Xen users - Oct 2009

Saturday October 31 2009
11:54AM 2 Video Tutorial: How to Setup a Virtual Supercomputer Center or HPC Cluster using Xen Virtual Machines
1:09AM 18 PCI Passthrough to Windows DomU
Friday October 30 2009
7:08PM 0 FW: XEN and Clustering SLES11
7:05PM 0 Xen.org Community Weekly Update October 30, 2009
6:41PM 5 XEN and Clustering SLES11
6:07PM 17 Live-migration doesn''t work to Windows guest
5:46PM 1 Xen : Is thin provisioning possible in Xen?
5:32PM 4 Xen+Munin+Monit?
5:26PM 62 How do you give USB to a Windows domU?
5:00PM 6 moving LV''s devices to a SAN server.
1:10PM 0 Error when migrating (live) hvm guest with xen 3.4.1
12:35PM 14 Oracle on a classic Physical server Win2k3 versus Oracle on domU win2k3
9:56AM 0 HVM Guests and tap interfaces
9:05AM 0 Question re Debian, xen and performance problems
7:27AM 0 Re: Fw: How to hide Realtek card with GPLPV
6:37AM 24 Using Xen Virtualization Environment for Development and Testing of Supercomputing and High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster MPICH2 MPI-2 Applications
4:59AM 1 I/O Performance concerns (Xen 3.3.2)
4:55AM 7 I/O performance concerns. (Xen 3.3.2)
Thursday October 29 2009
11:18PM 1 64 bit Intel HVM Weirdness - setjmp\longjump fp exception in Xen, not on real hardware or AMD HVM
10:04PM 4 GPLPV under NetBSD dom0
4:41PM 0 XM Console access error
2:24PM 0 Intel Quad Port ET NIC - PCI Passthrough?
2:19PM 0 Accessing I/O port on XEN
11:20AM 2 mounting a filesystem image
7:47AM 1 How to hide Realtek card with GPLPV
7:27AM 1 "xen/lowlevel/xc/xc.c:7:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory"
3:13AM 0 Best Constellation
Wednesday October 28 2009
11:26PM 1 Xen Hanging issue with kuduz Hardware change during boot
4:55PM 0 Changing vif rate limiting without restarting Virtual Machine
3:53PM 5 Diskless Xen (PXE, NFS, ...)
3:45PM 2 Query regarding Citrix
2:36PM 3 Test GPLPV
1:55PM 0 How change cdrom with qemu for a hvm guest
10:31AM 1 setup a domU on another domU
8:00AM 0 Xen and Eucalyptus inter-management?
6:01AM 0 changing mtu at dom0
Tuesday October 27 2009
4:57PM 0 erratic network traffic
4:41PM 1 Xen Virtualization, VT-d, VGA Passthrough, & Windows XP HVM Virtual Machine: Super PI 32M Benchmark
4:00PM 5 New and Current Xen Systems no longer fully boot and pause themselves
3:59PM 2 No networking on dom0 Lenny
3:22PM 31 Latest unstable detects cpu speed incorrectly
1:16PM 3 Xen Bonding Network Connections
12:25PM 6 Replicating a live server on a domU
10:36AM 0 hypervisor memory usage
10:12AM 1 live migration fails (rtc fails to suspend)
10:03AM 7 LVM+Xen+FreeNAS possible?
9:17AM 1 Where to get the source code of v2xva
6:36AM 0 Xen Virtualization & Intel VT-d: Direct Hardware Access to Graphics Card by Windows HVM Virtual Machines
6:35AM 1 GPLPV -- upgrading to
12:42AM 0 i can''t use virt-manager with xen on debian 5.0!!!
12:02AM 6 Running 32bit domain 0 on 64 bit hypervisor
Monday October 26 2009
11:55PM 6 xm mem-set on a running dom0
8:30PM 4 Please advise re ''on_crash'' parameter.
7:27PM 3 HXEN: Installing Hxen
5:17PM 1 Odd Xen network issue
2:29PM 8 GPLPV and LUN''s on a storage
1:36PM 2 HVM crash with raw_aio_remove
12:14PM 4 restore root password in domU
11:40AM 7 xen bridge jumbo frame problems starting new DomU
10:45AM 6 LVM over Xen + Network
Saturday October 24 2009
10:44PM 1 Is there any way to make work with XEN?
5:38PM 11 More Xen Virtualization Videos
2:11PM 6 XEN acpi_processor error
10:48AM 11 Howto hide scsi or other hardware from the virtual system
8:02AM 0 ServerLoft Anyone?
5:28AM 2 can''t find X11 headers
12:13AM 0 Xen.org Community Weekly Update for October 23, 2009
Friday October 23 2009
11:00PM 0 Xen Clone VM Scripts based on LVM partitions
10:02PM 1 [PATCH] RHEL/CentOS 5, Xen 3.4.1 and Power Management
9:32PM 2 sparse to non-sparse image file
6:59PM 0 Pthreads Overhead
6:00PM 1 Hauppauge WinTV-PVR USB2 TV Tuner Pass-through to Windows HVM Virtual Machines
2:45PM 17 Xen 3.5-unstable, pv-ops dom0 kernel, Windows XP Home HVM Virtual Machine, PCI Express x16 Graphics Passthrough, Firewire Controller Passthrough, HD Audio Controller Passthrough, 3D Video and Disk I/O Benchmark Results
2:45PM 0 Shorewall-Xen problems... (Cross-posted to Xen and Shorewall mailing lists)
1:45PM 1 XEN importing VM
11:47AM 1 [OT] About using pastebin
9:32AM 3 PV guests hang at boot time
1:33AM 3 fail to install xen gplpv drivers for windows
Thursday October 22 2009
5:55PM 2 Debian Lenny, and Nvidia
4:35PM 0 compile domU kernel
2:05PM 1 RedHat Xen and PeopleSoft/Oracle Support Matrix
2:02PM 2 Issue when booting DomU with partitioned disk image
11:43AM 5 can not start domU
11:03AM 0 Fw: Re: working with latest -xen kernel?
10:22AM 46 Building Vanilla source with XEN hypervisor
1:11AM 2 xen 3.4.1 on debian system
Wednesday October 21 2009
9:13PM 3 Recommendation for traffic shaping
5:39PM 10 xen cpu affinity, ie; pinning cpus
4:37PM 7 should packages be removed before installing xen from source?
11:34AM 6 Xen Virtual Network
10:53AM 4 CentOS domU under CentOS Dom0.
10:37AM 0 Re: working with latest -xen kernel?
10:35AM 0 doubt regarding xen network IO scheduler
7:29AM 3 SuperMicro IPMI + Nehalem CPU
7:21AM 1 XEN Netwok Configuration
7:09AM 0 DomU doesn''t have a network card
Tuesday October 20 2009
7:26PM 0 HVM NFS boot with 2.6.31 dom0 and xen 3.5
6:52PM 0 Looking for suggestions with multiple issues
6:46PM 0 can''t initialize iptables table `filter'': Bad file descriptor
4:50PM 1 ARP-Spoofing + Xen Network script ???
4:01PM 0 Xen 3.3-testing + Kemari (PV drivers on HVM)
12:26PM 0 Pxe boot, how to activate it ?
12:21PM 7 DomU don''t wanna die...
11:04AM 1 Timeout when automatically getting linux 2.6.18 sources
9:29AM 22 Why Xen will deprecated? Is it to old?
9:19AM 0 Xen hangs when creating virtual machine on openSUSE
2:54AM 0 new user
2:38AM 0 i get an error in installing xen domain-U(full virtual)
Monday October 19 2009
10:36PM 3 CenOs , Jaunty
7:17PM 3 switching kernel from dom0 to guest with pv-grub
4:28PM 0 DomU Install CD Freeze at "initializing cgroup subsys net_cls"
2:02PM 3 Debian 64bits DomU
1:59PM 1 Help needed for configuring DHCP3 server on XEN
1:45PM 0 [XCI] VM not starting
11:25AM 4 Couldn''t open directory /lib/modules/2.6.26-2-xen-686: No such file or directory
8:23AM 5 xen networking Fedora 8
4:26AM 3 iscsi and block-attach with GPLPV
1:17AM 2 Partitioned Ubuntu menu.lst settings -
Sunday October 18 2009
10:24PM 3 "xm save" fails on kernel.org domU with Xen 3.4.1
8:08PM 1 Configuring a NIC for DOM0 and DOMU
12:28PM 2 How to disable the public ip in Dom0 and enable on DomU
11:40AM 1 How does Live Migration work
3:03AM 4 issue with memory at dom0
12:43AM 3 Power management in hypervisor
Saturday October 17 2009
8:35PM 4 ip which is already being used can be taken by windows vps
3:42PM 1 problem sharing logical volume across xen domains
11:14AM 2 connexion probleme with debian xenefied!!!!!
1:50AM 6 bash script to create domU''s?
Friday October 16 2009
8:49PM 2 xensource-2.6.29-xen-r4 and 2.6.31 IRQ 17 e1000
8:07PM 3 OT - mostly
3:46PM 0 live migration and memory ballooning of VM on source host
11:00AM 26 hardware recommendations please
9:19AM 6 Disabling clock set in PV boot?
8:37AM 1 XEN on Laptop, some questions
Thursday October 15 2009
6:27PM 0 The host joining the pool must have the same product version as the pool master
6:09PM 1 Upgrade dom0 from Debian etch to lenny.
5:53PM 0 xen-utils-3.4: NIC 82574L not working
2:47PM 2 problem starting Xen VM
2:29PM 0 Xen API?
12:27PM 5 Too slow for Windows on HVM Xen
11:21AM 0 domU display issue
6:31AM 1 about libvirt
Wednesday October 14 2009
8:02PM 0 debugging xm create -c?
7:28PM 6 netfront support in newer kernels
4:07PM 1 Extremely slow disk access -- is there a way to optimize?
3:36PM 36 rebased opensuse 2.6.31 xen patches
3:13PM 0 Using CPUFREQ within Xen
2:38PM 5 Xen and DomU GFS2 data access
12:02PM 0 Re: Driver/Backend Domains
9:47AM 4 HVM network interface question
8:47AM 0 virt-manager cannot connect xen
3:33AM 8 maximum domU performance
12:10AM 0 when i install the xen domain-U use full virtual mode, i get an error,but when i add option -p it''s ok,why?
Tuesday October 13 2009
6:38PM 0 xen restart tweak
5:44PM 4 file based domu conversion to lvm
5:08PM 1 Unable to compile xen-unstable (git error)
2:21PM 0 Xen & InfiniBand
11:27AM 5 GPLPV windows dont shutdown
10:50AM 0 Unable to mount root fs via NFS
10:36AM 1 i have question about domain-U''s full virtual install
10:31AM 2 iptables problem
7:12AM 0 Xen on archlinux
12:57AM 3 moving virtual machines from one computer to another
Monday October 12 2009
10:07PM 0 xenbus.h:115: undefined reference to `__xenbus_register_frontend''
5:21PM 6 pciback.hide equivalent boot arg for PVOPS xen/master kernel?
3:08PM 0 Something about StubDomain
12:57PM 0 domU hangs after "xm create command" having error "exception looking up device number for xvda"
7:36AM 4 How to get vmlinux?
7:15AM 0 monitoring complete Server usage
Sunday October 11 2009
11:18PM 3 Playing 3D FPS Games in Xen-based Windows XP Home Edition HVM Virtual Machine
7:23PM 0 xen-tools questions
3:12PM 6 Heavy Dom0 traffic stops network
8:35AM 4 book about Xen
6:22AM 4 Install from ISO?
2:14AM 3 compiling xen from source in AMD
Saturday October 10 2009
10:50PM 1 USB Forward
10:23PM 0 Allocating memory silently fails
2:23PM 1 Ubuntu 9.04 with xen unstable and 2.6.31 pvops kernel hangs at boot
12:14PM 0 IP alias on dom0 NIC
6:42AM 6 Dom0 crashes on ubuntu 9.04 Server
6:32AM 0 Dom0 crashes on ubuntu 9.04
Friday October 9 2009
9:53PM 1 problem with Ubuntu PV on Centos Dom0
8:17PM 0 AUTO: Arthur Doumas is out of the office. (returning 10/12/2009)
7:37PM 0 Citrix XenServer 5.5???
5:45PM 0 xen 3.5 boot on nehalem hangs
5:13PM 0 xen bridge script issues? - bond0 vs pbond0
2:16PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Update - October 9, 2009
12:51AM 2 I want to add a iso file for booting from CDROM, how can i modify the config file?
12:23AM 0 subscribe
Thursday October 8 2009
10:11PM 3 xen and infiniband uverbs
8:10PM 0 on_crash = ''restart'' does not work
6:17PM 20 config.sxp pain - auto start?
4:40PM 2 Xen Online Forums - Trial User Name/ Password
2:06PM 3 NFS Problem
1:05PM 0 Zombie VMs cannot be destroyed
10:15AM 0 Xenstore library not found
7:48AM 1 updated the xen 3.3, domU losses network during install
12:57AM 1 Cannot get network access on domU (NetBSD), other than to the dom0
Wednesday October 7 2009
10:25PM 1 Which is fastest for Xen disks: LVM, Qcow2 or Image-based VM?
9:27PM 0 Hints on Balancing of a System with many HVM DomUs
8:10PM 3 Xen.org Online Forums Reminder
5:56PM 0 virt-install, etc... management advice
1:54PM 0 Cannot Set QIE Field for Queue Invalidation
11:22AM 2 SOLUTION: GPL PV xen net settings
9:37AM 1 No valid installmedia found
4:18AM 6 Binary for Xen x86?
2:21AM 0 VM dies spontaneously, how to diagnose?
Tuesday October 6 2009
10:31PM 34 Xen Performance
10:02PM 0 freebsd8 domU
9:35PM 1 it''s about VifX.Y for a wireless NIC
9:27PM 1 Patching Linux kernel with Xen code
8:41PM 3 xen 3.4.1 bonding mode 0
7:30PM 2 XEN network problem, domU''s have no network connection
7:10PM 3 More memory problems.
5:42PM 4 can not run vpn service in windows vps with gplpv drive
5:15PM 2 BSOD on Windows 2003 R2 x64 using gplpv
3:11PM 2 xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
1:50PM 9 Clock time off in windows
12:41AM 0 Unknown Partition Table
Monday October 5 2009
10:12PM 0 Xen 3.4 on Ubuntu 9.04
10:06PM 9 xen-3.4 on ubuntu 9.04
9:49PM 0 OpenBSD and Sendmail on Xen
6:01PM 0 Xentrace problem
5:36PM 2 one problem with gplpv drive
1:43PM 3 Nested Xen
1:31PM 1 Issue on resizing domU root partition
12:27PM 0 cannot boot my dom0 : hard drive not found
9:15AM 2 Unable to get login prompt in a debian-lenny guest
8:34AM 5 OpenSUSE xen 2.6.31
7:16AM 2 elf_init : not an elf binary
Sunday October 4 2009
11:49AM 6 network-route and vif-route setup help
2:55AM 2 Compile software on guest make a performance boost?
Saturday October 3 2009
8:00PM 1 hvm shutdown hooks
Friday October 2 2009
10:34PM 0 XENBUS: Waiting for devices to initialise
7:25PM 0 operation="profile_load" info="unsupported interface version"
6:01PM 6 NIC and domU - direct attach
5:49PM 0 Help !
3:20PM 6 HVM with stub domains fails at startup: ERROR Internal error: Could not open grant table interface (22 = Invalid argument)
3:05PM 1 xend or virt-manager choking
7:15AM 1 SAN for Xen - NFS-RDMA or ISCSI-ISER
Thursday October 1 2009
10:17PM 3 AMD SR5690/SP5100 + 2.6.31 + pv_ops = bad domU performances
5:28PM 8 Installing Debian DomU
3:59PM 3 XenLinux: backport newer tg3 driver?
3:55PM 10 Problems installing Windows domU on XEN 3.2
1:51PM 1 Possible to increase guest memory without reboot?
9:51AM 0 Errors in FreeBSD started in HVM
8:45AM 0 Query about peth0
3:47AM 2 Maximum RAM, CPU and Filesystem size per VM
3:29AM 5 Pass through multiple USB Devices
12:29AM 0 it''s about xen and xorp