R help - Nov 2013

Saturday November 30 2013
2:03PM 1 Calculate Adjusted vcov Matrix acc. to Shanken(1992) (Generated Regressor Problem)
10:42AM 1 Solve PDE with initial and boundary conditions in R
7:37AM 2 beginner help: 10th index is being overwritten by 11th
7:19AM 0 Latent Heteroskedasticity
4:52AM 1 bnlearn and very large datasets (> 1 million observations)
Friday November 29 2013
10:22PM 5 Multiple regressions with changing dependent variable and time span
8:16PM 0 How to draw a shade overlapping of three circles (or other shapes) with certain areas?
8:05PM 1 mat2listw function
6:08PM 1 the wilcox.test() and pairwise.wilcox.test are producing different results
5:42PM 2 Help with "Cast" Function
2:12PM 1 Lasso function that can handle NA values
10:07AM 0 Formatting output of plotKML
Thursday November 28 2013
6:23PM 0 polychoric correlation with multiple imputations, a Strate and a Weight
5:57PM 1 Adding NA values in random positions in a dataframe
5:18PM 1 Counting variables repeted in dataframe columns to create a presence-absence table
5:12PM 0 Assiging name to ip address range
4:46PM 0 normal curve on the diagonal of pairs
3:04PM 1 Relative Cumulative Frequency of Event Occurence
1:54PM 4 date format
12:09PM 1 Multivariate dispersion & distances
11:12AM 1 help ANN
10:43AM 0 ODE does not reach steady state and increase exponentially
7:50AM 2 Find the prediction or the fitted values for an lm model
7:06AM 0 error message
Wednesday November 27 2013
10:39PM 2 importing many csv files into separate matrices
10:27PM 3 Automatic saving of many regression's output
10:24PM 0 Requirement for Ruby on rails [REQ:10217055]
10:00PM 0 Tinn-R: source code on GitHub
9:25PM 0 Automatic saving of many regression's output
9:07PM 0 heat map bin locations
5:33PM 1 if, apply, ifelse
5:12PM 0 ifelse, apply, if
3:22PM 1 Conditional error bars
2:44PM 1 Etimating time to run an analysis?
2:24PM 1 xtable: custom row.names, move caption to top
12:21PM 1 Space in label name
10:22AM 1 Tinn-R user guide (latex sources) available on GitHub
8:55AM 0 GADM Data Download
7:53AM 0 MANOVA Question
6:32AM 1 Y-axis label not plotting
5:55AM 1 Buse's GLS R2
4:16AM 1 roots for two variables.
2:21AM 1 Control the whole margin of a graph(including plot area and title/footnote) in R
2:19AM 0 trouble using mat2listw function to create spatial weights object
1:03AM 2 Tukey, Bartlett
Tuesday November 26 2013
9:07PM 2 Append text to panels of lattice::barchart()
8:08PM 1 How do I extract Random Forest Terms and Probabilities?
6:19PM 1 Coding systems.
6:11PM 2 legend for bar plot ?
5:34PM 1 Installing quantstrat
4:28PM 1 Subscript out of bounds
3:38PM 0 How to merge sequences with new sequence insertion
2:59PM 3 Generating Frequency Values
2:36PM 0 SVG export - RGB fill
11:43AM 2 error in eval
11:27AM 1 Direct (null) hypothesis testing using GLMMs - possible?
8:32AM 1 Problem with loop, matrix and data frame
7:51AM 0 Bootstrap or subsampling using loop?
4:20AM 0 Multinomial regression with repeated measures
Monday November 25 2013
11:35PM 3 summary many regressions
10:05PM 2 Durbin Watson Test Bound in R
7:43PM 0 Hey guys
3:19PM 0 Fetching data from MySQL via odbcConnect - Error in as.POSIXlt.character(x, tz, ...) :
2:46PM 1 Aggregating spatial data
2:45PM 0 R: lmer specification for random effects: contradictory reults
2:01PM 1 cut2 not binning interval endpoints correctly
1:48PM 0 lmer specification for random effects: contradictory reults
1:29PM 1 Structural break test Andrews (2003)
10:47AM 1 Independent variable dependent on offset in GLMM
10:13AM 0 lmer specification for random effects: contradictory reults
10:13AM 4 lmer specification for random effects: contradictory reults
9:24AM 3 convert data frame: two variables into _one_ binary variable
9:10AM 3 XLConnect readWorksheet comma decimal sign
2:29AM 1 stack data (from rows to column)
Sunday November 24 2013
11:15PM 1 persp3d and rsm models
7:42PM 0 Creating a set that has line of best fit y=3+2x so that SST, SSR, SSE are whole numbers
7:41PM 1 testing for bimodal and for dip in between modes in R
5:13PM 6 Should there be an R-beginners list?
4:49PM 5 Plotting multiple trends on one graph
9:08AM 1 create a new dataframe with intervals and computing a weighted average for each of its rows
9:03AM 2 GotoBLAS2 with multiple cores
5:04AM 1 How should I specify partially crossed random effects in lme?
3:38AM 0 filehash error in the colbycol method for as.data.frame from a large object
Saturday November 23 2013
11:51PM 2 Label point with (x,hat(y))
9:39PM 2 Speeding up code
7:00PM 5 Problems dealing with matrices
4:49PM 1 Question about compatibility
4:30PM 0 Combine columns having same column name from multiple data frames
3:04PM 1 how to melt variable to one variable
1:48PM 0 [R-pkgs] Hmisc package 3.13-0
1:48PM 0 Hmisc package 3.13-0
9:48AM 1 Randomize two categories testing a specific condition R version 3.0.2 windows 32 bit
4:43AM 4 divergent colors around zero in levelplot()
1:16AM 0 Re: [R-SIG-Mac] morley object?
1:16AM 0 [R-SIG-Mac] morley object?
Friday November 22 2013
9:43PM 3 averaging rows on a data.frame according to a factor
5:37PM 1 Appending Excel File Data in different folders into Single Dataframe
5:18PM 1 Use of 'by' function with FUN=mean
4:58PM 2 data manipulation
4:47PM 1 Principal Components in a Linear Model
3:59PM 0 how to make R render plots faster
3:06PM 3 R and Interactive Visualizations
1:52PM 2 problem with CSV and R
10:13AM 2 Recode values
9:28AM 1 Question about error of "non-numeric argument to binary operator"
5:07AM 1 use of bquote
4:35AM 2 xyz-contour plot (irregular grid)
2:57AM 1 multiple pages with ggplot2 possible?
Thursday November 21 2013
11:52PM 1 Regression model
11:32PM 3 How do I identify non-sequential data?
10:43PM 1 changing the surface coloring (using lattice::wireframe)
10:07PM 3 Repeated measures ANOVA for unbalanc
10:05PM 1 Is there a way to optimize a function that has the dot-dot-dot (...) argument using optim()
9:34PM 0 How to get a nested " list of lists of data.frames" into a data.frame or nested dataframe for easy viewing
6:59PM 1 How to add unique occasions based on date within a subject in R?
3:46PM 1 about the integrate
3:10PM 2 frequency of numbers
1:21PM 1 Question on xyplot
12:47PM 2 overlaying 2D grid on randomly distributed points
11:09AM 2 Plotting multiple confidence intervals in the same graph
10:57AM 2 Functions in formulae ??
8:35AM 0 Course: Introduction to Linear mixed effects models, GLMM and MCMC with R
7:19AM 0 Cost function in cv. glm for a fitted logistic model when cutoff value of the model is not 0.5
6:43AM 1 How to use For loop to read multiple files
6:34AM 1 how can I import a number of datsets in a folder in my working directory to a list in R
3:45AM 2 RStudio and R.app "segmentation fault" errors
3:20AM 0 How to extract sets of rows (not sorted) from text file in R, do some methods on these rows, save the result in another text file, then pick others set of rows and do the same
3:12AM 1 integrate
2:43AM 2 The profile log-likelihood problem
12:54AM 0 Reverse geocoding Latitude and Longitude to address/name of location
Wednesday November 20 2013
9:41PM 1 balanced design package?
9:13PM 1 error in install
8:44PM 1 bias in AUCRF?
8:16PM 5 Thoughts for faster indexing
8:01PM 4 How to stop Kaplan-Meier curve at a time point
7:35PM 4 Percentiles for unequal probability sample
7:26PM 0 R NNET object Question
6:04PM 1 nlme function summary.lmList cannot be found with new versions
3:03PM 0 How to create running averages
2:17PM 1 Parametrizing heading in tables package
1:47PM 0 regression by group summary error
1:11PM 1 RCmdr issues
12:24PM 2 Multiple if statement in loop condition
12:13PM 0 help with converting a data frame into object of class "track"
11:51AM 1 Binomial GLM in Stata and R
10:28AM 3 To transform an adjacency matrix
9:02AM 2 Functional Programming patterns
7:36AM 1 save table to txt file in a printable form
4:14AM 3 Datatable manipulation
1:30AM 3 if else in R
1:30AM 1 R- package for Parametric Survival Analysis with Left-censored data
1:22AM 2 If commands in a while loop
12:29AM 2 (no subject)
Tuesday November 19 2013
11:44PM 2 Help with removing extra legend elements in ggplot
9:40PM 1 Does function read.sas7bdat() have some memory limitations?
8:09PM 2 Optim function & Hessian matrix
6:59PM 1 Inverse of Probit
6:58PM 0 [R-pkgs] Introducing pedgene 1.2 on CRAN
6:58PM 0 Introducing pedgene 1.2 on CRAN
3:49PM 1 XLConnect error - "not implemented yet"
3:34PM 0 How to extract sets of rows (not sorted) from text file in R, do some methods on these rows, save the result in another text file, then pick others set of rows and do the same
1:24PM 1 Repeated measures with categorical data
12:19PM 1 Computational differences in R vs Excel
11:07AM 1 image plot with color scale
10:43AM 2 Overlay boxplot and scatter.smooth line
10:29AM 3 metafor escalc(measure="SMCC")
9:11AM 1 Installation problems: Linux Java and R not working together
8:56AM 1 can par()$pin be used to guarantee equal horizontal and vertical image lengths?
4:01AM 1 3D Plot of Convex hull
2:29AM 0 How can I get seasonal variation table from generalized additive mixed models in R?
2:03AM 2 equal horizontal and vertical proportions in graphics
1:52AM 3 Passing parameters in a user defined function to another function using ...
Monday November 18 2013
10:40PM 1 Reading in csv data with ff package
9:23PM 0 find variation of a binary matrix
8:46PM 1 How to convert a 3 dimensional List to make a table with tables tabular()?
6:57PM 2 Setting axis scale for a boxplot
4:53PM 0 multilevel sampling weight
2:52PM 0 Tukey test for anavo split by multiples factors
2:42PM 1 Providing a Title for a Write.Table - Thinking of Titles in SPSS CTABLES
2:29PM 0 Holt Winters for multiple customers and output with R
1:27PM 3 Rotation of parallel lines
12:39PM 0 Simulation study in R for categorical repeated measures data
12:24PM 1 Anova split by factors
4:37AM 3 Sending a matrix in an email
4:35AM 0 2D Interpolation with missing values
1:58AM 0 midpoint between two dates
Sunday November 17 2013
11:37PM 1 more rpy2 questions...mostly R
10:07PM 4 quotation marks and scan
6:27PM 1 creating upper triangular matrix
3:38PM 1 reshape
2:47PM 2 Extract values from vector and repeat by group
11:43AM 1 Lattice: how to change the canvas size with Sweave
9:21AM 1 Hide return values
8:04AM 0 Plotting a list of lists
7:25AM 1 melt dataframe
2:46AM 2 Change date time to epoch time
2:19AM 5 R for a stats intro for undergrads in the US?
1:51AM 1 order() function, decreasing=TRUE unexpected behaviour
Saturday November 16 2013
11:12PM 0 selecting optimal cluster validation score
10:49PM 1 r documentation rugarch egarch
9:49PM 3 Calculate Range
7:39PM 1 contour plot axis correspondence
7:20PM 4 export vector with write() introduces line breaks
4:45PM 1 repeated-measures multiple regression/ANCOVA/MANCOVA
3:30PM 2 Apply function to one specific column / Alternative to for loop
12:11PM 2 The smallest enclosing ball problem
8:36AM 1 R 2.14.2 - Installation problem - could not load lattice
Friday November 15 2013
11:56PM 1 reshape data frame
11:32PM 0 delete rows with duplicate numbers of opposite signs in the same column
11:30PM 1 Help
10:08PM 1 CHAID in R
9:26PM 2 Find backward duplicates in a data frame
5:17PM 1 optimization
4:57PM 2 Bug in predict.lm?
4:14PM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 129, Issue 15
2:34PM 3 modify functions in "stats", but .Call(C_BinDist, ...) couldn't load C function
1:22PM 1 R for loop
12:32PM 1 Merge xts and Return.portfolio
2:01AM 0 Error in MuMIn "models are not all fitted to the same data"
1:53AM 1 Find the cutoff correlation value for Pearson correlation test
12:31AM 1 Inconsistent results between caret+kernlab versions
12:21AM 0 getting the results of tapply into a single matrix
Thursday November 14 2013
9:46PM 1 Warning message during starts up
8:50PM 1 Windows 7/Rstudio/Rattle - rattle() Causes R Session to abort
6:24PM 2 optimization: multiple assignment problem
6:06PM 1 Column Name Matching in xts Objects
6:03PM 2 polygon circling a graph
4:12PM 2 2SLS for panel data, re
3:50PM 1 Substring and extract a certain number of characters
3:44PM 1 Survival analysis with truncated data
3:30PM 1 issues with calling predict.coxph.penal (survival) inside a function
3:20PM 3 lapply?
3:08PM 1 MM estimator
1:15PM 0 Fw: Lower 'Pi' 3.1415926... and Exact 'Pi' and Squaring of Circle
11:24AM 1 beta package for 3D PDF output
10:28AM 0 Transform aggregated data to individual data
10:28AM 2 Transform aggregated data to individual data
8:41AM 2 From list to dataframe
8:26AM 1 xts objects comparison
5:02AM 2 Replace NA's with value in the next row
3:37AM 2 MM estmator
2:11AM 0 oblique.scores argument for fa function in psych package
12:58AM 1 Analysis
Wednesday November 13 2013
11:00PM 1 On "^" returning a matrix when operated on a data.frame
10:31PM 1 volume of ellipsoid
9:45PM 1 (sin asunto)
9:35PM 1 Real frequencies in a 'set' problem
6:23PM 0 kernlab multicore usage
5:50PM 0 codenls
5:15PM 1 What is the difference between Mean Decrease Accuracy produced by importance(foo) vs foo$importance in a Random Forest Model?
3:31PM 0 .First in R.app (on Mac) vs R in Terminal
2:48PM 0 Survival analysis with truncated data.
2:46PM 1 issues with calling predict.coxph.penal (survival) inside a function - subset-vector not found. Because of NextMethod?
2:24PM 3 making a barplot with table of experimental conditions underneath (preferably ggplot2)
1:57PM 3 R Beginner - Need Perhaps 5 - 10 Minutes of R User Time to Learn Few Basics
1:19PM 0 simplex
11:36AM 1 Fitting arbitrary curve to 1D data with error bars
10:36AM 0 Grid type of sampling in geodata
10:36AM 0 Grid type of sampling in geodata
10:22AM 0 Linux Java and R not working together
10:05AM 0 ggplot2: geom_boxplot. Mapping aes factor but with different color scale and hatching
9:38AM 2 Negative binomial parameterisation in mgcv
9:03AM 0 Generalized Additive Models - gamma against overfitting
8:24AM 1 Setting x-axis of a plot on each loop
5:44AM 1 Plotting multiple weibull distributions in one graph
Tuesday November 12 2013
10:05PM 1 Apply a function to a list
9:45PM 1 What graphics device settings are used by Rcmd check ?
9:30PM 0 A problem about nomogram
9:18PM 0 geom_abline does not seem to respect groups in facet_grid [ggplot2]
9:07PM 1 GLMNET warning msg
8:53PM 1 Data transformation to list for event occurence
8:02PM 1 using scan function
5:45PM 2 How to sum a function over a specific range in R?
5:43PM 3 Change x-axis intervals and labels on cox.zph plot
5:36PM 0 Vol calculations
5:20PM 2 cbind2() in Matrix
5:14PM 0 robust MM
3:47PM 3 Double Pareto Log Normal Distribution
2:59PM 1 Having a relative x-axis in a plot
2:34PM 1 Handle Gps coordinates
2:01PM 1 (no subject)
1:01PM 0 Kriging
12:31PM 0 Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
10:41AM 0 Error in grf using geoR
9:53AM 1 Loop through columns of outcomes
8:20AM 1 How to replace NA's data with some value
6:13AM 2 sourcing from 2 different computers R code
5:37AM 0 Test for exogeneity
5:01AM 1 Getting residual term out of lmer summary table
4:40AM 2 unable to install package xts
4:05AM 0 Elastic-R Webinar Invite
3:40AM 0 Apply function to every 20 rows between pairs of columns in a matrix
3:01AM 1 Apply function to every 20 rows between pairs of columns in a matrix
1:57AM 0 Saving then Loading Objects/Models into existing workspace.
1:04AM 2 Update a variable in a dataframe based on variables in another dataframe of a different size
Monday November 11 2013
10:52PM 2 colours legend, for loop,density plot
10:01PM 2 Data Security when using R
8:50PM 3 How do I derive a logical variable in a dataframe based on another row in the same dataframe?
6:04PM 1 ensemble methods
5:49PM 0 SOLVED: Count number of consecutive zeros by group
5:11PM 1 Generating bootstrap samples from a panel data frame
3:32PM 0 Cross Tabulation
3:02PM 1 Bar Graph
2:36PM 1 (no subject)
1:49PM 1 r package to solve for Nash equilibrium
12:31PM 1 Apply a function with multiple argument on each column of matrix
12:19PM 0 grnn input format usage?
12:13PM 1 graphics or table
12:11PM 2 repeating values in an index two by two
11:02AM 1 package ‘build-essential’ is not available (for R version 3.0.2)
10:13AM 1 MM robust
10:07AM 1 Show time in x-axis
10:00AM 0 create Geotiff
9:55AM 1 Readjusting frequencies
6:31AM 2 how to introduce missing data for complete data
1:39AM 1 decode and annotate
Sunday November 10 2013
10:53PM 1 Nadaraya-Watson kernel estimation 2
6:16PM 2 Tables Package Ampersand Quoting
2:31PM 0 Mark each group centroid in a linear discriminant analysis plot
2:30PM 0 Set system font in R package Cairo in Mac OS X
1:21PM 1 Plotrix: Add text below the color- legend.
6:05AM 1 Cross Tabulation
5:11AM 0 finding a min against an id in a column
Saturday November 9 2013
8:45PM 2 union of list objects if objects intersect
7:21PM 1 Custom Numeric type in R
7:01PM 1 Using Unicode inside R's expression() command
6:23PM 2 Tables Package Grouping Factors
6:08PM 0 Problem while using "searchTwitter" function in TwitteR package
3:22PM 2 S4 vs S3. New Package
2:31PM 3 S4; Setter function is not chaning slot value as expected
1:50PM 1 `level' definition in `computeContour3d' (misc3d package)
12:43PM 0 Standard errors in regression models with interactions terms
6:05AM 0 Please help me to short my code
12:53AM 0 Geweke Diagnostic in CODA package
Friday November 8 2013
7:53PM 1 C50 Node Assignment
7:41PM 3 Date handling in R is hard to understand
6:56PM 2 making chains from pairs
6:52PM 0 Revolutions blog: October roundup
5:33PM 7 select .txt from .txt in a directory
5:10PM 1 Adding Proxy information in 'R' application
4:04PM 2 How to show the second abline ?
2:04PM 1 SNPRelate: Plink conversion
1:01PM 1 how to derive true surface area from `computeContour3d' (misc3d package) -- follow up
11:49AM 0 how to derive true surface area from `computeContour3d' (misc3d package)
10:10AM 1 Crime hotspot maps (kernel density)
9:40AM 1 Remove a column of a matrix with unnamed column header
9:01AM 0 Graph dashboard
8:35AM 1 Different output from lm() and lmPerm lmp() if categorical variables are included in the analysis
7:32AM 1 Uploading Google Spreadsheet data into R
5:06AM 1 Underdispersion and count data
4:41AM 0 help plotting two-dimensional ADMIXTURE data in R
4:16AM 2 Earth (MARS) package with categorical predictors
12:01AM 1 Merging two dataframes with a condition involving variables of both dataframes
Thursday November 7 2013
11:39PM 3 prod and F90 product
10:47PM 1 Sorting Data Frames in R by multiple columns with a custom order
10:17PM 0 Loglogistic 4-parameter model, fitting multiple curves specific estimates give NaNS, when fit alone all parameters estimated
8:55PM 1 Problems loading xlsx
7:20PM 0 R newbie - loop questions
4:55PM 2 Error running MuMIn dredge function using glmer models
4:31PM 1 Same code - error in one PC but not in other
2:27PM 1 Checking datetime value
2:17PM 0 loop for backtesting
1:40PM 1 reading in stata file with read.dta works in R x64 3.0.1 and crashes R x64 3.0.2
1:38PM 2 all combinations with replacement not ordered
1:36PM 2 strange behaviour when subsetting a data.frame
1:07PM 1 Adding the complementary log-link to binomial() and make.link()
12:48PM 1 AER ivreg diagnostics: question on DF of Sargan test
12:46PM 0 ndl 0.2.13 released today.
12:46PM 0 [R-pkgs] ndl 0.2.13 released today.
11:15AM 1 problem with interaction in lmer even after creating an "interaction variable"
Wednesday November 6 2013
9:24PM 1 cannot load MagAct96-98 - Extracurricular affiliation data
9:18PM 0 MPICH2 Rmpi and doSNOW
9:06PM 0 multistate data w/out individual ID
8:58PM 0 Hanning window in r
8:46PM 1 Treatment effects on measurements through time: how to tell when (in time) treatment has a significant effect?
8:46PM 3 Nonnormal Residuals and GAMs
8:09PM 0 ggplot2 beginner question
7:59PM 0 Matrix Question, calculate with 3 different matrices
6:07PM 1 R help-classification accuracy of DFA and RF using caret
5:56PM 1 plot a single frequency of a ts object
5:20PM 2 deSolve, unresolved namespace error
5:09PM 0 MPICH2 Rmpi and doSNOW
5:09PM 3 Questions about R
4:40PM 3 Basic question: why does a scatter plot of a variable against itself works like this?
4:33PM 1 Remove from the mailing list
4:30PM 1 resdiuals of random model estimated by plm function
4:25PM 4 convert one digit numbers to two digits one
3:48PM 2 R 3.0.2 - How to create intervals and group another variable in those intervals?
1:11PM 1 Multiple String word replacements: Performance Issue
12:41PM 0 SNPRelate- problem performing PCA
12:34PM 1 CRAN mirror for R in India: new one at WBUT, how do we get listed in the CRAN website?
11:44AM 0 Problem with the collapse option in pgmm function in the plm package
11:29AM 1 hidden functions
11:00AM 1 Fraud and Anomaly detection packages in R...
10:08AM 0 help.start hangs
8:35AM 2 WriteBin problem
5:27AM 0 Rugarch issue. Any help would be great!
5:14AM 0 Goodness Of Fit for Nonparametric Copulas
12:35AM 1 Finding absolute viewport location in grid / lattice
12:02AM 1 grnn issue
Tuesday November 5 2013
11:36PM 2 Error message glmer using R: “ 'what' must be a character string or a function”
11:22PM 1 Help on error (Error: could not find function "kernelUD")
11:01PM 1 How can I use muliple cores of CPU in Windows or OS X?
8:59PM 0 Sampling question
5:40PM 2 multi
4:00PM 2 Convert date column with two different structures
3:21PM 0 writing blobs with RDBI
2:47PM 0 Sample size for clustering analysis?
2:42PM 1 Nadaraya-Watson kernel
2:41PM 2 Problem while reading Data from a data frame
2:36PM 0 Regression of the sum of distributions on an histogram with R
10:56AM 1 regession code
10:42AM 2 Function does not see variables outside the function
10:38AM 1 fail to install packages in R3.0.2 running in Redhat linux
9:18AM 1 Reading only one Column of an excel file using RODBC
Monday November 4 2013
11:29PM 0 Fwd: Re: How to obtain nonparametric baseline hazard estimates in the gamma frailty model?
10:57PM 1 speed issue: gsub on large data frame
9:05PM 0 Can I obtain baseline hazard estimates in the gamma frailty model by using coxph()?
8:04PM 0 R loop for applying an equation to each unique category
7:14PM 2 transform one probability distribution into another
6:29PM 2 Strange results using match and which function
5:52PM 2 alternative for shell() in Mac
4:49PM 0 Fwd: mediation analysis with R
3:45PM 3 variable standardization in manova() call
2:13PM 1 How to plot results of clmm()?
2:10PM 2 Save P values calculated with anova
1:47PM 3 Reading data from Excel file in r
11:10AM 1 Error message in SPACECAP package
9:54AM 2 All curves with same y-axis scale
8:55AM 1 A warning message generated from 'read.csv'
8:34AM 1 Newbie Question: Repeatable Tasks
8:22AM 0 [R-pkgs] rmongodb 1.1.3 back to CRAN
8:22AM 0 rmongodb 1.1.3 back to CRAN
7:55AM 1 Subject: Regress multiple independent variables on multiple dependent variables
7:50AM 1 Formatting time stamps for weibull distribution
Sunday November 3 2013
7:40PM 1 Rtools for writing packages
12:36PM 1 (no subject)
9:42AM 4 Hierarchical Cluster Analysis with large dataset
8:32AM 1 Comparison of two weibull distributions
2:54AM 1 Failed to install kernlab package
1:46AM 2 Control over character height, width, skew etc.?
Saturday November 2 2013
7:24PM 3 How to obtain nonparametric baseline hazard estimates in the gamma frailty model?
5:03PM 2 R Packages in Mac
11:32AM 0 how to compute correlation between times (with buffer before and after times)?
10:02AM 1 Path Analysis
8:55AM 3 ascii-grid export
2:43AM 1 Installing RCurl: 'configure' exists but is not executable
12:08AM 2 plot time series data in wide format
Friday November 1 2013
11:35PM 1 Package(s) for making waffle plot-like figures?
8:00PM 0 Impose constraint on first order derivative at a point for cubic smoothing spline
7:05PM 0 constucting a sub-network based on time period
6:16PM 1 Plot of coxph tt effects
6:11PM 1 extraction of roots in R
5:03PM 3 find max value in each row and return column number and column name
3:19PM 0 ggplot2 - value labels + "adjusting position using y instead"
2:49PM 1 spsurvey analysis
1:50PM 1 forecast.lm() and NEWDATA
1:32PM 2 Inserting 17M entries into env took 18h, inserting 34M entries taking 5+ days
12:08PM 2 aggregate function output
11:10AM 2 Load Tawny package on R 2.15.3
10:06AM 2 computation of hessian matrix
9:32AM 3 Combinations of values in two columns
8:09AM 2 Replace element with pattern
4:34AM 1 R with openblas and atlas