Xen users - Aug 2007

Friday August 31 2007
10:35PM 2 xen 3.0.3-1 still tls.disabled?
10:31PM 2 Where did the Xen source tarballs go?
9:24PM 0 iSCSI & XenExpress 4.0.1
8:10PM 2 RE: Kernel sources for DomU
7:09PM 1 xenbr0, no peth0, problem with network configuration
6:52PM 0 RAM past first memory hole missing
5:01PM 0 Strange kernel panic Xen 3.1.0 (64 bit)
2:35PM 2 Announce: Ganeti - virtual server management software for Xen
11:30AM 2 HVM windows 2003 crashes: qemu-dm segfault
11:02AM 1 Fakeraid with Xen ver. 4.01
10:06AM 8 Error: ... Backend device not found.
9:07AM 0 Sun nxge NIC problem
3:40AM 1 Framebuffer device in Xen 3.1 dom0
Thursday August 30 2007
7:48PM 1 xen kernel
6:31PM 0 Problem with tap:aio
3:50PM 2 rror: Unable to connect to xend
3:47PM 0 (XEN) traps.c:2223: GPF (ffdc): ff165a6c -> ff165a7d
2:21PM 9 Xen patch for Linux 2.6.22 / 2.6.23
12:25PM 5 fc4 domU on rhel5 dom
8:26AM 0 Suggestions on XEN configuration with local and remote iSCSI
7:09AM 3 xen 3.1 stable?
6:15AM 1 qyery regarding xen
4:55AM 4 Xen future on workstation - dual head
3:46AM 7 vPro (VT-d) support?
3:05AM 0 Re: dhcp service in Dom0 not working properly [SOLVED]
Wednesday August 29 2007
9:22PM 0 segmentation faults in paravirtualized os
9:03PM 3 Newest Xen-Unstable freezes during boot
7:30PM 0 DomU error on Debian Etch-amd64 softlockup_tick+timer_interrupt
4:49PM 1 FullVirt to ParaVirt
8:33AM 4 xen and software raid and some other questions
Tuesday August 28 2007
2:47PM 3 Real CPUs (Dual Core) vs. VCPU count in HVM DomU
2:28PM 0 Segmentation fault on dom0
1:14PM 2 xen 4.0.1 src
12:51PM 1 PV domain on NAS
12:30PM 0 how to pass a file-based virtual floppy to domU?
9:21AM 0 cd-rom device tray will not open while guest WIN domain is running
7:43AM 0 how to setup a hvm using image file, which include LVM partition, as backend
6:37AM 2 how to retrofit DomU installation initrd w/ xennet/xenblk?
3:36AM 2 Im Resize
3:27AM 5 windows XP Guest network doesn''t work
Monday August 27 2007
10:21PM 3 Error while reading source midia
7:20PM 3 Xen secure display
3:04PM 2 Is NPTL in PV Xen Possible in RHEL5/CentOS 5 Distros?
2:05PM 3 32bit on 64-bit causes guest Kernel oops
12:21PM 0 Xen 3.1 xm with xenapi
8:00AM 9 Loading ACM policy in XSM
7:41AM 2 Virtual Sound Support to PV guests
6:56AM 0 Enabling Gigabyte HVM
Sunday August 26 2007
7:41PM 3 Best Dom0 Distro for Hardware Detection, etc.
7:40PM 1 Any plans on paravirtualized Windows?
3:49PM 3 dhcp service in Dom0 not working properly
5:23AM 0 Xen under vmware
Saturday August 25 2007
4:50PM 2 vifX.X and vethX not showing
3:46PM 11 Linux 2.3.23-rc3 on Xen 3.1 fails in xen_write_cr4
1:37PM 3 Copy on write Disk Images
10:29AM 0 problem compiling xen 3.1
9:33AM 15 Xen and serial port
Friday August 24 2007
10:54PM 0 xenbr and bad ethernet device names in my virtual machines
8:19PM 0 Adding Access to a New Volume Group on XenServer 4.0.1
6:09PM 10 domU migration
3:50PM 0 xen 3.1.0 running HVM SMP guest
2:56PM 1 can you mount the partitions inside a qcow image file?
2:49PM 4 solaris domU on ubuntu dom0
2:10PM 6 Debian Etch: Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
1:58PM 0 HVM 100% cpu
1:06PM 1 Only simple guides for Xen
11:47AM 1 XEN auditing
11:43AM 1 VM isolation
6:37AM 2 filesystems problem after update to Xen 4.0.1
3:54AM 0 Old DomU OSs
1:13AM 3 Using mainline PVM
1:06AM 4 domU kernels on Centos 5??
12:27AM 6 HVM or not HVM?
Thursday August 23 2007
9:42PM 1 XEN 3.1 Not seeing ARP requests on eth0 or peth0
9:18PM 0 Xen Networking Setup
8:13PM 1 how to pxeboot dom0?
7:39PM 0 Re: Automatizzare script bash
4:06PM 7 One dedicated NIC per domU
4:05PM 3 How many VMs on single server...
3:56PM 0 Fibre Channet Host Adapter
3:38PM 1 howto for HVM, Debian, Windows
3:19PM 1 Re: fc7 installation with Rinse
2:22PM 4 Fedora Core 7 HVM installation
2:20PM 2 domU unable to open an initial console
1:56PM 0 Copy-on-write Disk Images
12:47PM 0 XEN and Netware 4.10
7:57AM 1 guest''s vnc display freezes
3:49AM 0 about xen network
3:05AM 3 No external network for domU''s
Wednesday August 22 2007
11:42PM 3 xen questions
9:54PM 18 Convert physical server to VM
8:36PM 8 guest autostart on host boot
7:04PM 1 problems booting linux image in Xen HVM mode
5:02PM 2 virtual fram buffer problem in Xen 3.1
4:51PM 0 Xen3.1 x86_64: no volume groups found
11:53AM 4 adding logical volumes to be used by domU
7:50AM 2 Dedicating a physical CPU or Hyperthread to dom0? Strange test results
3:50AM 2 mounting CentOS formatted file-backed images
Tuesday August 21 2007
9:02PM 3 64bit dom0, 32bit domU, glibc?
5:28PM 2 copying a vm to a different machine?
5:15PM 0 network stack
3:43PM 3 Xen storage, Server with iSCSI or dedicated SAN?
1:24PM 1 Slow graphics composition in hvm domU
1:22PM 1 AW: Xen Express 4.0 - Console
11:45AM 1 Xen 3.1 64bit / 32bit domU performance
11:23AM 0 help required with the configuration of a network appliance
9:50AM 3 Question about memory management of Xen
9:42AM 1 Xen Express 4.0 - Console
7:46AM 3 Vista glued on my CPU
7:25AM 1 Expand DomU size
7:16AM 2 Assign multiple cpu''s to a single vcpu
4:41AM 2 HVM and IO devices
12:07AM 4 Live Demo CD
Monday August 20 2007
8:08PM 0 guest domain fails to start
7:11PM 1 Debian Etch ignores the maxmem-option
3:22PM 0 domUloader problem
9:43AM 2 Domain-0 freezes when mounting a cloned domU with dd
8:20AM 0 AW: Odd Behavior....
Sunday August 19 2007
11:08AM 2 Networking with DomU(s) with public statis IPs
5:18AM 1 xen and pciback.hide, doesn''t survive domU reboot
Saturday August 18 2007
7:10PM 0 Re: summagraphics serial port tablet
6:58AM 5 Xen + LVM + drbd crash
4:22AM 2 Dependency question
Friday August 17 2007
10:35PM 1 Creating domU systems - Questions
7:17PM 1 Odd Behavior....
4:21PM 0 mouse movements remain confined to guest window
10:11AM 6 Gutsy Xen 3.1 2.6.22-9-xen network-bridge problem
9:31AM 2 Network problem with Debian Etch and Xen
7:23AM 0 Error messages starting domU
12:33AM 1 swap partition and live migration.
Thursday August 16 2007
8:58PM 0 annoying network problem
8:51PM 1 Xen and Intel Debug Registers
6:29PM 1 xen 3.1/ RHEL5 vs. ethtool
5:29PM 2 questions about hypercall and xenoprof
3:24PM 2 xend won''t start
2:22PM 0 Can''t get NAT access to internet from Dom U in my small network
11:02AM 7 Xen/VMWare co-existence?
8:14AM 0 AW: vnc servers do not run
4:57AM 0 Using OHCI to replace UHCI can improve the USB performance dramatically under windows
1:47AM 1 why I cann''t send email to Xen-devel : xen-devel@lists.xensource.com
1:01AM 3 Re: Adding a new virtual block device to a guest
Wednesday August 15 2007
9:42PM 1 FreeBSD as DomU (again, I know - sorry!)
7:05PM 5 Citrix bought XenSource
5:39PM 0 LVM OOM killer
4:42PM 1 Re: OS/2 Warp and eComStation
4:27PM 0 Re: vnc and summagraphics tablet
4:20PM 0 Re: XEN 3.1 on Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty)
4:02PM 0 AW: domU disk image over NFS
3:48PM 1 Switching CDROM discs while HVM runs
10:43AM 8 vnc servers do not run
7:41AM 0 Re: xm top doesnt work - not responding - solved - issued again
5:28AM 2 Compiling Xen 3.1.0-src on Debian AMD64 Machine
3:13AM 5 Xen + windows XP
Tuesday August 14 2007
11:13PM 1 Adding a new virtual block device to a guest os
6:58PM 3 [LVM2 + DRBD + Xen + DRBD 8.0] errors on dom0 and on domU
6:57PM 3 Fedora, SuSE, Gentoo, Slackware as domU
5:39PM 0 Problems with NAT using bridging
4:10PM 0 DomU not seeing the LVMs I''m passing in the config
3:55PM 1 Unexpected error
1:04PM 0 HVM Suse from iso don''t start correcty in Debian Dom0
12:25PM 1 A question about the bridge
10:36AM 1 Fixed network interfaces
Monday August 13 2007
9:16PM 8 disk performance about half in domU? + question about XenSource
7:56PM 1 a question
7:29PM 2 Boot from cd
3:47PM 0 [BUG] migration problem
2:56PM 1 plugging in USB device causes reboot
1:12PM 4 Dell Latitude 820 - Xen Fullvirtualization Support ?
11:33AM 4 Advice on PCIe graphics card for Xen+X86_64 for X
10:27AM 1 Creating a new storage repository
10:01AM 5 kexec into dom0? my machine can''t reboot reliably
8:40AM 0 How xm communicate with xend?
Sunday August 12 2007
2:53PM 15 Resize lvm disk
10:06AM 3 Unknown PCI device in HVM Windows XP
Saturday August 11 2007
11:49PM 1 Raid 1 OS Drives with XenEnterprise?
8:08PM 1 cannot access guest domains via VNC
7:32PM 0 bcm43xx module fails loading on domU
4:20PM 0 using lvm snapshots for taking domU backups
6:39AM 0 How to boot paravitrualized hosts in "linux rescue" mode to switch over to pygrub?
Friday August 10 2007
11:11PM 0 I2C Driver issues with Xen
8:03PM 1 Hypervisor and Linux
7:51PM 5 Mounting LVM sub-partitions
7:28PM 1 Re: xm block-attach from dom0 and exception looking up device number for /dev/xvda1 - why ?
6:39PM 2 etch sata and xen 2.8.16
6:31PM 4 PCI and USB Devices
12:58PM 2 3.0.4: HVM XP Installation hangs on "Registration components"
11:15AM 14 Live migration: 2500ms downtime
10:06AM 2 Xen physical host statistics
7:39AM 7 Dom-U not mounting
7:19AM 0 RE: Zaptel problem and kernel sources for Xen guest
1:30AM 0 libpthread
12:29AM 0 Fedora 7 Dom0 with Ubuntu guest
12:18AM 0 Pin HVM domU to a particular VNC port?
Thursday August 9 2007
11:23PM 1 Fw: XEN Guest Install problem
11:07PM 0 XEN Guest Install problem
10:52PM 5 Safe iSCSI & Live Migrations
7:21PM 1 Serial port redirection
5:12PM 0 Installing a guest os on fedora 7 via xm
1:15PM 1 Migration problems (not live)
8:11AM 0 How to classify Xen source code?
7:29AM 4 domU disk image over NFS
6:52AM 2 migrate a VM to another machine (XEN on SLES10SP1)
2:51AM 0 Issue with Xenhost behind a ISA proxy and downloading files
Wednesday August 8 2007
3:51PM 0 pcifront (CONFIG_XEN_PCIDEV_FRONTEND=m) support in RHEL 4.5 x86 Dom U
3:29PM 1 RE: About the limitation of "Physical RAM" to active guestVMs
2:38PM 0 TAP:AOI - ext2 or ext3?
2:24PM 0 About the limitation of "Physical RAM" to active guest VMs
12:42PM 2 Access guest data from host
11:56AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 30, Issue 28
11:25AM 2 Live migration downtime longer when mem < maxmem
10:13AM 1 Dumping a partition instead of the whole disk ?
9:24AM 3 XEN: configuration challenge
8:13AM 0 apache mod_proxy problem
7:13AM 5 What is the best way to determine a domU is running?
4:30AM 0 Are there any WBEM Providers for Xen
Tuesday August 7 2007
7:32PM 7 32bit domU on 64 bit dom0
12:26PM 3 domU crashs when creating multiple domUs to quickly
11:57AM 4 domU crash by large disk operations on dom0
10:51AM 0 Problems setting up Ali USB controller
7:37AM 1 Problem installing Windows2003 Server on Xen Server 30 day trial
7:01AM 6 mem-set
4:10AM 2 Xen DomU and SNAT
Monday August 6 2007
8:19PM 1 Access guest data (partition) from host VM
5:57PM 6 64 bit dom0 and 32 bit HVM
5:33PM 1 Possible Bug?
1:17PM 0 How to install visble domainU on xen? such like xwindows
12:18PM 13 IP blocking
11:56AM 9 Cloning domUs
11:09AM 2 physical disk doesn''t work in hvm guest
10:15AM 0 DomU print server (usb problem)
9:55AM 0 cisco vpn client
9:26AM 3 xen cluster
9:21AM 2 xen overhead - performance
7:26AM 2 qemu-dm segfault, error 14
4:04AM 1 pci export/passthrough
1:33AM 0 xp boot / sdl freeze
Sunday August 5 2007
6:40PM 2 hardware access
6:25PM 1 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 30, Issue 15
6:04PM 2 xen and 3d acceleration
10:13AM 0 Etch Xen3.0.3: HVM XP with LVM problems
6:59AM 3 OOM killer observed during heavy I/O from VMs (XEN 3.0.4 and XEN 3.1)
6:47AM 0 help in accessing unprivileged domain
Saturday August 4 2007
10:41PM 0 CFP: 2nd Workshop on Virtualization Technology in Distributed Computing
3:29PM 2 Compiling Xen with a custom kernel
3:28PM 1 About the available xen kernel 2.4 patch
1:32PM 0 PCI interrupts in domU not working?
12:40PM 0 Three Questions about SR in Xen
1:09AM 9 32 & 64 & the FAQ
Friday August 3 2007
7:19PM 1 Virtual Machine Papers
3:50PM 1 ADSL and routing with Xen
3:18PM 2 graphic card drivers
3:14AM 0 dom0 iptables DNAT/REDIRECT help
Thursday August 2 2007
10:20PM 0 Gigait Jumbo Frames and Xen ?
9:39PM 1 Ref: Windows 2k3 Guest: boot problem from ISO
5:58PM 0 Enabling a splash screen on Dom0 kernel
5:55PM 0 near native performance
12:50PM 8 Xen 3.1 (pae-mode) causing domU''s to crash if RAM above about 500-800MB is used
11:23AM 0 Problems with radeonfb
10:01AM 12 Xen-Kernel detects just 3.2GB Ram on a 64Bit Debian
9:59AM 0 running already install guest os , in xen host.
6:15AM 0 Fw: NFS boot : Is it a bug? The xen ver is 3.1.0
6:13AM 0 NFS boot : Is it a bug?
Wednesday August 1 2007
7:30PM 2 boot time error
5:13PM 2 external USB HDD exclusive for HVM domU?
8:47AM 1 IA64 Xen Bi-endian support - Litlle-endian Dom0 + Big-endianDomU
5:56AM 0 How to configure Xen0
12:28AM 1 Keyboard Issue inside Debian Etch HVM