R help - Jun 2008

Monday June 30 2008
9:24PM 1 Coda not providing summary on mcmc object
9:10PM 0 How to run coxph() with time dependent cohort sampling
9:07PM 2 lm and NA
6:16PM 4 Problem reading a CSV
6:12PM 1 Lattice : Single reference line/label at 0.05
5:41PM 1 ctree (party) plot meaning question
5:41PM 1 Akaike or BIC criteria for feed-forward neural nets
4:27PM 1 Re ad Table
3:41PM 1 2.7.0 breaks read.table
3:37PM 1 Installation 2.7.1 [requires Perl >= 5.8.0]
1:58PM 1 Removing rows from a data frame
1:48PM 0 uppercase greek and plotmath
12:57PM 2 Using ODBC/RODBC with DBI
12:40PM 2 Plotting question: Problem with strwidth in 2.7.1
12:40PM 1 Mclust ???
11:43AM 4 Add comments on plot window
11:29AM 0 Sweave&tcltk graphics; save R-tcltk windows as *.jpeg
10:59AM 2 Which distribution best fits the data?
9:38AM 2 difference between MASS::polr() and Design::lrm()
9:34AM 1 playwith package does not work on Ubuntu?
9:14AM 3 newbie needs help plotting time series
9:11AM 6 Plotting three time series on the same graph
7:37AM 0 Small xlsReadWritePro update
7:02AM 3 Is there a good package for multiple imputation of missing values in R?
4:03AM 0 Fwd: cannot install the package RMySQL
Sunday June 29 2008
10:59PM 1 function to export data
5:53PM 2 Survival Analysis with two different events
1:45PM 1 Arial font in R
12:24PM 2 How to get an argument dynamically from a list?
7:17AM 1 Calculating quarterly statistics for time series object
6:13AM 2 Accessing methods and extending S4 classes of existing packages
4:59AM 3 Interactive plot
12:50AM 1 creating a dataframe using a list of the variable names
Saturday June 28 2008
8:22PM 0 ggplot2 axis scales
7:11PM 2 Parallel R
5:48PM 1 Converting the results of granger.test into a matrix
12:48PM 0 ungrouped data for multinomial regression
12:18PM 0 one cluster question
11:44AM 2 String concatenation
11:38AM 1 mapping one redundant index to another redundant index
10:51AM 1 lme4 package
8:54AM 1 How to estimate the parameters in a bivariate weibull distribution?
8:33AM 0 How to get the 5th percentile( with a 95% CI )of the Kaplan-meier estimator?
Friday June 27 2008
11:42PM 2 converting numbers to characters
11:19PM 2 median of grouped data
10:37PM 1 use of quotation marks
8:54PM 3 For loop
8:52PM 3 cumulative sum of within levels of a dataframe
8:38PM 1 adtest for weibull distribution
6:41PM 4 Recoding
5:44PM 1 include S4 class and methods in a package
4:00PM 1 Error reading a table
3:57PM 0 SAM FDR
3:48PM 2 getting multiple argument names
3:35PM 1 plotting prcomp
2:36PM 2 NA value
2:06PM 0 permutation distribution for Friedman test
1:48PM 0 Optimisation of xyplot style
12:30PM 1 Similarity matching with probabilities
12:29PM 1 binomial distribution
11:08AM 1 Yule Kendall resistant measure of skewness
10:45AM 1 xyplot and separate abline per plot
10:23AM 3 matching problem
10:16AM 1 Sweave: controlling pointsize (pdf)
9:47AM 1 assigning colors to barplot
9:17AM 2 change values in data frames
8:34AM 1 removing blanks from a string
7:57AM 1 (no subject)
7:36AM 0 finding suitable distribution with default parameter
7:25AM 1 finding the suitable distribution
7:19AM 1 request: To access a particular list
7:05AM 1 Alternative of Cairo
6:25AM 1 Superimposing Multiple Vectors Plots in One Figure
5:07AM 1 question on affylmGUI / oneChannelGUI
3:52AM 1 Problem in applying if statment
1:17AM 0 glm problem
12:43AM 1 Problems exporting graphs
Thursday June 26 2008
10:48PM 1 Survey questions
10:13PM 1 Question about Constraint Optimization
10:00PM 1 Compilation error during package installation
9:44PM 0 multiple xYplots
9:36PM 1 Date Time Sequence
9:07PM 1 stationary "terminology" time series question
8:44PM 1 RODBC, sqlFetch error when accessing Excel
8:43PM 0 Relative mortality function
7:49PM 2 Read sas7bdat
7:18PM 2 stuck on making a line graph across time, with 4 categories
6:36PM 2 a question regarding package building
6:18PM 2 Data matrix of all possible response patterns
6:00PM 3 using contour() with x,y,z data?
5:55PM 1 Layout() coordinates and drawing lines / segments
4:54PM 2 Problems loading an S-Plus object
4:38PM 1 lmer model with continuos non normal response variable, transformation needed?
4:23PM 2 create new column with colnames resulting from paste()
4:11PM 2 constructing arbitrary (positive definite) covariance matrix
4:02PM 1 xyplot: tick marks inside panel
3:18PM 2 density and jpeg
2:35PM 0 Unsqueezing Stacked Figures
2:26PM 3 Connecting lines across missing data points, xyplot
2:19PM 4 help
1:47PM 1 Confidence intervals for non-lm curve
12:55PM 1 Gettting barchart titles as numbers not characters
12:48PM 0 geoR : Passing arguments to "optim" when using "likfit"]
11:57AM 3 bug in nls?
11:33AM 0 plot multiple xYplots
11:03AM 0 geoR : Passing arguments to "optim" when using "likfit"
9:28AM 1 write.table a df with specific column order
8:23AM 1 Double for loop
8:17AM 1 Point size problem
1:57AM 1 How to turn Time Series daily values into weekly means (aggregate?)
Wednesday June 25 2008
9:31PM 0 Use plotmath expressions read from a text file in mtext/bquote
9:31PM 0 Reminder about R 'chat room'...
7:56PM 0 strange imaging issues
7:32PM 2 R alternative to SAS PROC REPORT
7:04PM 1 dgamma in WinBUGS and JAGS (rjags)
7:01PM 0 R/S-Plus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques course in *** New YorkCity *** July 28-29 by XLSolutions Corp
5:53PM 0 Goodness-of-fit for zero-truncated poisson distribution
5:42PM 0 rearrange data
5:36PM 0 subscripted assignments errormessage in gap.boxpot
5:29PM 1 data frame manipulation - splitting monitoring interval and assigning stage
5:06PM 1 expression, strsplit, ...
4:21PM 1 LDA on pre-assigned training and testing data sets
4:19PM 3 selecting values that are unique, instead of selecting unique values
4:01PM 2 unstructured correlation matrix in lme
3:38PM 1 confidence bounds using contour plot
3:20PM 0 tiff()-bug (was re:Preparing high quality figures
3:04PM 0 tiff()-bug (was re:Preparing high quality figures with, tiff as end result)
3:00PM 2 Is this sapply behaviour normal?
2:59PM 0 Equivalence test...
2:57PM 0 pvclust:a general and a specific question
2:50PM 0 Memory allocation failed: Copying Node
2:49PM 3 gap.boxplot error message?
1:44PM 1 stringdot
1:42PM 2 T and P Statistics
1:09PM 0 Package bigmemory now available on CRAN
12:53PM 1 Extract naiveBayes details
12:44PM 0 Problems with Cairo-installation
12:25PM 2 I want to install a package on Max OS X from a local file
11:56AM 1 help_transformation
10:32AM 1 weighted inverse chi-square method for combining p-values
10:17AM 0 Working with R in a Excel VBA
10:13AM 1 xyplot questions - axis and plotting two things in same panel
9:24AM 1 avoid using Dingbats symbols for points()
8:24AM 1 a loop....
7:58AM 2 tiff()-bug (was re:Preparing high quality figures with tiff as end result)
4:23AM 1 Incompatible methods ("+.Date", "Ops.difftime") for "+"
2:19AM 2 Average of Two Matrices
1:57AM 2 help with cube3d cube size
Tuesday June 24 2008
11:30PM 2 logistic regression
10:45PM 1 how to make auto.key to produce a legend that uses line pattern (rather than data point) as labels?
10:41PM 4 Find max of a row in data frame (like Excel)
10:00PM 1 Dynamically switching lattice device characteristics in Sweave under Makefile control
9:58PM 0 GWA plot
9:21PM 2 spineplot (graphics package): how to control font size?
8:51PM 3 heatmap and continuous variable
7:51PM 1 R help on for loop
7:50PM 1 Equivalent of Mathematica's Apply
7:12PM 1 Error message: Bad value
6:14PM 2 How to solve empty cells in the contingency table?
6:01PM 4 running R-code outside of R
5:59PM 1 Error Handling
5:37PM 0 spectral filtering
3:52PM 1 Fitdistr of a 3 parameter Gamma distribution
3:39PM 0 ylab position in levelplot
3:39PM 2 persp plot
3:23PM 2 reset row numbers when extracting a subset of a table
3:06PM 1 Bar charts with error bars
2:41PM 5 Measuring Goodness of a Matrix
2:39PM 2 changing scale range after an axis break
2:13PM 0 bug? nls and "[" indexing
11:55AM 0 sparse matrix and block of R
11:21AM 1 Using Huge Pages for R
11:02AM 2 insert new columns to a matrix
10:33AM 1 Suppressing output (e.g. from cat)
10:07AM 2 subscripting in data frames with NA
10:00AM 2 L-BFGS-B needs finite values of 'fn'
9:33AM 3 loop with files
9:27AM 1 glibc detected error
8:32AM 2 two y-axis using ggplot
8:09AM 0 Summary information
3:40AM 1 transform a table into a matrix
3:35AM 1 after setting auto.key=TRUE, legend become inconsistent with the graph
2:31AM 1 Binding result of a function to a data frame
2:13AM 1 Hessian in box-constraint problem - concern OPTIM function
1:52AM 9 R help
1:35AM 1 How to get row index of sorted matrix
1:12AM 1 Accessing Named Column in a Matrix
Monday June 23 2008
9:32PM 1 levelplot question
7:40PM 5 Need ideas on how to show spikes in my data and how to code it in R
7:31PM 2 Correlation Help
4:42PM 1 Short courses for beginners?
4:32PM 3 subset with multiple criteria
4:21PM 0 Possible cause of the error: unknown c standard 'gnu99'
4:12PM 2 LR Decomposition?
4:09PM 2 Extracting "row.names"
3:58PM 1 Problem when building a test R package on PC
1:16PM 3 expand.grid() function
1:10PM 2 grouping values
12:32PM 1 Need help to draw a plot
11:43AM 0 R
11:27AM 0 Documentation about htest?
10:46AM 2 Writing Vector to a File
10:07AM 0 R 2.7.1 re-released
9:35AM 2 Handle missing values
8:56AM 0 AdMit 1.00-02
8:47AM 2 Create a new vector with filled with mean value of original vector
8:23AM 1 How to return multiple values in a function
8:13AM 2 I need help with eofs
8:13AM 0 scuba 1.2-1
8:01AM 0 R 2.7.1 is released
7:28AM 1 How to access data structure (List of List)
6:13AM 2 Pairwise Partitioning of a Vector
3:03AM 2 Columnwise Alternate Subsetting of a Data Frame
2:57AM 3 One-to-one matching?
2:16AM 3 Getting only label column of a data frame
1:30AM 1 problem in R for Linear mixed model~
1:23AM 3 Simulating Gaussian Mixture Models
12:09AM 1 ggplot2-barplot
Sunday June 22 2008
10:26PM 1 two newbie questions
7:29PM 1 readLines problem in iteration
7:21PM 0 Redefining the for loop
10:43AM 1 No HTML package list update in 2.7.0?
10:39AM 1 I can't see plots
6:30AM 3 R vs. Bugs
6:08AM 1 boxplot colors
2:19AM 1 eliminating string from a char vector
1:15AM 5 Re move row.names column in dataframe
Saturday June 21 2008
11:58PM 1 passing arguments to a function problem
6:48PM 1 question on rgl.surface
5:40PM 1 Coloring Stripchart Points, or Better, Lattice Equivalent
4:40PM 2 Generating groupings of ordered observations
2:06PM 1 converting an R function into VBA
10:50AM 2 ubuntu repository for R
8:36AM 2 using the stepfun to plot histogram outline.
6:46AM 2 boxplot problem
6:00AM 2 a high-level command for drawing a multiple series graph with each series having a label
5:54AM 1 stepAIC {MASS}
3:25AM 2 clicking on plot and recording XY coords
1:04AM 2 Adding columns of Aggregates to existing dataframe
12:28AM 2 Scatter plot transparency
Friday June 20 2008
11:41PM 1 unable to update the matrix values within a function
11:36PM 1 Convert character string to number
10:47PM 1 omnibus LR in multinomial model
10:14PM 5 handling the output of strsplit
9:52PM 1 Question about copula-GARCH model
8:25PM 1 World Ocean Database files
8:00PM 0 Question about nlmer
6:55PM 1 Unexpected Behavior (potentially) in t.test
5:27PM 2 cutting out numbers from vectors
4:55PM 3 Combine colors and shading lines
4:33PM 2 The Green Book and its relevance to R
3:20PM 1 fligner.test
1:15PM 0 Multiple assign()
12:46PM 2 3D histogram
10:06AM 2 Problem with "date"-x-axis in lattice
9:50AM 2 Using metric units in plots
9:41AM 2 Problems with basic loop
9:09AM 1 How/When to use :: and :::?
8:39AM 5 Plotting barplot and scatterplot on same device - x-axis problem
8:35AM 1 Some help with dates.
8:09AM 3 plot function
5:59AM 0 probit analysis with natural response
5:37AM 1 Howto reduce number of ticks in X, Y axis while still containing all the data
3:27AM 1 Howto access V-base only column in a data frame
2:35AM 5 Programming Concepts and Philosophy
1:04AM 0 kernel discriminant analysis with binary data
1:04AM 0 Recommending number of clusters
Thursday June 19 2008
11:25PM 1 .Rd file exists in 'man' directory, but R CMD CHECK results in warning
10:56PM 3 colnames of a column
9:33PM 1 print one character on several lines
9:16PM 2 Draw curve for histogram
9:06PM 2 Advanced Filtering problem
9:01PM 1 error related to approxfun in R 2.7.0
8:55PM 2 how to write symbol (nabla) in R graph
8:07PM 3 YAPMQ - Yet Another PlotMath Question
8:05PM 1 Installation Error with Bioconductor on R
7:48PM 0 Regresions based on Empirical transformations and varying distributions
7:11PM 4 How can I execute a .R/script file
6:17PM 2 Pattern Matching Replacement
5:54PM 1 PrettyR (describe)
5:11PM 1 create .exe file with R?
4:51PM 1 contour plot - line passing through z values
3:01PM 3 how to extract object from stats test output (cor.test)?
2:59PM 2 Create Matrix from Loop of Vectors, Sort It and Pick Top-K
2:48PM 1 How can I shade the background area of a zoo time series object between specific dates?
2:39PM 1 add counter to file name + dir.create
1:50PM 5 R web site-Useability & finding varous bits of documentation
12:48PM 1 Optim() violates constraints
11:48AM 0 Fine and Gray and Proportional Hazards
11:15AM 0 playwith 0.8-55
9:16AM 1 Setting the xlab for 'the other' (upper) X axis?
9:03AM 2 Comparison between R and MATLAB
8:55AM 1 replacing segments of vector by their averages
8:54AM 1 ANOVA error
8:29AM 4 Problems with lm()
7:19AM 2 Calling R functions into C# or C++
6:47AM 1 Appending diagnostic information to all lines sent to stdout and stderr
5:26AM 2 S4 pass-by-value work-around?
5:24AM 1 (no subject)
5:18AM 4 Any simple way to subset a vector of strings that do contain a particular substring ?
3:49AM 1 try to find the MLE of a function
3:30AM 1 printfing, pasting,writing variables
2:09AM 4 Controlling the length of line with abline(lm())
Wednesday June 18 2008
11:22PM 3 multiple multiplication in R
10:06PM 1 Complex Time Series
9:17PM 1 Error in bugs.run -- R2WinBUGS
8:56PM 2 highest eigenvalues of a matrix
8:08PM 1 Pointwise Confidence Bounds on Logistic Regression
6:11PM 4 help with manipulating data frames (survey analysis)
6:07PM 1 FRB/US
4:59PM 1 Help with axis labels
4:44PM 1 Maximum Likelihood Estimation
4:28PM 1 Custom strips in lattice
4:05PM 0 unscribe
3:45PM 1 Installing R on solaris
3:41PM 0 Small Bug in constrOptim documentation
3:37PM 0 Transform data to uniform variates
2:55PM 4 Editor for Mac OSX
2:38PM 3 R perfomance question !!!
2:36PM 1 operations on all pairs of columns from two matrices
2:20PM 1 Histogram inset into another histogram
2:20PM 1 How to create strata out of the data.frame table
1:53PM 1 attention plot
1:36PM 1 Extract only certain rows from a table
1:35PM 1 Question
1:23PM 0 Scoring Leads / Regression
1:10PM 2 ifelse and "&&" vs "&"
1:00PM 0 example from arfimaOxFit
11:18AM 0 Nonlinear multivariate regression
11:06AM 0 Low-discrepancy sequences
10:17AM 4 inverse cumsum
9:55AM 2 randomForest outlier
9:49AM 1 reformatting R scripts for htmlize()
9:46AM 3 Cluster on both categorical and numerical data
8:36AM 5 paste data
8:21AM 3 Number of digits in paste funciton
6:55AM 1 Howto Compute Pairwise Similarity/Correlation Matrix from a Data Frame
6:14AM 1 matrix
6:04AM 5 Problem in Binning of a data set
4:22AM 2 keeping original order in factor()
2:01AM 1 subarray
12:05AM 1 printing in binary
Tuesday June 17 2008
11:16PM 1 error in casting matrix
10:40PM 3 combining two data frames (different question)
10:33PM 1 combining two data frames
10:23PM 1 array elements incorrect
9:57PM 2 Deming Regression
9:55PM 2 color2D.matplot axis names
9:29PM 1 Simultaneous Confidence/Prediction Bands
9:15PM 2 try catch block
8:50PM 2 Row and Col length of a matrix?
8:32PM 0 echo Rprofile.site on startup
8:10PM 1 Build a R into a single static library on windows?
8:05PM 1 Error
7:40PM 0 some R code of linear mixed model
7:08PM 3 Sweave: problem with usepackage{C:/PROGRA~1/R/R-27~1.0/share/texmf/Sweave}
7:03PM 1 read.spss {foreign} doesn't work over network?
6:15PM 5 How to control height of abline
5:33PM 1 A new task view on survival analysis
5:29PM 1 OpenGL and Linux
5:01PM 1 Scan document including "\n"
4:45PM 0 useR! 2008: program online
4:42PM 1 The assign function in R
4:41PM 0 RWeka handlers
4:14PM 0 stop unwanted boxes/dialogs in tcl/tk
4:04PM 1 Z test and proportions
3:50PM 2 constrOptim with method = "L-BFGS-B"
3:50PM 0 Help fCalendar holidayNYSE for Regressors
3:46PM 1 Decision Trees RWeka
3:26PM 0 Fitting Multiple Univariate Distributions to Data
3:12PM 1 Problems with Cochrane-Orcutt procedures
3:06PM 0 Rpart description of tree groups
2:56PM 2 R error using Survr function with gcmrec
2:47PM 3 Capturing coxph warnings and errors
2:40PM 1 re sultant column names from reshape::cast, with a fun.aggregate vector
2:28PM 2 Using the shape () function
1:52PM 1 interp() function output not continue
1:37PM 0 Defining a function in R namespace
1:13PM 1 Trouble with FUN(newX[, i], ...)
1:09PM 0 (no subject)
1:02PM 1 Replacing values in a zoo object
12:53PM 1 invalid arguments RUNIF
12:50PM 0 fitdistr errors
12:13PM 0 longitudinal data analysis
11:32AM 2 Calling functions
11:25AM 0 lpSolve replacement to solve transportation problem
10:59AM 2 Reshape or Stack? (To produce output as columns)
10:54AM 1 ggplot facet spacing, wrapping
10:24AM 0 alternative to multiple t-test to find steady-state
10:09AM 1 Plot point patterns
10:03AM 1 replace column headers
9:56AM 2 Measuring dispersion
9:08AM 1 Reading csv-data from variables
9:04AM 4 PCA analysis
8:52AM 0 setvalue of a combobox
5:14AM 0 some r code for linear mixed model
4:46AM 0 Fitting a System of Difference Equations
3:12AM 2 How to output glm summary to csv file
3:09AM 6 Insert raster image into an R graphic
2:16AM 2 Accessing Max/Min Value of Density Function
1:31AM 0 Quickly reading data into the Matrix packages sparse formats
1:05AM 0 Resizing Stacked Figures
12:23AM 1 Reading OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet into R
Monday June 16 2008
11:49PM 0 Inserting a jpeg into an existing widget
10:46PM 1 heatmap.2 dendogram algorithm
9:48PM 0 Constrained Optimized Binning Procedure....implementation help/idea needed.
9:40PM 2 Lattice: Superpose bwplot and dotplot [newbie question]
9:18PM 0 Error bars within xyplot, panel = function(x,y, ....)
8:36PM 1 x labels out of Quartz canvas
8:25PM 1 surface plotting
8:22PM 2 Annoyance in as.numeric
8:15PM 0 weights in lmer
7:45PM 0 error in runif
7:21PM 0 cch() and coxph() for case-cohort
7:15PM 2 barplot with color coding according to value
6:52PM 2 in axis() suppressing axis line but keeping tick marks
6:51PM 1 Dual axis labeling of a single quantity
6:35PM 1 minimizing title's police
6:03PM 1 回复: cch() and coxph() for case-cohort
5:46PM 0 Creating correlated multivariate dataset
5:39PM 1 left-aligned title?
5:32PM 2 Plotting 3d data?
4:46PM 1 prediction intervals for random effects in nlme
4:38PM 0 re-arranging unsorted data for surface/contour plot
4:26PM 0 optim() and starting values.
4:13PM 1 Lattice: Superpose bwplot on dotplot [Newbie Question]
3:37PM 0 pvclust distance matrix
3:30PM 1 aggregate() function, strange behavior for augmented data
2:41PM 1 Error in maximum likelihood estimation.
2:27PM 1 Linear Regression ?
1:37PM 3 Generating Reports from R.
1:30PM 0 why does these warning mean?
12:52PM 1 sizing non-vector point shapes in ggplot2
12:38PM 1 contrasts using adonis function
10:45AM 2 R on an ASUS eee PC, continued - installing packages
9:46AM 0 NLME: Prediction intervals for random effects
7:55AM 1 ggplot2: How to remove legend component for geom_errorbar() ?
6:54AM 1 error in dat
6:25AM 4 Superimposing Line over Histogram in Density Plot
6:00AM 0 Display a jpeg inside a widget which already has text
5:48AM 2 simulating Gaussian Mixture Method
4:23AM 0 package tm, error with VectorSource
1:53AM 2 Creating a Hash from Data.Frame
1:11AM 1 Separator with " | " for read.table
12:45AM 1 Specifying fonts in R
12:22AM 1 candisc() error message
Sunday June 15 2008
11:16PM 2 R vs SAS and HLM on multilevel analysis- basic question
10:39PM 1 R as chart engine in web-service
10:13PM 1 randomForest, 'No forest component...' error while calling Predict()
6:18PM 2 How to take the average of multiple rows
6:12PM 1 multilevel basic lme question
5:46PM 2 How to make this binary hit matrix
5:19PM 1 Working with LiDAR .las files
4:50PM 1 recursive beta with cutoffs on large data set
4:10PM 1 Help finding the mode and maximum for a specified 'window' of time series data
1:15PM 1 changing the police of my graph's title
1:02PM 3 Delete Block of Rows
9:26AM 2 round(1.5) = round(2.5) = 2?
Saturday June 14 2008
11:27PM 1 how to select out some columns using cbind()
8:44PM 1 qt with ncp>37.62
5:14PM 3 cbind'ing multivariate ts objects
3:44PM 1 modifying INSTALL to make html but not build package
12:49PM 1 restricted coefficient and factor in linear regression.
11:49AM 1 How to see data for a package built under Windows
9:51AM 1 plotting regression line
8:57AM 1 Book on R graphics
8:54AM 1 SLLN for loggamma fails for 2 order moments
5:35AM 2 strsplit, keeping delimiters
4:10AM 1 Subset by Factor by date
3:38AM 1 "False convergence" in LME
12:27AM 1 Correcting the display of colnames and rownames
12:18AM 1 rbind() problem
Friday June 13 2008
11:19PM 0 Help with stat.table in Epi package,
11:14PM 2 Importing data with different delimters
11:06PM 1 overlaid transparent histograms
10:55PM 1 stretching text vertically
7:43PM 2 Quartile regression question
6:43PM 1 Weights and coxph
6:02PM 1 nls() vs lm() estimates
5:23PM 0 restricted coefficient and factor for linear regression.
5:02PM 3 cluster.stats
4:50PM 1 Level Plot and Scale of Colorkey
3:46PM 1 help with colsplit (reshape)
3:32PM 1 CRAN package XML (omegahat)
3:23PM 3 Rest of a division
3:21PM 0 Wanted: your examples of logged axes with custom tick marks
2:51PM 1 package under unix
2:07PM 2 subsetting data-frame by vector of characters
2:04PM 1 Access violation when calling Front41
1:17PM 2 Maximum likelihood estimation in R with censored Data
12:59PM 1 C# and R
12:08PM 1 R and Browninan Motion/ Langevin Equation package
11:14AM 1 Switching the order of legend boxes in a lattice bar graph
10:14AM 0 uncertainty bounds for a weighted moving average
9:54AM 1 Writing a new link for a GLM.
9:31AM 1 Output of silhouette (cluster package)
8:40AM 1 adding custom axis to image.plot() and strange clipping behavior
8:22AM 4 Sweave: looping over mixed R/LaTeX code
8:02AM 1 parsing - input buffer overflow
7:14AM 1 Looping, Control Flow & Conditional Statements
4:23AM 1 x86 SSE* Pointer Favors
1:42AM 1 Regex for Special Characters under Grep
Thursday June 12 2008
10:52PM 2 Getting Batch mode to continue running a script after running into errors
8:46PM 2 numbers as part of long character
8:42PM 3 Problem with rowMeans()
8:35PM 1 Problems with mars in R in the case of nonlinear functions
8:31PM 1 Rprintf and "C stack usage is too close to the limit"
8:01PM 0 using MCLUST package to estimate a poisson-gaussian process
7:27PM 1 Subset in cast: compact form?
7:25PM 2 alternative to matching/merge?
5:52PM 1 adding horizontal lines to a trellis plot
4:34PM 1 save workspace while running R on a cluster
3:58PM 3 Problem with Freq function {prettyR}
3:41PM 2 shell command
3:38PM 4 overall title
3:29PM 4 How to increase the for() loop speed?
3:27PM 0 case-cohort
3:24PM 1 Generate Random Samples
2:48PM 4 problem with function "rep"
2:30PM 0 R/S course in *** New York City *** July 28-29 by XLSolutions Corp
2:10PM 1 About Mcneil Hanley test for a portion of AUC!
1:55PM 3 p-value
1:32PM 1 controlling location of labels in axis()
1:25PM 1 cch function and time dependent covariates
12:42PM 2 Predicting from an nls model
12:07PM 0 read and write stdout() to tktext window
11:12AM 2 as.numeric(".") returns 0
9:53AM 0 timereg and relative risks
9:11AM 1 XML parameters to Column Headers for importing into a dataset
8:46AM 1 How to extract rows from matrices consistently?
7:31AM 1 ADaCGH package crashes at mpiInit()
6:32AM 1 The log function problem
6:24AM 7 How to change the class of data?
4:45AM 0 Panel-specific colours in barchart, lattice package --- thanks.
3:46AM 1 Panel-specific colours in barchart, lattice package.
3:28AM 1 Data.matrix fail to convert data.frame into matrix
1:26AM 3 Adding new columns to (output) data - e.g., read 5 cols write 8
Wednesday June 11 2008
11:16PM 1 mgcv::gam error message for predict.gam
10:22PM 2 problem with as.Date
9:36PM 0 I wonder if cch function in Survival package can calculate time dependent covariate
9:12PM 0 ETH Internship - Dynamic Portfolio Asset Allocation
8:29PM 2 Close Window Button Problems
7:19PM 1 Search entire table for a value
6:22PM 2 MLE Estimation of Gamma Distribution Parameters for data with 'zeros'
5:44PM 1 Barplot help
5:38PM 0 Help!!! Agnes dendogram (Clustering)
5:29PM 1 Parsing a data file - Help
5:05PM 1 specifying ranges in scatter plot
5:04PM 1 how to save an updated dataset
4:17PM 2 Increase Number of Decimals
3:51PM 7 applying a function recursively
3:09PM 1 Some problem with the OLS
2:35PM 0 Goodness of fit tests for copula
2:12PM 1 Problem with densityplot from the lattice package
12:52PM 1 Word wrapping for character objects (WINDOWS R ONLY)
11:58AM 3 searching for specific row in matrix
10:34AM 3 Finding Coordinate of Max/Min Value in a Data Frame
8:10AM 4 Matrix transformation problem
6:54AM 0 Polynomial Goal Programming
6:41AM 1 computing and showing mean
5:40AM 1 Problem when combining dotplot() and textplot() using grid
5:07AM 1 MCA in R
4:26AM 1 difference between nlm and nlminb
2:50AM 2 model simplification using Crawley as a guide
2:47AM 0 ARMA random effects?
2:09AM 0 Cluster analysis using numeric and factor variables [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
1:49AM 1 Cluster analysis using numeric and factor variables
Tuesday June 10 2008
10:56PM 3 newbie nls question
10:20PM 1 Sweave, ggplot2 and two-page figures
9:14PM 1 plotMeans() is there a ylim argument? Please Help.
8:59PM 1 Frame from long to wide format
8:32PM 1 Really simple question
6:50PM 0 Bayesian Analysis using the BUGS Language
6:50PM 1 Bayesina Analysis using the BUGS Language
6:28PM 2 convert characters into integers in a matrix
5:23PM 0 Two-sided Tobit with random intercepts
5:09PM 2 par(mfrow=c(4,2)) vs. lattice
4:13PM 3 Plotting multiple continuous lines with symbols
4:07PM 5 the title is too long for a graph
3:37PM 2 Fast method to compute average values of duplicated IDs
3:22PM 0 GAM and poly.transform Issue
3:20PM 1 samr result
3:01PM 1 Question on lda and predict
2:58PM 0 SPSS, length variable names
2:52PM 1 Parse XML
2:43PM 2 A curious bug in read.xls
2:36PM 1 documentation of wts object returned by nnet() function
2:25PM 3 fitting periodic 'sine wave' model
1:39PM 0 Associative Rules Search
1:25PM 0 rollingRegression() Problem / Error in nrow(x)
1:23PM 1 Histogram of gaps
1:18PM 1 Problem with by(... , median)
1:05PM 2 How to join data.frames and vectors of different length, in an inteligent way?
12:49PM 4 Hello
11:33AM 0 TR : Probs with paste
10:51AM 0 Random effects dimension in nlme and P-values
8:49AM 2 Slow function
7:28AM 1 Concat Multiple Plots into one PNG figure
7:08AM 0 Trouble installing/checking new package
12:38AM 2 substitute() reading data instead of name
Monday June 9 2008
11:25PM 1 Bug/Error in formatC? (Was: Why doesn't formatC( x, digits=2, format= "g")...)
11:10PM 1 help on data selection
11:02PM 2 readLines fails to read entire file
10:44PM 2 R and Fortran
10:28PM 2 Comparing two groups of proportions
9:14PM 0 missing data
9:08PM 1 help with function filter
9:02PM 2 Plot timer in a for loop
8:36PM 3 piper diagram
7:43PM 2 Crosscorr.plot
7:43PM 1 Cross-validation in R
7:33PM 0 Boxplot custom axis
7:33PM 1 nonlinear fitting on many voxels
6:52PM 2 using spec.pgram
5:55PM 1 Basic Question on Keys/Values
4:45PM 2 converting a data set to a format for time series analysis
4:18PM 3 xyplot.zoo question about strip.left and layout
4:02PM 0 ayuda con la funcion filter
3:18PM 1 Missing Data and applying
3:17PM 1 Problems with strptime
2:51PM 0 Two y-axes boxplot
2:44PM 2 Probs with paste
2:27PM 1 Systemfit (was RE: How to force two regression coefficients to be equal but opposite in sign?)
1:34PM 0 Fwd: mgcv 1.4 on CRAN
1:14PM 1 Student Distribution and Funtion qt
12:47PM 0 package mgcv - actual bases
11:26AM 3 Overlaying the matrices
9:12AM 1 package mgcv
9:07AM 0 Help with biplot function
8:57AM 1 Plot Coloured Triangle
6:02AM 1 histogram tick labels
3:10AM 1 Default Argument Passing in Script
1:36AM 0 Multivariate adaptive regression spline (MARS)
12:06AM 0 R and C/C++ for loop
Sunday June 8 2008
7:15PM 2 optim, constrOptim: setting some parameters equal to each other
6:19PM 1 Installation of R bindings on Windows
4:45PM 1 label points on a graph
12:22PM 0 AUC steady state calculations
12:13PM 1 exponential distribution
11:07AM 2 Adding a Rotated Density Plot to an Existing Plot
10:01AM 2 multinormality
9:34AM 0 SARIMA Model Problem
5:48AM 1 eliminating and relabeling the first column
4:09AM 3 how to important a date file into R
12:38AM 1 ggplot2 book?
Saturday June 7 2008
8:38PM 1 Multivariate LM: calculating F-values after calling linear.hypothesis
5:39PM 1 strange (to me) p-value distribution
5:27PM 1 WinBUGS GUI when using R2WinBUGS
4:27PM 1 variance components models with zero estimates
2:41PM 1 Usefulness of "scale" function
2:16PM 3 favorite useful tools?
12:22PM 0 Random Forest (fwd)
12:13PM 2 Using lm with a matrix?
6:25AM 1 expected risk from coxph (survival)
5:39AM 2 Predicting a single observatio using LME
4:56AM 1 error message with dat
3:58AM 1 compilation failed on MacOSX.5 / icc 10.1 / ifort 10.1 / R 2.7.0
12:12AM 1 Problem of installing Matrix
Friday June 6 2008
11:14PM 1 functions for high dimensional integral
10:19PM 0 FW: R + Linux
9:30PM 3 txt file, 14000+ rows, only last 8000 appear
8:37PM 4 color scale mapped to B/W
7:32PM 1 calling a C function with a struct
7:25PM 1 editing a data.frame
7:06PM 3 col.names ?
7:01PM 2 Plot matrix as many lines
6:13PM 6 R + Linux
5:40PM 0 Random Forest and for multivariate response data
5:38PM 2 Random Forest
5:12PM 1 Problem with subset
5:02PM 1 reorder breaking by half
4:32PM 0 fit.contrast error
4:06PM 1 How to force two regression coefficients to be equal but opposite in sign?
3:56PM 2 where to download BRugs?
3:43PM 3 mean
3:36PM 2 store filename
3:35PM 0 R (D)COM Server not working on windows domain account
3:05PM 1 lsmeans
3:04PM 0 fit.variogram sgeostat error
2:39PM 0 Startup speed for a lengthy script
1:35PM 6 Subsetting to unique values
1:14PM 5 request: a class having max frequency
12:43PM 1 simple data question
12:37PM 1 boxplot changes fontsize of labels
11:30AM 2 Merging two dataframes
10:12AM 1 Agreggating data using external aggregation rules
9:08AM 0 bartlett-test
8:50AM 3 Lattice: key does not accept German umlaute
8:44AM 1 which question
8:24AM 0 modifying tbrm function
7:47AM 1 Multiple comment.char under read.table
6:27AM 0 fractional ranks
6:22AM 1 How can I display a characters table ?
5:49AM 1 Getting R and x11 to work
3:57AM 2 write.table() error
3:46AM 3 R loop
1:36AM 3 Problem in executing R on server
12:48AM 2 Why doesn't formatC( x, digits=2, format="g") doesn't always give 2 sig figs?
12:23AM 3 Existence of formal arguments.
Thursday June 5 2008
11:58PM 1 problems with reading the data and merge
11:54PM 0 error message from Tps function
10:25PM 1 choosing an appropriate linear model
9:33PM 1 (baseline) logistic regression + gof functions?
8:22PM 1 Matrix of data frames
8:01PM 0 Which lib/func should I use to get S-estimates of multivariate scatter?
7:56PM 2 how to get the distribution curve from a data set?
7:46PM 0 two questions about regression models and clustering routines
7:16PM 1 negative indexing with null index sets
6:09PM 7 Improving data processing efficiency
5:19PM 1 Graphing help revisited
5:18PM 1 Degree Symbol
5:04PM 0 smacof package for multidimensional scaling
4:28PM 1 Need to run R on Fedora 9.
3:41PM 2 Securities earning covariance
3:06PM 0 Graphing help
2:52PM 5 Java to R interface
2:50PM 2 Creating a list of functions
2:21PM 2 Fourier Transform
2:21PM 0 spherical plots?
1:50PM 2 Y values below the X plot
1:41PM 1 Limit distribution of continuous-time Markov process
1:39PM 4 Delete NA from a dist object
1:14PM 1 Space character introduced bu paste
1:11PM 1 GAM hurdle models
1:08PM 2 power of a multiway ANOVA
11:33AM 1 R and Websites
11:32AM 1 Hyper-elegant code to get a text file, transpose it, and write it
10:38AM 5 vector comparison
8:54AM 2 bartlett.test()
8:46AM 3 How to combine to PCAs
8:10AM 1 R packaging
5:46AM 1 Smooth Spline
1:17AM 1 sorting the data~
12:26AM 1 using barchart in lattice package and conditioning
12:20AM 1 nls() newbie convergence problem
12:19AM 1 quite complicated case(the repeated data arranage~)
12:18AM 1 warning message for lmer model with poisson family
Wednesday June 4 2008
11:51PM 0 Survey: Commercial R companies
11:24PM 4 merging 3 data sets at once
11:15PM 0 nls() newbie convergence question
11:10PM 0 ARS function
10:52PM 3 create many variables at one time~
10:18PM 0 do multiple anova tests
10:06PM 0 using as.POSIXlt on multiple columns or multiple objects
9:20PM 1 linear model with the repeated data type~
8:31PM 2 Superscript/Subscript in main title
8:19PM 2 array of arrays
7:49PM 2 Reading selected lines in an .html file
7:48PM 1 problem pasting into Illustrator CS2
7:20PM 2 converting a table to a dataframe or a matrix
7:03PM 1 ggplot questions
6:42PM 1 dotchart
5:40PM 1 possible bug in flexclust
5:38PM 2 estimate phase shift between two signals
5:10PM 2 Lattice + Word: Changing .wmf files to .pdf files
4:06PM 0 mathematical expression of probability function?
3:50PM 2 Creating a "simple" Radar/Spider Plot from Statgraphics
2:53PM 4 sum of unknown number of matrices
2:18PM 1 An issue happens Embed R and redirt png file
2:01PM 2 Constructing groupedData objects in nlme - a little problem
12:10PM 1 "& not meaningful for factors"
12:09PM 2 Using library in an example
11:37AM 1 Comparing two regression lines
10:04AM 0 A little test -- please forgive!
9:32AM 3 missing data imputation - simulation
8:57AM 1 data frame titles
7:33AM 0 random time serie
6:31AM 1 problems with variogram
5:15AM 3 how to automatically create objects with names from a string list?
4:35AM 1 "ignoring environment value of R_HOME" error when installing packages
4:06AM 2 linear model in the repeated data type~
3:19AM 1 how to extract a specific group of data from a table?
2:36AM 1 Similar question about subsetting data
1:55AM 1 column and row
1:47AM 5 help understanding why #function(x, y) (if((x-y)>=0) {2^(x-y)} else{-(2^abs(x-y))})# doesn't work like I think it should
12:54AM 1 Minimizing the negative log likelihood function...
12:35AM 2 Question about subsetting data
12:30AM 0 for loop or "by" group in EF function
12:19AM 0 code for automating the sem package
Tuesday June 3 2008
11:45PM 2 merge two data sets
11:34PM 1 Stacked barplot of timeseries data
11:21PM 1 Model simplification using anova()
10:53PM 1 unable to get plot in R
10:09PM 1 IBM-AIX 5.2 (GCC 4.2.4 installed) - Error while executing 'make'
9:13PM 0 Summarizing dummy coefficients in sem package
9:09PM 3 How to solve a non-linear system of equations using R
8:31PM 1 using function from specific packages
8:16PM 1 R-2.7.0 make check failure
7:08PM 1 adding column and pulling data from table
6:37PM 1 splitting data frame based on a criteria
5:58PM 1 request: An array declarion problem
5:46PM 1 R-2.7.0 rJava installation failure on x86_64
4:57PM 0 gam and prior
4:56PM 0 problems on plotting adjacent bars with barplot. Help request, please
4:16PM 2 surprising predicting capabilities
12:08PM 2 JGR / linux
11:44AM 1 Cluster analysis with numeric and categorical variables
11:26AM 0 predict arfima
10:16AM 0 Problems using jri0.4-1 y R 2.7.0
9:43AM 0 mtable and plm
9:42AM 3 matlab eigs function in R
9:33AM 3 Rpart and case weights: working with functions
7:31AM 1 regsubsets - package(leaps)
6:56AM 0 discrete parameter
6:01AM 1 nlm behaviour and error
5:52AM 1 'asymmetric span' for 2D loess?
3:41AM 1 some problems I have met in LARS
2:51AM 0 reading a file incrementally
2:07AM 4 wildcard symbol or character
1:39AM 0 boost package help
12:58AM 2 Partitioning a large data frame and writing output CSVs
12:06AM 1 Error/Crash on start up of R (Ubuntu and Wine within Ubuntu)
Monday June 2 2008
11:45PM 2 merging two data sets with no column header
10:32PM 1 probleme with R CMD check
10:31PM 1 RJDBC cant find driver class in JDBC jar file
9:28PM 1 Lengthy delay in sourcing a large function
8:20PM 1 Random Forests regression by strata
7:41PM 2 more columns that column names
6:55PM 0 [R-pkgs] updated RcmdrPlugin.epack is ready
6:33PM 3 print and read.table commands
6:30PM 4 NOT-SO-SIMPLE function!
6:08PM 0 New glmnet package on CRAN
5:30PM 0 RBloomberg date error
4:05PM 0 Regression Model with Memory
3:39PM 0 R function for Woody Average (Average with alignment)?
3:33PM 1 Plotting horizontal dendrograms
3:31PM 2 How can I solve this function in R?
3:27PM 1 gsub and multiple replacements
3:12PM 2 High resolution figures for a paper?
3:02PM 1 LDA and centroids
2:56PM 1 Ancova: formula with a common intercept
2:09PM 2 Problemas usando jri0.4-1 y R 2.7.0
2:05PM 2 = or <-
1:45PM 2 Need advise in grab the line number of sorted list in R
1:18PM 4 exit function in R?
1:15PM 0 Optimization problem with constraints
1:14PM 0 non-parametric regression with a convexity constraint
1:00PM 3 subject: horizontal text in barplot
11:19AM 1 Help : R-packages : Problems loading package fSeries
9:27AM 8 Swap variables in data.frame
9:03AM 2 request: To add an extra row in a matrix
6:36AM 1 Italics in plot main title
4:15AM 0 Fitting jump diffusion models
4:04AM 0 Missing "spline_coef" DLL and Rob Hyndmans monotonic interpolator
Sunday June 1 2008
9:53PM 2 optim error - repost
9:30PM 2 how to analyze time series structures?
6:50PM 1 transforming output of grid.locator() to coordinates of a leaf viewport
5:53PM 2 Eliminating "[...]" from print
5:41PM 1 How to plot a matrix
12:35PM 1 Creating zoo object on monthly time series
3:07AM 2 optim error
1:43AM 0 Cannot handle object of mode "list"
12:39AM 1 function
12:00AM 0 package.skeleton again