samba - Jun 1999

Wednesday June 30 1999
8:27PM 0 Programs using installshield are slow.
5:06PM 0 HP8100 & samba
4:30PM 1 Need Advice: 2.0.4 or CVS samba
4:13PM 0 samba 2.04b on a trusted hpux 10.20 machine
2:37PM 0 Minimal Readline support for smbclient (samba-2.0.4b)
1:16PM 0 How to backup from Win to Linux using smb
12:23PM 0 Autoconnect on restarts doesn't work
11:54AM 1 OS/2 Warp Version 4.0
11:33AM 1 Urgent: multiple NIC
9:17AM 0 Filtering ^D and PCL headers in samba print jobs under Solaris
8:36AM 0 Seeking compress FS for Linux
7:56AM 0 samba disappearing
7:43AM 0 MS client .or. Lan manager ??
7:35AM 1 nmbd Problem
7:03AM 0 Problems ith smbsh
6:49AM 0 2.0.4b: "null passwords = yes" -> confusing LOG
6:30AM 1 How to backup from Win to Linux using smb?
Tuesday June 29 1999
10:51PM 0 new view display problem
8:49PM 0 Samba and OS-X
8:20PM 0 Help. Unable to print from NT
7:43PM 0 Browsing problems (latest cvs samba)
7:42PM 0 improved authentication support.
5:22PM 1 NTFS File Compression (PR#18351)
5:01PM 0 NTFS File Compression
3:02PM 0 No subject
1:53PM 3 Anyone successfully using a HP 8000 DN (with JetDirect module and IP) with samba?
1:24PM 0 NT Error MSG: SMB that was too short
12:44PM 0 smbclient ERRDOS - 2215
1:08AM 1 Linux vs NT: a new test
Monday June 28 1999
7:12PM 0 was: Samba Solutions...maybe
2:57PM 0 samba 204b and nis(yp) netgroup
11:50AM 0 Samba: Applied in the Large
10:30AM 0 Backup problem too with Seagate BackupExec
9:57AM 0 Broken oplock with SuSE Linux ?
6:50AM 0 Disable encrypted passwords (Windows 2000)
2:28AM 0 Can't backup Samba share using NT Server across the network
12:08AM 1 2.0.4b/rh60/smbstatus: European characters (accented) (PR#18293)
Sunday June 27 1999
8:59PM 0 Entgültige Email änderung
6:58PM 0 SuSE 6.1 and NT Browsing Problems
4:24PM 3 Linux can't telnet to WFW 3.11
3:13PM 0 passwd's and access to shares
3:13PM 0 One way communication
2:47PM 1 NT User Account Locked Out By Samba
12:50PM 0 Problem with IIS and Samba 2.04b
12:48PM 0 SAMBA digest 1967
7:46AM 0 ATTN Jamie Thompson: Authentication Issues
2:29AM 0 Help please: error connecting to samba (failed to initialise shar e modes)
Saturday June 26 1999
1:34PM 0 Password caching and smbsh
12:16PM 0 Reg.hack for Win2000
1:09AM 0 BSDI Unix
Friday June 25 1999
10:02PM 1 Smbmount with networked windows system backups
9:13PM 0 Drive mappings across dial-up VPN
6:07PM 2 Machine Upgraded & smbd/nmbd won't start
4:56PM 0 Samba in Network Neighborhood
4:00PM 3 security = server & encrypted passwords
3:37PM 0 Windows 2000 and Samba authentication.
3:07PM 0 VERY SERIOUS smbclient problems w/samba 2.0.*
2:36PM 0 Just two workgroups
2:27PM 0 AIX 4.3.1 and DFS integration
1:54PM 1 2.0.4b/rh60/smbstatus: European characters (accented)
12:31PM 0 ACLs and least surprise (was Samba vs. NetAppliance)
6:18AM 1 Q: Passwd
4:14AM 0 call_nt_transact_ioctl(1838) Error!
3:27AM 0 call_nt_transact_ioctl (1838) Error
12:34AM 0 Problems with Win 95 Dos-box and Samba server (PR#18222)
Thursday June 24 1999
11:54PM 0 Silent smbfs hardlock
10:27PM 0 Connection PC - Amiga by means of Samba !
10:14PM 0 More on smb 2.X and DNS?
9:47PM 0 smb 2.X and DNS?
9:18PM 0 Using Amanda + Samba to backup NT4 servers?
8:44PM 0 Broadcast problems with nmbd
8:04PM 0 2.0.4b - Bug in dfree > 2GB reporting for 16-bit clients
7:54PM 0 NIS authentication support
6:44PM 2 Strange files
6:42PM 3 Problems with smbpasswd -j DOMAIN
6:29PM 0 problem starting samba daemon
5:17PM 0 Write access to share
4:02PM 0 No automatic refresh? (PR#18209)
2:34PM 1 Little problem
1:53PM 0 Samba & Netatalk
1:12PM 2 Respond95 for Fax sending under win95/98
12:37PM 0 Samba working but not in Network Neighbourhood
11:33AM 0 SAMBA question on Windows2000.
4:00AM 0 A new diagnose.txt for NT needs to be done!
3:57AM 4 No automatic refresh?
Wednesday June 23 1999
10:27PM 1 BSDI 4.0.1 Samba 2.0.4b Performance Problems???
9:10PM 1 Authenticating Windows95 with Samba.
7:09PM 0 Big problems
3:36PM 1 ERROR: Failed to initialize share modes!
2:53PM 1 problems with a WinNT SMB server
1:52PM 0 A problem sharing printer with win
1:50PM 0 %U variable
1:26PM 0 v1.9.18p10 much more robust with security=server than v2.04
10:16AM 1 oplock_break: client failure in break - shutting down this smbd.
10:12AM 0 problem setting up samba
8:56AM 1 Samba and NT4-sp5 problems ??
3:26AM 1 Unencypted Passwords problem
Tuesday June 22 1999
9:28PM 0 problem with printing
8:14PM 0 Windows 95/98 passwords
5:25PM 0 Shared file
5:06PM 0 Slow reads & Fast reads
2:21PM 0 Ready-to-use Samba 2.0.0 for Solaris
2:10PM 2 No network neighborhood
9:40AM 1 Control characters with Samba/NT4.0
9:17AM 3 ERROR! Out of file structures
8:41AM 1 Authentication problems with Windows clients
3:33AM 3 smbmount -- what am I missing?
Monday June 21 1999
9:35PM 1 ./configure problem
8:52PM 0 Samba 2.0.x unusable for this environment
7:33PM 0 Compile time errors
6:48PM 0 Cascade PDC and Samba 2.0.4b
5:23PM 0 2.0.2 looses local master browser
3:28PM 0 SAMBA digest 2136
12:52PM 1 Force group on create of a file.
11:20AM 0 Speed problem with Linux -> Win98
11:16AM 0 subscribe samba
2:20AM 0 SAMBA digest 2134
2:10AM 1 Access is denied
Sunday June 20 1999
11:04PM 2 =?ISO-8859-1?B?QXhlbCBIZWxsbWlnIGlzdCBhdd9lciBIYXVzLg==?=
6:29PM 0 Problems with printing=plp
4:33PM 0 Broken pipe errors can result in corrupt files ==> please help / 2.0.0 Broken Pipes
3:52PM 2 newbie: where and how to use smbmount with 2.04b ?
4:01AM 0 samba...linux to linux printing..hangs
Saturday June 19 1999
8:22PM 0 Unmounting Samba shares first...
3:31AM 0 SWAT: Password Page displays /etc/passwd
Friday June 18 1999
5:52PM 0 LDAP functionable? ldap.c does not compile on Solaris 2.6 /SWAT bug?
5:21PM 2 password problems on upgrade to 2.0.4
5:07PM 1 How to add an Domain Admin to the local Admin group
1:35PM 0 Share Problem
7:30AM 2 Problem with Samba: "The account is not authorized to login from this station"
6:27AM 1 Can a router be a local master browser in a NT domain?
Thursday June 17 1999
9:04PM 0 [Fwd: need assistance]
8:28PM 3 drive mapping
7:43PM 6 Samba vs. NetAppliance
4:08PM 1 The samba recycle bin clarified
3:56PM 5 Passwords and NT
3:49PM 0 need assistance
1:23PM 2 WinNT to Unix
11:38AM 1 Logon.bat with samba
11:35AM 0 How to set UNIX password from PC? (repeat)
7:00AM 0 SAMBA config. (security=domain)
6:28AM 3 need undelete function (Jeremy, what is your idea?)
1:04AM 0 I need an answer ASAP!
Wednesday June 16 1999
10:28PM 0 One win98 client accesses linux server slower than the rest
9:58PM 0 smbpasswd "codepage.850" error
9:29PM 0 hp laserjet 5l through SMB.
8:59PM 0 Admin User Problems
7:22PM 1 Wastebasket/Recycle bin?
6:52PM 0 Pls. HELP : v1.9.18p10 much more robust with security=server than v2.04
6:18PM 0 concept behind password sync
5:51PM 0 Why 2 login failures before success?
4:47PM 0 How do I unsubscribe ?
1:45PM 0 Can I prompt for ID for a Samba printer?
7:01AM 0 Samba 2.0.4b & NT 4.0 SP5 gives Remote Procedure Call Error 1728
4:45AM 0 smaba and bidirectional printer
3:36AM 0 Samba problem on Alpha Linux Red Hat 5.2
12:40AM 0 HOW to GET 1,000 New Customers OVERNIGHT!
Tuesday June 15 1999
10:54PM 0 NT 4 sp3 audit + samba = total mess
5:43PM 0 can't smbmount samba share
4:36PM 1 How to share for two domains?
4:24PM 0 SAmba Guest Access
3:39PM 1 need undelete function
3:19PM 7 quotas: documentation? Properties?
3:11PM 0 FIX for smbtar zero length files... (Cont :)
2:59PM 0 FIX for smbtar zero length files...
1:13PM 0 Read-Only File Systems
4:44AM 0 samba trash can
4:36AM 0 samba undelete function
2:48AM 0 Reply¡GAgain! need undelete function !!!
Monday June 14 1999
10:46PM 4 Samba causing problems with NT tools
10:39PM 1 SAMBA digest 2067
6:58PM 0 A samba trash can?
6:31PM 0 Can time be set via Samba on a Linux platform?
6:20PM 1 msclient and Case
4:29PM 1 Repeating entries in log.nmb and log.smb
3:57PM 1 Doubt on browsing across subnets
1:27PM 0 2.0.4b: SERIOUS character set problem
1:18PM 0 2.0.4b: smbtar slow in restoring to a pc
12:38PM 0 Possible Password Sync Solution!
12:31PM 0 changing samba passwords
12:06PM 1 Win95 and wsock32.dll...
9:54AM 0 Trusted domain problem
8:56AM 0 saving files
8:45AM 0 SAMBA digest 2127
7:05AM 0 smb.conf for local master browser
6:29AM 0 Can nmbd re-register itself with a WINS server?
12:00AM 0 Useful Admin features
Sunday June 13 1999
7:44PM 0 Two Samba servers ...
1:23AM 1 Subnet Browsing, Halfway There
Saturday June 12 1999
10:08PM 0 Q: Empty page after each Print-Job
7:29PM 0 DESKTOP.INI amd & DNS
7:21PM 0 No subject
2:58PM 0 Message contains encrypted data.
9:55AM 1 Again! need undelete function !!!
6:53AM 0 Problem with Solaris disk quotas
Friday June 11 1999
11:55PM 0 smbclient seems touched in the head
9:51PM 0 Slowing the spread of W32/ExploreZip.worm...
4:41PM 0 HP-UX 10.20 Trusted Systems (SAMBA digest 2126)
2:04PM 1 Can't access Samba server from Windows NT
12:44PM 0 Error loading Samba 2.0.4.b on Mandrake-Linux 6.0
12:25PM 0 2.0.4b binaries for SCO OS5 available
9:49AM 4 Problems
7:40AM 0 Strange Problem Samba 2.04b and Outlook97
4:19AM 0 Gui for smbclient
Thursday June 10 1999
11:19PM 0 Actions on Samba events
10:38PM 1 NEWsamBIE
9:31PM 3 Directory Permissions
8:24PM 1 Printer Queue control
4:11PM 0 Question from Alexandre Lemont
3:56PM 0 HP-UX 10.20 Trusted Systems
1:50PM 0 SAMBA partial digest 2125
1:42PM 0 \NETLOGON ERRpipebusy (All instances busy)
11:55AM 0 Samba and disk quotas
10:13AM 0 Refresing browselists and some Packet logging
10:06AM 1 NT ACL's
9:55AM 0 2.0.4b: configure --with-smbmount -> ERROR
8:27AM 0 Option for Not Having root Owning all smbd Processes?
7:25AM 1 on-access virusscanning on shares
4:47AM 0 [Fwd: [Fwd: Fwd: Romania]]
1:01AM 0 Getting a list of Printer jobs from Solaris
Wednesday June 9 1999
8:41PM 0 **RE: Socket Address & Virtual Samba Servers**
8:21PM 0 basic rights for SMB shares...
7:07PM 0 Digital unix & passwords
7:01PM 7 Do not use stock RedHat 6.0 kernels with SMBFS!
6:49PM 0 Win2K B3 and Samba
6:13PM 0 rejected passwords and locked domain accounts
4:17PM 0 Can't load multiple printers and other problems
4:14PM 0 How to set UNIX password from PC?
3:41PM 0 NT ACL
2:09PM 0 Password synch. and timeout read
2:01PM 3 Win98 : passwd change fail / where is ?
1:35PM 0 trigger a program when user login/logoff from NT domain
12:30PM 2 Failed to get local UDP socket
11:56AM 1 smbtar cannot recognize space character in filename
7:17AM 0 Printing to a Windows'95 m/c from linux box
6:57AM 0 Printing Problems with Win95/Linux
4:36AM 1 allow guest access
2:49AM 0 Security=user doesn't work?
1:06AM 0 Samba PDC and capitalization is passwords
Tuesday June 8 1999
6:45PM 0 Semaphore has timed out on HPUX 10.20
6:43PM 6 DESKTOP.INI amd & DNS puzzle
6:15PM 0 Problems with usergroups
4:59PM 4 Early warning wrt Win2K
4:01PM 1 Auto-Form Feed
1:46PM 0 password server log question
10:51AM 0 samba digest 2114
10:33AM 2 Swat: How to restrict connections to special IPs only?
10:32AM 1 Printing-Help: How to get rid of this banner pages?
6:23AM 2 Tuýrkish Character Set
5:35AM 0 The SND/RCV LO/HI WAT socket options
4:13AM 0 Help! Passwd debug - what is this?
12:12AM 0 Trouble using Samba
Monday June 7 1999
9:18PM 1 configure script: locking error
3:07PM 0 unix_convert cause of windows freeze?
2:48PM 0 ACL Permissions Tab
9:20AM 0 Out of file structure = new samba bug ? (2.0.4b)
9:05AM 2 smbmount Directory permissions
7:22AM 0 linux-gateway & samba-fileserver...
5:43AM 1 Time Out's - Samba to Win95/98
Sunday June 6 1999
2:48PM 0 WTB
1:57PM 1 Error Messages on Terminal
6:39AM 0 dosmode.c; 2.0.4
1:19AM 0 PAM support (retracted)
Saturday June 5 1999
8:10PM 0 name if jobs in queue
5:54PM 0 "Network path not found" error mesg
2:10PM 0 Problems with smbpasswd on a solaris 2.5.1 server
2:02AM 0 setting up samba for 500+ users
Friday June 4 1999
7:36PM 0 Connecting to 1.9.18p10 from DOS boot diskette
6:28PM 9 "because you dance to disco and you don't like rock" [Win2000 vs Samba/Linux]
6:21PM 0 Samba will not work
4:45PM 0 Use of solaris 2.5.1 precompiled as expedient
3:31PM 0 Switching from Server to Domain security
2:56PM 2 Does have any real purpose?
12:32PM 0 Auth against NT-PDC performance
10:35AM 2 newbie help
9:05AM 0 Password problem with Win95 not remembering
Thursday June 3 1999
7:03PM 0 Need help with WIN98 printer
6:04PM 0 Win95/98 cannot, but NT can!
4:49PM 0 How to kill network connections to samba machines.
4:18PM 0 samba & file ownerships
2:12PM 0 Security related bug/issue ... or mis-configuration? (fwd)
1:57PM 0 800+ simultaneous connections ...
12:09PM 0 No subject
11:39AM 0 Mounting an SMB drive ????
9:25AM 1 Implementing Shares
8:45AM 0 WIN98:No Logon (fix)
Wednesday June 2 1999
10:59PM 2 /etc/group
10:16PM 0 ACI appraisal program "freezes" when accessing SAMBA shares
5:18PM 0 NT Client Authentication with Samba Printing
3:38PM 0 error packet at line 840?
3:09PM 0 Compiling SAMBA on DEC UNIX 4.0 W/OUT ENH SEC?
2:45PM 1 nmbd errors on console
1:58PM 0 SWAT status report wrong
11:47AM 1 Win 9x and WinNT Clients connecting to Samba-Server
11:05AM 0 Comments on Samba and HPUX performance problems
10:57AM 0 Samba and NT Trusts
9:56AM 1 Samba as a member of a NT domain - questions
9:48AM 1 Performance Problems with Samba 2.0.3
9:14AM 0 Accessing multiple volumes with different rights
4:26AM 0 Help! Newbie going bananas
2:58AM 1 force create mode =
Tuesday June 1 1999
9:43PM 0 SGI irix and samba
6:58PM 0 One of two samba servers not visible (remote announce
5:08PM 0 domain security
5:07PM 0 Benchmarking
3:54PM 1 PANIC: assert failed.
3:08PM 0 " ERROR! Out of file structures" with smbd, and Arcserve IT on sm b share
12:37PM 0 A bit more help on samba
12:25PM 0 PCounter and Samba
11:18AM 1 W98:No logon
11:00AM 0 HTTP Authentication and SWAT
9:10AM 0 Samba en Español
8:20AM 1 setting permissions...