samba - Jun 2006

Friday June 30 2006
10:22PM 2 Permission issue
8:11PM 1 Trouble accessing to shortcuts and Writing to Shares in Windows XP (Samba 3.0.22)
5:58PM 1 ldap password sync and RFC2307 hash schemes
5:27PM 0 Samba Domain Access to Windows Print Server
4:12PM 0 Help with last step of connecting
3:36PM 0 VMS (Alpha) Platform - Neophyte questions
3:27PM 1 Problem with on Solaris 9
3:02PM 2 Help with RHEL4 and AD 2003 Authentication
1:06PM 1 linux windows synchronisation account : linux client configuration
10:02AM 1 how to remove duplicate enteries in group mappings
8:06AM 0 linux unix passwd synchronisation : linux client configuration
4:07AM 0 Will this work
Thursday June 29 2006
8:48PM 3 methods to synchronize tdb files between hosts
8:08PM 2 What is the best Linux version for Samba
4:21PM 1 Samba/CUPS Windows Print Queue Not Showing Up
4:01PM 0 Oplocks not taking place at all unless fake oplocks = yes
3:45PM 1 Maximum number of LANMAN Work Items and concurrent connections from IIS 6.0 to Samba
3:29PM 0 boot question on SAMBA file server
3:07PM 1 [SAMBA+ADS] Getent passwd does not show AD computers
2:34PM 0 idealx dual-head
12:51PM 1 3.0.23rc3 pam_winbind error
12:05PM 2 Migration from AD2003 -> Samba 3
10:13AM 0 Samba locks the file, Linux user brakes the lock with opening the document
8:50AM 1 using xfs acls
7:58AM 1 Samba PDC + ACL : default ACLs ignored on directory
4:26AM 1 Samba and MS SMS 2003
Wednesday June 28 2006
8:59PM 0 Windows 2003 Domain Servers going down. What to expect.
8:35PM 3 Samba file server authenticated via active directory
8:33PM 0 samba with ldap and ldapsam:trusted possibly
8:20PM 1 installing software as a user
5:52PM 0 Re: samba 3.0.20 + squid 2.5 : automatic logon withinternetexplorer
3:47PM 0 Samba problem
3:16PM 1 Query about security mode
2:10PM 0 Windows XP SP2 machine unable to join
2:02PM 0 smbstatus output question
2:00PM 1 Samba newbie question
1:59PM 3 tdbsam to LDAP
12:43PM 0 setting sec ctx
8:28AM 2 Domain member against Samba+LDAP server configuration problem
Tuesday June 27 2006
11:56PM 0 Problem mounting autofs directories
7:43PM 1 Full Logout of Samba Share (from XP)
5:49PM 2 Group permissions and recursion
5:14PM 0 smbclient and Windows ownership/permissions?
4:41PM 2 Joining an ADS domain...
3:33PM 2 Samba and DOS databases (oplock settings not getting same results as under NT4)
12:43PM 1 usrmgr.exe "group name could not be found" error
12:41PM 1 iconv.c / static charset prototype/assembler bug?
10:49AM 2 multiple domains/ ldap /smbldap_search function/pdbedit/
10:42AM 0 Xp user opens file via Samba, but file is not locked after opening???
9:33AM 0 Windows XP suddenly can't login to PDC
Monday June 26 2006
11:06PM 0 smbldap-passwd and uppercased schemes
10:50PM 8 Samba and trusted domains
10:50PM 0 help in printer sharing - reg
9:47PM 1 Files are being saved as read-only
3:23PM 0 Using Security ADS or Domain 3.0.22
11:37AM 1 domain_client_validate: unable to validate password for user MACHINE$ in domain DOMAIN to Domain controller \\DC. Error was NT_STATUS_NOLOGON_WORKSTATION_TRUST_ACCOUNT
11:21AM 0 Running multiple samba instances in a Sun Cluster 3.1 env.
11:06AM 0 samba rejecting machine accounts
10:32AM 0 Samba and Windows 2003 interdomain trust
10:18AM 1 [Fwd: [Fwd: Re: : Win XP Client does not remove directories]]
9:55AM 0 Sarge, Roaming Profiles Error
9:16AM 0 Problem with "hide unreadable" option
8:40AM 1 Samba WINS Questions
7:33AM 1 samba 3.0.20 + squid 2.5 : automatic logon with internet explorer
Sunday June 25 2006
10:00PM 2 Memory leak in 3.0.22?
9:04PM 1 10-fold speed drop while transferring large files from Windows to Samba server
3:17PM 0 Joining a Linux machine to windows 2003 PDC
Saturday June 24 2006
9:40PM 1 help in samba - reg
9:40PM 1 Quota / OpLock file truncation again
9:40PM 0 Samba profiles
9:39PM 0 help in samba config - reg
9:39PM 0 Samba installation error on multi-processor server machines with Linux 2.6 SMP kernel
9:39PM 1 Perl file conversion (dos2unix)
9:39PM 0 German Umlaut issue on uNSLUnged Linksys with Samba3
9:39PM 0 [2.6 patch] smb is no onger maintained
9:39PM 0 unknown UDP message
9:39PM 0 Unable to modify passwd TDB!
9:39PM 0 PDBEDIT policy
9:39PM 1 samba-3.0.22 with Heimdal Kerberos - compilation problem
2:28PM 1 Roaming profile error
Friday June 23 2006
11:22PM 0 unable to fetch password
11:04PM 0 "unable to fetch password"
9:41PM 3 NT_STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION when trying to delete files
8:56PM 0 Samba 3.0.23rc3 Available for Download
5:21PM 1 Off topic NSS_LDAP
4:03PM 1 Migrated PDC to new server
2:09PM 0 Connecting to Netware 6.5
1:56PM 1 Samba 3.22 system requirements
12:53PM 1 Samba 3.0.22: share be r/w for LDAP-authenticated users, r/o for anonymous
12:46PM 1 Rename computer in a domain
12:42PM 0 Usrmgr and add scripts
10:47AM 1 Active Directory Primary group dont' show users
10:15AM 0 Samba ADS member: using local groups
6:02AM 2 Getting a list of users in a group - how?
3:36AM 0 Samba Query
12:54AM 1 ... mode 0x1b4 failed: Operation not supported
Thursday June 22 2006
9:50PM 0 samba 3.0.20 + squid 2.5
8:55PM 1 Upgrading to latest version on Solaris 2.6...
3:39PM 1 add machine account + ldap
2:06PM 1 Share is read-only despite read only = no
12:46PM 0 write locks
12:18PM 0 Winbindd dies in samba 64 bit solaris9
10:40AM 2 svcctl access
9:10AM 1 Trouble with windows mounts after reboot of windows server
8:16AM 1 spnego_kerberos(303) - Username Domain\Client$ is invalid
3:55AM 1 username map and ACL behavior
2:13AM 1 Fw: computer outside domain can access resource to inside
1:09AM 0 Problem in viewing group
Wednesday June 21 2006
8:50PM 2 Accessing home directories problem (XP Home Edition)
7:50PM 3 Unable to cancel print-jobs with Samba+CUPS via WinXP
6:51PM 1 change ldap passwd
6:50PM 1 samba 3 using a mysql backend
8:44AM 2 computer outside domain can access resource to inside
7:56AM 0 Problem with group mapping and group management
Tuesday June 20 2006
11:04PM 1 LDAP GID<->SID without winbind?
8:39PM 1 Printer comments and other weirdness
5:29PM 0 Linux Permissions for Samba Share
4:10PM 0 Unable to join AD
4:08PM 0 Vista + Samba = true??
3:03PM 1 Some questions about ./configure and smb.conf options
2:41PM 0 Password expires in 14 days
10:13AM 0 changing windows ACL permissions from smb client
9:28AM 0 Samba permission issue
9:18AM 2 samba as a time server (newby question): time not updated
Monday June 19 2006
9:42PM 0 inital access need some seconds - kerberos(?) error in log - 3.0.22-1 Debian
9:42PM 2 3.0.23 + afsacl build problem
9:42PM 1 svn and samba - make file writable problems
9:42PM 0 disable BDC-functionality
9:42PM 0 Hard Solaris 8 compile
9:42PM 1 Snap server can't resolve master browser
8:31PM 1 Mommy, where do RIDs come from?
6:33PM 1 Slightly OT: Browsing issues with Windows 2003 Server, Win 2K server and Windows 2000 clients
6:09PM 1 Stange printer driver problem
5:33PM 1 Printing from Windows over samba
4:31PM 0 wins vs. browsing, and documentation
3:05PM 0 file permissions
3:01PM 0 Filesys::SmbClient & kerberos bug?
12:56PM 4 speed trouble ...
11:53AM 1 getpeername failed
10:50AM 0 (no subject)
9:52AM 0 Problem joining klient on a BDC
8:52AM 1 "smbd: nss_ldap: could not search LDAP server - Can't contact LDAP server" and Samba shares are dropped
8:40AM 3 pdc loosing domain sometimes
7:13AM 0 Samba keeps locks on files
6:39AM 0 samba monitoring
Friday June 16 2006
8:03PM 1 Excluding redirected directories causes file deletion on logout...
7:26PM 0 multiple samba instances unable to join domain simultaneously
3:40PM 0 [Fwd: Re: smpasswd]
2:45PM 1 3.0.22-solaris10 - Please help !
2:24PM 2 smpasswd
2:15PM 3 Compile error in statvfs.c in samba 3.0.22
8:33AM 2 Problem with Samba and Groups
Thursday June 15 2006
11:20PM 1 authentication problems with Samba 3.1.2
11:20PM 1 authentication problems
11:19PM 0 sid mapping
11:19PM 1 shadowLastChange not updated
9:53PM 1 Samba as a frontend to virtual files
8:43PM 2 I have no winbind pipe!
7:34PM 1 win2003 Permission Denied
6:33PM 4 ldap administration tool??
4:55PM 0 Why Are Some Users' Print Jobs Always Held Pending?
4:10PM 0 UNIX accounts cant create
4:05PM 0 Samba slowness
4:01PM 0 Document doesn't appear in dialog box
3:52PM 1 samba log filled with Invalid vuid message
2:08PM 3 UNIX accounts can create
12:27PM 0 Windows XP 64-bit, Samba 3 and permissions
11:03AM 2 password change on WinXP
10:11AM 0 unable to change pwd-must-change-time
9:39AM 4 linux_set_kernel_oplock: Refused oplock on file. F_SETLEASE semantic problem ?
Wednesday June 14 2006
11:18PM 3 Problems with Samba 3.0.22 and Fedora Core 5 64 bits (Urgent, please)
10:49PM 0 net ads join's generated keytab and solaris
10:49PM 0 Samba 3.0.22 NT4 joined trusting AD
10:49PM 0 [PATCH] kthread: convert smbiod
10:49PM 0 Samba NT4 trusting AD
6:03PM 0 Problems with Samba 3.0.22 and Fedora Core 5 64 bits
5:00PM 1 hide folders were you can't enter
3:14PM 0 Samba write errors, broken pipes and client lockups
12:29PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 42, Issue 14
11:00AM 1 ppp & winbind question
10:30AM 1 Synchronize samba across servers
8:10AM 2 Samba as PDC with nested groups
7:07AM 0 (no subject)
7:07AM 0 Disconnect time with pdbedit
7:07AM 0 pdbedit "disconnect time"
7:07AM 0 profiles share - nfs mount options
7:07AM 1 smbmount
7:06AM 0 Re: Winbindd question/problem
6:08AM 1 Samba ads and local users
2:11AM 1 Can samba hide symlinks?
1:58AM 2 testparm gives error in Solaris 10
Tuesday June 13 2006
8:25PM 2 ldapsam with user level security
8:22PM 0 winbindd speeds up 3.0.x with "security = server"
6:38PM 2 Samba 3.0.23rc2 Available for Download
5:40PM 1 Query samba for printer driver state
3:40PM 2 Windows XP and Samba 3.0.22 -- don't mix?
3:01PM 1 upgrade to 3.0.22, problem authenticating to AD
3:01PM 0 Samba 3.0.22 and wildcards
2:20PM 1 Samba + Squid
1:26PM 1 bug 3794: smbclient and Vista_beta2: spnego fails
11:02AM 4 Export Samba mount using nfs
10:24AM 1 LDAP Group mapping
8:06AM 0 [Fwd: Re: : Win XP Client does not remove directories]
8:05AM 0 NT4.0 SP6 can't connect to Samba 3.0.22
7:36AM 1 How to know if a SID is a User or Group
5:55AM 1 samba 3.0.22 and hebrew file names
1:37AM 0 Samba authentication fails
Monday June 12 2006
8:50PM 6 Removing Samba+LDAP, replacing W2k3+AD
8:35PM 2 Fedora Core 5 & CIFS - please help!
8:28PM 1 nmblookup receives response, but doesn't show it
8:22PM 1 smbd -D processes spawn out of control
7:37PM 0 Samba 3.0.10 - Free Space
6:30PM 0 Samba-3.0.22 ... winbindd crashes with SIGABRT
6:13PM 0 Active Directory Integration with FreeRADIUS - NTLM_Auth
4:50PM 0 RE: Samba 3.0.10 - Free Space
2:59PM 1 Cannot browse WIN Network
2:20PM 1 Enumerate group members
2:01PM 0 uid/gid mapping when using AD backend
1:58PM 1 Enum NT builtin users
12:44PM 1 3.0.22 on solaris10 socket error.
5:48AM 1 Join a PDC to its own domain?
5:16AM 0 Join a PDC to its own domain
3:54AM 0 Cannot delete shared Printer from XP Home
Sunday June 11 2006
5:57PM 0 User mapping
5:25PM 0 Error when do cross compilation to mips.
3:30AM 1 mod_ntlm_winbind
Saturday June 10 2006
10:55AM 1 User profile error
10:42AM 0 Stopping Samba
8:55AM 0 [-14200]add_user_attributes: authenticate_node error
7:20AM 1 issues with cifs mount
1:50AM 1 OpenLDAP Versions
1:05AM 0 SAMBA ERROR: Undefined symbol: .VA_COPY
Friday June 9 2006
10:28PM 1 smbpasswd batch mode
7:55PM 0 Winbind ADS feature request
5:02PM 0 make is trying to mkdir private dir?
12:20PM 0 file locking
10:23AM 1 nsswitch groups confusion
9:11AM 0 ntlm_auth and AD
9:10AM 0 differences of links for root and unprivileged users
7:52AM 0 Binary-package sama version 2 for Linux
5:01AM 0 login script problem
Thursday June 8 2006
11:31PM 1 magic script !!
10:12PM 0 Samba PDC problem
9:24PM 1 ERROR: failed to setup guest info.
8:41PM 0 Arcview .iwg temporary file
5:02PM 0 Re: auth_script_init: SOLVED
4:31PM 0 auth_script_init
4:21PM 2 "Not Enough '\' Characters In Service" Error Message
12:11PM 0 Mount Point Not Appearing
10:53AM 1 Samba client cannot join Samba Domain
8:17AM 1 Error changing ACL when not the owner of the file...
8:02AM 0 ADS and not working IDMAP on OpenLdap backend
6:55AM 0 password policy on PDC
Wednesday June 7 2006
11:14PM 0 Problem with Windows 2003 AD and Samba 3.0.21
9:41PM 1 NSS/PAM LDAP Config
9:39PM 0 Issue joining samba to W2K domain
8:41PM 3 gdm-binary[2950]: Couldn't open session
6:07PM 2 Samba 3.0 build with ADS support on Solaris 9
5:44PM 1 Samba server is listed as Unknown by Windows XP.
5:12PM 0
5:05PM 2 See if authenticated user is in group XYZ
4:50PM 0 Samba 3: Changing printer settings cause reinstallation of printer driver
4:06PM 0 CentOS 4.2 + idmap_rid
3:31PM 0 smbclient times out to 445 after upgrade to XP SP2
3:23PM 1 changing file permissions
3:20PM 2 user not in group
1:58PM 0 Treatment of UNIX soft link
10:04AM 0 cifs mount and quotas
9:10AM 0 Can not see Linux samba (server) from WinXP system
6:11AM 1 Samba 3 and groups
5:36AM 1 ntlm auth and AD uptime
2:29AM 2 Samba AutoCAD 2007 high CPU after printing
1:17AM 1 Sending popup message via smbclient to w2k and winxp machines
Tuesday June 6 2006
10:26PM 0 nsswitch.conf and Samba's windbind
10:26PM 0 Samba kills PDC
10:25PM 0 AW: Problem joining into ads
10:25PM 0 Intermittent file server problems
8:47PM 0 Swat lets everybody into the "good stuff"
7:59PM 3 file download crashes samba
6:31PM 0 help, oplocks problem still?
6:06PM 1 Profile Directory is Full
3:17PM 1 DPAPI
1:55PM 0 RE: samba Digest, Vol 42, Issue 6
1:51PM 3 Re: Getting NTLM group info about user
8:11AM 1 smbclient failing due to switch MAC addr table timeout
7:56AM 2 Unable to cancel print-jobs in cups-samba combination
7:01AM 0 Linux Installation and Basic Configuration Training on June 13-17, 2006
7:01AM 0 Problem in cancelling print-jobs in cups-samba
Monday June 5 2006
8:43PM 0 SOLUTION: Slow file transfers from Samba server
6:19PM 1 Conflicting Signal 6 and 11 messages..
6:06PM 0 Samba/LDAP User add problem...
6:00PM 2 [PATCH] Pet peave then->than
5:51PM 0 64-bit RHEL4 BDC doesn't allow workstation logons
2:51PM 0 Samba not working correctly after upgrade
1:16PM 1 samba + ldap
1:13PM 0 HW configuration
Sunday June 4 2006
11:17PM 2 Can anyone help?
11:14PM 0 Re: administrator privileges
11:14PM 0 Samba requires Restart every 2-3 months
11:14PM 0 Password policy problem
11:14PM 1 samba 3.0.22 on solaris9 does not start as daemon
11:14PM 4 Maximum samba file transfer speed on gigabit...
11:14PM 0 puzzling samba failure
11:14PM 0 smbclien and tar archive creation
11:13PM 0 Intermittant browsing problems
11:13PM 2 samba BDC + LDAP slave Referral errors
6:46PM 0 Enabling a user w/ more than 14 char passwd prompts for a password.
2:59PM 1 changing name of PDC
2:27PM 0 Slow file transfers from Samba
Saturday June 3 2006
4:11PM 1 More pam_winbind trouble
1:21PM 1 Slow file transfers from server to XP clients
1:56AM 1 change share command in smb.conf
Friday June 2 2006
7:13PM 0 Trying to find why it is not working
7:09PM 0 tdb_oob len -1111597610 beyond eof at 49152
5:58PM 0 Winbind?
4:29PM 1 Redhat Authconfig errors
2:47PM 0 Login Accounts not Caching
1:46PM 4 smbmount and win2003 sp1
1:26PM 1 Help please
12:45PM 2 Connecting XP SP2 to Samba 2.0.6
11:44AM 1 kerberos and ads join.
10:08AM 1 ldap/samba/sambaPwd???
9:24AM 2 Domain trusts regression (I hope) 3.0.21c -> 3.0.23pre1, rc1
8:45AM 0 max number of users in passwd ( out of topic )
7:45AM 0 parent vs child directory permissions problem
6:24AM 0 SMB server 3.0.22 and WinNT/Win98 clients
5:49AM 0 How to change permistion after mounting windows patition
5:49AM 0 smbclient -M not working from script
4:57AM 0 Session and logon script on BDC
Thursday June 1 2006
9:24PM 2 password sync and ldap acls
9:17PM 0 3.0.22 on solaris9 does not start as daemon
8:16PM 3 Share authority query
7:35PM 1 PostPath
3:42PM 1 wbinfo -u works, getent passwd doesn't (samba 3.0.22 and 3.0.23rc1)
2:42PM 1 security = share
2:30PM 1 View network neighborhood from linux
2:26PM 2 Problem to join ADS domain.
2:21PM 1 Auditing user/group management
1:39PM 2 Openning samba server to the Internet
10:44AM 0 Compile error on Solaris 8
10:34AM 0 Need help for eventlogadm
12:26AM 1 Re: Fw: debug level 10 log
12:17AM 1 Samba and DOS Attributes