R help - May 2008

Saturday May 31 2008
10:07PM 2 tolstoi.newcastle dead?
8:44PM 1 Loading data into a list of environments
8:10PM 2 How to identify overlapped items from two list and plot them?
7:06PM 2 How to add space between main title to leave space for legend?
6:03PM 0 figuring out the results from hclust
4:54PM 0 Advice for working with Sammon's Projection on image data
3:56PM 1 problems with package.skeleton
3:38PM 0 How to adaptively sample a simulated population of individuals
1:58PM 0 Regression Model with a Memory Covariate Process
1:07PM 0 KPSS test - Lag selection
12:57PM 3 Is variable in one vector part of variable in another
8:39AM 1 Representing 'Date' as 'Year - Quarter'
Friday May 30 2008
11:56PM 1 A question about *read.table()*
11:54PM 1 fortran question
11:44PM 1 Get all X iterations in optim output when controls(trace=6)
8:55PM 0 Progress bar or execution plan for modeling process
7:59PM 2 inconsistent output when using variable substitution
7:52PM 0 The function ksmooth(), is it a bad algorithm or just a slow function?
7:00PM 1 plotcp() in rpart()
6:30PM 1 trellis device
3:33PM 1 robust mlm in R?
3:16PM 1 Reducing space around lattice wireframe plots
3:14PM 1 Unicode characters (R 2.7.0 on Windows XP SP3 and Hardy Heron)
2:47PM 1 R and Openmpi
2:32PM 3 loess plot
2:00PM 1 Aggregation and the meaning of class
1:58PM 1 Alternative options: nonlinear model &autocorrelation?
1:53PM 1 Creating a series of new environments
12:54PM 1 Skipping columns to save memory
11:58AM 3 Strptime
9:25AM 1 Modify string-regular expression
8:13AM 1 apply in apply
7:13AM 3 Aggregate by First case
6:38AM 0 Shape preserving interpolating splines
3:54AM 1 nlm and "missing argument
3:41AM 1 Question about adding text to xYplot(Hmisc)
3:40AM 0 imputationlist, update, and recode
3:02AM 2 Including a tilde in a plotmath-type call
1:56AM 1 Problem with scatter plotting
1:19AM 1 existing package (mmlcr) modification -- appropriate process?
12:33AM 0 Problems with hclust and/or cutree.
Thursday May 29 2008
11:48PM 1 Help for R on Windows for non-Win-enabled!
10:31PM 1 package for stochastic frontier models?
10:05PM 1 Bimodal Distribution
9:15PM 2 lm() function
7:15PM 3 Datasets in R
6:23PM 7 How do you exit a function in R?
5:39PM 1 test for multivariate normality?
5:15PM 1 plotting zoo using datetime as xlim
5:02PM 1 appropriate covariance matrix for multiple nominal exogenous and multiple continuous endogenous variables in SEM
4:50PM 1 Thank you
4:45PM 3 Manipulating DataSets
4:23PM 2 Plot colors
4:03PM 5 On reading posts on this list
3:06PM 0 PCA projection graphic
3:02PM 1 In fact this is a Stats question, but... "The return."
2:50PM 2 creating library
2:40PM 1 Joining uneven datasets
2:09PM 2 Calculating conditional mean of large series of experiments
1:20PM 2 Plotting a cubic line from a multiple regression
12:48PM 2 image() for grid package?
12:00PM 2 In fact this is a Stats question, but...
11:22AM 1 Ubuntu rJava
10:53AM 2 Troubles plotting lrm output in Design Library
10:38AM 2 how to use substring match as condition?
8:40AM 1 boxplot with text and symbols on x
8:39AM 1 Creating/Concatenate Strings into another String
8:24AM 1 Argument Passing Construct in R Script
8:19AM 1 Kappa distribution
5:05AM 1 Accessing Value of binom.test
4:24AM 0 Extracting variables from random effects formulas
4:03AM 1 akima interpolation and triangulation question
3:51AM 2 "Levels" error after printing
3:43AM 0 results of fligner.test
3:39AM 1 Problem with .C()
1:48AM 1 Separator argument in read.table
1:22AM 1 cbind results to original data frame
Wednesday May 28 2008
10:29PM 1 calling C function from R
9:38PM 0 bootstrap confidence bands
9:15PM 1 Can plot() be used for multiple plots?
8:25PM 3 R reference Books
8:03PM 1 Writing intermediate analysis to disk
8:02PM 0 interactive heatmap dendrogram locator layout grid package
6:56PM 1 Suitable package for carrying out sigma and beta convergence in panel data
6:20PM 1 manipulating multiply imputed data sets
5:54PM 2 Gantt chart like graphics
5:52PM 4 OT: batch processing XLS files to CSV
5:41PM 1 postscript
4:55PM 1 heatmap-changing column or row names
4:35PM 0 multistate survival analysis w/ time varying covariates
3:42PM 1 superposing barplots having different scales
3:13PM 1 Search&replace string?
2:58PM 0 odds ratio's and function
2:52PM 1 Fixing the coefficient of a regressor in formula
2:32PM 0 individual analysis
2:30PM 1 Grouped weighted.mean
1:30PM 4 Help on Calculating day differences
12:53PM 5 "rbinom" not using probability of success right
11:38AM 0 Sample size for 2-sample proportion tests
11:32AM 2 Evidence Theory in R
11:26AM 2 How to remove NAs and lme function
11:19AM 1 confidence interval for the logit - predict.glm
11:18AM 1 extracting information from lmer objects
11:01AM 1 can I do this with R?
10:23AM 1 Computing P-Value
9:23AM 3 request: which integer in each column is in majority
9:08AM 2 Tukey HSD (or other post hoc tests) following repeated measures ANOVA
8:26AM 3 How to make R running faster
8:11AM 2 Unexpected behaviour in reading genomic coordinate files of R-2.7.0
5:45AM 0 multiple comparison for interaction means
4:05AM 1 plot rownames
3:56AM 2 Linear Programming.
3:02AM 0 R News, volume 8, issue 1 is now available
2:43AM 2 how to bind lists recursively
1:59AM 2 rmeta package: metaplot or forestplot of meta-analysis under DSL (ramdon) model
1:48AM 2 inquiry on R News
12:28AM 1 R as shelll script
12:18AM 1 indexing lists, using brobdingnagian
12:02AM 1 function to compute consensus DNA sequence by plurality?
Tuesday May 27 2008
10:26PM 1 stateful computation for web-based R across HTTP requests
9:56PM 1 start() in zoo
9:25PM 5 Rotated text on a regression line
7:42PM 4 help with simple function
7:19PM 1 lm() output with quantiative predictors not the same as SAS
6:53PM 2 GMM estimation
5:08PM 0 vignette help
4:56PM 0 Automagic Outlier Dummy Variables
4:37PM 2 Assistance in installing R
3:50PM 0 Percent distributions with the package Survey
3:13PM 1 Fwd: Re: Seeking help with trellis: log scales on xyplot
2:58PM 1 label outliers in geom_boxplot (ggplot2)
1:42PM 2 Help with lines when x-axis is a date
1:30PM 4 package functions documentation
11:16AM 2 Lattice zoo plot: no x ticks on first panel
10:35AM 0 scheirer-ray-hare extention
8:52AM 2 Write function multiple tests and write summary table
8:46AM 1 hash or other quick lookup function?
8:13AM 1 perform statistics on an Excel workbook and modify it
7:13AM 1 (no subject)
7:10AM 1 Lattice Cloud()-Plot with the same color for different groups
6:23AM 3 How to test significant differences for non-linear relationships for two locations
6:10AM 0 How to test significant differences for non-linearrelationships for two locations
4:25AM 0 pvclust help...
1:58AM 1 create frequency table
1:43AM 0 problem avec le navigatieur firefox
12:15AM 1 R package to solve the following maximization problem
Monday May 26 2008
11:45PM 1 read.dta error
10:16PM 1 To draw observation [m, n] from 20 data frames named frame1, ... , frame20
9:48PM 2 Strange behaviour of as.POSIXct
8:07PM 1 SciViews and Tinn-R installation problem
7:15PM 1 Sweave does not respect width
4:28PM 0 Course -- Guerrilla Data Analysis Techniques
3:01PM 1 Pros and Cons of R - Summary
2:08PM 2 RcppTemplate find example C++ souce code without Rtools ??
1:55PM 1 Full screen graphics (windows)
11:18AM 1 R logo in hirez or object format...
10:02AM 2 operation on a data.frame
9:30AM 0 use aov or lme for split plot design?
8:59AM 2 R 2.7.0: pdf() > pdf.options versus formals
7:24AM 1 X-Axis Problem with Multhist Plot
4:46AM 1 Joining Histograms Into a Figure
3:49AM 0 does nnet package already have normalization function??
1:09AM 1 select a range od distributions for simulation experiment
12:23AM 0 plotting bootstrapped confidence intervals regression
Sunday May 25 2008
7:54PM 1 naming the components of a list
7:50PM 3 Emacs Bundle...
7:42PM 3 naming components of a list
7:02PM 1 n Realizations of a Stochastic Process assigned to dynamically generated variable names?
6:36PM 1 Need help for nlme
6:12PM 3 need help for building R in Ubuntu 8.04
2:50PM 1 marginality principle / selecting the right type of SS for an interaction hypothesis
2:07PM 2 Configuring emacs/ess on Ubuntu
1:42PM 1 Vector Product question
1:23PM 1 installing source package RGtk2 on mac os x 10.4.11
10:40AM 1 How to write a package based on nlme
Saturday May 24 2008
11:04PM 5 Simulating the p-value of a test statistic
10:30PM 1 gray grid on quartz()
7:23PM 0 simulated annealing
6:54PM 0 solving 10oth-order polynom
6:41PM 1 R-Excel Macro Problem
6:27PM 0 how to perform a uniform distribution
4:51PM 1 RSPerl & OS X
12:38PM 1 R outside of universities
11:16AM 1 Solving 100th order equation
9:00AM 1 Problems with lme
8:27AM 1 combine elements of list into a vector
3:40AM 2 Importing data in text file into R
1:05AM 2 How to pass variable of for loop on read table text
12:16AM 1 Spatial Overlay - SQL - Geoprocessing
Friday May 23 2008
10:04PM 1 Shared Library Error
9:43PM 2 exrpression(), double subscript
9:34PM 1 dividing the data
9:30PM 1 SVD on a matix
9:28PM 1 maximizing the gamma likelihood
8:02PM 1 Seeking help with trellis: log scales on xyplot
5:48PM 1 GARCH-like
5:26PM 1 Colspan & rowspan
3:54PM 3 IDE
3:52PM 2 Boxplot width
2:59PM 1 problem using embedded R
2:56PM 1 Question about Runuran (Triangular Distribution)
2:55PM 1 Line Breaks and Axis breaks..
2:51PM 3 Percentages for categorical data by group
2:40PM 2 Preparing high quality figures with tiff as end result
1:47PM 2 Fit a sine to data
1:37PM 3 extracting columns from a list
1:35PM 3 nls diagnostics?
1:32PM 1 van der Corput sequences
12:50PM 4 Advise in R- plotting graphs
11:53AM 1 Evaluation "conflict" in combination of replicate() and rexp()as variable inside a function
10:55AM 1 Cleaning a time series
8:53AM 1 Create a data subset
8:37AM 2 [slightly off topic] Sweave with markdown
8:27AM 1 Strange julian and/or strptime
8:16AM 2 Some problems with Sweave
7:15AM 0 New version of ecological modeling software using R
7:00AM 1 Re : How to import package into R script
6:40AM 0 Est. Component Size with AIC/BIC under Gamma Distribution
4:28AM 0 Pros and Cons of R :GUI
3:23AM 0 How to import package into R script
1:27AM 0 how to compute "explained variance" in metaMDS(vegan)?
1:14AM 2 About Passing Arguments to Function
Thursday May 22 2008
11:58PM 0 Using unicode characters with paste or sprintf
9:30PM 1 plot 7 * 3 matrix on DIN A4 pdf
8:26PM 1 help with table
8:08PM 2 1501-511 Compilation failed for file ch2inv.f - R on AIX 5.2.
7:50PM 6 Alternatives to rJava and JRI
7:09PM 6 Where to download BRugs
7:04PM 5 3D Area Diagram
6:08PM 1 Extracting slots from ROCR prediction objects
6:00PM 0 Executing a command at interrupt
5:34PM 1 Plotting a Quadratic...
4:55PM 1 setting specific colours for different groups of points on a scatter plot
4:50PM 1 AMOVA results from ade4 different than in the reference publication
4:49PM 0 new mailing list: R-sig-genetics
4:00PM 15 Pros and Cons of R
3:16PM 1 length functions
3:05PM 1 Packfor library-problem downloading
2:29PM 1 Plotting 3 Time Series
12:09PM 2 Stripchart and Boxplots side-by-side
12:08PM 1 mixed model resuts from SAS and R
11:20AM 0 deconvoluting hclust objects
11:16AM 3 secondary axis in a plot
8:39AM 1 How to account for autoregressive terms?
8:19AM 4 Binning groups
2:16AM 1 disaggregate frequency table into flat file
2:05AM 1 Computing Maximum Loglikelihood With "nlm" Problem
1:36AM 3 Cumulative average
Wednesday May 21 2008
11:51PM 2 automation of R? running an R script at a certain time each night?
8:52PM 1 help (boot)
8:40PM 1 generating help files
8:04PM 3 Converting a 'difftime' to integer - How to???
7:36PM 0 how to write fac.design (S-plus) in R
7:24PM 0 fac.design in R
6:56PM 2 Labeling a plot's x-axis with 12 strings, vertically oriented.
6:32PM 0 Course of R in Brazil
5:22PM 2 how to do pairwise sums in a matrix
5:11PM 1 split character string in matrix into character vector and numeric vector
3:33PM 1 problems with data frames, factors and lists
1:02PM 2 'Extracting' plot area
11:59AM 0 scheduling - algorithm solution or iterate?
11:44AM 1 number of trading days
11:42AM 1 xlab at top in xyplot()
11:05AM 2 Search a string and modify it in a .txt file
9:40AM 4 Sweave / Latex per-chapter output
9:24AM 1 colorspace package does not compile on ubuntu 7.04 32 bit
7:54AM 2 Proportional axes
7:42AM 2 Problem in converting natural numbers to bits and others
7:28AM 1 Insufficient memory
6:13AM 1 R help needed
5:16AM 2 an unknown error message when using gamm function
3:30AM 1 How to use classwt parameter option in RandomForest
2:16AM 2 Converting Data Types
1:23AM 1 Log likelihood of Gamma distributions
12:43AM 0 Displaying horizontal abline levels and controlling object opacity
Tuesday May 20 2008
11:22PM 2 Nonlinear regression
10:41PM 2 Help creating a correlation matrix
9:19PM 0 rose diagram
9:03PM 0 6 Courses: Upcoming June-July 2008 R/S+ Course Schedule by XLSolutions Corp
8:21PM 2 Finding functions
8:19PM 1 drawing lines in 3D (rotating them)
6:51PM 2 hist clarification
6:33PM 1 for loop step
5:21PM 0 Programatic Method for Holiday Dummy Variables
4:58PM 1 String buffer
4:58PM 3 R for loop question
4:13PM 2 Question about banking to 45 degrees.
3:49PM 5 Alignment of axes intersection
3:19PM 0 Error in `[.matrix.coo`(x, rw, cl) : Subscripts out of bound
2:19PM 0 Show Basic Properties of Functions
1:44PM 0 New mailing list R-SIG-Fedora
1:24PM 0 recompute values repeatedly, or new file for glm()?
1:19PM 0 Yellow dog linux install?
1:02PM 2 need some help in plotting xy graph
12:39PM 1 how to save many trees within a loop?
10:36AM 1 Printing output in STDOUT
10:27AM 1 "NOTE" warning
12:12AM 1 contr.treatments query
Monday May 19 2008
11:43PM 1 Need help in matrix multiplication error
11:39PM 0 boxplot subsets
11:23PM 2 2.7.0 graphics changes and png devices
10:42PM 0 useR! 2008: abstracts online
10:39PM 3 R static is dynamically linked!!
9:49PM 2 Draw Polygon with a Circular Side
8:28PM 2 Histograms without bars
7:41PM 2 recoding data with loops
7:40PM 2 Help on nested FOR loops
7:27PM 2 i want to export a data.frame to file.xls
7:14PM 0 How to get confidence interval and coefficient in Logic Regression
6:11PM 0 Re : three-dimensional (volumetric) estimation from x,y,z
6:10PM 2 how can i sort a column of data.frame ?
6:00PM 0 Error in building library - R CMD build mypkg.
4:56PM 1 reshape a wide data frame from wide to a long format with metadata columns
4:22PM 0 constrOptim converging not to the optimal values
4:14PM 0 [BioC] oligo ids
3:24PM 1 Least Squares Restricted Estimator
3:20PM 2 labels in multiple plot
2:04PM 1 oligo ids
1:51PM 1 svIDE and Tinn-R
1:25PM 0 Updated package adimpro
1:25PM 0 Updated package fmri
1:25PM 0 New package dti
11:48AM 1 R syntax, space smaller than space
11:46AM 3 Rank Values in a Matrix
11:26AM 0 RExcel - foreground server
11:06AM 2 Sort matrix with duplicate row names alphabetically by rowname
10:13AM 2 From strings to numbers
9:31AM 2 How hist() decides breaks?
9:20AM 1 Select certain elements from dataframe
7:24AM 2 Log or diary file
7:06AM 1 Startin R from .RData in linux
6:32AM 2 Converting variance covariance matrix to correlation matrix
6:28AM 1 RSQLite and undefined symbol:sqlite3_bind_in
3:13AM 1 question for Logic Regression
1:35AM 1 three-dimensional (volumetric) estimation from x,y,z points
Sunday May 18 2008
11:32PM 3 Opening more than 1 R console in Windows
8:44PM 3 two curves at one graph
7:16PM 0 cor < -1
5:18PM 2 how can i superpose 2 graphs
2:41PM 1 Figure environment and includegraphics options from Sweave
2:30PM 1 R is a virus, spyware or malware (gasp!)
2:07PM 1 opening multiple connections at once
3:54AM 1 plot a function with a vector as argument
3:03AM 1 How to change col and pch between panels in xyplot
2:44AM 1 predict.prcomp: 'newdata' does not have the correct number of columns
2:22AM 1 State "disabled" to "Normal" menu
1:57AM 2 *apply function for arrays?
1:33AM 3 R 2.70 + ps2pdf14
Saturday May 17 2008
7:48PM 1 Need some hint on faster data manipulation.
7:18PM 3 Question about graphical UI running R version 2.7.0 (2008-04-22) on Ubuntu Hardy Heron...
6:04PM 1 tapply and grouping
12:20PM 1 R to exe
11:14AM 1 Recode
10:52AM 0 autocorrelation in nlme: Error: cannot allocate vector of size 220979 Kb
8:12AM 0 diagnostic meta-analyses
5:40AM 1 Correlated Columns in data frame
2:15AM 0 fast multipole methods(FMM)/fast Gauss transfrorm(FGT)/improved fast gauss transform (IGFT)
1:24AM 2 How to paste graph from R in Latex?
12:14AM 1 merging data frames
Friday May 16 2008
9:49PM 0 sample function
9:05PM 1 autocorrelation in nlme; Error: cannot allocate vector of size
9:04PM 0 wavCWT plot
8:52PM 1 Identify groups
8:17PM 1 gam negative.binomial
7:56PM 1 xyplot: subscripts, groups and subset
7:50PM 0 wmtsa (wavCWT)
6:08PM 3 R package building
5:56PM 1 autocorrelation error: cannot allocate vector of size 220979 Kb
4:06PM 0 How to get subset of rows and columns that are most strongly correlated ?
3:55PM 2 heatmap on pre-established hclust output?
3:45PM 2 Box.test degrees of freedom
3:27PM 1 glm model syntax
2:56PM 2 Integer / floating point question
2:30PM 4 reading and analyzing a text file
2:18PM 3 aggregate(), with multiple functions in FUN?
1:21PM 1 Lattice box percentile plot
1:16PM 0 benchmarking
1:12PM 2 How to extract estimates, Std. Error, t Value and Pr(>|t|) from summary
1:10PM 0 problem with X11 when talking via PHP web interface
1:07PM 1 64-bit R and cache memory
1:04PM 0 How to determine sensible values for 'fnscale' and 'parscale' in optim
12:07PM 1 (1-alpha)th percentile
11:45AM 0 Problem in Removing Correlated Columns
11:35AM 1 creating a 2d plan graphic and projecting points in it
11:34AM 1 Dimensions of svd V matrix
10:55AM 1 parameters for a function in list format
10:52AM 1 Fedora 9?
9:55AM 2 Getting JRI/rJava to work
8:34AM 2 How to swap and rearrange rows?
8:31AM 0 gamma parameters fitted
3:55AM 1 Making slope coefficients ``relative to 0''.
12:03AM 1 SE of difference in fitted probabilities from logistic model.
Thursday May 15 2008
7:27PM 1 lattice histogram problem with integers values and nint
7:19PM 1 nlme function in S+ and R
6:07PM 1 off topic
5:24PM 1 proto naming clash?
4:10PM 0 New Optimization task view on CRAN
3:34PM 2 Adding columns to dataframe
3:10PM 2 How to remove autocorrelation from a time series?
2:27PM 1 ANOVA between linear models.
2:22PM 2 plot(summary) within quantreg package
2:22PM 2 mixed effects models with nested factors
1:53PM 2 Help
1:36PM 1 value transformations in a vector
1:15PM 0 Error in Scan question
12:41PM 1 logistic transformation using nlminb
12:22PM 2 Units of Difference Between Two Dates
12:05PM 5 Inconsistent linear model calculations
11:57AM 0 weights and prior.weights
11:13AM 1 metaMDS using Dissimilarity matrix
10:31AM 1 Reading SAS data into R
10:12AM 1 Font settings in xfig
9:42AM 0 weights in GAM
9:10AM 1 R and C - variable by reference
9:05AM 1 Using tapply
8:54AM 0 Function for subset of cases/lines
8:40AM 0 Zipf distribution fitting with VGAM
8:09AM 1 plotting predictions
6:48AM 1 apply function
1:28AM 1 fancy text in pairs()
Wednesday May 14 2008
9:31PM 1 howto get significant digits for round()
9:16PM 1 lw in legend also changes thickness of characters in the legend??
9:04PM 2 is there any graphic function
8:20PM 1 var function
7:59PM 1 Cleaning up memory in R
7:40PM 4 Accessing items in a list of lists
7:18PM 4 Newbie question about vector matrix multiplication
7:07PM 0 Problems with step function
6:15PM 2 Attributes or list programming "efficiency"
4:40PM 4 Heatmap.2 - eliminate cluster and dendrogram
4:30PM 0 npmc and data.frame problems
4:12PM 3 Help to Draw Plot
4:06PM 3 strip white in character strings
4:03PM 3 Can R handle large dataset?
3:37PM 2 Split a string of oneline into 2 lines.
3:21PM 3 quantiles for dates
3:13PM 1 for loop, my program does not make a cycle
3:12PM 1 Time differences (as.difftime?) issue
3:05PM 0 Parallel computing with rgenoud and snow: external file I/O possible?
2:27PM 1 PCA in Microarrays
2:26PM 1 wavlet analysis
1:18PM 1 rlm and lmrob error messages
12:11PM 2 Double y axes plot
10:29AM 2 dataframes to a list
9:46AM 2 Help with factors
9:01AM 1 Negative Binomial Model
8:57AM 0 Predictive Analytics event June 5-6, NYC
8:02AM 2 Dividing Two Dataframes
7:47AM 1 lattice: left-aligned text in strips?
5:16AM 1 EM Algorithm in R
2:42AM 1 plot 2 bars
1:35AM 2 console from tcltk
1:12AM 2 The try() function with read.delim().
12:20AM 2 mfrow
Tuesday May 13 2008
11:10PM 2 plotting different level of classficifaction
9:56PM 1 multiple plots over multiple pages
9:48PM 0 Question about how to save a txt file in .Rdata or .rda format
9:27PM 0 Un-reproductibility of SVM classification with 'e1071' libSVM package
9:19PM 2 Max consecutive increase in sequence
8:43PM 0 About Iterative Convex Minorant algorithm in R
7:23PM 0 Is there a package assuming a DIRICHLET model for Marketing Consumer Panel
6:40PM 1 Repeated measures on a split-plot experiment
5:25PM 0 ARCH model
4:51PM 0 RE : Re: details for help needed please
4:49PM 1 3dscatterplot -different colors for different factors of the same variable
4:27PM 1 Missing coefficient on a glm object
4:21PM 0 calculating confidence intervals for the turnbull estimate
3:20PM 0 details for help needed please
2:35PM 9 A Very Simple Question
2:25PM 2 Plotting Frequency Distribution in R
2:00PM 1 Problem with odfWeave: Unescaped '<' not allowed in attributes values
12:23PM 1 Likelihood between observed and predicted response
12:08PM 1 Bubble plot pie chart map
12:02PM 0 add horizontal line "(ABLINE(V=))" to xyplot lattice
11:51AM 2 Calling C code from R...wrapping C structures
11:43AM 2 Remove an object by the reference
11:33AM 3 R benchmarking program
11:08AM 2 pch="." plots much faster
10:19AM 0 help needed please
9:02AM 3 Regular Expressions
8:21AM 0 xirr...
7:49AM 2 Permutations
7:08AM 1 Compare columns
5:11AM 1 R help: problems with step function
4:47AM 2 array dimension changes with assignment
3:03AM 0 how to do trend test?
2:54AM 1 How to get predicted marginal (aka predicted mean) after multinomial logistic?
2:29AM 1 Legend in scatterplot and adding regression lines
Monday May 12 2008
9:45PM 2 help on plot title
9:38PM 1 is.category
9:22PM 5 Format integer
9:10PM 1 test
7:53PM 3 help with rpart
7:52PM 4 Several questions about MCMClogit
7:15PM 2 [OT] xemacs on windows vista
6:58PM 1 lexicographic comparison of two vectors
6:40PM 1 Converting qqplot2 qplot() to grammar?
6:24PM 1 what kind of residuals are the ones calculated in coxph?
5:18PM 1 hessian in constrained optimization (constrOptim)
4:08PM 4 Left censored responses in mixed effects models
2:43PM 2 Fonts in Quartz Devices
2:33PM 1 RPM-style install (SLED 10.1)
2:20PM 2 ggplot2: font size mismatch for pdf output
2:08PM 1 inserting mathematical symbols in lattice strip
2:04PM 1 help with calculating the differences between dates
1:46PM 1 Mathematical annotation in lattice strip: Is it possible?
1:43PM 2 Collection of lm()s
1:13PM 0 Optimization problem, to minimize the length(rle(B)$lengths) for all the rows and columns
9:56AM 1 Quadratic Constraints
9:35AM 1 rpart with circular data?
8:44AM 2 Cumulative lattice histograms
7:11AM 1 Standard error of combination of parameter estimates
5:54AM 1 Insert a recorde into a table using SQL
2:19AM 1 problem configuring package udunits
12:54AM 2 How to eliminate perticular date
Sunday May 11 2008
11:17PM 1 Running external python script
9:40PM 1 Finding unmatched data between two dataframe using several factors
7:08PM 1 positioning of color key in levelplot
6:58PM 1 Fundamental formula and dataframe question.
6:35PM 0 Robust Stepwise Regression
5:27PM 0 problems installing rJava
3:56PM 2 combining bar and column graphs?
1:58PM 1 superscript text on graph legend
10:09AM 0 Problems with blanks and umlauts in filenames with Rserve
8:45AM 0 loess and locpoly
3:12AM 1 Creating data.frames dynamically
1:44AM 2 Monty Hall simulation
Saturday May 10 2008
10:31PM 5 subset rows in two dataframes
10:24PM 3 Creating Matrix
7:07PM 0 Cuetion abut dunn test
6:58PM 2 substitute in graphics - Uwe's help desk
6:09PM 1 BiodiversityRGUI_problem2
5:55PM 2 Random number generation
4:49PM 3 Simple regex problem
3:47PM 1 writing a table in the device (pdf in this case)
11:30AM 2 Hashes as S4 Classes, or: How to separate environments
11:21AM 2 How many random numbers needed?
10:33AM 0 help needed with rbftrain
10:27AM 3 Compact Indicator Matrices
8:16AM 1 problem reading .por SPSS file
7:58AM 0 AER: Applied Econometrics with R
4:51AM 1 irregular time series and multiple, overlaid plots
3:23AM 3 question about subseting a dataframe
1:17AM 0 Resolved tklistbox selection problem
12:55AM 0 Odd tcl/tk listbox problem
12:17AM 3 Create pairwise table from columns?
Friday May 9 2008
11:03PM 0 A question about GEE library
10:39PM 0 Log likelihood estimation using bivariate archimedean copula
9:55PM 1 save to file
9:54PM 2 how to check linearity in Cox regression
9:24PM 0 BiodiversityRGUI
8:58PM 0 prediction with ridge regression
7:51PM 1 Rescaling a column in a matrix based on a certain rows
7:37PM 3 For Social Network Analysis-Graph Analysis - How to convert 2 mode data to 1 mode data?
7:14PM 1 RMSE and lm
7:09PM 1 lme() with two random effects
6:52PM 1 getWinProgressBar does not return previous value
6:43PM 0 plot( )
6:28PM 1 Data frame row manipulation
6:14PM 1 how to plot two graphs in one figure
5:51PM 0 Graphing Continuous Time Markov chain.
5:49PM 0 Simulated annealing method with restarts
5:07PM 1 Plotting a function with a histogram
4:31PM 0 error using Match package
4:25PM 2 Tabulation of aggregated data.frame
3:05PM 1 Which gls models to use?
2:56PM 0 applying cor.test to a (m, n) matrix - SUMMARY
2:37PM 1 predicting from coxph with pspline
2:31PM 1 substitute in graphics
1:23PM 1 Using lme() inside a function
1:07PM 2 which.max2()
12:52PM 3 Query: how to add quotes when importing a txt file
12:04PM 2 How can one make stepAIC and lme
11:39AM 1 SSOAP: arguments passed as
11:26AM 0 question on marginal effects
10:43AM 1 Multivariate simulation
8:59AM 2 Stepwise regression
7:18AM 2 Regarding anova result
7:16AM 2 A problem with anova()
7:12AM 2 K-Means Clustering
7:03AM 0 ncf package version 1.0-4
4:29AM 1 data management question
3:28AM 0 Defining factors for graphical presentations and incorporation of a smoother overlay line
1:11AM 1 Is it possible to do fancy area plots?
12:04AM 7 histogram
Thursday May 8 2008
11:41PM 1 scrime Package simulatedSNP function
11:09PM 1 variable of mathematics string not interpreted
10:18PM 0 Boot function blows up
9:20PM 2 speeding up a special product of three arrays
8:35PM 2 poisson regression with robust error variance ('eyestudy
8:00PM 0 Heat map on large sample size
7:19PM 0 MANCOVA in R
7:05PM 2 applying cor.test to a (m, n) matrix
6:56PM 1 problem with caretNWS on linux
6:51PM 1 Intervention/Impact analysis in time series
6:23PM 1 significance threshold in CCF
5:39PM 1 miniscule font size on R console output
5:33PM 3 Setting matrix dimnames in a list
5:16PM 1 R strucchange question -- robust regression
4:32PM 3 lme nesting/interaction advice
2:34PM 3 MLE for noncentral t distribution
2:30PM 3 histogram() with "Date" class?
1:58PM 0 RSEIS could you help
1:58PM 2 Microseconds for a zoo object?
12:20PM 2 Re turning variable names with variables (in a function)
12:15PM 2 acf function
12:13PM 0 orders of the arima model
12:04PM 0 How to compare a value in a matrix with its neighbours
11:40AM 1 Reading multiple tables from file
11:37AM 2 LaTeX in system()
10:48AM 1 (no subject)
9:36AM 1 cpower and censoring
9:19AM 0 solve.QP() error
8:51AM 0 RMySQL and R 2.7.0 - "Error in field.types$row.names : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors"
6:59AM 0 Finding dependencies and clusters in live survey data with a mix of independent variable types
5:05AM 2 hashmap in R
3:41AM 2 Replicating Rows
12:47AM 2 anova p value extraction
Wednesday May 7 2008
11:34PM 1 Sweave, xtable and font size
9:36PM 1 SVD for a 500, 000* 500, 000 matrix (singular value decomposition)
9:19PM 1 help with regsubsets
8:25PM 2 cross-correlation lag.plot?
8:18PM 0 Advanced R/S-Plus Course by XLSolutions Corp / May 2008 in San Francisco & Boston
8:09PM 0 solution to differences in sequential and marginal ANOVA using a mixed model
8:09PM 2 Problem installing tseries under FC7 x86_64
8:07PM 0 2D correlation/convolution ?
7:53PM 1 coxph - weights- robust SE
6:56PM 2 pivoting - summing up factors
6:07PM 1 algorithmic or automatic differentiation
5:03PM 1 dlm with constant terms
4:51PM 0 how to define .Renviron to work with different R-versions
4:51PM 6 help with updating to R2.7
4:49PM 2 PC configuration you are using
4:11PM 6 help with the unique function
3:40PM 3 function in nls argument
2:51PM 1 use of sequence on ridge regression
2:25PM 0 p values for polychor
2:23PM 3 predict lmer
1:38PM 1 CRAN and Multiple Linear Regression
1:30PM 3 Importing data
1:03PM 2 Citation in the literature
12:02PM 1 Aling elmentos into Windows with TK
10:55AM 0 Problem with help system on linux
9:51AM 0 Fwd: Re: Solution of function
8:15AM 1 i-best, grep function
8:11AM 2 Solution of function
7:20AM 3 use list elements to subtract values from the dataframe
4:44AM 1 Not to draw the xaxis ticks in ggplot2
3:59AM 1 [BioC] RCurl loading problem with 64 bit linux distribution
3:51AM 1 interpreting significance of path coefficients from sem() output
2:43AM 2 figure margins too large for a barplot in png, pdf ok
2:00AM 1 convert S-Plus function to R function
1:43AM 1 Automatically generating new column names (and columns)
1:06AM 0 Help with Mixed effect modeling in R
12:57AM 0 RODBC sqlSave with multiple schema in DB2
12:17AM 0 loess model with different percentile
12:02AM 2 Estimating QAIC using glm with the quasibinomial family
Tuesday May 6 2008
10:34PM 1 mgcv::gam shrinkage of smooths
9:37PM 0 Simulation Case/Control R Beginner
9:22PM 3 Spatial join between two datasets using x and y co-ordinates
8:50PM 2 NLS plinear question
7:46PM 2 Print table data on to a plot
7:44PM 1 ridge regression
7:28PM 1 Installing A2R in Windows
7:06PM 2 building a formula string bit by bit ..
6:35PM 2 list manipulation
6:22PM 2 Concatenate a vector into a string, only using distinct component
6:12PM 1 Type I or III SS with mixed model function lme
5:55PM 1 substring
5:40PM 1 Plotting separate populations in scatterplot3d
5:34PM 0 Solving for parameter values at likelihood points
5:32PM 3 rggobi is crashing R-2.7.0
4:52PM 1 trouble installing Rmpi on 64-bit Ubuntu 8.04 with openmpi
4:52PM 0 "Negative memory size": -1012.854
4:43PM 4 General Plotting Question
4:34PM 4 categorical data analysis
4:15PM 2 unable to use functions require DLL from package "base"
4:07PM 4 Is there in R a function equivalent to the mround, as found in most spreadsheets?
3:54PM 0 Announcement: support of littler, rkward and rpy on Debian/Ubuntu
3:46PM 1 Scatter Plot - 3 vectors side by side
3:25PM 1 split and subset
3:06PM 2 To preserve the class "Matrix"
2:31PM 1 How to put different color in some portion of a surface plot?
1:58PM 1 Significance analysis of Microarrays (SAM)
1:47PM 2 single plot statement, multiple plots
12:48PM 0 Error in FUN(newX[, i], ...) : no complete element pairs in R 2.7.0 patched
12:26PM 1 Dendrogram label size
12:23PM 1 Spacing between lattice panels
9:52AM 2 Lattice problems / cannot load lattice
9:45AM 1 Regarding nls()
8:32AM 0 Model Based Bootstrap
7:32AM 1 ggplo2: x_discrete labels size/direction
6:29AM 0 Wholesale and retail data analysis tasks
5:37AM 5 How do I write a sum of matrixes??
3:21AM 1 question about se of predicted glm values
12:53AM 1 adding an argument to ...
Monday May 5 2008
11:55PM 2 Gravity (spatial interaction) models in R
11:19PM 1 two-sample mean difference
10:46PM 3 merge numerous columns of unequal length
9:51PM 1 Limitation to R Question
9:12PM 3 downloading packages at local disk
7:27PM 2 rpart for survival fits
7:18PM 2 pwr package
7:02PM 2 axis and tick widths decoupled (especially in rugs!)
6:34PM 1 proportional test on epicalc library vs. Jerrold H. Zar.
5:39PM 1 computational ontology to research questions, and statistical methods
5:10PM 3 Plotting points on line graphs using xYplot in Hmisc
4:34PM 1 genotypes simulation
3:55PM 0 mboost partial contribution plots
3:21PM 2 RODBC and schemas
2:48PM 4 Column renaming
2:16PM 2 Finding non disjoint regular expressions
2:03PM 2 bwplot
1:59PM 0 kendall tau a,b,c
1:40PM 0 Most probable number
1:04PM 1 Problems using rfImpute
12:56PM 2 envelope line from a cloud of points
12:49PM 2 Character entry mismatch in the console window
11:47AM 1 how to plots two pairwise data sets into a same graph
11:14AM 0 batchfiles 0-4.1
11:07AM 1 Count data in random Forest
3:59AM 2 splitting a vector on comma
1:42AM 0 quantitative spectra analysis
Sunday May 4 2008
11:39PM 1 calling a C program from R
11:03PM 1 Residual resampling for non linear reg model
7:30PM 2 plotting pie-charts into a coordinate system
7:25PM 1 Validating a mixed-effects model
6:33PM 0 Text shrinking in pdf graphics
5:26PM 2 Categorizing Fonts using Statistical Methods
3:39PM 1 adaptive optimization of mesh size
3:24PM 0 help with mars output
11:13AM 1 (no subject)
9:56AM 2 Ancova_non-normality of errors
4:05AM 1 Is my understanding of rlnorm correct?
2:00AM 4 improvement of Ancova analysis
Saturday May 3 2008
7:43PM 1 recode involving a count rule
7:29PM 2 Stacked bar plot anomaly When column contains a negative and a positive value
4:23PM 0 factor analysis for binary data with FactoMineR package
1:23PM 0 Thanks to Mark, Henrique, and Jorge
11:48AM 0 Predictive Analytics Online Training, Half-Price thru 5/21
3:40AM 2 help with subset
1:02AM 3 Excluding/removing row and column names on text output files
12:41AM 1 ESS and Xemacs version 21.5.28
12:08AM 4 interactive rotatable 3d scatterplot
Friday May 2 2008
11:13PM 0 Adaptive design code
11:08PM 1 Phil Spector's book
10:43PM 2 Coercing by/tapply to data.frame for more than two indices?
10:13PM 2 barplot with log base 2 scale or shift the x-axis
9:27PM 3 data transformation
8:24PM 2 .Rprofile is being executed twice
8:06PM 1 GLMM and data manipulation (2nd try)
7:58PM 0 plot size vs. text size
7:52PM 1 adjusting plot vs font size in a plot
7:50PM 1 cor.test like cor?
7:37PM 1 Errors using nlme's gls with autocorrelation
6:57PM 0 New package: profr 0.1 - an alternative display for profiling information
6:47PM 0 xYplot legend keys labels
6:35PM 2 Extract lags from a formula
6:13PM 3 Loading large files in R
5:54PM 2 my first post to the list
5:49PM 2 expand.grid using a repeated vector as a parameter
5:44PM 0 WGEE
5:36PM 0 Post-hoc repeated measures ANOVA
5:31PM 0 partial residuals
5:14PM 1 png misbehaving with levelplot when inside a loop
5:04PM 1 A horizontal or vertical line draw on mosaic plot?
4:17PM 1 wrong path to helpfiles
4:05PM 2 Transform values from one column into column names of new dataframe
3:24PM 2 mosaic plot of "vcd" package does not stretch with 2-dimension?
3:08PM 1 How to parse XML
2:19PM 2 Accesing data frame members from within functions
1:59PM 1 error in using by + median
1:52PM 3 points size in plots
1:12PM 0 isotonic/ordered heterogeneity tests
12:57PM 0 stdFit
12:40PM 1 Errors bar in barchart
12:20PM 1 Error in downViewport.vpPath(vpPathDirect(name)
11:48AM 1 Cant resolve Error Message
11:07AM 0 to cairo or not to cairo
11:01AM 0 Help with apply and split...
9:48AM 3 removing rows from matrix
4:27AM 4 to extract particular date/data
3:44AM 1 axis 1 and axis 2 margin
12:52AM 1 Speedups with Ra and jit
12:34AM 0 2d cross-correlation / convolution
Thursday May 1 2008
11:08PM 2 A plot of factor data?
9:00PM 2 howto import .xls and .ods
8:20PM 2 Error while making R package
6:55PM 1 Locale problem with umlauts in factor levels in 2.7.0 (patched) from grid or lattice
5:56PM 1 Data manipulation for random intercept GLMM
5:42PM 0 customization of pairwise comparison plots
4:27PM 2 regular expression question
4:26PM 0 how to clear window in mac version of R?
4:07PM 2 need help on ICC for a questionnaire
2:53PM 0 R_PROFILE problem (UNIX)
2:52PM 3 elseif syntax
2:47PM 0 forecasting with frequency greater than 24
2:00PM 2 How to count the overlapped in two vectors
1:56PM 4 Making a map in R?
1:31PM 3 how to not sort factors when plotting
1:01PM 1 Optimal knot locations for splines
12:27PM 0 Anderson-Darling Test for beta distribution
7:26AM 2 Installing Packages in Windows Vista -- YES I tried Run as Administrator
3:56AM 4 efficient code - yet another question
3:45AM 1 Forecasting observations in ARFIMA
2:32AM 2 using the sink() function in a for-look
2:29AM 0 (no subject)