R help - Apr 2006

Sunday April 30 2006
9:38PM 1 general help on R and factor in R and a few simple comment from a newbie
7:54PM 1 Number of Clusters
2:59PM 0 Simple decision trees - rpart?
2:34PM 2 Duration labels on plot axes
2:00PM 2 Package docs for CRAN
10:04AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 38, Issue 30
Saturday April 29 2006
9:01PM 0 Resolving conflicting function definitions {was "Error in rm.outlier"}
8:48PM 3 Writing responses to the R-Help list
7:49PM 3 Making R talk to Win/OpenBUGS in Linux (again)
7:24PM 0 R-News submission
7:16PM 1 splitting and saving a large dataframe
5:33PM 0 How to get predicted probabilities out of a class.tree
5:24PM 1 How to rep a matrix by row?
4:16PM 0 predicted possibilities for classification tree??
2:50PM 1 help with box-tidwell
2:24PM 0 new computer for running R, Coore Duo or Athlon X2? + Operating system choice
11:01AM 0 question on residuals df in weighted linear regression
9:16AM 1 SSPIR problem
Friday April 28 2006
11:46PM 2 How to get a grid behind a boxplot
10:19PM 3 aggregating columns in a data frame in different ways
10:15PM 1 as.character.factor when the factor contains "NA"
8:46PM 0 R GUI for R2.3 hangs
8:14PM 0 Updating frequently thru a proxy
6:26PM 0 R installation on ALPHA/OSF1
6:17PM 1 Error in rm.outlier method
5:08PM 1 Where do I find Cohen´s kappa???
3:07PM 1 limma - OneWayAnova
1:34PM 1 plot acf of several timeseries
11:37AM 3 Break into Parts
11:31AM 1 unrooted tree and margins, ape package
10:27AM 1 variance using lmer
10:26AM 1 gauss.quad.prob
9:39AM 1 Checking Goodness of Fit With Kolmogorov-Smirnov
9:27AM 2 entries that match a regexp
8:30AM 0 logistic regression with,interactive parameters
8:07AM 4 par(mfror=c(1,2))
7:51AM 2 Memoire defaillante
5:53AM 1 Installing the Mac RGUI for OS X
5:48AM 2 Building RGL for R-2.3 for Tiger 10.4.6 on PPC
5:44AM 0 R 2.3.0 OSX and Quicktime?
4:27AM 0 Off topic: Job on R programing
3:24AM 1 displaying numbers not in scientific notation
12:58AM 4 stepwise regression
12:34AM 1 function for linear regression with White std. errors
12:21AM 1 Problem calling xyplot() within a function
Thursday April 27 2006
10:44PM 1 deleting rows with the same ID if any meet a condition
9:35PM 1 scope of variable/object ?
9:27PM 1 Find a word
9:24PM 1 as.numeric question
9:22PM 1 R interface to ImageMagick
8:53PM 1 Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit
8:48PM 1 Symbol __f95_sign not found.
7:36PM 1 document setReplaceMethod
5:48PM 3 relative frequency plot
5:46PM 0 no subject
5:21PM 1 Error in readChar(): invalid UTF-8 input
3:37PM 0 Widget inserts NA instead of entered data
3:27PM 1 random walk on graph
3:27PM 0 Venkatraman ROC comparison
3:20PM 1 Looking for an unequal variances equivalent of the Kruskal Wallis nonparametric one way ANOVA
2:55PM 1 State space AR models in R: some examples
2:50PM 2 add city and point in the map
2:43PM 1 Comparing two time series?
2:30PM 2 summary(lm(x~y)) difference between R-2.2.1 and R-2.3.0
1:05PM 0 modelling heteroscedasticity in a randomized cluster model
12:52PM 0 package pamr: pamr.adapthresh() ---- Take 2!
12:48PM 0 package pamr: pamr.adaptthresh() error rates
12:43PM 1 losing x-label when exporting to PNG
12:16PM 0 pamr package: pamr.adaptthresh() error rates
11:04AM 0 problems with "compareTreecalcs" function
10:53AM 0 pls package: bugfix release 1.2-1
10:31AM 2 as.factor: changed behaviour for Date class
10:25AM 3 gmane?
10:19AM 1 Plotting Data Frame
9:56AM 0 What are the differences between ACF and PACF in time seriesanalysis?
8:36AM 3 ordered boxplots
7:38AM 0 RMSE vs. RMSD
7:36AM 1 R for Mac OS X: 10.3.9 is obsolete?
6:05AM 2 plot cdf
4:06AM 1 plotting multiple graphs in a single plot
3:57AM 0 What are the differences between ACF and PACF in time series analysis?
3:03AM 0 problem with get command [Broadcast]
12:26AM 2 Incomplete Trio in TDT analysis
Wednesday April 26 2006
11:22PM 0 Sign of loadings and scores from PCA in cross validation
9:20PM 2 Memory usage and limit
9:09PM 0 left-truncation in survreg
7:53PM 0 comparing mantel tests for three different species
7:52PM 0 Fwd: Re: Help needed
7:46PM 2 help in R
7:34PM 0 Course - May 2006, R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques***San Francisco, Washington DC
6:54PM 1 accessing a SOAP based web service from R
6:54PM 3 copying previously installed libraries to R 2.3.0
6:05PM 1 Code for "Screenshots" graphics (following on from ease-of-use issues on www.r-project.org)
6:01PM 0 Generalized SVD
5:13PM 1 Polygon-like interactive selection of plotted points
4:40PM 1 help using tapply
4:23PM 1 stl function
4:10PM 2 garch in tseries
3:56PM 1 garchFit from fSeries
3:31PM 3 Were to find appropriate functions for a given task in R
3:18PM 1 cdf of weibull distribution
3:00PM 0 installation problem with 2.3.0
1:16PM 2 About regression and plot
12:38PM 3 The beautiful math plot
10:17AM 1 new.frame()
9:10AM 1 Minimum Volume Ellipsoid Estimator ("cov.mve"??)
8:31AM 2 program and comment
7:49AM 2 environment
7:38AM 3 Is there a way....
5:20AM 3 A question about is.interger function
3:08AM 0 register s3 object in package
2:51AM 1 MacOSX package install problem: pkgs quadprog & tseries
2:32AM 0 R Installation problem
2:28AM 2 Generalized linear mixed models
1:44AM 1 lwd - Windows
12:19AM 1 Plotting the correlation
Tuesday April 25 2006
8:46PM 0 need automake/autoconf help to build RnetCDF and ncdf packages
8:36PM 0 variable labels in pairs
7:07PM 5 Heteroskedasticity in Tobit models
6:07PM 1 Questions to RDCOMClient
5:19PM 0 NA in dummy regression coefficients
4:53PM 10 www.r-project.org
4:18PM 1 Running R on Windows 2000 Terminal Services
4:03PM 1 summary.lme: argument "adjustSigma"
3:07PM 1 by() and CrossTable()
3:00PM 1 lme: how to compare random effects in two subsets of data
2:34PM 7 R 2.3.0: Use of NULL as an environment is deprecated
12:08PM 0 Examples of "Svyrecvar" on Survey Package
9:38AM 3 persp plot increasing 'x' and 'y' values expected
8:20AM 0 R-2.3.0 crashes
6:17AM 1 Add qoutation marks and combine values in a vector
3:49AM 4 Help needed
2:32AM 1 Overlapping assignment
Monday April 24 2006
11:17PM 0 JGR problem
10:44PM 4 GUI font size
10:28PM 3 [O/T] undergrads and R
10:20PM 1 Handling large dataset & dataframe [Broadcast]
9:50PM 2 Change the language of the labels in a graph
9:15PM 0 String substitution on package install?
8:31PM 3 Store results of for loop
7:36PM 1 rmeta: forest plot problem
6:35PM 1 Modeling inverse relationship with copula
5:58PM 0 layout and image.plot
5:41PM 6 Handling large dataset & dataframe
4:45PM 2 regression modeling
4:44PM 3 the 'copula' package
4:36PM 1 omitting coefficients in summary.lm()
3:01PM 1 Modelling heteroskedasticity in a multilevel model
2:37PM 3 Sending an ESC command to the console from wihtin a script
2:29PM 1 Problem with the cluster package
2:26PM 1 pnorm2
1:44PM 1 trellis.par.get without opening a device?
12:27PM 0 Coefficients for aliased models
11:32AM 0 R 2.3.0 is released
11:06AM 4 R help
9:15AM 2 arrange data for simple regression analysis
9:15AM 3 Problem with data frame
8:40AM 2 boxplots instead of a scatterplot
5:10AM 2 garch warning
Sunday April 23 2006
10:07PM 1 question about cumulating random effects in lmer
9:17PM 2 Reorganizing rows and columns
7:47PM 2 distribution of the product of two correlated normal
6:22PM 1 Kullback Liebler
4:08PM 1 lme: null deviance, deviance due to the random effects, residual deviance
4:07PM 0 Cohen-Daubechies-Fauraue (CDF) 9/7 wavelet-transform
3:11PM 0 RGL and scales of axes
2:35PM 1 Question about bicreg
1:44PM 0 bivariate weighted kernel density estimator [Broadcast]
12:24PM 0 (no subject)
11:53AM 1 Comparing GLMMs and GLMs with quasi-binomial errors?
8:55AM 1 help! A quetion about the Elasticnet package in R
7:13AM 3 bivariate weighted kernel density estimator
5:24AM 1 converting similarity matrix formats
4:29AM 1 sna package: how to use dataframes
4:26AM 1 How to set up starting values in lme
2:17AM 0 Leave-one-out CV estimator for local polynomial regression in R?
Saturday April 22 2006
11:52PM 1 Monitor() in R2WinBUGS
5:42PM 4 how to draw a circle
5:13PM 1 subsetting from C code, do_subset
3:56PM 0 Passing-Bablok regression
2:22PM 1 Partially crossed and nested random factors in lme/lmer
1:29PM 1 Missing values detected when there are no missing values
12:17PM 1 svyby example returns error
7:00AM 1 factor levels on import
6:52AM 1 how to convert 450 columns in a dataframe from numberic to character, but leave other columns unchanged?
2:03AM 1 problems performing bootstrap
1:22AM 1 Minor documentation issue
Friday April 21 2006
11:20PM 1 plotting order in a barchart.: two problems
11:15PM 1 Feeding a sequence to a function
8:05PM 3 Creat new column based on condition
7:34PM 1 question in fitting AR model in time series?
4:57PM 1 AIC and numbers of parameters
4:26PM 1 Titles in MAplots
3:36PM 1 R graph strip in Greek Letters
2:45PM 4 programming advice?
2:26PM 2 forcing apply() to return data frame
2:22PM 0 where is the fitted value of autoregressive AR function in R?
2:01PM 0 Need R-help
1:22PM 1 message posting
11:09AM 4 Considering port of SAS application to R
9:48AM 1 No Discounts for Springer books (e.g. S Programming)?
8:48AM 1 Histogram to compare two datasets
7:36AM 1 rcorrp.cens
4:58AM 1 Linker problem in installing 64-bit R
4:53AM 0 Linker incompatability in stalling R on Solaris 2.9
3:36AM 0 how to do Splus compare() function in R [Broadcast]
3:00AM 3 how to control the data type
Thursday April 20 2006
11:30PM 1 Parallel computing with the snow package: external file I/O possible?
11:02PM 3 the difference between "x1" and x1
9:44PM 1 lmer{lme4}, poisson family and residuals
7:59PM 2 PCA biplot question
6:46PM 2 Conditional Row Sum
5:41PM 2 Missing p-values using lmer()
5:08PM 2 smooth the ecdf plots
4:53PM 1 Bootstrap error message: Error in statistic(data, origina l, ...) : unused argument(s) ( ...) [Broadcast]
4:47PM 2 nlminb( ) : one compartment open PK model
4:24PM 4 online tutorials
3:36PM 1 Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares
3:24PM 0 (Fwd) Re: Breakdown a number
3:20PM 1 Bootstrap error message: Error in statistic(data, origina l, ...) : unused argument(s) ( ...)
3:02PM 2 Count Unique Rows/Values
2:07PM 0 parsing arguments of a function
1:47PM 1 S4 objects with list of objects as slots: how to subset?
1:38PM 0 Online course - graphics in R
1:37PM 0 more on aov contrasts residual error calculation
12:54PM 3 The contrary of command %in%
12:33PM 2 (sem assunto)
10:48AM 1 Randomly selecting one row for each factor level [Broadca st]
9:48AM 1 info : Manova - eigenvector analysis and canonical analysis
9:18AM 2 nls and factor
9:09AM 1 Extract AIC, BIC
8:31AM 0 about vsn
8:16AM 2 R-Help
7:49AM 0 Bootstrap error message: Error in statistic(data, original, ...) : unused argument(s) ( ...)
5:15AM 1 Need R code
5:10AM 1 Randomly selecting one row for each factor level
5:10AM 1 A question about nlme
4:14AM 1 read dataset with blank space as missing value
3:57AM 3 there is no "xls" reader in R?
2:04AM 3 how to do Splus compare() function in R
2:04AM 1 aov contrasts residual error calculation
1:24AM 1 sna package: how to import data in linked list format
1:19AM 0 Explore regression models using R? [Broadcast]
12:18AM 0 Breakdown a number [Broadcast]
Wednesday April 19 2006
10:37PM 1 determining optimal # of clusters for a given dataset (e.g. between 2 and K)
9:31PM 1 Help with package RDCOMClient
9:00PM 1 comparing execition time: R vs matlab linear algebra...
8:45PM 0 Question on "coherency" plot
7:59PM 0 Basic vector operations was: Function toapproximate complex integral
7:48PM 0 I am surprised (and a little irritated) [Broadcast]
7:26PM 0 Explore regression models using R?
7:25PM 4 Basic vector operations was: Function to approximate complex integral
7:18PM 1 R-squared for MARS models
7:05PM 9 I am surprised (and a little irritated)
6:56PM 0 Function for computing the difference between 2 dates inmonths
6:32PM 3 About poisson distribution fitting and testing
5:46PM 0 Can't run code from "Mixed Effects Models in S and S-plus" #2
5:14PM 1 Hmisc + summarize + quantile: Why only quantiles for first variable in data frame?
5:03PM 1 Can't run code from "Mixed Effects Models in S and S-plus"
3:50PM 1 Function to approximate complex integral
3:37PM 0 Code Snippets
3:20PM 1 Trouble with glm() .... non-integer #successes in a binomial glm
3:02PM 1 Creating a .txt file from an Oracle DB without creating an R object
2:39PM 1 prop.table on three-way table?
2:17PM 0 need help for superpc package
1:50PM 1 apply(table) miss factor structure
1:41PM 1 Breakdown a number
1:21PM 4 creating empty cells with table()
10:12AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 38, Issue 19
9:17AM 1 Singularities in glm()
7:59AM 1 scatterplot3d: fractionary xrange
7:28AM 2 par(tmag) question
6:06AM 1 Thousands Separator
2:06AM 3 isoMDS and 0 distances
1:32AM 1 about "intersection set" and "union set"
12:40AM 0 How to efficiently extract or construct the residual covariance matrix from lme()?
Tuesday April 18 2006
10:12PM 1 Different results under Windows and Linux
8:42PM 0 R and tcltk
7:50PM 0 Version 1.0 of hapassoc now available from CRAN
7:32PM 2 questioin about cluster in R
7:06PM 0 nls - nonlinear regression
6:23PM 2 installation of package "randomForest" failed
6:23PM 1 predict.nls confidence intervals
5:52PM 0 Jeffries-Matusita distance
5:48PM 1 Compare two Power law or Exponential distributions
5:46PM 1 April Course***R/S-plus in San Francisco
4:55PM 0 Any R/S course coming up this April in the bay area?
3:52PM 1 store levels in a string
3:21PM 6 R and ViM
3:19PM 5 3D pie
2:55PM 1 Question about PLS regression
2:45PM 2 what happen?
2:23PM 1 how funciton "expression" produces subscript
1:48PM 1 Nonlinear Regression model: Diagnostics
1:40PM 6 lambda, uncertainty coefficient (& Somers D)
1:38PM 4 how to change legend size in a figure
11:24AM 1 adding lines to scatterplot3d
11:19AM 1 Extra \input command in Sweave created figures.
8:31AM 0 get the parameter estimates from lm model - was "glm"
8:22AM 2 get the parameter estimates from lm model
8:02AM 2 Unfound objects in function
7:29AM 0 scalassoc package
6:13AM 0 gam problem
Monday April 17 2006
11:45PM 4 R debugging options
11:08PM 0 difference of means as response?
10:54PM 1 Tick mark alignment for POSIXct data
10:44PM 0 on using gam(gam)
9:41PM 1 MLE
9:30PM 1 suppressing output
8:29PM 1 Equivalence test and factors
8:05PM 1 Function for computing the difference between 2 dates in months
7:33PM 1 using betareg: problems with anova and predict
4:33PM 2 Problem using plot and converted dates
4:27PM 1 sweave error
3:38PM 3 Subset dataframe based on condition
2:17PM 7 help
2:05PM 1 how to add US map to basic plot
8:27AM 1 as.Date / size of par
6:51AM 1 reading text into R
6:12AM 1 R in climatology (RClimdex, RHTest)
4:07AM 1 interaction terms in formula of lm or glm
3:13AM 0 autoscall the y-axis
12:56AM 0 Problem getting R's decision tree for Quinlan's golf exam ple data [Broadcast]
Sunday April 16 2006
10:09PM 0 R-vim suite
10:05PM 0 survfit with newdata and individual=TRUE
9:14PM 0 Problem getting R's decision tree for Quinlan's golf example data
8:34PM 3 Reading SPSS .sav files
7:56PM 1 a question on df of linear model
6:55PM 2 summary stats
6:07PM 1 Var.calc in Match()
5:48PM 0 [S] Problems with lme and 2 levels of nesting:Summary
4:51PM 0 Predict nls new data with se.fit snf intervals
9:36AM 1 How to do varimax rotation for principal component based factor analysis, any packages?
5:17AM 1 solve matrix
4:28AM 0 Lin's coefficient of concordance
4:26AM 1 string vector indices
12:57AM 3 second try; writing user-defined GLM link function
12:14AM 1 dcolumn
Saturday April 15 2006
11:59PM 1 generalized hypergeometric function
10:25PM 0 clustering genes / automatically determining # of clusters
5:26PM 2 manual construction of box&whisker plot
3:19PM 1 Removing Rows/Records from a Table
12:53PM 3 permutation of rows of a matrix
6:56AM 0 Extracting the results of a gam smooth
12:16AM 0 writing a glm link function
Friday April 14 2006
11:58PM 0 Calling variables dynamically [Broadcast]
11:21PM 0 Calling variables dynamically
5:57PM 1 Adding values to top of bars in barchart
4:59PM 4 how to count the columns of a data.frame
4:51PM 0 R: On using gam(gam).
2:54PM 3 The object argument of NextMethod.
1:59PM 0 R: Dotplot x-axis
1:29PM 1 Dotplot x-axis
1:21PM 2 suse 10.0
12:53PM 1 Getting SVM minimized function value
5:46AM 5 vector-factor operation
4:09AM 2 another very simple loop question
2:23AM 1 Finding the format of an object redux
Thursday April 13 2006
11:24PM 2 Vector
10:29PM 1 loop: results for all inputs
8:28PM 1 Working directory
8:20PM 2 Plotting positions in qqnorm?
8:11PM 1 printing output to a file from the command line
8:04PM 2 assignment to a symbol created by paste
8:04PM 3 Penalized Splines as BLUPs using lmer?
7:41PM 1 Guidance on step() with large dataset (750K) solicited...
7:10PM 3 editor for Ubuntu
6:31PM 1 Subset rows over multiple columns
6:26PM 5 Questions on formula in princomp
4:20PM 1 assigning 'heat.colors' according to ages in 'symbols()'
4:01PM 1 Fortran code
3:38PM 4 Creating an environment for a function.
2:54PM 1 obtaining residuals from lmer
2:48PM 1 power analysis for 2-way anova interaction
2:24PM 1 bwplot vs boxplot$stats
1:35PM 1 How does ccf() really work?
11:00AM 0 question reg. conditional regression
9:53AM 1 panel.abline() and trellis.focus() on multipage plots
8:33AM 2 a question on subset a dataset
7:30AM 3 What does "rbind(iris[,,1], iris[,,2], iris[,,3])" do?
6:31AM 0 Two-way ANOVA analysis
3:39AM 1 number of matches when using Match()
2:50AM 1 about McNemar
Wednesday April 12 2006
11:06PM 1 S4 class slot names
10:31PM 0 latex-like array in Rd documents
10:05PM 2 question about source package
9:43PM 1 Pipe delimiter ( | ) in "read.delim"
8:57PM 2 extremely simple "for loop" question
8:49PM 1 ARS
8:46PM 1 Newbie question: setting rgl.surface plot attributes
7:24PM 3 [Q] Bayeisan Network with the "deal" package
6:49PM 0 Solution: Making RNetCDF work on Fedora Linux
6:47PM 1 using GDD fonts
4:48PM 2 Lattice, panel.grid and groups
4:40PM 1 unable to open connection
4:21PM 0 how to interpret the results of a simint call
4:00PM 0 memory limit on windows 64 edition
3:55PM 1 S4 method dispatch matrixOrArray
2:15PM 2 subset a matrix
1:51PM 2 factor analysis backwards
1:07PM 1 Error with 'var' in JGR
9:49AM 3 Variable Scope
5:29AM 0 [Fwd: Re: simple if statement]
4:48AM 1 long captions -- new issue
2:25AM 0 Group methods for basic classes
Tuesday April 11 2006
10:22PM 1 Specifying an appropriate error term in a hierarchical regression
10:11PM 1 help on ARIMA
9:49PM 2 variable selection when categorical variables are available
9:00PM 1 Change in lattice dotplot?
6:45PM 0 Incompatible update to splancs
6:30PM 1 problems with assign
6:21PM 0 Kriging
6:01PM 0 useR! 2006: April 15 regular registration deadline
5:56PM 1 cph() in Design package
5:04PM 1 type II and III Sum square whit empty cells
3:59PM 2 About list to list - thanks
3:31PM 1 Graphics device size
3:24PM 1 Creating an new variable -or my failure to understand an IF() statement
2:35PM 0 compiling a package on a pc - process is stalling
2:07PM 0 summary(lm) * lack of a parameter estimate
1:30PM 2 About list to list
12:06PM 1 problem with RWinEdt
12:05PM 1 Text Problem
12:03PM 1 Help on GARCH calculation
11:48AM 0 This company is giving out ipods
11:07AM 1 error in which(): recursive default argument reference
10:49AM 4 Bootstrap and Jackknife Bias using Survey Package
8:38AM 2 png overwrites upper/lower case filenames
7:55AM 1 long caption titles for tables
7:45AM 2 variable-substitution / command-substitution
7:25AM 1 Time Series information in formulae
5:37AM 3 problems with rounding in output
12:06AM 1 Changing character limit in deparse, as.character and toString
Monday April 10 2006
9:06PM 3 timeAlign
8:59PM 5 p values for a GEE model
8:14PM 0 writing a data frame using xtable without row names
6:17PM 1 Random specification in LMER
6:00PM 2 seq
5:34PM 2 error message explanation for lmer
3:32PM 0 Fourier / Bandpass filter help?
2:25PM 0 regression/step coefficients extraction
2:15PM 1 multicomp
2:15PM 2 TukeyHSDs function (pgirmess package)
1:44PM 0 fdim questions
12:51PM 1 Upadating windows shortcuts after upgrade
12:04PM 2 how to figure out "skewness"
11:52AM 1 Re : AUC under spline curve
11:02AM 1 Weights in glmmPQL
10:15AM 0 Handling of NA ´s in the matrix multiplication function
9:51AM 2 Legend in the outer margin
7:58AM 0 installing problem
7:25AM 1 some output is missing -- not getting the full anova table
5:55AM 0 interlogistic regression-interactive parameters
4:05AM 1 Generic code for simulating from a distribution.
2:46AM 1 [Help] a Correlation Problem
2:28AM 2 passing known medoids to clara() in the cluster package
1:30AM 1 help on using sum in writng a function again
12:10AM 3 SE estimates for treatment groups from nlme
Sunday April 9 2006
10:02PM 0 calculation of r (corelation coefficient) from models
7:53PM 1 help on using 'sum' in writng a function
7:49PM 1 using 'sum' function in writing a function
5:36PM 0 (IT WAS) Aggregating an its series
5:32PM 0 using latex() function with other .sty files
4:12PM 1 logistic regression model with non-integer weights
3:46PM 0 lm$effects in lm()
3:41PM 2 configure error
3:30PM 0 RFC: default background on lattice plots (conclusion)
3:28PM 2 adding a row to a matrix
11:25AM 1 Calculation of r.squared for linear model with offset
10:11AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 38, Issue 9
9:46AM 1 Primitives
8:22AM 2 type converters not being saved to workspace
5:51AM 0 Difference between Traditional Regression and Partial Least Square
12:43AM 2 Boxplot using Formula
Saturday April 8 2006
8:52PM 1 cross product
8:27PM 2 copying and pasting to R in linux
7:51PM 1 Entering numbers with decimals
6:51PM 3 The mysterious e1071
1:01PM 1 dim(x) error message in lme (nlme package)
11:49AM 0 RSiteSearch down time, Sun. 4/9 10:00 to Mon. 4/10 14:00 UTC
11:26AM 1 add lines to a plot with a loop without erase the last one
Friday April 7 2006
11:06PM 1 CLI Issue
10:35PM 4 saving estimates from a for loop for later use
8:45PM 1 Multiple ablines
6:18PM 1 how to run stepAIC starting with NULL model?
5:07PM 3 finding common elements in a list
4:45PM 1 documentation for lmer?
4:43PM 1 more documentation on lmer?
3:38PM 1 Aggregating an its series
3:32PM 2 a statistics question
3:01PM 2 Dealing with missing values in HeatMap generation
3:01PM 1 [Q] Format of a plot axis label
1:22PM 2 Why is transform="km" the default for cox.zph?
1:16PM 0 fdim package questions
1:16PM 3 strange matrix behaviour: is there a matrix with one row?
10:43AM 1 fuzzy classification and dissimilarity matrix
7:02AM 2 cclust causes R to crash when using manhattan kmeans
6:58AM 3 simple if statement
4:02AM 1 creating files using for loop
2:46AM 1 rpart.predict error--subscript out of bounds
2:41AM 2 Command line support tools - suggestions?
1:12AM 1 Referencing variables in a dataframe.
12:58AM 1 problem with statetable function in msm
Thursday April 6 2006
9:52PM 1 reshape question
9:32PM 1 for "bclust" in package "e1071"
9:26PM 0 More Logistic Regression Tools?
8:53PM 1 Evaluating a function with another function
7:30PM 0 JSS
7:09PM 0 algebra
6:52PM 1 Indexing With List Of Vectors (Replacement)
6:24PM 2 Finding out the format of an object
5:44PM 1 Creating tables with std errors beneath estimates
5:34PM 2 difference between two density plots
4:27PM 4 Reshaping genetic data from long to wide
4:16PM 0 calculating similarity/distance among hierarchically classified items
4:15PM 1 recommendation for post-hoc tests after anova
3:51PM 5 pros and cons of "robust regression"? (i.e. rlm vs lm)
3:00PM 1 Sorting problem
2:44PM 1 New behavior in estimable(), bug or feature?
2:16PM 3 convert a data frame to matrix - changed column name
1:31PM 1 R CMD check for packages in a bundle
12:54PM 2 key position in trellis plotting area
12:29PM 4 weighted kernel density estimate
12:04PM 2 Sort Problem
11:17AM 2 Help on hypothesis testing
10:32AM 1 polynomial predict with lme
10:21AM 0 pelora extension to continuous response problem
9:01AM 0 Import .scv data query
8:47AM 1 interpreting anova summary tables - newbie
7:46AM 1 rbind
3:44AM 1 rounding of voronoi vertices using deldir()
2:05AM 3 skipping rows in trellis key
1:21AM 0 R2WinBUGS erro
12:58AM 1 How to implement an iterative unit root test
Wednesday April 5 2006
10:51PM 2 Multivariate linear regression
9:46PM 1 Correlation of coefficients?
8:55PM 2 R2WinBUGS error
7:58PM 1 "partitioning cluster function"
7:37PM 2 using latex() in R for Unix
7:30PM 1 hist function: freq=FALSE for standardised histograms
5:14PM 1 Bin by bin histogram comparisons
4:33PM 0 Execute R commands from within matlab
4:25PM 1 determine dimension on which by() applies
3:56PM 2 Problems in package management after Linux system upgrade
3:20PM 1 Combination of Bias and MSE ?
1:56PM 1 Time Series Objects/ MC Simulation
1:30PM 3 package docs: examples format
12:55PM 5 List to Array
11:48AM 2 gsub in data frame
11:45AM 1 (Fwd) Re: Reading xyz data from a file and plotting a cont
10:45AM 3 trace of matrix product
8:58AM 1 lapply with mahalanobis function
8:27AM 3 Reading xyz data from a file and plotting a contour plot
8:07AM 1 Uneven y-axis scale
6:45AM 0 Translate twobin in S-plus to R
5:38AM 0 Is there any method to compare Moran's I between different populations?
5:37AM 0 Help with Combination
2:33AM 1 how to read/write tables in xml
2:04AM 1 Cannot install RMySQL under Kubuntu
1:23AM 3 data.frame to list
Tuesday April 4 2006
11:10PM 1 F test for clustered data regression ?
10:43PM 0 simulation with Zelig
10:42PM 1 Help on computing a matrix from another matrix in R
10:07PM 1 Grid graphics issues
9:20PM 1 Indexing a vector by a list of vectors
8:01PM 3 Financial functions
6:48PM 1 Mpirun with R CMD scripts
6:32PM 1 how to delete the bar in the right of "filled.contour" map
6:06PM 2 Selecting out certain values from a MATRIX
6:05PM 1 generating LaTeX tables from Match output
5:42PM 2 Selecting from a Dataframe
4:59PM 2 R performance: different CPUs
4:39PM 1 Problem with Crawley book example
2:37PM 0 Knuth's algorithm X
2:28PM 0 desmon library
2:19PM 1 imaging and contouring
1:47PM 2 EM algorithm
1:28PM 0 Fisher's discriminant functions
1:22PM 2 documenting s4 methods in package
9:15AM 2 xyplot: getting data into the panel function
8:50AM 0 Date bug?
7:28AM 1 Packages reappear for installation each time update.packages() is run
2:06AM 2 about the generalized linear models
Monday April 3 2006
11:40PM 1 lm - Generalized Inverse
10:03PM 1 weird "max" behavior for difftime class
8:30PM 2 about arguments in "bclust"
8:30PM 1 Maps of Canada and some (very) simple instructions
7:45PM 3 Maximum Likelihood Estimation
6:58PM 2 testing proportional hazard in a Cox model including a time-varying covariate
6:36PM 0 t-test on multiple time series
6:18PM 0 R/qtl
5:56PM 2 query pertains to dates
5:44PM 2 How to set a former environment?
3:51PM 3 Delayed output from print(). Help for creating status output.
1:40PM 2 Ternary or Triangular Plots (soil texture triangle plot)?
11:53AM 0 Weighted Sensitivity, PPV etc.
10:58AM 1 Translate twobin in S-plus to R?
10:58AM 1 Does logistic regression require the independence of samples?
6:33AM 1 do.call method within namespace
4:45AM 1 (no subject)
4:37AM 2 head function
2:58AM 0 R News, volume 6, issue 1 is now available
1:38AM 1 write.table() or write.csv() --- add a comment?
1:34AM 4 argv[0] --- again
Sunday April 2 2006
9:57PM 1 New R user looking from help
9:31PM 1 finding method file?
5:15PM 0 denpro_0.8.1
4:20PM 3 speeding up a recursive function
2:19PM 1 Find and remove matching parentheses
12:03PM 1 plot bg color problem
10:31AM 2 Boxplot
3:50AM 0 Rattle: A simple R/Gnome GUI for Data Mining
2:27AM 2 VARIANCE across each ROW
Saturday April 1 2006
11:52PM 1 Using vectorization instead of for loop for performing a calculation efficiently
7:53PM 1 Sourcing data files into different array fields
5:17PM 2 barchart in black & white with 10 categories?
5:05PM 4 -newbie | RODBC import query
2:14PM 2 (no answer)
5:54AM 0 help with vectorizing a function
4:58AM 1 Nested error structure in nonlinear model
2:21AM 2 small sample size confidence interval by bootstrap
12:13AM 1 reference paper about SOM