Xen users - May 2007

Thursday May 31 2007
9:51PM 0 Resolved: SDL for HVM DomU stops working after Gentoo 2007.0 Dom0 upgrade
9:49PM 4 cannot use vncviewer and VMM graphics console to access HVM guest on RHES 5
9:07PM 14 Setup WinXP with HVM and qemu image
8:31PM 0 xen reports: incorrect mhz processor speed
6:17PM 2 Howto Build Latest XEN Supported Kernels
4:32PM 5 low network performance
3:24PM 4 install debian lenny guest
3:09PM 3 [3.0.3] block-attach does not work
1:46PM 0 pciback.hide via udev
1:32PM 0 Virtualisation on Dell pe2950 ?
1:04PM 5 Xen 3.1.0 "Error: Unable to connect to xend: No such file or directory. Is xend running?"
12:16PM 0 Configuring NAT and bridged networking
12:16PM 0 Web based management console with integrated Java VNC Viewer
12:00PM 2 copy the running image, not working
9:43AM 0 what is the role of active grant entry?can somebody please explain
2:43AM 0 xen 3.0 directory structure
2:05AM 0 SDL for HVM DomU stops working after Gentoo 2007.0 Dom0 upgrade
Wednesday May 30 2007
9:47PM 0 Custom config with xen 3.1
9:33PM 13 Buying a server for Xen
9:03PM 0 The old booting problem partially solved
5:28PM 0 [dmartin@sccd.ctc.edu: Re: How to compile XEN with prepatche Kernel i.e. with ubuntu]
5:07PM 0 How to compile XEN with prepatche Kernel i.e. with ubuntu
4:09PM 21 xen over quemu OR quemu in Xen domU on a system with HVM-capable CPU
2:56PM 1 Mouse problem
2:43PM 1 can''t bootup xend! what''s "python-pam is required for XenAPI support"?
2:12PM 2 Operative system supported in virtual machines by Xen 3
2:10PM 2 Operative systems supported in virtual machines by Xen
1:49PM 1 Xen Compared
1:37PM 3 Still having problems with xen guest boot
12:39PM 0 RE: domain crashes with xen 3.1 on creation
12:11PM 2 poor IO perfomance
11:53AM 6 Xen 3.1 clock problems
11:03AM 0 VLAN''s and performance
9:27AM 1 Ubuntu domU install on hvm goes blank screen
7:26AM 0 Best tool to monitor XEN on Centos 4.4?
12:45AM 1 rhel5 - guest installation doesnt find the Drive..
Tuesday May 29 2007
10:56PM 0 Xen 3.1 - cannot open device
10:14PM 1 ARP problem with two bridges
9:11PM 2 Live Migration with IPs?
7:53PM 6 decreasing Xenmon overhead
7:41PM 1 Question about Credit Scheduler!
6:51PM 0 Guest consoles broken
6:45PM 8 Problem with xen boot if DOM0 is on the LVM, which is on RAID
5:56PM 0 Maximum number of vifs per server
5:45PM 3 howto xen 3.1 +debian etch or testing ?
4:58PM 1 Error stopping xendomains
4:34PM 3 xen kernel can''t boot up! it say: VFS: Cannot open root device "sda4" or unknown-block(0,0)
4:29PM 0 Xen LiveCD/DVD
3:33PM 13 simple configs for windows guest
1:26PM 0 CFP: Virtualization Workshop at SYSTOR 2007
12:55PM 3 Missing initial RAM disk after Xen installation
11:14AM 3 Can not start Guest, receiving errors
10:22AM 3 Multicast
10:13AM 4 windows guest
10:11AM 1 is it possible to crete a domu without network support
9:22AM 0 xe export snapshot?
9:02AM 8 Building XEN with different config PROBLEM
7:59AM 1 best practicefor storage allocation for vm?
7:47AM 1 Dom0 Maximum Memory Support
6:23AM 0 Recall: Does Xen 3.1 use NAT for virtual network by default?
6:20AM 5 Does Xen 3.1 use NAT for virtual network by default?
5:37AM 3 Xen 3.1 installation
3:15AM 1 minimum memory requirement for dom0
1:08AM 0 [Xen] Error: (22, ''Invalid argument'')
12:28AM 0 installing rhel5 as a guest.
Monday May 28 2007
9:42PM 6 hvm performance
4:16PM 1 Runing dbench on virtual domains, incorrect results!
1:49PM 5 Multiple domUs on the same disk?
12:47PM 0 xen guests and vpn networking
10:33AM 5 netfilter, conntrack, ip_nat_ftp problem
10:09AM 0 Odd problem: nic`s of w2k3 domU switch between realtek and amd, bridge stops working
9:53AM 1 continued question on Xen 3d virtualization with IOMMU
7:51AM 0 Where is config file of domU in Xen 3.1?
6:17AM 0 Xen 3.1 tarball and OpenSUSE 10.2
Sunday May 27 2007
10:25PM 0 New member and the first question
7:41PM 1 wireless network not working on my dom0
12:29PM 0 control domain(dom0) can be a domain has only frontend driver?
12:12PM 0 is it possible that a frontend domain can be created before a baeckend domain?
11:54AM 0 xen support multiple driver domain?
11:16AM 9 Windows HVM - orderly shutdown
10:24AM 0 kernel panic on HPDL360 G5
7:30AM 0 Recommendations for Building Xen System
Saturday May 26 2007
4:59PM 3 installing Trixbox on a guest OS
2:02PM 1 Xen 3.0.4 Hypervisor crashing before loading kernel
1:42PM 6 8th DomU can ping bridge but not internet
1:10PM 0 Asterisk in Xen domu with tdm400 hardware
4:12AM 1 Python Domain Configs
Friday May 25 2007
11:03PM 2 Windows under Xen can''t run Google Earth
10:49PM 1 How to send ctrl-alt-del to a windows domU running SDL
6:57PM 1 obtaining overall system load
2:53PM 2 Xen 3.1.0 - vkbd Device not starting
1:42PM 0 netfront: rx->offset: 12, size: 4294967295
12:55PM 6 domain crashes with xen 3.1 on creation - Error: (22, ''Invalid argument'')
12:45PM 0 Reply for the windows virtualization (Ko0nz) Xen-users Digest, Vol 27, Issue 110
11:40AM 0 Xen Windows Virtualization
10:04AM 2 migrate error with virtual machine of GUI
8:09AM 11 howto build xen from source with existing config?
3:14AM 1 Compiling Xen under debian - error building docs
Thursday May 24 2007
11:03PM 0 Xen Installation Problem
9:27PM 0 Re: missing ethernet device
4:55PM 0 PV IO in HVM domU''s
4:15PM 1 Xend error
2:36PM 4 fully separated virtual interfaces
1:23PM 5 bonding + VLANs -> Oops/panic, no VLAN on 100 Mbit cards [SOLVED]
1:16PM 0 Poor network performance - caused by inadequate vif configuration?
10:27AM 3 [HOWTO] Xen 3.1.0 on Debian etch amd64
3:20AM 7 amd processors + virtualisation
1:21AM 7 AMD or Intel?
Wednesday May 23 2007
11:30PM 2 xen remote console and multiple admins
10:19PM 0 xenapi vs. legacy config
9:11PM 0 xmlrpc?
6:21PM 1 xm create doesn''t launch any vnc server
5:56PM 0 tracking down the Xen+NFS slowness problem
4:51PM 7 Compile Question
3:05PM 2 Slow network performance between HVM guests
2:30PM 1 Squid in bridging mode
12:20PM 3 Sharing PCI devices
12:05PM 4 Changing the CD image on a running domain.
11:54AM 0 mac addresses on xenbr/vif
9:29AM 4 xm save/restore failing; ideas ?
9:15AM 0 Apache CGI Performance Big Degration in Dom0 vs. Native
8:08AM 0 centos 5 kernel-xen panic on large file copy
Tuesday May 22 2007
10:56PM 1 problem upgrading to 3.1.0
9:19PM 0 i can''t "xm create winxp.hvm"
3:56PM 0 Xen Bridge and 2 different subnets
2:49PM 4 Full Screen Error
1:44PM 7 Firewire, PCI TV Tuner Card, PCI Wireless LAN Card, and USB Device Support Under Windows XP Xen Guest
1:09PM 6 Networking problems
12:41PM 7 installing fc6 as domU directly on lv´s
8:40AM 0 serial port in a domU for modem/fax
8:22AM 3 How to get dom0 configuration when running in domU?
6:05AM 1 Has anyone packaged 3.1.0 for Debian yet?
5:44AM 0 Re: 答复: Re: Xen 3.1 released!
12:53AM 6 xen version compatibility
Monday May 21 2007
11:06PM 3 Module iscsi_sfnet not found with Xen 3.10
10:53PM 0 OpenBSD as DomU?
8:01PM 17 Make error
5:41PM 0 Networking assistance requested - domU on same subnet
3:56PM 1 Live Backup for xen image
3:14PM 3 Windows guest boot from CD
11:08AM 3 Init ramdisk image in Xen 3.1.0 binary
7:49AM 0 Sles9SP3 and Xen 3.0.4
1:52AM 0 Bridging under XEN 3.0.4
Sunday May 20 2007
4:34AM 8 memory=x & maxmem=y
Saturday May 19 2007
7:28PM 1 Determine which dom0 from within domU
7:14PM 1 32-bit userland programs on 64-bit Xen kernel?
4:15PM 0 Debian etch domU under rhel5 dom0
1:51PM 4 problem when install vnet
1:29AM 1 Xen 3.1 Performance
12:21AM 2 Domain level Network and VBD numbers in a loggable format
Friday May 18 2007
7:15PM 4 Performance Counter Virtualization in Xen
4:11PM 22 Xen 3.1 released!
1:51PM 5 Windows under Linux: access to Linux file system
11:51AM 1 install vnet problem
11:39AM 8 Windows 2003 x64 under Debian amd64 - hangs on "Setup is Starting Windows"
11:28AM 19 snapshot - backup for xen vm''s
10:44AM 8 kexec into xen
10:07AM 10 How do I find out why Dom0 crashes on guest startup?
8:48AM 1 bridged network and networkmanager?
8:44AM 0 Dom0 vcpu paused?
8:21AM 0 Ubuntu Feisty Dom0 running Windows
6:13AM 0 Convert a pv domain to HVM
3:11AM 0 XenSource Linux P2V Tools ISO
Thursday May 17 2007
11:27PM 1 cant get sound to work in xen 3.0.4
4:33PM 0 Re: XEN on feisty running Windows XP
1:42PM 0 Multiple IP networking with multiple ethernet cards
1:33PM 0 does gdbserver-xen still work ?
12:28PM 6 DomU Ubuntu Feisty running Windows XP or Windows 2003 server
11:46AM 1 MCE in Xen kernels
6:59AM 3 Converting Full Virt to Para virt
Wednesday May 16 2007
8:09PM 9 Xen scheduler setup
6:53PM 0 domU serial console
2:01PM 6 Multiple VMs - one static routable IP address
9:42AM 0 zaptel PCI card IRQ misses
8:15AM 6 Keyboard change
7:04AM 1 Xen on FreeBSD
5:31AM 10 problems creating wondows 2003 guest
2:34AM 8 2.6.20-1-amd64 Xen with RHEL5 guest
Tuesday May 15 2007
7:04PM 1 xen make error
4:28PM 1 2.6.20 domU kernel on 2.6.16 kernel
3:04PM 1 xend fails to start on a Fedora-based distro
2:45PM 1 error trying to create w2k3 guest
11:43AM 11 extra = "mem=1024" and maxmem
9:33AM 1 Running snort on dom0
Monday May 14 2007
10:00PM 1 Dom U from a working, bootable disk.
8:17PM 0 Resize ram on Windows Host
6:45PM 2 domU access to dom0/ tap device
5:52PM 1 Move doms to new machine
1:53PM 3 Number of xenbr''s limited to four on openSuSE 10.2 ?
1:31PM 1 xen xm reboot does shutdown instead
8:58AM 2 Resizing File Based DomU
8:51AM 4 Debian etch Xen: No display window.
8:26AM 21 Upgrade Proceedure
8:21AM 0 Xend HTTP interface specyfication.
6:11AM 0 Strange evnts leading to "Hotplug scripts not working" and xen death
Sunday May 13 2007
8:12PM 1 Xen HD performance
7:39PM 6 no network for dom0
5:03PM 2 winXP installer hangs at "Setup is Starting Windows" Screen
1:21PM 0 HVMxen change command is disabled
1:15PM 1 IPtables "ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED" are not working
Saturday May 12 2007
3:00PM 0 DomU: failed to bring up eth0
2:17PM 5 unusable dom0 performance
Friday May 11 2007
9:21PM 5 VM slow after being unused for a while
8:09PM 0 xen 3.0.4 on FC6 x86_64 install problem with lcrypto
4:11PM 2 Minimal ram to use on Dom0
3:38PM 2 ethtool to view and set network parameters
11:12AM 10 network-bridge fails leaving tmpbridge around
9:31AM 3 Configuring CPUs on domU
5:16AM 5 Ping interrupts and SSH laggy
4:10AM 1 Windows guest OS
Thursday May 10 2007
7:38PM 0 [Xen-bugs] [Bug 892] [SR]xm restore fail for hvm domain after dom0 is re
1:15PM 2 Reboot instead of dom0 starupt
1:05PM 0 kernel: peth0: received packet with own address as source address
12:13PM 0 strange xenmon results
12:10PM 2 Resource allocation for two VMs
11:40AM 1 Intel Vanderpool (VMX) - Package deb86 for Debian Etch?
11:20AM 0 getting a disk file to SR, mount SR-disk, maintenance
9:16AM 5 32bit domU in 64 bit dom0
8:52AM 0 xenmon results
7:34AM 2 xen domU on Centos5 problem
Wednesday May 9 2007
6:23PM 0 Fwd: FreeBSD on Xen
5:04PM 0 FreeBSD on Xen
4:09PM 0 RV: Performance and limitations of virtual bridges
6:57AM 1 dsl iso and xen
12:51AM 1 HP ML115 and VM extensions
Tuesday May 8 2007
11:54PM 0 HDIO_GET_IDENTITY in xenblk
8:15PM 3 Xen with VIA C3 processor
6:59PM 0 centos5 guest in opensuse 10.2 with lvm - solved
2:28PM 0 Need help configuring second network interface for DomU
12:45PM 3 Difference between Paravirtualization and Fullvirtualization
12:42PM 0 xm block-detach command fails in XEN 3.0.4
12:21PM 0 3.0.5-t xendomains restart win-guest no net
11:28AM 1 Xen 3.0 Tarball
10:31AM 6 help with xen instalolation on debion ecth
9:21AM 1 Same IRQ in dom0 and domU by different hardware causes dom0 crash
8:09AM 1 Timer ISR: Timer went backwards [NetBSD 3.1 / Xen 2.0.7]
6:54AM 1 XP 64 bit & Xen
4:36AM 0 metwork setup with madwifi and ubuntu
Monday May 7 2007
9:22PM 10 xen-install on existing debian etch
6:17PM 0 DomU to DomU traffic disappearing?
5:02PM 0 [Help wanted] Big / Long-term Xen deployments?
11:34AM 1 [Bridge] Performance and limitations of virtual bridges
6:08AM 6 Soft Lock on cpu problem Still???
2:33AM 0 centos5 guest in opensuse 10.2 with lvm
Sunday May 6 2007
10:59PM 0 peth1 not created on boot, now what?
10:26AM 5 xend stop doesn''t call network-script stop
Saturday May 5 2007
8:10PM 1 DomU from physical disk FC6-2911
4:12AM 0 ok, I installed xen from source and...
2:40AM 4 Migrating XEN VMs on CentOS 4.4 to CentOS 5
Friday May 4 2007
7:05PM 6 Xen console on Bladecenter remote KVM
3:55PM 0 Benchmarks - Xen and KVM
2:39PM 0 information about Xen 3.0 tarball
1:21PM 1 Xen Linux Kernel Patching
1:14PM 6 network-bridge problem (maybe debian etch related)
1:07PM 0 Network configuration error in Windows VistaBusinessHVM / Xen 3.04
11:00AM 4 Bug 339 - peth1: received packet with own address as source address
9:37AM 1 IPath infiniband support (PCI_MSI conflicts with XEN)
12:25AM 0 ipv6 support on 0.3 and 0.4
Thursday May 3 2007
8:43PM 0 Xen''s xenbr0 interface eating packets between domUs?
8:06PM 1 RE: Network configuration error in Windows VistaBusinessHVM / Xen 3.04
7:03PM 5 Dom0 versus DomU and sata DVD drives
4:36PM 4 NetBSD as DomU in an Gentoo amd64bit host
2:06PM 22 advanced bridging...
1:35PM 0 vm only migrates one way
12:10PM 5 Memory squeeze in netback driver
11:16AM 5 LVM?
10:03AM 10 Memory squeeze in netback driver?
9:56AM 3 What means "...up to 32-way SMP guest operating systems"
9:19AM 1 dom0 eth1 bridged to domu eth0
9:03AM 0 Problem with dom0 and snmpd
8:46AM 4 Howto debug initrd image?
6:40AM 1 Memory mapping query on Xen
5:01AM 2 xm save
2:03AM 0 Monitoring _real_ CPU utilization
Wednesday May 2 2007
9:51PM 2 Capacity planning
7:55PM 2 order of network interfaces in domU messed up?
5:25PM 0 PCI passthrough in NetBSD DomU
12:55PM 0 network-route
12:41PM 0 network route
11:32AM 3 virtual drivers for windows
9:42AM 2 Best Practise for Xen in "clustered" Environment
9:17AM 0 hdparm strange behaviour on centos 5.0 using the latest kernel
9:11AM 0 fc6 host - gentoo guest
8:47AM 2 CentOS 4 and CentOS 5 DomU on CentOS 5 Dom0: problems with hand-built OS and LVM
3:26AM 0 VNC to a vm
Tuesday May 1 2007
11:33PM 2 iptables and ipvsadm in domU
5:40PM 0 [ANNOUNCE] paravirt_ops i686 Fedora rawhide kernel packages