AM 0 HiQnet System Architect 3.0
3:10AM 4 Re: Does wine support rts. program?
Monday July 18 2011
9:32PM 1 game issues: league of legends
9:16PM 3 Generating OpenGL shaders from Direct3D shader bytecode
6:09PM 1 Installing USB driver
5:23PM 1 Rainbow Ket
5:16PM 0 Re: Wine integration in Ubuntu 11.04
4:17PM 4 problems with 1.2.3 and World of Warcraft
3:45PM 3 can wine work on my Android Tablet?
2:33PM 2 Help getting myvirtualhome to run in wine
2:23PM 11 Wine on Mac and Photoscape
4:00AM 2 Wine tricks
Sunday July 17 2011
7:27PM 4 EUIII DW: Font glitches
5:54PM 11 Buildung Wine on OS X
12:57PM 10 League of legend & Adobeair
2:01AM 5 Problems installing wine
1:22AM 8 some of my programs dont work
Saturday July 16 2011
11:29PM 3 GLSL errors please help as soon as possible.
7:14PM 0 ggggg
3:54PM 1 gothic 1.08 wine 1.2.3
2:49PM 0 Re: File extraction error for Zune Software.
10:48AM 1 Forum software is rubbish.
8:16AM 4 Old game and CD support
3:40AM 1 Morrowind help
3:18AM 1 Which Wine-Linux can i use?
3:18AM 1 Help with wine in Ubuntu?
3:17AM 0 Sins of a solar Empire WINE?
Friday July 15 2011
10:48PM 0 Priston Tale 2, Wine 1.3.24 - can't get past launcher.
10:00PM 0 rune of magic is not showing up
9:05PM 10 farcry2 texture bug
5:29PM 2 VMware Thinapp and Kace Repackager + Adobe CS5
3:27PM 3 Installing Wine on a MacBook?
3:04PM 0 Starcraft 2 crashes
2:32PM 1 Itunes
10:14AM 0 Re: Office 2007 black artifacting in wine >1.2
8:01AM 0 Re: Database (Jet 4.0) Problem.
4:22AM 0 Crazy Graphics on Mushclient
3:34AM 1 Is it possible to assign or spoof a MAC address in Wine?
2:24AM 1 Re: Does wine support rts. program?
1:12AM 0 The Truth About Apple Inc.
Thursday July 14 2011
10:45PM 6 installer not working
9:17PM 0 Rainbow Key
7:22PM 5 Help with Unreal Tournament
4:20PM 0 Re: Running wine on HP/Palm webos
4:06PM 23 Programs Won't Run in WINE
3:47PM 0 Re: Does wine support rts. program?
3:05PM 1 Wine crashes on 'Open-File' Dialogs
10:34AM 5 Amazon AWS EC2, Ubuntu, Wine and a 3D App on remote desktop
6:35AM 4 Install office 2010
12:20AM 2 Alternative to PulseAudio
Wednesday July 13 2011
9:31PM 0 Just a note.
9:19PM 6 some window files are missing from /.wine
9:12PM 6 can't update any software on wine
8:25PM 5 return, executed he actions of the key of tab in the dialog
7:09PM 0 Wine 1.3.24 and Bolide Software All my movies problem
3:48PM 1 The mouse can't move in a game
3:16PM 3 Wine refuses to launch a program
1:32PM 3 Printing in wine works incorrectly
11:45AM 11 the sound drivers are not working !
11:23AM 3 how do you install winetricks on mac
4:27AM 2 ChessBase Disaster on Fedora 15
12:48AM 5 Victoria 2 does not display text correctly
Tuesday July 12 2011
10:52PM 31 The Witcher
4:10PM 0 Are user signatures disabled for new posts?
3:43PM 2 Emulation question
2:39PM 60 Wine registration email - system failure
2:32PM 7 Pegasus Mail - runs slow - tuning wine?
12:40PM 1 Old Sticky still valid regarding Pulseaudio in Ubuntu?
12:36PM 7 Wine 1.3.21 - Irfanview 4.25 stopped working!
12:33PM 2 Suggrstion - remove USELESS Google forum search!
8:03AM 0 Re: [ foobar2000 ] Right-click on tabs does not work
Monday July 11 2011
10:13PM 1 Trying old multimedia app, get crash
4:25PM 4 Notification of quit event
1:21PM 17 Sims 3 help
11:02AM 2 ProgramError
9:29AM 1 Mac Os X Lion 10.7
7:04AM 4 Wine 1.3.24 and Age of Conan: Anybody made it work?
6:03AM 0 RealFlight G3.5
1:35AM 14 Absolute n00bie needs help on error mesage
Sunday July 10 2011
9:40PM 2 Winetricks Location
6:24PM 2 Wine missing python dll - eve-online
6:16PM 0 Error with installing AutoCad 2007
5:59PM 2 Team Fortress and steam friends list
4:50PM 0 Re: Missing textures with some games. Advice?
4:45PM 5 OpenGL issue on games - Ati 5650 on ubuntu 10.10 64bit
1:33PM 0 Lexia Reading
1:12AM 4 Cant install worms3D anymore
12:37AM 1 No more alsa oss emulation?
Saturday July 9 2011
11:53PM 10 Aion/WoW Help ubuntu 10.04
11:10PM 5 Help with a steam game on ubuntu
9:59PM 1 Guild Wars installation issue?
8:56PM 4 Installing xaudio2 (Serious Sam Second Encounter HD)
8:16PM 6 Re: Problem with Windows app accessing internet
2:27PM 1 Need help with Warcraft II BattleNet Edition and LAN play
5:05AM 3 Steam loading my profile and dying
2:05AM 1 Re: Baldur's gate II - 'rest' function problem
Friday July 8 2011
7:08PM 0 Off screen rendering mode
3:32PM 1 Re: Black skin in The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion
1:20PM 10 Wine Conformance Test on Windows 9x, how to report?
11:01AM 0 Free Mac Apps You Can’t Miss
7:04AM 0 Fiesta Online
2:06AM 14 Slitaz OS. Use Wine with Amazon KindlePC
12:01AM 1 Re: Black skin in The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion
Thursday July 7 2011
10:35PM 7 Instaling Sage Retail 2011 not sucessfull
10:24PM 1 X server Display error in Debian Linux with KDE (Solved)
7:58PM 1 Re: Trying to run RIFT on OS X 10.6 and Having DirectX Issues
7:26PM 1 Re: Black skin in The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion
7:09PM 0 printing problem from a program with wine
7:08PM 0 Re: Gateway (online game client) - login hangs
2:30PM 2 Re: winetrick is not working anymore
1:14PM 1 Re: Can someone point mee in the right direction =?
11:27AM 2 Obscure japanese game crash (mariari)
8:24AM 1 pulse audio
7:10AM 14 UNZ FM TOWNS Emulator not reading discs
3:12AM 7 Re: Does wine support rts. program?
Wednesday July 6 2011
11:00PM 1 X server Display error in Debian Linux with KDE
7:42PM 8 One font has changed
1:55PM 1 mouse is not synced with the game mouse
5:44AM 0 Re: Help with USB-to-serial cable
1:23AM 0 Battlefield bad company 2
1:11AM 11 Unity web player
Tuesday July 5 2011
11:12PM 3 HTML Mail on Wine List
10:36PM 1 Team Fortress 2 Nvidia 9800GT flickering 3d models
9:30PM 5 Sims 3: No shadows and strange water
1:00PM 2 Help with route add
11:10AM 0 Partypoker cannot be installed
11:05AM 2 New Program on Unix
10:21AM 6 Wine PostScript printing to file
7:02AM 2 Re: Antivirus for Mac Wine?
1:28AM 0 [Linux Mint 11 / Wine 1.3.15] Nvidia screen refresh problem
Monday July 4 2011
8:58PM 0 F.E.A.R. free multiplayer
5:25PM 2 Buggy Starcraft Broodwar sound after Ubuntu update
5:12PM 0 Re: New winetricks 20110628: 18 new verbs (adobe_diged, audible,
10:21AM 3 Wine command line - sending break signal
10:00AM 0 problem installing webharelite
6:35AM 0 HOTK france client
5:19AM 2 Bundled internet explorer doesn't work.
5:08AM 0 Fallout New Vegas Crash
4:31AM 7 Black Tomato Mod on wine?
3:38AM 0 mind to bitter, interest to joy, tolerance to macro, speech
3:38AM 0 he XunYe without lots of small for-our peace
3:37AM 0 aspires to gallop li-an old aim at Trinidad; Still, at the o
Sunday July 3 2011
10:48PM 2 No Launch on Fallout 3.
10:24PM 0 Re: Installing iTunes on Linux Mint Isadora 9
9:40PM 4 Wine WOW64 compile - newbie here
9:27PM 3 Lotus Wordpro crashes using dialogue Editor
8:37PM 1 Re: Uninstall Windows Apps?
2:57PM 9 Adding a Registry Key to Wine
11:22AM 3 Educational App Problem (4nec2x): Fail When 3d Window Closed
9:55AM 1 gta vice city not starting
3:35AM 0 When typing letters on a search bar letters turn into number
12:06AM 10 Age of Conan, Wine 1.3.23, Mac OS 10.6.7 ?
Saturday July 2 2011
10:49PM 11 Game: Eve Online
8:55PM 4 Re: How to recompile Wine on ARM
8:01PM 13 playonlinux - FARCRY2 glitch
7:47PM 3 Windows program installation with Wine
6:37PM 0 Better and better.
5:48PM 3 Distro prep problems? (Ubuntu 11.04)
3:53PM 4 Re: Uninstall Windows Apps?
3:37PM 2 Re: Uninstall Windows Apps?
3:36PM 5 Heads Up: gcc-4.6 -march=corei7 -mtune=corei7 doesn't work
3:31PM 0 Steam Client Lockups
3:16PM 1 Re: Uninstall Windows Apps?
2:43PM 1 Re: Uninstall Windows Apps?
2:26PM 0 Project Zoo
12:06PM 1 Re: tbx player and asymgrid.vbx
10:59AM 3 Re: Uninstall Windows Apps?
9:47AM 4 Wine shows a strange message loading an application
9:43AM 5 Oblivion, Low FPS, crashes.
Friday July 1 2011
9:56PM 8 problem starting Visual dBASEv 5.7
9:15PM 6 Unlocking Windows-LOCKED HDD
7:58PM 0 Horrible mouse bug fixed?
7:50PM 2 installing nexus the jupiter incident
7:15PM 8 League of Legend
6:19PM 4 Aion 2.5.0.x on Sabayon 6
11:20AM 4 Jade Dynasty: ERROR
2:18AM 0 Rift patch: refix WINE
1:55AM 1 No help for me?
1:55AM 23 World of Tanks