Xen users - Jun 2007

Saturday June 30 2007
6:05PM 0 Re: xm top doesnt work - not responding - solved
Friday June 29 2007
9:16PM 1 Trouble mounting domU logical volumes
8:10PM 0 Opening ova VMs
7:39PM 2 dual versus quad core
4:46PM 1 Setting enviroment variables for qemu, when calling xm for a hvm guest
3:14PM 11 Is Anybody Running Xen in Production Environment
1:30PM 2 Migration form Xensource to XenExpress and FC / iSCSI trouble
11:58AM 7 Live Migration with different hardware
10:06AM 0 SLES10 SP1 - xen bridges break after update
9:41AM 0 remote control DomU
8:18AM 7 Rename domU
2:56AM 2 when and how to modify xen paravirtualized guest os kernel after install it by virt-manager?
12:24AM 2 documentation for Xen networking
Thursday June 28 2007
11:05PM 9 two networks with two networking cards...?
8:38PM 5 xen and windows xp
7:55PM 16 Cannot start domains after FC6->F7 upgrade
5:22PM 0 How to use NAT and bridge at the same time?
4:33PM 0 very inaccurate clock in domU
2:47PM 4 How to tell if rpms are for PAE or not
2:06PM 2 Can one domU use two bridges?
12:06PM 2 Help once more....
9:39AM 0 test
9:25AM 1 Hypervisor 3.1 + DOM0-Kernel 3.0.3
8:54AM 0 how to config network on xen virtual guest os?
2:38AM 0 Success: How best to connect USB devices to a DOMU
Wednesday June 27 2007
11:18PM 0 Problems with mouse with Windows 2000 using usbdevice=tablet
10:13PM 7 Xen 3.1.0 initrd and kernel building
9:39PM 0 Easiest way to get gcc/make/... in my VMs?
9:33PM 1 making new initrd, how to do it?
9:18PM 0 IPX
7:48PM 5 xen server configuration file.
6:52PM 2 xen not working: xmlrpc.sock doesn''t exist
6:14PM 6 xm top doesnt work - not responding
5:13PM 1 Detaching the console after xm create -c command
5:11PM 9 Accessing new extra memory
4:50PM 0 Building open-iscsi on
4:16PM 0 Help once more, cannot start my virtual machine anymore
1:01PM 0 Question about XEN setup
12:38PM 0 XEN Express 3.0.2 networking problem
10:34AM 3 problems with modules
9:15AM 1 can''t ping from domU to dom0 and viceversa
8:32AM 0 Help!! Virtual machine doesn''t start anymore
7:59AM 8 out of memory with xen
1:05AM 2 Device 0(vif) could not be connected (3 eth interfaces)
Tuesday June 26 2007
7:10PM 4 EMACS in domU
7:07PM 0 MLN and Xen 3.1
5:06PM 0 Installing Windows XP on FC6 using virt-manager
4:39PM 5 How can get information about a domain
3:52PM 1 rpmstrap Fails to Install Centos4 domU on Ubuntu Feisty Host
3:34PM 0 Fw: F7 System crash with high network load
2:27PM 8 Xen as virtual KVM
10:03AM 2 DomU boots but prompts an error related to modules
9:36AM 1 winxp et Intel Mothercard driver et slow
7:46AM 9 Domain 0 reboot when network flow is heavy
5:22AM 2 Do xen support differencing disk image?
5:03AM 2 Why cannt I boot 128 ttylinux VMs?
1:09AM 0 Dom0 cannot active eth0
Monday June 25 2007
6:42PM 0 Anyone done Live Migration on Xen 3.1 with 32-bit HVM Guests
5:42PM 1 Error Building vTPM
5:08PM 1 DHCP problems with IP alias
2:46PM 1 Xen 3.1 and network card RTL-8169SC isn''t working
2:26PM 9 xen 3.1 - domU hangs just after "xm create"
10:47AM 1 Ping dom0 <-> domU result in "Destination host unreachable"
7:17AM 10 Console hangs on Xen 3.1 Ubuntu Feisty Server
3:35AM 0 xen, Debian and adp94xx
1:16AM 1 I/O errors in domU with LVM on DRBD
12:13AM 5 can''t start RH4 domU on RH5 dom0 Error: (22, ''Invalid argument'')
Sunday June 24 2007
1:40AM 0 How best to connect USB devices to a DOMU
Saturday June 23 2007
9:37PM 0 XML config file
3:01PM 0 Filesystem Errors on running Xen VM
2:33PM 0 Xen and hvm/ioemu networking
11:54AM 1 regarding testcode in xenstore
11:05AM 11 XEN and Windows Guests in critical environment (hospital)
9:05AM 0 blkfront problems: 32 bit domU talking to 64 bit dom0
7:14AM 6 trixbox through hvm woes
5:23AM 6 Resizing Windows LVM makes it unbootable
2:31AM 2 Device with no driver
1:48AM 0 VGA controller via pci passthrough in domU
Friday June 22 2007
7:51PM 0 automate gnbd process
5:45PM 0 XML Configuration File PCI
2:00PM 1 reduction and increase number of vcpus PV machine
1:56PM 0 migration
12:58PM 0 xenophilia?
12:55PM 4 Subject: RE: Poor disk io performance in domUs
9:34AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 28, Issue 141
8:55AM 3 SSH hangs in gnome-terminal?
7:05AM 0 Release: VMKnoppix_x86&x86_64(with httpfs, ftpfs, http-fuse) & ISO file for HttpDisk
3:25AM 2 how to use "xm migrate" ?
3:03AM 2 xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
1:36AM 2 Switching from full virt to paravirt
Thursday June 21 2007
11:27PM 0 XEN Management (API Support)
8:47PM 1 Meeting up at Ottawa Linux Symposium
7:03PM 0 WP Bit kernel panic?
7:02PM 0 Best Practices/General Advice?
4:59PM 1 Xen domU networking problem Centos5
4:41PM 19 Writing a tool for Shared Persistent Windows Boot Image
4:22PM 0 Shared Non-Persistant Windows XP Boot Image
3:55PM 5 XEN write speed
3:21PM 7 dom0 crashes
3:16PM 3 Windows licensing for Xen
2:09PM 5 Xen guest domain freezes when prelink runs
11:10AM 1 Fwd: Re: asus P5B Delux not booting xen (ACPI problem?)
10:24AM 13 asus P5B Delux not booting xen (ACPI problem?)
9:30AM 1 Physical -> Virtual
8:46AM 3 Windows 2003, scsi to ide
5:49AM 10 Poor disk io performance in domUs
2:23AM 1 help me --suse10 xen installation
Wednesday June 20 2007
10:10PM 2 DomU with no state flags in "xm list"
9:37PM 0 LVM - DomU drives not found
8:46PM 1 issue creating domains
8:33PM 1 Steps to upgrade Xen?
6:30PM 0 Problem connecting to console
6:07PM 1 vmware vmdk disk
5:01PM 0 domU with no fstate lags in "xm list"
6:29AM 4 xen-3.1.0 and linux-2.6.19
1:00AM 0 Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 Networking?
Tuesday June 19 2007
11:13PM 5 Cloning a Windows VM
9:18PM 0 RHEL5/RHEL4.5 domu on RHEL5 dom0 issues
8:29PM 1 Hard Problem /w XenSource / XenEnterprise.
4:41PM 4 Debian 4.0 Etch as domU - gentoo host
2:36PM 2 iSCSI for storage
1:09PM 5 OpenSuse 10.2 & Xen 3.1 initrd file missing
11:47AM 0 UNCLASSIFIED - RE: Is HP server hardware incompatible with Xen?
11:05AM 6 Lvm-based domUs keep crashing... limited to 2 domU
10:55AM 1 Migration problem about Xen3.0.4
10:50AM 8 Xen and Windows
10:23AM 12 Xen and Windows in Fedora 7
9:47AM 9 Is HP server hardware incompatible with Xen?
9:20AM 0 xen 3.1 on 64 bits
7:38AM 0 Xen 3.1 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
5:40AM 1 Install RHEL4 in Xen of RHEL5--"unable to retrieve the install image"
Monday June 18 2007
9:56PM 1 HVM problem installing suse
7:33PM 0 gfs, gnbd, xen guest
6:55PM 0 Dom U Installation problems in RHEL5 + Xen (abnormal exit)
5:03PM 5 Domu console in full-screen
10:27AM 5 Guest-domain has no login
8:45AM 0 Virsh (libvirt) and XM
Sunday June 17 2007
6:17PM 10 Howto access the guest filesystem under LVM ?
5:07PM 0 micro HOWTO build an HVM able image in one file
4:58PM 0 DomU - Network not routing
4:42PM 5 Uname shows 64bits rather than 32 : yum problem. 32 bits on dom0 64 bits is it possible ?
3:24PM 5 Xen 3.1 and IPv6?
2:32PM 1 using VNC with guests on virtual network
1:40PM 0 Parameters for XEN and kernel for high network I/O
10:37AM 2 Problems upgrading/moving to Xen 3.1
9:17AM 2 WinXP installation quits with error: "...windows has been shut down to prevent damage..."
Saturday June 16 2007
10:20PM 4 virt-install error
8:46PM 2 Converting native WinXP to DomU guest?
7:52PM 0 Fedora6 DomU -> 4gb fixup
12:26PM 0 issue with iptables and hvm domains
Friday June 15 2007
11:54PM 0 No installation media (DVD-ROM) present in virtual machine during initial install
11:51PM 1 c2d E6600 + $ GB RAM fits?
4:19PM 0 DomU and X
3:33PM 0 Driver domain for Video Card
3:03PM 0 Redhat virt-manager
2:34PM 2 Error Installing F-7-x86_64-DVD.iso
12:26PM 1 xen 3.1 +winxp : slow
5:52AM 2 Looking for some advice on building a 32bit suse domu on a 64bit gentoo dom0
5:38AM 12 amd64 system only seeing 3.5gb instead of 4gb of memory
4:32AM 0 Exception starting xend ((11, ''Resource temporarily unavailable''))
3:04AM 8 qemu-dm crashing under 3.1
3:02AM 0 Request the virtual device list !
2:04AM 1 how to install vm (rhel4) use virt-manager?
Thursday June 14 2007
9:17PM 1 domU NIC doesn''t detected after install uDev inside ...
8:52PM 0 Dom0 64b running Domu 32bit question
7:28PM 0 mac address for 2nd nic
6:46PM 0 Overcoming to instance limitation with lvm
6:42PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Connection-Problems to servers of my domain (2)]
6:37PM 1 Xen 2 nics
6:07PM 0 Using DHCP server outside of the host for the guests
6:04PM 1 Connection-Problems to servers of my domain (2)
5:00PM 1 Virtualization - Intel System Board - SE7230NH1
3:41PM 0 Multiple NIC usage in RHEL5
3:17PM 3 TLS
2:12PM 0 ACM (Access Control Module) question
2:07PM 1 compiling libc6 for dapper
1:27PM 0 (no subject)
1:25PM 3 Xen 3.1.0 Paravirtualized Guest issue
1:13PM 0 Still stuck with Xen 3.1 on Fedora 7
1:02PM 4 another VLAN problem, i''m really confused.
12:57PM 0 subscribe
12:41PM 0 HVM: -k7 kernel not working, -486 or -686 works
12:31PM 5 Grub & kernel panics
10:25AM 1 How do I upgrade from 2.6.18 to 2.6.18-4?
10:25AM 1 Debian 4.0 domU under Rhel5 host
9:02AM 8 Recommended multi-server approach
8:29AM 0 xm info changed from version 3.0 to 3.1 ?
6:14AM 0 Does Yvette Chanco still post here? Re: Xen and Grub
3:26AM 0 Domain id 0x00007fff in xentrace
Wednesday June 13 2007
10:14PM 0 LiveCD uses Framebuffer. Black Screen.
7:47PM 2 Xen 3.1 initrd (from tarball) and kernel panic
6:30PM 0 Live Migration - Xen 3.1 network issues post migration of HVM guests
4:08PM 2 DomU after migration
3:20PM 2 Xen 3.1.0 on Fedora 7- libvir: Xen Daemon error :GET operation failed
2:51PM 2 domU''s kernel compilation
1:28PM 3 Kernel version in 3.1 for 3ware driver !
1:14PM 0 Where is the 3.1 doc and upgrade from 3.0.3, changes ?
12:33PM 1 What governs the type of hvm created? 32/32p/64?
11:35AM 2 Device /dev/mapper/vg00-virt--linuxtest_32--0 is mounted in a guest domain, and so cannot be mounted now.
11:30AM 2 How to add cdrom in linux guest
11:20AM 7 How to install an HVM linux guest without bootcd?
10:36AM 1 ip static for DomU
10:09AM 5 kernel panic when creating domainU
7:17AM 2 cloning domains
7:02AM 1 howto pciback and Ubuntu ?
6:47AM 0 How to install the vm (rhel4) on the xen of rhel5?
Tuesday June 12 2007
10:07PM 0 no vfb for paravirt guest on RHEL 5 and strange args
8:03PM 7 Xen in RHEL 5.0...Installation problems
4:15PM 0 Connection-Problems to servers of my domain
4:07PM 4 live migration on SAN
3:42PM 0 Problem with RAID following update
2:51PM 4 Underlying device resized
2:38PM 12 Xen boot file
2:11PM 0 RE: Windows HVM - orderly shutdown (fwd)
2:09PM 5 prob HVM boot image sco
11:41AM 7 Xen 3.1 and DRBD
9:06AM 0 windows drivers for xen
1:30AM 0 pciback lost interrupt / dma_timer_expiry / DMA interrupt recovery
Monday June 11 2007
9:46PM 2 VM Checkpointing anyone?
6:48PM 3 Migrating domU and virtualization extensions
6:37PM 8 9650SE / 3w-9xxx problem, Xen 3.1.0
6:05PM 1 scsi and ide on HVM
3:27PM 3 domU on gfs
2:37PM 0 Problem with network bridge when starting domU
2:23PM 0 Looking for xen-compatible NIC for Laptop
2:21PM 0 libvir: Xen Daemon error : POST operation failed: (xend.err "Error creating domain: (22, ''Invalid argument'')")
12:58PM 0 status of the HVM/V2E?
11:43AM 0 Setup Debian etch on Debian etch using hvmloader
10:57AM 0 error when installing guestOS for domainU
8:04AM 5 resolution for the hvm winxp
3:27AM 0 web console for vnc
1:53AM 1 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Could not find bridge....
Sunday June 10 2007
10:02PM 2 Q: best practice isdn pci card
3:25PM 0 Should I use xen build from sources?
7:37AM 6 Problem getting lvm to work
3:37AM 4 Debian 4.0, Xen 3.1.0, and VNC
2:05AM 0 Documentation for 3.1?
1:37AM 1 2 virtual machines are 2 different firewalls
12:31AM 4 Multiple Bridges Fail to Start
Saturday June 9 2007
4:47PM 0 Can''t destroy zombie domain, holding onto resources
2:20PM 1 Cannot open root device "sda1" or unknown-block(0, 0) -- RHEL 5
9:23AM 0 R: Re: my first installation of domainU
9:10AM 3 vcpu performance : 1 vcpu for all guets or 4 vpcu ?
9:05AM 8 Limit the BW and control trafic of a guest
Friday June 8 2007
9:57PM 0 Cannot open root device "sda1" or unknown-block(0,0)
8:43PM 2 How to compile a 32bit kernel on 64bit Dom0
8:15PM 1 Install guest with virt-manager & virt-install problems/questions
7:17PM 4 loopback domU write
4:27PM 0 Error with virtual Machine under Rhel 5
4:01PM 0 my first installation of domainU
3:47PM 0 What happens to a dom after migration?
2:51PM 2 sysrq/shutdown in xen 3.1 + centos5 HVM guest
11:36AM 6 Xen 3.1 - 32 vs 64 bit hypervisor
2:57AM 0 no eth0 in domain0
12:26AM 0 HVM networking
Thursday June 7 2007
10:57PM 0 vnc question
9:43PM 0 prob boot backup image sco
8:47PM 3 LPT in HVM and in para Xen domains
7:52PM 3 xen vif bug
7:25PM 2 Dumb 32 on 64 question
6:35PM 3 Debian dropping xen support?
5:04PM 4 WinXP console
3:55PM 0 Xen and Linux-HA
2:30PM 0 Re: Help Regarding SSH problem !!!
9:57AM 1 Problem with making a guest of CentOS 5 image of jailtime.
9:21AM 4 Xen 3.1 SEGV when running old binaries in FC1
8:51AM 0 Re: Problems with Xen HVM image on DRBD
7:35AM 2 Unable to access network after installing Xen 3.1
Wednesday June 6 2007
8:51PM 11 Xen + RHEL5 + 64/32 bit
8:03PM 0 Re: Error:invalid mode
2:27PM 2 2.6.18 to 2.6.18-8
1:39PM 2 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
12:17PM 0 Starting VM via XenAPI
11:49AM 2 "Bad type" when setting PML4 on x86_64
10:01AM 8 Guest Network Some can Ping, Some can''t Ping
9:44AM 15 Xen AMD-V HVM
9:22AM 0 can not boot winxp guest ?
6:38AM 1 Xend Start- Error: (11, ''Resource temporarily unavailable'') INFO (SrvDaemon:218) Xend exited with status 1.
4:14AM 5 Does Ctrl-Alt-2 not work anymore?
3:16AM 2 Issue of sharing Audio Card between multiple OSs
2:33AM 1 Nvidia drivers and Fedora xen kernel
1:46AM 3 file system filled, xen won''t start giving confusing errors
Tuesday June 5 2007
10:55PM 0 network setup help
7:48PM 1 one physical machine and two virtuals and two netwroks
4:41PM 20 XenU installs
4:15PM 6 xen network Dom0
2:58PM 1 error compiling xen source
1:49PM 0 freebsd under xen
1:26PM 0 Xen 3.1.0 x86_64 RPM
10:43AM 1 Fedora Core 6
10:34AM 0 network-nat problem
10:02AM 0 Xen 3.1 and peth0
8:44AM 0 xen-migration
8:34AM 21 Xen a couple of questions
7:40AM 0 Error: Device 2051 (vbd) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
7:19AM 2 Specifying Kernel Parameters
1:28AM 0 Loading ACM policy in XSM
12:08AM 21 Best way to convert pv to hvm?
Monday June 4 2007
9:32PM 1 XEN - No network on Dom0 - Broadcom BCM5751M PCI Express
8:26PM 0 Mouse problem update...is it now a VNC problem?
1:17PM 0 Low PV hard disk performance
1:08PM 0 Any best practices for best DomU I/O performance?
10:40AM 0 Getting X-desktop to work in domU
8:47AM 0 I: "is xend running?"
4:07AM 1 Problems with Xen HVM image on DRBD filesystem
1:26AM 0 domU with gigabit ethernet or recommendations?
12:13AM 5 Xen and iptables
Sunday June 3 2007
11:02PM 0 securing the vnc pvfb
9:30PM 11 WinXP cannot partition disk
6:04PM 4 VFS: cannot open root device
2:43PM 4 Does faster 2D Host video card help HVM guest?
11:09AM 1 bridge and masquerade
9:44AM 0 Consistency of netfront/netback and the rest of the drivers?
8:56AM 3 overhead of Xen when using iSCSI
2:34AM 2 Resizing file-based images
12:57AM 0 xen and wireless domUs
Saturday June 2 2007
5:56PM 1 PLEASE help with xen custom config
4:17PM 0 kernel crash on boot guest
3:04PM 1 hvm domU networking question (ipcop)
12:20PM 0 > Subject: Re: Automatic Loadbalancing via migration --live
7:49AM 5 Removing a cd from a domu
1:54AM 1 Install Windows 2003 Enterprise in Xen?
Friday June 1 2007
10:40PM 2 my guest(domU) doesnt boot up succesfully- Kernel panic: - not syncing: attempted to kill init!
7:58PM 0 port 2 problem...
7:31PM 4 virt-install & kickstart
7:12PM 0 Validate Xen installation.
5:07PM 0 Help: System crash when a large file is copied.
3:10PM 0 Problem while creating domu on ubuntu
3:03PM 4 SOLVED Re: cannot use vncviewer and VMM graphics console to access HVM guest on RHES 5
2:11PM 4 RHEL 4.5 and 5.0 question.
1:12PM 0 dom0 iptables for domUs
1:11PM 4 Don''t have any nic in the guest dom
11:21AM 9 Automatic Loadbalancing via migration --live
10:47AM 0 Credit Scheduler Question
2:43AM 6 Any known block device corruption problems in 3.1.0 up to release?
1:07AM 0 Forcing a domain to run slowly
12:05AM 0 Xen Multiple Interface bridge creation fails