R help - Mar 2008

Monday March 31 2008
11:26PM 1 download.file error
10:22PM 1 question about levelplot panel arrangement
10:18PM 1 GeoDa spdep
9:45PM 1 as.character ()
9:01PM 0 investing in ideas and decision support system experimentation
8:47PM 1 Can not load msm package
8:46PM 0 3d line smoothing
8:45PM 2 tkconfigure throws an error
7:56PM 1 adding device size-independent y=0 line to a lattice plot
6:09PM 2 ps or pdf
5:03PM 1 SiZer plots in R
4:41PM 1 mean vs sum behavior
4:07PM 1 operators %/% bug?
3:22PM 0 how to extract terms from aov
3:03PM 0 "Cannot find new threads: generic error" when require(RODBC) with -d gdb
2:53PM 2 Memory in R.
2:48PM 1 concatenating two successive time series
1:59PM 1 Retrieving locations of element of a vector or matrix
1:43PM 2 convert delimited string to vector
12:34PM 1 unexpected GAM result - at least for me!
12:22PM 0 ggplots - how to increase the number of levels
12:13PM 1 lmer function.
11:24AM 2 L-BFGS-B needs finite values of 'fn'
11:05AM 1 plot 3dimensional points with "log" axes
10:47AM 0 aov and errors used for interaction effects
10:31AM 1 Reverse seq
10:05AM 1 Reorder the x-axis using lattice
9:46AM 1 png file in batch mode
8:06AM 2 hsv2rgb in R
7:57AM 1 R-packages installation problems
7:15AM 1 Number of variables in lrm (Design)
7:07AM 0 MANOVA, SCC and multiple comparisons
6:29AM 1 solver in R
6:27AM 1 Comparing Time Series
6:15AM 1 3d plot
5:52AM 1 WinXP exhibits sluggish graphics window movement & mouse tracking (repainting?) over windows graphics devices
4:35AM 0 multivariate histogram
4:32AM 1 APPLY as alternate to FOR loop?
3:53AM 1 Find the index for min of a matrix
1:47AM 2 Finding a mean value of a variable holding a dummy variable fixed
Sunday March 30 2008
9:35PM 3 maximum of identical elements in a vector
9:26PM 2 I need really help
9:17PM 1 Plot for jump point
8:41PM 2 problem with white space
7:07PM 0 Describing discriminant function
6:51PM 2 Definition of "wrapper"?
5:11PM 2 Problem: using cor.test with by( )
3:24PM 2 convert weekly time series data to monthly
2:44PM 2 tests Rin Rout
1:01PM 2 Journal for R
1:47AM 1 Second & subsequent calls to function fails. Please help debug.
12:21AM 2 Alignment and Reshaping of the matrix
Saturday March 29 2008
11:50PM 0 FinTS_0.3-1
11:46PM 0 fitting an AR-TAR-GARCH MODEL
9:33PM 1 DE optimization with equality constraint
8:51PM 0 Differentiation under the integral sign by uper strip
7:30PM 0 how to fit a copula using real data?
4:56PM 1 directory of R "consultants for hire"
4:53PM 3 Generating maps in R
4:09PM 1 Problem installing aroma.affymetrix on Solaris 9 with R-2.6.2
3:20PM 1 S4 : the list of all the object
2:25PM 0 AD-MB problem in package:glmmADMB
12:31PM 0 AD-model builder under R for mix logistics model, a problem.
12:42AM 1 Automation: Batch mode or Loop?
12:16AM 1 Tabulating Sparse Contingency Table
Friday March 28 2008
7:33PM 1 Singular Gradient in nls
7:04PM 3 Error: cannot allocate vector of size 3.0 Gb
6:52PM 2 installing a new package
6:19PM 1 background color in scatterplots
5:48PM 1 Defining reference category for a cph model summary inside of a "for" loop
4:23PM 1 Wisker lty change in bwplot.
2:43PM 1 Sweave - print \n ?
2:20PM 1 Beginner help with retrieving frequency and transforming a matrix
2:18PM 0 "The Matrix" is approaching version 1.0-0
2:09PM 1 Device problems in a loop.
1:36PM 0 Vacancy Principal Postdoc PK-PD modeling The Netherlands
1:34PM 0 Vacancy Post Doc PK-PD modeling the Netherlands
1:11PM 0 Emacs 22.2-modified-1 is out
12:37PM 7 Quick question: Does this graph have a name?
12:24PM 0 How to extract the coefficients from the model
12:01PM 0 ARIMA and sig. tests
9:33AM 2 Comparing proportions between groups
6:54AM 1 How to schedule R scripts?
3:54AM 1 Question about legend
2:13AM 0 Estimating variance components of groups of covariates within regression model
12:43AM 3 Converting a data frame to matrix
Thursday March 27 2008
10:48PM 1 creating a list of lists from a data frame
10:29PM 1 [Re: Significance of confidence intervals in the Non-Linear Least Squares Program.]
10:00PM 1 Cannot update packages on F8
9:50PM 0 Extracting output data into a vector or matrix
9:40PM 1 panel function question
9:35PM 0 competing risks regression
9:27PM 1 list as object in dataframe
8:07PM 1 Extracting single output data into a vector or matrix
7:57PM 1 functions
7:23PM 1 dreaded p-val for d^2 of a glm / gam
7:22PM 2 colMeans in a data.frame with numeric and character data
6:59PM 1 histogram for integer data
6:11PM 2 assistance with RDAtest beta version application
5:37PM 1 Recode factors
5:08PM 2 Dendrogram orientation
4:44PM 1 R Code and the Pygments Python SyntaxHighlighter
3:59PM 1 A faster way to compute finite-difference gradient of a scalar function of a large number of variables
3:40PM 1 Reading in multiple files in a loop
3:36PM 6 help! - spectral analysis - spec.pgram
2:16PM 0 how to apply bootstrap with a grouping variable?
1:59PM 2 strptime and plot(),lines()
1:38PM 1 Dynamic string as element name in a list
12:27PM 2 options in 'rnorm' to set the lower bound of normal distribution to 0 ?
12:05PM 0 Covariates in LME
12:03PM 1 adding bwplot to existing bwplot
12:01PM 1 Covariates in LME?
10:25AM 1 Mac OS X 10.4.11 - R2.6.2 - Problem with proxy
9:49AM 1 snow, stopping cluster
9:48AM 1 Nothing happened when I using t.test throuth RSPerl
9:36AM 1 Standard error values returned by lm()
9:33AM 0 lme equivalent of formula aov
9:02AM 4 Execute R with *.RData argument
6:47AM 0 R Group forming on LinkedIn
4:48AM 1 Significance of confidence intervals in the Non-Linear Least Squares Program.
4:16AM 2 Rule for accessing attributes?
1:55AM 2 indexing
1:00AM 0 Statistical Models in S by Chambers
12:01AM 0 issue with predict.loess
Wednesday March 26 2008
11:57PM 1 Loading library lme4
11:32PM 0 question about Randonization
11:10PM 0 Resizing Graph Window Macintosh and Graph disapears
10:28PM 1 Slow code display in R console
10:15PM 0 recursive multivariate filter with time-varying coefficients
9:58PM 1 avoiding loops
9:51PM 0 barplot as Trellis graphic (corrected)
9:24PM 1 barplot as Trellis graphic
8:29PM 1 R and Excel question
8:28PM 2 Range across a List
8:02PM 4 Want to draw 3D cylinder objects
6:53PM 1 generating a paired t-test with multiple levels of a factor
6:35PM 0 approxfun + save: problem as R_approx changed package
6:13PM 3 generate random numbers subject to constraints
5:18PM 1 Replace with previous value
4:55PM 0 Update of TeachingDemos package
4:38PM 0 (pscl) hurdle model and sandwich: applicable?
4:28PM 1 OdfWeave and contingency tables
4:27PM 2 Moving data between R and Matlab back and forth?
4:20PM 1 R objects layout
4:04PM 2 unix.time
4:03PM 2 ggplot2 argument handling odd
3:59PM 1 Simulate ARX model.
3:41PM 0 Naive Gibbs Sampling with Metropolis Steps (pkg: gibbs.met)
3:32PM 3 Loop problem
3:11PM 0 Join R Group on LinkedIn
3:08PM 2 pseudo R square and/or C statistic in R logistic regression
3:03PM 0 R Hang up - Can't Save
2:16PM 0 colours bars in barplot
1:37PM 0 error message in Bootstrap
1:17PM 1 Optimization with nonlinear constraints
12:42PM 1 Equivalent of TensorRank
12:31PM 1 GNUplot to R conversion?
11:45AM 0 p-values for classification
11:15AM 2 Latentnet Data Import
11:10AM 1 Adding name labels to x-axis of matplot
10:08AM 1 How to copy Excel numbers at the R prompt
10:01AM 0 genotype analysis
8:49AM 1 adjusted means and adjusted standard errors after ANOVA
7:50AM 1 deconv
6:38AM 0 out of colors in Mclust with 12 clusters
4:27AM 1 Compare parameter estimates of a nlsList object
3:18AM 1 cbind and mean by week
12:03AM 0 seeking hardware/software consultant to build system with 64-bit OS, R, SQL DBMS
Tuesday March 25 2008
11:34PM 0 New package: epiR
10:57PM 2 Combining logical operators to extract columns from a dataframe
10:32PM 2 Newbie question
10:29PM 5 Thinking about using two y-scales on your plot?
9:56PM 2 Rcmder Error
9:12PM 1 Sweave and printing error
8:19PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 61, Issue 25
8:06PM 1 Different axis limits for each facet in ggplot2
7:16PM 0 quasi-Poisson regression in stats glm vs aod quasipois
6:54PM 1 (no subject)
5:45PM 1 bandwidth estimation using bw.SJ
5:28PM 2 gamlss and glm binomial family
4:54PM 0 How to use R from .NET
4:50PM 0 Solution to: Error "... x must be atomic" when using lsa (latent semantic analysis) package
4:48PM 1 Combining several mappings in ggplot2
4:16PM 0 Behaviour of interactions in glm
3:42PM 0 Vista#package installation#difference between Rgui and Rterm#Help me understand
3:33PM 0 New package: yaml 1.0 released to CRAN
3:27PM 3 Dimensions of a List
3:19PM 2 Compare two data sets
2:49PM 2 ggplot2 - facetting
2:28PM 0 How to use glm.predict properly
2:00PM 5 reading Excel file
1:42PM 0 Mixed-effects models: question about the syntax to introduce interactions
1:27PM 0 Mixed-effecs models- question about syntax to introduce interactions
12:30PM 1 Error propagation
12:20PM 1 re gression trees: mean square vs. absolute errors
10:34AM 1 Tippett plot
10:08AM 0 Extracting maximums from a sliding window
6:07AM 0 Error "... x must be atomic" when using lsa (latent semantic analysis) package
4:09AM 0 new package 'randomLCA'
3:22AM 2 help with rowsum/aggregate type functions
2:54AM 1 peak finding
2:34AM 1 Passing (Optional) Arguments
2:13AM 3 Output of order() incorrectly ordered?
1:30AM 1 Subset of matrix
12:00AM 3 derivatives in R
Monday March 24 2008
10:25PM 1 Running rpy produces the error message undefined symbol: KillAllDevices
9:47PM 1 Plotting matrix rows with lattice graphics?
9:39PM 1 Cannot allocate large vectors (running out of memory?)
8:14PM 2 Newbie help with Sweave
7:29PM 3 Simple problem in R
5:43PM 1 make error: ../../../bin/R: bad substitution
5:40PM 1 resampling from string when it runs across multiple lines
5:39PM 2 as.numeric with tclvalue redux
2:24PM 6 vlookup in R
2:13PM 0 ARCH(1,0) with t-residuals
9:23AM 1 Great difference for piecewise linear function between R and SAS
9:09AM 1 How to assign multiple return values
8:20AM 1 update win FAQ q1?
7:36AM 0 What is the correct model formula for the results of piecewise linear function?
6:08AM 0 Incompleteness (or bug ?) in mAr.est for VAR estimation
2:17AM 1 Question about as.numeric with tclvalue
1:18AM 1 Inverse t-distribution
12:59AM 0 Error using augPred with nlme grouped data
Sunday March 23 2008
11:06PM 2 (no subject)
6:28PM 1 MDS
5:48PM 1 Bug check (possibly in seq()). RGui 2.6.2 (2008-02-08)
3:31PM 2 Mean in bwplot
3:06PM 1 mapply
2:48PM 1 Exporting of R dendrogram object in the format of Eisen´s Cluster
2:20PM 0 How to debug "Repeated formal argument" error
1:12PM 1 Transforming data
12:02PM 2 ggplot2 - legend for fill coulours
7:27AM 2 scaling problems in "optim"
3:43AM 2 Can not install fCalendar package under R 2.6.2
2:49AM 0 periodic function
1:03AM 3 "spreading out" a numeric vector
Saturday March 22 2008
11:48PM 0 Dotplot error bar caps?
11:16PM 2 counting values on one colum only
9:40PM 6 Draw Circles
9:30PM 0 R Quantreg package: "CI" constraint in qss
4:12PM 1 Geting names of variables
2:35PM 1 About R question
2:27PM 0 Re intraday OHLC plot
2:21PM 2 More elegant multiplication or division of a data frame with a vector
12:42PM 1 Vectorization Problem
10:19AM 2 intraday OHLC plot
5:37AM 1 Simulating Conditional Distributions
2:53AM 1 how to scientific notation numbers
Friday March 21 2008
9:49PM 0 How to Package Extra Results to summary.lm
9:39PM 4 difference between 2 ecdfs
9:15PM 1 Aggregate with functions using multiple arguments
8:22PM 0 coredump at the end of 'configure' and error for 'make'
7:56PM 2 writintg wrappers around save()
7:43PM 1 (no subject)
6:51PM 0 R/Rmetrics Workshop, Meielisalp 2008, June 29 - July 3
6:28PM 1 sample codes for writting a function with unknown number of arguments
5:36PM 0 what is mvrCv PRESS?
5:34PM 0 function for the average or expected range?; CORECTION TO CORRECTION
5:33PM 0 lattice: emulating the par(xaxs="i") behaviour
5:12PM 1 function for the average or expected range?; CORECTION
4:22PM 1 tseries(arma) vs. stats(arima)
4:14PM 0 function for the average or expected range?
3:59PM 1 warning message in a glm model
3:49PM 1 Memory Problem
3:17PM 2 rounding in calculation
3:02PM 1 Installing R-2.6.2 on Windows multiuser
2:36PM 1 hist densities
8:48AM 2 R.app "incompatable" with Emacs
8:32AM 1 hist function+label second y-axis
5:11AM 1 GAMs
3:18AM 1 hist - modify maximum frequency (vertical axis)
12:57AM 0 coredump at the of 'configure' and error for 'make'
Thursday March 20 2008
10:57PM 2 Error in function (classes, fdef, mtable): unable to find an inherited method for function "indexProbes", for signature "exprSet", "character"
10:40PM 1 setMethod for "["
10:28PM 2 Importing an Excel spreadsheet
9:51PM 3 download webpage in R
8:02PM 0 analysis on Pcap dataset
6:32PM 1 Interpretation of Variance decomposition in VAR model
4:53PM 1 logLik calculations
4:32PM 1 minimum distances
3:36PM 5 time series regression
3:34PM 2 Installation of R, Sweave, ESS and [X]Emacs on Windows?
3:03PM 4 little subplot in corner
2:26PM 1 Use of Factors
2:15PM 2 I need help integrating ggplot2 into Excel
1:40PM 0 comparing length-weight regressions]
1:29PM 1 ggplot - axis labels angle
1:17PM 0 coxme - bug / error
1:05PM 1 Rmpi and C Code, where to get the communicator
11:07AM 1 conditional matching of rows of tables
10:59AM 3 Problem with diff(strptime(...
10:53AM 1 interperting a regression tree
10:28AM 0 gui to run script
10:23AM 2 how can I reorder a dendrogram?
9:48AM 1 Equal vertical spaced labels on plot with log="y"
9:18AM 1 S4 : package creation
7:31AM 1 How to cope with : /usr/bin/ld/: cannot find -lgfortran
6:51AM 3 create matrix
6:22AM 3 Break up a data frame
4:59AM 2 basic help
4:36AM 1 Cointegration no constant
2:29AM 2 How to plot the dendrogram or tree for kmeans ?
12:23AM 2 Cygwin and Rtools
Wednesday March 19 2008
11:50PM 1 Radio Buttons or similars
11:20PM 2 Multiple plots question
11:03PM 1 [PS] Two Way ANOVA
9:34PM 1 problem with optim and integrate
7:56PM 4 R GUI question
7:42PM 1 Smoothing z-values according to their x, y positions
7:02PM 0 Time Series Object
6:36PM 0 Spearman and Pearson correlation coefficients.
6:20PM 1 Anova of a nls object
5:45PM 1 weibull model
4:52PM 0 Fwd: betabinomial model
4:52PM 0 Interaction Terms versus Interaction Effects in logistic regression
4:52PM 1 betabinomial model
4:43PM 1 one/multi-dimensional scaling with incomplete dissimilarity matrix
4:02PM 1 analyzing binomial data with spatially correlated errors
3:22PM 1 adimpro package : R does not seem to find my ImageMagick installation
3:03PM 0 Finding Maximums in a sliding window time series
3:01PM 0 Luis Miguel Delgado Gomez/BBK está ausente de la oficina.
2:44PM 1 AERMOD in R?
2:32PM 2 Cox Controlled Rounding Algorithm
2:09PM 0 Error en nlm(logdgenexpn, p = c(vmomest[[1]], vmomest[[2]]), x = x.genexp, : valor no finito provisto por 'nlm'
2:03PM 3 How to remove double loop?
1:18PM 4 plot with diffrent colour and plotting symbols
12:59PM 2 Using "subset" in correlation analysis
11:56AM 2 list()
11:25AM 1 R CMD SHLIB errors
11:24AM 3 How to remove double for loop?
10:56AM 0 Table for clustering dendrogram
9:58AM 1 running balance down a dataframe referring back to previous row
9:53AM 4 Sweave does not parse \Sexpr{}
9:41AM 3 sort
9:08AM 0 log-likelihood/MISE from spline
8:07AM 1 ROC analysis
5:07AM 2 character strings and functions
3:51AM 3 How to get the P-values from GLM results?
3:39AM 7 ls() and classes
Tuesday March 18 2008
11:38PM 0 comparing length-weight regressions
11:31PM 0 Tcl/tk question solved
11:27PM 3 Tcl/tk question
10:42PM 1 ROracle installation problem
10:28PM 2 rmultinomial() function
9:52PM 1 How to reverse colors in filled.contour?
9:17PM 1 invalid \uxxxx sequence while trying to create a package
8:21PM 0 useR! 2008 submission deadline
7:55PM 1 S4 : dumpMethod
5:54PM 0 Symetric matrix as random effect in lmer
5:28PM 0 Course: R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques.***April 2008*** in San Francisco and New York City
5:00PM 0 Trouble fitting models with nonNULL datadist in Design Library
4:43PM 0 Automatic command line options
4:24PM 1 lme library
3:46PM 7 download.file()
3:20PM 1 Error when producing multiple graphes
3:05PM 3 Puzzled at generating combinations
2:23PM 1 how to reset slogic.f file
1:46PM 0 Splitting data
1:41PM 1 ask for help how to get accumulate contingency table?
1:19PM 0 Walds Z in a mixed model
1:16PM 2 read.dta for files from stata 9.0
12:55PM 0 Time scale x-axis, Reformat data.table
12:21PM 3 Re move a number from a vector
12:08PM 3 UNSOLITED E_MAILS: Integrate R data-analysis projects with Microsoft Office for free
11:55AM 3 How to get week of the year, scale 1-52?
11:52AM 0 How to change symbols in a trellis graph (UNCLASSIFIED)
10:41AM 5 grouped colSums without for loops?
10:29AM 0 Gaining access to complex LAPACK functions
9:11AM 3 two cols in a data frame are the same factor
9:10AM 2 R plot as image data and another question
8:46AM 1 odbcQuery , memory.size
8:30AM 1 re ad .csv separated with coma
8:12AM 3 Partition data into clusters
7:14AM 1 Saving Chinese text in Quartz
7:14AM 0 Rmetrics - R-Forge - Workshop
1:10AM 1 Updating selected variables in a data frame
12:40AM 1 problem with merge
Monday March 17 2008
11:25PM 0 'distance' between a vector and a permutation of the vector
11:03PM 0 Weighted histograms / distributions (retry)
10:09PM 0 Weighted histograms / distributions
8:20PM 1 how to get accumulate contingency table
8:08PM 0 arules - getting transaction data in
6:50PM 1 sqlSave (RODBC) question
6:25PM 0 R.matlab errors and slow con
6:06PM 1 summary of summaries
6:05PM 8 Table of basic descriptive statistics like SPSS
5:17PM 2 Windows Vista 64-bit support
3:32PM 1 problems with rgl in Ubuntu 'gutsy'
3:20PM 4 how do i save data to txt file? are there marcos to save tables to word?
3:04PM 1 get a expression as String
2:52PM 1 Writing GLM/GEE Ouput to Text File
11:30AM 0 Summary Regard with Lme does not work without a random effect (UN CLASSIFIED)
10:56AM 4 How does one do simple string concatenation?
10:55AM 3 contextstack overflow
10:47AM 3 Creating plots for all variables in a data frame and printing them with the variable name in the main title
10:22AM 1 how to plot a map on a non-rectilinear grid
8:18AM 3 driving R from MATLAB
6:06AM 1 unable to load shared library '/usr/local/lib/R/modules//R_X11.so'
6:04AM 1 generalized linear mixed models with a beta distribution [Sec=Unclassified]
5:48AM 3 mean for each row
1:50AM 2 stepAIC and polynomial terms
1:11AM 1 Std errors in glm models w/ and w/o intercept
12:12AM 1 setAs vs setIs
Sunday March 16 2008
9:46PM 2 (no subject)
9:44PM 2 How to assign text string as object?
7:38PM 3 rgl build warnings and loading error on Linux
7:18PM 1 Overloading %*%
1:47PM 1 pretty formatting of lists
11:09AM 1 stats/debugging question hotelling t-sq
9:15AM 0 r-metrics website
2:25AM 1 R code for the MLE of a geometric distribution
12:17AM 2 How to loop through all the columns in dataframe
Saturday March 15 2008
11:47PM 3 locating minimum value in matrix
8:54PM 1 length of S4
6:00PM 1 Conditionals for Errors or error flags
5:54PM 1 Fwd: Re: How to create following chart for visualizing multivariate time series
5:48PM 1 Anova
5:23PM 3 Solving equations with optim
4:06PM 2 Please find the error in my code
3:33PM 3 empty array
1:37PM 1 feeding merge.zoo a vector containing the names of zoo objects?
11:29AM 1 changing the quote
11:11AM 0 Réponse en cas d'absence
9:29AM 1 again with polr
7:58AM 1 How to create following chart for visualizing multivariate time series
5:30AM 1 How to get the value of last element in a vector/array ?
5:23AM 0 Where are the latest html help for R, base packages and Bioc packages ?
3:19AM 1 filehash
12:25AM 0 Appending new values to an existing factor vector
Friday March 14 2008
11:33PM 1 ayuda
11:13PM 2 legend: bold and color of border
11:05PM 0 fBrowser in Rmetrics - does it exist?
9:43PM 1 Rejection sampling to draw from distributions
9:01PM 2 problems creating data frames
8:46PM 2 using nrow to identify one row
8:13PM 2 Addition of numeric data to dates
8:13PM 1 How to let R repeat computations over a number of variables
7:43PM 2 combine two data-frames into one
7:25PM 1 Lme does not work without a random effect (UNCLASSIFIED)
4:42PM 0 multiple testing in survival
3:52PM 1 Forward Selection with regsubsets
3:36PM 0 multiple comparisons
3:21PM 2 SAS data
2:07PM 1 maximum allowed matrix size of R
2:02PM 0 GDD and dashed lines (lty=2)
1:34PM 0 Mixed Model nested ANOVA (lme help)
1:26PM 3 test individual values in rows
1:01PM 1 Comparing switchpoints from segmented
11:56AM 1 smoothScatter
11:01AM 0 arules package (apriori)
10:59AM 1 Optimization with constraint.
10:42AM 1 cmd shell
10:37AM 2 Selecting elements in vector
9:26AM 1 alias for a class
3:48AM 0 How to plot raw data and fit curve on the same figure and how to decide how good the fitting is?
3:27AM 2 How to turn a string into a variable name ?
3:21AM 0 the fSeries package
1:01AM 0 Equation for the standard error of a predicted score for a cross-classified model
12:44AM 0 fisher scoring method in R
Thursday March 13 2008
11:52PM 1 strange results from binomial lmer?
11:02PM 1 (no subject)
10:56PM 1 Fit a logit curve to the data
10:52PM 0 help with summary(polr_model)
10:47PM 3 zoo object: replace NAs from another zoo object
10:43PM 0 Need help with plm, cannot load pdata.frame
10:37PM 0 manova with non-normal error distribution
9:18PM 4 plotting zoo object
9:13PM 1 Warned about these "three little maids"...
8:35PM 0 LIMMA: array spot summary options beyond duplicateCorrelation()
7:37PM 1 FW: Os resultados do seus comandos de email
6:08PM 2 Plot contour over filled contour
6:03PM 3 Splitting a set of vectors in a list
5:49PM 1 VGAM and persp function
5:09PM 2 label each bar by value
5:07PM 2 Using loop numbers in write.csv
5:05PM 1 smoothest way to upgrade R, say from 2.6.1 to 2.6.2?
4:23PM 3 fast way to compare two matrices of combinations
4:05PM 3 Use of ellipses ... in argument list of optim(), integrate(), etc.
3:40PM 0 lars with weights do not match with lm output
3:30PM 0 lars with weights - unshrunk coef do not match with lm with weights
3:28PM 1 factanal and plotting?
3:23PM 0 new version of minpack.lm
3:09PM 0 need automake/autoconf help to build RnetCDF and ncdf packages
2:33PM 1 how to generate bar charts with the standard deviation
2:24PM 2 How to manipulate data according to groups ?
2:13PM 2 How to cbind or rbind different lengths vectors/arrays without repeating the elements of the shorter vectors/arrays ?
1:43PM 1 lmer and correlation
1:36PM 4 a more elegant way to get percentages?
1:04PM 2 joining matrices, vectors, scalars in one object
1:02PM 3 cumsum list..
11:44AM 1 R Finance
11:17AM 1 Compare two correlations matrices
11:06AM 2 recover masked functions?
9:17AM 1 How to set type of censored data in coxph regression
9:04AM 3 Sealed for setGeneric
8:40AM 0 incomplete final line by readTableHeader?
4:39AM 1 sorting a data.frame by mean values of grouped data
4:39AM 0 use bootstrap to get MLE of lamda from the exp model
2:50AM 2 Data Structures
12:45AM 1 Convert a List of Distances to a Distance Matrix
12:18AM 1 transpose dataset
12:13AM 1 survival curve for only certain values of a factor
Wednesday March 12 2008
11:17PM 3 type of object of a variable in a data frame
10:16PM 1 Negative/ positive rolling correlation
10:09PM 1 howto find corresponding values in datasource?
9:24PM 2 subset list based on logical within element flag
9:10PM 0 Problem with approximate null distribution (package: coin)
8:47PM 4 Distances between two datasets of x and y co-ordinates
7:51PM 1 Problem with specifiying column widths in layout
6:59PM 0 Re peated Measures (lme?)
6:57PM 0 R code for kernel density using kd-tree, looking for speed up
6:41PM 1 generalized linear mixed models with a beta distribution
6:40PM 1 survival analysis and censoring
5:58PM 3 default values
5:24PM 3 Types of quadrature
5:19PM 3 Converting a data frame with values into a matrix/
4:14PM 1 regular expressions
3:59PM 1 Problem when calling FORTRAN subroutine (dll)
2:56PM 1 Help in estimating HURST parameter
2:36PM 1 [follow-up] "Longitudinal" with binary covariates and outcome
2:33PM 7 Specifying relative position of text in a plot
1:59PM 1 Spatially Lagged Predictor Variable Models
1:45PM 1 ftable and xtabs
1:35PM 0 error window
11:29AM 1 constrained optimisation
10:37AM 4 hello! i need help for a specific graphic issue
9:24AM 0 odfWeave examples not working
7:48AM 1 how to let R support Chinese fonts in charts?
7:28AM 1 SPSS import problem
4:04AM 2 how to save a chart as ps in R?
4:00AM 1 gracefully handing a library load error
Tuesday March 11 2008
11:25PM 1 More digits in prediction using random forest object
11:09PM 0 .jinit()
8:50PM 0 Generating a new matrix using rbinom and a matrix ofprobabilities.
8:30PM 1 messages from mle function
7:17PM 1 Problem comparing Akaike's AIC - nlme package
6:58PM 1 Error: arguments imply differing number of rows
6:40PM 2 persp question
6:25PM 2 Adding x-axis values to a histogram
6:05PM 2 Error opening SHP file (maptools)
6:01PM 2 Replacing text
5:32PM 3 Multi arguments - return
5:23PM 2 R-Latex question
5:22PM 1 randomForest get tree
4:25PM 1 plot.zoo warnings - ignore or look for problem?
3:56PM 0 trellis: left-aligned text in strips?
3:27PM 2 (no subject)
3:15PM 2 Generating a new matrix using rbinom and a matrix of probabilities.
2:51PM 1 How to specify where add-on packages should be installed
2:37PM 1 How to generate a vector of counts i.e. the number of rows that are contiguous
1:37PM 4 Graphing question (multiple line graphs arranged spatially)
1:16PM 2 Design�s validate() output
1:12PM 1 Question on substitute.
12:18PM 3 Trellis plots with two regression lines
11:54AM 1 stacked graphs
11:05AM 1 NAs introduced by coercion
11:02AM 1 How to Read?
8:58AM 2 glm.fit: "fitted probabilities numerically 0 or 1 occurred"
7:54AM 1 How to generate column names for pairwise comparison
7:44AM 1 Jpeg and pixel
1:02AM 1 levels() function for a vector
12:57AM 1 survreg asking for parameter "special"
12:17AM 0 "Longitudinal" with binary covariates and outcome
Monday March 10 2008
11:25PM 2 parmat error from MASS?
10:28PM 0 Proportional odds ordinal logistic regression models with random effects
8:55PM 2 Multiple density plots
8:04PM 0 Help on display of labels
7:39PM 1 state space model for poisson distribution
6:50PM 0 plotting multiple lines in 3d
6:40PM 1 When to quote a package name
5:36PM 1 gam - Extraction of nonparametric component
5:30PM 1 reorder x-axis
5:09PM 1 ML Estimation Differences with R and SAS
4:50PM 0 Model confusion
4:27PM 0 3D projection pursuit
4:04PM 1 caretNWS and training data set sizes
3:04PM 1 Mimicking SPSS weighted least squares
2:32PM 1 How can I sample from a two-dimensional grid of points
2:31PM 1 y label perpendicular to the y axis
2:15PM 1 re moving parentheses/square brackets from data frame numbers
1:31PM 0 build.mim() from the minet package
12:46PM 3 A stats question -- about survival analysis and censoring
12:29PM 2 Tinn-R related problem
12:20PM 2 Changing font size of Rcmdr (Linux)
11:59AM 0 Weird feature in rimage
11:56AM 3 internet proxy settings (win)
11:49AM 3 Weighting data when running regressions
11:26AM 1 (no subject)
11:18AM 3 format a number
11:11AM 2 question for aov and kruskal
10:54AM 0 aov within subject and contrasts
10:50AM 1 (no subject)
10:24AM 0 Statistical Questions: finding differentially expressed
9:54AM 1 hclust graphics - plotting many points
9:25AM 0 plotting hclust dendrograms
8:30AM 1 extracting p-value from an lrm object
8:10AM 1 Error in extracting monthly observation from a daily time series data
8:04AM 0 [ca package] access to any x/y in mjca function
7:12AM 3 comparing two columns of a dataset on a graph
4:18AM 1 relationship between t-test CI and SEM?
3:16AM 1 ltm package question
2:40AM 1 source(echo=TRUE) bug (was: source() behavior I don't understand)
2:01AM 2 source() behavior I don't understand
Sunday March 9 2008
11:55PM 1 Help on vectorizing
11:22PM 2 question about matrix one column values matching a vector of values
10:36PM 2 format numbers into percentages
9:18PM 1 sampsize in Random Forests
8:37PM 2 transforming column of a dataframe by var- and median-functions
7:44PM 0 Matrix Row name Compatibility
7:19PM 0 Weighted means in aggregate.table
7:15PM 0 [ca package] how to extract x,y from mjca function
6:28PM 2 p-adjust using Benjamn and Hochberg
6:09PM 1 question for crosstable
4:12PM 2 R error: Not able to launch R 2.6.2
3:55PM 1 Calling plot with a formula, from within a function, using ..., and xlim
1:44PM 2 Bessel functions of complex argument
12:55PM 1 Two sample t-test
9:32AM 1 Legend names
3:38AM 1 Formula for whether hat value is influential?
Saturday March 8 2008
11:38PM 1 draw partition lines
11:01PM 1 Elbow criterion plots for determining k in hierarchical clustering
8:15PM 1 counting specific elements in a column of a matrix
6:38PM 1 Change the index argument of a series
5:40PM 1 plotting NAs
4:52PM 1 ks.test troubles
4:48PM 1 How to do multi-factor stratified sampling in R
3:48PM 5 Non-visible functions are asterisked
12:56PM 3 expression matrix
11:05AM 3 Problems with installing the rgl package on Linux
9:53AM 1 R cmd check error reg namespace
9:46AM 1 Error message while trying to update packages: Error in gzfile(file, mode) : unable to open connection
8:57AM 1 analysing mixed effects/poisson/correlated data
8:00AM 1 Errors in in my code
7:04AM 1 how to compute uncentered (pearson correlation) correlation efficiently
5:17AM 1 Deleting rows satisfying a certain condition (sum of some colums>2)
2:53AM 1 ask for help on nonlinear fitting
1:58AM 1 white lines in large plot
Friday March 7 2008
11:27PM 0 A new version of paran is available
10:44PM 0 How to Estimate Covariance by Week based on a linear regression model
10:38PM 2 Irregular Time Series Issue
10:32PM 4 Warning: matrix by vector division
9:09PM 3 Combine two columns
8:00PM 1 triple integral: adapt package question
7:41PM 0 bayesm version 2.2-0
7:36PM 2 error in random forest
6:53PM 1 zoo object won't plot
6:40PM 3 Numerical Integration in 1D
6:21PM 1 Trouble with R CMD check
6:02PM 2 Problems installing packages using the inbuilt facility: "Error i n gzfile(file, "r") : unable to open connection"
5:39PM 0 Time series panel
5:29PM 1 confused about CORREP cor.LRtest
4:35PM 1 Help with Error!
4:21PM 1 polygon shapefile from line edge coordinate list
3:50PM 4 locate the rows in a dataframe with some criteria
3:39PM 1 boxcox.fit error
3:08PM 3 R-Logo in \LaTeX (Mag. Ferri Leberl)
3:08PM 0 How to do a time-stratified case-crossover analysis for air pollution data? Unformatted text-version, with an additional note
2:47PM 0 How to do a time-stratified case-crossover analysis for air pollution data?
1:43PM 1 LaTeX in R
12:26PM 1 How to plot raster obtained from readRAST6 in grey scale?
12:18PM 1 How to navigate in layout() created graph?
11:42AM 3 Error
11:17AM 4 Reading microsoft .xls format and openoffice OpenDocument files
11:06AM 5 Passing function to tapply as a string
10:45AM 0 Packages micEcon, sampleSelection, and maxLik
10:39AM 1 Error: file association for 'doc\html\index.html' not available or invalid
9:26AM 1 using xyplot with groups and panel.linejoin
9:26AM 1 Help with 'memory not mapped'
8:40AM 1 Re action Time and Time Series Analysis
8:16AM 5 Puzzling coefficients for linear fitting to polynom
5:45AM 2 training svm
5:05AM 1 parameters for lbfgsb (function for optimization)
2:35AM 0 linear discriminant analysis
2:30AM 1 Object Oriented programming in R
2:15AM 0 linear discriminant analysis / search
2:07AM 1 Finding Interaction and main effects contrasts for two-way ANOVA
2:05AM 1 read stata data file
Thursday March 6 2008
11:46PM 1 Installing package from source in windows
11:45PM 1 dictionary lookup
11:01PM 1 Sweave and the prompt
10:59PM 1 Sweave and extra line
10:49PM 2 How to hold a value(Mean sq) with a string
10:40PM 2 R code for selecting places spatially and by time
10:00PM 1 can't merge zoo ojects and convert to ts (been trying for 2 days)
9:08PM 1 Rpart and bagging - how is it done?
8:57PM 1 Changing code within a package
7:58PM 1 Interesting remarks about R back in 1999
7:16PM 0 Help with colinearity problem in multiple linear regression
7:07PM 1 Storing output in an array or matrix
7:06PM 2 Help with parsing a data file
6:49PM 1 R-Logo in \LaTeX
6:33PM 2 Array arithmetic
6:21PM 1 build options for R
5:44PM 2 calculate AUC and plot ROC in R
5:34PM 1 Tcl/Tk not working on Mac OS X
4:41PM 3 mean and sd with number of values?
2:46PM 0 Statistical Questions: finding differentially expressed genes
2:41PM 3 1-pnorm values in a table
1:09PM 2 replace NA with 9999 in zoo object
1:05PM 1 Try to save as PDF: font family not found in PostScript font database
12:42PM 2 Interface or Select menu
12:00PM 1 order the plots using lattice
11:53AM 1 histogram like x labels in barplot
11:50AM 1 switch with a single character
11:23AM 1 write in rimage package
11:08AM 0 glm.cv delta value?
10:52AM 1 Problem training svm with columns having same values
10:52AM 2 Clustering large data matrix
9:51AM 1 Repeated measures using lme
9:17AM 1 kruskal wallis post hoc test in R
2:20AM 2 Principle component analysis function
12:49AM 2 extracting a percentage of data by random
Wednesday March 5 2008
11:42PM 4 Excel export into R
11:39PM 1 tweedie model
11:30PM 1 Variable importance in Random Forests
11:28PM 1 testing for significantly different slopes
11:14PM 1 FOR LOOP w/IFELSE statement help
9:50PM 0 EM algorithm
9:03PM 0 Using tune with gbm --grid search for best hyperparameters
8:32PM 1 Axes in polymars
8:23PM 2 read.table
8:18PM 2 differentiating a numeric vector
8:03PM 2 collapsing list to data.frame
7:56PM 3 types of vectors / lists
6:53PM 2 N-way ANOVA
6:34PM 6 box-constrained
6:16PM 1 New data source - now how do we build an R interface?
5:56PM 1 Replace values in data.frame conditional on another data.frame
4:52PM 2 Correlation matrix one side with significance
4:47PM 0 density plot
3:37PM 1 rrp.impute: for what sizes does it work?
3:25PM 1 Need help for calculating cross-correlation between 4 multivariate time series data
3:11PM 1 CROSSOVER TRIALS IN R (Binary Outcomes)
3:00PM 1 plotting big zoo object memory problem
2:59PM 5 loop
2:51PM 3 regex sulotion for seperating number and string
2:37PM 1 problem with geepack
2:28PM 3 legend for several graphics
2:07PM 2 Updating packages from one hard-drive to another, after upgrade of R
2:05PM 1 (no subject)
1:53PM 5 nls: different results if applied to normal or linearized data
1:21PM 2 matrix inversion using solve() and matrices containing large/small values
12:33PM 2 t.test & p-Value
12:09PM 1 non-linear correlation
12:04PM 1 Reversed but positive axis in trellis plots?
11:32AM 0 Spidergram
10:25AM 1 R_alloc with structures with "flexible array members"
10:20AM 1 queries about bitmap()
10:13AM 0 questions about p.adjust
10:07AM 2 Principle component analysis
9:12AM 1 coxme - fitting random treatment effect nested within centre
8:25AM 1 Marginal Effects in a Logit Regression
7:51AM 2 main title x title and y title with ggplot2
7:14AM 3 ipf function in R
6:39AM 4 vertex labels in igraph from adjacency matrix
5:03AM 2 simulating the anova
3:19AM 0 Spidergram?
2:33AM 0 rsprng, snow, rmpi interactions
2:03AM 1 connectivity measure for graph nodes
12:46AM 1 degrees of freedom extraction
12:44AM 1 Question on "assign(paste.."
12:13AM 3 How to make a 2-dim array being "interpreted" as an array rather than as a matrix
Tuesday March 4 2008
11:24PM 0 Help on AIC model fiting
10:24PM 2 summarizing replicates with multiple treatments
9:49PM 1 RODBC: DNS vs. connection string
9:48PM 1 multiple plots with a title
9:34PM 1 Error in Arules
9:12PM 1 constrained clustering
7:45PM 2 Asking, are simple effects different from 0
7:26PM 1 grid.layout?
7:24PM 1 XLSolutions 9 Courses: Upcoming March-April 2008 R/S+ Course Schedule by XLSolutions Corp
6:45PM 0 query on within class standard deviation
6:11PM 0 using "logLik" with AIC to compare models with different error
5:49PM 1 help needed on function call
5:38PM 6 vector manipulations
5:12PM 1 (x,y) coordinates for grid.text()
4:52PM 2 package for repeated measures ANOVA with various link functions
4:35PM 3 problem
4:30PM 0 how to mark significant entries xtable.aov
3:52PM 2 memory constraints in ubuntu gutsy
3:33PM 1 Sampling letters
3:24PM 1 Significance testing for paired counts data with small sample size and some genuine zero values
2:36PM 0 How to recognize objects in clusters
2:25PM 1 Plot with two different coloured regression lines and legend
1:54PM 3 Best way to strsplit a column
1:41PM 3 subsetting a dataframe
1:24PM 1 equivalent of excel "sumif"
12:16PM 1 ggplot2 - Problem with grid plot
12:01PM 2 grid search
11:56AM 1 simplifying a GLM-removing categorical variables
11:53AM 0 Out of the office
11:05AM 2 paired or one-sample t-Test
11:04AM 4 R-Terminal
10:37AM 1 Ripley's K function within envelope--how to change the maximum distance?
10:37AM 3 creating a matrix subset based on a threshold cutoff
9:05AM 0 R2HTML - align a table from summary.lm
8:56AM 1 Export csv data
8:42AM 4 colored 3d scatter plot
8:18AM 0 Summing values in an array
8:13AM 1 automatically save graphic
6:18AM 0 Searching for regression technique for proportional area
1:45AM 1 Difficulty labeling plot axis when "mar" and "oma" are set
1:40AM 2 Strange paste, string or package problem?
1:24AM 0 simulation study using R [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
1:21AM 1 making array of lists
1:10AM 1 qplot (ggplot2) faceting histogram with missing values
12:19AM 0 unlabeled tick mark interarrival
12:05AM 1 simulation study using R
Monday March 3 2008
11:42PM 1 Extracting data from Eigen function
10:57PM 1 Stepwise Multiple Regression
10:28PM 3 looping through data frames in a workspace
10:27PM 1 Tapply for Group Specific Means and Proportions
10:07PM 1 How to include an externally defined NULL value in lm
9:20PM 6 renaming objects
8:55PM 1 write csv file from zoo object
8:33PM 0 Fwd: R: Studdy Missing Data, differentiate between a percent with in the valid answers and with in the different missing answers
7:27PM 4 I need to buy a book in R
7:18PM 1 exercise
6:44PM 0 1D classifier and 2D classifier
5:52PM 7 help for the first poster- a simple question
5:41PM 0 ICANN 2008 Deadline Extended to March 10
5:37PM 0 So far so good except importing data
5:16PM 3 Calculating the t-test for each row
5:01PM 1 Barplot with grouping x axis and count data
4:47PM 2 esercizio
4:36PM 0 FW: ANNOUNCE: one day workshop on user interfaces and interactive graphics in R
4:12PM 2 read.zoo problem reading in date time
3:33PM 1 Problem with lme4 use and installation
2:53PM 1 Problem plotting curve on survival curve
2:29PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Fatal error: you must specify '--save', '--no-save' or '--vanilla']
2:03PM 2 How to make a break on y-axis of a histogram chart using R?
1:23PM 1 using 'lrm' for logistic regression
1:13PM 3 Script to start Rcmdr
1:11PM 1 Cox model+ROCR
12:57PM 0 Jpeg and margin table, second attempt
11:11AM 1 Somer's Ordinal Association Measures
10:56AM 1 names of data.frame variables?
10:03AM 3 Plot using colors
9:01AM 0 How to assign identifiers to objects being clustered
8:57AM 1 silhouette plot for kmeans result
8:19AM 2 Fatal error: you must specify '--save', '--no-save' or '--vanilla'
7:21AM 1 Studdy Missing Data, differentiate between a percent with in the valid answers and with in the different missing answers
7:13AM 1 Formating a zoo dataset .
6:36AM 0 problem with mt.teststat function
5:18AM 2 handling big data set in R
5:05AM 0 Attempting to connect to an Empress RDBMS via RODBC 1.2-3 causes R 2.6.2.pat to segfault
3:52AM 2 Constrained regression
3:21AM 2 Problem with PCA
3:17AM 1 unable to start device PNG and unable to open connection to X11 display
3:01AM 2 glm: offset
2:59AM 3 R data Export to Excel
2:05AM 3 R function to convert a number to text
1:03AM 2 insert vector image into a plot
12:40AM 0 reducing RODBC odbcQuery memory use?
Sunday March 2 2008
10:49PM 0 Runtime error
10:32PM 1 help.start() on linux (fedora 8) when firefox alreading running - a way to open a new tab?
10:14PM 1 Problem plotting curve on survival curve (something silly?)
9:52PM 2 Recommended Packages
9:12PM 2 listing components of an object
8:40PM 3 emacs and R
8:27PM 5 discrete variable
8:18PM 3 Need help to locate my mistake
7:17PM 1 About R-Project
6:51PM 0 new to latex to pdf
5:50PM 1 regression output to latex
5:42PM 3 elegant way to minus on each row of a matrix
5:42PM 2 Imputation Packages
5:30PM 2 Variance Calculation in R
5:24PM 1 summarizing matrix data
3:12PM 4 Newbie:Export Data into Excel from R
2:24PM 1 Idioms for a timeseries operation - moving window
2:12PM 1 question on lag.zoo
1:33PM 5 [OT] "normal" (as in "Guassian")
12:11PM 1 an efficient pairwise matrix cell's comparison function
6:36AM 1 Poisson regression in R
4:04AM 1 Could not install aroma.affymetrix
2:00AM 2 difference between lrm's "Model L.R." and anova's "Chi-Square"
1:40AM 0 Predictive Analytics for Business, Marketing and Web (April 3-4, May 8-9, June 5-6)
12:32AM 0 coxpath() in package glmpath
12:04AM 0 inverse fourier transform
Saturday March 1 2008
11:38PM 1 COMPAR.GEE Output
11:00PM 2 One quick question concerning R
10:07PM 4 Help needed in R
5:34PM 1 jpeg and margin text
3:17PM 1 multiple boxplots using boxplot
2:19PM 2 How to set up multiple spawns of R?
2:15PM 0 Grouping 30 arrays (geographical) of 1000 rows (individuals) by 20 columns (time-series data)
2:13PM 1 A question on getting all possible combinations
1:51PM 0 (no subject)
11:12AM 0 bifurcation countings in a cluster dendrogram
10:41AM 1 How to chain user mouse handlers in rgl
8:35AM 2 Newbie: Incorrect number of dimensions
4:23AM 1 model R^2 and partial R^2 values
12:47AM 0 model R^2 and partial R^2 values for CART analysis in R