R help - Mar 2007

Saturday March 31 2007
11:51PM 3 Help in getting aggregated data
5:59PM 1 Bootstrap for Time Series
3:13PM 0 lda() function and Fisher's LDA
1:36PM 3 strange fisher.test result
12:40PM 3 adding slashes in sql querys
12:26PM 1 add confidence intervales to xyplot for ANCOVA and extracting info
6:24AM 3 Linear model and time series
12:08AM 0 X11 and linux and plotting and the vertical axis
Friday March 30 2007
8:08PM 1 zip.file.extract on Windows
7:28PM 3 RWiki, tcltk and plot
6:39PM 1 Trouble installing package 'sp' in R 2.4.1
3:53PM 1 Makeconf on Windows - where?
3:45PM 2 Minimum valid number of observations for rpart
3:30PM 0 Or starchy
3:18PM 1 Using split() several times in a row?
3:09PM 1 Testing random effect in logistic mixed model
2:37PM 2 ANOVA and confidence intervals plot
2:10PM 1 faster computation of cumulative multinomial distribution
1:41PM 1 R: math-operations
1:34PM 4 math-operations
12:27PM 1 Model comparison
11:12AM 2 Inquiry
7:31AM 1 Hmisc summary.formula.reverse export problem
3:56AM 0 on hazardous
3:16AM 0 problem using mcmcsamp() with glmer models containing interaction terms in fixed effects
12:11AM 1 Using Java or Tcl/Tk in R
Thursday March 29 2007
11:55PM 3 Vector indexing question
11:21PM 1 ccf time units
10:22PM 1 [HH] extending ancova function for 2 factors
9:40PM 1 Using functions in LAPACK in a C program
7:32PM 1 Wikibooks
6:57PM 3 Xemacs, ESS, R config issue
5:58PM 1 tcltk crashing R after the (ab)use of tkwait
5:39PM 1 pipe Apple
4:57PM 0 tcltk, tclRequire and Tktable help
4:26PM 0 two questions about ccf
1:02PM 2 Kmeans centers
11:10AM 2 composed matrices
10:45AM 1 equivalent datatypes
10:40AM 1 creating conditional list of elements
10:29AM 2 Fanny Clustering
7:46AM 3 Tail area of sum of Chi-square variables
7:44AM 2 Plot degree symbol by itself
7:35AM 1 C interface
7:12AM 0 Impute Values for Forest Inventory
6:25AM 0 to use EM algorithm for MLE
Wednesday March 28 2007
11:01PM 1 options(error=recover) in .Rprofile
10:27PM 0 Outlier detection with the dprep library
9:23PM 0 By sentence
8:50PM 0 what is the difference between EM clustering and latent class analysis
7:15PM 0 geoRglm question with covariates
7:11PM 1 .duplicate question
6:21PM 1 is this trellis device or standard graphics device?
5:47PM 1 warnings on adapt
5:27PM 5 Large matrix into a vector
5:17PM 0 differences among time points Using manova
4:48PM 3 multi-level modeling & R?
4:36PM 1 weight factor in somers2 function
3:38PM 2 string into command
2:34PM 1 Problem with adding packages to default start-up list
2:30PM 2 fitting data with conditions
2:21PM 5 substitute NA values
2:10PM 2 changes in behaviour of Rcmd SHLIB since 2.4.0
1:44PM 0 scale of gamma distribution
1:39PM 2 what is the difference between survival analysis and (...)
12:46PM 1 (no subject)
12:32PM 0 Optimal workstation architecture for running R / Bioconductor
12:22PM 2 aggregating data with Zoo
12:18PM 2 Help with grep (and similar functions)
11:27AM 1 regarding time series object
10:57AM 1 Regarding Vista
10:39AM 0 Kmeans Ward
9:42AM 1 R equivalent of S+SeqTrial?
9:00AM 2 Standardization Range
8:57AM 0 nlsystemfit: Errors with reproducing the manual example
2:28AM 2 RV: By sentence
Tuesday March 27 2007
11:39PM 2 line style outliers in boxplot
9:51PM 1 "Groups" in XYPLOT
9:28PM 0 Off-topic: Bernoulli-like sequences
7:18PM 0 p_values for GLMM
5:37PM 0 A question about a linear mixed model.
5:29PM 1 basic handling of data.frame
4:49PM 0 Estimating values from Segmented Package
4:40PM 0 Error when calling residual.plots() on an ANOVA object
4:40PM 0 linear mixed model?
4:22PM 0 (no subject)
4:17PM 1 Using nnet
3:47PM 0 do lunch
3:24PM 1 Reading config data from text files
3:03PM 0 r.lang for "highlight" software
2:52PM 4 Standardization
2:26PM 1 what is the difference between survival analysis and logistic regression with a timing variable?
2:09PM 3 Prefered date and date/time classes
1:56PM 7 Replacement in an expression - can't use parse()
1:36PM 4 Import of a workspace into R
1:15PM 1 impose points on lattice plot
12:43PM 2 snow parLapply standard output
12:37PM 2 catching a console output
11:52AM 1 Source Code for zoo?
10:54AM 1 gam parameter predictions --Sorry for double posting
9:35AM 0 Solving a system of nonlinear equations involving weighted parameters
8:56AM 3 Use of 'defineVar' and 'install' in .Call
8:35AM 1 DOE in R
7:43AM 1 Jackknife estimates of predict.lda success rate
7:30AM 2 problem with installation of packages
6:21AM 0 problems with installation of packages
5:55AM 2 Newbie: Combn and scripting
5:41AM 0 Random divisions
2:29AM 1 Help for looping
Monday March 26 2007
9:59PM 0 Sphericity and post-hoc analysis in a repeated-measure ANOVA
8:19PM 1 fitted probabilities in multinomial logistic regression are identical for each level
7:06PM 2 How to drop variables using a wildcard and logic...
6:48PM 3 Is the random number generator biased?
6:06PM 0 problem with putting Hmisc labeled matrix into a data.frame.
4:31PM 3 substitute variable
3:24PM 1 data-frame adding/deleting column
1:53PM 0 gam parameter predictions
1:26PM 5 Listing function
1:12PM 0 one more small query
12:53PM 2 setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH
12:37PM 0 scalinglawPlot in fBasics
12:32PM 4 a very small query
12:23PM 0 The Hurst Exponent in fBasic
12:17PM 1 main title in multi-plot
10:01AM 1 Problem in loading all packages all at once
9:33AM 1 matrix construction
9:13AM 0 pearson or spearman partial correlation coefficient
7:58AM 1 using alpha transparency for lines in levelplot
6:43AM 0 a question about "sign" of "cgh" package
2:19AM 4 Problem dropping rows based on values in a column
2:05AM 1 sampling from the uniform distribution over a convex hull
1:08AM 0 Greenwood's Variance
12:08AM 1 BRugs command modelGenInits() crashes R version 2.4.1 (windows)
Sunday March 25 2007
8:29PM 2 resolving expand.grid & NA errors
7:31PM 1 anova-interaction
5:36PM 2 Installing R on a machine with 64-bit Opteron processors
4:39PM 1 for loop help
2:37PM 1 DCOM graphics bug?
1:36PM 2 plot of computed vector
12:24PM 1 controlling panel.width and panel.height in viewports
11:19AM 1 eliminating panel borders from lattice plots
1:47AM 2 Contatenating data frames with partial overlap in variable names
Saturday March 24 2007
8:05PM 0 prow blythe
7:13PM 0 Biometrics Latex template
5:35PM 2 Two Problems while trying to aggregate a dataframe
12:51PM 1 p values in lme4 package
12:41PM 1 frequency tables and sorting by rowSum
11:39AM 0 bootstrapping of standard error estimates
5:43AM 2 sampling from the unoform distrubuton over a convex hull
5:10AM 1 how to get current workspace name?
5:02AM 0 Greenwood variance formula
Friday March 23 2007
9:41PM 0 Optimal matching analysis package
9:27PM 0 plotting dnorm() issued from mclust models
9:21PM 4 Conversion from string to date type
7:54PM 1 Space for X and Y axis labels
7:03PM 1 objects of class "matrix" and mode "list"?
6:28PM 1 Completely off topic, but amusing?
6:14PM 1 memory, speed, and assigning results into new v. existing variable
6:02PM 0 p-values for GLMMs
6:00PM 0 Rweb - calculating mean for an excel table opened in Rweb
5:33PM 1 creating R packs for all
5:29PM 1 using "\t" in mtext
5:23PM 0 R at the Language Log
5:11PM 0 course on Analysis of Repeated Measurements by Ronald Geskus
4:58PM 0 Course on Survival Analysis in Amsterdam
4:27PM 6 Subset
4:26PM 2 Simple bar plot question
4:25PM 1 plotting symbol
3:46PM 1 subtotal for same row data
2:57PM 0 test ANOVA/ANCOVA
2:36PM 0 simulate from a multivariate lognormal distribution with fixed covariance/correlation structure
2:15PM 0 RTisean 3.0-7 released
2:04PM 1 generating lognormal variables with given correlation
12:40PM 3 Change Axis Size
12:36PM 0 dimension reduction and multinomial responses
12:30PM 5 Get "home" directory and simple I/O
12:30PM 1 Binary information convert into hexadecimal
12:11PM 1 sort argument in mosaicplot
11:35AM 4 Effect display of proportional odds model
11:21AM 1 Creating new directory/folder from R script on run time.
11:06AM 3 distribution graph
9:44AM 0 Translating actxserver server commands to rcom
8:49AM 2 landscape pdf
8:06AM 6 Updating a worksheet in Excel file using RODBC
7:51AM 2 concatenate 2 data.frames
7:48AM 0 Im, Paseran and Shin test in R
4:13AM 2 Fitting a line to a qqplot's points?
2:51AM 0 can't load just saved R object using R-devel "ReadItem: unknown type 65"
2:40AM 1 can't load just saved R object "ReadItem: unknown type 65"
12:21AM 1 lmer estimated scale
Thursday March 22 2007
11:13PM 0 Mac OS X: Clearing R Console screen
10:42PM 2 Colored boxes with values in the box
10:08PM 2 unexpected behavior of trellis calls inside a user-defined function
8:10PM 2 personalize regression printing?
5:32PM 0 Search zeros of one function
4:37PM 0 finding "clusters" in 2-dimensional data
3:47PM 2 quick legend() question
3:23PM 3 Cohen's Kappa
2:59PM 3 "digits" doesn't work in format function
12:49PM 1 Truncated x-axis values
12:14PM 1 non-linear curve fitting
11:39AM 2 difftime / RBloomberg
9:14AM 1 repeated measures anova
9:09AM 0 accounting for overdispersion in poisson distribution with lmer procedure
8:32AM 0 Fwd: RSPerl buffer overflow
6:44AM 0 Arrellano Bond and Blundell and Bond estimators in R
6:28AM 0 dsymstb-density of symmetric stable
6:03AM 2 R difftime function: How can we fix the difftime unit?
5:08AM 0 DBI + RSQLite or SQLiteDF?
3:58AM 2 dynamic linear models in R
1:14AM 1 Labelling a second y-axis
Wednesday March 21 2007
10:09PM 2 problem with RCurl install on Unix
9:34PM 0 Clarification
8:55PM 1 Snow Package and SPRNG: Will it solve my problem?
8:34PM 1 Problem installing packages in R 2.4.1
6:42PM 3 Stepwise Logistic Regression
6:06PM 1 export table
4:26PM 2 RMySQL *was* working...
3:14PM 2 for loop in assigning column names
2:50PM 0 ar predict without noise
2:15PM 0 He wilma
1:38PM 3 question on suppressing error messages with Rmath library
1:29PM 2 newbie upgrade from 2.4.0 to 2.4.1 question
11:42AM 1 Integer Optimization
10:55AM 2 Gaussian Adaptive Quadrature
8:15AM 1 how to get "lsmeans"?
7:38AM 2 Detailed legend in mathplot ...
7:17AM 0 question about Style in odfWeave
4:59AM 1 any way to append a table in SQL server
2:25AM 0 substitution matrix for amino acid
12:52AM 1 package:AlgDesign and .Random.seed
Tuesday March 20 2007
10:25PM 4 Over-writing functions from other packages? What is a good strategy??
10:16PM 1 lattice key (legend) with both points and lines
10:04PM 2 Ticks on barplots
9:51PM 1 RMySQL load error
7:22PM 0 LDA newbie question
7:17PM 2 Problems about Derivaties
6:58PM 1 getting ess/emacs to link with a remote instance of R
6:10PM 3 kmeans
5:58PM 1 odbcConnect - no data source and default driver
5:15PM 2 Problem adjusting x-labels with bargraphCI
3:33PM 2 run a script during R CMD build
3:20PM 1 How does glm(family='binomial') deal with perfect sucess?
3:05PM 2 Translating code from R into Matlab code
2:59PM 1 Strange integer result on Debian/amd64
2:33PM 6 Select the last two rows by id group
1:55PM 1 Error in nlme with factors in R 2.4.1
12:49PM 0 Multiple testing and Logistic regression in case control studies
11:39AM 1 XML - can create but can't save
11:32AM 5 abline within data range
10:13AM 2 Any R function for self-controlled case series method /effect absorption?
9:29AM 1 grid on a wireframe plot
6:02AM 1 truehist bug?
3:32AM 1 about hcluster
1:46AM 0 Suitable Package to Visualize Schedules
12:10AM 2 BETA testers for xlsReadWrite? (natively read/write Excelfiles)
Monday March 19 2007
10:46PM 1 data.frame handling
7:41PM 0 Font size and window size
7:12PM 1 k-means clustering
4:52PM 1 Row wise solving an equation
4:32PM 0 estimation of dispersion parameter in GLM
4:31PM 2 sorting with criteria that are "out of order"
3:31PM 0 help with anisotropy matrix for GaussRF
3:01PM 0 getting identified points back from Rggobi
2:06PM 1 likelihoods in SAS GENMOD vs R glm
12:20PM 1 question on table format
9:57AM 4 matrix similarity comparison
9:18AM 3 character to numeric conversion
9:05AM 5 order of values in vector
4:54AM 0 How to specify Variance Covariance matrix of residuals?
Sunday March 18 2007
10:00PM 2 any simple way to put comment with multiple lines
7:57PM 1 Setting site-wide default CRAN repository?
6:42PM 1 simple multivariate linear model plot
6:37PM 1 multcomp
6:36PM 2 subset by multiple columns satisfying the same condition
6:07PM 1 HELP...Running data
5:42PM 3 Read a .sas7bdat file
4:36PM 2 ticks labels and R
1:41PM 2 Problem Loading rggobi package
8:32AM 1 Error with get_all_vars()
3:42AM 0 Bad points in regression [Broadcast]
2:57AM 2 Lag operator in R does not work
2:52AM 2 Flipping a vector
2:01AM 2 italics letter in roman string
Saturday March 17 2007
10:14PM 1 What function in R is to estimate the marginal denstiy from bivarate samples?
7:12PM 1 Correlated random effects in lme
2:22PM 1 arrowhead styles
12:51PM 0 Markov Decision Process Estimating in R (MDP)
12:36PM 1 legend with density and fill
11:11AM 1 problem with mfg argument of par
2:56AM 1 Fwd: Re: CPU usage on Windows
12:46AM 1 Font in JavaGD() & pdf()
Friday March 16 2007
10:56PM 1 CPU usage on Windows
10:52PM 1 Revisiting multiple plots
10:21PM 1 Rownames are always character?
9:46PM 2 scatterplot brushing
9:39PM 2 Discriminating between experiments with xyplot (lattice)
9:00PM 1 Probably simple function problem
6:19PM 1 online course - Using R for Basic Statistics
6:15PM 1 cumsum over varying column lengths
5:29PM 1 ERROR: 'latex' needed but missing on your system.
5:15PM 1 Create coef.table as in summary.glm (with Signif. codes)
4:40PM 1 log(1+exp(x)) function
4:14PM 2 Duplicated non contiguous element in a list
3:42PM 1 Fast lookup in ragged array
3:04PM 1 ideas to speed up code: converting a matrix of integers to a matrix of normally distributed values
1:36PM 1 Implementing trees in R
12:03PM 0 Segmentation fault in estimating structural equation models with the SEM package.
12:02PM 2 Can I scale the labels in a 'persp' graph?
11:44AM 3 corAR1 in a random effects panel
10:21AM 0 Problem to add legend to panel.histogram function
9:59AM 1 gls bug?
9:19AM 1 Problem installing R onto Solaris 2.10 system - need advice!!!!!
8:56AM 1 How can i do the same thing in the China map?
8:49AM 0 help on sigmoid curve fitting
8:37AM 1 Defining a floor value in a data.frame on a row-by-row basis
5:41AM 1 error code 5 from Lapack routine 'dsyevr'
4:48AM 1 Complex superscript plot text
2:47AM 3 ARIMA standard error
2:38AM 0 How can I place axis annotations away from axis?
12:50AM 2 MANOVA permutation testing
12:26AM 0 how to determine the relative distance between a DNA sequence and know genes
12:07AM 1 multiple scores per subject
Thursday March 15 2007
9:50PM 0 Covariance matrix calc method question
9:04PM 1 Model selection in LASSO (cross-validation)
8:36PM 0 unbiased sandwich variance estimator for GEE estimates
6:11PM 0 Calculating Deviance from log-likelihood
5:10PM 1 vars :VARMA, multivariate time series?
5:03PM 3 logistic regression
5:01PM 1 How to use result of approxfun in a package?
4:47PM 0 [e1071] predict.svm bug ?
4:37PM 2 Density estimation graphs
4:27PM 2 Cannot allocate vector size of... ?
4:26PM 0 Creating q and p functions from a self-defined distribut
4:20PM 2 how to...
4:17PM 0 Seemingly Unrelated Regressions question - not R question
1:43PM 1 Error in upgrade
12:19PM 1 expm() within the Matrix package
12:18PM 0 Occasional problems with starting batch mode
12:09PM 1 Creating q and p functions from a self-defined distribution
12:07PM 0 What happened to the rpm package ?
10:30AM 7 Hardware for a new Workstation for best performance using R
10:11AM 0 Mauchly.test
4:10AM 0 timeDate object - days, months manipulation & arithmetic
1:45AM 2 reading raw matrix saved with writeBin
12:22AM 2 replacing all NA's in a dataframe with zeros...
Wednesday March 14 2007
11:55PM 1 degree of freedom of interaction effect
11:43PM 0 Question about testing cointegration using Autoregressive distributed Model (ADL)
11:24PM 0 Wald test and frailty models in coxph
10:09PM 0 Data Visualization Search
8:06PM 0 Logistic regression for drugs Interactions
7:48PM 2 ols Error : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
7:20PM 2 Redirecting output to the screen
7:11PM 1 plot.tune
6:11PM 1 How to transform matrices to ANOVA input datasets?
5:50PM 0 Cannot create Java Virtual Machine
4:51PM 1 Trimming a Data Set
3:55PM 1 tune.svm
3:48PM 2 Connecting R-help and Google Groups?
12:44PM 1 rgeom for p (1-p)^(x-1)
10:35AM 4 abs(U) > 0 where U is a vector?
8:53AM 2 dataframe layout
6:10AM 0 aic for lrm
5:33AM 0 Need suggestion regarding analysis of high dimensional data
5:27AM 1 about bootstrapping
3:57AM 1 Model matrix with redundant columns included
Tuesday March 13 2007
11:25PM 0 Poisson rate test
11:19PM 1 AR(1) and gls
11:02PM 2 Sweave question: prevent expansion of unevaluated reused code chunk
10:14PM 1 lme4 and mcmcamp
8:45PM 1 Rcmd and memory
8:28PM 0 writing new varFunc class
8:06PM 0 segfault with correlation structures in nlme
7:34PM 3 Adding bars to the right of existing ones using barplot
6:39PM 0 ASA Southern California Chapter Applied Statistics Workshop
6:32PM 2 RODBC Excel sqlQuery insert into
5:04PM 0 Looking for "ArfimaOxFit.ox" and "ArfimaOxPredict.ox" files
4:12PM 1 Rcmdir does not work in SciVews-R
3:43PM 3 inconsistent behaviour of add1 and drop1 with a weighted linear model
3:01PM 0 Duncan post-hoc tests in R?
2:38PM 4 selecting rows with more than x occurrences in a given column (data type is names)
2:35PM 1 estimating an ARIMA model with constraints
2:07PM 0 GLMM plots
1:49PM 1 hierarchical partitioning
1:02PM 4 'substitute' question
12:42PM 1 Freeman-Tukey arcsine transformation
11:46AM 0 multiplying matrix by vector of times
10:41AM 2 gtk button: how to create signal handler?
10:12AM 0 compatibility S-plus R: stepwise fonction
8:40AM 1 Rattle() GGobi()-Plots- How to save?
5:31AM 1 AR(1) models with gls
5:21AM 1 Solving PDEs
4:28AM 2 An example of "overloading" [
4:19AM 3 Highlight overlapping area between two curves
1:58AM 2 turn regression coefficients into matrix or...
1:30AM 0 turn regression coefficients intro matrices
Monday March 12 2007
11:30PM 2 Lmer Mcmc Summary and p values
11:18PM 1 replicating SAS's "proc rank" procedure
11:06PM 0 Pvalues and lme
10:42PM 1 timeDate & business day
10:30PM 0 test for bimodality
10:29PM 2 distance metrics
8:54PM 2 altering prefix to multiple variables in different locations within a command file
7:47PM 2 Query about substituting characters in a df
7:24PM 3 reading BMP into R
7:16PM 1 How to avoid a for-loop?
5:55PM 1 How to modify a column of a matrix
5:01PM 1 Can one set box line width within the matplot command?
2:28PM 1 CLUSTER Package
1:33PM 4 R for copying and pasting selected image files?
1:21PM 1 Analysis of 3-dimensional spatial point patterns
10:15AM 0 Help with xYplot() in package Hmisc
9:58AM 4 meta-regression, MiMa function, and R-squared
9:50AM 0 Any support for RRD graphs/tools in R?
5:38AM 1 Problem with installation of littler-0.0.10. under Free BSD 6.2
3:20AM 0 standardized residuals
3:02AM 1 knncat question
1:17AM 0 Tracking when an object/function was modified (Mona Kanaan)
12:54AM 1 write.csv feature/bug with pipe
12:37AM 1 Export successively displayed graphics
Sunday March 11 2007
11:13PM 3 read.table for a subset of data
7:46PM 1 fitting a mixed exponential distribution
6:08PM 1 Sys.setlocale("LC_CTYPE","fr_FR.UTF-8")
5:47PM 1 using scan to record user's input
12:40PM 1 recoding question
4:55AM 2 logging mouse clicks
12:18AM 0 Dyn.load and Unload problems
Saturday March 10 2007
6:11PM 1 xtable with dupplicate rownames
5:28PM 0 finding max into matrix
3:22PM 1 RMySQL on win32
12:04PM 2 barplot, for loop?
5:45AM 2 read a irregular text file data into dataframe()
3:20AM 3 long character string problem
3:11AM 3 Mac vs. PC
2:23AM 2 Table Construction from calculations
1:00AM 0 H0 and H1 probabilities in Cohen's Effect Size w for X2 test
Friday March 9 2007
11:47PM 4 Using large datasets: can I overload the subscript operator?
10:02PM 1 dendrogram - got it , just need to label :)
9:46PM 2 piecing together statements (macro?)
9:26PM 1 useR! 2007 --- Call for papers and posters
8:26PM 1 MCMC logit
8:12PM 6 Extracting text from a character string
8:10PM 4 About "cex=": how to improve resolution?
8:02PM 4 Reg. strings and numeric data in matrix.
7:13PM 1 Applying some equations over all unique combinations of 4 variables
6:22PM 4 use nnet
5:26PM 1 GLM: order of terms in model
5:17PM 2 Duplicate rows of matrix
4:41PM 0 time demean model matrix
4:20PM 1 lpSolve space problem in R 2.4.1 on Windows XP
4:18PM 2 Extracting the p of F statistics from lm
4:08PM 4 How to create a list that grows automatically
3:30PM 2 Matrix conversion question
3:02PM 0 Right truncation data
3:02PM 1 convert pixels into axis coordinates in R
2:34PM 2 understanding print.summary.lm and perhaps print/show in general
1:29PM 6 R and clinical studies
12:25PM 2 Deconvolution of a spectrum
11:17AM 1 dendrogram again
10:25AM 1 Is the gmodels package being maintained?
10:08AM 1 Problem with ci.lmer() in package:gmodels
9:00AM 0 GLMM in lme4 and Tweedie dist.
6:36AM 1 help with zicounts
3:36AM 1 pdf device bounding box?
2:37AM 2 color key of heatmap.2
1:49AM 2 rattle()->RData->Explore->GGobi->>libggobi-0.dll--Error
1:00AM 1 how can i group branches of a dendrogram
12:01AM 1 dendrogram / clusteranalysis plotting
Thursday March 8 2007
9:08PM 2 augPred in lmer
9:02PM 1 ATLAS for MacBook?
8:45PM 2 autoload libraries at startup
8:28PM 1 how to assign fixed factor in lm
7:09PM 1 Drawing sub-samples
6:05PM 2 R GUI in Ubuntu?
5:34PM 2 sending a vector of characters as arguments for a function
5:16PM 0 Release 2.1-1 of bayesm
5:07PM 0 Removing duplicated rows in a matrix, with missing data as wildcards
3:52PM 1 chronological scatterplots
3:14PM 2 Removing duplicated rows within a matrix, with missing data as wildcards
2:38PM 2 curve of density on histogram
2:37PM 2 Memory error
1:54PM 1 Tracking when an object/function was modified
1:10PM 2 Using logarithmic y-axis (density) in a histogram
12:07PM 1 R: Searching and deleting elements of list
11:50AM 0 link function
11:31AM 1 Searching and deleting elements of list
9:16AM 1 Error distribution question
4:47AM 2 alpha parameter in function rgb to specify color
4:22AM 0 help for efficient loop
4:14AM 0 the legend of heatmap.2
3:25AM 2 Named backreferences in replacement patterns
2:35AM 1 Calling Optim() from C
2:04AM 1 reading a text file with a stray carriage return
12:36AM 1 sink with R-code
12:33AM 0 April Courses*** R/S+: Fundamentals and Programming Techniques - @ 6 Locations Nationwide / Ann Arbor, Hartford, Raleigh, Princeton, Seattle, Boston
12:21AM 1 Some problems with X11
Wednesday March 7 2007
11:25PM 5 how to "apply" functions to unbalanced data in long format by factors......cant get "by" or "aggregate" to work
10:12PM 5 hwo can i get a vector that...
9:26PM 1 how to avoid to overwrite object
9:06PM 1 Read data with different column lengths
8:37PM 1 ATLAS for Pentium D and Pentium Duo Core?
8:29PM 1 C to R
7:41PM 2 Query about using setdiff
7:37PM 0 sqlSave help!
6:30PM 1 Failure to run mcsamp() in package arm
6:04PM 0 Fitting Data to tCopula
5:59PM 1 No fit statistics for some models using sem
5:49PM 2 Download packages problem.
5:33PM 2 error installing packages
4:28PM 0 Two-way Unbalanced multiple sample ANOVA
4:21PM 3 Plotting a broken line?
3:35PM 2 No years() function?
3:29PM 1 transform R function
3:01PM 1 compiling latest version of R
2:52PM 1 rattle- MSACCESS database problem
2:50PM 2 Power calculation for detecting linear trend
2:49PM 0 hopach
2:48PM 1 Fwd: Package-RODBC-MSACCESS
2:47PM 0 I need some help
2:12PM 2 Calculating confidence limits on acf graphs
12:30PM 2 Multi-line plots with matrices in R
12:25PM 1 'persp' but only axes
9:49AM 0 info about R diffusion
9:47AM 0 heatmap
9:33AM 1 good procedure to estimate ARMA(p, q)?
9:12AM 2 where can I find Durbin-Waston test tables for Confidence Level 2.5% or 0.5%?
9:04AM 0 Appropriate error distribution
8:39AM 5 How to open more windows to make more graphs at once!
6:40AM 1 Autogenerate tags in tag=value pairs for
5:33AM 1 Sweave issue: quotes in verbatim-like output print incorrectly
Tuesday March 6 2007
11:55PM 1 Waiting for Key input
10:20PM 1 Stangle and annotate
9:54PM 1 Substituting functions in package - Lattice
9:42PM 1 Obtaining figures with exactly placed points
9:02PM 2 Subseting data frame based on column names
8:43PM 4 Memory Limits in Ubuntu Linux
8:39PM 0 cluster analysis
8:38PM 2 Generic distributions
7:33PM 0 mixed exponential distribution
7:15PM 1 R plug in for Eclipse
6:40PM 1 Question about the smooth.Pspline
6:18PM 1 optim(), nlminb() and starting values
5:48PM 4 R and SAS proc format
5:47PM 0 rpart-question regarding relation between cp and rel error
5:43PM 5 Recalling and printing multiple graphs. Is there something in the HISTORY menu that will help?
5:32PM 0 Estimation near boundary
4:31PM 1 Question
4:23PM 12 Off topic:Spam on R-help increase?
4:13PM 1 sem: standardized covariance estimates
3:56PM 0 help using non-separable space time covariance model
3:54PM 1 Distinct combinations for bootstrapping small sets
3:33PM 2 How to utilise dual cores and multi-processors on WinXP
3:19PM 2 how to edit my R codes into a efficient way
2:36PM 2 Package RODBC
12:48PM 1 The plot of qqmath
11:51AM 2 Generate random numbers up to one
9:50AM 1 dispersion_parameter_GLMM's
9:47AM 1 expm()
9:28AM 1 Quick question on Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test
8:54AM 2 Estimating parameters of 2 phase Coxian using optim
8:11AM 3 Passing command line parameters to a script
7:25AM 0 optima setting of multiple response
6:16AM 3 Is there a quick way to count the number of times each element in a vector appears?
3:12AM 0 different random effects for each level of a factor in lme
12:12AM 0 Document classes with tm
Monday March 5 2007
11:55PM 3 Mixed effects multinomial regression and meta-analysis
11:30PM 2 Linear programming with sparse matrix input format?
10:06PM 3 Rbind with data frames -- column names question
7:41PM 0 Help on installing RScaLAPACK on Ubuntu
7:38PM 0 generate random numbers for regression model
7:38PM 1 error message when using outer function
6:02PM 0 Interface to round robin databases (RRDtool)
5:49PM 1 Matrix/dataframe indexing
4:23PM 0 ANNOUNCEMENT: 20% Discount on R books from Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
3:07PM 0 RJDBC
2:56PM 1 enumerating non-overlapping pairs of elements from a vector
2:53PM 0 Static and dynamic graphics course, July 2007, Salt Lake City
2:23PM 4 0 * NA = NA
1:14PM 4 Identifying points in a plot that have duplicate values
1:11PM 0 background color behind symbols in legend()
1:04PM 0 RBloomberg
11:20AM 1 Error loading a dependency in a package: missing namespace?
10:37AM 1 Difference between two time series
9:59AM 1 Heteroskedastic Time Series
9:30AM 4 about find the solution
9:04AM 4 Identifying last record in individual growth data over different time intervalls
8:14AM 1 Error in La.svd(X) : error code 1 from Lapack routine 'dgesdd'
7:56AM 4 plot(): I want to display dates on X-axis.
1:15AM 1 logistic regression on contingency table
Sunday March 4 2007
11:47PM 0 Trouble figuring messages from rcspline.plot
11:26PM 1 - Nonparametric variance test
10:49PM 1 plot groupedData in nlme
10:26PM 1 factor analysis and pattern matrix
6:31PM 1 Scoping issue?
5:42PM 0 Newbie questions about "Wireframe"
4:32PM 1 residuals in lme4 package
7:22AM 2 lattice histogram
Saturday March 3 2007
10:22PM 0 tcl/tk printing to console is far too slow
9:46PM 0 Fitting a sigmoid
9:30PM 2 Sigmoidal fitting
9:28PM 1 apply ? function doesnt create object
9:18PM 1 function doesnt return/create object
7:53PM 1 How to override ordering of panels in xyplot()
7:53PM 1 R software to place points on Yahoo maps
7:29PM 3 Help with paste()
2:32PM 3 How to convert List object to function arguments?
10:14AM 2 format of summary.lm for 2-way ANOVA
9:41AM 1 GarchOxFit Interface
1:25AM 1 package installation for windows vista
Friday March 2 2007
10:43PM 1 Mitools and lmer
10:25PM 1 Horvitz Thompson Variance
9:52PM 4 significant anova but no distinct groups ?
9:52PM 0 Questions regarding biplot
9:14PM 1 Fwd: Re: [friday topic]: what exactly is statistical computing
8:26PM 2 nlm() problem : extra parameters
8:11PM 2 sampling random groups with all observations in the group
7:23PM 0 R: ARIMA forecasting
6:49PM 0 add mean, sd, number of observation in each panel for lattice histogram
6:32PM 0 lme problem : extra parameters
5:48PM 2 plot with fixed axis proportion
5:26PM 0 Problem with user defined split function in Rpart
4:38PM 0 Matrix looping
4:09PM 1 RE-Row-wise two sample T-test on subsets of a matrix
3:48PM 1 barplot with different color combination for each bar
3:04PM 0 Account Completed
2:43PM 3 [friday topic]: what exactly is statistical computing
2:42PM 3 from function to its name?
2:39PM 0 LIMMA contrast.matrix
2:34PM 2 lattice: clipping data, not plot margins
12:33PM 2 Error in length of vector ?
11:08AM 1 vectorized dmvnorm
10:54AM 3 plot of 2 time series with very different values
10:33AM 1 hpush not allowed
10:11AM 0 Dice dissimilarity output and 'phylo' function in R
9:33AM 1 Help with faster optimization for large parameter problem
9:15AM 3 Reformulated matrices dimensions limitation problem
8:25AM 0 mixing symbols and rectangles in legend()
4:17AM 1 label histogram question
1:54AM 1 extracting data from zoo series
Thursday March 1 2007
11:33PM 1 repost-configure error on Mandriva 2007
11:28PM 1 Generating R plots through Perl
10:53PM 2 FTP download from ftp.sec.gov
10:43PM 2 Using R for devices trial
10:35PM 0 passing arguments to multiple functions
10:01PM 1 covariance question which has nothing to do with R
9:40PM 0 permutation tests on autocorrelations
9:28PM 3 Simplest question ever...
8:57PM 0 Preserving order in an intersection
8:55PM 2 R code for "Statistical Models in S" ?
7:40PM 1 Default par() options
7:08PM 1 problem with throwing lines out of matrix
7:01PM 0 Update of X2R sent to CRAN
6:17PM 1 number of levels for a factor
5:51PM 2 Row-wise two sample T-test on subsets of a matrix
5:44PM 1 GLM problems.
5:22PM 4 R File IO Slow?
5:20PM 1 matrices dimensions limitation
5:01PM 1 Fit Student Copula
4:34PM 2 Query about data manipulation
4:16PM 0 Creating a vector of variable bin widths
3:07PM 2 Another newbie book recommandation question
2:57PM 0 time series data ploting
2:31PM 4 question about xtable and Hmisc
2:20PM 7 count the # of appearances...
2:19PM 0 question about returning Random Effects' covariance matrix estimate using lme fitting
1:56PM 2 barplot2, gap.barplot
1:48PM 2 setting font in plots
1:46PM 0 need indexing help again
1:40PM 0 Where to find ROracle for R 2.2.1
12:47PM 1 object is not subsettable
11:35AM 2 function with Multiple Output
10:53AM 1 R (Input from Keyboard): How do I remove error?
10:09AM 0 Reshape data
9:14AM 4 How to read in this data format?
9:11AM 0 Matrix Library failing to load
9:10AM 0 pheno package
9:07AM 0 stl cycle sub-series plot
9:05AM 0 absent
7:54AM 1 how to apply the function cut( ) to many columns in a data.frame?