Rails - May 2008

Saturday May 31 2008
10:09PM 5 Shared hosting options for small low traffic sites.
8:26PM 0 Rails cookie javascript problem in IE6
6:06PM 1 Select dropdown based off join table's include?
6:05PM 3 Difference between false and :false
5:02PM 4 I need something better than split...
3:29PM 2 How do you figure out that a Parent model is trying to destroy it's children?
3:27PM 5 failsafe error in rails 2.1 RC1 - ip spoofing
2:26PM 7 Modifying HTTP requests to act like Ajax
12:35PM 1 return float when dividing two integers?
12:07PM 3 check_box_tag nightmare
12:02PM 6 Trying to use a radio button as a selection list
10:39AM 2 is there a RESTful way to bulk create?
10:37AM 2 attachment_fu uploaded file with Action mailer
9:40AM 0 Rails 2.0.2 mongrel_rails start Vs ruby script/server fragment_cache_store
8:59AM 8 Automating user-specific stamps on records
6:27AM 2 Exec format error during globalize plugin install
5:26AM 1 Linux editor ? aka textmate on linux
5:21AM 3 RoR 2.1.0 RC install on windows
5:02AM 9 Rails 2.0.2, routes with id and slug separated?
1:02AM 15 How do ROR developers work with designers?
12:03AM 2 Fixed Data Sets
Friday May 30 2008
11:28PM 2 Text uniqueness, using google or something else
11:01PM 0 multiple views for the same action?
10:08PM 1 Parameters for FormOptionsHelper select vs. FormTagHelper select_tag
9:33PM 0 silent rake test failure--doesn't happen on manual test run
9:06PM 7 Can't mass-assign these protected attributes?
8:50PM 1 class_eval better than reopening classes?
8:42PM 2 UJS and IE
7:49PM 5 Using MySQL
7:41PM 4 deprecation warnings
7:25PM 0 UJS for rails plugin Installation problems
6:39PM 5 mod_rails is defaulting to development mode
5:21PM 0 Simple File Upload Fails
5:08PM 4 Auto rotating between (will_)paginated objects?
5:07PM 2 session expiration
5:04PM 1 problems with render :update in controller on winXP
4:48PM 4 RSpec Post/Get and Sessions in a Story
4:20PM 1 Is DateTime and Time interchangeable?
3:57PM 0 Prawn (PDF in Ruby) BoF at RailsConf?
2:57PM 1 New to RoR - installing my first app?
2:45PM 10 Debugger Not Working
2:06PM 5 Defaulting datetime in migrations
1:34PM 18 hard time with checkboxes
1:28PM 0 Creating calendar view for all the year, plugin?
1:27PM 3 Route #resource + member vs #connect
1:15PM 3 Help with ActiveRecord for Models with long associtation chain
12:24PM 1 how to use RMovie
12:17PM 6 Session problem
12:16PM 2 Change association methods behaviour
12:07PM 9 find_by_sql without a model? how to do this?
10:04AM 0 Active scaffold with attibute in join table
9:35AM 4 fragment caching keeping stale product prices
9:19AM 1 has_many :through and association callbacks: Working?
8:56AM 4 How to deal with observe_field in partials?
8:39AM 1 Best way to nest model validations
7:48AM 5 rails debug
6:59AM 4 ActionMailer
6:33AM 0 params not parsed correctly from url from observe_field, (only occurs on new server environment)
6:16AM 0 (unknown)
4:47AM 1 Best practice: same "workflow", different context
3:37AM 1 Fixtures
1:26AM 0 Template localization
12:59AM 2 Ruby on Rails Developer Opportunity - Melbourne - Permanent - Excellent Career Path
12:43AM 0 validations and STI
12:14AM 2 Multiple MySQL Users Per App?
12:12AM 0 This Week in Ruby (May 29, 2008)
Thursday May 29 2008
11:43PM 1 RoR / Subversion IDE (Who made changes to which section)
9:04PM 4 Updating div on Ajax call in IE6
8:48PM 0 NoMethodError: undefined method `configuration' for #<String inside railties?
8:38PM 4 Trouble installing plugins with script/plugin install
8:26PM 5 Non-blocking "send_data `foo`"
8:25PM 0 6 month ROR Developer Contract - Tokyo
8:15PM 3 Shipping?
7:41PM 6 Production install (RoR + Oracle + IIS)
7:31PM 0 Auto generated views for existing model.
7:20PM 2 migrating plugins from svn to git
7:10PM 1 Ruby and Rails performance
6:42PM 5 Possible to have a model named 'Application'?
6:29PM 5 WEBrick Logging
6:13PM 5 Somewhat OT: trying to git cozy with git
6:06PM 2 sqlite instead of mysql in Rails 2
5:37PM 7 when is a boolean not a boolean?
5:31PM 2 Resource routing error with the route equipment/new
5:01PM 1 Software Developer openings
4:42PM 2 open_id_authentication and remember_me
4:39PM 1 Sending mail after_save
3:04PM 2 Render partial yields "dynamic constant assignment"
3:03PM 0 Open Positions in Trieste, Italy
2:59PM 12 submit form via enter key
2:50PM 1 MySql column names with "-" in them
2:39PM 1 (Job) - Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer - Telecommute
2:16PM 5 f.checkbox?
12:23PM 3 rake SshFilePublisher on port different from standard 22
12:17PM 6 Overwrite active_record find?
11:27AM 2 Making bootstraping faster
9:44AM 3 Deployment/Database Error
9:38AM 2 install rails 2.0.2 without using network
9:05AM 3 Action mailer
7:31AM 7 Unobtrusive Javascript
6:17AM 4 ruby's simple_format method is not working for spaces.
5:58AM 0 Attempting to Insert File into DB But MYSQL "Goes away"
5:56AM 1 params question
4:53AM 6 attachment_fu problems with image_science
4:34AM 3 params[:id] not working right?
4:19AM 0 Extracting email header
2:12AM 3 Associations question
1:13AM 0 Bug?! remote_form_for does not provide ajax
12:48AM 0 Build mission coordination system for volunteer pilots (PT or FT project)
12:06AM 2 Dashes in RESTful resource
Wednesday May 28 2008
10:59PM 0 Kete 1.0
10:36PM 1 Can Javascript code be called from with <%= %> tags.
9:57PM 12 How to render view to file
9:45PM 5 setting classes and ids
9:38PM 1 Speeding Up
9:27PM 1 best practices in exposing application API for integration
9:20PM 3 How to Have Form Contents Submitted to Another Action?
7:52PM 0 Anyone use freemium?
7:21PM 38 Which free RoR IDE would you recommend?
7:19PM 4 Setup on Ubuntu
7:11PM 8 problem with switching to join table
6:46PM 2 Room available at RailsConf
6:30PM 2 functional testing joins table problem
4:50PM 0 Announcing:Custom Migrator for Multi Developer Environment
3:51PM 3 slurp or dump a table to yml
3:00PM 15 Help with output
2:48PM 1 weather api
1:46PM 1 MarsEdit and custom blog
1:12PM 13 $25-$50/hour contractorship
12:24PM 3 Newbie: Searcing database via user form input?
11:51AM 3 Storing search results of user in database
11:28AM 3 URL parameters
11:25AM 1 Attachment_fu, polymorphism and customization
11:00AM 4 comparing and copying objects
10:08AM 2 Creating account and user at same time
9:52AM 10 Ajax/DHTML: How to replace a <tr>...</tr> in a table?
9:49AM 0 Getting gmail contact details in RoR by using atom feed.
9:26AM 4 form_for with select
9:22AM 0 Ultrasphinx : Geo-location look-up returns NAN
9:08AM 13 BackgrounDRB
8:59AM 2 Load fixtures for each methode...
8:07AM 0 Tests fail through rake
7:17AM 1 RESTful Authentication for external clients
5:51AM 0 Meet up at RailsConf?
5:22AM 3 Rails security issue
5:21AM 0 control.modal
4:23AM 4 pagination joining more than two tables
4:12AM 0 Javascripts Controller Not working.
4:00AM 6 Javascripts controller Not Called
3:14AM 1 v.map(&:to_s)
2:48AM 3 [ADV] One week left on the Ruby Hoedown CFP!
2:27AM 0 Javascript/RJS question
2:24AM 8 Searching through HABTM
1:19AM 0 dumb rake test:functionals question
1:05AM 3 Any application examples?
1:04AM 6 using params in a comparison
Tuesday May 27 2008
11:39PM 2 attachment_fu with hidden_field
11:37PM 11 Migrations: Manually create primary key (MySQL)
10:17PM 2 cannot launch IRB on Mac OS X Leopard
10:08PM 0 Sessions wont work with IE7 with 2.0.2?
10:00PM 2 Help with drop_receiving_element helper
8:31PM 2 posts/gets to other servers inside of action?
8:12PM 7 Post-Redirect-Get Pattern in Rails
7:31PM 3 can I use ERB templates securely
7:24PM 0 Photos at RailsConf 2008
7:10PM 0 debug session
7:10PM 1 Making plugins reloadable
7:07PM 1 rspec, rspec_on_rails, ZenTest
6:59PM 5 update multiple rows
5:21PM 6 Job offers/positions and searching for Ruby developers.
5:03PM 2 CCRedit released!
3:53PM 0 Ultrasphinx geolookup distance returns NaN value.
3:41PM 0 Time based fragement caching
3:39PM 5 Modifying the default to_xml
3:30PM 0 mongrel_cluster / cleanup of pid files / --clean why not a default?
3:00PM 1 session question - unique identifier in cookie store?
2:42PM 3 Display a page using 2 controllers
2:38PM 2 order complex aggregation results in 'calculate'
2:14PM 0 depends_on polymorphic association
1:43PM 1 Globalite - no match with yml files
1:36PM 11 Error Message is not coming in Validations
1:14PM 2 Powerfull XML Deserialization of ActiveRecord object
12:32PM 3 Dynamic methods for copying objects
12:04PM 2 Newbie: Wierd ID not routing by default problem.
11:05AM 2 HABTM using two columns
10:37AM 0 Rmagic not crop graphics interchange format image
9:43AM 1 getting another dom element value
9:42AM 2 uninitialized constant Net::SSH
9:31AM 0 Flash player
9:25AM 6 Envelopes using ActionMailer
9:12AM 9 is Globalize plugin dead ?
8:59AM 4 Nil Object
8:47AM 2 Ferret
8:42AM 1 syntax highlighting for .erb files
8:25AM 1 Generating file for download from controller method on demand
7:26AM 6 case...when statement bug when using openid_authentication?
6:53AM 7 Access database information at runtime
6:50AM 1 before_create event or method
6:48AM 1 Workflow Controller for Ruby on Rails?
6:47AM 5 How to make rails wait
6:45AM 5 Regexp.escape the href values
6:23AM 0 Distributed RGL for Multiple mongrels
4:58AM 0 How to find Date and Time difference in controller?
4:54AM 0 Looking for Open Source Rails 2.0 apps
4:09AM 1 rjs behaving oddly in IE - POST performed after the GET
2:05AM 0 Facebooker behind firewall
Monday May 26 2008
11:52PM 0 RedBox Inner Div Slide Down
11:52PM 0 how to get the data type of a variable?
11:02PM 2 perplexing functional test results
10:05PM 7 Changing types in single inheritance
8:49PM 1 Handling multiple models DRYly-- using eval, but better way?
7:29PM 3 Random Closed Stream error...
5:41PM 18 Tapping into routing helpers
4:29PM 5 Dealing with Money Calculations...
4:20PM 0 Can't seem to find clarity on /admin section
3:24PM 6 Why not merge :joins in with_scope?
2:57PM 0 RailsConf Europe 2008
2:54PM 1 pass special symbols through URL
1:23PM 0 passing variables through session
12:12PM 0 Howto bypass FileColumn ?
11:48AM 1 gem install rails gives this error on Suse 9.3:
10:27AM 1 Displaying Base64binary encoded images
10:20AM 11 doesn't create my guestbook
10:08AM 0 Generating XML Schema from XML
9:13AM 2 how can i add download functionality
8:57AM 2 How use simple format
8:10AM 0 setfocus to a field in view
7:06AM 2 Found a silly bug in YAML Fixtures.
4:44AM 2 REST web service clarification
4:32AM 0 dojo_toolbocks
4:32AM 2 access variables in controller from link_to_remote
3:52AM 0 Controller Testing and Role Based Access Control
3:08AM 0 how to generate printer friendly view
1:55AM 0 Addthis button popup
1:06AM 1 Can't seem to export MySQLDump and then import MySQLImport?
12:32AM 5 Noob SASS error (permission denied)
12:11AM 1 Ruby on Rails Learning Tool
12:03AM 1 Rake db task
Sunday May 25 2008
11:47PM 0 RedBox Next And Previous Buttons
10:06PM 2 storing data from a txt file in ruby?
7:32PM 3 Finding about installed restful_authentication version
6:57PM 0 Encoding problem with rails migration
6:24PM 1 Association Error
5:14PM 17 another test question
4:51PM 0 TMail and logger
4:48PM 2 Trying to Not Repeat Myself...a question concerning storing dates
4:20PM 2 Simple and Easy Image Upload
4:05PM 1 has_many associations
3:59PM 0 Specific config.plugins for each environment
3:55PM 1 Please suggest an approach for a 'Team' model.
1:04PM 1 Why is the benefit of svn:externals (or Piston)?
12:37PM 2 How to create tab-delimited text files
12:16PM 3 Restful routing link_to format
11:07AM 2 record will absolutely not save! so weird, please help.
9:31AM 8 Ruby On Rails For Dummies
5:42AM 6 Can I insert a string into my model after save?
5:39AM 2 has_many / polymorphic
2:05AM 1 Format date input on active scaffold form
1:25AM 3 Database Associations Help
Saturday May 24 2008
10:32PM 0 stars to input integer in form
10:03PM 5 problem with validation
8:45PM 8 trouble comparing datetimes in rspec
8:34PM 0 place to crash ng for the rails confernece 08 in Portland
8:20PM 3 Rendering and custom routes
7:13PM 1 to_xml for Foo::Bar active records
7:06PM 1 Update multiple rows -- detect failure how?
6:13PM 1 regexp in sql-statement
5:14PM 2 test:prepare failure with enum columns
5:05PM 0 complicated association finder query
4:52PM 6 using in_place_editor as plugin but how?
4:26PM 6 simple unit test failure
10:56AM 0 replacing elements/changing attributes with 'remote_function' ?
10:25AM 1 problems changing button_to to link_to
8:09AM 9 Restful_acl and namespaces
8:04AM 0 Will paginate + Google Maps = craziness
5:49AM 1 link_to_remote, image_tag, mouseover is this possible?
3:34AM 8 My migrations are causing SQL problems
1:06AM 0 Correct use of ":polymorphic => true" ?
12:42AM 4 Resultset empty ?
Friday May 23 2008
9:24PM 1 Shopping Cart System ?
9:02PM 11 Making a New Site
8:28PM 1 Moving positions between lists with ajax
7:45PM 0 the return of Rails Components
7:27PM 20 Rails validation is inefficient
7:16PM 1 Non-database Model for validations
6:25PM 2 Rails Open Source Project
6:07PM 3 webrick start error in Ubuntu
5:37PM 2 software developer opening
4:39PM 3 User Authentication
4:16PM 3 Problem with .to_xml and Hash.form_xml ?
3:31PM 1 gem remote install or update fails
2:13PM 2 Any rake task to add licences on top of files?
2:08PM 11 Just installed Ubuntu Hardy Heron, WOW
1:57PM 3 session madness *argh*
1:01PM 0 Counter cache
12:59PM 1 Activerecord's virtual attribute in find's array
12:19PM 1 NameError in UsersController#new
12:13PM 4 Validate on create but I don't save to DB
9:40AM 0 increment field within scope
9:25AM 0 Backgroundrb problems????????
8:39AM 3 Prevent deleting foreign key
8:17AM 1 Accent interpretation function
7:45AM 0 Rails Conf 2008
7:24AM 2 Unpredictable aliases of tables relationships
5:52AM 1 paginating 3 arrays of 3 differnet model
5:28AM 2 tricky data pivot problem
5:09AM 6 Kitchen expected, got String
4:39AM 1 artificially setting an association?
3:14AM 3 gem update --system
2:53AM 3 Have you used the Rails SaaS kit?
2:18AM 1 Where do you get your Terms and Conditions?
1:07AM 1 Static scaffolding and transactions
1:05AM 0 Problem Testing Active Merchant using peepcode pdf example
12:05AM 1 issue with validates_uniqueness_of
Thursday May 22 2008
11:48PM 1 MySQL And Field Value
11:10PM 3 How to package a plugin and publish it
10:35PM 3 SOAP client in Ruby/Rails
10:02PM 2 Testing Server
9:57PM 0 Senior Ruby Developer Wanted in Vancouver, BC
9:33PM 1 Nested URL Routing
8:59PM 1 How do I get the URL of the current and other pages? ("restful" problems)
7:50PM 8 How conditionally allow Session :off
7:40PM 9 Retrieving Mutliple Records using find_by_*
7:32PM 4 how to find out autoincrement id ?
7:32PM 0 ActiveResource and a nested resource routes
7:19PM 7 Paginate trouble
6:32PM 6 Daily Jobs in Rails
6:18PM 1 Pre-generate assets in Rails 2.0
6:03PM 2 Getting InvalidAuthenticityToken errors quite often
5:06PM 3 acts_as_ferret with Drb :
5:02PM 0 conceptual help needed for controllers that work with ajax requests
3:12PM 4 Autocompleters and Sortables do not function in IE6
2:50PM 0 Getting the datetime when using Calendar Date Select plugin in an Ajax update operation.
1:58PM 1 http 405 method not allowed error calling a webservice
1:26PM 1 Backgroundrb problem?
12:58PM 2 Detect overlap of IP subnets
12:33PM 2 select in rails
12:25PM 0 names scopes and boolean methods
12:16PM 4 Encrypt or password protect PDF document created with Ruport
11:52AM 3 restful routes question
11:51AM 2 allow selecting only two items in multiple selection box?
10:59AM 3 Spare bike in Portland during RailsConf?
10:10AM 1 model Validation for Polymorphic association
9:26AM 4 n00b question on passing parameters to a webservice
8:41AM 0 Sortable groups and elements between groups
8:37AM 0 Unicode in route regular expression
8:31AM 2 Wanna send a picture in a mail using ROR
8:18AM 3 Setting up a simple Webservice - Why so hard?
7:27AM 5 Ruby on Rails Authentication & Access Control
7:09AM 2 Date Field Validation
6:59AM 0 pagination is not working after refresh the page
6:45AM 1 A problem with the standard XML Representations
6:37AM 4 In-page popup not supporting DOM structure/properties
5:30AM 8 create a collection select from a array of numbers 1-50
5:13AM 3 OpenID trhows action not found "show". Routes seems right.
4:55AM 0 Params Not Built Correctly
4:18AM 8 Getting ServerIP Dynamically
4:04AM 2 Can the "discard_day" option be used with the select_date helper?
3:39AM 1 Why can't I define vars in caller's binding using eval?
3:14AM 7 How to use "tail"? .. no, the other kind!
3:08AM 4 How to do a join with Rails
2:11AM 2 Prompt for date_select()?
2:05AM 1 Having a base date set for RSpec Testing?
1:08AM 1 Fragment caches not being expired
12:51AM 9 how to set a data value before saving or destroying
Wednesday May 21 2008
11:45PM 1 Test for user logged in
11:08PM 0 fixtures :only and :except ?
10:45PM 1 EncodeURIComponent in form_remote_tag
8:59PM 10 mapping urls
8:43PM 2 scaffold generation based on the model
8:37PM 3 Getting errors in cached environment on destroy
8:13PM 4 Bug in dispatcher.rb???
7:16PM 5 Observer not working for select field
6:35PM 0 [JOB] San Francisco, financial application
6:27PM 0 mime sorting bug
5:52PM 1 custom serialization problem (marshal_dump, marshal_load)
4:26PM 26 Ar-Extensions & FasterCSV
4:17PM 2 form question
3:20PM 0 Plugin Globalite --localization_missing--
2:49PM 0 looking for quality ROR web host in china
2:32PM 4 rjs not updating my page
2:10PM 0 Difference in render and render :update
1:55PM 3 How to access Rails::Configuration instance methods
1:45PM 2 displaying my friends' friends in self-referential habtm
1:40PM 3 Test returned value by sql statement
1:27PM 1 Creating and Filling PDF Forms
1:18PM 0 Problem with alias_method in a plugin
12:54PM 8 before_filter with multiple roles
12:31PM 1 list animals with average capture_percent (Josh Susser's example)
11:56AM 2 Scaffolding and ActiveRecord in Rails 2
11:34AM 7 pagination problem
11:27AM 2 Replacing ActiveRecordStore::Session with a custom model
9:52AM 1 how to run script/server in a thread?
8:13AM 1 undefined method error
7:52AM 4 link_to 'comments', @article.comments ?
7:26AM 4 calling a javascript function from rjs?
7:02AM 4 how to get the checkbox value
6:39AM 1 How to download csv file
5:17AM 1 Callback method for field
5:07AM 2 Issue with hyphen
5:04AM 5 Recieve email from gmail using POP3
4:50AM 0 Accessing Instance Variable from ApplicationController
4:14AM 2 need help with remote_form_for using onSelect instead of onSubmit
3:14AM 2 "save! and rescure" or if-else
2:42AM 1 text_field_with_auto_complete in a component?
2:23AM 4 Rails 2.0: Scaffolding
1:28AM 14 How get instance of form_for object from @object_name ?
12:09AM 5 any_instance with rspec
12:05AM 3 Onmouseover similar to any Clothing Store???
Tuesday May 20 2008
11:05PM 3 setting find conditions to equal a value 2 tbl joins away
10:46PM 3 Problem with redirect_to and URL structure since upgrade to rails 2.0
10:38PM 0 This Week in Ruby (May 20, 2008)
10:03PM 8 form _for usage
9:46PM 1 Converting String maybe
9:35PM 5 ActiveResource server
8:42PM 5 Find objects related
8:08PM 5 Printing the contents of variables to the screen legibly
7:38PM 1 Selecting an option from another window
7:20PM 2 *Don't* cache *anything*. Or, why is Ajax loved so much?
6:48PM 6 What does this represent : ENV["_"]
6:25PM 2 Namespaced routes
5:49PM 2 Debugger in Rails Console
5:31PM 0 Ruby on Rails Team Available
4:21PM 9 Finding parents with red-haired children?
3:51PM 2 column to line
3:45PM 0 Question re: "can_has_chat" plugin
3:17PM 1 Nested Resource - "You are Being Redirected" interim page
3:02PM 1 IS A relationship in rails and additional field in Join tabl
3:00PM 0 Slider control > based on values of table
2:14PM 3 Flash message not shown after redirected by verify
2:12PM 3 Oracle snipes my idle connections
1:58PM 3 Optional Rails app functionality
1:34PM 5 update database-field with prototype
1:32PM 2 DateHelpers .. don' display.. ?
1:03PM 3 Problem while using Effect.toggle( )................
12:23PM 4 New to "Agile Development" - should I use RSpec or Test::Unit?
9:59AM 3 gem and pluggin
9:43AM 1 How To Retrieve Server Address
8:42AM 3 Struggling with Date fields - select_month and select_year
8:40AM 5 RegExp problem
8:13AM 2 complex restful routes
8:06AM 3 REST and create action: why does it accept GET requests ?
7:53AM 4 download csv
7:25AM 0 Searching: Ruby on Rails Developer
7:22AM 18 How to check the existence of div?
6:53AM 7 Issues with update div using ajax
6:07AM 2 will_paginate params
5:03AM 10 Parsing html tags to ruby characters
5:03AM 10 ActionMailer Don't Say Nuttin'
4:29AM 4 two issues with foreign attribute
3:59AM 0 ruby-net-ldap auth with CA certificate
2:38AM 0 Catching a Shopify WebHooks in a Rails App
2:06AM 1 Noob question re: partials
2:01AM 0 Flex Rest Security
Monday May 19 2008
11:53PM 1 Byte Code Encoder
11:12PM 0 action_mailer settings for multiple sites
11:00PM 8 Migrations, the "right" way
10:51PM 2 Enumerations in migrations
10:44PM 8 polymorphic association now needs many to many relationship
10:32PM 1 "Ajax is not defined" problem
10:24PM 2 x is not a number error??
10:00PM 3 Routing issue with rails
8:33PM 0 Voucher, promotional code system
8:27PM 3 How to unload fixtures data?
8:12PM 5 2 level horizontal navigation in Rails
7:54PM 0 Rails experts wanted
7:52PM 1 Populating dropdowns REST-style
7:30PM 2 Instance Var Scope in Modules ?
6:33PM 3 newbie
6:12PM 1 Passing params FROM Views TO Controllers -- using form_for, form_tag/select_tag
5:36PM 1 Loading a yaml File
5:32PM 2 Attach more than one image to record using fleximage
5:13PM 1 text_field_with_auto_complete
4:48PM 1 RailsConf Portland | Anybody has a spare bed?
3:25PM 4 TimeRange 'this weekend'
3:07PM 0 RubyOnRails workshops in the East Midlands, UK
3:05PM 1 help with session variables in firefox
2:49PM 7 ActiveRecord Basics Help
2:27PM 0 call_backs, session data, controllers, oh my
2:11PM 1 Need some assistance with routing -- 'resource' using natural key
1:25PM 0 Destroy / delete with optimistic locking
12:59PM 1 URL tracking
12:46PM 2 Multiline input...
12:00PM 7 autocomplete does nothing....
11:58AM 1 Webservice problem?????
11:51AM 12 problem with view, the instance cant be seen
11:37AM 0 How to fetch a block provided by content_for in a helper?
10:27AM 4 REST urls and Authenticity Token
9:49AM 0 changed to will_paginate
9:39AM 4 Yahoo or Google SMTP servers to send email from RoR?
9:28AM 2 Observer Form
8:25AM 1 Active Record 2.0.2 without logger support? [undefined method `debug' for nil:NilClass]
8:17AM 1 How to pass an array IN via GET?
7:42AM 9 RSpec - how to validate that controller renders xml
6:55AM 14 What could be causing my pack of Mongrels to get so fat?
6:49AM 0 Sending newsletters with Rails
6:39AM 6 Parameter passing
6:21AM 7 don't save fixtures into database
4:52AM 7 XHTML vs. HTML4
4:37AM 6 Complex pagination issue...
12:48AM 2 Smarter Eager Loading?
Sunday May 18 2008
11:45PM 7 How to delete join table?
10:05PM 3 Is this possible with Ruby on Rails?
9:19PM 2 Accessing database and rendering from a plugin
7:39PM 7 Problem creating table in database
6:58PM 3 javascript validation for a form?
6:21PM 6 Math parser?
6:11PM 4 P2P facility or plugin?
3:46PM 2 Sortable List with RJS
1:03PM 3 Eager loading multi-level belongs_to
12:51PM 2 Problem with rjs accessing a controller instance variable.
12:43PM 2 Exporting MySQL to sqlite3
12:19PM 2 Rendering data in tables
12:10PM 5 mod_rails kills my Apache
12:05PM 2 Instantiating a class using Kernel.const_get
12:03PM 4 Class name and NameError: uninitialized constant
10:32AM 1 Ruby on Rails developer Job
10:25AM 0 gloc errors... is gloc dead?
9:25AM 9 When should you restart a ruby server?
6:24AM 0 Which problem should I solve?
6:03AM 9 Authentication System Help Needed
4:50AM 0 rake spec:rcov SHOW_ONLY="app"
Saturday May 17 2008
11:55PM 0 Iterating on a child table (with scope)
11:41PM 1 Scope Confusion - Controller iVars in Modules
11:06PM 3 ActiveRecord model with multiple table?
11:02PM 2 Relationships and Deleting
9:04PM 1 Authenticating REST Webservices
8:24PM 0 RoRUIQ … sort of … I think …
8:10PM 1 RailsConf ticket
7:05PM 0 Threading and Net/Http (Mechanize)
6:44PM 6 Updating a DB entry without having to instantiate an object
4:22PM 12 validates_numericality_of with greater_than* less_than* simply don't work
2:36PM 4 How to freeze to 2.1.0-RC1?
2:08PM 1 attachment_fu, how would you test this?
1:38PM 1 File.new variable with extension
1:06PM 1 Ruby 1.9 on Rails 2.x?
11:21AM 10 Select and how to read the api
10:56AM 0 Simple Captcha
10:22AM 3 two database migration (active record)
6:56AM 1 How to give name to text_files dynamically
2:50AM 1 Generator simple question: How to specify parameter?
Friday May 16 2008
11:16PM 1 Timeout not obeyed when trying to open bad url
10:36PM 6 auto url formatting?
8:39PM 0 Radiant 0.6.7 Mordant Release
8:15PM 1 Testing using an existing test database
8:07PM 3 radio button observe field only triggers once
7:41PM 1 Data Migrations using yaml, what to do about large text fields
7:13PM 6 Cleanest syntax for form partial?
6:43PM 3 Find the last entry by user_id
6:09PM 1 How to check file size before file upload completes?
5:51PM 2 Mocking Plugins
4:28PM 0 Sessions by Collective Idea
3:50PM 3 Pre-baked forum code
3:25PM 4 Observer not working for checkbox
3:12PM 0 attachment_fu and/or rmagick on osx -- weird error
2:17PM 0 relations - data not saved
1:55PM 2 Find by datetime
1:46PM 5 Rails 2 general info
12:51PM 15 Coder's Block
11:08AM 3 Running tests on ActionMailer
10:46AM 4 Stack level too deep
9:53AM 15 errors about aggregation
8:25AM 0 Template structure oke ?
8:24AM 3 dependency
7:56AM 3 has_one and find_by_id issue
7:53AM 5 Getting the friends contacts mail Id of gmail,hotmail,yahoo,myspace in RoR
7:48AM 0 Combine RESTful routes with DataMapper
6:11AM 2 Concern of admin panel management
5:17AM 1 Sql queries in rails
4:17AM 0 Problem with :action => 'destroy' in url_for
4:12AM 0 Semantic Attributes (validation, machine/human formatting)
2:42AM 5 saving xml file to mysql database using ruby on rails
2:00AM 3 Ajax problem migrating to Rails 2.0
1:28AM 12 Combine old migrations?
12:47AM 0 Fleximage problem
12:11AM 1 Copenda.com - How Are They Doing This?
Thursday May 15 2008
11:50PM 1 RailsRestarter v 0.0.1 version "slow monkey"
11:11PM 13 ANNOUNCE: act_as_soft_deletable - new rails plugin for soft deleting / disabling ActiveRecord models
10:23PM 6 mysql errors in production after upgrading to rails 2
10:19PM 1 How to monkeypatch in a plugin
10:16PM 7 help needed with where and how best to set a param
9:54PM 2 mongrel_service error
8:36PM 4 Starting mongrel rails server error...
8:34PM 2 How to test mobile web app
8:11PM 4 render partial
8:05PM 0 New Fonts & PDF Writer
7:33PM 7 Reactive - The desktop application framework
7:10PM 0 Issues with date_select
6:58PM 0 Adding messages to a queue server from a model method
6:23PM 0 partial_updates feature in rails 2.1, failing to save because of validate_presence _of on other attributes in the table
5:16PM 0 Display time in “US-Central” Format Tzinfo
5:09PM 0 RoR, Django and Seam source code analysis
5:07PM 1 [brazilian_rails] formatando datas antes de enviar ao banco
4:45PM 1 Announcing Palmist: A Handy Tool for Finding and Fixing MySQL Bottlenecks in Rails
3:05PM 3 Inching towards a working 1.1.6 app
1:22PM 1 ActionMailer Automatically sends an email everyday at a specific time.
11:29AM 3 "pre-filled" value in form > from database
9:35AM 5 Send a file, is it possible to do something like this?
9:16AM 9 HELP !!! RAils HTML sanitizer to remove html tags
9:04AM 4 Observer don't check if condition
8:52AM 1 How do I run Instanrails alongside WAMP
8:34AM 7 Why instance variable in destroy?
8:29AM 24 REST - Nested Resources
7:45AM 2 Extend ApplicationController via lib code
7:24AM 1 validates_presence_of :if
7:16AM 1 Remove controller name from URL > nested routes
6:45AM 1 What is the difference between ==,===,equal?,eql?.
5:40AM 4 ActiveRecord - nil object when you didn't expect it
5:17AM 1 activerecord validation error after a redirect_to
4:48AM 5 Trouble with :include
4:10AM 0 Does RoR support Shift-JIS encoding
3:54AM 9 Squeegy Fleximage Routing
2:52AM 1 Ruby processes spawning rapidly
2:46AM 1 Viewing Rails log files
2:42AM 2 Building Ruby on Solaris 10 with OpenSSL, for Rails... problem
1:05AM 2 Why are IE6 and Firefox rendering different formats from the same URL?
12:19AM 3 RoR IRC - Where to Find? Which are Most Active?
12:11AM 1 how to invoke form_remote_tag from javascript ?
12:07AM 1 Freezing 1.1.6
Wednesday May 14 2008
11:44PM 7 A copy of XX has been removed from the module tree but is still active!
11:33PM 5 Use The observe_field Helper, or Something Else?
10:57PM 3 New blog application post slugs
10:36PM 2 Rails syntax in application.js
9:33PM 11 Model relationship design question.
9:01PM 2 Get parents via a condition on a child? (ActiveRecord)
9:00PM 1 Midnight at 00:00 not making sense - looking for ideas and suggestions
8:27PM 2 Multithreading in Different Directories
8:06PM 5 Need HELP with RoR app using submit_to_remote
8:03PM 2 database best practice question
7:39PM 0 Format textarea output from controller
7:12PM 3 Questions about Rails Conf.
6:01PM 5 RailsConf vs. My MacBook's Battery. ( Power Outlet Availability )
4:23PM 2 sqlite3-ruby gem installation is driving me crazy
3:59PM 0 Payment Management
3:56PM 5 Parental Consent
3:34PM 1 How to pass optional parameter?
3:07PM 0 Print pretty results from Mysql::Result
2:26PM 0 Lockdown 0.4.6
2:00PM 0 Weird hmt + polimorphic association behavior
1:37PM 2 Efficiently Deleting An Account
12:35PM 1 Problem with Action Web service???
12:01PM 5 using YUI uploader / authentication_token set but still error / session issue?
11:54AM 1 link_to_remote with embedded image_tag
11:19AM 9 the 'rails' command is not working on Windows XP
10:31AM 1 Subforms and file uploads
7:07AM 12 Sorting records based on the exact order of passed parameters to finder
6:15AM 4 How to launch a RoR app on Apache (Windows)?
6:06AM 2 Tracking Ruby on Twitter
5:29AM 1 CGI Script Inside Rails?
5:22AM 1 multiple images_submit_tag *all* "names" are given as parameters
4:50AM 4 Mongral cluster issue
4:43AM 3 Modal Popup
4:41AM 0 JSON nesting
4:06AM 2 rake stopped working - no error message
4:02AM 3 Non-standard joins for an associated model
1:41AM 2 MissingSourceFile: no such file to load -- digest/shal
1:25AM 2 active record object for reuse
1:09AM 5 How Skip Rendering a View?
1:08AM 0 conditional action caching/memcache - not working with all actions (routes?)
Tuesday May 13 2008
11:17PM 5 Is there anything easier than ImageMagick/ImageScience?
10:03PM 4 Uninitialized constant exception when trying to navigate a has_many => through relationship
9:34PM 0 Controlling Data in Liquid texts
9:26PM 0 SqlServer Activerecord Adaptor + VARCHAR(MAX) Woes
9:01PM 6 Database driven root level routing, like /some_page_name
8:51PM 2 template html/xhtml confusion in Rails 2
8:34PM 0 Paginator: Need help with navigation.
8:29PM 1 Adding validations on the fly.
8:26PM 0 export fixture data that preserves foreign key/ActiveRecord associations?
7:53PM 0 SSL questions
7:11PM 3 alias resource route
6:49PM 0 Swap Values via Model in an onChange Event Within submit_tag Helper?
6:47PM 1 Serializing AR Objects
4:48PM 0 Using ruby with Postfix
4:13PM 2 undefined method `table_name' for REXML::Comment:Class
3:44PM 3 What do you use for online payments in Canada?
3:39PM 0 reveive more results with search cities with geokit
3:35PM 5 NoMethodError when attempting to display index
3:20PM 0 assert_no_difference question
3:16PM 0 StackTrace / Don't consider requests local
3:09PM 3 Using a Many-to-Many Relationship
3:08PM 1 validate length of uploaded mp3?
2:56PM 2 select * from users where id in (2,5,8)
2:30PM 2 How to set the current date to a text_field
2:17PM 1 check if error_messages_for contains special error
2:10PM 1 how to pass argument to Controler method. (RoR +AJAX)
1:19PM 9 2 seperate appls on the same server but runs only one
12:37PM 1 couldnt install ror on apache
12:15PM 0 Managing plugins
11:54AM 0 ROR software development company in india
11:34AM 0 Pagination in single public page
11:29AM 1 video uploading in youtube
10:23AM 9 Retuning Hash variable over POST
9:44AM 4 Newbie Advice - Is ROR right for this project?
9:06AM 5 map.resources + path ?
8:00AM 1 Hiring a Juniro Ruby on Rails Developer in Wellington, New Zealand
7:47AM 0 Rails console with spanish keyboard
7:18AM 3 Query Regarding MVC Architecture
6:42AM 2 Rewrite rule
6:19AM 0 problem with ferret gem
6:03AM 0 help re manual RubyGems update?
5:59AM 0 Rspec with cookies, testing authentication controller
5:49AM 6 Rails+Ajax how to auto update information with out user intervention?
5:21AM 4 calling another rjs file in an if condition
4:56AM 4 bounces
4:18AM 2 Associations Not Based off ID
4:09AM 2 Signup Form
2:43AM 5 What are folks using these days for "paranoid" deletion?
2:31AM 4 First, above the Rails::Initializer.run block put ...
2:19AM 5 Upgrade and Action Web Service
2:14AM 2 sql_session_store on rails2
2:09AM 9 Stumped by Ajax + Session + Saving Model + Private Method
1:55AM 0 Plugin to scale the database
12:24AM 0 Polymorphic naming difficulties
Monday May 12 2008
11:45PM 0 SSL w/ mongrel and Apache 2
11:17PM 2 Require factory fails if I am not using rake to run tests
11:00PM 6 how to create searchbox
10:58PM 3 Has anyone had problems with validates_numericality_of and :greater_than?
10:45PM 1 class variables refreshed in development, but how exception_notification does it?
10:42PM 3 Enumeration sum
9:32PM 2 A 'Kind of', 'Sort of' Ruby on Rails User Interface Question …
8:46PM 4 Organizing a Hash Map
8:41PM 2 Image upload with attachment_fu
8:40PM 8 UML with Rails
8:24PM 21 ERB VS rhtml
8:11PM 6 How extend ActionController ?
8:09PM 0 This Week in Ruby (May 12, 2008)
8:06PM 0 ESPN- Sr. Web Developer position in our Burbank, CA office- Ruby experience required
7:57PM 1 file_field throws exception when field is left blank
7:44PM 0 Expiring Fragment caching
6:56PM 2 How best to extend acts_as_tree?
6:12PM 1 Unable to save a pdf in production
5:31PM 3 Getting Rid of soap4r
5:21PM 15 Beginner's problem :p
5:08PM 2 link_to
5:08PM 4 cannot toggle div from radio_buttons
5:01PM 9 Can I speed up Rails' startup time
4:10PM 0 Screencast on in-place edit
3:53PM 0 Dreamhost, Ruby on Rails, attachment_fu and RMagick
3:46PM 5 What remains constant with Rails 1.2 and rails 2.0.2
3:34PM 0 Rails Space with version 2.0.2
1:25PM 0 6 month contract in Seattle, WA for an Ruby on Rails consultant
12:33PM 0 **Ruby on Rails Developer Required**
11:56AM 4 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid Mysql::Error
10:13AM 3 photo rotation.
9:36AM 0 will_paginate and RJS
9:26AM 0 error with unit tests and EdgeRails
8:48AM 1 'Stack level too deep' error
8:09AM 0 Using editable_content_tag in Rails 2.0
7:50AM 1 problem installing rails
7:34AM 13 ActiveResource & Authenticating with Emails
7:29AM 4 How would you program "You have posted 5 days in a row..."?
6:59AM 2 Starting server yields [BUG] Bus Error
6:52AM 0 Apache + php +rails
6:47AM 1 rails + Apache + php
5:34AM 1 Issue with authentication
5:28AM 3 to delete a topic posted by me
5:21AM 3 Creating a REST Client
3:04AM 0 Problems with form_for, STI, and polymorphic routing
2:20AM 2 sendmail, rails and spam
1:22AM 8 Rails 2.1RC1 has been tagged !
1:03AM 2 how should I structure this model?
12:56AM 25 How did you learn Ruby on Rails?
Sunday May 11 2008
11:15PM 1 Unable to execute Selenium RC example
11:12PM 1 expire_fragment silently does nothing unless you use cache_sweeper?
10:45PM 0 railsbench can't parse benchmarks.yml correctly
10:11PM 8 From "schema.rb" file to MySQL
9:57PM 1 logger.info in controller not working!
9:56PM 5 Help with ruby script/daemons start in production
8:15PM 2 Strange behaviour collection on the resources
8:07PM 6 Newbie on Rails
7:35PM 0 Help with backgroundfu and production
7:10PM 2 Implement "Clear form"
6:54PM 3 radio_button_tag and default checked option
5:10PM 1 Payment.find_by_person_and_event
4:45PM 2 Actionmailer environment
3:54PM 0 Ruby-GetText-Package-1.91.0
2:52PM 0 System stats and executing programs on rails
2:05PM 0 Switching Google Maps API Key from Deplyoment to Production
11:58AM 2 Need help installing Gems package (Newbie question)
9:53AM 3 Database design question
8:42AM 2 Month Names Constant
8:11AM 0 Controlling the URL generated after an action is performed
7:24AM 0 Complex fields_for mapping to multi-level model association
7:09AM 13 Thread Vs Transaction
6:22AM 3 Get current controller name/action name from view
3:08AM 2 UnKnownAction exception
2:16AM 3 database.yml file problem
2:13AM 0 validates_numericality_of and greater_than* doesn't appear to be working
12:19AM 4 New To Ruby ~ Need Advice
12:02AM 1 has_many Question
Saturday May 10 2008
11:43PM 1 Question about adding user options to a blog
8:34PM 2 Model.count broken by Rails 2.0.x
7:04PM 1 Passing parameter to new object
6:54PM 1 update on a m:n table
4:28PM 8 Install multiple versions of Rails on OSX
3:04PM 0 Paginating a find statement with :select => "distinct products.* "
1:14PM 2 Address Bar after XMLHTTP request
11:36AM 0 Google Maps API in ajax-call
11:23AM 0 remote form for
10:52AM 2 activate a tab after an ajax call
7:13AM 2 How to implement multiple select box?
5:38AM 2 How to check that all children dates are before parent date?
5:36AM 0 can javascript handle 422 response
4:06AM 2 Ask about Transaction
12:42AM 0 fusioncharts free - anyone using this in their rails app for charts? (http://www.fusioncharts.com/Free/)
12:25AM 0 Work in Perth (Australia)
12:16AM 2 Strange traits in single-inheritance
12:16AM 2 ActiveRecord and memory_store sessions error
Friday May 9 2008
10:57PM 0 Rails 2.0 date validation
10:28PM 6 Operator Names.
10:21PM 4 using RoR w/ Apache/MySQL already installed
7:03PM 1 Best practice for documenting a ROR application.
5:56PM 4 How to set Sender Name in the From: header in Action Mailer
5:21PM 8 delete data from 2 different models
5:09PM 6 Destroy data from 2 different tables
5:02PM 1 Problem in inserting data to new column
4:41PM 3 Hostname
3:52PM 3 Hiring Ruby on Rails Programmer
3:45PM 0 Routes problem
3:45PM 1 Job opening: Malaria Atlas Project, Oxford University
3:02PM 0 betternestedset question
2:49PM 4 Validating Uniqueness From Two Database Tables?
2:49PM 1 routes + links
2:40PM 1 csv file transfer with form_remote_tag?
2:27PM 1 session reassembly?
2:21PM 1 How to Validate Uniqueness Of a Record within Date Range
1:52PM 2 Testing
12:42PM 1 No route matches "/site/homepages" with {:method=>:get}
12:11PM 5 dynamic models
10:38AM 7 why file_field helper returns as a String object instead of a File object in fields_for?
10:11AM 0 NoMethodError in ClassifiedController#update
10:01AM 3 Depot Application not working
9:49AM 0 Attachment_Fu : how to remove thumbnails only and regenerate
8:28AM 2 attr_accessor_with_default funny
7:44AM 0 testers wanted
7:27AM 2 Finding "similar" results of find_all
6:35AM 2 has_many/belongs_to question
5:39AM 5 Errors with script/server and script/generate controller
4:45AM 0 file validations
4:41AM 4 about popup window
3:13AM 2 CRUD in one single page (inline editing and creating with AJAX[?])
3:12AM 4 How to change the default action for all the controllers?
2:48AM 1 Test Unit can't change data
2:45AM 3 Online payment questions
1:55AM 0 $80/hr - rails developer and mentor + active scaffold
12:32AM 4 Script/console UTF-8 MacOS X?
12:26AM 1 could RAW_POST_DATA be altered?
12:13AM 2 Getting an error when trying to create a new application..
Thursday May 8 2008
11:22PM 4 Trouble with gems on Ubuntu
10:22PM 5 Simple Generated Component Suddenly Gives Errors
10:03PM 3 best e-commerce on rails?
9:31PM 1 Adding records to a child table from a parent table
9:10PM 1 nested resources multiple levels deep
9:05PM 1 Styling the date_select objects
8:00PM 1 2 helpers, same method name?
7:10PM 1 Capistrano/Webistrano SSH Auth failure
6:31PM 3 import an existing app
6:27PM 10 button_to with an image
6:01PM 1 disabling forgery protection
6:00PM 5 user input - spit code to browser
4:51PM 1 A Little Help with Hpricot Parsing
4:05PM 11 Weakness of Transaction in Rails
3:34PM 5 How To Modify / Update a Table?
3:12PM 0 setting file permissions with rsync
2:49PM 1 noob question regarding site and table naming structure
2:36PM 2 basic question: why mongrel (or webrick) ?
2:27PM 8 Find conditions
1:55PM 1 Eager loading of association extensions
1:19PM 2 New RJS naming convention
1:14PM 7 Code reading: recommended projects?
12:31PM 0 Namespaced routing + AJAX issues
12:11PM 0 filtering a templating component
11:20AM 0 Anyone have any docs on installing rubygems 0.9.4 on solaris 10?
10:41AM 0 On 'Back' button of browser, drop down doesn't get refreshed
9:15AM 1 wordpress on rails
9:10AM 0 Database Timeout with SQL Server
9:06AM 1 Another problem with scaffold
8:49AM 0 Running tests with textmate
8:49AM 2 Rake problem
8:12AM 1 Problem with collection_select
7:06AM 1 help about speed test in Agile Web Development 2nd
7:04AM 4 How to go to the desired page using pagination
6:10AM 0 stub sub partials when testing partial with rspec
6:00AM 3 problem with scaffold
5:41AM 0 Controller/action not working in url
5:24AM 0 rating plugin with text rating
5:05AM 0 Regex functionality on String
2:37AM 0 Rails + Postgres + Solaris = ?
2:21AM 5 has_many :through polymorphic with STI in the polymorphic target tables
Wednesday May 7 2008
11:31PM 0 RubyPlus screencasts question
11:13PM 0 RESTful Routes and Polymorphic Paths
10:59PM 0 Mongrel Permissions and Cache
10:11PM 1 uninitialized constant HelloadminController::HelloApi
10:10PM 0 Calling a controller method with a rake task - plugin errors
9:46PM 1 Actionwebservice
9:10PM 2 remote_function and :with =>
8:25PM 2 ActiveRecord association lazy reload?
8:18PM 3 Flashing Notice from a Model Throws Error
8:15PM 0 flashing notice from a model throws
8:13PM 1 Rails and PHP Under the Same Domain Name with Fast CGI
8:11PM 2 .save and .destroy Accessing Different Tables?
8:03PM 0 Custom libraries
7:52PM 3 JavaScript code call method in controller?
7:37PM 4 yields and blocks in Rails
7:35PM 1 render :update doesn't add proper script tags in 2.0?
7:32PM 2 Can I add a singleton action to @controller in a test?
7:03PM 1 backgroundrb problem
7:02PM 0 Can't Get a Combined Create Account and Login Working
6:39PM 0 rcov segmentation faults on Debian and Ubuntu (not on OS X)
5:53PM 0 some question about before filter in rails 2.02
5:32PM 3 Reducing Heap Fragmentation - Any Thoughts?
5:31PM 2 Question on authenticity tokens
5:09PM 1 Multiple controllers / actions in one view / layout
4:20PM 0 Creating a custom environment
4:13PM 0 rails-authorization plugin + rspec meaningful specs?
3:58PM 9 Relationship question has_many
3:21PM 2 file_field doesn't show filename on edit
3:13PM 9 Newbie book recommendations for Rails 2.0.
2:57PM 0 ESPN -Sr. Web Developer position- Ruby exp. required in our Burbank, CA office
2:52PM 4 Running Mongrel on startup
2:38PM 16 Scriplets are not working
2:28PM 2 has_many :through question
2:18PM 0 HABTM, and complex validation
2:17PM 0 Rspec and validates_existence_of
1:27PM 1 single table inheritance , how to alias the id key name ?
1:26PM 3 Partials and config.load_paths
12:02PM 1 ActiveRecord validation with ajax calls
11:21AM 0 Hacking on restful_authentication
11:01AM 0 Call Web service on other network
11:00AM 3 MyDecisionHelper.com Beta 7
10:17AM 1 How to get normal view context when using ERB directly
10:11AM 2 mod_rails: what MPM model should Apache use?
10:10AM 1 rendering view using ajax is not working
9:36AM 0 London Ruby User Group - 12th May 2008
9:29AM 6 Very easy "sort key" question (but I can't figure it out)
9:03AM 2 Help with object level roles & permissions
7:43AM 1 Append a timestamp to file
7:25AM 3 Prob with migration
7:04AM 0 Ruby on rails paid services
6:28AM 2 Reducing Number Of Queries Required For Blog Archives Page
6:20AM 5 validates_presence_of
5:18AM 4 Populating a join table through migrations
5:14AM 0 ActiveRecord & SQLite3 Blobs
4:59AM 2 Plain english to conditions in ror??
4:06AM 8 ActiveRecord::Base.new
3:00AM 2 design question
2:28AM 5 Need Explainantion of ActiveRecord::Base.transaction
2:04AM 2 migration
1:51AM 2 how to test exception?
1:30AM 2 Begginer question: how to edit using options_from_collection
1:02AM 4 Heavy CSV importing
12:23AM 1 Assigning to the foreign key on a belongs_to association
Tuesday May 6 2008
11:15PM 1 Why is my partial being skipped/cached?
10:57PM 6 A Model Belongs to Many Model
10:57PM 0 web site programming needed-site already designed (Ruby on Rails and Wordpress)
10:44PM 0 Specify protocol (webcal/https/...) with formatted_abc_url()?
9:54PM 1 scheduling/calendering.
9:21PM 10 Best way to implement?
9:19PM 4 Params hash is incorrect for nested arrays
8:53PM 0 multiple has_many objects in one form
8:29PM 3 Introducing ResourcefulViews 0.1
8:23PM 0 multiple forms with ajax
7:23PM 0 link_to_remote with pop-up or link_to with form.serialize?
7:14PM 0 HTML => Image converter for Ruby/Rails?
7:11PM 0 Managing git submodules with git.rake
7:00PM 2 Sending routing errors to the bitbucket
6:35PM 2 how to transform a pdf document into an image.. ?
6:07PM 1 Ultrasphinx/TextHelper excerpt
5:28PM 0 Nested Set question
5:04PM 0 Boston Area Contract Opportunity
4:43PM 2 onchange error - InvalidAuthenticityToken
4:38PM 2 POST when leaving page
3:50PM 0 Datamatrix generator?
3:20PM 0 Find with Inheritance
3:18PM 2 web application for feature requests/ideas
3:11PM 0 empty_model.to_xml with attr_accessor attributes?
2:55PM 1 User selected item of Drop Down
2:52PM 3 Capistrano: chmod 600 database.yml
2:23PM 4 Help with "find_by_sql" statement
2:17PM 0 problems with actionwebservice
1:38PM 3 500 Internal Server Error - wrong number of arguments
1:07PM 12 code for download
1:00PM 0 Ruby Hoedown 2008 - August 8-9, Huntsville, AL - Keynotes, Registration, and CFP OPEN!
12:38PM 4 find_by_sql and passing parameter value
12:17PM 1 Rule Engine??????
11:16AM 1 detecting browser?
11:00AM 0 Observers and notification order for associated records
10:18AM 6 sanitinzing text before inserting.
10:18AM 7 ActiveRecord::Base#find is SQL injection free???
10:03AM 4 Number Helper method
10:01AM 0 getting ip from proxy
9:42AM 1 Problem with ActionWebService and UTF-8 encoding
9:08AM 6 shared controller logic
8:04AM 1 getaddrinfo: Name or service not known
7:50AM 7 Where should the responsibility for ACL be placed in MVC?
6:56AM 1 calling controller method on selecting drop down box
6:15AM 4 Create multiple new objects in one page
6:07AM 12 Why before_filter is not working?
5:10AM 8 Variables output in views/layouts?
5:04AM 1 getaddrinfo: No address associated with nodename, help?!
5:04AM 2 ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken in ClassifiedCon
2:04AM 3 Opening the Time Class
1:59AM 9 Merging 3 Array/Hashes Into 1 and Preserve The Values
12:33AM 4 LiveTree substitute
12:17AM 15 Problems creating emails using ActionMailer
Monday May 5 2008
10:59PM 2 link_to_remote inserting instead of replacing.
10:38PM 0 Variables output in views?
9:54PM 5 Keeping form content after validation fails
9:53PM 0 Changing ActiveRecord serialize format to XML instead of YML
9:02PM 0 what seems to be a fcgi error
8:59PM 0 heroku
8:22PM 2 Running a script in InstantRails
8:16PM 29 has_many :conditions =>
8:04PM 0 This Week in Ruby (May 5, 2008)
7:54PM 0 Set documentroot (apache2)
7:47PM 7 case condition in view
7:44PM 2 how can we see mysql query.........
7:32PM 5 Imageupload through REST Webservice
7:15PM 1 unique id in a find
6:54PM 0 ESPN looking for Rails Developer
6:48PM 0 Nesting Namespaces
6:30PM 0 acts_as_solr is now on GitHub
6:17PM 6 belongs_to :2accounts ... :3accounts ... :xaccounts ??
5:07PM 10 Passing parameters with RESTful urls
5:05PM 0 uses_connection plugin
4:46PM 2 ReSTfull depreciation of row entries
4:40PM 7 Cookie Problem on Safari
4:17PM 6 What would it take to have smooth deployment on IIS?
3:30PM 4 Rails Templates
3:12PM 1 eager loading has_one fix
2:32PM 1 Existence of params[:id]
1:24PM 2 Sessions's in ROR wonky
1:22PM 1 Passing values selected with onchange remote_function
1:16PM 4 attachment_fu: loading objects w/ attachments in batch?
12:57PM 3 how to mail from ror
12:54PM 6 How can I save values before the record is created?
12:47PM 8 ActiveRecord Sqlite Synchronization
12:40PM 7 Validating integer in controller
11:44AM 2 Geocoding and XMLRPC
9:54AM 4 passing form element value with link_to_remote
9:33AM 5 Inserting partial from different controller problem
9:13AM 1 How to create multiple rows in a model in a form
8:54AM 3 rails hosting
8:15AM 1 submit form in database
8:00AM 5 Ferret Problem with Restful Authentication
7:57AM 3 How can I build my own control ?
7:43AM 1 RJS replacement problem
7:36AM 3 Plugin for displaying Java Code with Syntax Highlighting in a RoR website?
6:26AM 7 extract and assign xml values to variable
5:10AM 5 Home made blogging or go pro?
1:43AM 1 "uninitialized constant ActiveSupport" when running "rake db:migrate:reset" after including my own default date format in environment.rb
1:42AM 6 Having two rails apps share the same models
12:08AM 4 How does one specify plugin versions under git?
12:01AM 1 mongrel_upload_progess_bar - where are my files?
Sunday May 4 2008
10:58PM 1 Acts_as_tree -- getting children IDs?
8:10PM 2 Newbie Question
5:20PM 5 simple Routing Error
4:01PM 2 N:N association
3:28PM 1 scaffolding with namespace
3:18PM 4 modernizing my rails chops
2:38PM 2 will_paginate problem and custom image button links
2:05PM 2 RESTful Authentication and dual login
1:33PM 0 params missing data for format.xml?
1:16PM 1 GEdit plugin for ruby code formatting
12:07PM 0 Laptops, Cell Phones & iPods
10:04AM 10 Namespaces problem
8:26AM 7 AJAX question: delayed update of messages
7:34AM 3 can i use scrtipaculous functions in helpers?
5:29AM 2 Routing Error with RJS
3:45AM 1 rjs / ruby ajax books
12:16AM 7 INSERT a rercord in another model
Saturday May 3 2008
11:50PM 4 Session overflows, maybe mod_rails related?
9:33PM 2 fixtures load bug ?
9:21PM 0 Gettext on OS X Leopard
7:25PM 0 Assessing Customer Satisfaction and Agile Project Management - PhD Dissertation
6:24PM 3 Perform custom calculation on model and sort by the calculation
5:42PM 1 is it possible to let users define/customize their own stylesheets?
4:52PM 1 Why do my links not work?
4:35PM 4 pls help noob with to_xml
4:24PM 2 screen scraping message boards
2:33PM 2 ActionMailer Multiple recipients
1:14PM 2 Saving 2 dependent models in one form (one needs other's ID)
11:45AM 1 Buffered image to file in rails...
11:42AM 3 Can i call a .php or .aspx files from rhtml page?
10:51AM 2 REST Fileupload
8:37AM 5 Migration to ROR
6:06AM 5 file_column: No such file or directory
5:29AM 1 nil.to_sym when migrating?
5:09AM 0 script/console is spanked in 2.0.2
4:25AM 0 script.aculo.us sortable floats in Rails
2:48AM 2 troubles for installing rails-1.2.6 on ubuntu 8.04
1:07AM 1 Issue where rails edit restful path is not rendering a template properly. Any Ideas?
12:08AM 3 Does anyone know where I could find a good explanation of how rails works internally?
Friday May 2 2008
11:47PM 1 Ferret 0.11.6 with WinXP
11:30PM 6 Work out what are the included associations?
11:06PM 0 ActionWebService support for document/literal encoding ??
10:58PM 4 email not getting send from Lan
10:55PM 0 sortable_element - dotted line property around drop target?
10:18PM 1 Putting a controller into a gem?
9:37PM 10 split datetime into 3
9:00PM 12 Is this really impossible?
8:52PM 1 names of select elements inside a fields_for block not generated as expected
8:31PM 0 Getting a dynamic selected field from an activescaffold...?
5:22PM 2 Transparent rounded corners
5:20PM 3 Generator for lazy people (mydry)
4:59PM 2 link_to_remote headaches
4:04PM 2 Recent Posts Design Question (class interaction)
3:18PM 8 select distinct not working
1:38PM 10 sqlite problem
1:23PM 1 customizing scaffold templates
1:02PM 8 AJAX form refreshing page
12:37PM 2 Sanitize params hash?
11:56AM 1 TzTime's tz_time_attributes throwing errors?
11:28AM 4 ActiveRecord-JDBC Oracle
11:26AM 3 Benchmarking Rails
11:26AM 1 undefined method `view_paths'
10:36AM 0 type both english and kannada in a single rhtml
9:54AM 0 Migrated products
9:27AM 0 HTTP_REFERER can't be obtained
9:11AM 0 Any function to decode utf-8 encoded text in ruby??
7:55AM 4 mod_rails blocking processes?
7:51AM 1 Are there any built-in utilities for SSL-protocol?
7:49AM 0 May I develop RoR-website with the license other than GPL?
7:21AM 2 undefined method `start_form_tag' for #<ActionView::Base:0x3
7:02AM 1 attachment_fu reprocess thumbnails help
6:38AM 6 looking for Mod_Ruby and easy Deployment Options? Sign Here
6:08AM 1 how to create table with rake migrate
5:16AM 21 Shared and easy Hosting for Rails... Let my dream come true
5:13AM 2 Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'
4:24AM 0 http://user:pass-wJxmLgTCWj5Wk0Htik3J/w@public.gmane.org => how to access user, pass
4:22AM 2 Recommendations/Tips on my first ROR project
1:44AM 4 Using ActiveRecord in a script?
Thursday May 1 2008
11:59PM 4 ruby on rails web hosting?
11:45PM 1 good place to host a rails app?
11:13PM 5 twitter leaving rails
10:23PM 1 Sorting group_by
10:04PM 5 Changing text in view with variables
9:39PM 1 Could someone explain this (transaction-related)?
9:34PM 1 rdoc and ri
9:00PM 5 Constantly Running a Script
8:50PM 2 habtm or two foreign keys?
8:32PM 0 Javascript color picker yields strange errors
7:58PM 2 Refreshing a div with preformated text
7:45PM 6 :foreign_key isnt work.
6:58PM 20 link_to meta programming question
6:36PM 0 Need some help understanding partials, versus authentication..
6:15PM 1 Need help interpreting bleak house output
6:05PM 1 acts_as outside of Rails
5:12PM 1 problems with passing :locals to a partial
4:19PM 2 Hashes and Regexes and Special Characters
4:12PM 1 Hosting rails with domain name on leased server
2:35PM 1 Setting filed with initial focus
2:09PM 1 Strategy for importing temporary .csv file?
1:58PM 1 Ajax + Format.js = :(
1:37PM 3 ask libmysql.dll
1:23PM 9 FCKEditor, TinyMCE with spell checker
11:36AM 3 how to create database mysql
10:40AM 1 CSS Styling Conventions/Standards
7:38AM 2 A question about the RESTful Routing.
7:31AM 15 Record gets destroyed unexpectedly
6:51AM 1 ruby application for sql statements
6:31AM 3 Ruby application for sql queries
6:00AM 3 Which of this Book authors have converted codes to Rails 2
2:45AM 4 comparing selection of a drop down using ajax
2:17AM 2 Is there a best practice for when an app requires a gem?
1:04AM 2 Dev location for non-bundled ActiveRecord adapters?