Xen users - Apr 2010

Friday April 30 2010
11:59PM 5 Mount drbd/gfs logical volume from domU
9:58PM 0 vfb keyboard no ALT-Gr in VNC console (debian dom0)
9:43PM 5 DomU - network performance and possibilities (HVM, PVM, pci-passthru, stubdom, PV on HVM...)
9:21PM 0 Multiple HVM''s attached to a single stubdom
3:55PM 2 Question, about controlling duplicate data on xen...
2:40PM 0 Adding packages in to VM
12:06PM 2 how to install centos/rhel PV domU on debian dom0 ?
11:05AM 0 XCP - xen-tools.iso
10:28AM 10 domu does not starts after dom0 reboot
9:48AM 1 [SPAM] Xen bridge network issue
6:26AM 0 Do we need ACPI/APIC/NUMA/Schedule in dom0 ?
6:18AM 1 server performance slow
2:47AM 0 "virtualization state: tools not installed"
Thursday April 29 2010
11:56PM 0 dom0 network access problem
7:46PM 0 In DomU, how can I use 3D graphics.
4:52PM 0 xend memory usage is increasing steadily and make dom0 out of memory
4:21PM 9 illegal root login on `hvc0''
2:01PM 0 [XCP] invisible VM (how to send bugreport)
1:22PM 1 Compiling 4.0 on Centos 5.4
1:01PM 3 How to turn a machine running Centos from HV to PV?
3:35AM 5 The "Linux Pack ISO"
1:56AM 2 migrating to Xen (newbie question)
Wednesday April 28 2010
9:49PM 3 Numbers of VM
8:52PM 1 XCP FreeBSD?
6:40PM 2 xen DomU guest backup and restore
4:59PM 0 XCP: invisible VM
4:14PM 4 CDROM on PV domU
4:08PM 2 XEN 4 installation
1:45PM 0 testing my servers performance
1:20PM 4 XCP - VM creation from template and netinst
9:21AM 2 [Fwd: Problem with XCP]
8:13AM 0 Problem with XCP
7:54AM 1 Xen 4.0.0 pvops 2.6.31version 64 bit cannot install gplpv on a win2k3 server 32 bit
7:41AM 5 2 node - failover cluster
6:11AM 0 DSN: failed (delivery failed)
3:45AM 0 (help) crash on xen 3.4.2 with dom-0 of linux- kernel
12:54AM 0 3.0.3-94.el5_4.[3/2] - no network options
Tuesday April 27 2010
6:57PM 0 How to create a redhat cluster of DomU linux
4:46PM 0 DomU Slow Networking?
3:04PM 1 PCI-Passthrough and filesystem corrupted
1:12PM 0 autostart domU on boot on sles11
1:05PM 23 pci device not owned by pciback.
9:47AM 3 High network latency on first packet
Monday April 26 2010
4:13PM 0 Problem on update mptlinux driver on kernel 2.6.32 pv_ops
3:58PM 1 WinS2003_H.cfg:9: expecting an assignment
2:18PM 9 passthrough PCI SCSI device
2:12PM 8 how to expand disk inside of domU?
1:46PM 0 disk offline with xen4.0+pvops2.6.31.13
11:23AM 1 Network traffic stalling between domUs on different servers
11:03AM 2 trouble with xenserver and xfs (soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 61s!)
8:59AM 0 xen and xfs bug?
6:29AM 0 fast boot from xen to linux and vice-versa by kexec
2:53AM 0 Experiencing memory leak of xend/qemu-dm
1:55AM 2 No module named sxputils
Sunday April 25 2010
11:25PM 0 using nvidia binary (rebased openSUSE Xen dom0 Patches)
11:16PM 2 dom0 kernel
11:31AM 7 No DomU boot after upgrade to xen 4.0
Saturday April 24 2010
8:02PM 0 AUTO: Arthur Doumas is out of the office. (returning 05/03/2010)
7:16PM 1 XenManagementTools wiki page created
6:59PM 6 ssh connection delay
5:04PM 0 how to install and use netchannel2
4:39PM 3 "modprobe tpmbk" and "CONFIG_XEN_TPMDEV_BACKEND"
2:53PM 6 Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found.
8:22AM 3 error: tpm_version.h, error: gmp.h:, error: expected specifier-qualifier-bGlzdCBiZWZvcmUgkXRwbV9ibl90kiw
Friday April 23 2010
9:21PM 0 xen 4 on ubuntu lucid 32 bits
8:45PM 0 xen api VM_metrics.get_VCPUs_utilisation
7:57PM 0 AMD Hardware with working powermanagement on xen 4
7:06PM 1 xen-3.2 & barriers
6:51PM 2 Compiling pv drivers for Xen 3.3 for domU kernel 2.6.31, 2.6.32
3:10PM 0 Lucid (ubuntu 10.04) domU xen modules to put in initrd
3:05PM 2 Graphics Pass-Through Questions
2:59PM 0 xm pause hangs up on Xen 4.0
2:52PM 0 Creating domU using xm create?
1:13PM 3 Single NIC & Backup : Newbie
8:43AM 8 [XCP] - problem with xen-tools
6:36AM 1 Gplpv on domU w7 shutdown monitor missed
5:32AM 0 xen kernel does not boot if eth0:1 is added
Thursday April 22 2010
9:54PM 25 Scrubbing free ram
9:14PM 11 Xen4 on Debian Lenny - Migration completed
8:06PM 0 Xen 3.4.2 on CentOS with DRBD
7:51PM 9 how can you boot an existing linux domU off the cdrom on sles11 dom0?
7:02PM 3 Running Xen 4.0.0-rc8 with Linux paravirt_ops dom0 on top of Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 64bits.,
6:44PM 3 XCP - XCCS upcoming projects
5:51PM 9 Gentoo on HP DL380 G6
4:52PM 10 Converting AND shrinking domU
3:56PM 0 XCP Xen Cloud Control System host-watchdog ver 0.3
3:28PM 2 pci-attach - HOWTO
2:51PM 0 [XCP] - bootloader error
2:09PM 0 XCP anti-spoofing help
1:28PM 0 activate eth1 on domU without restarting
12:38PM 0 New version of the XCP migration utility now available at xen.org
12:34PM 0 VGA passthrough problem
11:59AM 0 Moving away from XenServer - need some advise on networking please
9:50AM 0 Installing Netware 6.5 Sp8
8:41AM 1 RHEL5.3 dom0 with Centos 5.4 and Centos 5.5 domU''s
6:55AM 1 XCP: failed to configure default gateway?
6:45AM 1 minimum memory for dom0 does not matches with 196Mb and showing less memory
6:07AM 0 harddisk offline frequently when running vm
3:41AM 5 XCP install from ISO not starting
Wednesday April 21 2010
8:23PM 5 Xen 4.0 memory overcommitment
7:40PM 0 Error on boot: gentoo logo
5:25PM 0 Xen Mailing List Tracking Pages and Support Assistance
5:20PM 20 RHEL xen vs kvm
3:19PM 4 [XCP] how to add a lvm based existing disk to a VM
2:27PM 2 AW: RE: xenified 2.6.32 kernel and cciss
10:14AM 0 Xen 4.0 - what solution?
8:51AM 1 xenified 2.6.32 kernel and cciss
8:44AM 1 Services very slow
6:50AM 0 clock problems
1:18AM 1 Bizarre problem
12:37AM 1 Problems customizing Xen 4.0 kernel.
Tuesday April 20 2010
10:17PM 2 Automate installation of VM images
10:00PM 1 Best way to go from Physical to Virtual with Fedora 11 on Centos 5.4 Dom0
7:27PM 5 Xen 4 on Debian Lenny
6:47PM 2 Debug network failures
6:01PM 5 can any one help with NAT using xen 3.4.1
5:31PM 7 boot MS Windows installed natively in its own partition
1:27PM 2 Windows, more then one VIF
1:10PM 2 XEN 4.0 + - Panic on CPU 0
8:16AM 7 Xen 4.0 - No console prompt after booting domU but functional SSH
3:06AM 1 Xen networking - dom0 kernel message - question
Monday April 19 2010
11:47PM 0 switching from bridge to nat on existing domU
4:27PM 0 AW: OpenBSD as XEN domU on Linux dom0 without HVM
4:18PM 4 OpenBSD as XEN domU on Linux dom0 without HVM
4:03PM 0 redhat4.6-32bit DomU with pv driver can''t be saved
2:56PM 9 Serial console - Xen 4.0 - debugging pv_ops 2.6.31 dom0 kernel
2:15PM 0 Travel Plans to Europe? Why Not Attend Xen Summit NA at AMD
1:16PM 1 Attach CDROM to windows
12:32PM 2 Multiple bridges on same subnet?
12:19PM 0 Fedora 12 and Xen build problem..
11:59AM 1 Centos5, paravirtualization and infiniband passthrough
8:28AM 2 [XCP] - How to create a VM from network install
Sunday April 18 2010
11:24PM 0 on_xend_start: booting, shutting down and vm startup order
3:58PM 0 AW: Re: Trixbox
3:53PM 0 (no subject)
3:47PM 1 libgmp.a error while compiling Xen 3.4
3:40PM 0 FW: libgmp.a error while compiling Xen 3.4
Saturday April 17 2010
6:53PM 4 Snapshotting LVM backed guests from dom0
5:59AM 1 X11 on AMD64 with Xen 4.0.0 and new pvops kernel - no X11
Friday April 16 2010
9:39PM 1 dom0 reboot like domU
8:23PM 0 xen-4.0 xend needs python2.5 to start in karmic
3:47PM 0 RE: [SEMI-SOLVED] XenSerialConsole help + GRUB2 (Machine locks up on boot)
3:41PM 7 dom0 network down after domU destroy
12:16AM 0 xvp xvpappliance SSL error running consoles
Thursday April 15 2010
9:34PM 3 Trixbox
9:29PM 0 Graphics Pass-Through: Reboot Doesn''t Work
8:17PM 0 libxl bootloader support
6:47PM 1 P2V migrate Tool
6:00PM 2 Questions
5:40PM 0 Xen guest apache logging hosts IP
5:10PM 0 new wiki page added on Xen wiki
4:28PM 20 network performance drop heavily in xen 4.0 release
3:42PM 5 RE: [SEMI-SOLVED] XenSerialConsole help + GRUB2 (Machine locks up on boot)
1:58PM 0 XenVGAPassthrough Xen 4.0.0
10:38AM 0 Why Xen is sending multicast ICMPv6 packets ???
10:22AM 2 Packets droped by Dom0
8:35AM 1 Xen cloud
3:49AM 3 How to make snapshot disk backup of Xen Guest Domain
3:14AM 0 XCP - adding a new physical volume to Dom0
3:04AM 1 Kernel panic when using Xen-3.3.0 fs-backend and Mini-OS in Ubuntu 8.04
Wednesday April 14 2010
11:36PM 0 Cloudmin GPL web interface for Xen
9:40PM 0 Moving a network back end to a domU
3:06PM 1 domU mandriva onto dom0 Debian
2:26PM 0 maxmem configurartion
12:28PM 3 Fedora 12 xen 4.0.0
9:23AM 1 possible to change virtual bridge during vm migration
8:13AM 0 Interrupt handling in Xen
5:51AM 6 xen 4.0 compile problems
5:29AM 2 CPU pinning on Xen
5:11AM 0 Thank you all
2:56AM 4 How to gain host access in XCP
Tuesday April 13 2010
9:16PM 2 XCP - how to connect to a VMs console
8:44PM 2 HVM DomU with Kernel 2.6.27-19 on CentOS 5 hangs with 100% CPU at Linux bootup on Xen 3.2.1
8:31PM 0 raise VmError(''Creating domain failed: name=%s'' %
7:59PM 0 Xen 4.0 - windows PV drivers and fault tolerance
7:29PM 5 Attach Floppy drive to Windows XP domU
7:24PM 1 Questions about installing Xen with Ununtu 9.04
5:25PM 5 Completely in despair - Xen and Windows domU
4:03PM 5 Easy way to replace gPXE ROM?
3:13PM 1 Xen breaks aacraid
12:47PM 1 Help with domU config file (convert from kvm)
3:39AM 4 Online resize of guest disks without reboot/shutdown ?
1:29AM 8 XCP releases
Monday April 12 2010
9:34PM 7 LVM''s inside of Domu''s
9:18PM 2 Multiple NIC interfaces on different subnets
8:54PM 2 P2V question
7:43PM 0 XCP, XCCS host-watchdog ver 0.2 released
6:30PM 0 IO-APIC + timer doesn''t work! 8254 timer not connected
6:06PM 0 Xen.org Mascot Final Voting
5:38PM 3 Fwd: Xen Dom U Kernel
1:16PM 0 XCP, Xen Cloud Control System 0.2 released
12:31PM 5 how to access 4 application servers web based
10:21AM 3 VT option is on but ''VMX enabled'' is not displayed in xm dmesg
8:43AM 7 make world troubles
2:37AM 5 VLAN in a Pool
Sunday April 11 2010
8:12PM 7 dom0 crash, require assistance interpretting logs and config suggestions
6:58PM 0 [SPAM] Compiling Stubdom (xen 4) fails on gentoo 64 bit
2:31PM 2 Xen-tools
10:30AM 16 Xen hard-disk performance regression?
12:56AM 1 XCP, creating a metric and looking for input
Saturday April 10 2010
5:42PM 3 To use ebtables or iptables
4:44PM 0 Dom0 Hangs in rc5
3:54PM 0 XCP, Xen Cloud Control System host-watchdog ver 0.1 released
3:00PM 9 no bridge is shown by ifconfig on Xen Debian
2:34PM 1 dom0 hangs ( possible bug )
2:32PM 0 [Xen-tools] dom0 hangs ( possible bug )
2:04PM 2 weird problem
12:53PM 1 Xen and MacBook Pro 17" 2.8 (current)
11:43AM 1 bridge was not renamed what more to be checked
8:39AM 0 how to verify network-bridge script is running when xend start
6:19AM 0 renaming the default bridge name
6:09AM 4 to access 4 Virtual Hosts from a public IP
5:45AM 0 how do I make sure that bridge is active on Xen
1:40AM 7 Attempting to checksum a non-TCP/UDP packet errors rolling across screen
12:57AM 16 snapshots on xen
Friday April 9 2010
11:13PM 38 Xen Dom U kernel
10:09PM 0 VGA Pass-Through: Video Card Sleep on Shutdown?
9:17PM 0 implicit declaration of function `posix_memalign''
8:58PM 9 XenSerialConsole help + GRUB2 (Machine locks up on boot)
7:13PM 0 CentOS domU hangs from time to time
6:49PM 1 vif-script is written using which language
6:40PM 3 4.0 docs
5:18PM 0 dedicating a cpu core to virtual host
5:17PM 0 question about nfs failover xcp
4:56PM 1 Xen VMX flag issue
4:28PM 6 Success Story: debian lenny 64bit, xen 4.0, pv_ops, VT-d
2:13PM 3 Difference between file and tap:aio
1:26PM 4 Xen 4.0 - how create a virtual machine
12:49PM 0 XCP gotchas crop up again ....
12:39PM 0 Bridge could not be renamed
11:05AM 5 using 4 lan cards how many bridges needed
11:03AM 2 Question on pv_ops kernel upgrade
10:05AM 2 tun/tap driver in kernel
9:20AM 4 RPM Xen 4.0
6:55AM 3 Number of daily digests of this lists.
4:00AM 7 Compilation question xen-4.0.0
Thursday April 8 2010
10:01PM 13 Xen 4 - Page Sharing HowTo?
9:37PM 1 Disk Coruption
9:29PM 2 Xen blktap2 wiki page created, more information needed
8:30PM 3 blktap2: help please?
8:14PM 9 XEN 4.0 on Ubuntu Karmic
7:57PM 2 Multiple cdrom file-based drives in windows xp hvm?
5:54PM 23 Xen 4.0 on gentoo hotplug scripts problem?
5:49PM 6 32bit guest on 64bit host
5:49PM 21 Xen 4 VGA Passthrough - Keyboard/Mouse?
5:00PM 7 Raid1 performance
3:40PM 7 Vif rate limiting
1:44PM 1 XCP - failover question
1:02PM 4 Memory Share
12:27PM 2 DomU fails to start
11:39AM 3 Xen 4.0 - debian lenny - latex problem
7:12AM 2 are different Logical Volumes needed for Different DomU''s
6:43AM 0 Debootstrap method fails to get release file file http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/dists/lenny/Release
Wednesday April 7 2010
11:34PM 9 Xen3.3 / Xen3.4 CPU soft lockups under pvops 2.6.31/2.6.32
10:28PM 2 PGP key for signature on xen-4.0.0.tar.gz
10:01PM 6 using ipoib with xcp
9:51PM 0 xenstore cfg persistence
9:17PM 12 XenKernelFeatures wiki page added
8:54PM 1 Stopping PXE Boot?
7:45PM 15 XEN 4.0 boot error
7:19PM 1 XCP, XCCS short term release schedule
7:02PM 1 Installing OpenSolaris on XCP
5:47PM 2 how to add space do LVM based DomU
5:36PM 1 Migratre VMs
5:04PM 1 HVM Live Migrations Failing 90% Of The Time
3:28PM 4 [ANNOUNCE] Xen 4.0.0 released
2:45PM 0 XCP, XCCS virtual machine watchdog 0.1 released
1:44PM 3 XCP node fail / network fail of node auto restart vm
6:07AM 0 xend fails to start says missing xen utils
5:01AM 6 xen-3.0.gz and linux-2.6-xen0
Tuesday April 6 2010
10:56PM 1 Xen-DOM-U error
9:41PM 2 Selecting Xen in Grub causes machine to reboot back to POST
9:02PM 8 XCP, Xen Cloud Control System 0.1 released
5:41PM 29 Xen 4.1 Feature Request List
4:31PM 1 Help installing XEN
1:37PM 9 rebased openSUSE Xen dom0 Patches
12:18PM 1 host_sync_data_failed XCP
8:16AM 2 Xen and drbd after reboot
7:14AM 3 New to xen
5:27AM 0 Advice on distributed filesystems, nfs, gfs and so on
Monday April 5 2010
9:27PM 4 Recovering resources from old guests
7:35PM 3 What happend to /sys/xen and independent_wallclock (Xen 4.0/Linux 2.6.32)
6:15PM 1 xend-config.sxp
5:19PM 2 Xen image not present in /boot
1:01PM 2 Help with system
7:05AM 5 vga passthrough status / probability of success?
Sunday April 4 2010
4:08PM 3 Creating multiple bridges
2:44AM 4 dom0 memory usage >1GB at startup (no domU''s configured)
Saturday April 3 2010
2:40PM 0 Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
8:44AM 0 Shutdown Problems
7:33AM 5 AW: Re: Where to start.
Friday April 2 2010
5:41PM 0 unsupported xen domain management
2:28PM 0 dom0 won''t boot - iwlagn MAC is in deep sleep
2:26PM 3 Installing Xen on Hardy(kubuntu)
1:25PM 5 Vanilla Kernel -- eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
8:54AM 1 Fedora 12 host, Windows guest, using Xen
7:02AM 3 2 DomU and 2 4-cores CPU
Thursday April 1 2010
8:26PM 13 (Xenlinux) gentoo-xen-kernel patches questions?
7:04PM 2 Windows hvm, stdvga, videoram?
1:40PM 2 Where to start.
1:39PM 0 different guest os on host os on Non-VT machine
1:17PM 0 On OpenBSD
11:54AM 1 xm vm destroy but then for XCP