samba - May 2006

Wednesday May 31 2006
10:38PM 1 Second SAMBA Server different NETBIOS alias and shares for ClearCase
9:20PM 1 Cannot delete a file, but I can create and edit it !!
7:04PM 2 authentication against /etc/passwd?
3:59PM 1 Problem joining into ads
3:25PM 0 Problem with Robocopy
2:29PM 1 printing fails for SPOOLSS OpenPrinterEx request
2:25PM 1 policies
1:56PM 9 Unable to use 'valid users' from Active Directory
1:36PM 0 samba ldap: deleting then adding a machine account
1:25PM 3 Cannot delete files from samba share
9:43AM 0 Problem with winbind
6:53AM 0 openbsd and domain controller NOT WORKING
1:31AM 0 Getting error message - tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
Tuesday May 30 2006
9:26PM 1 Definitive Samba 3.x/LDAP docs?
8:58PM 0 Need help on "winbind nss info = template sfu"
7:51PM 0 Windbind auth
7:26PM 2 Request
5:48PM 0 wildcard matches on sharenames
3:13PM 1 Character encoding problem in file names
2:55PM 0 Vampire Problems
2:01PM 2 trouble with file group owners with Samba 3.0.22.
11:13AM 0 Doing groups "DOMAIN\ADusers" crash winbind
11:08AM 0 Winbind on Slackware - no auth but all the rest OK
11:08AM 0 Samba 3.0.22 w2k3 ad+sfu working but ls shows only uidNumber and not uid
11:07AM 1 about printing
12:03AM 2 smbladp_conf shell opts
Monday May 29 2006
10:34PM 1 Problem with job removal
10:18PM 0 CIFS Server 2.2j Pb with locking : No locks available
10:18PM 2 Fedora Core 5 and Windows 98
9:10PM 0 Refresh problems
8:59PM 2 Help needed configuring "event log"
8:51PM 0 Accessing ZIP drive
7:07PM 0 Kernel Panic saving a file via samba to an overquota account
1:44PM 2 To setup a linux fileserver in Windows domain ....
12:06PM 0 smbd hanging at BDC
11:26AM 1 what samba file do I need to change when manually changing gid in /etc/group file?
9:37AM 0 stopping being a local master browser
8:15AM 1 Create a share - permissions
7:49AM 0 Solaris 8 compatibility
3:55AM 0 Samba PDC and windows XP client
Sunday May 28 2006
12:08PM 0 sigbus fault ?
12:08PM 1 any plans on getting psexec / cmdat equivalent to Samba?
12:07PM 2 Integrating W2k3 Terminal Services w/Samba
12:07PM 0 RE: Re: Excel file
9:06AM 3 RE Failover LDAP?
1:37AM 1 sigbus fault?
Saturday May 27 2006
3:43PM 0 Problem with RID,SID and usrmgr
12:00PM 0 Problems with network shared printer
Friday May 26 2006
9:01PM 0 Trust relationship with two SaMBa´s and one NT. All this is servers
7:07PM 1 Windows clients cannot print in color
3:50PM 1 User Manager
3:32PM 1 printing to a Mac from Windows does not work
1:23PM 0 Interdomain trust problem
12:34PM 0 Local groups with ADS users
8:40AM 1 sambaUnixIdPooldn
3:56AM 4 Samba 3.0.20, pam_winbind broken?
3:41AM 2 Failover LDAP?
Thursday May 25 2006
11:26PM 0 OSX client logging on to SAMBA PDC
10:23PM 1 New Samba installation
3:50PM 1 3.0.23rc1 - Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_NOTIFY handler]
3:08PM 0 Debugging Password information
2:52PM 1 Need Solaris 8 Version that Works with AccessCheck()
2:29PM 1 AIX 5.3 Samba member server to an NT domain
1:32PM 3 3.0.23rc1 - Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_NOTIFY handler
1:03PM 0 Samba and SSHFS
11:40AM 1 Unable to add attrib +r for directory
11:03AM 2 After saving Excel file cannot save it again
9:56AM 0 PDC BDC logon server
9:09AM 0 convert profile from local to roaming
7:20AM 2 Roaming Profiles
7:05AM 0 RE: Linux Problem
7:05AM 0 samba4
7:05AM 0 Adding machines and machine based logins
7:05AM 0 FW: Linux Problem
7:04AM 0 samba problem
7:04AM 0 Prolonged transfers turn hard drive into read-only.
5:35AM 0 Samba share as document root in Windows XP
4:57AM 0 help to debug: Failling to upload some (not all) drivers to SAMBA server.
4:27AM 0 Samba 3.0.23rc1 Available for Download
4:04AM 0 LDAP Upgrades (both Unix and Samba
Wednesday May 24 2006
8:31PM 1 NSCD, should it be used or not with LDAP, pam, nss
8:28PM 1 Building libsmbclient independent of Samba
8:03PM 1 Autenticationg Many SAMBA Servers against one LDAP
7:31PM 4 Domain Admins
7:15PM 2 3.0.14a does not work with 2003-SP1
7:11PM 2 Intermittent process crash serving files
6:27PM 1 How-To questions... ldap.conf
6:10PM 2 Domain Logins across VPN
4:28PM 1 Difficulty converting from RH 7.3 to Debian Sarge
4:09PM 0 Samba will not start
3:57PM 2 winbind + consistent uid & gid
2:55PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 1.0.2 released
12:30PM 0 ADS / Domain problems
11:21AM 0 multiple sids
8:33AM 0 joining a samba server in a special OU
5:02AM 1 help needed: connecting with similar windows-unix usernames?
4:44AM 1 smbldap-populate
3:22AM 1 Valid users directive
1:04AM 0 Setting AD user's home dir/logon script from Samba?
12:23AM 1 samba-problems
Tuesday May 23 2006
11:05PM 0 Can Samba run on Unisys?
11:05PM 0 Samba on NAS perfs
11:05PM 2 plz, help me syn smbpass with passwd's system
10:28PM 2 samba domain controller
9:42PM 0 make: Circular /cygdrive/c/Documents <- /cygdrive/c/Documents
9:34PM 1 Samba 4.0 LDAP backend -- replacement for OpenLDAP?
9:33PM 0 samba Win64 XP not authenticating logon and Failing
9:24PM 1 Problems with "net rpc trustdom establish"
8:50PM 1 Linux - Automount with password prompt
6:09PM 0 LDAP Upgrades (both Unix and Samba)
2:58PM 0 resource used
2:49PM 1 usrmgr.exe "group name could not be found" error
2:21PM 0 smbcontrol for memory state
2:01PM 0 Preventing non-domain user from accessing domain resources
12:49PM 0 Problem mapping from windows x64 version
9:55AM 0 connections.tdb file keeps growing.
9:05AM 0 wbinfo -g Error looking up domain groups
Monday May 22 2006
11:54PM 0 Q: Using create mask under [Homes]
11:37PM 3 Samba Print Problem (Everything Looks Right)
9:33PM 2 Does samba support Active Directory User Group name with space
9:33PM 2 copy of smbpasswd
9:33PM 2 Problem
8:46PM 1 Long delay when printing from XP (over samba, cups, raw)
8:05PM 1 URGENT: Samba Won't Substitute %u In "Logon *" When LDAP Is Used
4:55PM 3 Errors accessing smbfs share after upgrade to redhat ES4.0
2:20PM 1 problem printer driver on Windows XP
12:14PM 0 smbd process grows to 25Mb resident size
10:38AM 0 consistent id mapping between samba PDC and member server.
10:18AM 0 Samba fails after upgrade
10:08AM 0 Winbind running on PDC. How?
8:46AM 1 Join ADS problem
6:20AM 1 Samba client file locking
Sunday May 21 2006
9:45PM 3 Unrecognized Samba service.
9:18PM 0 Disable printing in samba?
2:16AM 1 ldapsam:trusted = yes : trouble getting it to work
1:37AM 2 Samba share question
Saturday May 20 2006
9:41PM 2 smbd not starting
9:41PM 1 samba 4 & openldap?
7:58PM 1 Samba Quotas For XP Client (Homes Shared)
3:59PM 0 Windows 98 connection problems on MacOSX
3:35PM 4 File size limit of 2Gb ish ?
12:02AM 0 Quota shows S-XXX instead of actual names
Friday May 19 2006
10:30PM 0 smbclient vs. smbmount -- discrepancy?
9:31PM 1 Samba 3.0.23pre1 with windows vista
9:31PM 0 Client Oplock Requests
9:31PM 0 domain name vs ip address causes refresh problem and lowercase vs capitol folder names - how to fix refresh issue?
9:31PM 0 Performance issue on AIX when deleting files inadirectorywith a large number of files
9:31PM 0 smbclient and large file support
9:09PM 1 new directory to share gives error code -43
7:18PM 0 Guest Printer Access
5:13PM 1 Safe to ignore this message ? -Attempt to bind using schannel without successful serverauth2
4:46PM 0 smbd hanging because netbios-ssn TCP connexion not seen as down
4:15PM 0 RE: PDC's on same Network (Golden Butler)
2:10PM 1 Samba & Windows 2003 AD
11:18AM 2 sharing a printer
11:13AM 2 net rpc join fails the first time but succeeds the second
8:09AM 1 Character in file names are dispalyed wrong
6:28AM 2 Can't get past login window
6:09AM 0 How to prevent an election
6:00AM 1 How to increase os level for one interface
Thursday May 18 2006
9:08PM 2 Redirection of Desktop
7:56PM 0 Moving a Samba server from i386 to x64
4:48PM 1 samba log and cups
3:50PM 3 share with no authentication
3:35PM 2 Samba behind firewall
2:03PM 0 2 PDC's on same Network
11:30AM 0 why is idmap uid / gid needed for ACLs?
9:52AM 0 Samba 3.0.22, SUN Sol2.9 not working
9:36AM 0 Roaming Profile problem
Wednesday May 17 2006
1:50PM 1 giving user rights to files
1:41PM 1 Multiple Clients, Winbind and idmap in LDAP, documentation incorrect?
1:10PM 1 Domain logins: 2 small issues
12:42PM 2 no route to host
11:31AM 0 Problem compiling NDOUtils 1.3.1
11:25AM 0 Mac OSX 10.4.6 and Samba going down
11:11AM 0 access denied for License manager on Win2000
8:11AM 1 PDC with no roaming profiles ?
4:40AM 0 Samba problems
4:40AM 1 I need your help about Microsoft pleaseeeee
4:40AM 0 USRMGR Not adding users properly
Tuesday May 16 2006
11:36PM 4 winbind crashes after clean build of 3.0.22
9:56PM 0 hp officejet 9130 and samba
8:40PM 0 Samba: Unrecognized service.
8:26PM 0 Performance samba?
8:11PM 2 smbpasswd and /etc/samba/smbusers
7:41PM 0 how to setup file sharing access rights
4:52PM 2 eliminate version information
4:32PM 0 allowing windows xp local service with systems accounts rights to access samba share
2:50PM 1 Winbind authenticating its default domain but not trusted domains
11:04AM 0 configure a small local network
8:35AM 0 Problem: changing groups
8:19AM 1 How to handle special characters in filenames
2:27AM 1 cannot verify samba-3.0.22.tar.asc
1:10AM 1 Domain login Problem.
Monday May 15 2006
11:54PM 0 samba + cups + windows client printing
8:40PM 1 Smbmount and credentials
6:12PM 0 Problem printing
2:19PM 1 HA-Samba
11:28AM 1 hold print jobs until I manually relaese
11:08AM 1 Help
11:07AM 1 Log of file delete/create/open/close operations
9:52AM 0 Manage several Windows domains with one ldap directory
9:33AM 0 how to copy files from the Samba server (small/big characters and other problems)?
9:18AM 2 winbind and AD password updates
2:08AM 6 Everything but [Homes] works
Sunday May 14 2006
11:57PM 2 stack smashing problem
11:57PM 0 access from w2k professional client to sambaserver fails
11:57PM 0 Samba PDC + Microsoft SMS Server
9:52PM 1 Unexpected behaviour with ACL GROUP CONTROL
9:34AM 0 Samba and 404 Message with SuSE 10.0
12:20AM 2 Samba VFS issue
Saturday May 13 2006
9:55AM 0 Here's a recipe for Samba+Active Directory on Solaris 9
6:06AM 1 Samba3 and OS X 10.4.6
Friday May 12 2006
9:31PM 6 Samba ADS problem
8:55PM 3 samba 3.0.22 and OS/2 connectivity
6:14PM 0 Possible printcap bug, 3.0.23pre1
4:00PM 1 Directory being dupicated
3:54PM 0 printer spool full
2:36PM 1 PDC with 2 NICs problem
1:18PM 0 (Fwd) Re: permissions change from windows doesn't work
11:05AM 2 Can one set limits on new core dump?
7:11AM 1 V4 TP2
Thursday May 11 2006
10:42PM 1 winbind ldap usage...
9:51PM 0 Samba over Debian Sarge 3.1 R1. This File server store MDBand XLS files.
9:06PM 1 XP needs to rejoin after ldap problem
6:07PM 2 ADS on Solaris
3:53PM 1 rpcclient problem - no connect to
3:36PM 1 newbie question reguarding kerberos tickets
2:47PM 0 probleman on transference win98
2:44PM 4 proposed list of parameter to remove in 3.0.23
2:36PM 1 File creation permission issue
11:42AM 2 Trust relationship and LDAP backend
10:43AM 1 No XP machines in browse list with 3.0.22
7:28AM 1 rpcclient enumdrivers fails with WERR_UNKNOWN_PRINTER_DRIVER
4:41AM 1 Re: [PATCH] smbfs: Fix slab corruption in samba error path
4:41AM 1 Samba over Debian Sarge 3.1 R1. This File server store MDB and XLS files.
2:06AM 0 When to restart or reload
Wednesday May 10 2006
5:19PM 2 Best way to Upgrade Samba 3.014a
4:46PM 2 Problem with adding printer drivers in Windows XP
4:41PM 0 Samba shares will not set proper permissions.
2:30PM 2 Performance issue on AIX when deleting files in a directory with a large number of files
1:15PM 3 AD users from different AD domains - update
12:25PM 1 Show specific printers only
Tuesday May 9 2006
10:22PM 0 nmbd hangs up after a few hours, kill -9 needed
10:21PM 1 lock file information
8:36PM 0 Samba drive errors
8:16PM 1 kinit fails
7:51PM 2 Servers disappear from Network neighborhood
6:51PM 2 smb.conf for MS-Access and MS-Excell Files
6:39PM 3 poor performance - multiuser fileserver database (ms-access)
6:04PM 0 samba errors - "No buffer space available" - any ideas?
4:42PM 1 Problem with automagic Windows drivers
4:09PM 1 >4gb file corruption from NT4 to Samba
3:59PM 0 CUPS Windows drivers?
3:55PM 1 Joining Domain on Solaris, Get_Pwnam_internals didn't find user
3:10PM 1 Switching Ldap Servers
3:09PM 1 wbinfo -t -u -g not working
2:38PM 1 Samba on 3.0.22 on HP-UX 11i - mon.out?
2:20PM 3 3.0.23pre1 does not compile on HP-UX 11i
2:01PM 3 Samba or NFS for a new domain member server
1:41PM 0 Unix extensions and symlinks dereferencing
12:03PM 1 Question: Universal group support
11:25AM 0 How to increase number of additional groups
10:14AM 1 pls pay attention to this (How to hold print jobs )
9:46AM 1 Samba on Sun
9:14AM 1 NT4 user can't change password during logon (but XP can)
8:13AM 0 clearing old workgroup names from my domain
4:05AM 3 Release and krb problems
Monday May 8 2006
11:50PM 0 changing Domain-Name
10:30PM 0 Trouble using winbind: getent not returning all groups
6:55PM 1 checking trust secret failed for interdomain trust
6:05PM 1 Wins replication
3:03PM 0 changing Workgroupname
2:27PM 0 changin Workgroupname
1:24PM 1 Error Messages during installation
9:02AM 2 samba as a dc
6:30AM 0 messages in nmbd.log
5:58AM 2 overzealous Windows security
Sunday May 7 2006
8:29PM 0 AW: problem winbindd solaris 8
9:47AM 0 Unable to find a suitable server
9:47AM 1 Samba Binary Package 1.9 downloading info
3:53AM 3 How to Change samba's PW from XP
Saturday May 6 2006
8:38PM 1 problem winbindd solaris 8
11:36AM 0 My Documents on Win98 in domain not persistant
7:34AM 1 Unable to Join system to Domain at BDC
1:55AM 1 Enabling filenames with ?, *, etc ?
12:43AM 1 3.0.23pre1 trusted domain failed
Friday May 5 2006
9:36PM 1 WINS replications
8:04PM 0 SAMBA: winbind ID's disappearing
2:23PM 2 SElinux and Samba
2:13PM 0 interoperability issues samba 3.0.10-1.4E.2 and 2.2.7a
2:06PM 6 passdb and samba v3.0.23pre1
1:46PM 1 Preparing to migrate
10:06AM 1 Printing identification
9:04AM 5 How does Samba find a domain controller?
7:00AM 0 BDC on Different subnet
6:50AM 3 pls solve this problem
3:20AM 1 samba errors - "No buffer space available"
Thursday May 4 2006
10:26PM 6 Share Access
9:54PM 1 Creating a trust on an unstable network
6:24PM 3 allocate_print_jobid: failed to allocate a print job for queue lbrmgt
6:20PM 1 Global share
5:44PM 0 Performace problems
5:42PM 0 YDL/RedHat and Samba Control
5:20PM 0 Windows to Linux Samba problems
2:39PM 1 samba ldap domain join
2:26PM 9 Excessive traffic causing slow logons
2:24PM 1 providing the current samba PID to a preexec script
1:52PM 3 Speeding up 'getent passwd' with winbindd on AD
12:58PM 0 Rejecting auth request
12:56PM 1 Samba file server -- samba domain join problem
9:56AM 0 folder sharing
5:44AM 0 samba errors - need help or info
3:30AM 0 clearing old domain and wrokgroup cached names
2:11AM 2 Samba interface to CVS/Subversion
Wednesday May 3 2006
6:17PM 1 share permissions
5:56PM 1 How to access a 'guest ok' share from Windows without password?
3:41PM 0 Migration tool for mapped execute bits to EA-based storage for DOS attributes
2:51PM 0 Kerberos pre-authentication failure with samba 3.0.22
1:48PM 2 printer admin deprecated: please explain
12:48PM 0 Can't Access Sambe Running Linux Box From XP
7:04AM 0 winbindd- confused about when to use
5:39AM 4 Write access doesn't grant delete access?!
Tuesday May 2 2006
10:41PM 0 samba logs
10:41PM 0 Samba Domain Controller and windows errors
10:41PM 1 windows vista
10:18PM 1 Cannot write over root owned file
8:54PM 1 Called NTLMSSP after state machine was 'done'
4:50PM 1 Samba 4 and AD in Native Mode
2:06PM 1 Samba3 PDC and W2K3 server
1:45PM 1 Only one NDS_ldapsam possible?
12:54PM 0 domain SID not changing
12:38PM 0 Samba participating in Google's Summer of Code for the 2nd year
10:24AM 0 two workgroup list at windows client
8:28AM 0 Samba sending broadcasts on wrong devices.
4:54AM 1 shares became unavailable
Monday May 1 2006
6:59PM 0 Slow logon
3:46PM 1 XFS Group Quotas Revisited
12:50PM 0 User name in View Connections
11:50AM 0 bugzilla cert is expired