Xen users - Aug 2009

Monday August 31 2009
5:36PM 1 XEN guest VM config issue for windows 2003 installation
5:33PM 0 xen topology
3:17PM 5 Xen.org Website Update Complete
3:11PM 2 Can xen pv drivers take profit from this ?
3:00PM 0 openvswitch.org
2:40PM 1 xen rebase/master: Kernel NULL pointer dereference
1:31PM 0 Xen.org Website Going Down for Update
12:43PM 6 PV Linux domUs freeze after a few hours
11:34AM 2 On top of cluster
10:41AM 2 for X3.4 support list
8:18AM 1 Xen locks down on specific server after 1-3 days
8:01AM 0 AUTO: Arthur Doumas is out of the office. (returning 09/02/2009)
5:49AM 0 NBD not working?
Sunday August 30 2009
10:30PM 4 Multiple Network Cards + Multiple Bridges on debian lenny
7:57PM 0 I/O Virtualization failure on d5400xs with iommu=1
Saturday August 29 2009
10:45PM 2 cpu.c BUG, Xen or hardware failure?
7:44PM 2 Windows hvm slow performace
7:11PM 7 paravirtualization on linux domU
7:45AM 1 Xend problem
6:15AM 0 xend config file
3:08AM 2 OS images for virtualisation
2:12AM 0 Block-iscsi in HVM setup.
Friday August 28 2009
6:00PM 0 Problem running Debian 5-0 from stacklet.com as DomU
5:55PM 0 Re: using Linux as a NAS / SAN device (Rudi Ahlers)
10:22AM 1 How to create a windows vm with ganeti2.
9:49AM 0 Ganeti2 création d'une instance windows.
8:35AM 1 Install HVM on Domain 0 Using the CD-ROM of the other Windows Host?
8:26AM 0 What is the exact meaning of the xpass and xfail in the vm-test cases?
7:21AM 2 using Linux as a NAS / SAN device
7:05AM 0 Cannot create PV guests
1:44AM 0 digi dgrp on XenU RHEL3 DDK
Thursday August 27 2009
5:21PM 3 iSCSI initiator problems accessing Infortrend storage
1:27PM 9 drbd integration in Xen3.3(Ubuntu)
12:49PM 4 Debian lenny, lvm and filesystem xfs
12:23PM 0 Quiesce VM''s
8:22AM 0 A simple question - xend-debug.log
6:50AM 8 cannot boot PV guest
6:22AM 1 I/O Vitualization disbaled problem
Wednesday August 26 2009
11:11PM 5 Windows 2000 server VM on Xen open source CPU hog?
9:50PM 0 How to install the InputVSC driver ?
6:01PM 1 windows vif info
4:01PM 26 Xen and I/O Intensive Loads
2:45PM 3 VOIP : Asterisk and Xen
1:58PM 6 Two v.3.4.1 downloads
1:42PM 5 update xen
9:33AM 2 Is it feasible and stable to deploy a 32-bits Dom0 on 64-bits Xen Hypervisor?
9:11AM 0 Re: Problem booting xen in gui mode
8:56AM 0 how to find config file for running XEN domU ?
8:20AM 0 FreeBSD on domU BTX HALTED
8:19AM 0 Re: Problem booting xen in gui mode
5:46AM 8 2.6.30
2:25AM 0 VIFs disappear from bridge - 3.0.3 Debian Etch
Tuesday August 25 2009
10:43PM 14 3.4-testing : Kernel panic on bootup (mount: could not find filesystem /dev/root/)
7:56PM 10 One nic multiple ip''s
3:55PM 3 hotplug scripts not working Xen 3.4.1.
2:31PM 4 Auto attaching ISCSI luns
1:33PM 4 Creating a Fedora 11 DomU
12:54PM 5 And another gplpv update
7:53AM 1 domU xenified kernel,, no console?
2:37AM 11 GPLPV drivers update
Monday August 24 2009
10:48PM 5 dom0 can see connections from domU-s
7:39PM 2 windows PV drivers
6:56PM 18 Current 2.6.3x kernel and patches for Ubuntu 9.04?
6:39PM 0 Question about ip assign/route on guest machine
2:28PM 0 Feature request: snapshot again
10:17AM 2 unable to start windows HVM guest
8:04AM 0 Substitution of xensec_ezpolicy in console environment
Sunday August 23 2009
9:01PM 0 Re: [FIXED] Dell R605: Broadcom PCI pass through problem
12:00PM 0 Dell R605: Broadcom PCI pass through problem
11:22AM 2 xen network interfaces: How do I retrieve from an executable running within domain0 the MAC of an frontend-(domainU)-network-interface ?
9:23AM 3 backing up DomU with Netbackup is 3 times slower
7:37AM 10 I need advice about xen project
Saturday August 22 2009
11:18AM 5 Fw: Re: Latest working -xen kernel?
6:14AM 6 Fw: Re: my bootlog
12:55AM 5 Hot plug scripts
Friday August 21 2009
4:23PM 0 Xen 4.0 feature request - Brainstorm on Networking and Virtual Switches!
3:53PM 0 Backup Domu KVM
3:34PM 0 Xen CPU overhead
2:42PM 3 Problem with Xen and OCFS2
1:57PM 3 Debian & eth0 vs. peth0
1:41PM 2 Xen.org Community Weekly Update
9:55AM 2 vmx with SU3500 CPU
8:52AM 2 Debian lenny and the TLS warning
7:46AM 0 Migration worfed system to xen
7:44AM 0 Can''t enable XSM/ACM in Xen 3.4.0?
7:31AM 4 Will this work? (Zeroing free space)
Thursday August 20 2009
10:28PM 1 Creating lvm on new image file or attach image as block device
5:39PM 0 How to get instance IP from outside..
4:19PM 0 Xend is crashing after few hours/days.
11:33AM 5 Question about using Xen in a periphery firewall/router scenario
11:31AM 1 Xen boot probe
10:01AM 19 Latest working -xen kernel?
8:47AM 0 (no subject)
8:17AM 3 No swap on domU
5:52AM 9 What does viridian=1 do?
Wednesday August 19 2009
4:01AM 10 my bootlog
Tuesday August 18 2009
1:51PM 1 Disk Encryption
8:06AM 0 Patch for vulnerability?
1:28AM 3 Difference between xm create and xm new / xm start
Monday August 17 2009
9:01PM 1 VPS without network
5:16PM 1 Libvirt-cim provider
5:14PM 1 Live Move on Xen
5:13PM 4 Create dummy VMs
3:05PM 2 Difference between xenified and pv_ops kernel
12:10PM 2 Xen Kernel cant find root device - 4 days and no progress :(
9:12AM 2 Building and Installing Xen 4.3 in Fedora11
6:47AM 2 32bit domU on amd64 dom0
Sunday August 16 2009
11:06AM 9 increase size for dom guest using lvm online
Saturday August 15 2009
3:47PM 4 snapshot backup at iscsi or dom0, which one is better?
12:29PM 1 Xen 3.2.1 @ Debian 5.0 - /boot/grub is gone after hangon
9:05AM 0 how to build custom xen kernel
2:49AM 8 xen benchmark results on nehalem
Friday August 14 2009
9:22PM 4 Why xen 3.4.x doesn''t works on server with this controler Symbios Logic SAS1064ET PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS
7:19PM 0 Re: Trouble enabling VT-D: "I/O virtualisation disabled"
5:53PM 17 windows 2008 x64 no cdrom.
5:49PM 2 Windows 2008 datacenter no cdrom.
11:51AM 1 patch against general kernel NULL pointer vulnurability
10:17AM 0 Problem when remoting domU
9:49AM 0 Black screen in vnc conexion to hvm machine (etch without X)
9:28AM 0 [dhcp] virtual server on DomU & dhcp relay
1:34AM 2 Re: Packet rate
Thursday August 13 2009
9:14PM 0 Sms-service
6:53PM 0 make fails with 2.6.31-rc5
6:52PM 0 HVM creation problem
5:15PM 0 edit grub.conf
1:53PM 6 VNC Console Hangs
11:47AM 0 CD Rom problem with install
11:26AM 0 Kernel.org Linux on Xen as domU with PCI support
9:56AM 7 Pygrub Installation
9:29AM 10 HVM or PV
5:45AM 0 libvir: Remote error : No such file or directory
1:58AM 0 how to determine whether a kernel is PV or FV without __xen_guest section?
Wednesday August 12 2009
6:55PM 0 missing vif-script in /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp file
6:09PM 2 Re: Working config for xenified kernel
4:38PM 1 how reache the network since a virtual machine?
1:35PM 3 no devpts shmfs mounted in domU
12:49PM 0 Xen ISO Repository
11:26AM 3 hi all..... probleme with clocksource
10:27AM 2 LPT configuration for the DomU
9:36AM 1 Bridges
Tuesday August 11 2009
12:43PM 2 Greetings from new user
10:45AM 6 Error while compiling Xen
8:30AM 0 2.6.30 and XEN_FBDEV_FRONTEND Broken ?
7:46AM 1 about resource pool
7:28AM 1 FW: Xen 3.3.2 with under Centos
3:56AM 9 can''t add vlans successfully
Monday August 10 2009
10:01PM 4 FC11 and pv_ops kernel
8:14PM 0 Vt-d not working with 3.4.1
7:40PM 1 Pre-Built Images
1:32PM 0 vif xen
9:39AM 1 Build
9:31AM 0 Deleting VM that appears in XM List without ID
8:13AM 0 Xen 3.3.2 with under Centos
Saturday August 8 2009
6:51AM 0 State of Xen Memory Overcommit
Friday August 7 2009
10:43PM 1 Digi port server on Linux with xenU kernel extension.
5:22PM 0 VM and xconfig
4:05PM 25 Bootable LiveDVD w/ Xen that boots Windows Image?
2:37PM 6 Console stops responding after init finsihes runlevel 2 startup
2:33PM 14 AMD-V or VT
2:18PM 0 sometime it becomes no response when booting VM from images
1:48PM 133 iscsi vs nfs for xen VMs
1:44PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Community Update
1:28PM 0 Firs reboot to host OS
8:04AM 0 is cpu_weight parameter working for hvm domU
7:22AM 3 how to verify if gplpv is installled
6:35AM 2 dom0 is easy to be crashed?
3:35AM 1 Exploring Xen 3.3.2 with LVM, iSCSI and PVSCSI...
2:56AM 1 xm top : network info for domU
2:37AM 0 re: Error: ''ACM policy not supported.'' (尹磊)
1:17AM 3 Compiling Linux kernel for Dom0
Thursday August 6 2009
10:46PM 5 xen3.4.1 on Debian Lenny - network scripts bug?
10:35PM 12 [ANNOUNCE] Xen 3.3.2 and 3.4.1 released
10:03PM 0 High iowait in dom0 after creating a new guest, with file-based domU disk on GFS
6:37PM 2 Bridge Changes Cause Connections to Drop
1:29PM 0 Network card driver missing?
12:46PM 0 How to use windbg to debug XEN windows XP domainU under Suse 10sp2?
11:50AM 1 I am running out of random numbers
10:40AM 0 hvm domU can not start
10:29AM 2 Windows SBS 2003 shutting down
10:26AM 1 Network Block Devices & Redundancy
9:36AM 0 Error: ''ACM policy not supported.''
9:24AM 1 guest/host dependencies
9:01AM 1 Original Kernel or HVM
12:42AM 0 lots of dropped packets on vif interfaces
12:28AM 4 HOWTO use Virtual Hard Disk - VHD with Xen domUs?
12:21AM 2 kernel 2.6.30 xenified --- report - firmware problem
Wednesday August 5 2009
8:31PM 0 Xen domU Live-Migration from a 4-core dom0 to 2-core dom0?
8:22PM 0 xend -x ampersand''s
7:20PM 0 Kernel paging request crash
3:51PM 0 HA Clustiner with Xen
3:00PM 3 Load Balancing
1:41PM 6 Prevent partitioning on LVM
12:23PM 2 What can collapse all the domU????????''
10:42AM 1 XEN LIST is empty
9:04AM 2 Windows PV Drivers BlueScreening
6:20AM 2 Unable to start domU because losetup fails
3:42AM 0 (no subject)
Tuesday August 4 2009
9:21PM 8 Bonding...again
8:56PM 0 start domU: Error: unknown opcode
7:43PM 0 vhd to xen img file (not using xenserver)
2:02PM 10 Xen Panic w/ dom0 (gentoo-xen-kernel.googlecode.com patches)
1:38PM 5 FreeBSD starting by HVM
1:25PM 0 xendomains init error
8:56AM 0 Configuring a windows network within xen
6:32AM 0 pcipassthrough questions
6:17AM 0 W2k3 CDROM missing with GPLPV drivers
5:26AM 1 opensolaris xnf0 freezing with nfs traffic
Monday August 3 2009
10:19PM 13 Getting Windows 2003 to run in multiple cores ???
4:32PM 4 Self service interfaces for Xen
4:25PM 1 Weird Network issue
3:23PM 0 Re: [opensuse] Losing NFS mounts on 11.1
3:01PM 1 USB device access for DomU?
2:54PM 0 (no subject)
2:42PM 2 Problem installing Win2k3 in domU
1:55PM 1 Cannot boot Dom0: Thread overran stack, or stack corrupted
12:04PM 7 FreeBSD
11:59AM 0 Xen 3.4 Gitco and Domain Lock
10:52AM 1 Failed to assign PCI NIC to pciback
10:08AM 3 How to know the network limits?
9:25AM 0 MAC address value
7:59AM 23 Windows 2008 - slow upload
6:50AM 0 iSCSI boot of Hypervisor(Dom0)
6:11AM 3 assign a hostname to a xen instance
3:14AM 5 Xm scsi-attach on redhat Linux
Sunday August 2 2009
10:25PM 0 Working with myoung''s beta F12 pvops dom0
7:46PM 1 GPLPV save/restore/migrate Issues
3:03PM 0 pv_ops on Debian 2.6.26 dom0 ?
Saturday August 1 2009
10:44AM 7 dom0 unable to launch domU
4:56AM 0 Binding hidden PCI devices to a transferred DomU
3:35AM 2 Problem getting PCI devices hidden from Dom0