R help - Nov 2001

Friday November 30 2001
9:56PM 1 mosaic.by(): vectorizing args passed by apply()?
8:02PM 0 Problems with environmental variables set with Sys.putenv
6:00PM 2 kalman
5:58PM 2 x-axis in plots and interaction.plots
5:40PM 0 Constructing simulataneous confidence intervals for residuals
4:37PM 1 Stepwise regression
3:17PM 1 R executables
12:11PM 1 fuzzy clustering in e1071
10:12AM 0 identify() problem for graphs copied in Word (yet another Word bug to avoid with R?!)
12:38AM 0 linear regression of arbitrary large data
12:19AM 4 Script editor for R on Linux
12:05AM 1 HMM in R
Thursday November 29 2001
11:51PM 2 animations?
9:51PM 3 Reset trellis plot backgroud color
8:34PM 3 pause/get input
8:20PM 0 memory: as.single in .Fortran creates another double
7:44PM 1 legends in barplots of factors
7:16PM 1 of c, cat, paste, and lists??
5:33PM 1 installing packages from CRAN, is this approach stupid?
5:19PM 2 text in qqmath
5:13PM 2 memory issue trying to solve too large a problem using hclust
3:56PM 1 R CMD check
2:55PM 1 errors in help("TDist")?
2:35PM 3 package argument to library as string
2:06PM 2 plotting (a) confidence intervals (b) standard error
11:35AM 1 Variable selection in R
2:37AM 2 ForTran Compiler & use of it in R / S+
Wednesday November 28 2001
10:06PM 3 trellis plot
9:56PM 0 Sample size multinomial distribution
8:59PM 1 fill patterns
8:25PM 2 PNG diver problem
7:41PM 2 shell()/system() question
6:45PM 0 Similar to NUOPT package in R
5:16PM 1 Assignment to a list in a function
4:04PM 2 Value lables, variable lables
2:55PM 2 Why are looping variables not local?
11:50AM 2 Problems with rank()
11:48AM 1 memory.size ?
10:35AM 1 Rprofile etc in Linux
8:02AM 3 Can I see japanese in R run with Emacs(ESS) ?
7:37AM 1 Help with ICC
Tuesday November 27 2001
11:27PM 0 lme on large data frames
9:34PM 3 Equations as arguments to functions
6:54PM 2 overlaying qqnorm plots...
6:01PM 1 Is there someone working on an R interface for Numerical Recipes?
5:40PM 2 printing captions in multiple panes
3:11PM 2 R/S and large datasets - Database access (also Re: SAS and S/R)
3:10PM 1 inclusion criteria help
1:57PM 1 workweek calculation
1:32PM 2 accessing information in data.frame
5:14AM 1 What name-value pairs can be used in gpar()?
Monday November 26 2001
11:14PM 3 Doing things with POSIXt
10:28PM 1 Possible Bug?
10:21PM 2 R not giving memory back to system?
8:48PM 2 how to you use plot to plot multiple time series in one final gra ph
5:09PM 1 Sorting Posix Data
4:50PM 2 summary() and range(): inconsistency?
2:13PM 2 I need Help!
10:04AM 2 Editing R graphics (fwd)
9:57AM 2 Named pipe connections and stdout
Sunday November 25 2001
11:12PM 1 readline 4.2 versus 4.1
10:25PM 2 Boxplots using percentiles?
3:57AM 2 another optimization question
Saturday November 24 2001
8:17PM 3 Is there a minimization function?
6:59PM 4 about the function order()
8:34AM 2 horsekicks
1:09AM 1 Are you experienced in SAS ...
12:12AM 1 lme or nlme
Friday November 23 2001
10:44PM 4 SQL implementations (was: Are you experienced in SAS and R ...)
9:43PM 0 eval.c: possible issue with profiling for Windows
4:47PM 0 No subject
3:57PM 0 porting R package to Splus
12:05PM 2 Are you experienced in SAS and R as well? Which of these would you recommend me?
11:31AM 4 Are you experienced in SAS and R as well? Which of these would you recommend?
11:10AM 1 trouble downloading package car
11:10AM 3 compiling R under hpux
6:43AM 2 Rose diagrams in R?
1:42AM 1 Changing strip widths in lattice plots
Thursday November 22 2001
4:55PM 1 p-value using survdiff
4:45PM 0 ATLAS and SuSe
4:38PM 2 optim ???
3:53PM 1 fac.design
1:56PM 3 Newbie
1:06PM 2 comma as decimal separator in plots
1:04PM 0 determination coef (r?) in nls models
11:32AM 4 changing the magnification of axis annotation
11:12AM 2 factanal {mva} question
11:07AM 2 Missing panels in multipanel lme lattice/trellis
10:01AM 0 New version of introductory text
9:38AM 6 Editing R graphics
Wednesday November 21 2001
10:56PM 0 improved search site for R docs, functions, R-help
8:17PM 1 src directory disappeared after installation of packages
4:36PM 0 VMS?
4:27PM 1 Expectation Maximization (EM) clustering available?
3:19PM 1 Slow printing in batch?
2:47PM 0 save results from cron job
1:08PM 0 reading data from stdin
12:09PM 2 dw statistic
10:45AM 4 installing R for unix on PC
10:02AM 0 Re: [S] selecting arbitrary subsets from data frames
8:05AM 2 distances from points to line
3:17AM 0 drug discovery and drug development
Tuesday November 20 2001
11:33PM 0 Time series count model?
8:22PM 0 Summary: non-negative least squares
6:03PM 1 trouble running pixmap examples
5:26PM 2 is match slow?
5:18PM 0 Time Series Event Count: Great Responses So Far!
4:57PM 0 Formulating anova for partially nested model
3:58PM 0 ROC: AUC test
12:12PM 1 warning message
9:36AM 0 Mac OS X and lost underlines
8:28AM 2 Help to conduct a random factor analysis with binomial response
4:42AM 3 Sampling from a population
4:08AM 0 Looking for "data" library for Statistical Models in S
2:10AM 2 quiver plot help
Monday November 19 2001
11:14PM 0 Update for SJava package for Windows
10:21PM 1 Symbol escape sequence in xlab
7:59PM 1 scope of data in groupedData
4:47PM 0 where is survsum?
4:42PM 2 Vectors of objects...
2:27PM 2 reading tiff files
2:24PM 0 NOT R SPECIFIC The mean of a group of lines
2:08PM 3 dist
9:55AM 1 No subject
5:11AM 3 installation on Mac OS X
12:44AM 1 R-base on Mandrake 8.1
Sunday November 18 2001
10:39PM 0 Save Results in a file
9:26PM 3 documentation / Rdconv/ Perl v.5
8:37PM 1 Configuration: libpng needs zlib, but ...
12:23PM 1 plotting overlapping data points
Saturday November 17 2001
5:27PM 2 choosing g/g++ compiler executable in R CMD SHLIB
4:01PM 1 tracking data
1:58PM 0 R for Mac: running other apps simultaneously
12:05PM 1 xyplot link missing
Friday November 16 2001
6:49PM 1 non-negative least squares?
6:19PM 0 Data Structures
5:41PM 0 Best/safest way to use UseMethod()?
4:39PM 0 problems with assigning classes
2:18PM 1 $name vs. [["name"]]
11:52AM 1 sub directories in the tests directory of a package
11:37AM 6 case conversion and/or string comparison
9:10AM 1 R BATCH mode
2:14AM 2 Finite Mixture Analysis
1:59AM 1 Memory problems using Krige (sgeostat)
Thursday November 15 2001
9:49PM 6 two plots in one frame
7:00PM 0 the computational complexity of sample()
6:44PM 0 misread the q. about polytomous regression
4:00PM 2 Polytomic Logistic Regression
2:18PM 3 Histogram
12:44PM 2 matrices
8:24AM 1 ploting axes plaxes ?
12:23AM 2 help.start() works with Mozilla, but not with ESS
Wednesday November 14 2001
8:48PM 0 Course: The R system: Complementing and Extending Statistical Computing for SAS Users: Boston, December 12-13, 2001.
7:46PM 0 Fitting Pareto dist in a mixture
7:28PM 2 dylib error
6:55PM 1 xtable and table()
6:14PM 0 RODBC: Minor problem, I hope.
4:09PM 1 netCDF
3:41PM 0 European Water Management News
Tuesday November 13 2001
11:50PM 4 Floating windows in TCLTK
9:32PM 2 reading in data contingent upon a character at col 1
8:30PM 1 RODBC
7:55PM 1 rarefaction variance
6:47PM 0 help with compiling R under hpux 10.20
6:37PM 0 nlme and large data sets
4:55PM 1 Selecting transitive couples
4:32PM 2 plotting text tables
11:35AM 0 VEGAN: R functions for vegetation ecologists
10:46AM 2 plot and its options
3:57AM 2 how do I install add on packages?
12:04AM 1 models for polytomous data
Monday November 12 2001
11:57PM 0 Additional Documentation for rpart?
11:20PM 2 Announcement: Automatic ATLAS support under Debian GNU/Linux
10:20PM 8 help uses only netscape?
9:58PM 2 check() warnings for survival-2.6
9:20PM 3 Plotting symbols
8:52PM 2 is auto-save possible?
8:35PM 2 [Q] Setting elements of a vector
5:46PM 1 uninstal rw1030 (Win9*)
5:15PM 1 Is there a way to detect when gc() is called?
3:34PM 1 Survey: R in Pharma
1:20PM 4 Doubt
11:48AM 3 histogram question
10:23AM 2 Error in doc of corresp?
9:22AM 3 'subscript out of bounds' in matrices
8:38AM 2 simultaneous equation estimation?
Sunday November 11 2001
7:21AM 2 3D Plots
1:08AM 0 help with compiling under hpux
Saturday November 10 2001
8:23PM 1 piecewise linear regression
4:11PM 2 Goodness-of-fit on Burr distributed data
9:50AM 0 Summary: Teaching with R a quick survey.
Friday November 9 2001
7:46PM 2 Transforming matrix to data.frame: problems
6:40PM 1 One package calling C-code from another package.
6:40PM 2 spider / radar plot
5:00PM 3 A chinese R-info page and a question
3:35PM 0 Goodness of Fit test (K-S, Anderson Darling, Chi-Square, etc) on an estimated Burr Distribution (simulated data wth n=10002)
3:33PM 1 Re-sent to correct list: passing parameters
3:12PM 1 cluster analysis
2:29PM 0 library mclust
2:24PM 0 problems with <fix> and <edit>
2:23PM 1 free installation of R
2:19PM 2 confused by switch() and the letter E
2:15PM 1 R for Mac OS X
2:04PM 2 ks.test
9:20AM 1 Installing packages
Thursday November 8 2001
10:24PM 2 Manova in R vs. SAS
9:24PM 2 programming question
8:57PM 0 Re: L-moments
4:04PM 3 Problem with optim (method L-BFGS-B)
10:44AM 1 news letters
9:07AM 2 Error Bars
9:00AM 1 dyn.load'ing dll's created by Scompile causes R to crash
2:11AM 1 Generalized Lambda
12:59AM 0 -Altering labels and tickmarks on persp() plots
Wednesday November 7 2001
10:48PM 0 Data Miner position - Australian Antarctic Division, Kingston, Tasmania - ERROR
6:13PM 0 Course: R Programming Techniques in Seattle (December 19-21)
4:07PM 3 Examples for Markov Chain in Economics
2:02PM 4 Help on programming
10:56AM 4 Mapping in R - in the common sense
10:23AM 1 Teaching with R. Quick survey.
9:25AM 2 Rcmd?
8:12AM 2 C code
3:39AM 2 Filtering data
Tuesday November 6 2001
11:53PM 1 RPM digital signature
7:34PM 1 R CMD check, undoc and package checking
5:57PM 2 Creating a dataframe from several numeric and character vectors
3:21PM 2 Inverse Matrices
6:15AM 2 Canonical Correspondence analysis-CoCoAn package
3:32AM 2 ATLAS
Monday November 5 2001
4:40PM 2 apex ??
4:26PM 1 help me again
4:05PM 0 QUERY: Linking all statistical institutes / departments
3:01PM 3 vector problems
11:18AM 2 Item Response Analysis
10:50AM 1 Why doesn't outer work?
8:39AM 1 jpeg device
7:15AM 1 Problem to transfer Splus functions
4:25AM 1 TCL/TK package for Mac
12:41AM 0 Data Miner position
12:06AM 2 tcltk for windows
Sunday November 4 2001
1:55PM 1 merging columns
Saturday November 3 2001
6:59PM 1 Help with Windows build
11:59AM 1 ApEn
Friday November 2 2001
10:33PM 0 maps in R
6:17PM 0 Applying lm() to weighted cell.means
11:06AM 0 CD-ROM Request
10:27AM 1 Summary --- testing for existence of file.
9:28AM 0 Re: Cluster Analysis
4:27AM 3 Testing for the existence of a file.
2:05AM 1 png and jpeg libs for Solaris
Thursday November 1 2001
10:08PM 0 overly light printing HP 8000
9:53PM 0 Interrupted Time Series Analysis
9:39PM 3 Lost backslashes in parse()
7:12PM 0 Re: [Omega-help] RSPython_0.3.0 on FreeBSD 4.*:
3:47PM 1 textConnection
3:29PM 1 More of a stats question I suppose...
3:06PM 1 Stratified study.
9:55AM 1 Bug in identify() ?
2:43AM 2 image function
12:59AM 1 cor.test for a correlation matrix