R help - May 2006

Wednesday May 31 2006
9:48PM 2 a problem 'cor' function
9:40PM 2 timeSeq and TimeDate analog in R ?
8:35PM 1 Installing RMySQL on Solaris
7:46PM 2 follow-up
7:39PM 1 Is this my mistake or a bug?(K-S test and EVT)
7:27PM 1 trouble with boot ()
7:13PM 3 plot problem in version 2.3.0 with dates as x
7:01PM 0 (what I think are) two easy questions
6:55PM 2 X11 device
4:40PM 0 Group Method of Data Handling
4:37PM 0 3D graph - automated way
4:01PM 0 FW: Graphical Limitiations of the (D)COM Server AxSTATCONNECTORCLNTLib.AxStatConnectorGraphicsDevice
3:57PM 0 3d par chart
3:45PM 0 Graphical Limitiations of the (D)COM Server AxSTATCONNECTORCLNTLib.AxStatConnectorGraphicsDevice
3:40PM 1 Nesting in Cox proportional hazards survivorship analysis
3:34PM 1 Running R [Broadcast]
3:30PM 0 how to produce this pic in R
3:29PM 1 interpolating a lot of data at once
2:54PM 1 Help on glmmPQL
2:25PM 10 Running R
12:33PM 2 R search plug-in
10:20AM 0 Message deleted
6:40AM 0 new package on CRAN
1:16AM 2 How to choose columns in data.frame by parts of columns' names?
Tuesday May 30 2006
11:37PM 0 changes in RSiteSearch() and http://finzi.psych.upenn.edu/search.html
9:35PM 1 sib TDT transmission/disequilibrium test
8:14PM 0 En: R: Piecewise (broken stick) models in R && Stats for groups
8:12PM 1 Install R problem
7:59PM 0 weighted correlation coefficient
7:57PM 3 Faster way to zero-pad a data frame...?
7:49PM 0 BOUNCE caliper@cxx.cup.hp.com: Non-member submission from [r-help@stat.math.ethz.ch]
6:41PM 1 Piecewise (broken stick) models in R
6:08PM 2 merging
5:40PM 1 max / pmax
5:31PM 1 "na.pass"
5:16PM 0 Weighting cluster variables in R?
5:15PM 2 Help with adding minutes to time
4:50PM 1 position of number at risk in survplot() graphs
4:27PM 2 average by group...
4:03PM 1 executable file with R
3:57PM 1 when dimensionality is larger than the number of observations?
3:19PM 1 correlating values
12:45PM 4 Add text/numbers to x axis?
12:16PM 3 Time rather than dates?
12:07PM 4 Automate concatenation?
10:48AM 0 multiple comparisons of time series data (Stephan Moratti)
10:37AM 1 Query: lme output
Monday May 29 2006
9:29PM 0 Two problems with write.foreign (SPSS)
6:46PM 0 useR! 2006: final program
4:10PM 2 line over multiplot
1:37PM 1 OT: Monograph on Statistical Programming
12:32PM 1 TsayData
11:55AM 2 newbie question: ROW average
10:46AM 3 mtext in trellis-loop & colorkey
10:08AM 2 parameter-restrictions in OPTIM
10:02AM 0 troubles with kzft
9:38AM 1 variation on vioplot?
9:32AM 2 Load a program from internet
1:09AM 2 Analog to matlab repmat function
Sunday May 28 2006
7:14PM 1 problems while correlating values
12:38PM 1 cartograms in R?
6:19AM 1 Systematic treatment of missing values
Saturday May 27 2006
8:02PM 2 boosting - second posting
7:31AM 2 Bug of pmvnorm?
12:42AM 1 Trouble passing list or non-list to function using ...
Friday May 26 2006
11:49PM 1 Building V2.3.0 on Tru64 V5.1B
11:03PM 2 Too many open files
9:53PM 1 R newbie attempting to plot data
9:36PM 1 R.oo question
6:49PM 0 pdf output incompatible with latest ghostscript
6:30PM 2 find position to last number in a vector
5:01PM 0 Returned mail: Data format error
4:58PM 2 combinatorial programming problem
4:21PM 1 how to pick a value from AR equation
4:02PM 2 multiple comparisons of time series data
3:52PM 1 upgrade or recompile
1:52PM 1 I cannot load the package "Rcmdr"
1:43PM 1 MART(tm) vs. gbm
12:57PM 1 query: sample size calculation
12:45PM 2 Try to debbug R script
12:26PM 2 lme, best model without convergence
11:59AM 0 Thanks for help
9:52AM 3 Vector elements and ratios
7:36AM 1 Indexing vector with repeated values
7:30AM 0 Labels in cluster plots
7:17AM 0 Distribution Fitting
6:45AM 2 Is there a way to draw 3d plot?
6:33AM 2 factors and ops
3:34AM 1 seperate strings
12:25AM 1 how to get a series of results by "loop"
Thursday May 25 2006
10:09PM 0 Cox PLS
10:03PM 1 PC rotation question
9:21PM 1 Computing a reliability index of a statistic with missing data
9:13PM 2 qqmath - Lattice error
8:33PM 0 Nested design and GLM: ....continue
8:31PM 3 missed ylim from plot.default
7:23PM 1 how to get the data in a circle
6:31PM 1 Question regarding reading arrayvision files in limma
6:20PM 0 using panel functions in pairs()
5:27PM 0 LDA
5:07PM 3 Variable number of arguments to function
4:37PM 1 Building Libraries
4:26PM 2 Vertical Line on Plot
4:23PM 3 Wavelet Functions
4:02PM 1 understanding DWT
12:08PM 1 is possible to use update with lmer models
11:31AM 3 mean(NA)
10:40AM 0 Problem with ols in quantreg package
9:28AM 2 parallel computing
7:00AM 2 Simulate Strauss process in 3D
4:35AM 0 boosting
3:25AM 1 Ploting two datasets
1:58AM 1 help get character output R in Delphi
12:06AM 3 plot xy data with error bars
Wednesday May 24 2006
9:40PM 2 Logistic Regression - Results?
8:43PM 0 biplot with grouped observations
8:43PM 1 legend title in effects plot
7:57PM 1 Problem with Statistics::R Save plots
7:53PM 1 Regression line limited by the range of values
7:49PM 2 Decimal places
6:54PM 1 LARS error
6:45PM 5 Joining variables
6:30PM 1 problem-nlme
5:52PM 0 UBTA - Wall Street Journal Agree - Ref. wj277963
5:44PM 0 FastICA and matching variance of inputs
5:24PM 2 changing font size in plot(effect())
4:51PM 3 Regression line limited by the rage of values
4:20PM 3 How to make attributes persist after indexing?
3:47PM 1 multiple destinations in duration (survival) analysis
3:40PM 0 R Reference Card (especially useful for Newbies)
3:01PM 1 converting hexadecimal
1:19PM 0 data transformation
1:03PM 2 median of a survfit object
12:05PM 2 data.frame
11:47AM 2 Two functions with the same name
10:19AM 1 general Gauss-Newton or support for NSUR: contemporaneously correlated non-linear models
9:37AM 0 ASC/NZSA 2006 - Detailed Program Available via the Website
9:00AM 1 Does R have EGARCH modeling function?
3:05AM 1 dendrogram plotting problem
Tuesday May 23 2006
11:13PM 1 exporting long character vectors to dbf
10:24PM 1 Survey proportions... Can I use population as denominator?
8:26PM 1 how to multiply a constant to a matrix?
7:36PM 2 transpose dataset to PC-ORD?
6:40PM 5 conditional replacement
6:29PM 1 shapes in rgl
5:55PM 1 problem with ad.test
5:19PM 0 fubnctions for overall mean and its se
4:26PM 3 Manipulating code?
4:01PM 2 glmmADMB and the GPL -- formerly-- How to buy R.
3:54PM 2 Statistical Power
3:38PM 1 Accessing The Output of NLS
2:45PM 4 Avoiding a memory copy by [[
2:05PM 0 Distribution Identification/Significance testing
12:49PM 1 after identify labels dissapear XP
12:20PM 0 About stringdot (ksvm)
12:11PM 1 flatten a list to a "true" list
12:01PM 0 error message
11:36AM 2 multiple plots with par mfg
10:44AM 3 Regression through the origin
10:19AM 0 File scanning begining and mid row
8:01AM 2 a question about gradient in optim
7:25AM 1 package installation problem
7:02AM 2 Environment problems
5:34AM 0 Possible with lm() or glm()?
5:09AM 0 hclust-Dendrograms-Help!
4:11AM 0 Plotting problem-Dendrograms Help!!
3:45AM 2 Get list of ODBC data sources?
3:11AM 0 D3grees Based On Your Knowlege
2:40AM 1 RMySQL on Mac OS 10.4
1:52AM 2 nls: formula error?
1:36AM 1 lattice package - question on plotting lines
1:08AM 0 RQuantlib
12:33AM 1 standardization of values before call to pam() or clara()
12:17AM 4 How to call a value labels attribute?
Monday May 22 2006
10:40PM 2 sort the values of members and obtain their ranks within groups
10:23PM 1 Ordinal Independent Variables
9:55PM 2 Subset a list
9:51PM 0 off-topic; iraq statistics again
9:36PM 0 Help with lagSeries (Rmetrics, fCalendar)
6:55PM 1 editing a big file
6:42PM 0 (no subject)
5:57PM 3 choosing a mirror
3:57PM 1 RQuantlib Array processing applying EuropeanOptionExampleArray
3:24PM 3 writing 100 files
3:09PM 0 JSS Code Snippets
2:12PM 1 win2k memory problem with merge()'ing repeatedly (long email)
12:47PM 0 what are supressors doing in hierarchical partitioning??
11:52AM 0 [Rd] Citation for R (was How to reference R in papers?)
8:55AM 1 how to vectorize a matrix
8:53AM 1 random generation of a factor
8:46AM 2 SUSE 10.1 64 bit binary
8:44AM 2 Matrix in 3D
8:17AM 1 How to reference R in papers?
12:47AM 1 plot sub/super-script, formulas in boxplots
Sunday May 21 2006
11:49PM 3 normality testing with nortest
8:20PM 2 nls & fitting
3:05PM 1 POSIX, time zone and Windows
3:00PM 0 is there a way to find the best ARIMA model
1:27PM 5 odd feature
12:48PM 3 Unreadable labels
10:30AM 2 switching compilers with R CMD SHLIB
Saturday May 20 2006
7:05PM 0 Generating random numbers from skew power exponential distribution?
3:02PM 0 GLM with nested design
3:01PM 3 sapply and Date objects
1:24PM 0 How can you buy R? [Broadcast]
12:46PM 0 No subject
12:41PM 0 No subject
12:32PM 1 merge problem... extra lines appear in the presence of NAs
9:49AM 5 Can lmer() fit a multilevel model embedded in a regression?
9:01AM 1 intervals from cut() as numerics?
1:05AM 2 Function as.Date leading to error implying that strptime requires 3 arguments
12:52AM 1 ANCOVA, Ops.factor, singular fit???
Friday May 19 2006
11:36PM 1 problem with pdf() R 2.2.1, os 10.4.6
10:35PM 2 my first R program
9:12PM 0 e1071 probplot -grouping
8:56PM 2 Innovative Enterprise Microarray Software
8:40PM 2 lmer, p-values and all that
8:09PM 0 how to estimate adding-regression GARCH Model
8:01PM 0 hello, everyone
7:37PM 1 make error for R-2.3.0
6:51PM 1 Weird LM behaviour
4:32PM 1 How to use lm.predict to obtain fitted values?
4:18PM 0 Chevron Email Firewall Alert
3:28PM 0 extending family() objects
3:19PM 1 trouble with plotrix package
3:17PM 4 Fast update of a lot of records in a database?
1:28PM 2 Tick marks in lines.survfit
1:20PM 2 R-OT list needed?
12:57PM 0 How to deal with missing data?
11:54AM 11 iraq statistics - OT
10:21AM 0 R: determination of number of entries in list elements
10:09AM 2 determination of number of entries in list elements
7:42AM 1 factor analysis - discrepancy in results from R vs. Stata
4:25AM 1 read.table with data in specific formats
3:50AM 2 "Pipelining" programs in R
3:47AM 5 Converting character strings to numeric
3:16AM 4 Cross correlation/ bivariate/ mantel
1:31AM 1 microarray-like graph
1:16AM 6 bayesian belief networks to determine causality
12:20AM 1 Writing to a file with fixed precision
12:15AM 0 Strange behavior with merging algorithm
12:06AM 1 edit/environment bug??
12:05AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday May 18 2006
11:35PM 0 (no subject)
11:26PM 1 WLS in R
9:51PM 9 How can you buy R?
7:50PM 1 reshape question
6:32PM 0 MPI and R CMD SHLIB
4:35PM 2 help
4:32PM 2 matrix transformation into 3 columns II.
4:26PM 1 matrix transformation into 3 columns
3:46PM 1 How to write output in a specific formate with irregular space
3:40PM 2 Incomplete Output from lmer{lme4}
2:52PM 2 Classification trees and written conditions
2:43PM 4 Nested design
2:37PM 1 how to get correct coefficients from lm model
2:36PM 1 write.csv + appending output (FILE I/O)
2:04PM 2 extracting values from data.frame given arbitrary keys
1:05PM 3 Negative value on ternaryplot
12:55PM 2 ACF plot - setting parameters
12:44PM 1 About "STL" function
12:24PM 1 Time vector in weeks
11:03AM 1 how to get coefficients of regression or Anova
8:41AM 0 How to represent a metric categorical variable?
7:47AM 1 Function (x) as consecutive values
7:36AM 0 [Re: Running a likelihood ratio test for a logit model]
7:20AM 2 Running a likelihood ratio test for a logit model
7:03AM 1 adding grid lines to an xyplot when there is only 1 panel - corrected
4:55AM 2 create a vector
1:48AM 2 Frequencies into Poisson responses
12:45AM 1 Stuck in R installation, help~~
Wednesday May 17 2006
11:18PM 4 uniform and clumped point plots
10:13PM 1 boxplot
9:24PM 0 adding grid lines to an xyplot when there is only 1 panel
8:51PM 1 nlme model specification
8:27PM 0 2 Courses in Seattle - (1) R/Splus Advanced Programming (2) R/Splus Fundamentals - June 2006
7:27PM 3 Off topic --- help in locating a source.
6:41PM 1 RMySQL loading error
5:25PM 1 Column notation
5:16PM 1 Example Syntax for if - then- and - else Statements
4:52PM 1 for loops and counter interpolation
4:14PM 2 checking package dependencies
3:49PM 1 Response to query re: calculating intraclass correlations
3:47PM 1 Re : Large database help
3:00PM 1 question about survSplit
2:02PM 0 script S-plus -> R
1:21PM 1 Problem with "make install" for R 2.3.0/Solaris 2.8
1:14PM 1 changing single to double backslash
12:58PM 1 Combining Vectors
11:51AM 2 replacement of dataframe
11:15AM 1 Renaming Rplots.ps from BATCH scripts.
10:26AM 0 PCA with FactoMiner
10:15AM 0 Bootstrap replicate estimates
10:06AM 2 No output in sourced R program
9:48AM 1 Fix for augPred/gsummary problem (nlme library)
9:01AM 1 mc nemar test
8:59AM 1 trellis backround color
8:05AM 0 variable colnames
7:30AM 1 how to make the units in x and y axis equal?
7:05AM 2 Justifying R to anti open-source management
5:27AM 0 Last Chance: SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA JUNE 5-8, Data Mining Training/Workshop
4:55AM 1 what does it mean when "lm.gls" says that the weight matrix has wrong dimension?
1:05AM 1 can Box test the Ljung Box test say which ARIMA model is better?
Tuesday May 16 2006
11:03PM 2 stop current computation does not work?
10:56PM 3 sparklines
9:41PM 3 everytime I download a new version of R, need I reinstall all packages?
8:27PM 1 Cannot load irr package
8:25PM 1 Error message with nmds
7:08PM 1 optim with specific constraints on possible values
6:37PM 3 subset
5:52PM 2 Changing expression font
5:28PM 1 Substitute and quotes
5:24PM 1 quadrati form
4:50PM 1 memory
3:24PM 2 Engel curve
2:31PM 0 solution of split data.frame
2:27PM 1 survival package - pspline
2:24PM 0 reordering materix presentation in heatmap.2 in the 'gplots' library
1:36PM 1 variable row names
1:18PM 2 query: lme
1:04PM 1 grid - viewports - image()
11:52AM 2 Interrater and intrarater variability (intraclass correlationcoefficients)
10:34AM 1 R(DCOM) / StatConnector and PHP
10:24AM 0 ROrca
10:09AM 5 Interrater and intrarater variability (intraclass correlation coefficients)
9:43AM 1 lm summary
8:46AM 1 how to plot additional function into pairwise scatterplots?
7:23AM 1 r-help@stat.math.ethz.ch
6:55AM 0 Course in AD Model Builder; integrating ADMB with R
6:27AM 1 Size of observations
5:01AM 2 PLS
3:45AM 2 split the data.frame
2:19AM 3 multiple plots in a function()
1:33AM 2 Large database help
12:57AM 2 retaining character matrices when combining into data frames
Monday May 15 2006
11:01PM 0 Alexandre MENICACCI/Daix/RED/GroupeFournier est absent(e).
10:11PM 0 labdsv won't install with Mac OS X, R 2.3.0
9:54PM 0 reproducing scaling used in biplot(pc.biplot=TRUE)
8:30PM 1 analysis of binomial data with rpart/tree
8:04PM 2 New contributed document available on CRAN
6:52PM 1 E(1/(X+c)) ? where X ~ Chi-square(n) and c is a constant.
5:50PM 2 A question on memory size
5:32PM 2 How-Understand-Kmeans-Cluster!!
3:52PM 1 anova statistics in lmer
3:34PM 3 Dyn or Dynlm and out of sample forecasts
3:27PM 2 plot with abscissa in hours/weekdays
3:08PM 1 R shared object with Fortran archive files
1:40PM 0 extracting the F-Values from a aov-call to calculate a green-gei-corrected p-values
1:19PM 1 model formulation in lme4
11:55AM 1 Force coefficients in glm()
11:24AM 1 adding line to spinogram
10:49AM 1 Rorca zip?
10:13AM 1 Fitting usual distributions.
8:37AM 2 Title for secondary y-axis (axis(4)) in barplot?
8:33AM 0 More elegant way to do this?
8:30AM 1 pattern instead of colors in bargraph
7:35AM 2 is there a way to find the best ARIMA model automatically in R?
7:28AM 1 Trying to get values to display on horizontal barchart
6:55AM 1 what's wrong with my "gls"? it does not allocate memory... even for the simplest AR1 model...
5:20AM 1 Object call
4:16AM 1 Zero-inflated Poisson Repeated Measures Data
2:00AM 1 simple .bat question but i can't find out where to post. my apologies for posting a non R question
12:31AM 0 Genetic Algorithm-Help!!
Sunday May 14 2006
6:51PM 1 how can I do loop in array?
2:55PM 2 apply, apply speed vs. traditional looping mechanisms
2:02AM 2 Bioconductor AND Genetics Library
Saturday May 13 2006
11:05PM 2 Adding error bars to a trellis barchart display
9:02PM 1 apply
6:52PM 2 What does it mean to be "masked from data" when attaching? (Newbie question)
12:05PM 0 Maximum likelihood estimate ofbivariatevonmises-weibulldistribut
11:54AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 39, Issue 13
Friday May 12 2006
9:11PM 0 Plot subset of data per panel in Lattice xyplot
9:06PM 3 .Rprofile file and .First function
8:47PM 3 Maximum likelihood estimate of bivariate vonmises-weibulldistribution
7:19PM 2 two relatively simple questions
6:07PM 6 Newbie to R: would like to solve a problem
6:04PM 0 "Process R is not running" on emacs 21.2.1 using ESS 5.3.0 and R2.3.0 on Mac OSX 10.4.6
4:48PM 1 [ESRI-L] outline polygons of point clumps
4:41PM 4 bitwise addition
4:16PM 0 Question about R/Java - Omegahat project
4:10PM 0 New versions for the distr-family of packages, and a new package "startupmsg"
3:33PM 1 DICOM package wont read my DICOM files
3:11PM 0 New CRAN package "DPpackage"
2:57PM 6 text plots?
2:16PM 1 passing a string to expand.grid
12:48PM 1 superpose two variables in lattice/xyplot
12:32PM 1 nested ANCOVA
11:43AM 1 inches to centimeters in Graph settings
10:05AM 0 Other models of GARCH
10:02AM 2 Basic function help
10:02AM 2 xticklabel
9:48AM 3 optimal way to compute matrix subtotals?
9:32AM 0 outline polygons of point clumps
6:32AM 1 Effect of multiplying the parscale vector by a scalar
6:32AM 2 Help In Function
2:04AM 0 metaphoRs
12:00AM 4 Title of page with multiple plots
Thursday May 11 2006
9:07PM 1 Mac->PgSQL
8:28PM 2 Maximum likelihood estimate of bivariate vonmises-weibull distribution
7:48PM 1 factors
7:42PM 3 Now another question regarding the Foreign package
5:58PM 0 survival curve to compare two groups
5:38PM 3 Newbie question about read.table
5:35PM 1 time-dependent covariate survival curves
5:06PM 1 t-test with autocorrelation correction
4:57PM 1 model formulation for the following ANOVA
4:09PM 3 cannot turn some columns in a data frame into factors
4:04PM 1 Simulating scalar-valued stationary Gaussian processes
3:42PM 2 count repetitions
3:15PM 2 greco-latin square
2:06PM 1 Conditional contour plots for estimated density functions using Lattice
1:47PM 1 Comparing skewness
12:11PM 1 Boxplot and range of x-axis
11:50AM 0 Survival analysis
11:35AM 1 Mixed Model notation SAS -> R
11:30AM 1 about MCMC pack
10:18AM 1 optim function
9:16AM 3 (no subject)
9:15AM 2 Break Matrix
8:14AM 1 package update problem
8:03AM 4 data input strategy - lots of csv files
7:36AM 3 Please help me to combine two datasets.
6:19AM 0 estimating parameters
3:44AM 3 How to find row maximum of two columns
3:41AM 1 Maximum value of two columns
2:08AM 0 command completion? [Broadcast]
2:02AM 2 R more Unix-like?
Wednesday May 10 2006
11:46PM 3 Contour plot overlayed with line plot
11:28PM 4 lattice package plots
9:53PM 2 Legend titles in log plots broken? (ver. 2.2.1)
9:42PM 2 Concatenating data frame
9:40PM 1 Keeping scientific format on assignment
9:14PM 0 Splines?
9:02PM 3 Unique?
8:56PM 1 help with writing output from two different arrays to two columns in an output file
7:45PM 0 Courses - R/Splus Advanced Programming ***by the R Development Core Tean Guru In Seattle and San Francisco ***June/July***
6:52PM 2 command completion?
6:49PM 3 integer vector to a string
6:02PM 1 attach() warning message
4:52PM 0 Batch printing of existing postscript files with file names included
3:23PM 2 importing a list
2:16PM 1 ape comparative analysis query
1:35PM 2 problem rbind after lapply (difference between 2.2.1 and 2.3.0)
12:57PM 0 identify high dimension data point [Broadcast]
12:33PM 1 Increase the number of plotting characters in dotplot (lattice)?
12:18PM 2 problems with optimize (again)
12:06PM 0 using crr in cmprsk
11:52AM 1 kernel smoothing of disease rates at locations
11:05AM 1 identify high dimension data point
9:08AM 1 subselect in a matrix
8:40AM 1 Until the key pressed: FOR-LOOP-Clustering
7:33AM 0 How to use function to change density in sm.density?
6:48AM 0 warning messages ?
3:04AM 4 Unix X-WIndows RGUI
12:52AM 3 new package error message
Tuesday May 9 2006
11:14PM 1 Lattice plot of multiply-nested data
9:50PM 4 Can't there be a cd command?
9:43PM 5 Full or non constrained/reparametrized model.matrix
7:10PM 2 draw a graphic using segments to represent data
7:09PM 0 installing SciViews
6:09PM 4 ks.test one-sample - where can I get a list of the strings specifying the distribution?
5:26PM 2 post hoc comparison in repeated measure
5:12PM 1 transposing a big data file
3:50PM 3 remove Punctuation characters
3:10PM 1 A question about encoding
3:09PM 1 variable names from SPSS data base
2:46PM 1 trying to use standard notation
1:50PM 1 perspective
11:55AM 3 Using DBI and RMySQL
9:34AM 1 Calling R from C
9:23AM 1 visualisation of Self organising map
8:18AM 0 survival probabilities from survival tree (rpart)
7:15AM 1 2.3.0 problems
7:04AM 2 devide data into decile
5:56AM 1 installing the dependency
3:05AM 1 Convert Text File Data into *.RData
2:27AM 1 Error in x[good, ] * w : non-conformable arrays
2:00AM 1 Fwd: Re: read.table (Error in file(file, "r") : unable to open connection)
1:37AM 1 problem accessing trees after read.nexus from ape package
1:34AM 2 read.table (Error in file(file, "r") : unable to open connection)
Monday May 8 2006
9:45PM 2 On the speed of apply and alternatives?
9:32PM 3 Non repetitive permutations/combinations of elements
8:51PM 0 2.3.0 glitch on OS X
8:14PM 2 problems compiling under solaris
8:09PM 1 Help on zoo and datetime series
7:02PM 1 persp or wireframe 3D plot: how can I independently adjust linewidth of the 'surface' and framebox?
6:44PM 1 Calling C++ code fom R --How to export C++ "unsigned" integer to R?
5:37PM 1 DRUtils package
2:35PM 3 (g)lm ordinal or scaled values?
12:01PM 1 histogram breaks as labels
11:13AM 0 scale of biplot of principal component analysis
11:05AM 1 Pairewise Likelihood
10:35AM 1 ob.step$anova interpretation
10:25AM 1 export
10:12AM 1 Repeatability and lme
9:43AM 1 Panel Data Estimators (within, between, Random Effects estimator)
9:34AM 1 finding centroids of clusters created with hclust
8:52AM 1 performing functions on variables of different length
8:47AM 1 package contains stepAIC ?
8:13AM 3 (sans objet)
7:52AM 1 error in color-labeling in plot.lm
12:08AM 3 microsoft proxy & R project
Sunday May 7 2006
11:25PM 0 Even newer version of plotrix
7:04PM 1 zero-inflated mixed models
2:51PM 1 nlme plot residuals per group
1:41PM 1 Combine tables with different dimensions
7:56AM 1 SciViews and R-2.3.0; does it work yet?
6:57AM 1 What will produce NA for lm()?
1:13AM 0 How to a handle an error in a loop [Broadcast]
12:01AM 1 model selection, stepAIC(), and coxph() (fwd)
Saturday May 6 2006
6:17PM 0 'col'-parameter in 'hist.POSIXt'
5:36PM 2 regular expression change in R version 2.3.0?
1:04PM 5 R and Java
12:21PM 2 How to test for significance of random effects?
9:43AM 1 R et Java
7:08AM 3 probit analysis
4:36AM 1 Weird blank spacing in plot title when using \n and plotmath
1:01AM 0 stat problem: scaling of random subset of survey?
Friday May 5 2006
10:54PM 1 How to a handle an error in a loop
8:07PM 0 R pour d?butant
7:35PM 2 boxplot - labelling
7:32PM 0 F-statistic in lme
5:47PM 2 Distributing packages online
3:54PM 0 Spline integration & Gaussian quadrature (was: gauss.quad.prob)
3:45PM 0 help converting code to a function
3:45PM 2 extract p-value from urppTest
3:29PM 4 function to check if an object is present, and if not, load it from my hard drive
3:24PM 5 large data set, error: cannot allocate vector
3:16PM 0 gc(), memory.size()
2:40PM 2 How to access results of survival analysis
2:34PM 0 hardware question: ClearSpeed
2:31PM 0 Workspace restoration error
2:20PM 0 hey sis!
1:26PM 1 MRPP in R
1:17PM 0 rate table creation for death rates
1:11PM 3 OT: DOE - experiments for teaching
12:52PM 2 double integral
9:29AM 0 Package configure
9:14AM 1 trouble with step() and stepAIC() selecting the best model
8:29AM 2 need help in building an R package with Fortran source
8:05AM 1 How can I call a function from within another funcion?
5:17AM 1 weird question about lm() and data.frame
1:58AM 1 A question about linear optimizaton
12:16AM 1 converting code into a function - seperating a data frame with n columns into n individual vectors
Thursday May 4 2006
10:56PM 3 SQL like manipulations on data frames
9:37PM 0 Eliminating For Loop in Comparison and Replacement
7:19PM 0 Query about the functions used in tapply
6:55PM 2 Determining the "memory" used by a dataset or vector?
6:52PM 1 axis manipulation in levelplot
5:21PM 1 plot greek letter in italic
5:06PM 3 screen wrapping
5:02PM 0 R compile on Solaris 9
4:55PM 0 quantiles of the inverse chi-squared
4:24PM 1 quasi glm start values
3:42PM 1 finding clusters in a network
2:31PM 0 Online course- Mixed Effects Models
2:20PM 2 data manipulation docs
1:23PM 2 Perl-style regexes and capturing results
12:17PM 0 cluster benchmark datasets
11:06AM 1 combined multiple observations
10:04AM 2 R pour d├ębutant
9:23AM 2 do.call in 2.3.0 vers 2.3.x
8:00AM 0 yo stop work today
6:58AM 1 Finding ties in data (be)for(e) BradleyTerry
6:09AM 0 R: R: [Re:] function to replace missing values with median value?]]
5:55AM 0 R: [Re:] function to replace missing values with median value?]]
5:30AM 0 [Re:] function to replace missing values with median value?]]
5:29AM 3 New-user support package - suggestions?
5:28AM 1 a clipboard problem while using R2HTML
3:50AM 0 measuring goodness of fit in quantile regression
12:28AM 2 install R under suse: packages dependency
Wednesday May 3 2006
8:53PM 0 Test if an image or random field is stationary
8:49PM 2 mca id numbers
8:47PM 2 Outreg-like command?
7:34PM 4 Aggregate?
7:10PM 1 Installation problem
7:01PM 1 Permutation test of marked point pattern
6:28PM 1 Vector searching and counting speed optimization
5:34PM 0 SAM analysis fold change output
5:06PM 1 function to replace missing values with median value?
5:01PM 1 factor to real - best way to convert
4:38PM 2 Nested model and variance partitioning
4:31PM 3 sprintf question
4:07PM 1 Help for selecting dates
3:18PM 2 Link to useR! 2006 from ww.r-project.org not working
3:17PM 1 how to evaluate logistic model fit the data or not?
3:01PM 1 Inverse X'WX matrix from weighted linear regression
2:46PM 5 Listing Variables
2:34PM 2 Net courses for R?
11:17AM 0 vim R plugin for Linux/Unix
11:10AM 1 Correlation matrix
9:46AM 3 Giving Error
9:02AM 1 Breaking a matrix into parts
8:57AM 1 demo() output looks garbled in default pager (less and most)
8:23AM 1 Problem in using confint method on polr model object
4:47AM 1 how to fit GJR-GARCH model in R
4:47AM 1 How to strip of a term in data.frame
4:29AM 1 cannot use fanny in package cluster
2:52AM 1 qu: predict with lmer (lme4) or other ways to get classification accuracy
Tuesday May 2 2006
11:57PM 0 want to make more money?
11:47PM 1 Math expressions in pie chart labels?
10:21PM 2 Time series plot
10:18PM 1 Use predict.lm
10:16PM 1 compile R on Solaris 9
9:37PM 4 Repeating tdt function on thousands of variables
9:31PM 1 Cluster validation methods
8:34PM 0 factors and mca
8:22PM 2 Concave Hull?
8:10PM 1 how to compute the explained variance?
8:03PM 1 pairwise.t.test: empty p-table
5:34PM 0 Why random item need grouping symbol '|' ? And why is there no '|' in fixed item in lme?
5:17PM 0 2 Courses - (1) R/Splus Advanced Programming (2) R/Splus Fundamentals in Seattle - June 2006
5:10PM 1 How to use a validation set rather than the default cross-validation in rpart() ?
4:33PM 1 urppTest Z-tau? Z-alpha?
4:31PM 4 How to write "%" before superscript?
4:12PM 2 Axis labels
3:21PM 1 Is there a bug in CrossTable (gmodels)
3:12PM 2 evaluation of expressions
2:45PM 0 GAMLSS short course
2:30PM 1 using parnor (lmomco package) - output
2:20PM 0 setting parameters to zero
1:45PM 1 Rcmdr problem - SciViews R
12:41PM 0 Enquiry regarding Apply
10:43AM 4 "a"+"b"
10:32AM 0 New package connectedness
7:44AM 0 Legendre symbols
4:23AM 1 moving/copy objects between work space
2:57AM 6 Still help needed on embeded regression
1:19AM 0 Pasting data into scan() - oops!
Monday May 1 2006
11:55PM 2 Pasting data into scan()
10:21PM 1 xyplot: trouble changing graphics settings
9:31PM 1 namespace question
9:21PM 1 code for latex function in Hmisc
9:18PM 0 Use of hosking.sim R function
9:17PM 0 cluster validation
6:32PM 0 process monitoring, a simple question
6:14PM 3 plotting groupedData object
5:26PM 5 Adding elements in an array where I have missing data.
5:14PM 0 plotting groupedData objects
4:23PM 3 Repeat dataframe
3:43PM 0 R course
2:59PM 6 R-2.3.0 make error
2:08PM 1 R for Linux Suse 10.0
1:57PM 1 Problem with optim()
1:00PM 1 How to specify function arguments that are used "in different places"
12:38PM 1 how to choose some points randomly?
10:52AM 1 How to strip one term from a data.frame? + How to write long line in script?
10:46AM 3 pulling items out of a lm() call
8:28AM 2 GA-packages
7:34AM 4 efficiency in merging two data frames
6:32AM 2 problem installing Econometrics view
2:58AM 4 table of means/medians across bins used for a histogram
2:31AM 1 Yet another help needed
1:09AM 3 R-GUi