Xen users - May 2010

Monday May 31 2010
11:51PM 15 Can''t connect to Xend
10:03PM 0 Xen and nfs - panic
9:53PM 0 XCP: Xen Cloud Platform hangs after install on nash errors
8:42PM 14 Running Xen 4.0.0-rc8 with Linux paravirt_ops dom0
6:00PM 9 VT-x not found..
5:51PM 1 Provisioning Xen
5:50PM 0 XCP problem installing on usb-storage device
3:56PM 1 Xen 4.0 native UEFI support
3:15PM 1 Can''t boot after upgrading Xen
2:54PM 1 compilation problem
10:37AM 0 Kernel panic is occured when multi VMs is booting togeter
7:40AM 1 [OT] debian, xen and cluster.
7:16AM 3 [Xen-research] Thank you for your support.
5:43AM 0 AW: Re: Which to deploy
2:46AM 1 dom0 Kernel panic after enable CONFIG_X86_BIGSMP and change CONFIG_NR_CPUS=16 on 2.6.32 or 2.6.33
Sunday May 30 2010
10:45PM 2 New to Xen
5:56PM 1 890FX AMD-Vi (IOMMU)
12:10PM 3 Which to deploy
11:01AM 11 Xen Can''t See all my ram see only 14Giga
Saturday May 29 2010
6:59PM 0 Xen network performance issue
5:00PM 2 Update gplpv on wiki
4:11PM 0 Xen Development Projects wiki page created, interested in being a Xen developer?
3:48PM 0 trouble with xennet gplpv in win7x64 xen(xvm)3.4
11:50AM 0 [HVM] No bootable device.
Friday May 28 2010
6:12PM 4 a demo website to learn xen on wiki (an idea that can be tried)
4:50PM 4 Anyone able to NFS boot on xen 4.x ?
3:48PM 0 Python Error During Xen Start (Xend)
11:45AM 1 Someone have blktap working on Lenny?
10:13AM 0 Blue Pill
9:55AM 1 Multi-partition domain not recognizing extra partitions
9:41AM 13 Error: Device 0 (vif) could notbeconnected. Hotplugscripts not working
8:02AM 0 xen 4.0.0 dom0 console video unreadable / scrambled
8:01AM 3 making a raid 0 on a domU
7:08AM 0 [ANNOUNCE] Xen 3.4.3 released
6:38AM 0 issues with windows network speed
2:29AM 6 Can we know how many physical cores or ht cores run on the guestos
12:20AM 2 XCP Install repository Error
Thursday May 27 2010
6:37PM 1 MSI-X errors with 8G QLogic Fibre Channel HBA in Windows 2008 domU using Xen 4.0.0
4:06PM 32 pfSense HVM
3:33PM 0 XCP and H200 RAID Controller
3:25PM 2 problem with "xm shutdown"
1:48PM 5 Virtual machine not found by network
1:26PM 0 maxmem problems
9:17AM 10 Is there something missing for my NIC passthough?
9:02AM 11 unistalling gplpv from win7x64 gives BSOD
5:19AM 1 crash e100 amd64 >=4GB RAM
1:24AM 33 Xen 4.0 - Support for Citrix WHQL-certified Windows PV drivers
12:30AM 1 Xen 4.0 - hvm guest - new features
Wednesday May 26 2010
9:23PM 0 lvm uuid
7:47PM 0 NetBSD dom0 / LVM backed
7:21PM 1 xsconsole won''t run due to Python error
3:27PM 1 Restarting host server
3:26PM 0 [XCP] App for iPhone
3:01PM 0 AW: OpenSUSE/SLES xen kernel sources
2:27PM 4 Installig PV guest (Ubuntu karmic) on top of ubuntu dom0 (Ubuntu Karmic)
2:05PM 1 pci nic in domu: network down after reboot
2:00PM 1 OpenSUSE/SLES xen kernel sources
12:31PM 19 /etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge: line 118: sigerr: command not found
3:42AM 1 status 0xc0000225 started installation windows 2008
Tuesday May 25 2010
11:17PM 0 Loss of hypervisor control - xm, xentop - xenstored crashed
5:22PM 0 Loss of hypervisor control - xm, xentop
2:34PM 0 Examining a dump from /opt/xensource/libexec/dumpcore
9:08AM 14 GPLPV on Win2008 R2 64 bit - BSOD
6:43AM 0 Re: Attempt to set up Libvirt 0.7.7 & Xen 4.0 Dom0 ( on top of F13 RC2
6:43AM 5 Disk erros on one xen domain
Monday May 24 2010
6:25PM 7 Random dom0 lock up
6:23PM 13 XCP Xen Cloud Control System ver 0.3 released!
4:35PM 1 How could I use Xen to do thing in 2 or more operating systems at once?
4:20PM 11 Really slow disk write on Ubuntu
12:01PM 10 Xen dom0 on debian, what is the most recent but stable solution?
10:20AM 8 Network problem after updates
9:49AM 1 Win2k8 64bit PV drivers / production state?
8:50AM 10 adios to XEN
8:16AM 11 XCP: how to use console?
7:15AM 0 Xen: DomU Core Dump
3:21AM 1 [Xen-API] what''s place the vm template are stored on the xenserver or xcp
2:22AM 2 CentOS pv boot problems
Sunday May 23 2010
11:34PM 4 xen4.0 debian vlan config
11:17PM 1 xen build problem
8:00PM 0 Can''t get a CentOS pv working on NetBSD dom0
6:30PM 4 Test - how many XEN VPS can run on my server
Saturday May 22 2010
5:14PM 1 Problem starting gdm display [logs attached]
2:31PM 5 Advice on storage configuration
1:51PM 2 XEN boot messages not visible on console
12:30PM 2 pvops kernel hangs during boot.
11:57AM 1 xend starting, or not starting?
4:45AM 0 xend.log when pygrub failed to boot
1:52AM 1 xorg XKB problem on pvops (xen/stable)
Friday May 21 2010
10:06PM 0 Boot Messages When Xend starts
9:57PM 11 quick question about bonding with vlans and Xen
7:50PM 1 newbee in XEN
5:57PM 11 Server hanging - Please help!
4:40PM 1 xen tools python libs instal location.
2:27PM 1 Can I migrate my computer''s OS onto Xen?
1:04PM 1 xen + lustrefs + drbd + Heartbeat
11:17AM 5 [XCP] weight/cap VCPU-params ignores during migration
11:11AM 5 Win2k8 X64 R2 HVM - Timer_mode and HPET?
10:29AM 9 pygrub is failing to boot centos domu on Debian lenny dom0
9:55AM 0 identify blkback devices
9:40AM 0 doms crashed no idea what caused it logs attached
3:09AM 10 What''s the different for "dom0_max_vcpus=4 dom0_vcpus_pin" and "dom0_max_vcpus=4" ?
Thursday May 20 2010
8:15PM 1 XCP and VM Recovery
7:54PM 7 xen 4 via nano u2300 troubles
7:36PM 1 Bluue screen at start installation windows 2008
5:51PM 0 VM slow copy speed
5:36PM 4 Xen 4.0 build git
5:28PM 1 networking doesn''t work after migrate
4:50PM 1 Trouble with VIFs using Debian xen 2.6.32-x kernels
3:59PM 3 Perfomance decrease after upgrade
12:43PM 2 Xen 4.0 - Tools
12:11PM 11 If a DomU was compramised..
9:53AM 12 If Dom0 was compramised
9:38AM 5 how to convert QEMU images to be used as Xen DomU''s
8:50AM 0 PCI DSS and Xen Networking
8:15AM 3 HXEN for MacOS X?
5:59AM 9 how to congure dom0 to 1G, and domU to 1G
Wednesday May 19 2010
9:42PM 0 Error:(4, ''Out of memory'', "xc_dom_boot_mem_init: can''t allocate low memory for domain\n") SOLVED
8:39PM 1 Problem for connect console Windows 2008 during installation via VNC
7:17PM 0 Xen.org 2010 Community Survey
7:17PM 2 xenbr0
7:09PM 1 Restrict IP addres per DomU guest
5:49PM 3 XCP HA disabled? Xen Maybe?
4:56PM 1 various minor problems
4:03PM 0 Programmatic management alternatives of Xen domains
3:47PM 0 Hi - Regarding xend - xm create Error
3:19PM 0 Error:(4, ''Out of memory'', "xc_dom_boot_mem_init: can''t allocate low memory for domain\n")
1:50PM 0 VMDK on xen
1:16PM 7 Openvswitch
10:00AM 0 blkback.131.xvd or blkback.145.xvda?
9:46AM 30 High availability and live migration with just LVM and hardware fencing
7:50AM 3 Strange issue with booting
7:19AM 4 xen4.0.0 64 bit boot "panic on cpu 0, crc errror"
7:14AM 0 CentOS QEMU image to convert to be used on Xen
7:01AM 1 Re: Re: Xen-4 PVUSB kernel bug / Xenlinux 2.6.32
12:07AM 0 Hostname setting not taking effect on create
12:01AM 9 How to capture boot messages of Guest
Tuesday May 18 2010
10:32PM 1 Open Source XCP
9:57PM 0 Error message when starting xend "XENBUS: Unable to read cpu state"
6:25PM 1 Core Dump of a 64 bit domU from 32 bit dom0
3:07PM 6 a suggestion for those creating any documentation for xen
1:11PM 7 How to build a 64 bit xen
1:07PM 2 Do bridges or vif defragment IP-packets?
10:08AM 1 Slow IO in VM
9:36AM 1 which kernel images should be used to boot first time a DomU CentOS on a Debian Dom0 for
8:26AM 0 Why " When I want to build a 64 bit xen, but I got a 32 bit one"
5:10AM 1 how to map dom0 lvms as DomU partitions
1:29AM 8 Another install xen on Ubuntu 10.04 question
12:57AM 2 Framebuffer support in dom0
Monday May 17 2010
10:42PM 0 Attempting to checksum a non-TCP/UDP packet
7:11PM 0 XCP Community Meeting
6:59PM 0 Xen Summit at AMD Videos Available
6:49PM 3 Problem adding entry to grub on ubuntu
5:21PM 3 pvops kernel question
4:43PM 3 Please help, I get a kernel panic on all DomUs when setting vif in VM config file
3:55PM 1 What we support for xen4.0.0
3:29PM 8 migrate existing non-xen system to a VM?
3:16PM 0 Xen and x11
1:27PM 3 Xen Dom0 performance reporting/monitoring
12:40PM 20 cent os domu creation problem
11:36AM 0 strace log
10:59AM 2 Making config files from a running machine
8:53AM 0 Best version of xen for production server on debian
7:23AM 0 Error: Device 51714 (vbd) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working. While creating centOS DomU on Dom0
5:40AM 0 ionice command to set i/o priorities for domUs
Sunday May 16 2010
11:21PM 0 xen-hotplug-cleanup script error
8:07PM 2 lvm inside of domU
5:52PM 1 PCI Passthrough problems with DVR PCI card
7:49AM 6 xen 4.0 and cpufreq
Saturday May 15 2010
9:49PM 0 NAT on dom0 = network checksum errors in pv domU
7:42PM 2 Blktap problem on lenny for xen from source
7:13PM 2 Upgrade to xen 4 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
6:39PM 1 what''s wrong with my pv domU console? INIT: Id "1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
12:32PM 1 [Xen-tools] dom0 not writing to logs
9:28AM 1 Unable to build tools/libxl for weeks
5:36AM 9 Installing CentOS as DomU on Debian Lenny (dom0) Xen
12:51AM 4 interesting installation problem - interaction between drbd and xen
Friday May 14 2010
7:10PM 9 Xen-4 PVUSB kernel bug
7:01PM 1 System unusable (hangs) after xm create - xen 4
4:52PM 12 Manual p2v
4:48PM 6 How to kown the DomU is up
4:00PM 2 Error: (4, ''Out of memory'', "xc_dom_boot_mem_init: can''t allocate low memory for domain\n")
2:08PM 32 pv_ops Dom0 kernel for DomU?
11:33AM 2 remove contact
9:15AM 0 xen domU
9:06AM 0 XCP - xapi
8:21AM 0 MINIMUM_RESTART_TIME and configuration (Xen 4.0)
5:05AM 0 domains had shutdown automatically
4:07AM 0 what are /var/lib/xend/cpu.xml and /var/lib/xend/host.xml are for.
3:32AM 5 how to resolve the problem: xen 3.4 & centos 64bit & raid& reboot volume group not found ?
3:05AM 3 eth go into disabled state
3:01AM 1 xen
Thursday May 13 2010
6:53PM 1 upgrade
5:13PM 2 stupid question about gplpv
5:11PM 0 Problems update gplpv debug to gplpv non debug
3:38PM 18 Xen 4.0 Custom kernels
1:46PM 2 Live migration
1:09PM 7 Compile error on
8:44AM 0 dhcp not work the same machine
8:40AM 5 what does "initrd-" contains
3:13AM 9 How to build a PV domU kernel
Wednesday May 12 2010
10:31PM 1 Databases and Virtualisation Basic Question
9:28PM 44 Xen4 / Intel DX58SO Mobo / VT-d not working
8:57PM 0 RE: Sound Driver
8:40PM 0 Ballooning support in HVM domains (Centos 5.3)
7:48PM 25 Install ubunto domU
7:30PM 0 domU nfs server
6:17PM 1 blktap2 driver
5:37PM 5 moving a VMWare image to Xen / conversion?
4:53PM 0 Xen 4.0.0 - dom0_mem differs from dom0''s memory
3:33PM 3 intel DQ45CB gma4500 VGA Passthrough Windows7 display deadly slow
3:19PM 2 Fwd: make world difficulties
12:34PM 2 Installing gplpv drivers
2:13AM 3 How to install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on Xen?
Tuesday May 11 2010
9:40PM 4 More CCISS driver problems
4:18PM 5 domU don''t exist in xm list...
2:37PM 0 Where are the messages produced by the "printk()" in Xen?
2:07PM 2 HDD benchmarking
2:05PM 2 No power down with pv_ops
2:00PM 0 Solved Re: xml files in xend database corrupted and xend failed to start solved now but read to diagnose
12:57PM 1 xml files in xend database corrupted and xend failed to start solved now but read to diagnose
10:05AM 0 Success: VT-d on ASUS P6T
9:50AM 4 Status Debian Squeeze, Xen
8:57AM 0 Half Solved Re: Starting XEN control daemon: xend failed!
8:11AM 0 Panic on CPU 0
7:13AM 4 Starting XEN control daemon: xend failed!
6:38AM 4 2.6.26-2-xen-amd64 vs 2.6.26-1-xen-amd64 on debian
1:58AM 3 Question: Best option to run an Arch Linux DomU
Monday May 10 2010
7:28PM 1 about intel VT on new F11 series vaio laptops..
4:07PM 1 VT-d related wiki
3:18PM 6 [mdlabriola@yahoo.com: Re: Re: DomU routed traffic disappearing in vif.]
10:58AM 0 xen you tube video link on wiki broken
8:57AM 5 Xen 4.0.0 on CentOS 5.4 / Gitco Rpm''s / crash just before udev
7:37AM 1 Error: Unable to connect to xend: No such file or directory. Is xend running?
4:27AM 1 Unable to convert hvm to pv guest
Sunday May 9 2010
7:17PM 0 XCP XCCS load-balancer ver 0.3
4:16PM 0 VHD BUG in xen4.0 when install windows2008
1:53PM 0 Xend stopped due to signal 15
Saturday May 8 2010
8:52PM 0 Tool to generate a domu.sxp from a running DomU
11:32AM 8 VGA Passthru
2:47AM 7 Problem with restore/migration with Xen 4.0.0 and Jeremy kernel (
12:53AM 2 DomU routed traffic disappearing in vif.
Friday May 7 2010
9:30PM 3 pci passthrough error "unknown command"pci-ins"
9:04PM 0 RE: Sound Driver
8:45PM 4 RE: Sound Driver
8:01PM 3 Xen GCOV Patches for latest Xen Unbstable and linux kernel(32/64bit)
7:44PM 7 XEN hypervisor on USB disk
5:33PM 6 GPLPV version to use
2:26PM 0 Xen.org Community Weekly Update
1:55PM 1 HMV domU creating Tap device?!
12:20PM 1 RE: Rebased patch set xen-patches-2.6.32-1.tar.bz2
10:42AM 0 Kernel Bug???
10:17AM 0 Xen4, remus and LVM questions
8:36AM 1 Compile Xen4
8:32AM 3 Concurrent local write error in DRBD with GPL PV drivers
6:57AM 0 about the license '' information
6:54AM 0 equivalent xe subcommands to ''xm sysrq'' and ''xm dump-core''
2:02AM 3 Virtualization vs. Cassandra and Hadloop
Thursday May 6 2010
6:32PM 1 RE: Rebased patch set xen-patches-2.6.32-1.tar.bz2
5:37PM 2 blktap2, also broken in current pv_ops stable-2.6.32.x?
5:11PM 0 blktap2 and disk information
5:03PM 2 vnc console from Mac
3:48PM 0 Problem to suspend/resume vm...
2:11PM 2 Hacking (downgrading to libvirt 0.7.0) libvirt/virsh/virt-manager/virt-install at Xen 4.0 Dom0 (2.32.12) on top of Ubuntu 10.04 Server
12:18PM 1 Xen network-bridge problem
8:33AM 1 Guest kickstart installation and guest autostart
8:32AM 0 Xen 4.1-unstable stub domain starts but not running
7:31AM 0 xen 4.0.0, blktap2 new device limit problem
3:39AM 0 xen guest IP roll call
3:07AM 2 gcc optimizations inside pv_ops DomU
Wednesday May 5 2010
6:07PM 0 Xen Research Paper Site Launched
5:28PM 12 [Xen-API] XCP Monthly Call Request
5:25PM 0 Migration problem
3:47PM 2 domU shutdown when dom0 shutsdown/reboots
9:37AM 0 fyi: libvirt issue with pvops kernel with patch
Tuesday May 4 2010
10:57PM 1 Migrate guest to host?
10:34PM 1 Problem loading Xen image
8:14PM 0 XCP XCCS load-balancer ver 0.2
4:03PM 1 Fwd: Strange network problem
1:19PM 0 xentrace
1:09PM 10 Xen 4.0.0 - tapdisk2 "hangs"
1:04PM 1 xen-4.0.0: Could not connect to DomU console
11:01AM 1 Startup Issues with Latest Xen Unstable
9:34AM 2 wlb in xcp
Monday May 3 2010
10:43PM 1 domUs keep disapearing after reboot - xen 3.4.2 from gitco repo
9:13PM 3 I need help before I install Xen on Debian Sarge?
4:31PM 0 xen-tools question
4:00PM 22 Para-virtualization vs Full-virtualization
3:25PM 2 cannot release un-aquired lock
7:52AM 2 Xen compilation : doc : help
6:22AM 0 Strange network problem
Sunday May 2 2010
9:46AM 2 Xen 4.0 in ubuntu lucid 32 bit
4:57AM 0 XCP Xen Cloud Control System load balancer, released!
1:32AM 1 building kernel w/rebased suse patches via make-kpkg
Saturday May 1 2010
11:24PM 3 Supported Dom U platform