Xen users - Jul 2007

Tuesday July 31 2007
11:01PM 0 Network configuration problem
8:49PM 0 WIndows2003 - Error: Device 5632 (vbd)
6:44PM 5 blade servers
6:26PM 0 xen/centos5 does not see all memory
6:14PM 0 Problems intalling xen 3.1 on slackware 12
5:48PM 0 [xen 3.0.4] - File system errors!!!!!!!
5:48PM 8 PV 32-in-64 ? Howto ?
4:38PM 2 Show DomU login dialog instead of Dom0''s
2:06PM 0 Please help - Xen networking problem
11:14AM 5 [Q] How to access a Mellanox InfiniBand HCA from domU directly
11:03AM 3 DomU better performance than Dom0
8:11AM 0 Forward input devices directly to a domU
5:12AM 2 How are CPU''s presented to DomU''s?
4:35AM 0 Error: Device 0 not connected, waiting for vif2.0 to become free. Usage count = 18236
3:33AM 2 4 dual-core cpu system
2:22AM 3 bridging two interfaces
2:04AM 3 Guest VM dropping connection.
Monday July 30 2007
9:36PM 2 Xen frontend
4:30PM 7 Xen networking problem
3:17PM 0 RE: Make error
3:03PM 3 Domain duplication
1:14PM 1 Kernel question
1:14PM 0 Xen domU on gfs
1:07PM 0 how to get QEMU detailed breakdown in Oprofile?
12:53PM 5 Building hvmloader
12:37PM 50 boot a existing windows in hvm domain
12:02PM 1 Does sshd run better on xen linux than on native linux?
11:53AM 1 Any person alive got XEN3 to work?
11:28AM 0 starting a p2v HVM guest
10:50AM 2 HVM domain on NAS
10:42AM 3 domU gets eth1 instead of eth0
6:52AM 0 about removing the peth0
4:26AM 8 swap size on dom0
Sunday July 29 2007
9:03PM 0 MAC assignation of PCI backend devices
9:27AM 0 Compiling xen-unstable.hg with pre-defined Linux kernel
3:47AM 1 How does live relocation work in xen 3.1?
Saturday July 28 2007
2:15PM 0 request for info - X on an IBM
1:39PM 22 GIGABYTE GA-M57SLI-S4 rev 2.0 motherboard HVM support
11:26AM 9 Howto install domU CentOS 5 directly on partition
9:55AM 1 Cannot find Xen Python modules
Friday July 27 2007
5:54PM 0 xen 3.1 HVM guest issue : qemu "xs_read(): vncpasswd get error..."
5:08PM 0 OpenSuSE 10.2 Xen dom0 VNCViewer problem: Network is unreachable
4:28PM 0 (Newbish Question) X windows in DomU using graphics card
4:00PM 0 PV guest + shadow paging
3:36PM 2 Network install cannot find stage2.img
2:29PM 2 how to use xentrace and xentrace_format
12:34PM 0 failed to start domainU, Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel.
6:30AM 5 Virt-install with CD
1:04AM 4 Upgrading fedora domUs
Thursday July 26 2007
3:40PM 0 VFS: Unable to mount root fs via NFS, trying floppy.
2:41PM 1 Problems Installing W2K3
1:19PM 0 No CD drive for Xen 3.2 VMs
10:54AM 0 xen 3.1.0: Root NFS and migration
10:08AM 2 (no subject)
9:54AM 0 Performing cross-brdige DNAT requires IP forwarding to be enabled
9:50AM 0 unable to start domU under Ubuntu Feisty and Xen 3.1 : kernel panic
9:47AM 0 Performing cross-bridge DNAT requires IP forwarding to be enabled
7:47AM 2 can''t get rid of bridge interfaces
Wednesday July 25 2007
11:01PM 2 Crashing dom0 by unloading mISDN
8:40PM 1 32bit guest in latest Xen
8:25PM 15 xen 3.1 and 32bit guests in 64bit dom0
3:27PM 2 Xen domU filesystem best-practices question
2:27PM 0 HVM crashes with SIGSEGV
2:23PM 5 Install 64 bit Dom 0
1:02PM 0 Compile error
12:35PM 2 How secure is Dom0 from DomU
10:23AM 1 DOM U 32bits inside DOM 0 64 bits ...
6:52AM 3 Performance monitoring for Xen
1:47AM 5 Hot backup vs (local) live migration
Tuesday July 24 2007
8:02PM 4 HVM disc image switching
7:53PM 8 Verification of CPU
5:38PM 1 network-bridge for bonded VLANs?
3:46PM 0 fedora7 can not boot in hvm domain of xen3.1
3:11PM 8 network bridge problem - xen 3.1 on debian etch
2:47PM 0 WindowsXP performance comparison XEN vs VMware-Server
2:42PM 0 using a vmware partition image file
11:20AM 11 Debian Etch DomU on SUSE SLES 10.SP1 Dom0
10:25AM 1 migrating a native Windows to Xen
6:50AM 0 keyboard mapping on Xen 3.0.3 on opensuse 10.2
2:28AM 0 Re: Contents of Xen-users Digest, Vol 29, Issue 100
1:17AM 0 Solved: Correction: Hotplug scripts not working (error starting DomU)
12:27AM 0 VmError: Device 0 not connected
Monday July 23 2007
9:43PM 1 NetBSD as domU - cnopen console device
9:21PM 0 make world error: symbols.c:123: warning: ignoring return value of ''fgets''
7:02PM 0 Live migration into a local machine
5:35PM 1 2.6.23 as domU kernel possible?
4:18PM 6 searching for cheap HVM (Intel/Amd) hardware
2:57PM 2 ping in hvm domain not working correctly
1:09PM 0 context switch time in Xenolinux
12:18PM 0 2008 Server (beta) networking under Xen
11:32AM 0 Windows 2k3 Guest: boot problem from ISO
10:51AM 0 BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address c0f5672c
Sunday July 22 2007
10:40PM 0 Network configuration after upgrade
9:37PM 1 Gateway/firewall with Xen
7:57AM 0 Current status of gaming in a fully virtualized winXP Xen geust
12:37AM 7 problem with booting domU via NFS root
Saturday July 21 2007
6:34PM 3 Congratulations to Xen team!
3:44PM 5 How to access the console
6:36AM 1 Confused by the Xen serial console
Friday July 20 2007
9:41PM 0 domU files vs. domU partitions and gnbd, gfs
7:40PM 3 Windows uder XEN doesn''t boot...
6:19PM 12 bsd disklabel & lvm
5:51PM 1 Zombie domU
2:11PM 0 XEN, VLANs and network problems
12:42PM 2 x11 why?
12:21PM 4 /var/lib/xen/save fills my partition
11:02AM 0 Unable to boot domU on a particular machine: Waiting for device /dev/hda1 to appear
10:38AM 0 How to boot Windows from phisical Hard Drive?
10:29AM 0 build error: symbols.c:83: warning: ignoring return value of ''fgets''
8:57AM 0 Migration fails!!!
8:07AM 4 differences between Para-Virtualization and Full-Virtualization?
7:22AM 0 Error creating solaris domU on xenserver
Thursday July 19 2007
10:50PM 2 xm list doesn''t work
6:25PM 4 qemu monitor with only vnc and ssh?
2:52PM 0 Problem with delegated hardware
2:48PM 0 New OpenSolaris Xen drop available
4:57AM 1 Paravirtualized on FC5/6 or CentOS4/5 with 64bit hypervisor?
2:48AM 1 Correction: Hotplug scripts not working (error starting DomU)
2:40AM 1 Hotplug scripts not working (error starting DomU)
Wednesday July 18 2007
11:24PM 0 Dedicated NIC to a DomU
11:07PM 2 Fastest way to run Windows on Xen non-HVM?
10:28PM 1 winxp HVM configuration file
9:10PM 2 Using thin clients with xen images on server?
7:58PM 0 cpu / io utilization monitoring
7:09PM 7 vmx flag
2:44PM 1 Re: [Xen-tools] PV drivers for Windows. Service fails on Guest Restart
12:12PM 0 Dynamic creation of VM
11:40AM 0 Build XEN 3.1 from source on Debian Etch with HVM
10:46AM 8 no networking anymore
8:12AM 0 Re: R:Re: Can''t migrate domains
4:00AM 2 TPM , Qemu and hvm guests
Tuesday July 17 2007
10:36PM 0 unable to start domU with xen 3.1 : ... xc_dom_boot_domU_map: failed to mmap domU pages ...
10:27PM 2 Repetitive Kernel oops (and two smaller questions)
8:54PM 0 Problems with xen bridge
12:03PM 3 Windows Server 2003 and multiple processors
11:58AM 2 INIT: Id "x0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
10:33AM 1 VLANs and Networking between DomU and Dom0
9:26AM 0 64 abd 32 bit modes
7:22AM 1 Xen only showing 16GB of ram out of 28GB
5:06AM 1 RH domU doesn''t see disk?
1:09AM 0 proper ram/swap partition size for a non-X dom0?
12:55AM 0 compiling xen kernels for Debian
12:40AM 0 DomUs lightweight monitoring
Monday July 16 2007
11:17PM 4 No adsl in dom0 - Fedora 7
9:32PM 0 Best xen setup?
8:08PM 8 dom0 performances
7:36PM 4 AM2 motherboards with HVM support
7:32PM 0 Help with xen networking needed
7:05PM 0 Fedora 7 - missing dummy interfaces
5:03PM 0 How to get a framebuffer console on dom0
5:00PM 0 xen kernel causes screen shift
4:35PM 0 giving domU access to unrecognized network device.
3:46PM 0 how to display all disk information?
2:57PM 0 usb on pv guests
2:42PM 0 debuggers on guest machines
2:18PM 1 Network drops after live migration of PV
12:58PM 1 R:Re: Can''t migrate domains
8:54AM 1 R: Re: Can''t migrate domains
8:54AM 0 xenstored CPU utilization
6:44AM 0 SATA HDD Problem
5:17AM 1 IBM SDD(Subsystem Device Driver) with Xen
1:08AM 0 32-bit guests on a 64-bit host
Sunday July 15 2007
10:57PM 3 Domain construction failed
10:25PM 3 firewall messing xen setup
7:21PM 3 connecting to windows GUI with out running X
6:15PM 0 virtman breaks after installing XEN 3.1 on SELS 10.1
5:34PM 3 BSD domU with HVM
5:14PM 2 xentop CPU Usage
5:05PM 1 Can''t migrate domains
11:13AM 0 How can I patch a 2.6.22 kernel to use Xen ?
5:02AM 0 Compile Xen 3.1.0 with DLM & GFS2 support
Saturday July 14 2007
3:49PM 0 Error creating HVM domain in Xen-3.1
3:37PM 1 correct order to rebuild init after libc6-xen?
5:08AM 1 Upgrading to Xen 3.1.0 Dom0 on Centos 5
Friday July 13 2007
9:20PM 0 access to virt. WinXP over rdesktop fails
7:51PM 1 Image creation with virt-manager---xen configure without pygrub
6:20PM 3 Changing CD''s on DomU
3:55PM 1 Error 22 on domU creation after installing 3.1 from source
2:19PM 2 IBM SDD with Xen
10:00AM 3 OpenLDAP Problem
1:19AM 12 XEN 3.1: critical bug: vif init failure after creating 15-17 VMs (XENBUS: Timeout connecting to device: device/vif)
Thursday July 12 2007
11:36PM 4 CentOS 4.5 on SLES10SP1 no disk
10:41PM 0 Documentation on setup of VLAN
7:13PM 1 geomertie/resolution of vnc4server and xen-WinXP
1:32PM 6 Hibernation
9:30AM 0 XEN Bridging, Nating and VPN
5:51AM 0 Hardware level vitrulization
Wednesday July 11 2007
9:51PM 0 tar to pv advice?
9:16PM 1 which server for a xen server?
5:35PM 1 RHEL 5 - Multiple Bridges with same Hardware Address
5:00PM 1 Xen - the art of noobie
4:48PM 3 Using cdrom on my DomUs
4:45PM 4 xen baremetal 3.2.99 console
1:40PM 5 Starting my first HVM
11:34AM 3 HVM unmodified_drivers compatibility
7:41AM 2 Problem running i386 client under amd64 dom0
7:04AM 0 Xen Enterprise 3.2.0 pxe installation help
Tuesday July 10 2007
11:36PM 2 FAQ Question 1.1; Hardware specififications
8:51PM 0 live migration of DomUs with 2 or more vcpus fails
8:46PM 0 new version of xen 3.1.0
8:39PM 1 SAN setup for migration of Xen domains.
8:36PM 0 pciback in fedora core 7
6:20PM 1 multiple consoles for one domain?
4:48PM 0 how to setup two bridges with two physical interfaces?
4:21PM 0 Is there a problem with FUSE and XEN ?
3:02PM 0 VM not showing up on Administrative Console
1:41PM 0 How to deal with shutdown event for HVM DomUs?
9:11AM 0 DMA memory allocation problem - SetPageReserved()
1:38AM 0 PCI delegation and IRQ error
12:39AM 3 Quest for a better FAQ
12:26AM 8 baremetal to PV troubles
Monday July 9 2007
10:48PM 5 xen RHEL5/x86_64 @everything installs hang on blocked state
8:16PM 0 Cannot install Windows HVM on F7
8:08PM 5 guest domain couldn''t be started
6:15PM 2 2.6.22 / Paravirt_ops help
4:25PM 3 Import Error after starting "xm new"
3:31PM 1 Poin to point connection
9:51AM 2 Problem with network performance
8:33AM 2 vnet problem
4:31AM 1 Xend start not working
Sunday July 8 2007
10:05PM 4 vcpu-list state question
7:34AM 0 API call: VBD.set_device not found -
5:00AM 1 Error: (2, ''Invalid kernel'', ''xc_dom_find_loader: no loader found\n'')
Saturday July 7 2007
9:14PM 2 is it possible to have 64bit HVM domU?
9:59AM 1 Allowing Windows DomU to access PCI Cards
1:25AM 3 Multiple CPUs and Win2k
Friday July 6 2007
9:35PM 18 Push for Better Documentation
3:52PM 0 Xen 3.03 - no DMA memory available
1:51PM 0 How to change CD drive?
1:15PM 2 HVM Linux just installed but does not do its first boot
9:34AM 2 How to change the value of uuid in the configure file of vm?
9:34AM 0 XEN Bridging, Natting and VPN
8:52AM 2 what creates the veth* devices?
8:05AM 0 mac80211 subsystem for kernel-xen
7:52AM 4 Debian Etch 4.0 domU will not boot
7:24AM 0 eth0 does not exist when booting xen kernel
Thursday July 5 2007
10:21PM 0 cant start more that one hvm domU on amd64 debian etch dom0
7:59PM 0 Recall: Xen 3.1.0 - vkbd Device not starting
5:40PM 2 Kubuntu Guest on CentOS5 host
4:49PM 0 Can''t get the bridge setup (no veth0/peth0/xenbr0)
11:36AM 1 How to install Xen on two server
10:52AM 1 mail test
10:21AM 9 Limit i/o capacitiy?
8:27AM 6 how to change guest OS kernel version from xen
8:26AM 0 xenstore and boot from cd
4:30AM 9 Kernel panics
Wednesday July 4 2007
9:17PM 0 Bartpe failing to boot on xen
6:07PM 2 Jailtime Xen Images Missing Kernel
3:37PM 6 Searching for a Filesystem / Storage Solution
3:01PM 3 RuntimeError: domUloader
1:32PM 0 no console on virt-install
12:19PM 0 disk space at dom0 - problem w/ quick and dirty solution
11:44AM 1 Weird Problems w/ RAM and pciback.hide
10:48AM 8 VLAN configuration
10:27AM 0 Xen books
9:20AM 10 NTP service in DomU
8:38AM 2 /proc/xen/capabilities empty - xend not start
Tuesday July 3 2007
11:54PM 0 xen, gfs
7:36PM 1 Xen 3.1.0 - vkbd Device not starting
4:18PM 0 VM got stuck from the newly created SLC4 image
3:54PM 0 Windows 2008 (Longhorn beta 3) Networking fails
2:50PM 0 [Fwd: Error: (22, ''Invalid Argument'')]
12:25PM 4 libvir: Xen Daemon error : GET/POST operation failed:
11:36AM 4 Error: (22, ''Invalid Argument'')
10:10AM 3 XenExpress install VM from scratch
9:59AM 0 VCPUs question
9:12AM 1 Xen with Kernel 2.6.21
8:24AM 7 Xen, Heartbeat2 and live migration
7:47AM 4 at the end of my wits
Monday July 2 2007
8:58PM 0 create LVM2 snapshot in domU
7:58PM 0 Building a RHEL4.5 and 5.0 install tree
4:56PM 0 Xen Guest OS image creation
4:38PM 3 (no subject)
4:09PM 0 RHEL full virtualization with virt-install : How to ?
2:51PM 5 VCPU number configuration
1:33PM 4 Running XEN in redundant setup.
12:29PM 4 eth0 does not exist when booting to xen kernel
12:00PM 0 Windows burn-in to try and bring on the qemu-dm crashing error
11:59AM 1 how to compile without pae?
11:06AM 0 Xen Guest OS installation.
9:57AM 0 Slow disk performance in guests
9:54AM 1 xen 3.1 live migration
8:55AM 0 Re: Windows XP install doesn''t complete after reboot
8:39AM 12 Backup solution
5:30AM 2 XEN 3.1: 32-bit dom0 on 64-bit hypervisor
2:43AM 2 Block device sharing
2:14AM 1 how to find xen3.0 rpm
12:13AM 2 Push local rather than utc time to HVM domains
Sunday July 1 2007
4:51PM 0 need a patched version of xen-3.1.0 (kernel-2.6.18)
3:26PM 0 RE: Make error
12:18PM 0 Howto find the Xen 3.0 RPMs for Linux