R help - Apr 2008

Wednesday April 30 2008
11:42PM 1 R isn't finding tcltk
10:55PM 0 why my code is not computing significance level and power correctly
9:04PM 0 Fwd: Why R is 200 times slower than Matlab ?
8:52PM 2 arcsine transformation
8:51PM 2 Lattice book
8:26PM 0 Getting variable names from as.matrix
8:15PM 8 Why R is 200 times slower than Matlab ?
7:55PM 1 How to fit parametric survival model using counting process data
7:35PM 3 How to stop buffering of "cat"
6:52PM 1 Aggregate() questions
6:40PM 2 ordering a factor in boxplot output
6:06PM 2 Bug? in summary( ) function base package
4:58PM 1 sudden problem with script
4:04PM 0 randomForest interaction detection
3:33PM 3 checking whether a file is empty
3:30PM 1 error with lme within a loop
2:58PM 0 Test its performace on new data of a established neural network or SVM model
2:35PM 2 wireframe - add data points
2:09PM 1 Tab-delimited AOV summaries
12:54PM 0 dlda scores
11:34AM 2 fCopulae
11:06AM 0 rmvbin
10:54AM 2 fft: characteristic function to distribution
10:51AM 3 missing values in document
10:27AM 2 Summary statistics across factor levels
9:57AM 1 + and - in RODBC : no longer considered factors
9:34AM 0 randomForest weighting of variables and count data
7:31AM 1 What are ties? Wilcox u-test
3:08AM 2 boxplots
3:03AM 2 Can R do rts (Regular Time Series) like S-Plus?
1:39AM 2 Empty Set In a Set
12:54AM 3 Cross Spectrum Analysis
12:06AM 0 kernel matching pursuit
Tuesday April 29 2008
11:07PM 2 Problem installing packages
10:52PM 1 behaviour of .Fortran in terms of "double precision" and "real" datatype
10:13PM 1 Error in building ROracle in Windows with R 2.6.2 and Oracle 10g.
9:22PM 1 for loop in nls function
9:12PM 0 Looking for Post-hoc tests (a la TukeyHSD) or interaction-level independent contrasts for survival analysis.
9:06PM 1 AIC extract and comparison
8:37PM 1 A Maze Generator
8:26PM 0 Annoying bug (?) in package cairoDevice
8:08PM 1 Annoying bug in package cairoDevice
7:46PM 1 c code working in linux and hanging in windows
7:40PM 0 tcltk
7:16PM 4 Applying user function over a large matrix
7:12PM 2 Help on extract paramters from fitted models
6:12PM 0 panel.xyplot()
5:49PM 0 Statistical Methods and Software for the Analysis of Occupational Exposure Data With Non-Detectable Values
5:23PM 1 R code for weighted Deming regression?
5:21PM 5 If(cond) statement
4:19PM 2 Calling R from C - part way there but need a push!
4:04PM 1 Concatenate variables and quoted text for output filenames
3:39PM 1 Consecutive zeros in a vector
3:22PM 1 how to solve a power series linear coefficient equation
3:14PM 1 How to hide the warnings
3:11PM 1 deleting variables
2:53PM 2 ggplot2: labels and breaks order does not match and I can't use scale_fill_identity
2:42PM 1 merging multiple data frames with different numbers of rows
1:53PM 2 Get inside a function the name of a variable called as argument?
1:37PM 4 XML write?
1:32PM 0 How do I specify a model with nested random terms?
1:20PM 2 function to generate weights for lm?
1:05PM 1 ggplot2: setting global graphic parameters with png driver
1:04PM 0 prediction in coxph
12:52PM 7 How do you test for "consecutivity"?
12:39PM 1 NumDeriv - derivatives of covariance matrix
12:37PM 1 randomForest and ordered factors
12:37PM 1 data management (subsetting and recombining)
11:27AM 2 Running regression (lm, lrm) 100+ times and saving the results as matrix
11:06AM 0 I can not open R (UNCLASSIFIED)
9:14AM 2 Legend problem when exporting a plot to PDF
8:38AM 1 generic question ==>> mapping Longhurst biogeochemical ocean provinces in R
8:19AM 0 Using machine learning model to work on new data
7:52AM 2 Variogram problem
7:23AM 3 generic question -> Genomics with R
6:40AM 3 Simulation study in R
6:27AM 0 nls plinear formula
3:42AM 2 how to find the minimum
1:32AM 1 R help
Monday April 28 2008
11:55PM 0 lattice panle.segment()
11:07PM 1 empirical null distribution
10:49PM 0 Two graphs on one using barchart
10:49PM 0 (no subject)
9:58PM 2 F values from a Repeated Measures aov
9:37PM 1 strptime format argument
9:22PM 3 R on X11 under Linux (newbie)
9:07PM 0 restricting pairwise comparisons of interaction effects
8:27PM 2 time zone conversion
7:57PM 0 SOLVED plotting time series
7:18PM 1 question on prediction in coxph
7:14PM 1 plotting time series
6:29PM 1 tips to speed up sqlSave with MS SQL Server?
4:50PM 0 Special Offer on Chapman & Hall Publications
4:42PM 2 Problems with Rscript executable.
4:12PM 1 choosing a random element from a vector
3:21PM 1 problem with fisher.test
2:40PM 3 data.frame indexing
1:22PM 2 call function immediately before plot.new()
1:11PM 5 Fractional Factorial Design
12:56PM 0 weighted nonlinear fits: `nls' and `eval'
12:29PM 1 error in summary.Design
12:26PM 0 how to use the result obtained from Deal Package
12:23PM 0 Hidden Markov model in R: books or tutorial biomed/ecology slant
11:49AM 1 variable names when using S3 methods
11:12AM 1 Set of well distinguishable line types?
8:27AM 2 completion doesn't work anymore
7:57AM 1 Survival Regression with multiple events per subject
7:54AM 1 R on an Asus Eee PC (step-by-step guide)
7:41AM 0 An Advanced Course on the S Language, Amsterdam, June 6th
7:06AM 5 Combine Values into a Vector or List
3:24AM 0 problem in fisher.test
12:45AM 1 Grouped data
12:15AM 1 Label Rotation when Plotting with Factors
12:10AM 1 Making color gradient
Sunday April 27 2008
9:41PM 1 problem with size of array
7:03PM 2 R instalation on Ubuntu 7.10
5:52PM 1 Help with installing R on Red Hat linux 4
4:25PM 1 parallel max, min, and median of dataframe columns
3:36PM 1 Adding rownames with different lengths to a table
2:25PM 2 Using R under Ubuntu...
2:25PM 0 Adding text above a table
1:04PM 2 Raising a matrix to the (-1/2) power.
7:24AM 1 An ANOVA test that uses a distance matrix like hierarchical cluster analysis?
6:41AM 2 how to modify the histogram's frequencies
12:32AM 1 system.time()
12:04AM 1 Lists of data.frame
Saturday April 26 2008
11:53PM 1 reading information
11:14PM 2 Calling a stored model within the predict() function
11:04PM 1 integration error when I use "optim" and "integrate" simultaneously
7:30PM 6 resolution (dpi) problem
5:29PM 1 nested anova and multiple comparisons
3:42PM 0 Consistency of m-shapiro.test
2:40PM 1 How to use the optim function if the length of the objective function is greater than 1?
12:58PM 0 Help with simulation of heteroskedasticity
12:51PM 1 sys.time question - how to improve R performance
10:22AM 6 quasi-random sequences
9:59AM 1 Variables selection in Neural Networks
3:28AM 2 3 questions: debug R script, multi-level sorts, and multi-gsub
1:50AM 0 Another Question Regarding the nnet package
Friday April 25 2008
11:58PM 0 function clogit
11:55PM 1 Summarize data for MCA (FactoMineR)
11:47PM 1 R question about prediction from a fitted model
11:34PM 2 Ubuntu vs Mac OS X
11:24PM 0 Details regarding the nnet package
9:54PM 4 Equivalent of Excel pivot tables in R
9:53PM 0 hist densities
5:12PM 1 making a dll for windows eviornment for R
4:44PM 1 vioplot kernel smooth via density kernel smooth
3:40PM 0 Rows assignment
3:31PM 0 FASeg
3:26PM 1 fix variance parameter values for lmer estimation
2:40PM 2 join chars in loops
2:14PM 0 remarks on function pnbeta
1:55PM 2 Extracting coefficients' standard errors from linear model
1:34PM 1 package compilation: including external libraries in windows compilation
12:36PM 1 No rule to make target 'R/Copy'
9:32AM 1 grid() : start values?
8:33AM 5 Non-linear system of equations
7:57AM 3 How to overlap two density plots?
7:40AM 4 Constructing dummy variables for months for a time series object
7:05AM 2 request for Unsubscribe
4:37AM 2 force glm estimates to be nonnegative
2:39AM 2 Differentiate alphanumeric vs numeric strings
2:21AM 3 Use of survreg.distributions
12:25AM 1 Help on read in a txt file
Thursday April 24 2008
11:12PM 1 Sum of random values
10:02PM 2 matrix from list
9:37PM 2 Using image function to plot character values
9:18PM 3 How to test for NULL?
9:18PM 1 system() function
8:43PM 2 why R doesn't recognize my file?
7:40PM 1 Obtaining correlation parameters for multiple rows
7:29PM 2 a simple question of importing data
6:19PM 0 extracting averages from smooth.ppp output on spatstat
6:15PM 0 help with image.smooth
6:13PM 1 re shaping "long-form" longitudinal data from sql query
5:54PM 2 alternatives to RColorBrewer?
4:58PM 2 R Newbie Question/Data Model
4:47PM 1 truncate row names
2:49PM 2 inverse F distribution in R?
2:33PM 0 temporal dependence?
2:24PM 0 Name of objects in a list
1:49PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 62, Issue 24
1:44PM 1 R and condor
1:40PM 0 R for HP Integrity Superdome...
1:36PM 0 permutation of the rows of a matrix that minimizes the distance to another matrix
1:01PM 1 Passing Inf from R to C using .C("myLibC"...
12:14PM 1 Extracting factor columns from a data frame
11:54AM 0 logit newbie question...
11:24AM 0 Memory usage
10:28AM 2 changing format of a float value to another
9:34AM 4 bug in file.path?
7:41AM 2 Factor to numeric
5:57AM 0 Coefficient of determination in a regression model with AR(1) residuals
3:46AM 2 problem with "which"
3:23AM 3 plotting two functions
12:25AM 1 mysterious (to me) automatic loading of packages when R starts up
Wednesday April 23 2008
11:19PM 2 Replecing empty values with a letter (continuation)
11:16PM 0 (no subject)
10:18PM 1 printing to the console in color
9:14PM 1 64 bit Linux/Ubuntu memory limit problem?
9:02PM 1 Compiling msm on Fedora Core Linux
8:44PM 4 filled contour plots
8:39PM 1 BB - a new package for solving nonlinear system of equations and for optimization with simple constraints
8:26PM 1 combining two (or more) tables by creating another dimension
8:21PM 2 help on coxph.wtest
7:51PM 1 Minimise a parameter of a given function f, with f > 0
7:42PM 2 Can I get rid of this for loop using apply?
4:59PM 0 Course*** R/S-Plus Advanced Programming ****by XLSolutions Corp / May 2008 in San Francisco
4:48PM 1 pdf() and histogram() in function call
4:23PM 1 significant variables in GPLS ?
4:09PM 0 nested time series data with measurement error
3:06PM 1 help needed: Plotting step by step.
2:42PM 1 ccf and covariance
2:00PM 0 Luis Miguel Delgado Gomez/BBK está ausente de la oficina.
1:29PM 2 Import_from_outputfile
12:38PM 2 ROracle error at step 1
10:58AM 1 Density estimation
10:13AM 1 Time arithmetic
10:11AM 0 new package multipol
9:42AM 1 Problems with Windows RGUI R-2.7.0 when PATH includes 'æ'
8:55AM 0 R appears not to reallocate memory on linux
7:50AM 1 find directories
7:13AM 3 select rows from data based on a vector of char strings
6:51AM 3 Writing list object to a file
4:46AM 0 multidim package
4:40AM 0 R 2.7.0 in Ubuntu
12:42AM 0 data for metaMDS (diagnostic tips) please help
12:26AM 1 k-means: should columns in dataset be in same scale?
12:25AM 1 difftime result in years?
12:19AM 1 problem with data for metaMDS analysis please help
12:17AM 2 Incrementing Dates
12:14AM 0 Problem with Species x Site matrix please help
Tuesday April 22 2008
11:49PM 2 nth step transition matrices
11:32PM 1 Comparing kendall's tau values?
8:57PM 1 levels in dataframes
8:40PM 0 R-Forge vs. RForge
8:23PM 1 lmer model building--include random effects?
8:19PM 4 Ubuntu vs. Windows
6:40PM 2 optimization setup
5:30PM 3 Using the 'by' function within a 'for' loop
4:59PM 2 bootstrap for confidence intervals of the mean
4:47PM 0 intervention analysis for time series
3:55PM 1 subset and boxplots
3:21PM 1 Feed list of vectors to vioplot()?
3:01PM 4 Modeling presence only data in R
2:35PM 0 Bar Chart help!
2:22PM 2 Getting rid of borders on semi-transparent plotting symbols
1:33PM 0 Vector format importation from R to OpenOffice
1:15PM 0 Research Notes
1:05PM 3 how to read in multiple files with unequal number of columns
11:40AM 2 cloud plot has white(transparent?) background
11:18AM 1 spline
10:21AM 0 Downweighting of cases in GLM
9:52AM 2 removing zero rows from matrix/table
9:50AM 2 optimization and gradient
8:53AM 1 bar-chart help
8:16AM 3 R 2.7.0 is released
7:24AM 0 how to calcualte the predicted value of dependent varialbe using gsl package
7:09AM 1 g(x,y) = f(x,y) - e(x)- e(y)?
2:46AM 2 Multidimensional contingency tables
2:00AM 1 read variable global in R tcltk
1:47AM 2 Named arrays
1:40AM 4 how to convert non numeric data into numeric?
Monday April 21 2008
11:59PM 1 Coding methods for factors
11:56PM 0 subset and plot
10:46PM 1 getting off this mailing list
10:09PM 1 Use of recordPlot
9:56PM 5 Documentation General Comments
9:47PM 2 "spreadsheet" in plot
8:03PM 0 Summary of importing vector graphic formats written by R into Open Office
7:11PM 1 finding an unknown distribution
7:11PM 1 jpeg legend space issues
6:49PM 1 Analysis of Epidemiological Data Using R
5:40PM 0 Using the 'by' function withing a 'for' loop
5:37PM 1 Adding number of non-NAs to boxplot
5:27PM 1 Change the core code
4:02PM 0 Problem with graphic exhibition in Java using JRI
3:56PM 2 logit GLM without intercept
3:44PM 1 Avoiding a loop
3:03PM 2 Bar Charts
2:28PM 0 Array within an array
2:19PM 0 pairs diagram of qq plots?
1:45PM 0 External regressors in GARCH
1:15PM 1 estimate of overdispersion with glm.nb
1:02PM 1 Labelling a secondary axis in R
12:54PM 1 Regression inclusion of variable, effect on coefficients
12:43PM 2 Deleting rows with missing data
12:39PM 2 Trend test for survival data
12:23PM 1 ANCOVA
11:59AM 3 optFederov/AlgDesign - help avail?
11:09AM 1 Symbolic Integration in R
11:05AM 3 change column names of several data frames
10:16AM 1 Creation of dialog box
10:05AM 3 another matrix question
10:00AM 0 Upload HardyWeinberg package (1.1)
9:54AM 4 matrix problem
9:32AM 2 Data labels in barchart (lattice)
8:59AM 2 graphics history
8:40AM 1 UTF-8 or Unicode on Windows PC
7:17AM 1 How can we predict the value of dependent variable using independent variable
7:03AM 3 means and variances of several groups in the matrix
6:58AM 3 rbugs on linux and wine
1:23AM 2 How to do survival analysis with time-related IVs?
12:20AM 3 Choice of notch size in R
Sunday April 20 2008
10:17PM 1 Reg. consensus ranking
10:05PM 1 Stepwise logistic regression....take too long...
8:11PM 1 Attempting to sync x-axis labels with grid lines in lattice bwplot
6:31PM 1 Equivalent of intervals() in lmer
5:35PM 1 How to read last (incomplete) line from gzfile()?
2:06PM 1 representing binary data for Genetic Algorithm in R
1:40PM 3 Problem with object inside a function
6:36AM 1 Scaling in predict.prcomp
4:33AM 1 rgl snapshot
2:53AM 0 PCA / PLS for serially correlated samples
2:15AM 0 simulation and solution to SDE with jumps and point processes?
Saturday April 19 2008
11:00PM 3 R question for Stata users
10:06PM 7 Re ad From EXCEL
9:51PM 1 Feature selection
8:29PM 1 resampling from distributions
5:18PM 1 Error: value of 'SET_CXTAIL' must be a char or NULL, not a 'char'
5:14PM 1 installing r-base on suse 10.3
4:43PM 1 superposing a group of x,y-plot points
1:04PM 1 Query: how to group data by months from a text file
11:26AM 1 Making the size of bar charts smaller
10:30AM 1 Inverse transform after applying function in frequency domain?
6:30AM 1 Mantel-Haenszel for 2x2
6:19AM 2 multiple separators in sep argument for read.table?
6:18AM 2 problem in caluclaring the multiple regression
4:53AM 0 how to calculate the predicted value for the multiple regression
4:46AM 1 Regular Expressions Help
1:21AM 1 How to insert a vector or matrix into an existing matrix
12:56AM 0 Problem with JGR_1.5-18
Friday April 18 2008
11:16PM 0 Distribution Graph Idea/Help
9:53PM 1 2.2e-16 a magic number? ks.test help
9:22PM 1 Bug in Merge?
8:02PM 2 using rbind() on multiple objects at once
7:46PM 2 Line-wrap problem
7:40PM 1 Embedding fonts in pdfs
6:45PM 2 Correspondence and detrended correspondence analysis
6:23PM 2 RPy
6:17PM 0 Fw: efficiently replacing values in a matrix
3:41PM 4 Legend Clipping
3:05PM 3 help me to debug this part of code?
2:44PM 2 rzinb (VGAM) and dnbinom in optim
2:06PM 2 R CMD check <PACKAGE> Error
1:43PM 0 new candisc package on CRAN
1:13PM 0 survreg with frailty
12:54PM 0 Labels in cluster nodes
12:22PM 3 Function redefinition - not urgent, but I am curious
12:01PM 1 ts.plot() labeling x-axis
10:31AM 1 Working with graphs.
10:00AM 1 Vertical bars with barchart
9:55AM 1 spdep question - Moran's I
8:55AM 2 Is there any function to skip a loop in a for loop ?
8:19AM 1 space between plots
8:08AM 1 validation of logistic regression model with weighted presences and absences
8:06AM 1 Overall p-value from a factor in a coxph fit
7:15AM 3 Permanent change to the working directory
5:59AM 0 how to find the multiregression on the
5:49AM 7 problem in installing R packages on linux
2:50AM 0 lme in R and Splus
1:05AM 5 vector in filename
Thursday April 17 2008
11:09PM 0 Reg. Consensus ranking.
11:07PM 1 multivariate time series
10:40PM 1 How to extract vectors from an arima() object and into a data frame?
10:23PM 2 glm(quasipoisson) with non-integer response
9:54PM 1 Finding a path using the Graph package
9:37PM 1 Help with using 'get' function and variable scope
8:54PM 0 Help on vectorizing
7:46PM 0 interaction effects in probits
7:23PM 0 grouping/clustering of subjects in multivariate linear models
7:00PM 1 how to use a function in aggregate which accepts matrix and outputs matrix?
5:50PM 1 spatialpixelsdataframe
4:30PM 1 odfWeave \Sexpr
4:20PM 1 Having a probelm woth creating a a simple chart.
4:05PM 1 Moving from Splus to R: irregular and regular time series
3:44PM 2 Design and analysis of mixture experiments
3:22PM 1 Row mean scores differ
2:52PM 2 Conditionally swap items in a data frame
2:19PM 2 CRAN packages hosting policy
1:28PM 4 replace NULL with NA in matrix
1:16PM 2 pnbinom.c qnorm.c
12:59PM 1 survreg() with frailty
12:41PM 0 R work offer
12:25PM 0 RExcelInstaller
11:58AM 0 Regarding Exponentail in R Stat
11:15AM 0 R Error
10:36AM 1 Problem with links in R website
9:01AM 0 statistical computing and graphics
8:49AM 0 linear contrasts in coxph?
8:31AM 1 bty
6:31AM 0 A problem with jointprior (Deal package)
5:54AM 0 Fwd: A problem with jointprior
5:24AM 1 Error in Design package: dataset not found for options(datadist)
2:29AM 1 NA problem when use paste function
1:26AM 2 Suggestions: Terminology & Pkgs for following spectra over time
12:56AM 2 how to connect dots by passing NA
12:12AM 1 Constrained Nelder-Mead
Wednesday April 16 2008
11:40PM 1 Converting from encapsulated postscript to encapsulated pdf
11:32PM 3 Problems with R2WinBUGS
11:09PM 0 Instantaneous hazard of an event i.e. death
11:04PM 1 package update
7:56PM 2 Weekdays only on x-axis
7:52PM 1 efficiently replacing values in a matrix
7:51PM 1 Meaning of /, :, and %in% in lmer
4:19PM 1 Confidence intervals of log transformed data
4:17PM 0 ARAR Time Series Analysis in R
4:00PM 2 Post hoc tests with lme
2:59PM 3 memory issues
2:42PM 0 Don't understand error-message (from lattice, I think)
1:58PM 1 sensitivity analysis
1:57PM 0 New Special Interest Group Mailing List - R-sig-ecology
12:00PM 1 identical scales per panel with relation="free"
11:46AM 1 What objects will save.image saves ? And how to specify objects to be saved..
11:20AM 1 SVG format from any R graphic GUI?
10:57AM 0 Data envelopment analysis and FEAR
10:56AM 1 save a graph in horizontal way (using pdf())
10:28AM 1 Load the shared object/DLL
10:27AM 1 transposition problem
10:21AM 3 X 11
6:14AM 2 Blank windows in Rcmdr
5:28AM 1 Brown-Forsythe F* Statistic
1:59AM 0 R with commercial license / technical support?
1:53AM 1 How to test if t[["cat"]] exists ?
1:36AM 1 Making a data frame into a factor ?
12:36AM 1 How to get assign an vector of words to associative array ?
Tuesday April 15 2008
11:20PM 1 Including Java files in R Package
10:59PM 1 disturbing seed dependence in optim L-BFGS-B method
10:35PM 2 Transposing Data Frame does not return numeric entries
10:23PM 4 Displaying Grahics to the X Window when calling R from command line
9:43PM 1 SVD of a variance matrix
9:22PM 4 heavy graphs
6:49PM 1 Predicting ordinal outcomes using lrm{Design}
4:13PM 1 sign(<permutation>) in R ?
4:12PM 3 R memory issue for writing out the file
3:59PM 1 codes for MCMC
3:51PM 1 plotmath
3:38PM 1 Weibull
2:39PM 1 Text-based graphics/plots
2:38PM 2 a question of alphabetical order
1:35PM 1 reusing custom functions, how to ?
1:31PM 1 p-values always identical for t.test of certain group of samples, why ?
12:28PM 4 = vs. ==?
11:28AM 1 by inconsistently strips class - with fix
11:18AM 1 plot data with a colour scale
10:27AM 1 why does regexpr not work with '.'
10:19AM 1 [R-SIG-Mac] language
9:51AM 2 How can I import user-defined missings from Spss?
9:10AM 1 read.table and column class
9:07AM 1 glm syntax question
8:59AM 0 Rterm under cygwin hangs after screensaver kicks in
8:56AM 1 bootstrapping and penalizing regression
8:51AM 2 why incomplete lmer output?
4:14AM 2 glht with a glm using a Gamma distribution
12:10AM 6 looking for a string
Monday April 14 2008
10:56PM 2 Plotting with exact axis limits
10:09PM 1 Please help me
10:07PM 0 merca duria desea chatear
9:38PM 1 Formula with no intercept
9:32PM 1 boxplot tick locations
8:32PM 0 Two Colored Heatmap
8:22PM 0 how to make lien smoothly over barplot
7:44PM 3 how to add different type of lines (short dash, long dash) into current plot)
7:35PM 2 Histogram Label Font Size
7:21PM 1 read data into list of matrix
6:30PM 1 Vegan R^2 and tau values for metaMDS
6:20PM 1 odfWeave: in multi-page plots only last page appears in document
5:03PM 2 linear regression "group by"
5:00PM 0 Need help on histogram
4:09PM 2 how to write a table to pdf
3:51PM 3 Logistic regression
2:14PM 1 Using the Arial font in the plot function.
1:47PM 1 Initialize many variables to NUL, check whether an object exist
1:45PM 1 Non-linearity with Parametric data
1:40PM 1 ctv, install.views, install.packages (& update.packages)
1:38PM 2 What this message means? (spatstat)
12:59PM 2 Power curve for a wilcoxon test
12:32PM 1 Associative array and How to store a set of objects ?
11:32AM 3 Is this an artifact of using "which"?
10:21AM 3 Power curves
10:09AM 3 Merging daily and weekly data
3:56AM 2 looping problem
2:36AM 5 Equivalent to a BY command in SAS
Sunday April 13 2008
10:06PM 0 Calinsky and Harabasz Index for Cluster Determination with Diana in R
9:36PM 2 [Fwd: Re: Response to R across the university]
9:36PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Assigning to multiple variables]
9:20PM 4 R equivalent of erfcinv in matlab
8:56PM 1 Assigning to multiple variables
6:41PM 3 Matched pairs with two data frames
5:47PM 0 Re peatedly apply multiple functions to subsets of data.
5:10PM 2 prediction intervals from a mixed-effects models?
4:30PM 0 R project
3:46PM 1 plotting muliple CI ellipses for EB estimates
1:55PM 1 .Rprofile, date tagging history, loading packages
12:48PM 1 getGraphicsEvent plotting two graph
9:59AM 1 R help for PMML models
8:43AM 2 Arrays and functions
3:57AM 0 How to fill out some columns? (Solved)
12:17AM 1 SPSS to R Data file conversion
Saturday April 12 2008
10:47PM 1 Extracting a data.frame from HTML code
8:08PM 2 nonlinear curve fitting on a torus
6:13PM 0 Multivariate Makov Regime Switch
6:06PM 2 Predict Function
4:35PM 1 Solving ODEs
3:04PM 0 extracting posterior variances of random effects (lme vs. lmer)
2:19PM 1 lm() of one matrix against another
12:50PM 4 Response to R across the university
11:04AM 0 FW:
9:56AM 3 Matrix Indexing
8:01AM 1 R and Excel disagreement - Goal Seek versus uniroot
7:10AM 1 ggplot2 - plot with only legend?
1:44AM 0 Rmpi error messages
Friday April 11 2008
9:55PM 0 image processing and plotting at video rates ?
9:36PM 2 How to fill out some columns?
9:16PM 2 conditioning inside an lapply
7:40PM 1 SQL INSERT using RMySQL
7:01PM 1 polygons on scatterplot3d
6:37PM 2 Questions related to plotting boxplots of time series data
6:35PM 1 Multinomial Logit Regression
6:23PM 1 How to match some patterns in a matrix
6:17PM 1 EM algorithm for multiple-locus haplotypes frequencies
4:59PM 0 dprep, nnet, qda
4:05PM 4 Format regression result summary
3:31PM 1 Read text file subsetting rows
2:32PM 1 Added Variable Plot for Cox Regression
11:50AM 1 import user-defined missings
11:31AM 1 densities from a list with data.frames
11:12AM 3 strsplit and sapply
10:49AM 1 R_alloc vs. malloc
10:46AM 1 How to refer to rows using a vector of row names ?
9:27AM 2 Help load a package into R
8:28AM 1 Error in fromchar(as.character(x)) : character string is not in a standard unambiguous format
7:59AM 1 error from building a package
6:47AM 0 aggregateSeries and seriesData in R?
5:07AM 0 problem of java and R
3:34AM 1 Vegan plotting- color help
2:26AM 1 for loop help
1:37AM 2 system.time gives error when "=" is used for assignment (R-2.6.0)
12:59AM 1 Vegan dataframe not acting nicely
Thursday April 10 2008
10:39PM 0 cls.attrib and integer
9:33PM 1 Fixing the physical size of Trellis graphs panels
9:31PM 0 nonlinear regression problem
8:59PM 1 Degrees of freedom in binomial glm
8:54PM 1 function to calculate networkdays?
8:17PM 1 Row mean scores differ association
8:14PM 2 Relational Databases or XML?
7:51PM 1 Types in grouped multi-panel (lattice) xyplot
6:49PM 0 how to fit a model that is nonlinear with multiplicate errors
6:21PM 0 polytomous or multinomial regression for matched data
5:13PM 1 Problem installing and using package "tseries"
5:03PM 2 subtract the mean from each column
4:59PM 1 Problem with loading package Matrix
4:22PM 2 QP.solve, QPmat, constraint matrix, and positive definite
4:03PM 1 How to replace German umlauts in strings?
3:59PM 0 64-bit/32-bit
3:53PM 1 Tukey in R, extracting values
3:06PM 3 Adding average into a matplot?
2:41PM 1 Structural Modelling in R-project
2:18PM 1 adonis (vegan package) and subsetted factors
2:12PM 1 (no subject)
1:56PM 1 Recovering SPlus GraphSheets
1:46PM 0 quantitative real time PCR
1:32PM 1 New Special Interest Groups?
1:18PM 6 two graphs in one figure?
11:57AM 1 Orthogonal polynomial contrasts
10:02AM 2 New user, requesting help with MAC installation of R
9:20AM 1 bucketing in histograms
9:07AM 2 Beautifying axis tick labels
8:57AM 2 how to read data from table based a condition
8:18AM 1 Stderr
7:49AM 0 Adding columns to a grouped data frame
6:29AM 1 legend placement
5:43AM 0 Question: ACD?
5:12AM 1 Fit a nonlinear regression model with power exponentially distributed errors
3:20AM 1 I have a 3 by 2 plots per page. How do I specify a title at the top centre of each page ?
3:18AM 6 How to create a legend without plot, and to use scientific notation for axes label ?
12:20AM 1 Computing time when calling C functions - why does an extra function call induce such an overhead?
12:15AM 4 Huber-white cluster s.e. after optim?
Wednesday April 9 2008
11:18PM 3 LSODA not accurate when RK4 is; what's going on?
11:00PM 1 simple intro to cluster analysis using R
10:35PM 0 Endogenous variables in ordinal logistic (or probit) regression
10:26PM 2 loading an updated version of a package during an active R session?
9:07PM 1 If statements for vectors
8:58PM 1 vectorized way to combine levels of a factor
8:09PM 1 read table not reading lines containing single quotes
7:22PM 1 creating expression with for-loop
6:37PM 4 Skipping specified rows in scan or read.table
6:28PM 0 How do I get the parameters out of e1071's svm?
6:08PM 2 GLM fitting in R and Statistica
6:08PM 3 permutation/randomization
5:17PM 2 How to estimate a hazard ratio using an external hazard function
3:52PM 1 R beginner - how to apply function to more than one matrix / data.array / ...
3:20PM 11 Number of words in a string
3:18PM 1 mgcv::predict.gam lpmatrix for prediction outside of R
3:12PM 3 Changing default plot behaviour
2:48PM 0 Proportional Hazard mixture cure model
2:47PM 1 Coefficient of determination for generalized linear models
1:52PM 0 AnnotationDBI and RSQLite installation problem
1:27PM 0 RcmdrPlugin.Export_0.2-0 released
12:53PM 1 Vectorize tapply(...,cumsum) output
12:39PM 2 Adding text to strip in xYplot
10:55AM 4 apply lm() for all the columns of a matrix
9:32AM 2 problem with basic boolean selection in sequence
9:04AM 0 R: Replace values according to conditions
8:53AM 2 fuzzy merge
8:02AM 0 publish R on gotAPI ?
7:32AM 1 Replace values according to conditions
6:40AM 1 Correlation between two multi-dimensional matrices
6:00AM 1 preallocating matrices and rda read-back objects
1:38AM 0 problem in ls.ranking.capa.ident mehod
1:04AM 0 energy 1.1-0 with dcov
12:26AM 1 R in a cluster environment?
12:04AM 1 chi-square test
Tuesday April 8 2008
10:30PM 1 Overlapping distributions (populations) - assigning an individual to a population?
8:36PM 2 "preferred" version of Linux for R?
8:28PM 4 fit points to plane
7:30PM 1 Smoothing 3 D data
7:18PM 3 simple graphing question
7:15PM 1 reading in a Fortran binary array
7:11PM 1 Combining many csv files into one and adding a column with an id of each csv file read
7:06PM 2 Separate y-limits in xYplot panels II
6:50PM 1 distance matrix as text file - how to import?
6:24PM 2 diagonally fill a rectangle with color gradient
5:47PM 1 plot function / par() settings
5:44PM 2 Problem with NA data when computing standard error
4:57PM 0 nonlinear regression model to data with power exponential distributed errors
4:47PM 3 post hoc statistical power
4:46PM 0 RSPerl & threads II
4:39PM 0 Goodness of fit tests
4:29PM 0 RSPerl & threads
4:01PM 2 Help me about singular error nls
3:43PM 1 save multiple pages lattice-plot
3:30PM 1 Split
3:24PM 1 how to check if a variable is preferentially present in a sample
2:26PM 4 Practical Data Limitations with R
2:18PM 0 Porting from 1 stats platform to another
1:59PM 1 Change the position of panel strips in a lattice plot.
1:20PM 1 Install spatstat package on gentoo
1:17PM 4 permutation test assumption?
12:33PM 2 Metropolis acceptance rates
12:19PM 1 Mode Vs Class
10:14AM 1 Weibull maximum likelihood estimates for censored data
9:22AM 1 Legend on plots when using Cairo
9:17AM 1 sample size for log-rank test with more than 2 groups
9:15AM 1 question about nlminb
9:14AM 2 tapply
6:48AM 1 help
6:48AM 2 plotmath "overstrikes" in output on a Linux system
2:30AM 2 Error: expected the collection operator c error pos 98 (error on line 1)
2:00AM 1 error using method ls.ranking.capa.ident
12:48AM 1 lme and confidence intervals
12:42AM 1 Question Regarding 'pipe'
Monday April 7 2008
11:33PM 1 Installation issue R 2.6.1
10:24PM 3 findGlobals on apply
9:57PM 2 predict.lm() question
8:01PM 2 How to add background color of a 2D chart by quadrant
7:20PM 1 Anova function and glm.nb
6:30PM 1 re garding Garch prediction mechanism
6:02PM 1 Width of text displayed in R
5:47PM 2 read.table with multiple header lines
5:04PM 2 Naming rows oe columns in a data frame.
4:34PM 2 Quick fix formatting
4:33PM 3 Extract values from a named array
4:28PM 1 java applets
4:14PM 0 Translating NLMIXED in nlme
3:46PM 0 problem with normality tests using fBasics
3:34PM 2 basehaz and newdata
3:02PM 1 problem- Unable To Locate DLL
2:20PM 2 Matching pairs from two data frame
2:16PM 2 tcltk issue remains
2:13PM 1 test for the variance of a normal population
1:50PM 3 rgl_0.70.553.tar.gz install
12:43PM 0 Problem with garchFit [C1]
12:25PM 0 Published or in-press work using nlme or lme4
10:40AM 2 pie graphic
9:44AM 1 sorting matrix for rownames
9:31AM 1 Loop for in R to generate several variables
8:19AM 1 plot with standar deviation (use abline and mad())
8:08AM 1 Builind C code for R with cygwin [C1]
6:41AM 0 tweedie model
6:13AM 5 How to pack my stuff into a package (library, collection)?
4:42AM 1 function for between-groups covariance matrix?
3:15AM 1 getting numeric arrays from data frame
1:08AM 1 How to include a vignette with my package?
12:06AM 1 'URCA' is not a valid package Error
Sunday April 6 2008
11:48PM 0 mgcv::gam prediction using lpmatrix
11:14PM 2 Executing a telnet session from R
10:58PM 1 R, VR, and Debian
10:07PM 1 Error message "got a real'
8:57PM 3 Multiset Permutations
6:44PM 0 R code for eta
6:14PM 1 dots and substitute
6:07PM 1 row by row similarity
3:48PM 1 Strange message when plot function used..
3:40PM 3 [OT] Typesetting / highlighting R code in Latex
3:31PM 0 Mac install
1:04PM 3 how to manupute data frame with conditions fill cell with previous value if next cell is zero
8:51AM 1 [R-SIG-Mac] sizing of quartz
7:47AM 1 What to use for assignment, " = " or " <- "?
6:06AM 0 Clustering for variable reduction
5:44AM 0 help where is the problem?
5:26AM 1 lme cant get parameter estimated correctly
1:05AM 1 basics on dataframes
Saturday April 5 2008
9:06PM 1 missing value with sign observed
4:39PM 2 pearson's correlation
1:53PM 0 Exporting graphics: labels made with identify disappear
1:12PM 1 bug? nlme 3.1-88 compilation under linx
10:25AM 2 Conditional ploting with logical vector
5:10AM 2 How to improve the "OPTIM" results
Friday April 4 2008
11:58PM 1 How to access the attributes of a ggplot?
9:41PM 2 format numbers using 1000 separator
8:32PM 1 lme4: How to specify nested factors, meaning of : and %in%
7:47PM 0 cacher v0.1-2
5:28PM 2 predict.glm & newdata
5:19PM 1 Cannot run R from command prompt
4:00PM 2 NA vs. <NA>
3:46PM 1 random forest varimp
3:44PM 2 loop? apply? I want to repeat a task through 208 itterations.
3:43PM 4 Arbitrary Precision Numbers
3:20PM 2 pairwise.t.test for paired data
11:49AM 4 How can we creat conditional data frame
11:19AM 2 Reading an ArcGIS raster file
9:58AM 1 Problems with Unit Root testing using ur.df function
9:46AM 1 RODBC / odbcConnectExcel Issue
9:24AM 0 Predictive Analytics for Business, Marketing and Web (May 8-9 and June 5-6)
8:47AM 0 Loosing attributes while binding data frames ...
7:57AM 1 How to include files in .R?
2:56AM 0 looking for a CDF of bivariate noncentral Chisquare
1:36AM 0 markov switching model
12:45AM 0 ggplot2 - version 0.6
Thursday April 3 2008
11:27PM 1 newbie subset question
9:57PM 1 convert data frame values
8:54PM 2 coding for categorical variables with unequal observations
7:15PM 2 What to do with this data?
6:18PM 2 iterative loop with user input?
6:01PM 1 prettyR 25% quartile, 75% quartile
5:12PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 62, Issue 2
4:57PM 1 Question on spacing around plot and box in lattice
4:49PM 1 Design package lrm summary and factors
3:25PM 1 help with R semantics
2:47PM 1 merge with rownames?
2:22PM 2 sqldf file specification, non-ASCII
2:00PM 1 getting serial anovas from a complex lm object obtained with a matrix of responses
11:25AM 1 Lapack error in Design:::ols
10:27AM 1 data.frame or list
10:26AM 1 How to ask for *fixed* number of distributions under parameterized Gaussian mixture model.
10:06AM 0 Reloading java classes with rJava
5:10AM 1 why is text being rasterized with text()
4:44AM 3 summary(object, test=c("Roy", "Wilks", "Pillai", ....) AND ellipse(object, center=....)
2:39AM 0 lmer function :method="AGQ" glmmADMB
2:22AM 1 Help: what the Warning message means?
2:21AM 1 need help with understanding stepAIC
2:18AM 0 lmer function :method="AGQ" and glmmADMB
Wednesday April 2 2008
11:47PM 1 rotate bar labels in barplot()
9:15PM 0 Exact Permutation test
8:26PM 2 including a variable in another variable name
8:11PM 1 Trouble combining plotmath, bquote, expressions
6:55PM 1 zoo plot not showing whole date
5:36PM 0 Problems with boot.ci function to obtain confidence intervals
4:58PM 1 R-ex folder in user-created package
4:51PM 1 problems with 'eval' and 'parse' with strings
4:50PM 0 medians on data frame with duplicated rows
4:03PM 2 Overdispersion in count data
3:24PM 3 Fwd: Re: Nonlinear equation
3:06PM 2 Stopping a function execution automatically after a given time
2:58PM 3 Nonlinear equation
2:57PM 1 Quickest way to access data.frame?
2:28PM 0 R/S+ course in *** New York City *** April 28-29 by XLSolutions Corp
2:15PM 1 How to best read in this data / Switching rows and colums
2:09PM 1 Two datasets on one histogram
2:08PM 0 pairwise comparison
10:59AM 2 restrictions for attribute access <Watchdog: Virus checked>
10:32AM 1 "remove.packages" gives error message
9:27AM 4 Security issue
8:08AM 0 [R-SIG-Finance] Bayesian estimation of jump-diffusion processes andself-exciting counting processes
8:01AM 1 Compile R code into exe
7:46AM 0 Is there any package can be used to solve individual haplotyping problem?
6:49AM 0 Bayesian estimation of jump-diffusion processes and self-exciting counting processes
1:54AM 0 Generating maps in R (Roger Bivand)
1:09AM 1 interactive rotating graphics
Tuesday April 1 2008
9:54PM 0 PAMR package question: How to plot Estimated probabilities for the training data and test data
9:32PM 1 SEM with a categorical predictor variable
7:20PM 0 fortran problems with R >= 2.6.1 on Mac OS X
6:23PM 2 using a variable in a subset of a dataframe
3:59PM 1 superimpose histogram on biplot
3:54PM 2 strange behavior of my function
3:44PM 2 Applying rbind() to a sequence of data frame names
2:18PM 4 NEW: Sociolects in R
2:09PM 1 lrm -interaction without main effect-error message
12:20PM 1 lmer function :method="AGQ"
12:16PM 1 set the lower bound of normal distribution to 0 ?
10:19AM 1 access networked PCs directories/files with R ?
9:37AM 1 filtering out duplicates & creating a dataframe with unique id
9:22AM 1 spatial cross-correlation
8:01AM 3 comparison of intercepts and slopes in linear regression
7:43AM 1 Subset: data frames and factor levels
12:10AM 1 garch prediction