Xen users - Mar 2010

Wednesday March 31 2010
5:58PM 0 win7 x64 gplpv_Vista2008x64_0.11.0.210_debug.msi to gplpv_Vista2008x64_0.11.0.213.msi
5:46PM 0 config dump for success with Xen 4.0 rc8 + pv_ops kernel
4:26PM 0 WakeUp XEN-VMs
12:35PM 4 What is necessary for AMD IOMMU support
10:08AM 2 XCP: is there a way to keep a vm always active
9:58AM 0 Xen 4.0 on Debian - Kernel with L7-Filter
9:26AM 3 [XCP] change pif mtu
7:01AM 2 Xen Initiative
Tuesday March 30 2010
10:56PM 0 boot_cpu_data differs between Xen hypervisor boot and normal pv_ops kernel boot
9:20PM 2 Re-occuring error trying to set up first DOM
8:54PM 2 XCP - Install from USB
8:43PM 1 MAC - unique?
7:10PM 0 High Errors for Pethx
6:12PM 1 convert xva to img
5:09PM 0 CfP with Extended Deadline 5th Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing (VHPC''10)
4:38PM 15 [Xen-tools] Unable to start xend
3:53PM 2 OpenSolaris PV on XCP 0.1.1
3:51PM 0 Installing Xen on Fedora Core 11 easy to follow documentation!
2:35PM 3 bare metal xen hypervisor
8:04AM 2 Cannot change MAC address of domU vif
Monday March 29 2010
10:36PM 13 Anyone have success with ivtv in a pvm? I got DMA TIMEOUT messages on xen-next/4.0-rc9-pre...
8:42PM 0 Xen PVSCSI wiki page added
8:25PM 0 Xen DOM - U installation document
9:20AM 0 Where to find an easy to follow documentation for Installing Xen on Fedora Core 11!
7:43AM 1 XCP error message after rebooting all hosts
6:34AM 4 Xen perfect documentation ?
Sunday March 28 2010
8:07PM 1 new build xen4 + pv_ops kernel trouble on karmic 9.10
1:42PM 2 Get rid of the partition table in a domU LVM
10:09AM 1 Lvm and backup
Saturday March 27 2010
10:11PM 0 xm save but leave DomU paused
9:52PM 4 Dump an image based domU to a logical volume
12:26PM 0 Inconsistency in total memory size with latest vanilla kernel in guest
3:55AM 1 message language
12:21AM 1 Messed up boot on CentOS 5.4
Friday March 26 2010
7:06PM 0 boot existin HVM off an ISO
3:31PM 14 Xen on Intel i7 Nehalem?
2:52PM 17 Running Xen 4.0.0-rc8 with Linux paravirt_ops dom0 on top of Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 64bits.
2:51PM 3 Can''t boot dom0 ??
2:42PM 0 Fibre Channel SAN + HBA + Xen = how ?
2:22PM 0 Solaris 10 (update8) under Xen (RHEL v5.4)?
1:24PM 1 x86 vs x86_64 domU : error while loading shared libraries
12:38PM 0 tap:aio not working. Read_msg failure - CTLMSG_PID(0), Unable to contact disk process
10:52AM 5 Very Strange network problem
8:45AM 4 One or two vcpu?
8:33AM 0 VT-x enabled but xm dmesg does not show anything about vmx info
Thursday March 25 2010
11:37PM 3 xen-pvops dom0 booting issue
9:28PM 0 Can''t run more than one VM
6:53PM 1 When using domU as router, packets have incorrect checksum
4:23PM 0 usb pass-through
4:02PM 0 How do you do self-ballooning in pv_ops guest
1:24PM 11 centos repo''s in xen cloud
12:54PM 0 Re: Full Virtualised Guest not booting with waiting for sda2 to appear error
11:43AM 10 Gplpv on windows 7 problem
11:28AM 0 Problems using Gentoo and Xen Kernel
Wednesday March 24 2010
11:44PM 1 RHEL 5.4 errors in log file...
10:19PM 2 Re: Full Virtualised Guest not booting with waiting for sda2 to appear error
8:58PM 1 XCP 0.1.1 bug found
7:59PM 6 Xen PCI passthrough wiki page created
5:15PM 9 Best way to store domU''s. NFS? NBD?
12:29PM 4 Restoring saved stated results in hanging domain
10:46AM 0 Error booting git xen/stable-
8:03AM 4 PVM Ubuntu and xconsole error
7:32AM 0 Storage testing help
Tuesday March 23 2010
11:38PM 0 Support for virtual disk formats with Xen 3.3.x
10:46PM 0 Xenoprof on Xeon 5530
8:47PM 8 XCP storage repository using VHD on top of the LVM (FC shared too) instead of the NFS.
1:42PM 3 Unable to access domU console
10:02AM 1 qemu disk cache mode
9:38AM 7 dom0 eth0:0, eth0:1, eth0:2 network setup alias ips
12:00AM 26 Starting xend: grep: /proc/xen/capabilities: No such file or directory
Monday March 22 2010
5:39PM 0 XCP and CentOS 5.4, answered
4:20PM 5 2 instances of a DomU on the same LV
4:11PM 0 Xen Summit North America - Speakers & Attendees Wanted
4:07PM 1 Error when create a new virtual server
3:47PM 5 XCP CentOS DomU
2:44PM 1 Can''t access xen machines via vpn connection
1:39PM 9 Trying to clone one client to another host, but would like to configure the LVM disc aforehand
12:39PM 5 Link bonding problem
10:37AM 1 Need of Intel VT for Xen
3:18AM 4 Xen storage
Sunday March 21 2010
3:20AM 7 XCP how to import ISO
Saturday March 20 2010
4:40PM 1 kernel panic xen 3.3.1
4:06PM 1 Error: ramdisk
10:33AM 0 Slightly off topic but I''ll ask anyway
7:37AM 7 Just some (probably useless) information
2:39AM 1 Adding new device(disk) to VM
Friday March 19 2010
10:02PM 0 install git
8:07PM 3 XCP - No client VM consoles in XCP
6:59PM 0 Instability and xend not starting after crashed
5:50PM 0 Xen.org to particpiate in Google Summer of Code 2010
4:53PM 3 Client device and virtualization
1:30PM 0 [3.4.2 Dom0 crash] (XEN) mm.c: Error getting mfn from L1 entry
11:47AM 6 Re: How to create a Fedora 11 domU under Debian 5 dom0?
6:45AM 3 dom0 - syslinux/isolinux error
Thursday March 18 2010
8:15PM 1 How to create a Fedora domU under Debian 5 dom0?
7:46PM 9 xen.org dom0 kernel w/RHEL 5 PV on HVM guests
5:45PM 4 Tips for tunning Xen
3:33PM 3 State of a rebooting vm
1:57PM 0 Windows Sound
1:51PM 1 import open-source Xen into XenServer
1:28PM 1 Xen Hypervisor memory utilization (leak?)
10:23AM 8 Xen with Debian Power Edge R710
Wednesday March 17 2010
10:05PM 7 Windows guest, swap space, separate disk?
7:28PM 1 Any tool which shows the layout of LVM based domU
6:00PM 1 what is the best practice "? Linux Distro" + "? Version Xen"
5:37PM 3 BSOD when move VMs from 3.2.1-rc1-pre to 3.3.0
5:26PM 0 Xen Summit North America at AMD Registration Open
5:10PM 2 Linux CONFIG_HZ_100=y or CONFIG_HZ_1000=y for Xen dom0/domUs?
3:34PM 1 no /sys/devices/xen-backend/''
2:56PM 2 "strange" cdrom-messages in logs
2:49PM 0 TR: Xen problem network dom0
2:40PM 7 Advantages in using Xen for VPS platform
2:29PM 2 xentop truncing system names
11:51AM 2 Moving to SAN
9:29AM 3 Xen 4.0.0 Release planning
2:49AM 0 Spooky networking issue: ping OK on container, stops on VM, restarts with arp -d
Tuesday March 16 2010
6:07PM 0 GPLPV: XenNet Full on send - required = 3, available = 0
4:51PM 8 Xen 4.0.0-rc6 - Linux paravirt_ops dom0 on Ubuntu Desktop 9.10 success!
2:42PM 0 AW: IPv6 support for dom0 requirement
1:38PM 1 IPv6 support for dom0 requirement
9:35AM 1 XCP: pool connection lost
3:27AM 5 Out of Memory Error while booting Xen
2:34AM 6 Input from xen hosting providers?
1:34AM 3 XCP/Xen security
Monday March 15 2010
7:31PM 0 XCP and Windows 7 Guest
3:55PM 2 SetMaxMemory on Windows VMs
3:21PM 0 network setup issues
2:37PM 1 Could not obtain handle on privileged command interface
1:00PM 0 XCP, debian domU and updates repository
11:07AM 5 domU network interface half-dies regularly
11:06AM 0 Connection problem
9:04AM 1 Blank screen kernel 2.6.33 Xen 3.4.2
8:15AM 4 Weird arp problem
6:32AM 0 Xen causes hang when reboot or shutdown.
12:29AM 3 VT Requirement
Sunday March 14 2010
9:15PM 2 issue with xen-ballon?
6:50PM 1 Provisioning xen
6:48PM 12 Thin Clients
12:16PM 1 How to Change Image Size?
11:50AM 5 Xen and VMware Workstation
9:49AM 6 xm mem-set Domain-0 box went poof
9:37AM 11 Virtual SCSI
4:23AM 4 Argh, trying to start new domU keeps crashing
Saturday March 13 2010
7:44PM 5 installing xen
2:42PM 0 AW: Xen dom0 support for Fedora Core 11!
2:12PM 5 Xen dom0 support for Fedora Core 11!
11:29AM 1 [solved] Error: pci: 0000:01:07.0: non-page-aligned MMIO BAR found.
3:53AM 28 Xen and it''s future with linux?
12:22AM 13 Xen VGA graphics passthru wiki page
Friday March 12 2010
11:46PM 39 Xen with DOM 0 Kernel
9:50PM 0 Xen Summit NA at AMD - Speakers Wanted
6:33PM 25 XCP/XenServer Migration utility now available at xen.org
5:54PM 0 Xen USB passthrough wiki page
5:17PM 0 LSM and XEN
9:42AM 1 Xen api with xmlrpc and php
8:45AM 0 HVM with PV drivers vs XEN PV
5:32AM 11 Jeremy''s git tags
4:33AM 0 Problem about compiling XEN src
12:04AM 2 dom0 incorrect mem size
Thursday March 11 2010
11:37PM 0 Hardware setup for dom0 boxes
9:53PM 4 The Xen Live CD generator now at github
7:20PM 3 Accessing VM consoles in XCP and bootloader error message(pci passthrough)
6:55PM 10 AoE vs iSCSI
3:07PM 2 [Xen-API] [XCP] domain 0 kernel patch queue published
12:48PM 0 Xen problem network dom0
6:21AM 4 Problema keeping Time in HVM Guest
12:54AM 6 Installing from source (git, hg) on a fresh debian box
Wednesday March 10 2010
2:45PM 9 Error starting stubdom HVM on Xen-3.4.3-rc4-pre
10:42AM 5 XCP: Migrating VM from Xen (legacy) to XCP
6:37AM 0 XCP boot failure
4:14AM 1 How do I boot multiple domu''s using the same disk image?
1:21AM 0 Can domain 0 sleep to disk?
Tuesday March 9 2010
8:19PM 2 XCP VM restart strangeness
3:54PM 2 Best non-Xen environment to create a WinXP HVM to move to Xen hosting
3:26PM 7 Hot resizing xfs domU.
2:54PM 13 Does XCP support network boot/diskless dom0?
10:12AM 0 xen pci device assignement
3:37AM 1 How to: change configuration online
Monday March 8 2010
8:43PM 4 Fixed for me: 3.4.2: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
7:59PM 12 pci passthrough and Xenserver
4:49PM 5 xend-config.sxp setting question & vlans
2:46PM 2 Xen 3.0.3, AMD and PCI passthrough
2:07PM 1 Advice for moving from single to bonded interface?
2:03PM 1 dom0 xen
1:37PM 6 Problems creating second PVm using another bridge
11:28AM 4 Error with clvm
2:39AM 2 hard w/r problem
Sunday March 7 2010
8:55PM 22 2.6.32 Kernel Debian
5:01PM 0 AW: Re: using base ISO as a domU
Saturday March 6 2010
7:01PM 2 using base ISO as a domU
4:34PM 1 System-wide profiler & Vulnerability Scanner for Xen VMs!
1:35AM 5 unstable 4.0 config file/ build error
Friday March 5 2010
5:52PM 0 Xen.org Community Weekly Update Vol 10 No 9
4:46PM 1 vcpus and vcpu_avail
1:55PM 0 How to do vlan with xen 3.3?
11:43AM 1 Firewall settings for domUs in Xen!
7:48AM 0 4.0 config file error.
7:05AM 0 AW: XCP 64 bits ?
2:05AM 2 xen failover
12:04AM 9 Installing xen on RHEL 5.4
Thursday March 4 2010
9:47PM 5 VT-d passthrough - NMI crashes system
4:55PM 1 git 4.0 rc4
4:18PM 0 Fwd: Re: xen storage options - plase advise
1:11PM 1 XCP 64 bits ?
6:12AM 5 Live checkpointing not working in 3.4.x?
2:41AM 0 how to create a Allocate On Demand disk image for a vm
Wednesday March 3 2010
9:02PM 1 NTP in xen vm?
7:28PM 22 xen storage options - plase advise
4:41PM 1 Disabling GPLPV on Windows 7
10:16AM 1 XCP pool-ha-enable
9:45AM 1 unkillable zombie domU-s without IDs
6:09AM 5 how to know processes running inside domU
5:40AM 4 Windows 2003 domU can not use 7G RAM ?
1:36AM 1 2008 R2 x64 Hard Drive Recognition
1:17AM 5 Xen 3.4 binary tarball
12:49AM 1 Deleting a uuid?
Tuesday March 2 2010
6:23PM 1 lvm problem.
10:24AM 0 FYI: FreeBSD HAST project
10:03AM 8 xen won''t start
7:23AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 61, Issue 14
12:52AM 1 Installation error: partition does not exist
Monday March 1 2010
10:34PM 1 xen/next & pvm pci passthrough?
10:16PM 5 Resize DomU partition
9:23PM 2 XCP vm-import fouls up
5:59PM 0 Introducing ConVirt 2.0 !
2:51PM 1 Anything wrong with ext3 for storage?
2:16PM 1 XCP : workload load balancing with xen cloud platform ?
6:35AM 5 Guest boot problem on centOS 5.4
5:18AM 1 RE: How to xfs_repair a domU image