asterisk users - Oct 2007

Wednesday October 31 2007
11:54PM 0 iax: they hear me, but I don't hear them...iptables?
11:35PM 5 Druid
11:11PM 4 AEL2 and Callbacks
8:07PM 0 h323 help
7:51PM 0 Problem with flash hook
7:32PM 0 Asterisk configuration for T1 CAS lines
7:01PM 0 Long duration calls with Asterisk out to VoIP telco
6:50PM 1 Mark Spencer on Pulver TV
5:11PM 1 queues without 302 redirects?
4:47PM 2 Mobile phone codecs ...
2:48PM 2 Asterisk 1.4.13 -- issue with parked calls
2:17PM 1 Best cheap card to use for home Asterisk system???
12:54PM 2 Astribank + AsteriskNOW
9:52AM 2 flooded by "Maximum trunk data space exceeded" messages
6:43AM 1 G.729 required for IP<--->TDM<--->IP
6:16AM 1 segfault - asterisk crash and restart
6:06AM 4 PRI commands missing...
6:01AM 0 Jamshed Zaidi wants to chat
1:34AM 4 PRI over T1 calls dropping, cause 100
Tuesday October 30 2007
11:22PM 3 Correct voltages but no dial tone on TDM2400P
11:19PM 6 MySQL() timeout
4:27PM 1 G.729 transcoder beetween asterisk to avaya
3:53PM 2 zoiper iax registation: "facility rejected"
3:10PM 0 iax register gets "facility rejected"
2:17PM 1 chan_mobile
1:48PM 0 VoIP <-> PSTN Recommendations.
1:40PM 1 Size of Exten when using IAX
1:39PM 0 Chanspy or Extenspy
12:18PM 0 Bad Request
11:49AM 3 Digium Vs sangoma Hradware
11:41AM 0 Asterisk MAX handle SIP device
10:23AM 1 ZT_SPANCONFIG failed on span 1: Invalid argument (22)
7:11AM 0 SIP IP Authentication - Socket or Via?
1:26AM 0 Using Asterisk in SIP trunking mode with a Coppercom switch
12:58AM 3 Asterisk 1.4 from RPM
Monday October 29 2007
9:35PM 8 Mystery phone!
8:27PM 0 IAX2 weirdness and rejected calls: Invalid BYTE
6:41PM 5 Stuck Voicemails?
6:28PM 1 MFC/R2 on AsteriskNOw
5:42PM 6 (no subject)
5:29PM 5 A Leg Control on Asterisk Callback
4:41PM 0 SPA-841 vs Grandstream GXP-2000
4:08PM 2 Fetch call
3:44PM 1 Asterisk: No Longer Answering Calls
2:27PM 2 XML file for spa devices
1:59PM 0 [Dialplan] Actions
1:15PM 1 DUNDI setup help
10:24AM 1 Realtime & context
10:23AM 5 issues with
9:19AM 2 Registration of Snom 320phonewithAsterisk 1.4.13
8:22AM 1 Registration of Snom 320 phonewithAsterisk 1.4.13
7:44AM 2 SIP multi Bindport
7:17AM 1 Registration of Snom 320 phone withAsterisk 1.4.13
6:37AM 1 Users location --help required
3:28AM 1 SER / Asterisk and mediapath
Sunday October 28 2007
9:41PM 0 Grandstream 2000 Parking
9:22PM 1 Meet Me sound file
7:17PM 0 OT: Managing wireless SIP phone congestion on AP
4:19AM 2 Read back of caller ID
2:03AM 1 Registration of Snom 320 phone with Asterisk 1.4.13
Saturday October 27 2007
11:29PM 2 Uniden UIP200 phones
10:12PM 0 Polycom Provisioning Tool Update
9:57PM 1 Display name when dialing on Polycom
9:02PM 0 How to combine a Fritz ISDN card with analogue handsets
5:49PM 2 Little OT: Compilation of EICON driver fails with capi errors
4:23PM 0 EM.One
3:15PM 1 Unlocking Cisco 7921
2:38PM 0 Call center manager for Asterisk (Release 0.5)
1:37PM 1 Chanspy or Extenspy.
1:27PM 1 Nokia E65 SIP/2.0 407 Proxy Authentication Required Problem
10:25AM 1 asterisk canreinvite=yes
7:00AM 0 Polycom phones and corporate phone directory
Friday October 26 2007
10:23PM 1 Realtime Mysql error
9:40PM 2 FXO ATA Options?
9:08PM 1 Treating T1 as trunk in/out, not individual lines
8:40PM 4 Need T1 crossover cable?
8:35PM 3 Need to run ztcfg manually?
8:00PM 1 Can't get sangoma A102D setup on asterisk
6:12PM 1 SIP response time in Asterisk
5:12PM 2 Initial review of American Telecom X10001P DECT/SIP phone
4:53PM 2 Checking Multiple VM?
4:31PM 1 Using CISCO 7911G on asterisk
3:46PM 1 Voicemail Options
3:35PM 1 Asterisk 1.4: encryption support
3:16PM 1 Red5
2:07PM 1 Nortel C15K <-> Asterisk
1:55PM 10 Everyone is busy/congested: IP Trunk
1:52PM 1 ABE, Sangoma, T-1 no recognizing calls
1:30PM 0 Queue() problems
12:51PM 1 Still more auth problems
12:25PM 3 Start call from asterisk
9:40AM 1 Does Anyone Have a StanaPhone Number here?
5:46AM 2 Asterisk Recording Interface (ARI) integration with Asterisk 1.4
4:54AM 0 Regarding ast-ax-snmpd
Thursday October 25 2007
11:59PM 3 Realtime on Asterisk 1.2.24
11:08PM 1 In my messages log..
8:17PM 2 Kirk IP600/3 Wireless Server SIP config
7:25PM 2 Grandstream GXV-3000
6:46PM 2 GUI for Asterisk 1.2 Source
6:27PM 0 Coming-off-hold delay/silence on Sipura 841 and Asterisk
5:29PM 0 Features.conf and passing DTMF to the other end
5:04PM 3 Getting SIP Response Code from HANGUPCAUSE
5:02PM 2 Unable to dial out over Zap - span 1 got hangup, cause 44
4:46PM 2 What to use instead of LookupCIDName?
4:10PM 2 T.38 Faxing and Asterisk
4:01PM 0 How install!!
3:43PM 0 [Fwd: [asterisk-dev] Realtime Queues]
2:35PM 0 Mantis 10659 - Make it configurable?
1:51PM 0 Transfer and 407's
1:46PM 2 Advanced Dial Plan
1:45PM 1 CISCO 7921G with asterisk
12:40PM 2 Large voicemail
12:36PM 1 sip reload causes unreachable
9:16AM 1 PRI span configuration - span remains down
8:22AM 1 Cisco 79xx logon/logoff
6:10AM 0 snmp commands not working with the Asterisk MIB ( Asterisk 1.4)
3:53AM 3 Dedicated Codec Conversion Server
3:09AM 1 Polycom Provisioning Tool
1:53AM 0 Gentilini, Paul is out of the office.
12:31AM 0 RTP multicast support
Wednesday October 24 2007
10:29PM 4 How to get TCP access to CDR Master.csv
8:37PM 4 TE210P issues
7:48PM 2 reload manager.conf
7:38PM 1
6:35PM 2 [Fwd: Internal LAN echo problem]
6:20PM 1 AMI ActionID.... Doesn't work
5:01PM 4 AstManProxy Host Prefix?
3:50PM 1 Backport Func_ODBC question
3:48PM 0 Two DTMF tones on keypress with Handsfree cell
3:38PM 1 Asterisk Shutting Down
3:34PM 0 Question about outgoing callerid
3:23PM 2 Remote provisioning for ATA's
3:01PM 0 HD Voice
2:15PM 2 How to tune Asterisk AMD - Answering Machine Detection "hacks"
2:08PM 1 whisper chanspy in asterisk 1.2
2:05PM 1 Unusual DTMF behavior
2:03PM 5 OSLEC and zaptel-
1:34PM 0 Internal LAN echo problem
11:29AM 2 Asterisk integration with IBM Sametime
10:59AM 2 Help with loop counting?
8:55AM 0 openser admin training session at VoN Fall Boston
8:17AM 2 asterisk and Skype - your experiences please
7:19AM 1 Grandstream GXP-2000's and Asterisk.
2:23AM 7 Compatibility Issues with dell poweredge 1950 and TE110P card
1:13AM 1 Periodic Announce issue
1:04AM 0 Asterisk under VMWare; Great Topic
12:18AM 1 Cisco Phones
12:13AM 0 CCM with asterisk 1.0.X
Tuesday October 23 2007
8:52PM 3 Polycom Phone and bitmaps
8:12PM 2 register => to let Asterisk register to another softswitch via SIP
7:46PM 2 Is GoVarion a fraud ???
5:51PM 5 Asterisk under VMWare
4:39PM 2 text management
3:26PM 2 Asterisk sends packets on 8004/udp
2:18PM 1 White noise from TDM2400
2:13PM 2 Data calls through TDM2400E
2:08PM 0 Asterisk <-> Noetel C15K ?
11:48AM 1 Short format of SIP INVITE - how to change
11:09AM 6 opensr Vs freeswitch SIP proxy server
9:56AM 3 G.729 codec between avaya and asterisk
9:26AM 0 Internal Data Stream Error
6:22AM 0 CFP for HITBSecConf2008 - Dubai now open
12:54AM 2 Force codec order
Monday October 22 2007
11:35PM 2 NAT traversal packet loss measurement
11:15PM 2 Voicemail playback on iPhone
10:11PM 0 bristuff: music on hold but no dialoptions tT defined.
8:57PM 1 dial-out call queue
7:19PM 1 [France CID] Does Zaptel support ETSI FSK?
6:31PM 0 Polycom 601 + Headset
6:24PM 3 Authenticate by IP?
6:09PM 1 Split asterisk in two ?? One TDM and One IP only??
1:39PM 1 Making Asterisk a "Voice Router"
1:13PM 2 Video Conference
12:49PM 2 Snom 360 lights not working on subscription
12:40PM 2 Call Hold
9:35AM 1 Astmanproxy issues
7:53AM 1 Issue Nortel CS2K/ISN08 to Asterisk Trixbox
7:47AM 1 16 ports wanted
6:43AM 1 app_swift issues
Sunday October 21 2007
8:55PM 0 Hanging up all call on a device via CLI/AMI/AGI
6:24PM 2 cmd mysql
3:41PM 2 Asterisk Initial Set-up - 'Registration Refused' at FWD
3:22PM 2 Prompting for number when CID number not sent?
2:27PM 3 WARNING: chan_zap.c process_zap: Ignoring signalling
1:24PM 0 Questions about Plycom phones and Asterisk
9:20AM 1 Sometimes echoes & Asterisk sometimes connects too early
7:20AM 1 Asterisk H323 Config
4:37AM 0 Fwd: Firmware upgrade issue - DSP not yet loaded
Saturday October 20 2007
4:29PM 1 asterisk.conf and it's impact on CLI
10:59AM 1 Asterisk and Cisco
8:25AM 2 SIP Peer with Mulit Host
Friday October 19 2007
11:53PM 3 Extensions.conf for basic IVR?
11:26PM 1 Can I emulate SIP presence for an extension?
8:44PM 4 Hide passwords in SIP.conf
8:38PM 1 SIP to H323 translator
8:28PM 1 Using register => to let Asterisk register to another softswitch via SIP
8:09PM 1 FollowMe recorded name filename variable?
7:34PM 1 Good, affordable IAX hardphones?
5:06PM 0 chan_mobile and Asterisk 1.2 ?
4:04PM 2 IMAP usage with Asterisk
3:24PM 1 [asterisk-biz] DIDX Receives Digium Innovation Award
2:22PM 3 ResponseTimeOut()
2:21PM 2 Best USB Handset and Softphone Combination
12:38PM 1 Glare on Incoming Calls
12:29PM 0 IP Trunk, but need to register on the destination as gatekeeper client
10:23AM 2 Howto get origin IP address from SIP call reliably
8:12AM 7 Receptionists Phone suggestions? (Not Snom370)
7:14AM 2 Live Conference about asterisk and voip: reminder 12:30 PM EDT Friday
6:28AM 3 Asterisk and wall displays/reader boards
6:19AM 2 Poll: Asterisk IMAP feedback (was: Is anyone successfully using IMAP storage)
5:38AM 2 First Time T1 Questions
1:40AM 2 Free help
12:41AM 1 64 bit asterisk
Thursday October 18 2007
11:52PM 1 polycom ip330/ip501 second ethernet port
11:21PM 0 Zaptel 1.2.21 and 1.4.6 released
9:16PM 1 Ring Groups
5:35PM 0 Multi-site / Multi-server coordination
5:29PM 1 Incoming calls
3:40PM 8 centos 5 vs OpenSuse 10.3
2:34PM 4 Issues with making calls
1:53PM 0 receiving fax over sip extension.
1:38PM 1 Limit number of times a call can be forwarded
1:36PM 1 IAX2: Calls answered before extension is tested?
1:08PM 1 Mandriva 2008
1:02PM 3 Automating blacklists
12:04PM 2 BBC on Atserix
11:21AM 1 Blocking collect calls in Brazil
10:53AM 2 A linksys SPA921 behind NAT and firewall
10:27AM 2 phone as control interface(was99bottlesofbeer)
10:05AM 2 Softphone that emulates Skype API ?
9:38AM 4 Is anyone successfully using IMAP storage
9:04AM 0 Relaying calls to another SIP extension
7:25AM 1 CLI not showing DTMF
1:47AM 1 Crash related to "asterisk -rx" ?
Wednesday October 17 2007
11:16PM 1 [asterisk-biz] T.38
10:43PM 1 Asterisk on USB Flash?
10:09PM 1 Anyone having any luck with Bluetooth?
9:37PM 4 Issues with Zaptel
9:26PM 0 Asterisk Appliance Logs?
9:21PM 2 sorta OT: Bounty for Click to Call plugin for IE
9:02PM 1 Portscans and Asterisk
8:47PM 5 Refrigerator Alarms
7:57PM 6 parse error in GosubIf
7:23PM 2 Preflight check / lint
7:13PM 0 Send only Redirect or FWD calls out on specific channel
6:08PM 3 My spa has a mind of its own
6:06PM 1 Looking for free DID with IAX
5:01PM 2 Cisco phones with Asterisk
4:09PM 3 Asterisk using 200% CPU and then crashing...
3:24PM 0 FW: DID to hunt group?
3:18PM 3 Play sound on hangup
2:53PM 3 asterisk incomming call huntgrroup
1:42PM 2 ABE 1.4 release date
1:18PM 2 Help Needed - Error when playing wav files in 1.4.11
12:02PM 0 Miruna Asterisk System Released
11:46AM 0 Is AsteriskNow and AsteriskGUI download and instalation free?
10:54AM 0 Best sotphne to se ith a BlueTooth Hadset, a PC and a USB dongle
9:41AM 0 Defining global variables in * conf files
5:00AM 2 asterisk hylafax iaxmodem
3:02AM 2 DID to hunt group?
2:13AM 1 segfault
12:22AM 1 Is AsteriskNow and AsteriskGUI download and installation free?
12:02AM 0 Basic connection to Nortel C10k?
12:02AM 0 AST-2007-023: SQL Injection vulnerability in cdr_addon_mysql
Tuesday October 16 2007
11:55PM 0 AST-2007-023 - SQL Injection Vulnerability in cdr_addon_mysql
11:49PM 0 Asterisk-addons 1.2.8 and 1.4.4 released
10:44PM 1 voicemail.conf numerical extensions only?
9:13PM 0 asterisk-users Digest, Vol 39, Issue 55
9:11PM 0 Libpri 1.2.6 and 1.4.2 released
8:30PM 1 Background not listening?
7:27PM 0 Asterisk 1.4.13 & Unicall
6:30PM 1 CALEA enforcement guidelines according to Comcast
6:17PM 7 E4 Superframe E&M?
5:26PM 0 Remote SIP extensions with no dial tone
4:30PM 0 add prefix to extensions called from zap channels
3:22PM 1 Clean Hangup() ?
12:28PM 0 Question about the Trixbox and GSM optimization
12:24PM 1 Echoes & Asterisk connects too early
11:58AM 1 Voicemail gain option NOT working in 1.4.11?
10:37AM 3 Call engaged
10:37AM 1 Cisco config 7940 via telnet
6:24AM 1 Loud pop at the end of messages causing level problems
3:55AM 2 Control space of each voicemail box
Monday October 15 2007
9:43PM 0 DUNDI
9:28PM 2 Stupid Question #1 - Testing the "s" exten from a SIP Phone
5:38PM 3 asterisk at non-root / zaptel
5:28PM 11 What web GUI are people happy with?
5:22PM 1 Answering Machine Detection
5:17PM 0 Announce: Blindside Project
4:42PM 2 PSTN failover
3:52PM 2 Voicemail issues in 1.4.11
2:41PM 0 Trade T1/PRI Card for 4 Port FXO Card
2:27PM 0 Problems with voice lag/delay
1:26PM 0 Proxy Authentication on Colinux
12:20PM 0 Cannot create socket error
12:11PM 0 [asterisk-dev] About Ringing Time out
10:48AM 1 Eicon Diva and incoming Fax
9:24AM 1 feature.conf
8:26AM 2 About .call files when the congestion is on my side
5:10AM 1 channel.c switches to gsm even when sip.conf only allows ulaw
2:35AM 0 MFC/R2 protocol varient - sri lanka/Nortel DMS 100
12:56AM 2 Skills Based Routing
Sunday October 14 2007
10:35PM 4 ResponseTimeOut() and t extension
9:46PM 5 AA50 Paging
8:00PM 3 CDR
5:55PM 1 difference between FXO interfaces !
12:02PM 1 Problem: features (from features.conf) not available if call was originated by manager API or call file
6:58AM 3 Hardware requirements
Saturday October 13 2007
9:17PM 2 AGI with System() ?
4:41PM 3 'Start' in extension rules
1:01PM 2 file.c: File digits/ett does not exist in any format
10:22AM 2 Strange behaviour afetr update from 1.2 to 1.4
8:30AM 0 Set up two PSTN calls and then join them
Friday October 12 2007
7:43PM 2 Hiding extensions from app_directory
7:36PM 2 Dock-N-Talk with Asterisk, Anyone?
7:30PM 2 Combining Flags in Dial()
7:00PM 1 Remote voicemail in two Asterisk
5:49PM 1 Codec by Network?
5:42PM 5 Affordable SIP Trunk for Home PBX ?
5:11PM 1 How to simulate TELCO using a TE210P?
4:23PM 0 ( Service Provider
4:12PM 1 Display channels and codecs
3:34PM 4 Other apps checking Day/Night
2:32PM 1 Asterisk-gui
2:19PM 0 Asterisk System Setup Question - 2nd Try
2:05PM 2 Asterisk System Setup Question
2:00PM 0 Searching archives for Colinux
1:55PM 2 [1.4] lookup_user : specified user 'asterisk' unknown? installing zaptel?
10:35AM 1 question about PSTN pickup
10:32AM 1 Asterisk 1.4.13 build crashed
9:30AM 0 VOIP Users Conference Friday Oct 12 @ 12:30 PM EDT
9:28AM 4 How to use an Application from inside an Application?
6:39AM 1 How to loging Agent in asterisk 1.4.13 ?
5:40AM 1 HOw to call queue ???
2:38AM 2 German SIP and/or IAX providers?
2:02AM 0 MINNESOTA: TwinCities Asterisk Users Group Meeting - October 13th 2007 11:30AM
Thursday October 11 2007
5:46PM 9 Mask Initial Processing with Ring Back Tone
5:36PM 2 Is there real benefits on a SMP machine for Asterisk?
5:24PM 0 Alert_INFO x2 => 400 Bad Request
3:59PM 1 Maximum manager connections
3:46PM 1 Calls dropping...
2:40PM 2 Exposing sound files through http for links
2:34PM 2 Difference between trunk and released versions
1:07PM 1 OpenVox A400P01 not detected
12:11PM 0 Congested/busy
12:05PM 2 GTALK problem
10:08AM 4 Buying Polycom
8:18AM 0 Understanding RTCP in Asterisk
8:14AM 1 Is there a way to turn off SIP METHOD OPTIONS in asterisk ?
8:11AM 1 Polycom IP Phones and Asterisk
6:30AM 0 Problem in placing Call with Asterisk (Got SIP response 500 "Internal Server Error")
3:56AM 1 Opinion on hardware (computer) for an Asterisk Server!
3:25AM 2 Paging possible on an ATA?
12:34AM 0 shared system - how to monitor channels
12:00AM 3 Distributed FAX - How to best complement asterisk ?
Wednesday October 10 2007
9:38PM 4 Meetme conference room duplex issue
9:01PM 0 Bug #0010567, any news?
8:56PM 0 RTP Packets not received from Asterisk
5:54PM 11 Opinions on Release Numbering
4:35PM 0 AST-2007-022: Buffer overflows in voicemail when using IMAP storage
4:33PM 0 Asterisk 1.4.13 Released
4:02PM 1 How to order audio codecs...
3:48PM 5 Call recording on demand...
3:01PM 0 IAX2 Trunking behind firewall with no inbound rules
2:06PM 3 G729a codecs + Asterisk 1.4.11
12:31PM 0 transferring callerid ?
12:13PM 0 maximum retries exceeded on transmission Warnings
8:10AM 1 Why Asterisk doesn't accept sip302 redirect?
5:45AM 3 Wifi - Managed access points...
4:04AM 4 Manager API ! (System) command
4:01AM 0 linksys spa3102 for faxing
3:36AM 0 asterisk 1.4.11 function queue
Tuesday October 9 2007
10:14PM 2 Asterisk Realtime woes
9:02PM 0 Help With Error
8:16PM 0 Thomson ST2030 firmware upgrade
8:14PM 2 When does the future arrive?
7:23PM 4 "Click to Talk" Web Applications with Asterisk
7:16PM 2 Paging in Asterisk
6:50PM 3 Asterisk behind Multi-NAT question
4:05PM 1 Error: 603 declined
3:39PM 2 T-Mobile and WiFi Voip
2:43PM 0 Odd router behavior when using 'w' in SendDTMF
2:24PM 1 Registering Multiple SIP Accounts on One Server to Another Server
2:18PM 2 advice on sip
12:42PM 0 "Atomic" extensions reload
11:02AM 3 which pci has the dell / hp
6:29AM 0 smartphone linked servers
4:39AM 1 Echo Problems with IAXy
Monday October 8 2007
11:42PM 3 get egress SIP call Id
10:54PM 8 How are you using Asterisk at Home ?
10:28PM 2 Dell PowerEdge 860, Sangoma A108
10:04PM 1 Sine Dialer, GNU dialer, VICIDial and others slightly OT?
8:51PM 1 anyone using SIP trunks from Time Warner Telecom?
8:40PM 2 inbound call voip providers
5:28PM 0 SNMP For asterisk
5:09PM 1 Outside queue members not ringing.
3:52PM 2 Ultrastmonkey? Ultramonkeyast? Astrimonkey? High Availability and Asterisk
12:44PM 3 Weatherproof Hard Phone
11:27AM 1 $70 USD bounty for simple Junghanns ISDNguard shell script
11:26AM 1 Is Digium officially supporting fax services ?
9:53AM 3 asterisk1.2
9:07AM 2 Voice server
8:13AM 1 Injecting a sound file into a bridged call
7:28AM 1 asterisk1.2.24
3:37AM 0 Good Documentation...
1:26AM 2 G729 and G723 and how to install it
12:38AM 2 asterisk hangs on STRPTIME
Sunday October 7 2007
8:45PM 0 Problems with 1.4.12.(1)
7:05PM 0 Getting DTMF digits
6:18PM 0 Fwd: Asterisk doesn't answer to incoming call from pstn.
4:16PM 6 Curiosity Max Calls
1:31PM 1 New Embedded Distro
10:06AM 5 Good Book to learn SIP
6:25AM 6 Dell, HP, Digium, homebrew - what do you use
Saturday October 6 2007
9:05PM 4 Help 60Hz Hum?
8:53PM 1 net5501 + TDM400P?
6:00PM 1 DUNDi, regcontext, softphones.. fail.
4:15PM 1 Disallow context from access another context because of include
2:53PM 0 transfer to parking call transfer
5:27AM 2 Change verbose level
Friday October 5 2007
10:14PM 1 Malformed/Missing URL error from cisco call manager
9:10PM 1 Oddball time problem in CID
7:20PM 1 Forwarding no preply to another Asterisk
6:49PM 6 Replace full PRI with SIP/IAX trunks...YES/NO?
6:06PM 0 asterisk-users Digest, Vol 39, Issue 12
4:23PM 2 Asterisk Appliance
4:15PM 0 DUNDi, regcontext, softphones.. fail. :(
3:40PM 0 (FYI) 1-day reminder for 3ComR VCX IP: The future of communications ? taking businesses where they need to go.
2:57PM 2 Recommendations for kernel config
2:02PM 1 [asterisk-dev] oh323.conf, extentions.conf
11:58AM 2 ping too
11:47AM 0 Project independent VoIP mailing lists?
10:28AM 0 Asterisk translator issue?
10:21AM 2 Intel S5000PAL server board with Digium cards?
9:28AM 1 Which LDAP OID for iphones
8:17AM 0 Spandsp Fax sent successfully but Asterisk don't terminate the call
4:26AM 2 Asterisk status in Debian
Thursday October 4 2007
9:47PM 1 Strange Call problems on some numbers
9:15PM 3 #modprobe wctdm or #modprobe zaptel
8:10PM 5 Setting caller id value on outgoing calls using .call files
5:23PM 0 Fwd: [asterisk-dev] chan_h323 and chan_oh323 compatibilities
4:59PM 1 Asterisk Caller ID Info
4:50PM 0 need suggestion
4:14PM 1 Dial-Chain interrupted by Operator "Called Party not reachable" Messages
4:10PM 2 Voicemail/dtmf not working?
3:01PM 1 Question FXO Port
1:43PM 0 Line State
1:08PM 1 About Megaco
9:13AM 1 Multi tenant
8:12AM 0 Friday VOIP Users Conference 12:30 PM EDT
4:18AM 1 Infuriating problems: no dial tone, dropped calls, no voice: 1.2.13 and 1.4.11
2:21AM 2 tdm fxo module always busy
12:12AM 4 Using PHP to reload extensions
Wednesday October 3 2007
10:51PM 2 Where to download Junghanns ISDNguard software?
8:43PM 1 Extension length
7:21PM 4 IAXy and hook flash transfer
6:25PM 3 Executing commands even if user hangs up.
5:48PM 2 How to get asterisk to take a dump?
5:03PM 2 No audio on Zap (T1/PRI) channels
4:09PM 1 Parking lot problems
4:01PM 6 Best config for 12 FXO system?
2:55PM 1 Asterisk Keep Loosing Registration
2:54PM 0 [asterisk-bugs] Constant LAGGGED extensions
2:42PM 1 Configuration files inside SQLite3
12:41PM 1 Resolving digit strings using pound/hash.
12:16PM 1 Compiling new version libpri
12:04PM 1 Asterisk doesn't answer to incoming call
11:09AM 0 app_read prematurely bridges channels
9:18AM 4 Secondary Dialtone and selecting a specific line from Zap/g
7:10AM 0 multiple iax users on the same host
5:32AM 2 extensions.conf vs. AEL
4:07AM 1 Asterisk like big Voicemail system
12:58AM 0 Problem making chanskype work in Asterisk 1.4.11 in Fedora 7
Tuesday October 2 2007
9:12PM 1 Asterisk 1.4.12 and Asterisk-addons 1.4.3 released
8:38PM 2 Having problems posting to the list
7:43PM 1 Rhino RCB8FXX
5:10PM 0 Segmentation fault in app_voicemail (ODBC/PSQL problem)
4:47PM 3 Zaptel slow dial out - TDM400P
4:30PM 4 Queue members, URI.
3:58PM 0 Supervised call transfer problem
3:34PM 0 issues with rtsavesysname
3:02PM 1 E&M Wink and T4xxP losing ability to dial
2:27PM 2 Hey
12:48PM 0 Selecting a specific line from Zap/g And secondary dial tone
12:46PM 2 Announcement file is unavailable?????
8:06AM 1 zaptel upgrade trouble (1.2.10 ->
12:23AM 5 PRI Setup problem
Monday October 1 2007
11:50PM 1 SIP trought Firewall
9:20PM 0 Asterisk+Sipura 3102+PSTN line
8:49PM 0 Tor3e on x86_64
6:08PM 3 How To Transfer Asterisk Installation to a Different Machine
5:52PM 1 ODBC version for cdr?
3:29PM 0 423 "Interval Too Brief" back from
3:29PM 0 Park problem on IAX2 channel
2:42PM 1 Unauthorized 401
1:34PM 0 Strange problem with latest Asterisk
1:27PM 2 Asterisk Voicemail
12:29PM 0 ODBC version
12:12PM 1 Odd one way RTP on SIP to SIP calls
7:10AM 0 IAX client for windows ce pda
3:00AM 1 mISDN NPI setting with b410p
2:05AM 0 Astcc does'nt count all calls