R help - Feb 2007

Wednesday February 28 2007
11:07PM 1 Efficient way to repeat rows (or columns) of a matrix?
11:01PM 1 Removing directory?
10:41PM 1 problem with help.start and ?somefunction
9:02PM 2 What is a expression good for?
7:41PM 0 does function deriv take a vector of expressions?
6:03PM 3 Packages in R for least median squares regression and computing outliers (thompson tau technique etc.)
6:01PM 0 configure error on Mandriva 2007
5:28PM 3 matrix manipulations
5:17PM 1 use tapply in a list which contains many data.frame
4:48PM 1 question regression trees
4:06PM 4 legend question
3:31PM 0 Fwd: How to do GAM
3:21PM 2 Help on GAM
2:35PM 3 get more than get
2:34PM 1 map population density
2:20PM 0 Piecewise linear regression with RMA
2:17PM 2 topTable function from LIMMA
1:12PM 2 delete selecting rows and columns
11:57AM 1 LME without convergence
11:02AM 1 bootstrap
10:20AM 2 sort of OT: bootstrap tutorial
9:49AM 1 adding graphics after dev.copy
8:23AM 0 no df to test the effect of an interaccion on a lmer mixed model
7:13AM 3 Package RGtk2, rattle, libatk-1.0.0.dll Errors
6:42AM 0 package rattle() - libatk-1.0.0.dll Error
6:26AM 0 D() and deriv() accessing components of returned expression
5:34AM 1 SEM - standardized path coefficients?
2:54AM 3 Datamining-package rattle() Errors
2:44AM 0 Be true
2:04AM 2 lm ANOVA vs. AOV
1:22AM 1 Datamining-package-?
Tuesday February 27 2007
11:32PM 2 .C HoltWinters
11:11PM 2 factor documentation issue
11:06PM 0 help with NSST models in GaussRf
9:38PM 1 R in linux
8:35PM 1 Angle of Bar Plot
8:10PM 1 interactions and GAM
7:59PM 1 matplot on lattice graphics
7:20PM 0 recording graphics going from lattice to traditional plots, and issues with log axes
6:43PM 1 Function to do multiple named lookups faster?
6:25PM 5 Multiple conditional without if
6:24PM 0 plotting rpart objects - fancy option
5:58PM 0 sample size for 2-sample proportion tests
5:46PM 4 ordered matrix question
5:24PM 2 ts; decompose; plot and title
4:48PM 1 compiling issues with Mandriva Linux 2007 Discovery
4:38PM 1 read.csv size limits
3:52PM 2 str() to extract components
3:39PM 0 garch and extra explanatory variable
3:13PM 3 rpart minimum sample size
2:55PM 1 stl function
2:29PM 1 fitting the gamma cumulative distribution function
2:11PM 1 Problem with R interface termination
1:36PM 1 How to put the dependent variable in GLM proportion model
11:31AM 1 merge two colums
10:05AM 0 Additional: to integrate()
9:49AM 1 Additional args to fun in integrate() not found?
7:46AM 4 fitting of all possible models
6:05AM 3 How to use bash command in R script?
1:56AM 0 Optimizing the loop for large data
1:36AM 1 prop.test or chisq.test ..?
12:14AM 2 RDA and trend surface regression
12:11AM 3 looping
Monday February 26 2007
10:25PM 1 training svm
8:03PM 0 hierarchical clustering using cutree
8:03PM 3 returns from dnorm and dmvnorm
7:56PM 1 2 data frames - list in one out put , matrix in another ??
7:33PM 1 exact matching of names in attr
6:43PM 1 eigenvalue ordering
5:37PM 2 survival analysis using rpart
5:29PM 1 Partial whitening of time series?
5:18PM 1 Adding duplicates by rows
5:11PM 0 Barplot Graph
4:51PM 1 match() function with a little enhancement
4:27PM 0 LD50 contrasts with lmer/lme4
3:35PM 1 someattributes
3:25PM 2 Test of Presence Matrix HOWTO?
2:25PM 3 PLotting R graphics/symbols without user x-y scaling
11:35AM 1 PlotAffyRNAdeg on Estrogen Data
11:13AM 1 Add-up duplicates and merge
10:06AM 1 Chi Square with two tab-delimited text files
8:14AM 1 Automated figure production
7:55AM 2 how to fill between 2 stair plots
Sunday February 25 2007
11:32PM 1 nested design in lme, need help with specifying model
9:33PM 0 patient risk score by cox regression
7:58PM 1 Repeated measures logistic regression
7:51PM 3 If you had just one book on R to buy...
6:14PM 0 Overdispersion in a GLM binomial model
5:20PM 1 Writing integers in "write.matrix" function
4:51PM 2 RFA
4:44PM 2 nsRFA
4:37PM 2 RFA and nsRFA
4:26PM 0 dev.print and postscript device problem
4:24PM 1 rotating labels
4:02PM 3 Macros in R
2:44PM 8 Double-banger function names: preferences and suggestions
6:51AM 3 Random Integers
Saturday February 24 2007
11:12PM 1 mtext bold font problem
9:48PM 1 Bold Substring in mtext (newbie question)
8:52PM 0 independent text in panels
6:57PM 0 rpart with overdispersed count data?
6:30PM 1 Woolf's test, Odds ratio, stratification
4:38PM 0 Multiple comparisons when interacction]
12:33PM 1 recovering collums of DF using a text var.list
12:00PM 1 Making two lines graph ...
11:47AM 3 gsub: replacing a.*a if no occurence of b in .*
8:22AM 2 barchart (lattice) with text labels
Friday February 23 2007
8:54PM 1 Overlaying graphics
7:27PM 1 how to use apply with two variables
6:42PM 4 using "integrate" in a function definition
6:24PM 2 pdf with an exact size
6:21PM 1 some caracter dont work with JGR
3:56PM 2 Neural Net forecasting
3:51PM 1 Repeated measures in Classification and Regresssion Trees
2:53PM 2 Google Custom Search Engine for R
2:48PM 0 R Mailing list in Cape Town - South Africa
2:43PM 3 How to plot two graphs on one single plot?
2:34PM 0 Question concerning survival analysis
1:38PM 6 TRUE/FALSE as numeric values
11:41AM 1 optim(method="L-BFGS-B") abnormal termination
11:05AM 0 kernel regression
8:36AM 1 help with RMySQL
6:26AM 2 Extracting a subset from a dataframe
5:02AM 3 mixture of 2 normals - starting values
1:36AM 2 Wrinting integers in a matrix faile
Thursday February 22 2007
10:08PM 1 tournaments to dendrograms
9:57PM 0 is a time series regression model a causal forecasting model?
9:57PM 0 A question regarding "cutree"
9:07PM 0 R equivalent of the VAR function in S+Finmetrics
8:35PM 0 confidence intervals
8:29PM 1 JGR launcher for linux
8:22PM 1 problem with weights on lmer function
7:56PM 2 question about boxplot
7:36PM 1 Principal Component Analysis & explained variance
7:09PM 3 How to print a double quote
6:13PM 1 Help using Sweave with wireframe or cloud
6:11PM 0 S Plus Debugging
4:17PM 0 adjacency matrix?
3:29PM 4 Crosstabbing multiple response data
3:16PM 1 R CMD CHECK question
3:14PM 1 how to show date with this subset
3:01PM 1 Cross-tabulations next to each other
2:48PM 1 Diagnostic Tests: Jarque-Bera Test / RAMSEY
2:33PM 3 List filtration
2:32PM 0 Package for Screen Scrapers?
2:05PM 0 Error in solve.default
1:35PM 2 Combining tapply() and cor.test()?
12:46PM 2 residuals and glm
12:32PM 1 investigating interactions with mixed models
11:53AM 0 daisy function in cluster- coerced NAs
11:14AM 3 several Filled.contour plots on the same device...
10:50AM 4 Sorting rows of a binary matrix
10:37AM 1 Accessing the class of an object with two elements.
10:23AM 0 Move y label in xyplot
8:48AM 1 Spatial error model estimation
8:44AM 1 how to install a package in R on a linux machine?
8:12AM 1 MANOVA usage
5:08AM 0 Minor Tick Marks in Lattice
5:07AM 0 [MacOSX] Screencast for R and Sweave on TextMate
3:52AM 2 write fixed format
3:22AM 1 Updating or installing R packages on Windows Vista
3:18AM 0 Relative ranking by a factor
1:33AM 2 Is there better alternative to this loop?
12:16AM 0 interacting factors in lmer [was: error using user-defined link function]
Wednesday February 21 2007
11:41PM 1 loops in R help me please
11:02PM 1 Problem with rjava in linux
10:38PM 0 Estimating a bivariate VAR(X) and using F-tests
10:08PM 1 Data frame operations getting slower when accessed by index
10:04PM 1 Chi-Square test
7:55PM 0 R under Pocket PC
7:53PM 1 Looking for info on R Advanced programming in the West Coast
7:49PM 1 choose.files() on a mac
7:44PM 1 simple question on one-sided p-values for coef() on output of lm()
7:39PM 0 Course*** R/S+: Fundamentals and Programming Techniques - Princeton, March 1-2
7:37PM 1 glms with poisson and negative binomial errors
6:38PM 2 how much performance penalty does this incur, scalar as a vector of one element?
6:20PM 1 How to get the equation of a graph after i have plotted the datas?
5:05PM 0 R Introduction Course - LONDON
4:58PM 2 file path
4:50PM 1 Installing Package rgl - Compilation Fails - FreeBSD
3:47PM 1 Trying to get an apply to work with a list in applying names to tables
3:03PM 3 Examples on how to READ/WRITE to database using R-Project
12:13PM 3 Omiting repeated values
11:53AM 0 Problems with obtaining t-tests of regression
11:16AM 0 GLS models - bootstrapping
11:08AM 1 R unstable and crashes after executing .C
10:56AM 1 Confindence interval for Levenberg-Marquardt fit
10:18AM 2 Coxph and ordered factors
8:51AM 1 random uniform sample of points on an ellipsoid (e.g. WGS84)
6:15AM 2 Splom plot:how to plot with different symbols?
4:52AM 3 Different gridlines per panel in xyplot
Tuesday February 20 2007
10:15PM 2 analysis of correlation matrices
6:23PM 1 baseline fitters
6:17PM 4 linux gplots install unhappy
4:48PM 0 Standardized residual variances in SEM
4:33PM 1 testing slopes
4:31PM 1 Help with xlab and ylab distance from axes
3:50PM 0 R: Re: summary polr
3:46PM 0 Use R source in .net (R Source in .net einbinden)
2:41PM 2 "contingency table" for several variables
2:31PM 1 contextstack overflow
2:06PM 2 Reading Post-Script files
1:30PM 1 Sample size
1:13PM 1 Simplification of Generalised Linear mixed effects models using glmmPQL
1:00PM 0 Problems with obtaining t-tests of regression coefficients applying consistent standard errors after run 2SLS estimation. Clearer !!!!!
11:18AM 1 Mahalanobis distance and probability of group membership using Hotelling's T2 distribution
9:48AM 1 Difficulties with dataframe filter using elements from an array created using a for loop or seq()
8:34AM 1 interaction term and scatterplot3d
8:02AM 1 Reshape (pivot) question
4:28AM 1 How to avoid sort of x values in dotplot?
3:45AM 1 tree()
3:37AM 1 bootstrapping Levene's test
Monday February 19 2007
11:48PM 1 random effect nested within fixed effects (binomial lmer)
9:53PM 1 Installing Rmpi on FC5 with lam
7:35PM 4 Installing Package rgl - Compilation Fails
6:11PM 1 Lengend function and moving average plot
6:08PM 1 memory management uestion
6:00PM 0 Help on prediction intervals
4:59PM 0 Help for constrained linear regression
3:21PM 3 summary polr
3:13PM 2 Another subsetting enigma
2:58PM 1 Need to find most likely betas
2:35PM 1 Documenting options specific to a package.
1:56PM 3 Start and Restart R over SSH
1:39PM 2 Calculating the Sharpe ratio
1:36PM 5 categorical column to numeric column
12:23PM 1 need help in reading TOMS observed ASCII data file
11:48AM 0 problem in reading TOMS observed ASCII data file
11:28AM 0 Rcpp
10:43AM 6 Data frame: how to create list of row max?
7:20AM 2 Google, hard disc drives and R
3:10AM 3 Randomly extract rows from a data frame
2:38AM 2 help with loop over data frame
12:01AM 1 Urgent: How to obtain the Consistent Standard Errors after apply 2SLS through tsls() from sem or systemfit("2SLS") without this error message !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday February 18 2007
9:06PM 3 User defined split function in rpart
8:09PM 2 printing intermediate lines while in a function
7:32PM 0 Forecasting Uncertainly
7:09PM 1 principal components analysis
6:30PM 1 Suppressing \newcolumntype{} declaration in latex.default() in Hmisc
5:14PM 0 Predict(); Warning rank deficient matrix
4:02PM 0 r-help@stat.math.ethz.ch
3:38PM 0 heatmap row cell size
2:58PM 0 1st International R/Rmetrics Workshop
2:36PM 0 Lattice graphics: minor tick marks and panel.axis() question(s)
1:34PM 1 dbi, rodbc, rmysql, charset problem
12:17PM 1 Help with pair plot
8:44AM 1 list of data frame objects
2:23AM 5 applying lm on an array of observations with common design matrix
Saturday February 17 2007
8:10PM 1 ripper
7:18PM 1 Solve in maximum likelihood estimation
6:19PM 1 Constraint maximum (likelihood) using nlm
4:34PM 1 Conditional data frame manipulation
3:48PM 0 fit.contrast (package gmodels) and lmer
1:17PM 0 bystats2 question
12:10PM 1 seasonal adjustment
11:50AM 0 Cumulant
7:15AM 1 help with cluster stopping rules
12:26AM 2 reading text file not table
Friday February 16 2007
11:20PM 0 Error while trying to update packages in 32-bit R-2.3.1 on Linux
9:18PM 1 contour doesn't obey cex.axis?
8:53PM 1 Ubuntu Linux and X11
8:52PM 0 R GUI programming
5:57PM 2 How is the line in av.plot calculated?
5:39PM 1 optim() and resultant hessian
4:46PM 2 R implementations of scatterplot/map labeling algorithims?
4:31PM 0 R_decompress1 and zlib
4:10PM 2 if() for() { }
3:39PM 1 Working with temporal data [Solved]
3:32PM 2 Migrating .RData from Windows to Linux?
3:02PM 0 re : array searches
2:58PM 2 missing -> nonmissing levels
12:10PM 2 cluster analysis under contiguity constraints with R ?
11:50AM 2 plotting
10:42AM 0 Sendingd greetings and a question !!!
10:39AM 0 Sending greetings and a question !!!
10:14AM 1 array searches
9:20AM 1 sapply again return value
3:15AM 1 slice usage
12:44AM 1 Sampling distribution of the range statistic
12:39AM 1 SPSS and library(foreign)
Thursday February 15 2007
11:46PM 3 something missing in summary()
11:35PM 4 R book advice
10:50PM 1 Function to assign quantiles?
8:24PM 2 Time of failure, Arrhenius and Weibull distribution
7:22PM 3 How to re-arrange data in table?
7:19PM 2 Does rpart package have some requirements on the original data set?
6:34PM 1 Problem in summaryBy
5:50PM 0 I can't compile Blacs for the RScaLAPACK on OSX
5:47PM 2 How to add obj to a list?
4:40PM 0 missing lines when using image()
4:34PM 1 creating data.frame from interaction of factors
4:02PM 1 Proper way to typeset the symbol for R in LaTeX?
3:38PM 1 convert to binary to decimal
3:27PM 2 tapply, levelinformation
3:23PM 0 Nonclinical Statistics Opening at Centocor: suburban Philadelphia PA (USA)
1:06PM 1 sapply and its return value
12:13PM 1 Unable to connect to PostgreSQL
12:00PM 0 Finally incorporated your rgl patch
11:55AM 1 help!
11:30AM 0 New package 'drm' for repeated categorical data analysis
10:59AM 1 combining lists with same names with 'c'
10:52AM 2 simpleR or usingR package by Verzani
10:49AM 0 FW: simpleR or usingR package by Verzani
10:34AM 3 count sequence of integers
10:23AM 3 Working with temporal data
9:34AM 0 html image maps for panels of a lattice graphic
8:57AM 2 Problems with 'delay'/'delayedAssign' when installing data package
8:41AM 1 lapply and use.names howto
7:32AM 1 bootcov and cph error
2:06AM 4 integrate over polygon
1:24AM 2 How to speed up or avoid the for-loops in this example?
Wednesday February 14 2007
11:30PM 1 monitor a simulation with a special console box?
11:05PM 0 An error message...
10:14PM 3 rpart tree node label
9:05PM 3 Putting splom in a function
8:54PM 1 predict.lm point forecasts with factors
6:50PM 0 How to use Rpad
6:32PM 1 legend font
6:32PM 0 help re: compiling BLACS for RscaLAPACK on OS X
5:30PM 0 sprintf error clustering with rattle
4:59PM 0 xts.dvs function in fCalendar
4:35PM 2 ELIF?
3:42PM 2 font size in plots
3:19PM 0 cox PH
3:09PM 0 How to generate observed/predicted value tables from logistic analysis
3:01PM 1 Snow vs Rmpi
3:00PM 1 simple question on intervals
2:30PM 0 glade 3 encoding problem
10:40AM 2 Is this a correct forum to discuss basic R problem?
9:47AM 0 Are there any packages or methods for running data from AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process) survey?
9:41AM 0 New PMML package
8:48AM 1 how to report logistic regression results
7:56AM 1 Any packages for conducting AHP( Analytic Hierarchy Process) data
6:57AM 1 se.contrast confusion
5:41AM 1 symbols hidden in polar.plot
4:37AM 0 Legend function
3:36AM 1 nested model: lme, aov and LSMeans
3:21AM 3 linear coefficient combination stderr?
1:39AM 1 model diagnostics for logistic regression
1:24AM 0 Character size of labels in heatmap
12:44AM 1 lattice graphics and source()
12:27AM 0 (no subject)
Tuesday February 13 2007
10:56PM 0 to loosenes
10:47PM 1 errors when installing new packages
10:40PM 1 Multiple comparisons
9:35PM 2 Matrix manipulation
9:09PM 1 nls: "missing value or an infinity" (Error in numericDeriv) and "singular gradient matrix"Error in nlsModel
8:33PM 1 Multidimensional Integration over arbitrary sets
8:33PM 1 Questions about results from PCAproj for robust principal component analysis
8:25PM 0 adf test: trend, no drift - rep: invalid 'times' argument
7:58PM 1 New version of rattle released
6:46PM 0 Hyperlinks in home-brew R packages
6:11PM 4 Advice on visual graph packages
6:04PM 1 simulating from Langevin distributions
5:27PM 2 Computing stats on common parts of multiple dataframes
5:19PM 4 matlab style plotting in R
5:04PM 1 RE2: Suddenly "Subscript out of bounds"
4:58PM 1 Missing variable in new dataframe for prediction
4:31PM 1 Advanced graphics for points
4:22PM 0 GEV by weighted moments method
4:16PM 1 Hierarchical ANOVA
2:27PM 4 Polygon triangulation?
2:15PM 1 Suddenly "Subscript out of bounds"
2:14PM 4 Generating MVN Data
1:45PM 1 lme4/lmer: P-Values from mcmc samples or chi2-tests?
1:17PM 5 Fatigued R
10:49AM 4 isoMDS vs. other non-metric non-R routines
10:43AM 1 Unable to load RMySQL
9:55AM 1 lag orders with ADF.test
8:55AM 2 anyone has C++ STL classes stability issue if used with R
7:41AM 0 glpk package
4:30AM 0 Really need help here
4:29AM 3 Can a data.frame column contain lists/arrays?
Monday February 12 2007
11:28PM 2 make check failure, internet.Rout.fail, Error in strsplit
9:43PM 2 help with tryCatch
8:55PM 3 processing a large matrix
5:55PM 3 Help neural network in R
4:20PM 0 predict on biglm class
4:18PM 1 Handling large calculations and memory
4:13PM 0 R and MS SQL Server
4:02PM 1 Width of a plotting point (in inches) in grid package
3:20PM 1 'Save Workspace' gives "recursive default argument reference" -- workaround?
2:36PM 0 Problem with factor state when subset()ing a data frame
2:14PM 3 Linking R with Microsoft SQL Server / Client
2:13PM 0 job advertisement - finance - London based
12:58PM 1 lmer and estimation of p-values: error with mcmcpvalue()
12:17PM 0 Colouring the polygons, correlation matrix
11:28AM 0 Problem with kronecker and Matrix
11:11AM 0 V fold cross validation
11:03AM 0 Duda Hart Index
9:47AM 1 How to get the polynomials out of poly()
7:47AM 0 Rdonlp2 - an extension library for constrained optimization
6:51AM 1 Trying to replicate error message in subset()
4:04AM 6 Boxplot: quartiles/outliers
3:47AM 0 lmer
Sunday February 11 2007
11:21PM 0 problem with rinvgamma ?
9:54PM 1 echo vs. print (for loop)
8:39PM 3 merge words=data name
6:30PM 0 help with linear mixed models
6:23PM 2 problem with Matrix package
4:42PM 2 Extract NULL column in a matrix e.g. matrix[,-NULL]
4:40PM 0 randomSurvivalForest 2.0.0 now available
1:00PM 0 useR! 2007
12:23PM 2 deleting row when any col is.na
3:08AM 0 R in a production environment
1:03AM 2 Suppresing default text in pairs.lmList() in package = nlme
Saturday February 10 2007
10:31PM 0 Can we change environment within the browser?
9:26PM 1 SAS, SPSS Product Comparison Table
7:58PM 0 OT: question about transformation
7:45PM 2 error using user-defined link function with mixed models (LMER)
6:02PM 1 practical memory limits
5:57PM 1 This web site make writing R easier
4:12PM 1 JGR data editor question
7:43AM 4 Near function?
6:11AM 1 how to eval subset?
6:09AM 0 X11 method
Friday February 9 2007
10:26PM 1 How to add the variable name to a qqplot or densityplot in the diagonal of an splom?
8:38PM 2 plotting derived values not raw
8:31PM 2 dyn.load problem under linux
7:57PM 0 Graphical device questions?
7:54PM 0 How to get predicted time from coxph model
7:25PM 2 heatmap color specification
6:47PM 0 Local R Users Groups?
6:26PM 1 TA-Lib and R
5:19PM 0 Error handling with try function
4:40PM 0 fCalendar Q/.
4:10PM 2 Replace individual values in a data frame with NA
4:00PM 3 two perspective plots in in plot
3:57PM 1 problem with eigen() function
3:41PM 1 Using variable names in for loops - Generating plots semi-automatically from a series of variables Partly solved
3:35PM 0 cluster "non-diet", "diet" example.
2:18PM 1 extract submatrix with unique names
1:49PM 1 Help in using multcomp.
1:31PM 2 RE gap statistic in cluster analysis
1:27PM 2 blockwise matrix multiplication
1:21PM 2 get.hist.quote problem yahoo
11:28AM 3 densityplot png in a for loop
11:21AM 0 as.Date() behaviour when incomplete input string
10:00AM 2 Numerical Recipes in R
9:27AM 0 Stop Execution of R for sometime
6:48AM 1 "class" package
6:36AM 2 LM Model
6:21AM 1 subset function
3:20AM 0 question about loading shared objects into R
2:58AM 0 using weights with survfit
2:38AM 3 How to count the number of NAs in each column of a df?
1:59AM 0 slice sampler
Thursday February 8 2007
11:00PM 2 Timings of function execution in R [was Re: R in Industry]
10:34PM 1 Suggestion about "R equivalent of Splus peaks() function"
9:51PM 1 Problem with factor state when subset()ing a data.frame
9:47PM 0 How to get p-values, seperate vectors of regression coefficients and their s.e. from the "yags" output?
9:03PM 3 Running source from Unix line
8:59PM 1 Help with interfacing C & R
8:49PM 1 Scope
8:33PM 2 How to protect two jobs running on the same directory at the same time not to corrupt each other results:
8:28PM 1 loop issues (r.squared)
7:55PM 2 R
7:09PM 1 Point estimate from loess contour plot
6:01PM 1 Data.frame columns in R console
5:30PM 5 remove component from list or data frame
5:00PM 2 Defining functions in separate file...
4:50PM 1 Impossible to get jpeg or png output
4:28PM 0 new contributed package 'stream.net'
4:16PM 0 Strange behavior of abc.ci() in boot
4:12PM 0 Measures of forecast ERROR seasonal ARIMA model -- general question
4:07PM 4 NEWBIE: @BOOK help?
2:59PM 2 (no subject)
2:41PM 2 Newbie: Acf function
1:41PM 1 smartpred depends on fitted() in flexmix?
12:50PM 1 Re : Re: setting a number of values to NA over a data.frame.
12:21PM 1 Re : Re: setting a number of values to NA over a data.frame.
11:51AM 1 Partial file name
10:54AM 1 Zeta and Zipf distribution
10:29AM 1 Diffrerence in "%in%" function to boundry setting via <>
8:53AM 1 persp plot help
7:10AM 2 path for source()
5:15AM 1 circle fill problem
5:08AM 1 the plotting position of theoretical quantile for qqnorm
Wednesday February 7 2007
10:08PM 6 setting a number of values to NA over a data.frame.
9:56PM 0 Icon proposal
8:52PM 1 heteroscedasticity problem
8:10PM 1 Problem with subsets and xyplot
7:50PM 0 Plotting groupedData objects
7:20PM 1 isoMDS - high stress value and strange configuration
7:13PM 1 Singular Gradient
6:35PM 2 blank upper or lower triangle of cor-matrix
6:16PM 0 Filling the window in lattice plot
6:02PM 3 Sample Poisson Distribution
5:42PM 1 tCopula package question
5:28PM 0 ncdf library
5:18PM 2 XML and str
4:16PM 1 spss file import
3:24PM 0 Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
2:54PM 1 step in a model with strata
2:52PM 1 fill-in a table of pairs
2:27PM 1 enhanced question / standardized coefficients
1:43PM 1 sorting a matrix by a different colnames order
1:23PM 2 Finding not-matching rows in tables
1:20PM 3 generate Binomial (not Binary) data
9:30AM 1 about compile the R 2.4.1 sources
8:45AM 1 Convert Class "numeric" to class "lm
8:42AM 1 Any Limitations for the dataframes?
8:18AM 2 problems installing R on Linux
7:44AM 1 R Search
7:06AM 3 boxplot statistics in ggplot
6:31AM 0 Histogram of ones.
1:34AM 1 How to reorder rows in dataframe by text flag
12:40AM 1 Data management problem (reorder rows in dataframe by text flag)
12:24AM 1 2 Courses: (1) R/Splus Advanced Programming - San Francisco - (2) Data Mining: Practical Tools and Techniques in R/Splus - Salt Lake City
Tuesday February 6 2007
11:38PM 2 abbreviate dataframe for Sweave output
10:49PM 0 formula for test statistics of arima coefficients
8:23PM 1 A question regarding cex and pch="." in lattice
7:42PM 1 glm gamma scale parameter
7:36PM 0 Naming bring to top graphical Device
7:08PM 15 R in Industry
3:59PM 1 Conditional Sum
3:33PM 3 installing packages and windows vista
3:15PM 3 Query about merging two tables
2:54PM 1 Questions on counts by case
2:38PM 1 heatmap from xyz data
1:36PM 2 when i run ./configure,i meet a problem
1:02PM 0 R equivalent to Matlab spline(x,y,xx)
12:36PM 2 How to do "moran's I test"?
11:07AM 3 How-To construct a cov list to use a covariance matrix in factanal?
7:33AM 1 ANOVA Table for Full Linear Model?
4:24AM 0 Question on computing mv-norm density
4:02AM 0 sort dataframe
1:13AM 0 sample size calculations
Monday February 5 2007
11:54PM 0 Reshaping wide form to long form of repeated measure data
11:53PM 2 Metapost device driver
11:21PM 2 ar function in stats
10:33PM 1 strange error in "robust" package
8:59PM 2 rpart
8:05PM 0 Help with party package
7:24PM 2 "lme" in R and Splus-7
7:07PM 1 manova discriminant functions?
7:06PM 1 Problems installing R-2.4.1 on Solaris 11 x-86 from source: error in "gmake" after successful "configure"]
6:37PM 1 RdbiPgSQL in R 2.4.1
6:30PM 0 random forest proximities
3:09PM 2 Rconsole - setting the size and location of Windows help files (Rgui)
2:53PM 1 The ordinal Package
1:52PM 2 Two ways to deal with age in Cox model
1:50PM 5 Beginner Question on Persp()
1:48PM 1 rgl.snapshot "failed"
1:47PM 3 Confidence intervals of quantiles
12:37PM 2 Exact matching with grep
11:41AM 2 writing a fomated matrix
11:09AM 0 vgam cao
7:33AM 1 ran out of iteration in coxph
7:23AM 0 Generalized hypergeometric function 2F1
5:27AM 1 novice/beginner's reading list for non-programmers learning R?
12:20AM 3 RSNPper SNPinfo and making it handle a vector
Sunday February 4 2007
8:42PM 3 Reference to dataframe and contents
8:33PM 1 futures, investment, etc
3:49PM 4 Reading expressions from character vectors
3:39PM 1 x-axis labeling between thickpoints
2:24PM 2 Download stock prices
6:23AM 1 Fwd: Re: Calling C code from R
4:14AM 4 Announcing another R search engine
Saturday February 3 2007
9:55PM 1 metapost output
9:43PM 1 JSS Volume 18 (www.jstatsoft.org)
7:46PM 1 futures, investment
6:30PM 0 Installation Help [Ignore]
4:58PM 0 new incriminat
4:50PM 1 Installation Help
2:11PM 1 LyX 1.4.3-5 problem generating PDF documents
11:50AM 0 residual GLMM
10:17AM 2 precision of zero in R
Friday February 2 2007
11:14PM 1 Newbie problem: Vectorizing a minimum function with constraints
10:06PM 1 Adding Histograms to Leaves of Rpart Tree or other Dendrogram
10:02PM 1 CGIwithR
8:03PM 1 Another loop - deloop question
8:02PM 0 problem with survreg and anova function
7:18PM 1 multinomial logistic regression with equality constraints?
6:54PM 1 good brochure about matrix operations
6:50PM 2 Inquiry
6:13PM 2 Make error for R-devel package under linux
5:57PM 1 Access to column names stored in a vector in lm procedure
5:40PM 5 reading very large files
4:53PM 1 R syntaxe
4:23PM 1 Snow Package and R: Exported Variable Problem
3:50PM 0 Easy Earnings with Flextime
3:45PM 0 CGIwithR question
3:41PM 1 Problem with party and ordered factors
3:32PM 2 Dealing with Duplicates - How to count instances?
3:11PM 1 dynamic loading error with Open Watcom object file
2:57PM 0 New RODBC: a problem with sqlSave
1:07PM 2 Double labels and scales
1:00PM 1 Assigning labels to a list created with apply
10:55AM 1 Problem installing R-2.4.1 on AIX 5.3
7:38AM 2 A question about dput
5:43AM 1 Fitting Weighted Estimating Equations
5:03AM 2 Regression trees with an ordinal response variable
2:25AM 0 2 axes in an coordinate system
Thursday February 1 2007
11:34PM 0 RSiteSearch() etc. - speed improvement
10:46PM 1 Affymetrix data analysis
9:38PM 1 Autocorrelated Binomial
9:12PM 2 time series analysis
8:31PM 3 Can this loop be delooped?
8:05PM 3 Lining up x-y datasets based on values of x
7:43PM 0 plot.function with xlim, bug?
6:38PM 0 Upcoming Course**** R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques**** In Washington DC, San Francisco and Princeton
6:18PM 3 Help with efficient double sum of max (X_i, Y_i) (X & Y vectors)
5:13PM 2 Losing factor levels when moving variables from one context to another
5:10PM 1 would you please navigate me?
4:09PM 1 when i configure the R 2.4.1,i meet the problem
4:05PM 3 indexing without looping
4:01PM 0 [lattice] levelplot for 2D density plots
3:10PM 3 Need help writing a faster code
2:52PM 1 xtable and column headings
2:07PM 0 Fwd: Re: read.spss and encodings
1:34PM 2 Index mapping on arrays
1:11PM 2 How can I calculate conditional mean in a large dataset including date data
12:52PM 2 read.spss and encodings
11:56AM 1 matrix of matrices
11:05AM 3 indexing
10:34AM 2 Calling C code from R
10:17AM 0 Re : Combining two datasets
10:08AM 0 Sleep Function
7:37AM 3 Extracting part of date variable
7:33AM 1 Wavlet filter using morlet mother wavelet
6:22AM 2 prop.test() references
6:21AM 2 line plot
4:44AM 0 Combining two datasets
3:41AM 1 Loading functions in R
2:39AM 0 traverse through many columns of a matrix in a function
1:59AM 2 memory-efficient column aggregation of a sparse matrix
1:15AM 1 rgl.postscript{rgl} crashes R