R help - Oct 2001

Wednesday October 31 2001
11:46PM 0 Summary: t.test
9:36PM 3 maps in R (fwd)
9:10PM 0 Pearson type III distributions
8:52PM 3 t.test
7:30PM 2 Applicability of "Programming with Data" Text
7:22PM 0 Map data
6:06PM 2 seg fault with mclust
4:22PM 1 shared libraries on FreeBSD 4.*
3:33PM 0 isotonic regression
12:37PM 3 Quick question!
10:07AM 2 removing duplicated rows from a data.frame
12:47AM 3 Defining time series objects
Tuesday October 30 2001
8:06PM 1 memory
7:34PM 1 Obtaining the surrogate splits from rpart
5:21PM 2 Random samples from a multivariate normal distribution
2:18PM 2 For Loops
1:40PM 2 moving dimnames when reassigning
9:59AM 1 Matrix/Data.Frame questions
1:29AM 1 Calling FORTRAN code
1:29AM 2 extracting object names as strings
12:20AM 2 creating chron object aggregates (e.g. sums by day)
Monday October 29 2001
11:10PM 2 write a bunch of objects to files
7:30PM 2 times 'til first change
6:50PM 0 Course: R programming Techniques in Washington DC- November 28-29
1:36PM 1 From data.frame to Matrix
12:47PM 2 Large data sets in R
11:32AM 3 cluster
2:36AM 1 Help with 'get.hist.quote' on tseries
Sunday October 28 2001
12:58PM 0 Summary: A speed improvement challenge
11:03AM 2 extract element, row, etc from general array structure
Saturday October 27 2001
1:06PM 1 trouble with data.matrix
3:15AM 2 "unloading" data
Friday October 26 2001
9:07PM 3 question about anova() output
6:23PM 0 No subject
6:14PM 0 Matrix problem w/R-1.3.1 on Solaris7
6:14PM 1 Getting started with Time Series
11:25AM 1 Bug or new concept in formatC?
11:14AM 0 cut - suggestion
8:37AM 1 step function for glm()
3:39AM 2 glim and gls
2:26AM 2 LVQ
Thursday October 25 2001
8:54PM 0 Data packages in R V 1.3.1 in Win2K
5:01PM 0 A speed improvement challenge
4:12PM 2 How to save boot objects?
11:49AM 0 significance of glm complete model
7:45AM 0 X11() and XFree4.1.0 (and probably also MS truetype fonts)
Wednesday October 24 2001
11:34PM 1 help with library(tcltk)
8:42PM 1 mixed fonts
2:52PM 0 Re: Compiling R v 1.3.1 under Irix 6.5 on SGI Origin
9:30AM 1 How change the size of persp() axis labels?
3:04AM 9 easy graphic question
Tuesday October 23 2001
10:00PM 1 lowess C code
7:18PM 2 zeros in table() output in version 1.3.1
4:05PM 2 Parsing of HTML files in R
1:48PM 0 problems with postscript device
1:43PM 1 FTP-Access from R
1:39PM 1 No subject
12:35PM 1 loading packages
9:27AM 0 plot a dendogram
8:47AM 1 summary of aov fit on a contrast basis
5:29AM 1 Rows function in nlme package
Monday October 22 2001
4:45PM 3 Two questions
3:36PM 1 No subject
2:23PM 1 a french manual?
11:44AM 1 statistics for ragged arrays: loop to vector
10:17AM 2 OT: compare several graphs
Sunday October 21 2001
4:36PM 0 Rcmd SHLIB on Win ME
10:22AM 1 Request information on R-package
5:50AM 3 generating a gamma random variable
Saturday October 20 2001
8:20PM 1 Animating a persp plot: non-constant scaling?
2:39PM 1 New to R
Friday October 19 2001
5:06PM 0 Rcmd SHLIB: another problem
3:53PM 0 Adapting programs from S to R
1:12PM 1 C function that calls R function and is called by R
9:46AM 0 No subject
7:05AM 2 Cross-compilers versus windows compilers (was optimal win dows R machine)
Thursday October 18 2001
8:01PM 3 R script
7:29PM 2 Ultimate Linux Box (was RE: optimal windows R machine)
5:30PM 3 Rcmd SHLIB in rw1031 (R for Win)
4:44PM 1 object of class "dissimilarity"
4:30PM 0 Numerical precision of hist densities or cumsum?
3:46PM 0 uniform generator (default)
3:35PM 2 Parsing for list components
3:26PM 1 No subject
3:21PM 0 Error term in aov syntax question
2:24PM 1 vectors / matrices
12:57PM 0 Problem compiling R1.3.1 on an Alpha after upgrading the readline and ncurses libraries.
12:32PM 1 Fw: eval and as.symbol question
11:46AM 2 eval and as.symbol question
11:45AM 0 General Matrix Inverse
9:11AM 1 AW: General Matrix Inverse
8:36AM 1 Sgeostat module
8:32AM 2 dev.print() in R for windows
3:21AM 1 tapply problem
1:22AM 1 if/else at 1.3.1
Wednesday October 17 2001
6:53PM 2 Helps on "optimize"
4:07PM 0 Using R
2:53PM 3 New Beginner: Problems w/loading Matrix package
11:05AM 2 File reading.
11:01AM 1 read.packages: where is it?
10:49AM 1 stochastic course notes with R
10:31AM 0 Assignment of structures on a given environment]
4:16AM 3 Type III sums of squares.
Tuesday October 16 2001
7:33PM 4 two way ANOVA with unequal sample sizes
6:25PM 5 optimal windows R machine
6:13PM 0 No subject
2:02PM 4 Assignment of structures on a given environment
11:30AM 3 summary.glm objects
9:39AM 5 help me
12:37AM 0 No subject
12:37AM 0 No subject
Monday October 15 2001
6:53PM 1 gcc and Windows 2000
4:52PM 1 Distribution of range
3:39PM 0 No subject
1:46PM 0 date and chron library help...!
1:30PM 0 FW: Econometrics ...
12:33PM 0 predict.fda difficulties
8:44AM 1 An Introduction to R - LaTeX Code
8:31AM 0 R-package and configure
Sunday October 14 2001
5:44PM 1 recursive functions and global variables
Saturday October 13 2001
8:45PM 1 hist with relative frequency
8:12PM 0 Solution to hist/normal curve
7:50PM 0 corrupted .RData
5:32PM 2 hist and normal curve
Friday October 12 2001
5:33PM 0 Econometrics ...
3:41PM 1 RGui innards questions
3:22PM 2 adding text to persp
2:27PM 1 lib.fixup
2:20PM 1 More trouble with empty subsets
12:23PM 2 lr with positive coeffs
Thursday October 11 2001
9:38PM 1 unary "-" on logicals
8:48PM 3 Underscores and Fortran code
8:26PM 2 Where's MVA?
4:05PM 1 Harrell's library
4:05PM 2 R 1.3.1 on OS9.1?
1:25PM 1 Create objects
10:31AM 2 large dataframes to ascii
Wednesday October 10 2001
11:31PM 1 FW: basic indexing
6:43PM 2 How to comment out multiple lines in R source code?
2:31PM 1 Importing many files
12:16PM 1 R Memory Issues
11:53AM 1 What kind of test in summary(glm)?
9:13AM 4 Weird feature when creating function lists with apply
1:00AM 2 basic indexing
12:31AM 1 Spacing in the labels using xyplot()
Tuesday October 9 2001
10:20PM 1 PROC MIXED user trying to use (n)lme...
8:35PM 3 Unlisting while preserving object types?
5:50PM 1 sample() help
5:42PM 2 JPEG from graphs problem
5:02PM 0 Short R course In Los Angeles - November 2001
11:09AM 1 bug in paste?
8:35AM 2 list of functions flagged with debug() or trace()
2:56AM 3 find indices of nonzero elements
12:13AM 1 64 bit / v9 build on Sparc Solaris 8
Monday October 8 2001
11:17PM 1 Yet another batch mode question
10:58PM 0 Apologies
4:15PM 1 Package Install Problem under Win98
3:44PM 1 Trouble with 3-dots
2:25PM 1 .Fortran()
12:22PM 0 List of functions with debug() and trace()
10:58AM 3 testing diff for slopes and intercepts
Sunday October 7 2001
10:46PM 2 plot logist
4:36PM 1 Installing Packages
Saturday October 6 2001
5:45PM 0 calculating DNA mismatch distributions for large populations
5:21PM 1 tcltk
11:29AM 1 src/modules/Makefile.in: What is the (practical) difference betw. SUBDIRS and MODULES?
7:40AM 0 help memory size
Friday October 5 2001
9:57PM 1 modifying matrix allocation functions for use with R
8:16PM 2 Reading in data in a triangle
7:10PM 0 Installing R on Solaris
3:54PM 1 nls() fit to a lorentzian - can I specify partials?
2:09PM 4 non-interactive R usage...
1:47PM 0 Grow up and use ESS already (was RE: about the char _)
9:45AM 3 3dim histogram?
9:28AM 0 Re: R-help Digest V2 #541
Thursday October 4 2001
11:23PM 2 about the char _
8:13PM 0 Open-source DS tools
7:34PM 0 mutual information implementation
6:53PM 1 Problems merging with POSIXct objects and all = TRUE
6:39PM 0 Locale problems with strptime to convert dates
6:35PM 3 printing out tables to a file using cat...
3:38PM 3 Ordered factors and DBMS
12:51PM 1 sort data.frame and contour()
10:58AM 1 Strange behavior with saved character vectors containing a slash
10:18AM 1 tcl/tk & Windows2000?
1:13AM 0 Summary on random data with zero skew and some kurtosis
Wednesday October 3 2001
7:21PM 1 R != S-Plus
3:35PM 8 Several R vs S-Plus issues
11:25AM 3 Exporting the output -windows
10:26AM 1 package GeneSOM ?
1:42AM 0 Summary : Generate random data from dist. with 0 skewness and some kurtosis
Tuesday October 2 2001
10:23PM 1 Installing R-1.3.1 again
8:32PM 0 Course: R Programming in Boston - November 2001.
8:20PM 1 RE: problem with while loop with next
7:59PM 0 default library locations under Linux
6:54PM 1 problem with while loop with next (was RE: file connection, w hile, readLines and browser)
3:08PM 3 Accessing just the value of an object but not the attributes
2:51PM 0 Problems about packages
2:30PM 0 An example (was RE: file connection, while, readLines and bro wser)
1:28PM 0 file connection, while, readLines and browser
12:44PM 1 connections: remember to close it!
12:21PM 2 Avoiding deep copies
10:43AM 2 R and Java
9:23AM 4 plot of Bernoulli data
6:34AM 1 Graceful exit from fortran. (fwd)
Monday October 1 2001
10:04PM 0 linear mixed-effects model
9:26PM 1 No subject
9:19PM 0 Installing R-1.3.1 on Solaris 2.7
6:51PM 0 Summary on graceful exit from fortran.
5:19PM 0 question
4:41PM 1 generic default values
2:22PM 3 save plot graph
1:25PM 1 Graceful exit from fortran.
8:59AM 0 acepack
8:35AM 0 Missing file
5:44AM 1 Grouped Regression
2:06AM 3 can I add to a plot and auto-re-scale axes?
1:22AM 1 dataframe manipulation