wine users - Dec 2008

Wednesday December 31 2008
8:06PM 1 wineg++ problem with the standard library
7:26PM 0 Topo Maps & GPSs??
6:03PM 0 Is your name no longer displaying correctly in the AppDB?
4:30PM 2 CD/DVD not found
3:46PM 0 Font display off with today's git?
12:11PM 9 Word Wrap Problem
10:59AM 2 P2P using Ubuntu
8:32AM 3 wine-users Digest, Vol 41, Issue 117
4:43AM 3 Can't configure wine drives.
2:16AM 4 problems with games
12:52AM 1 Cool: using Wine to dissect the Storm bot!
12:38AM 5 BiDi Support
Tuesday December 30 2008
11:20PM 0 Complaints about text size setting
10:56PM 2 install programs from cd?????
9:27PM 0 block wine internet access
9:00PM 0 Wine on Windows - wiki notes
8:42PM 7 Wine commands used in console
7:54PM 1 Re: block wine internet access
7:50PM 4 SOHO Accounting
1:43PM 0 Today's silly experiment: compiling wine under MinGW
1:36PM 1 Installing programs don't create a "Programs" Menu entry
4:57AM 7 Please confirm my bugs
1:22AM 5 Trying to run (tweak) a few games on Wine
Monday December 29 2008
9:49PM 4 Wine Taking Forever to Load
8:23PM 5 What should I do with this patch?
7:30PM 1 Valve Source games display problem
7:18PM 7 Europa Universalis 2 crash (Ubuntu 8.04 Wine 1.1.10)
5:44PM 3 Rome Total War - SG 01 idle 01.cas
4:05PM 1 configure under cygwin can't find freetype
1:10PM 2 Sound quality down recently
1:30AM 9 Last Wine 1.1.10/11 = pulse sound stuttering
1:02AM 1 Installing wow with wine
Sunday December 28 2008
10:14PM 9 Problem installing latest version of Wine to Ubuntu (8.10)
10:02PM 4 SPSS 11.5
8:47PM 2 Audio mishap in Wine 1.0.1
8:40PM 4 Driver installation after reboot
8:13PM 0 Team Fortress 2 Problems
5:19PM 1 Rayman 3 under Wine... it doesn't start
5:14PM 1 user32.dll.WIN_GetPtr, aborting
4:45PM 0 Roig Parals
4:09PM 1 Pixel/Vertex shader status
3:57PM 2 Can Foobar2000 use wineasio?
1:58PM 3 Compiling Test with mingw
12:13PM 5 playing with Wine on Cygwin
12:00PM 3 Complete newby - Hardy/Wine/Smart Ideas hangs on start
8:51AM 1 Wine and Genealogy
8:18AM 1 a347scsi failed to load
4:02AM 0 wine repository offline?
12:15AM 5 Half Life 1
Saturday December 27 2008
11:19PM 10 HL2 crashes, when I break some glass!
9:45PM 0 Odd problems instaling WoW on Ubuntu 8.10
9:11PM 0 Sonic Mega Collection crashes on startup.
6:18PM 1 Configure Error on Opensuse 11.1 64 bit
6:06PM 2 could not load kernel32.dll
4:03PM 5 error trying to load dreamweaver CS4
1:20PM 2 KeePass under WINE in Ubuntu
1:05PM 1 Call of duty 4 on ubuntu 8.10 x64
7:41AM 1 Wine on Debian lenny rc1 release
1:34AM 2 font problem? special characters not appearing...
12:50AM 0 Thank you
12:24AM 3 lord of the rings missing packages
12:12AM 0 FFXI on Debian Etch 4.0-r6 AMD64
Friday December 26 2008
9:56PM 3 Guild wars, running in the backround.
9:12PM 2 DVD burner in WINE
7:57PM 2 what about Age of Conan ?
6:32PM 0 Red Alert 2 installer crashes silently.
6:31PM 3 photoshop cs2 install
3:34PM 5 New Ubuntu 8.10 User
3:59AM 4 partial installation
3:25AM 3 Escape Key closes all programs?
Thursday December 25 2008
10:37PM 3 Can't host in Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne
9:06PM 1 Photoshop cs3 problems
7:40PM 3 Error: Driver of DVD-Drive is actually not available...
7:30PM 1 sp2?
7:15PM 1 Wine will not reinstall a program
1:44AM 19 Prince of Persia 2008 HowTo
Wednesday December 24 2008
11:15PM 4 Ubuntu 8.10 wine repository (1.1.11)
9:08PM 2 Merry Chrismas!
6:24PM 0 Photoshop CS2 magnetic lasso last point deletion not working
4:31PM 1 .Net 2 install problems
3:57PM 5 Yesterday's Git updates break compilation for anyone else?
2:27PM 7 GLBasic problem with 1.11.1
2:00PM 4 How much of Wine Explorer is functional?
1:46PM 6 Davka Writer
1:29PM 0 debugging help needed
10:13AM 1 printing with foxpro 2.6 based program in wine
12:41AM 1 CreateScalableFontResourceW?
Tuesday December 23 2008
10:37PM 1 need help for install wine in kubuntu 8.04 hardy
10:33PM 2 solaris install
10:14PM 2 Is there any way of using ALSA with pulseaudio in WINE?
8:47PM 1 DSII installation Howto?
8:34PM 1 After dx9 installation, console writing some....
8:12PM 4 Help installing Inventor 2009
7:18PM 0 3d Games on OpenSuSE 11.1 with ATI
3:50PM 1 All steam games produce choppy and echoed sound
3:11PM 0 ALSA Drivers not detected in openSUSE 11.1.
3:01PM 1 Playing wine games with hamachi?
8:16AM 2 KDE 4: Drag&Drop not working
3:20AM 3 3D sound/effects state of things
Monday December 22 2008
10:22PM 2 Defaulting WineCFG
9:22PM 4 Silly Noob
7:22PM 1 link WINE into my application
6:44PM 6 Picture project Installs fine but goes invisible when runs
6:13PM 0 Problem running Knights of the Force 2.
5:00PM 2 Games complain ybout missing DirctX 9.0c
4:40PM 2 Why is wine listed as an emulator on
3:46PM 3 Are windows application updates available?
12:12PM 6 MacOS X cocoa and carbon for Linux?
10:41AM 1 Crypto certificates in 1.1.11
9:35AM 3 Does Wine Saves the instalation files?
8:04AM 4 No sound device detected on Fallout 3 Launch?
2:43AM 1 new to ubuntu need to run wine?
Sunday December 21 2008
8:24PM 1 WINE Keyboard problem
7:21PM 1 Wine and multiple X screens at different resolutions
4:24PM 1 System Admin for Simon the Sorceror IV
2:30PM 6 Games performance with wine
8:35AM 1 Anyone able to install Windows Media Player plugin?
2:49AM 3 Noobish Question About Wine
Saturday December 20 2008
8:00PM 2 Corrupted fonts.
5:04PM 5 Wine on OpenBSD
3:38PM 4 installing Adobe Audition creates no exe file...
9:12AM 0 Completely new to Linux and WINE
Friday December 19 2008
11:26PM 2 winetricks gdiplus
10:31PM 5 Wine and Mac Os X
10:03PM 1 How does one remove an intallation of Wine for one user only
2:28PM 1 Combat Arms in Ubuntu
8:02AM 3 Darwine problems?
5:31AM 1 give app permissions
4:51AM 2 How Can I disable wine auto Association of .exe files
4:09AM 1 D3D settings
Thursday December 18 2008
11:58PM 8 program wont run problem with nethasp protection
9:54PM 1 TCPIP Communication between windows and wine ..Perfor. issue
8:47PM 0 Trying to install Windows Live Messenger 9 beta for testing
8:33PM 4 Warcraft III error during start
6:50PM 3 DOSVM_Int10Handler
6:50PM 1 IEEE 1394 - FireWire DV CAM controle
4:57PM 5 EverQuest - worked once, but no more
1:31PM 4 Version of wine on fedora 10?
1:29PM 0 Windows communicator not showing in taskbar
11:39AM 1 Setup a COD5-Server on an Ubuntu Linux VServer
10:39AM 1 vbscript in wine
10:27AM 5 how to fix consistent crash if mouse is not contained?
8:14AM 0 Having problems with games' copy protection, pls help
7:05AM 1 StrongDC++ stays in process list after exit
4:32AM 2 General question about wine
Wednesday December 17 2008
8:48PM 1 sketchup-cannot resize tool menus (mat'ls, components...)
6:14PM 2 Windows 2008
5:48PM 6 Wine and dotnet11 and dotnet20
5:38PM 2 Something strange! Wine 1.10 doesn't want to delete stuff.
4:28PM 1 autocad lt 98
12:46PM 1 winehq web. wine configuration in Ubuntu 8.10
11:48AM 1 Republic: The Revoultion (Installation problems)
9:25AM 1 CreateProcess for Unix binaries
12:08AM 1 Morrowind with a GMA 950
Tuesday December 16 2008
11:43PM 1 My first winelib app - where am I going wrong?
10:51PM 2 Wine/Windows Conformance Tests
8:07PM 1 Re: Failure to startup BF1942
2:49PM 4 perl-web-script should start a application with wine
12:38PM 1 Only Dreamweaver CS4
10:29AM 1 question related to DLL reuse via Wine
6:58AM 1 How to set Volume Label on mounted ISO image?
5:49AM 4 Hive In Wine
4:14AM 2 problem when use from wine app
12:32AM 0 Wine + ODBC Sql Server = fixme:winsock:WSAIoctl unsupported
Monday December 15 2008
10:09PM 0 Half Life 1 based games takes forever to start
9:14PM 7 MS Visio 2003 - Wine 1.1.10 - Ubuntu 8.04
8:30PM 2 Program from a network share
5:06PM 1 Online API
9:25AM 1 Ret and retval
8:57AM 0 wine: could not load and Bad EXE format for
8:57AM 1 Virtual Registry Problem
8:13AM 0 Wine apps limited to first X-Screen resolution?
7:12AM 9 Rhapsody errors out on cookies?
3:34AM 1 WineLib and Java Native Interface (JNI) - UNIX
Sunday December 14 2008
8:11PM 12 Problems on the menu when you install a software with wine
12:10PM 3 Wine fail to launch game in Steam
12:31AM 2 SWAT 4 and mouse escape bug....
Saturday December 13 2008
9:28PM 5 UltraISO can't make a disk image
9:11PM 1 Help downlading wine
8:42PM 0 Steam/DOD/CS Issue
8:27PM 1 Great Job Everyone on website!
4:53PM 2 VeZA routeplanner: X_CreatePixmap error
10:59AM 1 Disabling the "Alt-F4" window close
4:26AM 1 world of warcraft on ubuntu 8.10
12:54AM 3 Powerpoint 2007 unable to insert video
12:19AM 1 Counter Strike Source rando quits, and that's pretty much it
Friday December 12 2008
11:47PM 3 How do I get the Wine *WINDOW* to grab control of my mouse?
3:39PM 2 NFS Underground 2
2:41PM 1 Re: gdi32.dll error
11:10AM 3 shell do not work. aplication need Framework 2.0
4:56AM 0 Running Warcraft 3 + Listchecker a hosting tool
12:09AM 4 Morrowind MUsic Issue
Thursday December 11 2008
7:04PM 0 Need help for EQ2 Wine installation.
3:43PM 3 MCI_LoadMciDriver Couldn't load driver for type L"MPEGVIDEO"
1:28PM 6 Dos to USB
12:57PM 3 No text or buttons/icons
9:54AM 3 The X11 driver is missing
3:02AM 2 BattleFront II -- UnderWine NEED HELP BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday December 10 2008
11:50PM 1 Re: gdi32.dll error
11:28PM 1 Problem trying running Guild Warss (First Post)
10:19PM 2 Should i report this bug in Battlefield 2?
5:48PM 0 World of warcraft fatal error
5:15PM 2 Where wine writes?
4:50PM 1 No Sound in Wine - disable / remove pulseaudio
3:23PM 1 Installing Civ 3
3:12PM 0 Wine and ALSA problems
10:09AM 3 Wine should use Mono and Gecko installed in the system
Tuesday December 9 2008
10:15PM 4 Civilization IV refuses to run, also Morrowind problems
8:55PM 3 Wine character set....
6:48PM 1 RtlpWaitForCriticalSection timed out in thread....
5:24PM 0 Great Theme!
5:18PM 1 ignore assertions
5:03PM 4 New Design
10:05AM 3 pcbartist
5:41AM 1 Black Screen on Application Load
2:45AM 4 "Socket type not supported" error
12:54AM 2 Wine 1.1.4--Intrepid--Photoshop Elements 6.0--can't install
Monday December 8 2008
11:14PM 1 Call of Duty problem.
10:22PM 1 Second sound card and WINE
9:36PM 4 WINE and older games
9:11PM 2 Update WINE's 1.0.1 todo list?
8:42PM 1 Wine 1.1.10 and miranda
8:17PM 0 DDE error with using QBridge networking
5:01PM 0 mu online causes my monitors frequency problem(or so)
4:48PM 2 No more monthly World Wine News?
1:14PM 1 Wine + BMO
8:12AM 4 wine for real 64bit application from xp64
2:53AM 2 I need to run windows program with command line parameters?
2:20AM 1 Battlefeild 2- new issue?
12:43AM 0 Fotosizer do not start
12:40AM 4 Access Violation TMNF
Sunday December 7 2008
11:11PM 1 no Half Life 2 - Steam crash
10:08PM 0 Another happy wine user
10:07PM 4 Gaming support with different hardware vendors (esp. ATI)
9:45PM 1 Blizzard videos
9:18PM 4 start autorun
7:48PM 2 Help with Keyword Corral
6:50PM 2 Creating COM object on Wine
11:58AM 2 Ximeta NDAS Driver with Wine 1.1.10
11:22AM 1 Wine font problem after kernel and X upgrade - Archlinux
9:02AM 1 Virtual CD program that works in Wine?
7:09AM 1 Help with manycam.Please
6:11AM 6 powermac g4
12:56AM 3 Help with Battlefield 2 and EADM
12:27AM 9 Upgrade borked wine...
Saturday December 6 2008
11:49PM 5 mu online frequency problem (yes cause of wine)
11:41PM 3 error: 0xD0000022
7:51PM 0 New wine (1.1.10) for Debian Etch available at
7:33PM 2 Wine + openSUSE 11.0 64 bit
5:18PM 2 Intermeitent GDI Printing
2:57PM 1 Re: Unhandled Page Fault ....Help Me...{unixODBC is Crashing in
2:21PM 1 Setting Default Sample Rate in audio above 4800
1:44PM 3 chm NOT fixed but success elswhere
10:23AM 1 Wine 1.1.10 + AOE III: visual regression
6:22AM 2 perfect world int problem
5:58AM 1 Re: No Sound in Wine - disable / remove pulseaudio
3:28AM 1 correct setup for Soulbringer
1:25AM 5 Could Not Locate Entry For HAL.DLL In Setup Log
Friday December 5 2008
11:34PM 6 Audio Tab in winecfg Crashes
11:05PM 4 Online-Game: Archlord - stuck while trying to connect....
9:30PM 3 Poor performance on smp system
8:27PM 1 debugging wine
7:26PM 4 Winetricks / DX9
6:22PM 0 [Game] Unhandled page fault problem (KEYBOARD.C)
10:03AM 5 To owners of xbox360 joysticks..
8:57AM 3 age of mythology install prob.
8:03AM 1 WOW low frame rates when in full windows mode
Thursday December 4 2008
10:00PM 1 rpc:RpcMgmtSetComTimeout
9:50PM 3 OS X, and a errormessage...
6:01PM 6 OpenGL test?
2:41PM 4 office 2007 with wine
7:32AM 5 portable apps
Wednesday December 3 2008
11:16PM 4 ActiveX & ADO?
10:53PM 0 Re: cdrom access does not work "as before" in wine-1.0
8:33PM 1 cdrom access does not work "as before" in wine-1.0.1 ?
8:08PM 4 Preventing Wine from creating shortcuts
7:36PM 2 little help with error please (new)
6:20PM 1 Possibly unusual question involving windows version of wine.
5:16PM 1 Planetside on Wine?
4:53PM 1 Re: Unhandled Page Fault ....Help Me...{unixODBC is Crashing in
4:35PM 0 Unhandled Page Fault ....Help Me...{unixODBC is Crashing in Wine}
2:22PM 1 Re: Rosetta Stone Microphone Detection
1:07PM 2 Trouble compiling--unable to find freetype
8:30AM 3 Powerbuilder 5 App not printing anymore
8:03AM 2 Problem getting rid of app in wine installer software list
7:37AM 7 Pop peeper from windows using wine in Kubuntu
2:48AM 9 wine upgrade 1.1.9 broke program
1:55AM 1 Default Program things for Office
Tuesday December 2 2008
9:50PM 0 unhandled page fault
9:43PM 3 err:ole:CoInitializeEx.. err:ole:CoGetClassObject class
9:35PM 0 Unhandled Page Fault ....Help Me...
6:33PM 5 [Game] ShadowFlare very unusual problem
5:09PM 1 Games sound loss
3:55PM 3 Only OSS in sound tab :( why?
3:07PM 4 Downloading winelib??
12:00PM 3 Unhandled page fault in NIMEGUE
6:17AM 3 CUPS Printers not showing up in wine (notepad et al)
5:48AM 0 AMD64 vs i86...
12:14AM 0 Error from porting over software for work.
Monday December 1 2008
11:43PM 4 msg 14 (WM_ERASEBKGND) not supported yet
9:37PM 0 Re: Red Alert / Red Alert II / Tiberium Sun: Overriding wsock32.
8:27PM 3 Battlefield 2: No specific error, but crashing!
6:46PM 2 iTunes problems - and can't uninstall!
6:37PM 0 Adding a new developer (company) to AppDB
6:26PM 2 what version fixed the utorrent peer drop bug?
6:24PM 2 Help Me...My Database application gets crashed using WINE
6:04PM 3 Force resolution in virtual desktop
5:29PM 1 Dreamweaver CS4 bugs
4:41PM 3 Help running YencPowerPost
4:00PM 1 Major Graphical corruption, seems like nearly all programs.
1:14PM 2 Silkroad Online don't work properly
11:40AM 2 Hey :D
11:01AM 0 Error Message and Office 2000
9:39AM 0 DDE connection problem between Notes 6.5.1 and Office 2000
3:59AM 3 App problems, help please....
2:09AM 6 Request of the application that can runs it