wine users - Aug 2011

Wednesday August 31 2011
10:13PM 1 GPU OpenCL Wine ?
8:20PM 2 linux executable loading linux .so which calls windows dll
6:10PM 1 Native mp3 playback winemp3.acm/l3codeca.acm regression?
6:03PM 6 Ubuntu and Windows and Sage.........
12:29PM 1 Sound problem wine 1.3.26
8:48AM 1 Re: Run-time error '10'This array is fixed or temporarily locked
8:03AM 0 Wine start slow down
6:19AM 5 DDO freezes my computer
12:05AM 1 wine's iexplore: application protocols ?
Tuesday August 30 2011
7:57PM 2 Crystal Reports XI release 2
2:55PM 1 Re: Kareo please help
11:48AM 3 counter strike 1.6
11:23AM 7 (K)Ubuntu 11.4 x86_64 compiling wine gstreamer
10:24AM 8 Program No Longer Can Save
9:31AM 5 Wine 1.3.26 no output from linux console to windows console
7:41AM 6 how to cross-compile
7:37AM 1 Running Modern Warfare 2 on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty.
4:24AM 2 problem
12:47AM 6 WINE + TrackManiaNations4Ever on OsX 10.7 (Lion)
Monday August 29 2011
10:32PM 1 DOS programs on OSX?
8:47PM 6 help with perfect world international, after installation
4:26PM 2 Reverting from sour wine
3:25PM 1 wine-1.3.27 - breaks civ5 - ArchLinux (64bit)
4:41AM 0 Help with Sony Vegas 7.0a
3:56AM 1 Dragon Naturally Speaking no longer installs
12:11AM 3 Ashen Empires
Sunday August 28 2011
10:03PM 1 query, wine 1.3.27 for ubuntu x64?
8:34PM 3 visual theme regression (?)
7:41PM 2 How to install the settlers 7?
3:52PM 1 second x-server window has no sound. Please help!
10:12AM 0 Re: Antivirus for Mac Wine?
Saturday August 27 2011
9:40PM 1 An idea for older games...
9:24PM 0 The comdlg open box
8:40PM 4 Wine-No CD-ROM drive found
7:05PM 1 Re: Portal 2 can't run setup EXE
3:53PM 1 [wined3d]Support for a Nvidia card
9:09AM 1 How to run Limbo game? In AppDB is working finr
8:05AM 3 Windows and Ubuntu and Windows and......
Friday August 26 2011
5:16PM 3 When will Wine use Direct3D directly?
4:00PM 0 Reports
3:15PM 0 Interner Fehler: .NET Framework not found
2:15PM 3 Text cut off
2:09PM 1 Oblivion -5006
12:38PM 2 WISO 2011 - Tip Software
11:23AM 3 Wine 1.2 or 1.3 not working in Ubuntu 11.10
10:10AM 0 Robotics Blog
7:55AM 1 Photoshop cs5 cash in wine selecting text tool
6:54AM 0 Re: Lineage II - Freya (Russian release)
6:49AM 0 Re: World of Warcraft OpenGL render problem
6:37AM 2 Re: S4League
Thursday August 25 2011
6:20PM 1 Black and white - Crash at start
5:41PM 1 Re: Can we add .ax files using winetricks
5:26PM 1 Re: wine vs virtualbox
4:30PM 1 Re: wine vs virtualbox
2:05PM 0 Hacker | Librarian Haven | Online Hacking Weblog | Library B
1:47PM 0 Online Hacking Weblog
12:56PM 2 Re: Black Ops and Use GLSL disable
12:38PM 0 cheap printer cartridges
11:35AM 0 Re: iptool (ink reset canon question)
6:55AM 1 Re: Dragon Age Installer: starting 64-bit process not supported
6:39AM 0 Re: Useful bash scripts for wine / need help
Wednesday August 24 2011
6:53PM 1 Wine App seems to crash when I launch a App
4:51PM 1 ActiveX Componenet
3:52PM 2 Re: wine vs virtualbox
1:22PM 1 Re: ATI Graphics card
12:57PM 1 Multiple Users
11:27AM 1 Re: Error installing Wine in MAC OSX
11:22AM 1 Re: Civ crashes while starting in window mode
9:43AM 1 Photoshop cs5 in ubuntu 11 64bits
9:20AM 0 Business Money Marketing Blog
8:46AM 0 QuickBooks in iPad
8:44AM 0 TunesReflex for travelers
8:41AM 0 Search outlook mails from mobile
8:41AM 0 Give a break to your Laptop
6:52AM 0 Re: Installed Wine on MacBook Pro- no problems
6:02AM 1 wine monopolizes the sound
5:48AM 0 PlayOnline Viewer fails to complete installation
Tuesday August 23 2011
7:41PM 0 wine64 when running program does not check current file
7:08PM 1 Re: Window scrolling artifacts in PDF XChange Viewer
5:57PM 3 OLE DB
12:13PM 2 Schoolzone windows application
11:14AM 1 Re: mortal online
11:11AM 2 Can't install program with today's git in 64-bit
10:32AM 0 Talk About Home Improvement
10:20AM 1 Re: Files dbf and cdx - net linux
8:41AM 1 Re: problem installing dotnet 2.0
7:49AM 1 Re: wine vs virtualbox
6:39AM 0 Re: DLLs not found if set to native only (vcrun2010)
3:10AM 1 Arena Simulation problems in Wine 1.2.3
Monday August 22 2011
11:05PM 3 Fallout New Vegas no longer working
8:37PM 1 Can't install program with today's git in 64-bit version
5:17PM 0 Re: MS Office Word - small fonts are aliased
5:12PM 2 Re: Office 2007 black artifacting in wine >1.2
4:41PM 0 osu! and steam don't work after the last update of wine
1:43PM 1 ATI control center screen identifier always turned on
11:06AM 0 Re: Can't get a HighID with eMule 0.50a on wine 1.2 and Ubuntu
10:25AM 1 Re: DVD decrypter: No Devices Detected
8:08AM 1 How can I redirect a programs input/output with AutoIt?
7:59AM 0 Re: Knights of the Old Republic - White Polygons
6:39AM 1 Re: Making Wine Firefox the default browser
6:24AM 0 Re: Font '?' cannot be found when running .NET apps
4:29AM 1 OpenGL + DIB
1:14AM 1 Autoit Bug - @DesktopRefresh
1:11AM 1 Autoit Bug - Inputbox
12:11AM 1 1.3.26 focus on Wine windows minimizes all native windows
12:10AM 1 Autoit
Sunday August 21 2011
9:24PM 0 Re: Help with USB-to-serial cable
6:02PM 3 Is Wine having a bug in it's system?
3:22PM 1 Odd window behaviour
2:03PM 0 Re: Trying to run DDO on Ubuntu 10.10
7:42AM 1 err:mscoree:LoadLibraryShim erorr
Saturday August 20 2011
11:18PM 1 What's wrong with my office 2010 run under wine?
8:37PM 1 Apps segfaulting, problem with X?
6:28PM 1 Video Encoding under wine
4:46PM 1 Office 2007 Problem
3:38PM 1 Trying to run From Dust
2:14PM 0 Alt+F4
12:27PM 1 Programs and games cannot run with Wine
7:22AM 0 Possible to hide external fonts from Wine?
5:17AM 1 Fallen Earth Installer Will Not Complete Update
12:36AM 1 Casino app
Friday August 19 2011
11:09PM 0 Re: ATI FireGL v5200 and Guild Wars
10:03PM 1 2 mouse cursors visible using a steam app
4:28PM 1 Program-specific settings have no effect
3:13PM 0 Re: Multiple WoW/Wine issues, lack of internet and opengl
12:59PM 0 Re: No sound in wine with Ubuntu 10.10, native sound works fine
12:41PM 3 Hitman Contracts: Human figures are rendered black
12:26PM 0 electrical safety testing
12:08PM 26 Pulse audo in 1.3.25+
11:14AM 2 Re: problem launching PC400 (campbell scientific) with wine
11:12AM 1 Re: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade model problems
10:29AM 0 sundance spa filters
8:08AM 0 Re: Counter Strike Source Scoreboard Lacks Fonts
8:02AM 1 Re: No sound in wine with Ubuntu 10.10, native sound works fine
7:45AM 0 Re: frame/graphics lag in microsoft Freelancer
6:42AM 0 Re: Fallout New Vegas doesn't work
6:30AM 0 Re: Changing wine prefix results in file type error
6:14AM 0 Take a look..
Thursday August 18 2011
9:50PM 0 Keyboard input problems
8:04PM 2 problem installing WINE
5:48PM 0 Re: Help with USB-to-serial cable
3:47PM 0 wine/native program sound issue (no pulse)
3:40PM 2 mmdevapi changes
3:23PM 3 How do I update the latest wine?
11:56AM 0 Re: Change/Hide Mouse cursor in Wine app
11:50AM 0 Re: PPLive can't start with wine on OS 10.4 Mac Tiger
10:55AM 0 Re: Logitech Harmony Remote Software (7.7.0) Fails to See Remote
10:46AM 0 Re: Screen resolution changing not working (Debian Squeeze)
10:31AM 0 Re: Solidworks 2009 on Linux Mint 9
6:52AM 2 Max Payne won't start.
6:47AM 1 Re: Access HTTPS/SSL enabled sites
6:44AM 1 Re: Warhammer Dark Crusade: scroll map with mouse
6:36AM 0 Re: successful ATI card for WINE gaming?
6:22AM 1 Re: Red alert 2 network play
4:53AM 2 S4 league how to run it !!! (help)
1:17AM 3 "Direct3D" in "wine regedit" Missing?
Wednesday August 17 2011
11:21PM 1 Need some help with instaling!!
10:56PM 1 prueba
9:20PM 1 How to let wine doing a rescan of PATA devices?
8:43PM 5 MS SQL Server 2008
7:31PM 4 Regression help
7:29PM 3 Heroes VI on Wine
6:32PM 1 What is the best procedure about wine when you change your c
6:32PM 0 EVGA's oc scanner works in wine
4:21PM 0 Re: Booting from a flash and need to install wine
1:50PM 0 Error when starting COD without install
10:58AM 0 Re: Wine windows dvd
9:20AM 1 powder cell
9:12AM 0 Re: Last Chaos Online its not working.
9:11AM 1 Foxpro File Copying causes Invalid Name warning
8:50AM 0 Re: HTTP/SSL (HTTPS) sites not working in IE6/IE7 - advice reque
8:16AM 3 BIOS Flash?
8:15AM 0 Re: RtCW: GLW_StartOpenGL() issue
7:11AM 0 Re: Prince of Persia : Forgotten Sands = No sound
6:24AM 0 Re: MSHTML does not work in zh_CN.utf-8 locale
6:02AM 1 Blank Windows
3:35AM 0 Please Review my site!!
1:47AM 0 Become the Acquaintance for NBA basketball Game
Tuesday August 16 2011
11:35PM 1 Wine license and Mac App Store
9:44PM 1 Problem with visual studio feature pack
9:22PM 2 power translator pro 7
5:01PM 2 Missing Wine entry in start menu
12:51PM 3 copy of the .wine directory
7:21AM 1 Re: Problems with activex
7:13AM 0 Re: TF2 with GTX260 and Quad-core Phenom II - what performance?
12:55AM 1 Curious about ATI
Monday August 15 2011
10:59PM 1 Team Fortress 2 Bug Fix Undone by New Patch
9:33PM 7 Argo online on Linux
8:28PM 1 scarlet weather rhapsody game
8:02PM 1 Wine 1.3.26: Samsung NPS does not work
6:48PM 7 Crysis on Wine? Works... kinda? help?
6:42PM 1 New bug on AOE With Wine 1.3.26
6:42PM 1 Greek simbols in dialogs.
6:33PM 1 Logitech Freedom 2.4
5:17PM 1 Re: Error running TalkNow
4:53PM 0 Space Shuttle Mission 2007 - mouse cursor stuck
4:46PM 0 problem with stars!
11:56AM 0 Re: no Runes of Magic with Wine 1.1.34
6:41AM 1 Re: Anyone able to install Sony Vegas HD Platinum in a linux os?
6:19AM 0 Re: Unable to create D3D device
6:03AM 0 Rivers are able to get to its destination, because it know
Sunday August 14 2011
8:01PM 1 Problems running Sims 3. Can you tell me what this error is?
6:55PM 1 Game quits right after starting. HELP!
6:06PM 2 Failed to initialise Direct3D
1:23PM 0 Game: Bounty Hounds Online stuck at start
12:01PM 2 Wine 1.3.26. Nvidia 450 GTS. Multisampling=enable - no AA
7:42AM 1 Can't run programs via VNC, but can run directly from server
Saturday August 13 2011
10:30PM 2 rome directx?
9:08PM 4 how 2 download WINE thru windows (no linux modem yet)
8:51PM 1 MBT Desktop Pro
5:09PM 3 Japanese and Korean Fonts inside Wine.
2:51PM 5 Previously working app now has blank windows when launched
12:03PM 1 Re: Money 2004 installed, but crashing
9:28AM 1 Native Client version
8:11AM 3 User32::MENU_CopySysPopup problem
2:10AM 1 Trouble Downloading
Friday August 12 2011
10:36PM 1 Debian Wheezy and Wine
9:20PM 0 Mac OS X switching keyboard layouts problem
1:56PM 1 Illegal project ?
11:26AM 1 Intercept Dungeon Keeper 2 Textures
10:31AM 2 [Fallout2] Maybe problems with graphics acceleration?
9:50AM 0 How to export voice memos from iPod to Mac?
9:48AM 0 How to transfer audio books from iPod to Mac?
8:42AM 1 Re: Steam Installation Errors
8:17AM 1 Re: Strange WoW behavior - unresponsive -> disconnect
7:07AM 0 Re: Need help with Wine and Forex MT4??
5:52AM 1 Re: # fixme:ddraw:DirectDrawEnumerateExA flags 0x00000007 not ha
1:58AM 1 Question regarding expanding wine features with JoytoKey
1:24AM 1 Where do I download Wine?
12:19AM 3 Poor: Installing champions online (improved)
12:15AM 1 Poor: Installing Champions online
Thursday August 11 2011
11:43PM 1 HELP ME PLEASE: installing champions online
11:22PM 0 heRO Ragnarok
11:11PM 1 Help: Running Linkrealms
10:31PM 3 HELP: Installing Champions online
10:10PM 2 error message of wingcc
6:12PM 6 .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 problem
5:07PM 1 mouse off position (in pokerstars client)
5:06PM 1 Wine Win XP
10:17AM 1 Re: New winetricks 20110417: new verbs braid braid_demo cod5_waw
9:27AM 0 Re: invalid ELF header
9:14AM 0 Re: How to run VBscript using wine?
8:20AM 2 Re: Default wine registry timezone from GMT 0 to GMT -3
8:15AM 0 OSS sound in wine 1.3.26 not work on fmodex games
7:19AM 0 Re: Building big app in Visual C++ in Wine uses too many file ha
6:00AM 0 anyone who is not high, in my empty live years-he ShiYuKun,
6:00AM 0 the gentleman's trip, the static with cultivate one's moral
5:34AM 1 IE,Acrobat Reader and SAP windows are Looking Blank
5:25AM 0 Re: Mass Effect and dinput8
5:22AM 0 Re: Since update of January 15th Left 4 Dead 2 (steam) crashes
4:12AM 1 Command and Conquer:Red Alert 3 All text missing(wine1.2.2)
1:24AM 2 Medal of Honor almost a success
Wednesday August 10 2011
9:44PM 1 Winetriks donet20
7:54PM 1 Microsoft Office 2003 in Wine (Ubuntu 11.04)
5:41PM 3 winetricks
3:15PM 1 Listbox Question - Danish accounting program SummaSummarum
3:04PM 1 dUDE
12:56PM 2 Re: invalid ELF header
7:18AM 0 Chilling with red wine
5:11AM 3 MS-Office 2003 crashes when loading documents
1:12AM 3 Portal + Intel HD Graphics 3000 + Ubuntu Natty
12:29AM 1 Problems using Origin
Tuesday August 9 2011
11:48PM 1 Execute WinBreadBoard
11:00PM 1 Tell Wine to run Linux program?
8:24PM 4 mac thinks wine is in opt/local/bin
8:09PM 4 Scale "up" low resolution programs to fit screen?
5:59PM 10 Invalid parameters on mac (World of Tanks 6.5)
5:00PM 0 Re: Wine is suddenly really slow
3:06PM 0 Re: Getting GSiteCrawler v1.23 rev 286 to work in Wine
12:49PM 0 Re: Does wine support rts. program?
11:24AM 0 Re: Entropia Universe with patched wine 1.3.14
9:35AM 1 Tips on Buying Home Wine Rack
9:18AM 1 how can i use all prefix?
9:17AM 1 Re: Direct rendering disabled - apparently common on 64bit
8:50AM 2 Problem running programm.
8:16AM 0 Re: Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword crash
7:14AM 0 Poker Software
6:50AM 2 is there a was to stop IE for one program?
Monday August 8 2011
9:10PM 2 Setting System Time in Wine
7:46PM 1 MS Lync 2010 or OCR2 experience using Wine?
7:23PM 2 Re: Entropia Universe with patched wine 1.3.14
7:09PM 1 Re: Entropia Universe with patched wine 1.3.14
6:16PM 2 New Version and captured mouse
3:38PM 1 Re: App Right Fax with wine 1.3.20
3:24PM 1 Re: Bluetooth in wine?
2:36PM 1 Register fonts in Wine
1:01PM 0 Re: gekkeiju online running, now just need shaders
10:35AM 0 Re: STALKER Clear Sky bugs: red grass, stretched textures, etc.
10:10AM 0 Re: Tmax Window(a propietary OS) using Wine?
8:47AM 1 HELP! How do I know if WINE is installed or will work? HELP!
7:54AM 1 Wine 1.3.26 problem screen
7:23AM 0 Re: anomaly warzone earth
6:55AM 1 not able see wine in Applications<System tools
6:54AM 3 Post subject: Uninstall Windows Apps?
4:17AM 2 java error
1:56AM 0 Re: Dell Printer Software
Sunday August 7 2011
5:55AM 5 Best Wine Front-End
Saturday August 6 2011
6:43PM 6 Profili Pro software needs mdb file?
6:32PM 2 dxdiag doesn't start: OpenGL issues
6:07PM 0 Audacity in wine does not find "default" sound
5:11PM 1 Softonic Downloader needs an internet connection to function
1:13PM 0 COD2 winecfg
12:57PM 1 F15 / Wine / StarCraft2 / libjpeg8 not found.
12:44PM 1 Re: Audacity in wine does not find "default" sound sys
11:41AM 0 Audacity in wine does not find "default" sound system
9:08AM 1 64 bit graphic card driver and source based games
8:51AM 4 Newbie Question Minimum DLLs or Components Required
6:07AM 1 Install both wine 1.2 and wine 1.3
2:57AM 2 Wine Opens Everything by Default
2:19AM 2 issue for wine start
12:12AM 1 Team Fortress 2 Crashing After A Few Minutes of Playing
Friday August 5 2011
11:41PM 1 DirectX Error CitiesXL 2011
11:09PM 1 Can't run ekRO (Ragnarok Online)
9:23PM 4 Age of Wonders access violation upon start and crashes
9:20PM 5 Wine API?
8:34PM 1 Wine off a LiveUSB
8:11PM 1 Unexpected folder structure in Wine 1.2.2 (Linuxmint 11)
6:59PM 2 Issues Building WINE 1.3.25 and 1.3.26 on Aptosid AMD64
5:06PM 5 Duke Nukem Forever Demo (Steam) not launching
3:34PM 1 AdobeOwl.dll error, Any idea?
12:55PM 0 Re: Printing Error
10:07AM 2 Re: World of warcraft - Ubuntu 10.4 - Ati Radeon ati 4650 HD 1gb
6:51AM 8 Wine aborts setup.exe for weird reason: Need a FIX
Thursday August 4 2011
10:20PM 2 Installation error Macbook pro
10:04PM 4 Task returned with status 15
7:12PM 0 Re: How to reset the StarCraft 2 Graphics Settings
5:18PM 1 Natural Reader Problem
2:24PM 4 Delph7 ENT DeveloperExpress Components on wine
1:33PM 2 Steam crash directly after launch
11:37AM 4 Mono to use for Writers Blocks 4?
10:42AM 1 Re: Rosetta Stone
10:36AM 2 Runing programs as administrtor on Wine
10:11AM 1 Kaspersky v6 under wine - update Problem
9:16AM 0 Re: World of Warcraft 3.3.5 ptr crash
4:07AM 7 How To Get Games on Steam?
3:45AM 1 Xfire native solution: Gfire
Wednesday August 3 2011
5:25PM 3 Evernote stopped working after upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04
3:23PM 1 No sound on ThinkPad -- mixer issue
3:12PM 5 Impulse fails to start
2:40PM 1 nokia n900
11:17AM 0 libgnutls?
4:53AM 2 Re: Problem with Landscape printing
4:11AM 8 Serios error Nancy Drew ununtu 11.04
12:05AM 0 Re: Microsoft.jet.OLEDB.4.0 provider is not registered on the lo
Tuesday August 2 2011
8:41PM 1 Permanent CD / DVD drive setup
8:10PM 2 CDemu Half Life 2 install problem
7:42PM 1 cant get wine on Centos 5.6
5:59PM 2 AdobeOwl.dll error , HELP!
2:54PM 4 [Dragon Age Origins] Official DLCs "Unable to load area"
9:10AM 3 Mouse flickers between game and desktop cursors in Civ 4
6:40AM 0 Program starts running no further then..
6:14AM 2 Guild Wars Login Screen Missing
Monday August 1 2011
9:43PM 3 Segmentation Fault
7:00PM 2 Wine and MSSQL 2008: SSL Security Error
4:04PM 2 Storage share mode help
12:24PM 1 [Rayman 3]Sound Problem
11:55AM 6 AgeOfConan successfully started but without textures ...
1:58AM 1 Re: Modio Question
1:31AM 3 Re: Does wine support rts. program?