Xen users - Sep 2007

Sunday September 30 2007
5:07PM 7 Some questions about PCI-passthrough for HVM(Non-IOMMU)
12:16PM 2 Fai Install Server in DomU
12:15PM 1 Best way to exploit VT chip
Saturday September 29 2007
11:32PM 0 domU to domU bridge - vif being created in dom0
10:02AM 0 kernel compilation for domU error
Friday September 28 2007
4:51PM 0 Network Configuration Bridge problems.
3:07PM 3 Problems compiling 3.1 on i386 debian etch
8:01AM 3 Time went backwards in domU after migration
7:32AM 0 Xen installation on an rhel server with RHEL XEN KERNEL show error
7:08AM 1 About xen book : Professional-XEN-Virtualization-William-Hagen
Thursday September 27 2007
9:50PM 1 BUG: at kernel/irq/manage.c:33 synchronize_irq()
7:34PM 1 Kernel XEN-U for FC7
7:27PM 1 Problem - Paravirtualization in XEN
5:38PM 1 Fail SATA with Xen 3.x on Different Motherboards
2:44PM 1 Clean shutdown of domUs on dom0 reboot
2:37PM 0 Migration failing (xen 3.0.3 on RHEL 5) with "not a valid guest state file: pfn count read"
12:01PM 0 USB-controller in domU
9:17AM 2 Virtual switches
7:55AM 5 Share of disks in read only between dom0 and domU.
7:22AM 0 swiotlb settings in domU config
6:54AM 0 trying to get a windows2000 moved over to a xen machine.
Wednesday September 26 2007
8:10PM 0 How to set VMX trap on a perticular Memory Page
8:10PM 3 Multiple IP Addresses
6:45PM 1 Install ubuntu/fedora like DomU under Slack12 Dom0.
6:37PM 2 Domain has shutdown: reason=poweroff
6:33PM 4 Convert "full virtual" xenU to "paravirtual"
2:29PM 0 Security Patches in Xen 3.1
2:01PM 2 Xen on quad socket AMD Barcelona
1:51PM 1 Linux from an ISO
1:43PM 0 Problems booting kernel
11:05AM 1 slow network when interface receiving in xen 3.0.3
11:03AM 1 Intel VMDq & Xen Platform
10:53AM 6 Network VIFs in xen-3.1 guest do not start up
10:47AM 0 Machine RHEL 5 reboots during creation of second guest OS
8:04AM 0 Xenstore''s DomU managing
1:08AM 2 Do I need a xenU initrd image?
Tuesday September 25 2007
11:37PM 1 Problem using tap:aio with disk on Scientific Linux (RHEL clone)
9:27PM 0 cannot install via network or USB
8:44PM 3 Upgrade to 3.1 and backout plan
5:46PM 6 Network Performance issues on 3.1 - FC7
4:45PM 0 Kernel BUG: DMA error when using PCI card passed through to DomU
3:43PM 5 Network stall
1:27PM 1 Start a WinXP installation problems.
12:47PM 4 No eth0 device found in domU
12:13AM 2 Hypervisor kernel confusion
Monday September 24 2007
8:36PM 1 Compatibility HP Proliant ML350 G4p for Xen 4
7:03PM 1 XEN....a very big problem :D
4:01PM 1 disk options to start a cd installation problem.
1:49PM 2 Debian domU on Gentoo dom0
1:05PM 10 3D acceleration
12:04PM 0 Compiling custom Dom0 kernel
10:52AM 3 Xen 3.1 HVM DomU keeps crashing
10:33AM 0 Enable Multicast Traffic
8:15AM 4 hvmloader not compiled
7:43AM 1 Best practice for presenting disk to (HVM) RHEL DomUs?
Sunday September 23 2007
9:56PM 0 ''memory_dynamic_max must be greater than zero'' when using xend.domain.create via xml-rpc
4:13PM 4 Windows 2000/XP 32 bits on Xen 3.0.3 on Debian Etch 64 bits
3:59PM 0 xm block-detach and device name
2:51PM 1 A newbie question
10:20AM 0 HVM using ''unmodified-drivers'' - tapX interfaces
7:33AM 0 Xen Summit #5 : November 14-16, Santa Clara CA
Saturday September 22 2007
4:43PM 3 File System Doubt
Friday September 21 2007
8:53PM 0 Attaching additional block devices to Windows 2003 HVM
4:30PM 2 Error: Device 2049 could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
3:39PM 9 Re: HVM domU Solaris 10 (Marc Patino G?mez)
3:01PM 2 HVM domU Solaris 10
2:59PM 0 Managing CPUs
2:30PM 0 XEN...Now Boot :D
2:25PM 2 Installing Centos5 into Solaris-Xen DomU
2:19PM 1 Various problems with buying in the Xensource ???
7:57AM 2 Image file or partitions over an iSCSI?
Thursday September 20 2007
5:34PM 1 Live migration issues
3:24PM 0 Endian Firewall PV and HVM - kernel 2.6.18?
3:13PM 0 "Xen: Cannot emulate c3" error message from "xm dmesg"
10:33AM 0 Fedora 7 network troubles
7:57AM 9 testing VMware inside an HVM
3:48AM 0 Trying to build Xen friendly glibc on slackware not working
2:26AM 0 run make dist twince, make images and modules twince?
2:06AM 2 Xen disk IO performance
Wednesday September 19 2007
10:24PM 2 Error: (22, ''Invalid argument'')
9:54PM 0 xm console access to Redhat 7.3 HVM
6:17PM 4 vtpm_manager can''t run twice in a row
12:26PM 1 Paravirtualization ISOS
11:40AM 1 next version of community xen
11:21AM 0 Xen4.0 Networking problem
10:26AM 2 shared cpu resources
10:12AM 0 Error: Disk isn''t accessible
9:23AM 3 Install debian domU para-virtualized under rhel5
6:31AM 0 Does Driver Domain affects the performance of DomU?
Tuesday September 18 2007
9:01PM 0 Short how to for RHEL5 as dom0 and RHEL5 as domU
7:41PM 0 Re: Fwd: Host some servers?
7:30PM 0 debootstrap and chroot problems
4:58PM 1 Corrupted XFS Filesystem
3:21PM 0 Re: AM2 motherboards with HVM support
12:52PM 0 Reassuming Xen 3.1 boot problems. Not work yet.
12:19PM 3 network-bridge with vlan and problems ...
11:45AM 1 usb keyboard and double hits
6:58AM 2 Windows2003 P2V migration, need help creating a shrunken disk image.
6:05AM 18 VNC to HVM not starting
1:30AM 3 32bit windows under 64bit xen?
12:07AM 4 Kernel Panic in booting Xen 3.1 on Dell PowerEdge Server 1950
Monday September 17 2007
9:37PM 7 LVM and VMM
7:33PM 3 virtual scsi tape?
2:52PM 2 how domains share information?
2:38PM 0 Debian lenny / Xen dom0
1:00PM 0 specific buildconfigs option
9:05AM 0 Enable support for HVM and domU''s Ethernet interface
8:41AM 3 Has anyone done a Webmin module for Xen?
3:49AM 1 xm console/vnc HVM problems
2:23AM 6 how to use eth2 instead of eth0 for bridge
Sunday September 16 2007
11:16PM 0 Mouse Stuck in Top Left Corner in Dom0 when HVM run
12:16PM 0 xenstat to bash arrays :)
8:13AM 0 Port forwarding from dom0 to bridged domU with IPVS
Saturday September 15 2007
9:12PM 9 Boot Problem with XEN 3.1.
9:53AM 1 error compiling libxc on Debian 4.0r1 with XEN 3.1
12:19AM 0 Problem to compile ant to use the xenstat perl/python binding
Friday September 14 2007
9:13PM 1 Xen 3.1.0 can not install windows (win2k3 server) HVM guest, might be something wrong qemu-dm?
7:26PM 0 Xen Stability Testing - 320 guest domains on ES7000
3:47PM 12 RE: Does it legal to analysize XEN source code and write a book about it
10:12AM 2 network interface and vlans
9:47AM 0 eth0 emulation
9:31AM 0 HVM XEN Qemu
8:55AM 0 What is "XenExpress"? (was: Does it legal to analysize XEN source code... etc)
6:52AM 2 -mno-tls-direct-seg-refs needed in dom0?
1:56AM 19 Does it legal to analysize XEN source code and write a book about it ?
Thursday September 13 2007
11:19PM 1 Questions on Xen
10:35PM 0 Re: Xen 3.1 on Debian Etch: Dom0 eth0 dead (Florian Engelmann)
7:01PM 1 XEN and Jboss
1:57PM 0 domU VNC connection problem
Wednesday September 12 2007
6:36PM 7 Japanese keyboard DOMU input
5:48PM 3 Xen Summit #5 : 14/16 Nov 2007 Santa Clara
4:23PM 4 dom0 and domU in different subnets
2:49PM 0 Xen 3.1 Windows HVM and SCSI?
10:50AM 0 specs for multiuse xen boks + drbd for redundancy
10:21AM 0 tap devices are not being created after system restart
8:53AM 1 Kernel patches
8:25AM 3 xm create random error
Tuesday September 11 2007
5:51PM 0 irqbalanced on SMP dom0 ?
4:19PM 0 reading a xenstore key from domU
4:09PM 0 NAT problem
3:09PM 2 Why does domU Windows have to be re-registered after Xen 3.1.0 dom0 upgrade
2:21PM 17 Debian Etch Xen Cluster (DRBD, GNBD, OCFS2, iSCSI, Heartbeat?)
10:56AM 4 redhat guest and changing cds
10:05AM 0 Cannot find Xen Python modules
9:17AM 2 Advice for a newbie
5:55AM 0 [PCGRID08] CFP for Workshop on Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing Systems
Monday September 10 2007
11:32AM 3 URGENT
10:15AM 0 Solution to ''asms file is needed"
7:49AM 6 Xen 3.1 on Debian Etch: Dom0 eth0 dead
2:16AM 0 Re: UNS: HVM domain setup
Saturday September 8 2007
2:32PM 0 Re: NIC syntax: Ubuntu vs Fedora 7
1:15PM 0 No beep - system speaker not working
4:25AM 1 GA-M57SLI-S4
3:39AM 1 PV guest kernel location
2:56AM 0 lirc not working in Dom0 (Xen 3.0.4)
Friday September 7 2007
9:03PM 2 Dom0 cannot see network when bridge is enabled
8:12PM 2 Installing my first XEN paravm
1:55PM 1 Network down after /etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge
1:46PM 0 Memory peformance
10:27AM 17 Purchasing only the Windows PV drivers for Xen
10:00AM 1 weird mtu problem with xen3.1 + bonding
9:06AM 4 Xen failing to boot under Debian Etch. (FATAL TRAP)
4:19AM 2 How to setup a domain for DOS
Thursday September 6 2007
8:52PM 6 Serial port on the domU
2:53PM 4 Ghost domain ???
2:40PM 1 xen image problem on CentOS 5
2:02PM 1 serial port from domU
11:07AM 6 How to change the default kernel of Guest_OS
Wednesday September 5 2007
5:23PM 1 Loosing network connectivity in DomU''s and crash in hypervisor
5:12PM 2 Server moved - networking stopped
5:08PM 1 Network connection problem (ssh,nfs)
4:26PM 0 Certain PCI device not able to forward to a xenU with Xen3.1
Tuesday September 4 2007
7:31PM 0 Keep harddisks (volumes) syncronized over network for live migration on Linux
6:38PM 0 NAT Networking Issue
3:13PM 2 Physical Disk VBD vs File VBD Performance
1:13PM 1 Trying to get up native X11 in domU
1:07PM 0 capture xen & dom0 serial output in HP ILO''s virtual serial port
11:17AM 0 Why no xen-vncfb in Xen''s 3.1 binary tarball?
1:16AM 0 giving direct access to a graphics card to domU
12:29AM 0 physical partition vs loopback file performance difference
Monday September 3 2007
9:14PM 0 Another "Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected." mail :)
1:36PM 9 Filesystem Corruption
12:26PM 1 DRBD 8.0.6 introduces "native" live-migration ability
10:50AM 2 Segmentation Fault
9:32AM 1 Problem: asms folder is needed when setup winxp HVM
Sunday September 2 2007
11:43PM 1 aoe security
8:55PM 0 3.1 build structure... Is there a way to get ONE linux directory? (fwd)
8:38PM 3 initrd - how to view the contend?
5:27PM 0 vmware in an HVM
3:19PM 0 linux networking "falls asleep"
9:19AM 2 Re: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
2:56AM 1 Stumped
12:19AM 4 Bacula + DomUs and LTO Tapes
Saturday September 1 2007
8:44PM 0 Bridge script does not work as intended
8:33PM 0 Kernel Panic, no init found, after upgrading Xen & Kernel
6:46PM 7 domU -->Failure: failed to start /dev/md1
2:34PM 5 dom0 without pae does not boot
1:49PM 6 Error inserting fan, Error inserting thermal
10:09AM 5 Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected. - again after reboot
10:03AM 0 =?iso-8859-15?Q?Re:__xenbr0, _no_peth0, _problem_with_network_configuration?=