Rails - Jun 2008

Monday June 30 2008
10:39PM 0 request headersSo the
10:03PM 3 Callback error with Attachment_fu
9:51PM 3 scaffold usage
9:41PM 2 Category Listing
8:59PM 2 Serving Up Images Rather Than Webpages
8:51PM 2 Rails 2.0 to 2.1 migration problem.
8:45PM 2 activerecord-sqlserver adapter broken or worse
8:35PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developers needed: San Francisco, CA Fulltime Perm
8:24PM 3 script/console sqlite3
7:58PM 2 Cache Streamed Data
7:08PM 0 why doesn't json pure work in Rails?
6:55PM 2 listing entries under corresponding date...
6:18PM 0 The Website Is Down
6:17PM 0 I need Developers!
6:02PM 0 migrations in folders
5:48PM 2 setting the selected value in select helper
5:09PM 4 items.last is most recent?
5:02PM 0 Form object suddenly can't read my routes?
4:54PM 1 form element names with multiple new rows
4:36PM 2 Migrations and indexes on failure - db permanently polluted
4:25PM 1 About rails AJAX album/gallery helper
4:17PM 5 Tables: Unnecessary duplication of id fields
4:11PM 4 OT: Ruby question: alternative to begin/ensure block
3:53PM 1 Help with form_for
3:41PM 1 access of WML site through cell phone seems flakey
3:31PM 4 can't start rails app: vendor/rails/railties/lib/initializer
2:50PM 0 stop rails caching css
2:39PM 1 ERROR: could not find gem auth_generator-2.0.5.gem locally or in a repository
2:26PM 1 Stopped Upload kills my Apache/Passenger app
2:21PM 1 javascript onclick for thumbnails
2:13PM 0 Does Anyone Know of a Way of Encrypting PDFs?
2:09PM 0 Clean way of creating and validating 2 related models in controller (with STI)?
1:46PM 1 id is getting incremented
1:17PM 1 · is there way to set my text fields with searching paramete
12:23PM 7 Sorting in ruby
11:46AM 0 html_escape doesn't work in a text_field_tag?
11:36AM 7 NameError in AdminController#list_raw_data
11:12AM 0 classic pagination by button
11:05AM 5 empty emtry in database problem
10:26AM 0 Problem with javascript validation in rails
10:09AM 5 Problems with Mongrel
8:54AM 0 To choose from multiple email address while sending mail
8:48AM 2 routing error
8:20AM 1 rake aborted! undefined method `time_zone=' for #
7:46AM 4 def list routing
7:40AM 0 configure Rails app to use certain gem version
7:24AM 1 difference between %> into-%>
7:20AM 7 Setting expiration date based on creation date in model?
7:00AM 4 Controller#index is getting called immediately after every single other call
6:24AM 0 Nested resources routes
5:57AM 1 button_to_function
5:40AM 4 a gem into plugin folder
5:06AM 2 el dorado
4:58AM 0 tkTable and Rails
4:32AM 0 Making a copy of a model and all its associated records.
4:03AM 1 Manage as a single action in place of new/edit/create/update/show
3:13AM 2 undefined method 'view_paths' for #<Array:0x34568f4>?Realy?
2:59AM 0 log4r warning message...
2:55AM 4 mod_rails on 256meg slicehost vps crashing often
2:00AM 12 problem with Rails on Leopard
Sunday June 29 2008
10:20PM 0 Value Change Sensitivity
9:18PM 5 Second question on using RSpec for a simple Rails 2.0 app
8:28PM 1 First try using RSpec on a simple Rails 2.0 app
8:16PM 0 Who can give some test example about ror+extjs
6:38PM 4 submit form action-> index, from layout
6:25PM 2 Recommendation for tagging
3:57PM 0 New Ruby on Rails Windows group
3:53PM 1 Upgrade to 2.1
1:56PM 3 Working around/with Restful Authentication
1:54PM 1 Working around Restful Authentication
1:43PM 1 No action responded to create
11:11AM 1 URL with decimals. How to allow in routes?
9:22AM 4 Include a second table in auto_complete_for
8:53AM 1 Programming partner wanted – sport interest beneficial
3:16AM 2 How to write test about validates_associated
2:13AM 1 AVG antivirus interferes with webbrick locally ?
1:34AM 1 Where should I put "sync database to an excel spreadsheet" capability
Saturday June 28 2008
11:24PM 3 many-to-many on a single table?
9:34PM 7 Correlate Ruby version/build with patch number
9:13PM 14 Date Field convert to Seconds since Epoch
5:24PM 1 polymorphisme and single table inheritance
3:27PM 6 Extra level of has_many :through
3:19PM 3 Commercial Rails CMS
7:50AM 0 acteress images and movies
7:11AM 2 script/generate scaffold Products Admin----not running
6:48AM 4 problem in script/generate scaffold
3:59AM 5 Calling a controller method in javascript
3:02AM 4 passenger and phpmyadmin
2:30AM 3 ticket tracking (ie: bugzilla / trac ) ?
1:20AM 2 Prototype(javascript) or Ajax?
1:10AM 1 switching from VARCHAR(255) to a blob
12:07AM 1 has_many through relation data
Friday June 27 2008
10:06PM 2 redirect_to doesn't stop rest of page processing ??
9:15PM 2 acts_as_list plugin not error in production
8:56PM 2 getting environment?
8:38PM 2 counting number of views on a image
7:30PM 3 RoR Monitoring Solutions
6:47PM 4 Complex/nested relationships
6:02PM 2 Confirm option on submit_tag -- not working
5:11PM 13 Leftover gems after upgrading to Rails 2.1
4:48PM 1 Can I use ROR For my project?
3:43PM 4 Filtering a Database
3:19PM 3 loading data from yml produces strange result ?
3:10PM 2 session expire
2:17PM 5 Active Record Prepare SQL
2:06PM 2 building/editing topology diagrams - any ideas/advice?
12:26PM 1 Searching for strings in html pages
12:21PM 5 Concerns on gathering a large query.
11:49AM 0 Rails 2.1 DST Issues
11:03AM 11 find_by_ problem
10:46AM 2 light box recommendations
8:42AM 0 add validation error from associated model to parent
6:57AM 1 gem commands never get to an end...
5:01AM 1 serving static html files out of /public
4:57AM 1 The @automaton variable appears to be empty. Did you forget to pass the collection object for will_paginate?
4:26AM 0 gem install rails issue CRC error
3:41AM 0 Update database on checkbox update
3:28AM 5 syntax
2:58AM 4 Restful_authentication, Internet Explorer, and unwanted http basic dialog
1:26AM 1 Getting raise_on_type_mismatch
1:00AM 8 find_by_sql order by date field issue
12:54AM 0 odd to_a deprecation message when calling association.include?(polymorphic object)
12:29AM 1 Do sweepers work across app servers?
Thursday June 26 2008
11:50PM 1 Finding our current depth in a tree (acts_as_tree)
11:14PM 1 attachment_fu working locally but not on server
10:27PM 0 Long term contract for ROR Developer
10:14PM 6 Ruby in html.erb files
10:08PM 2 Problem running migration
9:50PM 6 Authentication cookies
9:08PM 9 find_by_sql + Join + Rails 2
8:48PM 4 Using gems:unpack into vendor/gems still requires the gems to be installed via gems:install
7:46PM 0 Help with to_xml - Add a custom tag in each ele in a coll.
7:42PM 26 ruby compile error on new slicehost.com vps
7:39PM 20 replace REXML with Hpricot
7:24PM 2 Problem with date_select after Rails 2.1 upgrade
7:11PM 0 validate with ajax
6:58PM 3 NoMethodError
6:36PM 0 a little perspective on the behavior of models that share a has_and_belongs_to_many relation
6:29PM 2 Model Versioning Plugin?
4:46PM 2 Generating XML for a model
4:41PM 0 ActiveResource - 404 when resources use the :as parameter
4:33PM 0 ActiveResource - Authenticate dynamically?
3:00PM 2 mod_rails and fastcgi questions
2:43PM 0 RoR 2.1 best message plugin
2:00PM 3 Using static name as unique key instead of id in some table
12:42PM 0 application_helper.rb available to action mailer templates?
12:25PM 2 RoR 2.1 and Restful_authentication
11:55AM 6 ActiveRecord search Query Question
11:36AM 0 JRuby on Rails and SAP Netweaver
11:24AM 7 A question on redirect_to
7:00AM 3 ActiveRecord get all columns including those belonging
6:57AM 1 helpers spec references
6:17AM 2 Overriding default values - model advice
6:12AM 8 tough call on rails hosting site
4:22AM 3 Rails App Database in MySQL - OK, However what if I need to access multiple Databases of different types ie. Sybase, MSSQL and Oracle
3:37AM 3 Freeze and dependence problems?
3:30AM 0 custom select still wrapped in fieldWithErrors?
2:52AM 4 Switching to production - OCIError (ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified):
2:36AM 4 Trying to use find my model but I get an error
2:36AM 1 Undefined method: camelize
12:43AM 1 mashup question
12:21AM 0 Saving belongs_to associations
Wednesday June 25 2008
10:44PM 2 Using another objects methods within another object
10:42PM 6 Data Too Long Error For blob Column
10:14PM 2 regex question
10:01PM 1 Diff-ing database to test data migration?
8:55PM 9 How to make a Rails app multi-language
8:29PM 2 Saving list of IDs in a :string type field?
7:28PM 0 Unable to run tests for acts_as_nested_set
6:52PM 6 each_char question
6:26PM 6 best practise structure for large project
5:34PM 4 Error with mongrel_rails start
4:06PM 11 sqlite3
3:09PM 1 Bug at datetime_select when used with object to submit multiple model
3:04PM 3 Trying to take :locals out of my partial call in Rails 2.1
2:39PM 8 mongrel and webrick crashing after Fedora update to ruby -
2:18PM 1 "Complex" Eager Loads
2:07PM 3 Need some suggestions on search strategy
1:50PM 5 get filepath for FTP upload
1:46PM 5 Symfony like "forward404"
1:14PM 0 shutdown all ActiveRecord conenctions?
12:51PM 1 problem creating a new view
11:27AM 3 ActiveRecord::Validations::ClassMethods.evaluate_condition missing in Rails 2.1.0 ???
10:51AM 1 Select with prompt sends blank to validates_inclusion_of?
9:58AM 0 New Version of IBM_DB Rails Adapter/Driver for IBM DataServers now available
9:40AM 0 Running migrations through rake task
9:31AM 3 Unit Test: Mocking the User-Agent
9:16AM 1 form_for to dynamically add multiple child objects
9:05AM 1 Loaded suite
8:31AM 4 versions of rails
7:42AM 1 select
6:50AM 0 Rspec routing_spec failing on nested singular resource
5:09AM 4 undefined method `auto_complete_for'
4:52AM 0 using label helper with HABTM checkboxes
4:23AM 2 How to escape from the before_filter for the particular acti
3:37AM 3 What's the best way to model this?
1:47AM 9 Can't access params in my model class
12:44AM 0 weird 64 bit ruby error
Tuesday June 24 2008
11:55PM 2 Repeatable Form Elements
11:01PM 4 Stack level too deep when posting to Beast forums
10:12PM 0 rake db:create error:"Unknown database"
10:07PM 10 Question on passing arguments inside a view.
10:02PM 3 Running the beast forum for the first time
9:43PM 5 Completely begginer on programming
8:55PM 1 re-usable UI patterns
8:53PM 0 How do I generate a page from a controller from inside a model
8:25PM 0 Solution to invalid gem format
8:23PM 0 Solution to
7:58PM 0 RSS feeds with authentication
7:58PM 0 Is there an equivalent delete method for association.build ?
7:47PM 1 Where to put the transaction?
7:33PM 1 Session Experassion
7:27PM 2 upgrade issues
7:22PM 0 scoped_access plugin and 2.0
6:53PM 2 wrong number of arguments (1 for 0) when using respond_to?
6:15PM 5 Searching with Char like #
4:55PM 0 creating a list view in rails 2
4:52PM 3 Show Latest Notes Question
4:24PM 1 generating an older version Rails app, how?
4:19PM 0 Lockdown 0.5.10
4:14PM 1 Get model from polymorphic association
4:06PM 1 HABTM relationship between 2 of the same class
4:02PM 0 RubyGem version error: activesupport(2.1.0 not = 2.0.2) (Gem::LoadError)
3:10PM 1 Table called delegates
2:39PM 6 Cookie vs db session store behavior
2:19PM 9 ActiveRecord 2.1 Migration support
1:46PM 0 Problem with Ajax response with the use of action.js.rjs file
1:18PM 0 open_uri on invalid URLs
12:48PM 1 Importing bulk files using Attachment_fu
11:57AM 4 Problem using attachment_fu
11:13AM 7 PunBB integration
10:44AM 4 Securing URL with Rails
10:15AM 3 why environment.rb is useless?
10:14AM 5 How to use mysql database on ruby
9:57AM 3 How to send format for respond_to using post?
9:34AM 1 How to send window.location.hash (string after # in the url) along post request
8:29AM 0 Improved support for model namespaces
7:57AM 6 RMagick installation on 64bit ubuntu 7.04
7:23AM 0 Any OpenSource Projects available...Like this?
7:20AM 1 Rails 'rake gems:install' error in windows
7:00AM 11 observer_field
6:50AM 0 named routes problem
6:10AM 1 cross domain cookie
6:09AM 4 How to return more than one value from a function?
5:50AM 1 cache issue with attr_accessor field
3:42AM 4 max character for a text area field
3:41AM 1 Which Chapters are still Valid from Agile Web 2nd Edition
3:35AM 2 Multiple file inputs on the same form
3:22AM 3 can't models be cached in development env?
2:43AM 11 Gem Problem
1:59AM 2 request.new_session?
1:50AM 2 grouping recs by user, then averaging...
1:01AM 9 Tracking Who Created What
12:49AM 1 What is Best Way of Tackling Rising Data Anomalies
Monday June 23 2008
11:46PM 3 use production environment in other environments
11:39PM 8 Check for Nil Everytime?
11:24PM 1 Check if javascript is on
9:44PM 2 NewB questions
9:21PM 3 How to Have Constants Available Throughout App?
9:17PM 1 I'm looking for deployment help - $350
8:36PM 6 Multiple databases and establishing associations
8:36PM 1 Find_by_sql Doesn't Return Attributes?
8:30PM 1 ActionMailer Fails To Send Emails Post Authentication
8:27PM 1 updating to 2.1.0 using InstantRails2.0 - cache problem
8:24PM 3 Any one up for a CHALLENGE???
8:03PM 0 Javascript in Action as onload
7:21PM 2 From Instant Rails 2.0 to Rails 2.1.0 - cache problem
7:07PM 9 validates_uniqueness_of fails because (1) no index on subject, (2) sqlite3 problem or (3) other?
7:01PM 2 Column Sorting
6:38PM 1 Problem with passenger
6:11PM 12 From Instant Rails 2.0 to Rails 2.1.0
6:05PM 0 Open ID Install the ruby-openid gem to enable OpenID support
5:01PM 1 Design Pattern for Recurring Events
4:45PM 5 How to Load Data Into DB
4:11PM 0 Error loading fixtures for classes that set_table_name
3:41PM 1 Rails Routing
3:03PM 2 Online or not?
2:59PM 0 ClassyInheritance 0.4.0
2:12PM 1 pretty resource links with arguments
12:40PM 0 How to Put Form Buttons In PDFs
12:32PM 2 Updating existing rails project to 2.1
12:30PM 1 Best approach
12:25PM 1 insert data to the databse..
11:47AM 4 session[:] variables
10:58AM 8 Plugin problems: "simply_helpful"
10:48AM 6 Builder (XML)
10:26AM 1 secure login with rails?
9:49AM 3 NoMethodError on functional test -
9:23AM 2 'ArgumentError: bad value for range' for range of Times
9:14AM 2 Messaging system
7:56AM 3 Rendering the response to the javascript
7:35AM 5 Insert data into databese
3:24AM 9 Rails 2.0: How to enforce upcase in new & edit methods
Sunday June 22 2008
11:49PM 1 How to read & render a text file ?
10:53PM 0 gem sources confusion
9:47PM 3 How to define routes for resource that belongs to multiple resources?
9:03PM 3 Passing paramters in Rest?
8:54PM 8 Pagination undefined method `total_pages'
8:33PM 1 help converting this <a href> tag to rails
8:05PM 6 Installing Rails
7:06PM 3 Routing Error No route matches "/employee/list" with {:method=>:get}
6:12PM 9 MySQL Schema Error
5:05PM 2 Rails 2.1 , how to upgrade Prototype version to ?
4:57PM 4 FCKEditor view problem
3:49PM 2 prompt in select_tag
3:48PM 1 Mysql Error
12:21PM 1 gem install rails
11:31AM 1 Rails 2.1 and map.root
11:12AM 1 Can lock_version be ignored?
10:50AM 1 will paginate?
10:26AM 2 Serializing objects to database
9:37AM 2 Eager loaiding ambiguous columns
9:22AM 10 Restful Routes not working!
8:56AM 6 How can I detect if the app is accessed from mobile?
7:30AM 8 Free ruby on rails hosting...
3:21AM 0 Planning an accessible dynamic form with Prototype
2:29AM 7 How to update parent of a belongs_to association
2:07AM 0 reCAPTCHA link_to_remote issues
1:25AM 1 how do I make a direct SQL call (e.g. LOCK TABLES)?
1:19AM 5 Ignoring columns?
Saturday June 21 2008
10:38PM 1 What does
10:08PM 0 Modeling polymorphic containment
9:35PM 0 select_tag question
9:30PM 0 RESTful Philosophy
9:07PM 0 RedBox and Rails 2.1 ???
7:27PM 1 Newbie : Easiest way to validate uniqueness of 2 fields that are related
6:05PM 2 How I git clone rails 1-2-stable ?
4:51PM 2 Rails 2.1 Generating a RESTful controller?
4:37PM 0 Taking Rails offline in Leopard
3:53PM 2 Rendering a partial as part of JSON object
3:32PM 15 will_paginate generates undefined method paginate
2:53PM 13 How to do this without fancy SQL
1:57PM 9 Routing problem following tutorial rails-20-and-scaffolding-step-by-step.html
1:03PM 2 NICEUSD --- This will help you in scaffolding
12:06PM 1 Communication between browser and BackgrounDRb
11:12AM 1 Logical Conditional Model Level Validation
11:07AM 2 Attribute filtering in Rails 2.1
9:01AM 6 using loop to add items to array
8:53AM 14 Bug in paginating_find
7:04AM 7 Error in View....
6:48AM 0 drag-and-drop forms-based development system
6:23AM 6 how to avoid concurency issue for this scenario?
5:22AM 0 Git and script/plugin; How I pass the PATH variable?
4:58AM 0 Git and Rails; How do I pass the PATH environment variable to script/plugin?
4:33AM 1 how can I drop all table data in one hit, from within ruby code (controller or model)?
3:16AM 5 RJS can't modify frozen string
1:17AM 1 error trying out simple example on ubuntu
Friday June 20 2008
10:20PM 0 rspec - has_many-belongs_to controller question.
9:19PM 7 Newbie Ask: Some basic quick start questions.
9:02PM 1 Multiple Check Boxes
8:31PM 0 Queries in development log using ODBC adapter
7:42PM 5 Rails "clock" and Javascript "clock" seconds apart.
7:19PM 0 Ad Network Advice Needed
6:33PM 0 Can I have different Print &View Passwords for PDFs ?
6:19PM 0 random InvalidAuthenticityToken errors
6:01PM 4 What skills do you need for Ruby On Rails?
4:36PM 2 multiple fields_for, same model
4:29PM 2 Can 'tasks' belong to 'user' and 'project' at the same time?
4:14PM 6 rails and mysql
4:07PM 0 ActiveResource new form
4:00PM 2 How to throw Warning dialog on Form Submit?
3:28PM 1 Auto Complete
3:02PM 5 bug with datetime_select option :order
2:50PM 1 form validation
2:32PM 3 about sqlite install
1:41PM 4 load plugins from an external folder
12:59PM 3 Login Generator Error
12:35PM 1 Rails 2.1 console prints ActiveRecord object in different format with rails 1.2.3
12:27PM 1 Validate_presence_of strange behaviour
11:10AM 0 500 Error on Ruby on Rails
10:51AM 0 transparent-message
10:41AM 3 Roo gem
8:39AM 1 I need to show some Rails projects. Examples?
8:27AM 0 edit bot on wiki.rubyonrails.org
8:15AM 0 BitNami RubyStack now includes Git, Nginx and ruby19
7:42AM 2 About paginating_find
7:34AM 6 Skip validation when this_action
7:02AM 10 Customising url
6:20AM 2 apt fails to install rails 2.1.0
5:16AM 4 Handling content pages (CMS-like)
5:05AM 2 javascript help
3:50AM 0 functional tests and attachment_fu
Thursday June 19 2008
11:04PM 1 javascript manipulation of models?
10:55PM 4 Need Help on How to provide a Start and Stop Date range Dynamically to my ActiveRecord Find?
10:52PM 0 Error loading fixtures with classes that set_table_name
10:22PM 3 actionwebservice + Rails 2.1
9:22PM 0 has_one belongs_to update woes
9:04PM 0 White-labeling - config.plugins-fu fails in Rails 2.1
8:01PM 3 LDAP Authentication fails with ñ character in password.
7:38PM 5 How do you create one session cookie for multiple subdomains
7:16PM 7 Having trouble extending Date
7:09PM 0 undefined method `has_attachment'
7:01PM 4 Why can't I access Webrick web server from other computers?
6:37PM 1 capistrano db:load:schema <= acting funny
6:36PM 4 Need help to installe ROR on my server
6:29PM 3 Rails alternative to Flash slideshows?
6:26PM 1 Install ruby on rails on windows server 2003
6:15PM 1 uploads & nginx/mongrel with multiple machine deployment
5:37PM 2 quotes cause SQL havoc
5:21PM 2 Google, MSN, Yahoo spiders crawling off my 'database universe'?
4:43PM 12 HELP i think i just lost my database forever!
4:12PM 6 How to use SQL without a model?
3:36PM 0 file.new text writing securtiy issue.
3:24PM 0 Does anyone know why the plugin enum-column doesn't work within a partial?
2:58PM 2 any news about swfupload & sessions?
2:15PM 4 Page caching and maximum number of files per directory
2:05PM 5 Any type of Content Management System on Rails?
1:53PM 3 has_many belongs_to foreign key question
1:38PM 5 observe_field
12:52PM 0 New Plugin released - records_sequence
12:24PM 2 Non editable file_field
12:13PM 1 Form should insert on 2Tables in my DB
12:12PM 5 updated_at with client time not server time
12:03PM 2 association
11:35AM 0 Drop down navigation
11:22AM 0 response.headers without "x-runtime"?
9:38AM 6 calendar implementation
9:25AM 0 PDF::Writer simple table problem
9:15AM 1 How to run unit tests for Rails
9:10AM 0 svn. and dev. down?
8:24AM 4 Rails 2.1 w/MS SQL Server 2008 warning re: ":lock option"
7:54AM 14 2.1 bug?: AR save doesn't work after gsub! on an attribute
7:40AM 2 Canceling Email in the ActionMailer Model
6:35AM 0 can we use plsql logic in ruby on rail
5:54AM 2 undefined method `text_field_with_auto_complete'
5:43AM 1 How to sort using active record?
5:40AM 3 How to setup a Session and use its data from other classes?
5:25AM 0 Spell checking in rhtml page
4:43AM 2 Strange performance issue
4:21AM 0 ActionView::TemplateError (protected method
4:11AM 1 Can Rails be run against SQL Server 2008 from Linux/Mac?
4:07AM 0 some questions about rake
3:33AM 6 Premature end of script headers; dispatch.cgi - ok
1:38AM 0 Prototype + jQuery or jQuery alone!
12:29AM 2 Problems with attachment_fu in Production
12:11AM 4 selecting default value in a collection select
Wednesday June 18 2008
11:19PM 2 Plugin to copy data from related has_one model
11:12PM 0 Strange REST routing problem using sortable_element. Help!
10:12PM 0 Prevent attachment processing in Attachment_Fu
9:48PM 1 Strange REST routing problem using sortable_element. Please Help!
9:41PM 8 DRYer way to see if array exists before I do a find?
8:43PM 4 Time Problem
8:11PM 2 libopenssl-ruby NEEDED ON MAC OS X?
7:54PM 8 Nil Object where you didn't expect it
7:24PM 1 How are indexes managed in migrations
7:10PM 5 SQLite3 Error Transitioning to 2.0
6:54PM 3 Useful or Not? Idea to rails application
5:59PM 1 Ruby on Rails 2.1 Unit Testing
5:55PM 4 Deploying a Production app *without* Capistrano...?
5:51PM 3 Working with a Legacy DB Question.
5:35PM 1 Working with Selenium
5:32PM 2 Trouble with email attachments
5:25PM 3 replace_html and page.select behaviour
5:15PM 0 Why this Action Pack test case failed with JRuby 1.0.3?
3:20PM 16 All your specs r belong to us
2:54PM 4 clear search box the first time it's selected
2:12PM 2 check_box_tag with instance variable
1:31PM 1 date format on text_field when editing
1:14PM 3 Best Way of Extracting Key Value from File
12:16PM 1 Kind of a complex find :order ...
11:06AM 7 Object Task at episode 74 of railscasts
10:41AM 4 Problems with Ferret and acts_as_ferret
9:59AM 5 How to change the primary key value of a table
9:46AM 4 How to use Chars in classes not derived from AR
9:31AM 3 passing multiple parameter through observe_field
9:28AM 4 don't use the layouts/application.html.erb
9:27AM 0 date_select and selected options
9:21AM 0 external_control option of in_place_editor_field
7:28AM 1 symbols are more faster than variables
7:20AM 0 Filtering For A Result - Advice
7:17AM 1 Named Scope Woes
6:42AM 0 Best CMS plug-in
6:17AM 6 Update div using render:update
6:14AM 3 has_many :through
5:22AM 1 ActiveRecord: using a YAML file instead of a DB table
4:40AM 1 Anyone integrated with Avalara?
4:36AM 4 Possible Rails 2.1.0 issue using the Object's send method
4:03AM 0 Dojo
3:19AM 1 Rails 2.1 - turing off time stamped migrations
1:56AM 1 SslRequirement on Rails 2.0
12:28AM 11 adding a array up ?
Tuesday June 17 2008
11:24PM 1 Refactoring Large Controllers
10:43PM 3 Help with error - uninitialized constant AuthenticatedSystem::Base64
9:34PM 0 file_send confused
9:31PM 2 Javascript (or otherwise) "Waiting" page?
9:19PM 2 to_json and attribute order?
9:13PM 2 Rails 2.1 migrations default value problem
7:53PM 2 .htaccess and Mongrel
7:46PM 5 AJAX Action from onchange
6:55PM 12 Posting files from a Desktop Application
6:36PM 3 rindex not working with objects from db model
6:26PM 0 RJSdisplayed when using back button?
6:24PM 0 paginating_find - selecting 20+ records grouped by date without breaking the day across multiple pages...
3:55PM 3 Modeling help needed
3:15PM 3 Another reason to know Ruby better
1:20PM 0 Lockdown 0.5.8
1:15PM 1 Conditional image resizing (file_column)
1:11PM 10 Rails 2 to 2.1
1:06PM 1 Any One Has Noticed The New Javascript (sproutcore) Framework Based On Ruby?
12:10PM 2 has_many through. How to form find
11:28AM 13 scaffolding broken in Rails 2.1.0
10:30AM 3 generating 'alt' text for images
10:20AM 6 Book released "Aptana RadRails: An IDE for Rails Development"
10:02AM 0 should rake task be spawned?
8:51AM 3 order from db
8:45AM 1 problem when changing default sqlite to mysql
8:42AM 1 Rails Initialization - where to put requires?
8:02AM 1 How to call the rhtml file from the helper method?
7:59AM 6 to calculate differnece between two time variables
6:54AM 2 has many... more
5:57AM 0 how to set tabindex in date_select
5:46AM 6 Rails is misinterpreting model name
4:20AM 2 downgrade ruby from 1.8.7 to 1.8.6 under debian
12:54AM 4 Validate called twice - normal?
12:16AM 6 Form w/ two submit buttons
12:02AM 2 install community engine on aptana radrails.
Monday June 16 2008
9:43PM 1 Help With id
8:52PM 11 Why is File.Move method Not Found?
8:48PM 0 git : changes to my local repository but not pushed upstream
7:30PM 4 after-destroy + counter_cache concurrency issues; seeking feedback on potential solution
7:27PM 3 Is there a built in variable for the current path?
6:55PM 0 Storing and accessing message strings
6:45PM 0 Simple file upload example wanted.
6:34PM 2 Render view (not partial view) from dynamic rhtml string
6:20PM 6 Testing custom model functions in unit tests...
6:17PM 5 Validating Virtual Properties
5:03PM 2 Custom resources
4:45PM 1 AR Callbacks not called
4:34PM 3 Finding out what models exist in your application
4:24PM 3 rake db:migrate and script/console in wrong environment
4:18PM 5 ActionMailer sending mail, but never received...
3:35PM 2 activerecord transaction
2:53PM 0 Need help preparing a 'Sitemap.xml' file using a Rake
2:24PM 3 Rails Conf 2008 Videos Online
1:51PM 0 Rails Dev wanted in Adelaide, Australia
1:36PM 0 Backgroundrb problem with linux machine?
12:12PM 3 rake db:migrate gives error
11:44AM 4 Quick question on updating attributes on the join model in a has_many :through relationship
11:33AM 1 Find Class not found When I call it from Controller
10:13AM 2 call_backs Is it?
9:59AM 4 file_field on widows
9:57AM 1 RJS in action vs .js file (page object)
7:17AM 1 dynamic controller code
7:02AM 2 routes
6:31AM 6 can we add a string to a instance varaiable....
4:28AM 1 changing the style of in_place_editor_field
4:13AM 1 ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension
3:56AM 2 how to ajaxify?
3:48AM 1 Adding javascript to f.text_field
3:17AM 2 simple rails login system
2:26AM 5 Anybody know a prototype helper that creates a popup window?
1:51AM 0 helper update are not taked into account when I refresh page
1:16AM 4 Rails Cookbook recommends adding "scaffold :language" -- fails
1:11AM 1 Managing Application Preferences...?
Sunday June 15 2008
11:51PM 7 Getting "no block given" on find method - rails 2.1
10:39PM 0 doofus - cookies
10:28PM 0 build process failing
10:11PM 0 [ Please Help Me, Urgent ] About concurrent proses
9:37PM 1 why can I not see database records during a Unit Test (when I use a breakpoint)
8:39PM 2 RSpec HTTP get simulation
8:02PM 5 Ruby on Rails 2.1 Tutorial
6:41PM 2 Add a class attribut into a form_tag
6:20PM 2 Help please on Ruby on Rails Migrations: "rake aborted! undefined local variable or method name 'ss' in main:object
6:07PM 1 [javascript] Check if the dynamically generated checkbox is checked!
4:37PM 1 install rmagick on vista
2:30PM 17 RMagick help
1:33PM 0 separate logic for API and Application
9:37AM 6 PLEASE! Need help with my RoR app
5:48AM 10 Optimal workflow for doing bdd with rspec specs and story frameworks
4:50AM 11 Ouch! Can't figure out this file upload issue...
4:00AM 8 Routing issue/bug?
3:49AM 2 The error occurred while evaluating nil.each
3:01AM 3 Dreamhost or SilverRack VPS???
12:04AM 1 Trouble with Ruby Install
Saturday June 14 2008
11:49PM 1 Rails bug or breaking convention?
9:44PM 0 Testing helper plugin "with-this-asserts-do"
9:43PM 0 NameError and routing problem
9:26PM 1 mongrels apache configuration problem
8:32PM 3 Method Common to Several Actions
6:59PM 0 Looking for a Developer in Greenwich, CT
5:25PM 3 How to use form_for with rjs
5:20PM 0 Got a new rubygem group
5:12PM 4 css class as parameter
4:49PM 3 Is Ruby on Rails the next step for the new generation?
2:27PM 8 Recurring Events feature set
1:58PM 5 Active Record Insert relationship
1:18PM 5 different password validation on create and on update
1:10PM 1 help with collection_select
9:16AM 2 assert_select_rjs cant find RJS result (via Element.update) with page.replace_html
8:22AM 0 routes.rb headache on production server only.
7:43AM 0 SESSIONS, REST and multi-step / multi-page forms
6:41AM 0 in_place_editor_field
5:57AM 1 A general implemetation question
5:28AM 0 [Q] How to change template file path dinamically?
3:37AM 1 Ruby Rails Images & Lowpro
3:11AM 5 observe_field synchronous request
2:07AM 0 Schema in Rails
1:10AM 1 Active Record session store breaks file uploads
Friday June 13 2008
11:07PM 2 FormOption Helper for Group Select
10:29PM 0 How to stop callbacks from getting called twice
10:11PM 3 before_filter order of execution
8:40PM 2 Rails at a different document root?
8:26PM 5 Rake displays Can't connect local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)'
8:15PM 1 Polymorphic :through associations
7:53PM 1 TypeError (can't modify frozen hash) - Production Mode Only
7:37PM 2 public/.htaccess missing from Rails 2.1?
6:27PM 14 Two text_field_with_auto_complete field with the same search content
6:22PM 4 could explain syntax "||="?
5:20PM 3 Noob question; remote_form_for
4:13PM 2 NoMethodError with my sessions controller?
4:02PM 0 Adding custom conditions to map.resources
3:42PM 0 protect_from_forgery and search engines
3:29PM 0 Insert data into a db from xml or binary file
3:15PM 6 Newbie question on has_many
2:25PM 2 Rails 2.1.0 - find with :include and missing JOIN in SQL query
2:13PM 4 How to Print A Document Only
2:09PM 4 "can't dump File" error
2:05PM 2 Is it Image::read or Image.read?
1:11PM 1 Best respond_to design practice
12:40PM 3 Anonymous scopes against habtm relations
12:11PM 10 Adding new column to table - browser not showing it
11:18AM 5 Radio button onclick....
11:10AM 1 How do you access environment specific variables?
10:04AM 2 Rails 2.1: invalid date automatically convertion
10:02AM 1 asset_host and ssl pages problem
9:41AM 6 Model conditions
9:34AM 3 Template is missing
9:33AM 1 link_to problem with '.' in :id parameter (must be escaped!)
9:33AM 1 Ruby On Rails Startup In Barcelona
8:22AM 0 DRYing some controller code
7:01AM 11 Make a clean scaffold
6:34AM 0 How to force download with Amazon S3
6:19AM 1 Rails won't reload my model
6:18AM 4 PDF in rails
5:35AM 0 collection_select
4:53AM 1 How to pack models, controllers into a Plugin
4:26AM 0 Need Help
4:18AM 4 sorting through array ?
3:41AM 1 Need some info regarding Rspec
2:53AM 1 shallow over http or ftp not supported
1:52AM 1 rails, routes & subdomains
12:32AM 7 How to have users who can only view his/her own stuff.
12:31AM 1 String "fwrite();" causes 503 error (Passenger or apache?)
12:12AM 3 Alternative to storing ActiveRecord object in session
Thursday June 12 2008
11:33PM 11 auto_complete with multiple params
11:02PM 0 attachment_fu & multiple directories
10:39PM 1 How do you reconcile foreign keys for forms?
10:01PM 1 query to search table that has many in another table
9:41PM 1 acts_as_state_machine error: evaluating nil.exited
9:23PM 25 Can't seem to install Rails
9:08PM 5 Where did Builder::XmlMarkup go in Rails 2.1?
8:36PM 0 Searching for RoR Guru in Wichita, Ks to build robust online purchasing site.
8:22PM 0 Rail Developer - Charlotte, NC
8:19PM 2 Reading logs? keep reading a file?
7:50PM 1 Weird Character Encoding Issue in ActionMailer
7:26PM 3 Upgrading to 2.1 breaks my named routes
7:15PM 0 Getcwd not found
7:09PM 6 Rails 2.1 and mysql's mediumint
6:34PM 0 Symbol as array index (TypeError)
6:32PM 4 Override list methods for entire app
5:58PM 0 refreshing sortable_element
5:51PM 0 a simple patch for the ri ruby documentation viewer
5:14PM 6 Did the order of autoloading assets change in Rails 2.1?
5:05PM 6 How best to find items joined across several tables?
3:32PM 1 link_to_remote :with hash
2:17PM 7 simple find works in console but not in controller
2:13PM 23 has_many and belong_to association not working
1:42PM 0 converting REXML to libxml
12:43PM 2 RoR hoster with Windows as Operation System
11:54AM 0 Ruby/Rails Jobs in Queensland, Australia
11:48AM 3 Validate select list
11:43AM 9 Weird update problem.. ID value being dropped any ideas why?
11:00AM 2 error message in flash can't display when using redirect_to
10:10AM 2 Writing archive files
9:25AM 1 Keeping the size of log files.
8:50AM 3 operating systems supported by ffmpeg
8:19AM 1 Looking for flickr style pagination plug-in...
7:38AM 1 ruby-postgres gem installation on Leopard
6:44AM 2 auto complete down arrow not working
6:14AM 2 ferret rebuild_index
5:59AM 0 Crash in actionpack on uploading files to the server
5:24AM 0 View the new node added to a tree
4:36AM 1 problem with acts_as_commentable plugin
2:53AM 2 How do you set HABTM values during migration?
1:50AM 7 Problem uploading files (possibly an OS X issue?)
1:07AM 2 SslRequirement Problem
12:18AM 1 unidirectional belongs_to polymorphic
Wednesday June 11 2008
11:44PM 1 rspec & attachment_fu
11:33PM 3 FCKEditor
11:00PM 4 Using absolute paths for images
10:58PM 0 broken dom_id
10:56PM 1 Observer not working
10:37PM 7 Abstracted associations?
8:30PM 1 How to tell if MySQL native bindings are used (Win32)?
7:55PM 0 Comments Plugin or Plugin for Disqus
7:00PM 0 help with validates _uniqueness_of for a has_many table
6:54PM 7 Has anyone seen how to do pop-ups via controllers?
6:47PM 1 Acquire parent attribute from child via belongs_to ?
5:49PM 0 Upload images while editing and drag it to the doc
5:38PM 10 Some RJS Help
5:26PM 3 has_many :through and/or eager loading issues
4:58PM 10 +'s in urls?
4:17PM 1 AJAX enabled table?
4:10PM 4 Overwrite methods and using has_many
3:59PM 0 Rails - ActiveRecord doesn't commit, cache problem ?
3:24PM 2 which relationship to use?
2:58PM 2 starting record id is 10000 in oracle 10g ,why ?
2:54PM 6 how to create new database to oracle ?
2:23PM 2 A find to key pair
2:14PM 11 To RoR or Not To RoR
2:07PM 7 after_save filter on the join model cannot create new objects
2:03PM 2 Buggy forgery protection in Rails 2.1?
1:24PM 1 Changing Views' Extensions
12:49PM 4 Action Mailer and HTML
12:43PM 1 Cleaning URL hashes(#)
12:42PM 3 Generated html not sortable?
12:35PM 1 leopard and tiger - schema/migrate
12:21PM 7 how does 'require' work exactly?
12:09PM 1 Mapping Column Names in Rails
11:22AM 6 Rails relations...
10:46AM 0 If the process inside spawn fails
10:11AM 1 Straightforward Q: Y params(:id) give wrong args error?
9:36AM 0 Best authorization solution
9:12AM 0 multi-model lookup
7:53AM 2 Action calling another action several times at once
7:08AM 2 AST on Rails
6:21AM 6 Remote mySQL Database
4:52AM 2 adding large files to application
4:50AM 3 work with both rails version 1.2.3 and 2.0
2:54AM 0 Sr. Developer - Startup in Seattle!
2:53AM 0 how to set breakpoint in xcode
2:37AM 1 Noob -- Relational controller actions question
2:01AM 3 Rails 2.1 - Inner Join, only selecting from *
1:46AM 1 Resourse route in namespace with prefix error
1:44AM 2 How to save time and compare only the hour & minute part??
12:59AM 1 HABTM join table not being updated
12:00AM 3 how to keep up with Rails?
Tuesday June 10 2008
11:53PM 2 Issue with Memcache session store setup..Rails 2.1
11:39PM 1 Mixing Rails with Static Website?
11:23PM 3 Attachment_Fu and Rails 2,1
9:27PM 0 Allowing Mediapartners-google, denying others
9:16PM 7 Asynchronous jobs in Rails
8:56PM 2 how to disable auto-save when adding new many records to an already saved master
8:43PM 2 validates_associated doesn't work on update (and i've tried :on => :update)
7:24PM 2 New version of Activerecord gives different result
7:13PM 0 Mongrel Apache file uploads
6:30PM 1 What would be the best way to get next and previous record?
6:26PM 7 ActionMailer undefined method `parameters' - Rails 2.1
5:37PM 1 [ADV] Ruby Hoedown 2008 Talks Selected and Registration Open!
5:29PM 1 Intermittent Problem Persisting HABTM relationships
5:07PM 1 Basic File Question
5:01PM 0 params from %amp; spererated url not coming through to the controller.
4:26PM 0 How Do You Flirt with Men
4:24PM 0 How can I get free VoIP?
3:38PM 5 Rails params parsing bug?
3:24PM 3 Working more efficiently in RoR
3:08PM 0 BIND DLZ on Rails
3:06PM 1 ActiveRecord update_attributes with nested hash
2:55PM 0 Prototype.js
2:43PM 2 Advanced testing tutorials on Web?
1:08PM 2 ROR - Crystal Reports Integration Solution
12:58PM 0 Validation of models
12:47PM 1 Issue when creating an new action in my routes.rb
12:21PM 0 privacy setting like facebook
12:13PM 4 rake-0.8.1 seems to be broken in my Rails 2.0.2 installation
11:51AM 5 comparing two number
11:48AM 1 Multipart mail
9:53AM 3 Not existing website
6:42AM 5 Threading in ruby/rails
5:25AM 5 crontab utility for rails
4:18AM 8 Reload Everything (lib/plugins/vendor/the lot)
4:17AM 0 using a secondary gems repository
3:41AM 3 Default Data Templates
3:26AM 2 link_to_remote udpates a div w/ javascript (Greybox) help
2:55AM 1 Select list for Pragmatic multiple models one form tutorial
2:45AM 1 New Free Book: “Ruby on Rails 2.1 - What’s new”
2:37AM 1 NameError in AdminController, uninitialized constant
2:15AM 1 Rails 2.1 PDF book just released
2:12AM 0 consume .NET in rails
12:54AM 3 Adding automatic column calculation
12:54AM 2 scaffold in rails 2.0 - more info required
12:28AM 2 rails xxx database=mysql produces invalid database.yml under Windows
12:07AM 1 Model Generation problems
Monday June 9 2008
9:21PM 0 How to extract the path at the view, or how to know who is calling the polymorph?
9:07PM 4 YUI vs GWT vs ExtJS vs ????
9:05PM 0 association build changed under rails 2.1?
6:50PM 4 Injection attacks
6:19PM 6 auto_complete not completing.
6:06PM 2 request.path_info doesn't work in tests
5:23PM 9 Test Drivenn Development in Rails
4:43PM 7 :with => javascript method call
3:39PM 0 attachment_fu not resizing in production
3:35PM 5 periodically_call_remote not updating page
2:58PM 0 Passing an Array as argument in a form_for
2:52PM 2 Problem with file upload
2:18PM 0 Classy Inheritance 0.2.1
2:09PM 0 New project/ITT for newtorking and collaboration tools and services/www.ncsl.org.uk
12:26PM 0 PDF Encryption
12:23PM 4 Long Running task percentage indicator in rails
12:11PM 3 Is it possible render partial from database instead of file
11:32AM 1 Help me compare Ruby on Rails & PHP
11:14AM 0 translate_routes: plugin to translate URLs on an easy way
11:03AM 3 Migration file name
10:51AM 3 Is there a Rails portlet like plugin/framework? (i.e. just basic to allow users to move windows around)
9:12AM 1 About rails 2.1 ...
8:16AM 16 display "..." for text LONER than a certain length...
7:47AM 2 Render action from another controller
5:52AM 0 Gettext problem
5:22AM 0 Error when executing "rake db:migrate" with frozen Rails 2.1.0 on Media Temple
5:14AM 4 ActiveRecord: Private or Readonly attributes? like attr_reader?
4:54AM 3 Rails 2.1 and ddatetime_select
4:46AM 4 Newbie question about rails on apache2
2:21AM 1 Filter Results via Post
12:54AM 1 auto_complete_result field rather than method?
Sunday June 8 2008
11:12PM 1 500 error on Apache
10:59PM 3 Can't start script/server
10:30PM 3 Question about Rails development environment
10:20PM 1 Logging in BackgrounDRb (i.e. Logger.debug, Logger.info)
10:05PM 0 Control-click behaviour using Prototype
9:12PM 6 Strange 500 Internal Server Error Related
7:49PM 1 link_to with changing one single get-param
6:35PM 0 Free VoIP
6:34PM 0 Money Making Opportunity
6:21PM 0 text field being garbled
6:18PM 4 Location of ancillary files
6:07PM 1 Uploading MP3 files
5:46PM 2 AJAX observer on select form
5:29PM 3 Plugins - helper function is an "undefined method", Objects "can't be referred"
4:48PM 7 has_one :through belongs_to
4:42PM 0 Rails Refactoring Catalog
4:40PM 2 key not found error
2:57PM 1 Unable to get selected option with options_from_collection_for_select
2:53PM 5 My app is still in development... should I upgrade it to 2.1?
2:22PM 1 global variable in helper function
2:21PM 0 New Rails User Group forming -- Atlanta, GA
1:59PM 4 Newbie Problem : Scaffold does not generate html form input fields
12:15PM 0 Problem with Sending attachments
7:51AM 6 BackgrounDRb causing freeze and Mongrel timeout
6:40AM 6 trouble with if statement in helper function
6:21AM 3 Instance variables in application layout
6:16AM 0 Free Dating Tips!!!
6:15AM 0 Free Phone Call Worldwide
6:14AM 0 Liver Cancer Concerns?
2:17AM 1 Auto-Update Database At A Specific Time: Possible?
1:29AM 20 how to parse a "dd/mm/yyyy" formatted date string???
1:29AM 1 noob here: can php files in rails public folder be ok?
12:45AM 3 POSTing in :admin namespace
12:28AM 4 Count views to images
Saturday June 7 2008
8:33PM 2 How to load the database.yml file again during runtime?
7:14PM 3 So I"m sure someone has come across this before...but how do you fix the gem_original_require problem?
6:02PM 1 db: migrate issue
5:33PM 5 Search problems with joining two models/tables.
5:11PM 1 Rails 2 and Oracle
4:36PM 3 Can't install Rails 2.1
3:31PM 0 [ANN/ADV] "Advancing With Rails", July 21-24, Edison NJ
3:24PM 1 Install RESTful Authentication via git????
2:59PM 3 DRY validates_format_of?
1:29PM 4 defining access right for each database entry
10:12AM 5 Can create record but can not update it => has_many through
5:32AM 2 How to parse and normalize U.S. phone number
4:34AM 2 Stopping Default REST support in Rails 2.0.2
4:10AM 1 Monit fails to start|stop mongrel_rails
12:33AM 3 collection_select question
Friday June 6 2008
11:36PM 3 Crazy question: Storing an encrypted user password
9:53PM 1 Prevent Textile from escaping pre tag
9:42PM 0 Rails 2.1 and validates_length_of
9:15PM 6 help with :include on active record finds
8:59PM 1 mocha stub for instance variable assignment
8:13PM 0 Ajax site needs help
8:05PM 0 FREE Entity Relationship Diagram Software
7:40PM 1 Need some help/advice storying History
7:36PM 0 Java/Ruby Developer
7:05PM 0 partial updates and validations
6:44PM 0 redirect 302 then redirect 304
6:43PM 3 bug report
6:28PM 3 Async db writes to logs
6:28PM 1 Attachments using actionmailer
5:35PM 1 Eager loading association with condition
5:14PM 0 mongrel cluster mysteriously stopping when using shared FS
5:10PM 10 why is my ActiveRecord model's state not saved during unit test?
4:41PM 2 one to many asscoaiation
4:38PM 1 strange eager loading issues
4:27PM 0 rescuing REXML::ParseException
3:49PM 0 in_place_editor_field in Rails 2.0.2
3:23PM 3 LoadError (Expected model.rb to define Model)
3:09PM 6 Can I delete the Restful Authentication files in vendor after generation.
2:28PM 1 Hacer referencia a distintos campos de distintas tablas
2:17PM 5 about .html and .rhtml,database
1:23PM 1 Need help with Decryption using blowfish CBC
1:07PM 0 Ultrasphinx and utf8 searching
12:30PM 12 understanding MVC and relationships among them - any schema?
11:16AM 2 Configuration Inquiry
10:54AM 2 How to Build a PopUp Menu
9:16AM 1 fusion charts plugin?
8:53AM 2 joining tables
6:55AM 1 Property Files
6:49AM 0 load_missing_constant': uninitialized constant ExceptionNoti
5:43AM 3 Good Articles/Blogs Explaing Rest with Rails Please..
4:39AM 0 A facebook-like platform in Rails
4:17AM 1 Strange diff in 2.1 boot.rb -- exist? vs exists?
3:39AM 1 STI vs Polymorphism
3:31AM 0 StandardError for ibm_dbadapter
3:21AM 1 problem with upgrade gems version on shared host
2:59AM 1 tinymce and Rails 2.0
1:58AM 2 access library from model
1:13AM 1 Testing page.alert
12:34AM 0 Recommended Permissions for Releases Directory?
12:23AM 4 Oracle text search
12:00AM 3 Passing Query Strings in Sessions
Thursday June 5 2008
10:04PM 3 routing strategy question
9:20PM 3 how to specify controller '/admin/foo'
8:57PM 1 datetime select
8:55PM 3 what is proper way to load lookup/reference data into test database?
8:40PM 7 PDF::Writer / railspdf - building a layout?
8:29PM 3 in_place_editor and validations
8:19PM 2 ActionView::TemplateError (stack level too deep)
8:15PM 0 reading content/type of file
8:08PM 0 A just a note for newbies
7:33PM 2 Top-down page design
7:11PM 10 Testing in Rails, uniquness of, length_of... Completeness vs. productivity
6:42PM 7 nice urls?
6:14PM 2 validating associated model for has_many
5:55PM 3 rails 2.1 and rubygems
4:45PM 0 Where can I find RoRed?
4:36PM 2 render :update vs. render :partial -> need :update help
3:42PM 6 select records from different model
3:35PM 2 Installing on ubuntu (openssl)
3:32PM 2 Update a database table without a form
3:23PM 2 Installed RMagick and ImageMagick, now Chronic is given errors
3:06PM 1 word replacement from the file
2:56PM 4 has_many :through with :dependent = :destroy_all
2:31PM 0 'mod_rails' Passenger gem on OpenBSD
2:17PM 0 Subset of a model instance's collection
1:49PM 3 Can we post banners/ads here?
12:59PM 0 YAML, Serialize and Date Formats problem
12:50PM 0 Should actionmailer portion put in another thread?
11:43AM 2 transfert xml strings
10:48AM 5 How to work with the Old Book and New Code for 2.0.2
10:24AM 0 London Ruby User Group - 9th June 2008
9:31AM 5 acts_as_versioned and Rails 2.1
8:58AM 1 Display statistical data on a region map
8:36AM 0 cookies not storing?
8:00AM 10 Backgroundrb vs Forking/Threading
7:55AM 1 How to get REMOTE_USER in Rails?
7:44AM 2 send a list to the controller
7:27AM 0 trouble finding the right records
7:10AM 1 database query trouble
7:04AM 0 will_paginate
6:51AM 2 Datetime format
6:37AM 1 Large numeric prefix on generated migration files
5:22AM 4 how many mongrel servers to setup
5:19AM 6 whats wrong here? I get the same result of each item..
4:54AM 6 Comparing Time Zones
3:58AM 4 Date format conversion
3:11AM 4 high volume email sending
2:04AM 0 Can't load params[:id]
1:31AM 2 Newbie - Is BackgrounDRb compatible on windows ?
12:48AM 23 unit test question
12:28AM 0 Debuging ActiveMerhcant SOAP -> CyberSource
Wednesday June 4 2008
11:10PM 2 "double assignation" in a hash ??
11:08PM 0 Vancouver.rb - Open Ruby/Rails Hack Night - Every Monday 7pm - Whenever (9ish) - Join Us
10:42PM 0 CPU spike when I quit rails
10:20PM 1 including gems in rails projects. Gemonrails error.
10:11PM 3 xml builder scope
9:31PM 2 I don't understand the reject syntax {|a| ...
8:07PM 2 gem_original_require
7:46PM 8 Accessing Params Hash form Action Mailer Model
7:44PM 1 Setting session user into functional tests
7:38PM 3 Find based on conditions defined in the model
7:18PM 5 Potential bug with named_scope?
6:41PM 4 Why code works in development and not production
6:31PM 2 What happened to "activerecord-sqlserver-adapter" gem?
6:02PM 2 div and loop help
5:54PM 4 error with Chronic after installing a different plugin
5:24PM 0 FeedTools SLOWness
4:51PM 5 Moving Site and DB
4:16PM 3 CSS normalization
4:14PM 0 routers are handled incorrectly on production
3:56PM 2 rake db:migrate error
3:49PM 0 Unobtrusive remote links and forms
3:17PM 0 Migration - Drop FK and generate new column
3:16PM 0 Ylastic - Manage your AWS environment
3:10PM 2 retrieving indexed words from Ferret
1:37PM 3 Using Javascript variables
12:41PM 1 looking for fix to content-length = 1 byte with x_sendfile
12:04PM 4 Paranthesis Warnings filling production apache logs
11:53AM 3 auto_complete
10:57AM 26 Newbie: Why doe New work but edit/update not?
10:49AM 0 Suggestions for adding a new abstract data type to AR using a composed_of
10:31AM 2 Overriding default ActiveRecord behaviour
10:14AM 1 pentaho integration
9:54AM 5 how to set default month or day in f.date_select field
8:35AM 0 Ruby on Rails developer
8:32AM 4 Date Format
7:49AM 2 How to change ActiveRecord date format conversion
7:41AM 0 Change simple format
5:19AM 2 Any thoughts on building a project using an old version of rails?
5:02AM 0 restful-authentication error with Rails 2.1.0
5:01AM 8 Call methods from different class
5:01AM 3 Template in a Template
4:21AM 1 What is a NameError?
2:39AM 4 how can i get all table names of an mysql database
1:20AM 4 Where is the ActiveRecord Oracle Adapter with 2.1?
12:33AM 2 Wacky View errors
12:28AM 2 Reload page after send_data
Tuesday June 3 2008
11:01PM 3 Fixtures Error With Rails 2.1 (and 2.0.2)
10:52PM 1 Vanilla Rails 2.1 and Unit Test Error
10:52PM 0 pagination and model calculated fields
10:51PM 15 Problem with rails environment with cygwin...mysql doesn't
10:46PM 12 Accessing form elements
10:39PM 3 reload! doesn't work
10:22PM 1 "Rendering a template", API doc missing "2.x"?
9:47PM 7 Money representation: float or BigDecimal?
9:27PM 6 jobs scheduling
8:45PM 0 Rspec killed my autotest
8:42PM 1 Rails 2.1 and default setting of Partial updates
8:26PM 11 rake db:migrate not working
8:23PM 2 AR Plugin class method calls from instance methods
7:55PM 8 Search works in dev but not in prod?
7:40PM 0 map.root by domain?
6:58PM 1 combining associated models into a single xml or json object
5:46PM 0 Where not to host your RoR
5:19PM 2 2.1 ActionController::Filters::Filter:Class conflicting with my own Filter class
4:56PM 2 update_attribute updates too much
4:44PM 7 Form Submission
4:42PM 1 Easy refactoring to foxy fixtures?
4:20PM 0 Problem with attached log file using ActionMailer
4:17PM 1 putting require on environment.rb vs on model/controller file
4:13PM 0 ActionWebService vs. fcgi
3:39PM 2 after filter not working
3:23PM 3 Dynamic page caching directory based on subdomain name
2:52PM 10 datetime_select tag bug? or my fault?
2:20PM 1 Custom counter cache
1:44PM 0 auto_complete problem????
1:43PM 5 Problem on server and not on local machine?
1:42PM 2 Rails 2.1 and DB2
1:18PM 2 Trying to show some code
12:54PM 8 Problem with validates_length_of
12:49PM 0 spell checker in text area an text field
11:46AM 1 WYM editor won't save
11:46AM 1 Postgresql Arrays
11:31AM 4 Newbie: Corrcet use of Render :Partial for forms in CRUD?
11:06AM 4 error logging
10:48AM 1 Filter email form production-log?
10:42AM 1 Model#find returns wrong class
10:20AM 6 Take care to ruby 1.8.7 in debian unstable
9:41AM 0 Metaprogramming of controller methods
9:37AM 0 NoMemoryError: failed to allocate memory
8:42AM 0 Editing a serialized hash with a Rails form
8:32AM 3 return back to the view after a javscript condition
8:16AM 1 after_create callback in subclass
7:44AM 2 "Not unique table/alias" errors when upgrading to Rails 2.1
7:21AM 0 Requiring vendor code in rake tasks.
7:17AM 1 Setting of new generator in Netbeans 6.1
6:59AM 5 Filter Array
5:54AM 5 Problem with migrations in Rails 2.1
5:25AM 3 PDF text search in rails
4:44AM 1 ffMpeg convert video to flv
3:48AM 0 Problem in send an attachment ...
3:12AM 0 Update to Rails 2.1.0 in a Fedora LInux VPS with 256MB from Local Files to avoid [ process Killed ]
2:57AM 0 Entity Replacement
2:39AM 0 Using select_year in form_for helper block
2:28AM 4 date-agnostic times
2:07AM 2 STI / Polymorphic Association Issue (or possible bug)?
1:50AM 10 User Login
12:41AM 1 Clicking on links within facebook iframes (facebook apps)
Monday June 2 2008
10:35PM 4 An Example of a Form With Many To Many Relationships
10:08PM 3 Where are the cached files stored on the production server?
9:46PM 10 collection_select not doing what it should... any ideas?
9:38PM 2 method missing for rspec route_for
9:33PM 5 Unwanted RESTful routes
9:24PM 0 How to I test actionmailer for failed delivery
9:09PM 4 Beginning Questions
8:56PM 0 stylesheet_link_tag, javascript_include_tag, caching problems
8:47PM 0 Rails 2.1 - when PostsController is present, creating Admin::PostsController fails
8:16PM 2 Rails 2.1 dont create references
8:16PM 2 loading fixtures
8:05PM 0 Updating data from a relation
7:21PM 0 Best behaviour for an association builder...
6:57PM 1 Where is the Oracle adapter?
6:32PM 13 dynamic map/image showing property rental availability
6:31PM 2 adding up blocks of time - project with tasks
5:57PM 1 Squeegy Fleximage
5:27PM 3 Simplest Collection Select Tag Not Working
4:44PM 0 Rails and DB2 for z/OS
3:22PM 5 validate - message in the flash[:error]
3:21PM 4 How to create multiple objects of one model in one post request?
3:19PM 4 Cannot find sqlserver adaptor for ActiveRecord
2:59PM 3 Immutable migrations and regular ruby code
2:54PM 0 another rewrite question
1:36PM 3 sending parameters to ruby method from javascript
1:30PM 2 Site is Down! Please help!!
1:15PM 2 globalite
1:07PM 3 Undefined method `store_full_sti_class=' for ActiveRecord::Base:Class (NoMethodError)
12:48PM 4 keyword search
12:39PM 0 How to send an email with an Attachment ?
12:34PM 2 Database modelling tool for Mac
10:29AM 2 evaluate ruby code inside javascript
8:46AM 2 text_area_tag
8:41AM 2 Applying a class/id to current link in Haml
8:28AM 2 attachment_fu resizing images already uploaded
8:26AM 0 Updating Rubygems package in Ubuntu Hardy - help please
7:09AM 2 Radio buttons and other form fields
6:11AM 2 helper :all does not include Modules
6:01AM 3 passing a text area value with link_to_remote
5:52AM 2 Rails Framework
4:53AM 4 Saving data from text file into database
3:57AM 1 Rails 2.1 and render :action
3:47AM 17 problems with methods... help
3:31AM 10 xml to database
2:54AM 6 RESTful controllers... seriously?
1:35AM 0 [REMINDER] Ruby Hoedown 2008 CFP and Early Registration end tomorrow!
1:05AM 3 redirect_to, render -- Controller Questions
12:20AM 0 Finding all records, some columns are null ?
Sunday June 1 2008
10:04PM 5 field observer parameters
9:55PM 0 email injection
9:50PM 0 SimpleRSS how do you read dc:date attribute
9:38PM 8 will_paginate and remember checkboxes
8:15PM 7 Books belongs_to authors. How to find only author with books
7:59PM 5 FasterCSV will not parse my data
7:33PM 4 Bug in Rails 2.1.0 rendering partial "counter" starts at 1?
7:19PM 1 Could not find RubyGem columnize
7:11PM 2 Sorting an array of Hash on two fields one of it is optional
7:02PM 2 Confusing test results
6:55PM 2 Converting a Subversion repository to git
6:34PM 4 Download sample code in The Rails Way (2.0) -- How?
2:45PM 6 How would you suggest ADMIN update non-attr_accessible fields?
1:15PM 3 Problem deploying on Site5
11:48AM 1 How does 37signals code their "Open Bar" (Open ID) feature?
11:47AM 0 Rails 2.1 Released
10:32AM 2 Multiple database connections
6:03AM 2 Views to handle a one-to-many relation?
3:15AM 4 script.aculo.us effects hate me?
1:28AM 5 Leopard 10.5.3 breaks MacPort Rails