wine users - Jan 2009

Saturday January 31 2009
11:53PM 1 Wine on 64-bit Kubuntu 9.04a3 - No problem.
9:31PM 7 Darwine stopped working
7:50PM 3 thanks for the help guys
4:42PM 1 Change between OSS and ALSA in command line
4:30PM 5 Major Bug while trying to run winecfg
10:49AM 1 NFS Undercover needs to activate
9:09AM 1 Downloading and setting X3DAudio
4:59AM 0 How to work Age of Empires II...
2:05AM 3 wine on powerpc report
Friday January 30 2009
9:39PM 1 World of Warcraft
7:09PM 3 NFS Undercover & WINE
9:54AM 0 Aspen Plus on Wine?
9:21AM 2 Battlefield 2 wont run
9:02AM 1 E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken package
4:00AM 2 feature idea for wine : stereo 3D
1:48AM 6 New Bug?
Thursday January 29 2009
11:59PM 1 Install on debian etch 64bit
6:18PM 8 Visual Studio 6.0 Pro Installer Exiting
4:56PM 2 Drive Mapping Problem & solution
4:54PM 3 Lightbox Editor freeze
3:50PM 2 Microsoft OneNote 2007
3:01PM 5 Minor Problem with latest TaxAct
2:59PM 5 Printing Error
12:51PM 3 Installing Wine on OSX
12:28PM 1 Skichallenge09
11:10AM 3 Dead keys do not work
10:14AM 3 bug 6955 and 14608
6:59AM 1 Other OLDER small/big_issue article ~~~~~~!
6:22AM 1 Common Wine Myths - Weekly Edition
3:17AM 1 WINE and GeForce 8800GTS
2:31AM 2 WoW issues
1:34AM 0 Re: Wine and Quicken
12:04AM 1 Re: Wine and Quicken
Wednesday January 28 2009
11:05PM 1 Re: Wine and Quicken
7:03PM 2 Fallout 3 bug
3:30PM 0 headstart, Windows 7.0 (WINDOWS SEVEN), WM_TOUCHMOVE / ..etc
12:34PM 2 Re: Wine and Quicken
10:39AM 0 Diablo II LoD Crushed to go to Act 2!
10:09AM 6 Tiny Network-Problem with Office Software
3:18AM 1 Re: Wine and Quicken
Tuesday January 27 2009
11:07PM 2 run perfect in v.0.9.56 but fail in v.1.1.13, help!!
10:44PM 1 Re: Wine and Quicken
10:43PM 4 When typing, only one character for any app.
10:15PM 1 Re: Wine and Quicken
9:11PM 1 Re: Wine and Quicken
6:11PM 0 All green for Windows 2003 tests
5:50PM 4 xml mis-read in civ4 bts 3.17 running ffh2 mod
4:53PM 1 Text distortions
3:22PM 2 Kaleidagraph closes himself. Help
2:54PM 4 wine not recognizing stick POV hat switches on ubuntu
9:07AM 4 Network play in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
1:27AM 7 authz.dll
1:06AM 1 Some random memory problems
Monday January 26 2009
11:01PM 1 Game won't go fullscreen
10:18PM 4 Warcraft 3: TFT Freezing after 15 mins of play
9:41PM 0 Wine and games not normal
6:25PM 8 How change locate the C:/
5:48PM 0 first successful effort TaxAct
5:09PM 2 Problems compiling for git testing (No OpenGL library found)
4:48PM 1 PAE support for window exe.s running using wine
4:25PM 4 online tv for mac os x
3:25PM 7 Wine and Guitar Pro 5.2
2:35PM 4 Error while building wine 1.1.13 on Mac Os X
2:32PM 2 How to remove Wine passthrough header ?
12:27PM 2 Wine on Windows ?
Sunday January 25 2009
10:23PM 3 dotnet20 on ubuntu 8.10
9:22PM 1 How to create new Wine Prefix?
9:19PM 5 Wine problem on Kubuntu Jaunty Alpha 3
6:25PM 6 Porting Wine To Visopsys
6:15PM 7 eMule fills up all the memory and crash
5:51PM 4 Too much functionality in WINE
3:46PM 1 using wine for printing
10:34AM 5 traktor 3.4 not seeing external midi hardware
6:53AM 4 Applications on Vista Partition
4:33AM 2 Selling Wine compatibility to Windows software vendors.
3:40AM 3 VBA in MSOffice?
12:49AM 2 In Lego Racers 1 How Do You Pass A -novideo option?
12:32AM 3 How do I get 1.1.5?
12:04AM 1 Passing arguments during OLE
Saturday January 24 2009
9:38PM 6 Silly idea, but just might work
8:34PM 6 Baldurs Gate Throne of Bhaal won't launch
6:47PM 5 NWN2 Unable to Detect 3D error.
5:41PM 0 Everest Poker in Wine
3:20PM 1 Lordof the rings the conquest
12:04PM 2 Including New Library
7:36AM 1 wine causing system slowdown
6:19AM 0 Re: Share EX2
Friday January 23 2009
8:34PM 6 compiling windows C++ code base using winelib
7:42PM 0 wine resolution exceeds monitor
7:32PM 1 Adjusting size of the window that a program opens into
5:57PM 4 Help with debugging Fable
5:29PM 1 VRAM
3:55AM 6 Native dlls for applications
2:31AM 0 dvd
Thursday January 22 2009
9:15PM 3 Help with USB-to-serial cable
4:58PM 2 Getting This App Working In Wine
4:16PM 4 wine install without sudo
3:38PM 2 wine for linux and Mac the same or different? (problem)
3:21PM 6 Application will only run when executed from its directory
1:13PM 2 segmentation fault
12:05PM 3 Gett erorr: "set_ldids Need to support changing paths"
5:24AM 1 Wine doesn't work for OpenSUSE
3:51AM 1 PKR not working with Wine 1.0.1 and Eeebuntu
2:04AM 8 Pshop cs3 and cs4 wont install, please help!
Wednesday January 21 2009
11:33PM 6 Winetricks Paradox
9:15PM 3 Wine 1.1.13 and Ubuntu 8.10 and WOW
9:01PM 8 How to get 1.0.1
4:59PM 0 Playboy Wines
4:40PM 0 Review listing a few wine bugs in webmaster tools
3:26PM 3 Wine doesnt show close to all my files/apps...?
2:35PM 4 Problem BMC Remedy User Version 7.0.01 on ubuntu 8.10
4:28AM 2 Problem with text
3:58AM 5 Getting a game to run on Mac OSX
Tuesday January 20 2009
8:38PM 2 Guild wars atrifacting
3:23PM 1 Trying to run a exotic app "Saral Tax",
1:02PM 1 compiling python2.5 (msys+mingw+wine) - giving up using msvcr80 assemblies for now
12:09PM 0 Re: Contact Our Fiduciary.
12:07PM 1 Issues with wine
12:01PM 1 Visual basic installtion probelm............
11:57AM 2 postgresql installtion probelm..
9:53AM 4 Winecfg fonts unreadable
9:49AM 1 3D stereo
9:15AM 4 Audio problem.
5:11AM 2 Newbie question...
2:29AM 3 Setting Resolution Modes in xorg.conf
12:06AM 4 Regedit problems-Guild Wars
Monday January 19 2009
11:55PM 3 Radeon 4800 or Ati in general viable for wine?
11:14PM 2 Re: Cannot run Win16 installer for Judaic Classics
11:09PM 1 Updating Microsoft Office
10:53PM 1 Adobe Audition and Wine
9:14PM 3 "gdi32.dll" failed to initialize, aborting
8:53PM 0 compiling python2.5 (msys+mingw+wine) using msvcr80 assemblies
8:13PM 2 Re: Cannot run Win16 installer for Judaic Classics
7:47PM 1 Wine on Ubuntu 8.10 64bit
4:49PM 6 Program Files Folder in Wine
2:21PM 3 Wine 1.1.13 and Gecko
12:21PM 3 myscribe & wine problem on 64 bit ubuntu intrepid
11:47AM 2 Ubuntu 8.10 fault on read access to 0x00000000
9:48AM 5 WoW and Repair Tool
6:53AM 5 Really want to dump microsoft....but have to run Photoshop
2:01AM 0 Why does Guild Wars keep flashing and displaying horizontal bars after it is launched
Sunday January 18 2009
11:52PM 0 Re: How to make UNICODE characters to display correctly?
11:03PM 0 FreePhoneLine Java app troubleshooting, would love some help!
10:25PM 1 Arch Linux / Counter-Strike 1.6/CZ Issue
8:46PM 0 libmsi.a import library from wine, and header files available (entirely free software), available for python-win32 builds under msys+wine
8:00PM 0 Call of Duty 2 laggs
7:51PM 3 Recurrent issue with latest wine-git on Gentoo
6:07PM 1 What debug option should I use on Counter Strike: Source?
6:01PM 3 Interface not supported in mshtml
5:50PM 0 On the way towards scanning - further hints?
5:36PM 5 strange error
5:29PM 1 Running Portable Photoshop with Wine
5:26PM 1 Installations fail
4:45PM 5 Error trying to install Lego Mindstorms
12:15PM 2 GeForce 8800 GT Issue in Wine
11:35AM 5 MSHTML Not working for me
7:28AM 2 Digital Image Pro installed in OpenSUSE 11.1
7:24AM 1 BetFair Poker with Wine 1.1.13 and Ubuntu 8.10
5:07AM 0 Test Results Submitted by Distribution @ 2009/01/18
Saturday January 17 2009
10:40PM 3 Winamp Jaspers linein plugin
9:33PM 2 World Of Goo via Wine 1.01
9:06PM 3 I can't install anything in WINE. What am I doing wrong?
7:33PM 1 Help! I deleted wine from alacarte!
4:02PM 1 Issue trying to run StreetSmart Pro
10:21AM 0 Wine and GTR2
9:49AM 3 Curious problem running Cambridge advanced dict 3rd on wine
2:39AM 2 Emodio
2:38AM 4 Quicken 2008
2:37AM 3 Wow - Great new design! - I like it!
12:55AM 2 CraigsPalFree problems
Friday January 16 2009
10:28PM 5 Trying to run Spelunky: OpenGL, Mac OS X and Wine
8:46PM 8 Windows Media Player 11
7:37PM 4 ETerm32 Terminal Emulator
7:14PM 0 Hanging Mouse Pointer and crashes
6:28PM 4 howto install 1.1.13
6:21PM 2 How to discover within my application if executed in Wine?
6:02PM 3 Installing drivers on Wine
5:46PM 0 Don't use 1.1.12
5:42PM 0 Re: New winetricks 20090116: new verbs mono22, urlmon, wininet,
5:28PM 2 error by install C&C Generals
4:41PM 0 success: compilation of python2.5.2 under wine+msys+mingw32
4:25PM 4 Server Question About WINE
4:25PM 0 New winetricks 20090116: new verbs mono22, urlmon, wininet, controlpad, native_oleaut32, msscript, hosts; plus various updates and bugfixes
4:10PM 2 CatiaV5R17 asking for c++ libraries
3:12PM 6 Star Trek Armada 2 with wine
1:23PM 18 Running MetaTrader 4 in Wine
8:26AM 5 Lightroom 2 - Network drive issue
7:55AM 2 Unable to install mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.5-win32.msi
5:50AM 2 Wine virtual desktop + multiple applications running
Thursday January 15 2009
11:15PM 1 Fallout 3 wine 1.1.12.. installer hangs
10:42PM 2 uninstalled and reinstalled i get an error
9:32PM 4 Make Crosstest
8:53PM 23 Aspire One?
4:36PM 5 trainz 2004 rendering system failure
2:34PM 2 How to get wine version 1.1.3?
2:33PM 0 Fwd: Running a simple .Net 3.0 application.
2:11PM 3 Assembler errors in interlocked.c 0.9.61/1.1.12
12:04PM 4 No images in Enterprise Architect internal help
12:03PM 3 Game in console mode without X environment
8:24AM 1 overlay with wine
Wednesday January 14 2009
11:48PM 0 Regression today?
6:22PM 2 Wine 1.1.12 compile error
6:03PM 3 (no subject)
5:21PM 7 gdi32.dll error
4:55PM 2 cannot get deb
4:21PM 0 Re: gdi32.dll error
4:05PM 0 meaning of "Hardware" in Bugzilla, reference MacIntoshes (title restored)
3:40PM 1 How to install wine-1.1.12 on Centos 5
2:34PM 1 meaning of
1:55PM 2 Keyboard not recognized. Help, please.
10:43AM 0 search in sql client
7:44AM 4 Steam (HL2) locks up on 64 bit Ubuntu
5:28AM 1 Re: multiple users on LINUX - way to share a single .wine
4:57AM 1 Re: How can wine be available for all users?
2:59AM 3 Wine compilation problem.
2:53AM 6 Missing Text in Wine 1.1.12
1:48AM 0 Would FireFox through Wine have better performance?
1:45AM 3 Windbind not installable
12:20AM 3 We're adware-compatible!
Tuesday January 13 2009
11:28PM 4 The fonts are all messed up unless I crank the dpi up a lot
10:15PM 3 Cannot run Jact's Eamonn software
9:46PM 3 trying to get a game called EUO to run
7:35PM 7 Access 2000 forms
7:23PM 3 World of Warcraft no 3d graphics
7:03PM 1 sound
7:03PM 1 Fallout 3 Crash :(
7:01PM 1 Re: No Sound in Wine - disable / remove pulseaudio
6:40PM 1 Shared Memory and Memory Mapped I/O
6:09PM 2 My console app doesn't run in wine
1:42PM 2 Weird error appears when installing MS Visual Studio.NET 200
6:42AM 2 wps in wine promblem
12:17AM 0 Graphic Stutter in WoW
Monday January 12 2009
9:58PM 2 I use Trellix 2.7 and want to use it in linux..
9:56PM 2 I have a windows version of alpha centauri..
8:49PM 10 USB and serial
7:32PM 9 GTA San Andreas Issue
5:05PM 5 java with internet explorer under wine
5:03PM 0 Re: How to make Windows program to display Cyrillic in a correct
2:47PM 3 Debugger crashes - how to find the problem?
5:01AM 1 Printing from wine
12:05AM 1 How to make Windows program to display Cyrillic in a correct encoding?
Sunday January 11 2009
11:31PM 1 Problem with wine doors
11:01PM 1 New Program
10:32PM 1 newbie Question
9:41PM 2 Printing problem
9:29PM 3 A program cant find their DLLs and it really exists
7:03PM 2 PSPdisp
6:22PM 1 Problem Running VHFLOG32.exe
6:09PM 1 Re: gdi32.dll error
6:04PM 1 Patchwatcher isnt working
5:37PM 2 Republic The Revolution won't install
5:34PM 0 I can't start lineage2
5:10PM 1 Basic question from newbie...
3:49PM 1 Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libasound2
1:37PM 1 DNS 10 crashes every 11 minutes
12:09PM 1 Lichking on opensuse11.1, wine1.1.9-1.10
9:25AM 2 Browse Drive C
7:28AM 9 Clarification of ratings...
6:46AM 1 Toolbar Icons on Macromedia Flash MX 8 are invisible
12:26AM 2 Using the Cider approach with Wine
Saturday January 10 2009
9:26PM 3 Actel Libero IDE
8:18PM 2 Football Manager 2007 running very slowly
2:02PM 5 Can't install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable
10:52AM 1 App only supporting old videocards...
1:25AM 1 Re: MacOSX and OpengGL
Friday January 9 2009
10:00PM 0 Circuit Design Suite installation
9:47PM 0 causes delay at startup
9:29PM 0 msiexec /quiet
9:18PM 6 User interface blank
6:34PM 2 Windows apps dont run after install
6:05PM 2 Adobe PS 7
3:58PM 2 Re: AutoCAD and Wine
2:32PM 0 GDI failure
1:50PM 2 Using or running a application installed via wine
1:46PM 1 Wine no longer launching Apps
5:56AM 2 Wine 1.1.12 failed to compile on fedora 9
3:52AM 2 Re: Adding a new developer (company) to AppDB
2:41AM 1 Attempting to Install WINE Onto Linux Lite - Running On Acer
1:02AM 2 Trying to run really old Macromedia Director game
Thursday January 8 2009
9:22PM 2 EADM & Warhammer Online
8:57PM 1 Problem getting subpixel AA font rendering to work
7:45PM 11 Regression test - bad rev input
7:27PM 1 Wine fonts
6:27PM 9 how do you point the c drive to a physical drive?
6:21PM 7 Wine and Oovoo (video chat)
6:18PM 0 Heroes3 does not work
5:35PM 1 fps low comapred torunning on windows
1:11AM 0 Drive mapping issues with some older games
Wednesday January 7 2009
8:45PM 0 Re: Solution to Garry's mod prop crashing problem
7:33PM 0 Problems with MS Access file handling
4:32PM 3 Update process
4:16PM 1 Microsoft Office 2003 problems after successful install
12:31PM 0 Hottest "wine" Questions - Stack Overflow:
11:09AM 4 pkr game
9:40AM 1 Unable to print - Error 'StartPage Failed'
3:09AM 0 Civilization 4 Problems
Tuesday January 6 2009
11:31PM 1 Wine your own business (MYOB)
7:30PM 1 Half-lIfe under wine boot issue
7:05PM 1 Re: Configure the proxy in Internet Explorer
3:42PM 1 Wine's DirectDraw implementation
3:35PM 8 Can`t build wine 1.1.12 on openSuse 10.2
3:14PM 2 How a patch is included in a wine version
10:05AM 3 Using the WINE Program with Sun's Solaris system
2:54AM 5 This is my wine day: subpixel-AA is here
Monday January 5 2009
11:21PM 2 Firefox 3 via Wine.. WHY..??
10:35PM 10 Simple windows application not quite working
8:15PM 0 help testing / changing default soundcard
7:33PM 0 Open file window too small, cannot resize
7:31PM 2 Can't get Fifa 09 to start with wine
7:04PM 0 Re: Avaya IPSoftPhone
6:38PM 3 Tips for packaging games?
2:24PM 2 directx not found
1:55PM 4 GTA San Andreas don't run in Kubuntu 8.04 using wine
1:22PM 4 *How good is Wine?
12:54PM 1 Delphi-32 app does nothing with unhandled exception
10:53AM 1 Call of duty 1 problems with install and run
7:58AM 0 Bordeaux 1.6 released for Linux and BSD
6:31AM 0 No min/max options for app window
5:40AM 3 VMware Infrastructure won't start.
5:09AM 0 Success report re using Korean fonts
3:06AM 2 Re: Wine MS Office 2000 in Ubuntu 8.1
1:56AM 2 CounterStrike erros...
Sunday January 4 2009
10:52PM 1 restricting access to drive_c
10:49PM 6 Apps that officially support Wine?
2:25PM 1 How could I install Windows Installer 3?
9:59AM 1 Morrowind GOTY 3-pack installation problems
9:28AM 3 adobe reader 8.x can't decrypt using online authentication
5:57AM 2 Help me! [asus pc eee 900, ubuntu eee]
Saturday January 3 2009
10:42PM 3 WoW with ATI card (running catalyst)
7:08PM 6 Program believed to work in Wine, but not on my EeePC
6:02PM 1 AppDB Voting System Wierdness
3:30PM 8 OpenGl or Coredumps problems???
2:48PM 3 Vanguard SOH
1:50PM 3 Subpixel font rendering in 1.1.12
11:08AM 1 games on linux
10:18AM 2 Look for a Wine Expert to Possibly hire....
9:40AM 24 Wine 1.1.12 does not work on Ubuntu 8.10
6:42AM 2 Wine Gecko 0.9.0
3:55AM 2 How to replace application icon?
Friday January 2 2009
8:43PM 3 ALSA Sound Regression
8:28PM 6 internet registering through wine
8:07PM 1 Copy data from XP to same app under Wine??
4:29PM 1 problems installing Dreamweaver cs3
3:26PM 7 PureEdge Viewer and Wine
1:08PM 1 Wine Debug application
11:48AM 1 Hi from a Newbi
11:20AM 1 SpellForce problem
8:30AM 0 Re: Space Rangers 2: Is anyone else playing?
7:30AM 1 Civilization III: Complete on Steam won't run
2:30AM 2 Wine is not running at some installers
12:42AM 1 Re: wine-0.9.22 and
Thursday January 1 2009
11:13PM 1 SafeDisc copy protection
10:46PM 3 "Cannot Display This Video Mode"
6:02PM 0 Drumming up publicity for Sketchup on Wine to attract more testers...
4:22PM 0 Failed install aplication
3:46PM 1 Wine with Voodoo5 card, using Glide
2:34PM 4 Mount Windows Server Share as drive letter
1:29PM 2 System Shock 2, setup crashes
12:55PM 1 wineg++ and conio.h problem
4:31AM 3 Re: Warhammer Online. BUG