Xen users - Sep 2009

Wednesday September 30 2009
11:33PM 2 disk I/O problems under load? (Xen-3.4.1/x86_64)
7:57PM 10 Problem with bridged network
7:09PM 2 XEN 3.4.1|HVM|physical disk access
6:28PM 3 lomount + gitco xen 3.4.1 rpms
5:59PM 1 how much memory for dom0?
3:00PM 5 PCI Passthrough
1:44PM 5 Cant create new VM: Error -> ERROR (XendDomainInfo:445) VM start failed
12:22PM 1 Move vm to new dom0 on different hardware
12:17PM 1 How to force xm create to allow same disk mounted to more than one quest
11:21AM 0 Increasing XEN VPS''s Disk size from back end
6:07AM 30 About profiling xen
1:30AM 2 PCI passthrough of cciss HBA
Tuesday September 29 2009
11:36PM 6 Problems with booting Debian DomU
9:35PM 1 Cannot ping newly created XEN client running SLES10
8:34PM 0 Xen & HPC
7:26PM 0 RAID + DRBD + iSCSI + Multipath
2:51PM 1 About Snapshots
2:06PM 0 Xen VM fails to start after stopping it
11:41AM 0 arbitrary network unreachable problems
11:41AM 0 Resolution of jiffies Timer
6:20AM 0 Xend profiling with gprof
3:14AM 0 Monitoring and logging CPU utlization for all domains
Monday September 28 2009
7:58PM 0 TERM=linux results libc.so.6 not found
6:51PM 9 place to download up2date images
2:18PM 3 Ram question
10:27AM 5 PCI passthrough problem
9:03AM 1 WinXP SP3 on XEN with GPLPV
8:34AM 5 2 network devices inside a domU with one bridge
6:56AM 0 About xen bridge
Sunday September 27 2009
12:08AM 0 DomU hang (not the console) for kernel > 2.6.27 Dell
Saturday September 26 2009
4:52PM 3 Add floppy image to pv domain
12:35PM 1 the windows vps with pv drive suddenly rebooted.
6:49AM 1 xen question
Friday September 25 2009
9:39PM 2 Windows Guest not loading up
3:27PM 3 VNC Debian Port
2:46PM 0 Is there any document abount xen-based revirt
2:05PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Community Update - Sept 25, 2009
9:59AM 1 guest can''t bootup when converting a physical machine to an image
5:43AM 3 xen.independent_wallclock and pv_ops kernel
Thursday September 24 2009
10:12PM 6 Incorrect Network Traffic
7:43PM 0 FreeBSD domU (HVM) at ubunu 8.04 32-bit xen 3.4.1
6:13PM 7 xen & iSCSI
3:15PM 1 SCO Openserver 5 on Xen 3.2
2:12PM 2 Fixing Domain ID for DomU
9:48AM 6 Debian domU installation problem: Invalid kernel
9:40AM 3 freebsd as domu
9:09AM 0 Installation from source and booting with LVM root
6:57AM 0 Status of SR-IOV / Intel 82576 quad adapter
6:38AM 0 arp moved from to
6:20AM 2 scsi streamer inside a XEN VM crashes the VM
1:37AM 2 hello all
Wednesday September 23 2009
11:45PM 8 High Availability Support in Xen 3.4
8:50PM 3 xen 3.0 to 3.4 upgrade
7:10PM 0 Block and interface stats for HVM domains
6:46PM 0 RE: Manually create Fedora domU on CentOS 5.3 dom0
6:00PM 1 Seeking SunOS 4.1.3 Virtualization
9:41AM 1 Sending DHCP-Offer from DomU in routed-mode doesn''t work
9:08AM 1 virt-install error - failed to connect
5:50AM 1 hello, how to install ubuntu for iso CD.
Tuesday September 22 2009
11:26PM 0 CentOS 5.3 - Problem running DHCPd on a DomU.
11:01PM 7 VT-D On An Asus P5E-VM DO
9:22PM 0 kernel error 2.6.31
5:15PM 0 Sending DHCP-Offer from DomainU in routed-mode doesn''t work
5:12PM 14 Creating a paravirtualized guest with Xen 3.4.1 and Centos 5.3 (64bit)
4:06PM 0 Xen.org Online Support Forum Trial
3:57PM 0 Recommended way update xen
3:11PM 0 XEN and NFS
1:10PM 2 run some user scripts on boot..
9:40AM 8 Xen : How to configure a Proxy as DomU ?
2:04AM 0 Single Windows server
Monday September 21 2009
10:29PM 0 RHEL5: Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
8:15PM 12 Xen Orchestra : web app for managing Xen with one or more Dom0
3:55PM 13 xen and SAN.
1:12PM 0 Install Xen offline
8:47AM 0 received packet with own address as source address
8:24AM 0 xen cap
Sunday September 20 2009
9:23AM 0 key mapping for domain switching
6:21AM 4 64 bit dom0 and 32 bit domU
4:15AM 19 Frequent para (Linux) domU hangs
3:16AM 3 OpenBSD guest QEMU
2:47AM 0 My xen domu hang on boot
Saturday September 19 2009
5:25PM 0 Windows 2008 R2 and gplpv 0.10.86
4:02PM 5 which is the best way to setup DomU''s kernel location
11:57AM 1 Setting up HA with Open Xen
3:07AM 0 Acm security problem with Running xen-3.3-testing.hg on Centos 5.2 x86_64
Friday September 18 2009
11:32PM 1 Xen on Debian on Sparc ?
8:51PM 0 PV Red Hat Video Resolution
8:00PM 2 Starting with Xen
6:25PM 0 Blade system HP with Direct connect SAS - question ?
6:02PM 0 RE: CDROM access under GPLPV
5:57PM 2 vpn in gplpv windows vps
3:42PM 0 Debian Kernel and Xen 3.4
3:38PM 2 Running kernel.org "mainline" Linux on Xen: FAILED
1:25PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Community Update
10:07AM 36 streaming server on a virtual machine.
8:15AM 0 (kein Betreff)
7:54AM 0 domU: no audio device
7:52AM 1 Separation CPU in domU
12:30AM 2 unsubscribe
Thursday September 17 2009
10:33PM 1 Windows Server 2008 as DomU, won''t reboot / shutdown
6:40PM 3 CentOS Xen Kernel 2.6.18-164 and Gitco Hypervisor 3.3.1 problem
3:36PM 0 Clusting Question
1:33PM 0 Xen Archive System Available
9:29AM 1 Memory and CPU Overcommit
1:37AM 1 help xen 3.4.1 compile with kernel extra nic missing
12:24AM 3 Connecting separate VMs to separate displays [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
Wednesday September 16 2009
9:49PM 5 LVM Read/Write speed <10% drive''s normal speed
7:00PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 55, Issue 77
2:48PM 12 Need help ASAP with xen network problem after chassis swap
10:03AM 3 Paravirt VM - Second Disk not working
8:59AM 3 DomU to DomU throughput issue
8:11AM 1 cygwin longjmp error on Xen guest - gs not restored?
6:52AM 3 Best way to compile xen 3.4.1 on centos 5.3
1:43AM 0 "No module named xs" while I ran xm-test for Xen testing
Tuesday September 15 2009
9:04PM 3 network (bridged) problem when using xen 3.4.x
9:48AM 4 Strange Network behaviour
3:18AM 0 taint analysis tool on Xen
Monday September 14 2009
3:08PM 6 GPLPV and dhcp should it work?
9:39AM 4 How do you add 2 NIC in Xen Guest or domU
9:26AM 7 openqrm & Xen
8:30AM 5 gplpv + w7
6:11AM 1 Sound emulation in Windows XP guest doesn''t work
Sunday September 13 2009
5:57AM 6 3.4.x networking
Saturday September 12 2009
9:58AM 1 Offical way to install Ubuntu (PV) inside CentOS/Xen ?
12:18AM 0 segault on dom0
Friday September 11 2009
9:03PM 5 installing Windows 2008 R2
8:44PM 1 My DomU can''t boot
7:47PM 2 DVFS, xenpm in 3.4.1 and linux 2.6.18
7:25PM 0 Arch linux
6:20PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Update - Sept 11, 2009
3:07PM 0 Linux hvm drivers and trixbox
11:19AM 2 fail to install xen-3.4.1 on centos 5.3
10:49AM 0 Console logging on FULLY virtualised guest
8:01AM 0 xen hypervisor overhead
Thursday September 10 2009
6:19PM 4 Slow network speed with Xen 3.2-1
3:46PM 22 Xen and Enomaly
3:12PM 0 RAM problems
2:05PM 0 About differentiating halted domU and migrated one
8:47AM 2 new kernel on Fedora 10 domU
5:37AM 3 networking issue after upgrading to 3.4.1
1:01AM 8 Using GPLPV WXP client with BartPE
Wednesday September 9 2009
9:32PM 0 Migrate problem
5:42PM 1 Baremetal Client Question
5:33PM 4 Windows XP on XenServer local machine itself
2:03PM 1 RE: xen - rdma live migration support
1:24PM 0 XenLinux and hypervisor compatibility (XEN_COMPAT_xxx)
12:36PM 3 No such device
11:20AM 10 OpenSolaris domU on RedHat Linux dom0
Tuesday September 8 2009
8:30PM 1 Baremetal Thin Client Query for XEN
8:14PM 1 Re: XEN & Intel DG41RQ Motherboard - Request Help
7:57PM 0 XEN & Intel DG41RQ Motherboard
7:16PM 1 xen out to lunch...
5:29PM 1 centos 5.3, no shared physical network device in virt manager
5:03PM 3 Resize Guest Disk
3:48PM 1 How to tell if a guest is running HVM or PV
1:58PM 0 VM Migration on Kemari
12:40PM 2 Manage user rights for Xen
10:43AM 3 xen with dynamic slices
6:43AM 1 Reg credit scheduler patch for xen-3.0.2
6:28AM 2 Installing Xen on ubuntu Jaunty
Monday September 7 2009
10:45PM 0 DomU failover
7:27PM 1 Newbie Question: Xen Server & Linux Xen Dom0 Differences and a usage query
5:53PM 15 Installing two versions of xen on the same machine
5:36PM 4 Poor network performance on Win2k3 DomU
4:13PM 3 IO caching at dom0 level
3:16PM 0 [TPM, vTPM] Persistence of data on VM?
2:54PM 2 Migrating a phyical windows 2003 server to xen not working
2:27PM 6 Always losing the console output after "Scrubbing free RAM"
12:24PM 3 iSCSI domU - introducing more stability
10:15AM 8 Fw: Re: bridge throughput problem
9:05AM 2 Load Balancing of Xen Guest VMs
8:00AM 4 DomU clock problems
5:26AM 3 how to add loop device support to domU?
Sunday September 6 2009
10:50PM 0 network problem !!
10:23PM 76 Video Presentation on PCI Express x16 VGA Pass Through to Xen-based Windows XP Home Edition HVM Virtual Machine
Saturday September 5 2009
3:59PM 3 Dom0 Xorg won''t work
2:55PM 0 xensource-2.6.29-xen-r4 cpu usage max 40%
Friday September 4 2009
7:30PM 4 DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL by xennet.sys, Server 2008 x64
5:35PM 2 Xen & netperf
4:53PM 0 Windows HVM Performance ?
12:22PM 3 bridge throughput problem
12:01PM 0 behaviour of autochanger when slot is empty?
10:42AM 3 What Hardware Do I Need to have
10:20AM 0 Best practices iSCSI / redundancy
9:01AM 8 vanilla kernel crashes on xen 3.3.1
Thursday September 3 2009
10:19PM 20 latest GPLPV drivers and microsoft.com
6:07PM 1 Xen on a Server with Multiple Network Interfaces and Network Performance
5:25PM 1 [Xen-ia64-devel] expected network throughput on RHEL Dom0 / PV DomU
4:31PM 1 XEN modified kernel with PAE support
3:59PM 4 xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
2:57PM 1 paravirtualization inte-vt and amd-v
2:36PM 6 How do you add a bootable cdrom ISO?
2:36PM 6 domU static IP
2:31PM 1 Paravirtualization drivers for running windows guests being release ???
2:04PM 0 Xen Mailing List Archive Systems
1:57PM 0 remus and kemari
11:42AM 3 xen deinstall lenny install
9:48AM 1 Xenmon execution count problem
1:57AM 3 Problem bridging multiple NICs
Wednesday September 2 2009
10:21PM 2 Windows Guest VM too slow in my dual-socket quad core Nehelam server
7:13PM 0 Xen nativo
6:45PM 1 Xen Native Install
6:25PM 9 GPLPV: Windows Server 2008 BSOD 0x1000007E
2:51PM 3 Xen LiveCD scripts: mount cannot mount the squashfs filesystem image?
10:48AM 5 Cannot start PV guests
9:37AM 2 Network Stops when network-bridge starts
8:23AM 0 Fw: R: Debian PV domU on Centos dom0
6:57AM 1 dom0 ethernet bonding and domU
6:52AM 4 Debian PV domU on Centos dom0
3:09AM 0 iscsi target on xen in production
Tuesday September 1 2009
10:02PM 2 error message while starting xen
2:35PM 1 Memory Limitations
1:20PM 3 Kernel panic on Lenny 2.6.26-2 and Xen 3.4.1
9:43AM 9 uninstalling GplPv 0.9.12-pre4 ends in bluescreen
1:54AM 1 PV OR HVM?