Xen users - Jun 2010

Wednesday June 30 2010
11:31PM 11 AMD and Hardware Virtualization
10:22PM 1 Virtual machine not save last information
9:49PM 0 Re: Xen4.0/FC8/Linux- hang on boot
6:00PM 1 wget issue on XCP platform
4:35PM 6 Xen 4 - Error 111 Refused Connection
3:20PM 0 XEN 4 - Slow performance in X enviroment
3:18PM 0 XEN - Slow X Enviroment.
2:26PM 1 Xen Network Performance
12:53PM 5 DomU load average much higher after hardware change
12:38PM 2 xen 4.0 package for debian
12:20PM 0 ''invalid boot.ini'' file after winxp hvm install, will not boot.
8:41AM 1 XCP: centos 5.5 template
6:44AM 0 PV domUs gives error: can''t open gnttab device
5:23AM 0 Xen 4.0.1 rc3 - Performance Update
Tuesday June 29 2010
11:43PM 0 so para gravar
8:47PM 0 XEN\Centos\Networking
7:35PM 2 Private Networks between domUs on multiple hosts
5:39PM 2 Xserver
12:56PM 1 xenified kernel 2.6.31-r14 with invalid cpu times
12:53PM 2 Noob question: Where is "xe" on xen 4.0 on Debian Sid?
12:36PM 0 performance breakdown with Xen 3.4.3 or 4.0.0 and xenified kernel 2.6.31-r14
6:21AM 1 virtual mirror port on xen
5:40AM 1 trouble with Linux iscsi initiator with Xen compiled from source
Monday June 28 2010
9:10PM 3 "couldn''t find bootloader config file in the image provided."
8:40PM 1 paravirtualized domU can''t get DHCP IP address
7:48PM 1 Verify my understanding of PVs mounting partitions please
7:41PM 0 XCP, XCCS, and a tale of crashed hard drives
5:24PM 0 Crash when setting dom0_mem value
4:35PM 0 Xend not starting with pvops kernel & xen-4.0-testing build
7:50AM 0 xen be core: xen be core: can''t open gnttab device
7:03AM 2 problems in installing windows
4:41AM 6 blktap2 bug:Assertion ''list_empty(&vreq->next)'' failed
3:42AM 2 Ubuntu PV Netboot Installs
Sunday June 27 2010
9:48PM 2 Xen save takes a long time
3:07PM 8 xen4 and netchannel2
Saturday June 26 2010
8:37PM 1 No such file or directory
6:09PM 14 Convert from image to LVM
4:15PM 2 Restart DomU
4:07PM 2 auto-start doesn''t work
3:38PM 0 tcpdump
3:34PM 9 xen 4.0-testing: cannot install grub in debian domU (both hvm and pv)
2:12PM 0 selinux question with domU
1:28PM 9 VIF Script
1:10PM 2 Xen Version 4
7:17AM 4 Questions about guests on Xen
Friday June 25 2010
6:22PM 0 Which kernel CONFIG_XXX options correspond to which vif drivers?
4:59PM 13 use PCI VGA card on domU, and questions about USB
4:43PM 2 various minor problems
2:52PM 6 Dell Poweredge 860
1:42PM 8 Trying to install ubuntu 10.04 on centos 5.5 w/ xen4.0
12:22PM 0 xenstored is doing a lot of IO
9:58AM 0 how to use my xen.rpm to replace default old version rpm in centos?
3:40AM 6 Dom0 reboot when several VM reboot at the same time
2:45AM 0 XCP: Upgrading while using software RAID
1:59AM 1 No connection in DomUs with network-route
12:14AM 1 [SPAM] The Infamous "Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working."
Thursday June 24 2010
9:25PM 1 XCP 0.5RC1, another bug strikes
8:28PM 1 XCP 0.5RC2, possible bug, strange error message
6:32PM 3 Graphical virtualisation management system
5:56PM 11 wiki page on 10G SRIOV
5:55PM 0 XCP 0.5RC2 gotcha! and XCCS 0.3.3
4:00PM 1 VGA passthrough - guest shows blank screen on startup
3:36PM 2 OpenQRM
3:28PM 0 "xm" dying with "Bad File Descriptor
2:01PM 0 AUTO: Arthur Doumas is out of the office. (returning 06/25/2010)
12:48PM 9 Software RAID
12:03PM 3 IO intensive guests - how to design for best performance
11:28AM 0 XCP: Backup Scenario
5:17AM 0 Save / Restore a VM with Xen-3.4.2
Wednesday June 23 2010
8:50PM 0 Any way to delay a domU reboot?
7:49PM 1 ip antispoof in Xen 3.4.2
6:39PM 0 ConVirt Enterprise 2.0 Beta underway.
10:51AM 1 Xen.org Wiki Re-Design Project
9:35AM 0 No keyboard
8:39AM 1 lenny + xen reboots sometime
Tuesday June 22 2010
7:47PM 18 blktap2 does not work
3:58PM 1 The Host cpu(s) in this machine do not have support for full virtualization
3:01PM 2 domU can not start in Xen 4.0.1-rc3-pre using tapdisk
2:55PM 2 How to install VM from CD?
2:54PM 4 XCP Community Meeting #2
1:42PM 0 FW: VM does not start after shutdown
10:10AM 0 SSH Console
Monday June 21 2010
10:14PM 0 VM does not start after shutdown
9:14PM 2 Problems starting xend in xen 4.0 and
6:21PM 6 Complete Xen n00b getting stuck trying to create a VM
4:05PM 6 Xen 4.0.1 rc3 pre install problem
3:13PM 4 Gentoo+Xen4.0: Error: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found.
1:41PM 0 Finding VBD id for disks in config file
12:10PM 5 XCP modifying cloned vms
9:39AM 5 Xen thinks 32 bit windows is 64 bit...
8:50AM 4 stopping xenstored and xenconsoled
2:49AM 0 ARP packet problem
Sunday June 20 2010
9:07PM 0 XCP Xen Cloud Control System ver 0.3.2 update released.
12:58PM 0 help
10:47AM 8 Domain with openvpn-server-bridge to Dom0-bridge problem
10:41AM 0 How to solve ip conflict in Xen3.4 on CentOS5
8:09AM 0 Thanks
Saturday June 19 2010
3:10PM 8 Unofficial Xen 4.0.1-rc3-pre src.rpm package for Fedora available
1:50PM 1 Fedora guests
12:33PM 0 Unable to complete guest installation
11:15AM 4 Xen4 + Remus + iSCSI
11:01AM 0 Dom0 and memory
9:54AM 2 Virtual network can''t start
8:26AM 5 very odd iowait problem
12:13AM 2 XenParavirtOps page linked sample configs are broken
Friday June 18 2010
10:30PM 2 Create paravirt without virt-install
8:06PM 4 Error starting virtual network
7:52PM 0 More PCI Passthrough Questions
7:05PM 0 How to increase vifnum
6:33PM 10 Xen VNC Hang
5:02PM 0 How to increase vif number
4:52PM 3 Unable to upgrade kernel
2:41PM 9 virt-manager can''t connect to Xen
12:51PM 10 traffic sniff problem
11:02AM 19 Web Console Access
10:20AM 2 Restrict Disk Usage
7:56AM 0 SLES11 Guest on SLES10 DomU. Call Trace upon boot of Xen Guest - Request to identify cause
5:51AM 1 I need some help to install XP on SUSE 11.1 through xen
1:54AM 6 vifs and veth not created
1:34AM 0 vifs not created
Thursday June 17 2010
8:52PM 1 PVM from ISO?
3:36PM 1 Remus and pvops?
2:51PM 0 [XCP] 0.5RC1 xenstore-data in xe vm-param-list
2:31PM 0 VGA passthrough and domU termination
2:14PM 0 XCP 0.1.1,0.5RC1 bug, part 2
2:05PM 0 XCP 0.1.1, 0.5RC1 bug found
11:32AM 7 Video driver update
1:07AM 2 How does pvops create loop device for initrd to support Xen live image?
Wednesday June 16 2010
10:54PM 31 RAID10 Array
9:31PM 4 DomU stuck in boot
7:19PM 2 PCI Passthrough
7:02PM 8 Install Ubuntu Server 10 as PV Guest
6:51PM 6 Problems with xen and linux 2.26.32 kernels
5:37PM 0 trouble building 4.0.1-rc2
4:12PM 8 Problem with grub2 and xen (Ubuntu 10.04)
11:25AM 1 XEN 4 with boot hang
11:06AM 1 Migrating domu across xen versions?
9:01AM 0 conftest in dom0 hangs (Xen-4)
8:29AM 6 System Freezes
Tuesday June 15 2010
10:38PM 4 xend not starting / Xen unstable 4.1 - pv_ops
8:26PM 0 Re: FW: Stacklet''s VMs on Xen 4.0
6:22PM 3 Xen Live CD for 4.0
5:05PM 0 Multi-NIC Debian Xen Box
4:37PM 0 hvm pxe boot - tftp fails to transfer files larger than 2 blocks
3:34PM 5 Network stalls
3:30PM 1 peth0: received packet with own address as source address
2:31PM 4 DomU console login prompt on XEN 4 pv_ops
2:25PM 0 Stacklet''s VMs on Xen 4.0
12:21PM 0 iptables help
11:34AM 4 [XCP] XCP 0.5RC1 upgrade issues
9:02AM 14 Supported Distros
1:07AM 0 firewall question
Monday June 14 2010
10:39PM 0 pinning CPU affinity
8:37PM 0 Noob question
4:55PM 1 Xen 4.0 crashes with pvops kernel
3:27PM 13 VNC issues
1:29PM 49 iSCSI and LVM
12:26PM 4 XCP - installation of Suse sles 11
9:41AM 4 Promiscuous mode
8:19AM 0 Error in xen 4.0.1-rc3-pre
7:44AM 0 xen 4.0/2.6.32 pvops/fglrx
5:43AM 3 Move xen-image to another server
Sunday June 13 2010
11:24PM 5 domU Networking Issues
9:49PM 9 pygrub error booting iso
7:44PM 4 Run scripts at guest startup
4:10PM 1 Debian libc6-xen - what does it buy?
3:45PM 8 Force traffic out one interface
3:04PM 3 Can''t start xend
2:35PM 3 Bridge rules
12:55PM 4 Xen Client won''t start after reboot
Saturday June 12 2010
11:30PM 3 XCP Xen Cloud Control System schedule
5:28PM 7 Managed Firewall
11:27AM 1 Xen Driver Domain
Friday June 11 2010
8:27PM 24 [Xen-API] [XCP]: RC1 of XCP 0.5 available for testing
8:18PM 0 Best FullVirtualization product concerning (I/O performances)...?
7:01PM 10 Slow TCP performance between Windows Vista and Xen PV-on-HVM guest
4:55PM 0 xen and ssd disks?
3:11PM 1 Remus Users?
9:53AM 0 blk_tap: Error initialising /dev/xen/blktap - No more devices
5:01AM 2 What is the best solution to virtualize WinServer2003...?
3:57AM 0 Fail to start xend
Thursday June 10 2010
7:22PM 22 Xen on Debian Lenny quite unstable
6:40PM 3 Same pv-ops kernel for dom0 and domU ?
5:00PM 1 Xen start / Connection refused
3:21PM 4 Xen 4 installation
1:36PM 1 VNC on Xen failure
11:10AM 1 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 64, Issue 52
7:33AM 1 spanning tree protocol on xen bridges dom0
5:55AM 0 a question about xenstore watch function
Wednesday June 9 2010
9:20PM 0 Problem passing an SR-IOV function to a PV domU
6:39PM 0 Xen cloning VMs
6:01PM 2 Ubuntu 10.04 stuck in detect_extended_topology()
4:20PM 0 slow updating data/meminfo_free in xenstore
3:55PM 0 2010 Annual Xen.org Community Survey Results
11:15AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 64, Issue 49
11:08AM 2 PV FreeBSD and several CPU
10:33AM 28 Xen License
8:57AM 2 windows 2k8 rebooted by itself several times, perhaps dom0 heavy load?
2:13AM 0 Error compiling Xen 4.0.0
Tuesday June 8 2010
8:30PM 6 pfsense HVM network performance
8:16PM 1 GPLPV on NetBSD dom0
7:35PM 3 How to make bridge with no IP
6:37PM 3 Non-pvops kernel
4:18PM 2 2.6.32 USB keyboard repeat problem
4:16PM 1 problem of xen PCI-passthrough
4:12PM 0 /sys/devices/xen-backend/tap-XX-YYYYY
3:31PM 18 RHEL6 beta vs. Xen
2:26PM 0 Xen User Group LA Announced
12:55PM 21 My future plan
12:50PM 3 Tool for convert VMware to Xen
9:55AM 3 pause problem in Xen4.0.0
9:48AM 3 Convert HVM to PV
9:05AM 0 NIC stuck at 10Mbps
9:01AM 0 how to use xm on xen-api-server
8:31AM 32 Problems with GPLPV network latency
8:20AM 2 Ubuntu HVM crashes when using PCI Passthrough
3:51AM 0 xenoprof problems in pv_ops (xen4.0)
Monday June 7 2010
11:35PM 1 Installing Lucid 10.04 as a DomU
7:50PM 0 Re: Restrict IP addres per DomU guest( Prevent IP conflict)
7:36PM 1 decreasing file based xen image
6:36PM 0 Xen Summit 2011 Location Survey
2:56PM 0 CentOS5 + PVOPS x86_32 PAE/xen 4rc6 stalls at boot
12:20PM 2 VIF2 Device ???
12:03PM 0 XCP xe cli Error: Connection reset by peer (calling read )
12:03PM 0 How PCI Passthrough works
12:00PM 0 Have a question that i''d like to get wrokload value of xen
7:32AM 0 XCP problems with VM loosing network connection...
2:18AM 0 XCP Xen Cloud Control System ver 0.3.1 released!
Sunday June 6 2010
9:32PM 0 trying to diagnose migrated VM
9:32PM 3 Error: Device 768 (vbd) could not be connected. Path closed or removed during hotplug add: backend/vbd/9/768 state: 1
8:54PM 2 Xen-Kernel "freezes" X11
7:52PM 11 Hotplug scripts not working - Networking woes on opensuse 11.3 m7 with XEN4 on W510 Thinkpad
6:54PM 10 Re: Re: ARP problems with xen 4.0 with pvops kernel
6:37PM 1 cannot locate IOAPIC for GSI
3:04AM 0 Trying to compose my first Xen config file from documentation at xen
Saturday June 5 2010
10:59PM 7 lots of cycles in i/o wait state
10:54PM 20 How many guests
8:06PM 0 XCP XCCS load-balancer release ver 0.4
7:49PM 0 e1000 speed
5:07PM 2 kickstart with centos5
Friday June 4 2010
5:09PM 0 unable to open xenstore issue (SLES 10 SP2)
2:55PM 3 PCIPassthrough usb controller
10:49AM 2 XCP Ram issue
10:39AM 9 pin cpu 0 to dom0.
9:14AM 10 Isolated network
1:03AM 1 Limiting bandwidth usage
Thursday June 3 2010
10:42PM 0 force xen to patch a specific kernel version
10:38PM 3 Multiple Serial Port Passthrough in HVM domU
7:38PM 0 network driver domain howto?
5:55PM 0 Does VM migration keep same UUID
4:35PM 2 XCP console access from dom0
11:41AM 18 Live migrate using DRBD
11:11AM 7 about lvm filesystem...........
9:22AM 3 xcp - windows networking problem
8:05AM 4 Xen 3.4.3 - randomly crash of Dom0 and DomU
3:04AM 7 help launching a Centos 5.5 Xen PV guest on an OpenSuse 11.2 Dom0 host ?
Wednesday June 2 2010
11:43PM 0 partimage-ng command line backup of LV snapshot
10:41PM 2 libvirt 0.8.1
9:38PM 3 XCP can''t delete vlan
8:39PM 1 Virt-manager networking and config files
6:06PM 0 Xen.org Community Survey - 2 Days Left
4:27PM 2 DRBD and HVM hosts
3:45PM 0 Unable connect to guests using xm console
3:34PM 5 Sparse or non sparse
1:34PM 8 Ubuntu 10.04 DomU Xen 4.0
1:18PM 0 independent_wallclock in dom0
11:54AM 0 iommu on 890FX
9:19AM 1 ISCSI + DRBD + Xen
5:55AM 0 fglrx and xen 4.0 on ubuntu 10.04
5:35AM 1 build xen4.0 fail in blktap2 module
12:38AM 14 ARP problems with xen 4.0 with pvops kernel
Tuesday June 1 2010
8:26PM 1 where is MAC address stored in VM?
2:33PM 0 XCP French keymap problem
1:57PM 0 Xen 4.0.0 won''t compile on Debian Lenny
12:35PM 4 [XCP] centos installation
5:51AM 2 XCP: Will not boot after clean install
2:49AM 1 strange pvops problem